The initial 176 pages settled record for NY Supreme Court of Appeals.

Some defendants are not that smart to figure out when they are caught.


OCTOBER 17, 2018




All papers served on the case to defense for Feb 2019.

CVP 214






Latest summons details, case filed for conspiracy.


Filing on Hillside general points.

  1.  Proceeding to cover injunctive relief, redress of grievances, deprivation of rights, damaged careers.
  2.  Involved NY mandated abuse reporter duties, employment status at Hillside.
  3.  Retaliation by employer, initial.
  4.  Mention of previous filings for retal, libel, fraud.
  5. “…during a lawless period in American history, neither NYAG
    Schneiderman, DOJ under Obama would discipline the crime
    from Hillside. Since the election of Donald Trump, Hillside has been reported
    to DOJ authorities as a RICO offender, of federal jurisdiction for racketeering.”
  6. Deliberate perjury to Judge Bender, healthcare staff filing not right, or statute?
  7. “…7 years of career damage, painting Plaintiff as a terrible
    unemployable employee…”
  8.  Plaintiff B.S. degrees from; UMES, in Rehab, attaining
    honors rating at this first institution, over 3.5 GPA, and National Achievement
    Academy membership as a student. Second B.S. from Ithaca College in
    Athletic Training, one of the top AT schools on the east coast. Career work
    for Plaintiff has brought near 18 years of hours over 15 employed years, with
    virtually no need for physical interventions in Teen Residential treatment, a
    high success rate. Some years employed at Hillside brought over $50K
    earnings for Plaintiff and as shift leader of top performing Ansel Adams unit.
  9. Employment woes post Hillside…
  10. “…attacks on Plaintiff career has been a ruthless bunch of lies, and sent a
    near perfect credit rating…”
  11. The impact of said crimes, wasted the investment of college, career work,
    and prevented Plaintiff from recording a second Christian Rock CD as an
    Indy artist which was reliant on work funds from Hillside work as before.
  12.  Plaintiff music career began with rights signed away to retailers for
    distribution, and included radio rotation play of Boardman: Unborn Nation,
    MTV recognition, sales at Walmart, Target, on line distributors. Eminem’s
    Producer KK was contacted for a CD, evidence submitted at…
  13. Plaintiff told Seneca Court that media influence and the 2014 election were
    items that defense were attempting to interfere with.
  14. Defense was defeated in settlement by class action lawsuit represented by
    Ferr and Mullin, for unpaid overtime, whereas, this Plaintiff received a small
    few hundred dollars settlement. Proving defense a corrupt employer.
  15. An early filing # 2012-7474 also under Ferr and Mullin against Hillside backs
    the claims of this Plaintiff, for Russ Boardman’s career being attacked at
    Hillside in retaliation, article 20-C claims, did not serve to defense.
  16. Plaintiff ministry of Boardman helps babies from being stabbed to death by
    AMA, helps advertise for LIFE in Texas who drills wells for African villages
    that are without water, and is an American right to freedom of speech and
    religion, despite defense hatred and animosity, discrimination.
  17. Judge Bender at Seneca County allowed defense to say anything and
    approved it against NY law, he has been reported as an accomplice to
    responders in President Trump’s DOJ.
  18. Self representation was legal.
  19. It is with respect for the court and NY State, that Plaintiff advises County, the number of lies defense has persisted with, bring the mental
    functioning of their admin and attorneys into question, and this is said by a
    staff who worked on mental healthcare teams at Hillside. Responsible for
    overseeing Client programs, treatment plans, meds, counseling
    interventions, with a wealth of courses in psych, sociology, counseling, case
    management, drugs and human behavior. The perpetrating defense staff
    have no legitimate place in this profession any longer, with Hillside or,
    slandering Plaintiff.
  20. Plaintiff alleges without defense lies, career would have maintained and
    human life tolls would be less with a funded Boardman ministry influence.
    This is dually by election fraud Hillside interfered with Plaintiff’s funding.
  21. FBI and USAG Sessions have been contacted on this case material and a
    racket of close to a decade at Hillside.
  22. Plaintiff will request damages to compensate for careers and music career,
    that even American Idol offered a tryout for. As well as removal of false
    litigation smears from defense and in Plaintiff career file at Hillside. This is
    not request for duplicate filing of previous cases, or appeal effects, but to say
    Plaintiff possessed undamaged court cases separate from defense perjury,
    and new crimes in Seneca Court. Under statue of three years, court last
    ending on June 23, 2015, the corporate giant Hillside taking in over one half
    billion dollars over the time of these crimes against Plaintiff.

Wherefore Plaintiff demands; covers slandered employee file, $111 million, remove fake litigation, includes-

“While a settlement offer
pre court and reinstatement to previous Hillside post may be an option?”

Service lists a Stephen King as manager receiving summons and complaint.



June 9, 2015



Not that the general public is that slow mentally to act like  Hillside Admin.  My main point in posting these case items is law enforcement on down needs to realize what is going on in the depraved Admin of Hillside.  Crime they have attempted behind closed doors, in court, no problem here authorities, take a four year vacation and what do you think keeps happening, crime, just like you ordered it with your doughnuts and coffee.   Must have been decaf.

You know me as a Christian, not for racism or evil, none of this Hillside garbage.  But on the N word, Hillside wants me to be their white nigger.  Go do your job Mr. Boardman, then we try to steal everything we can.  Meaning what in that phrase, that it is the role of a white slave.  The only thing that is racist about it is I didn’t get treated fair by every ethnicity or gender.  Like they can sling a discrimination problem from their evil minds at me.  White people can be victims of this type of degrading crime by liberals, look what Biden’s boss does to us.  Yeah I don’t appreciate their evil, but you might want to laugh, if they did this to another staff, maybe it gets swept under the carpet, try Russ and see where it ends up.  That is in your face liberals, all the years you propagated crime for society, and still under statute today.

Will the latest antics change anything in the cases, not really as far as yeah they incited me then I am more likely to drop any last minute settlement, really intelligent of them.  But add it to the heap of Nixon Peabody evil, they can pay for it if necessary.  I signed to work under NY Labor Laws not Master’s ferries who can’t do their jobs right.  Sure it was nice to get off the plantation for a while, but you know crime has to be stopped here before it bothers one more Patriot, and for that I will fight Hillside to their legal finish where possible.

You did that and had the arrogance to show up at court ‘we didn’t do nuthin’ wrong’! (?)  Some of the transport trips I drove to mental health for clients, these Admin need the same attention, perjury.

Authorities as I told you outright to NYAG, Cuomo, FBI, USAG, you need to get in the game, four years of your antics too starting at Albany.  Hey if we have to prosecute Feds by next election’s results and new prosecutors, so be it.  All the Vets who fought for our flag so you could do this, forget it man.  The other side of prison bars ought to sober you up you evil pigs.

God Bless Patriots, If You Are Going To Get In This Crime Stopping…

It is a good time now to KO their garbage.



June 8, 2015


As of today new info on the Hillside evil, liability, and the attempts to weasel their way out of accountability.  Remember that they settled at over maybe $400K when dozens of staff filed against them.  But the fetish, and embarrassing stalking problem they have with my freedom, that is up to costing them the agency ownership, this is not enough.

The latest change is more role reversal by Agency counsel, none other than Nixon Peabody.  Normally in law a Plaintiff files an injunction to stop defense from some adverse behavior, maybe until a court has had a proper hearing to decide the matter, or with unsafe situations.

Defense now has attempted an injunction to prevent me from initiating any new legal action against Hillside or their Attorneys.  The final page of exhibits, attached is my letter to Nixon Peabody advising them of their financial liability for sending me corrupted litigation yet again in this second solo case ( overall in # of cases) for fraud.

So what this is saying, is the Hillside defense, Attorneys, are on the ropes bad.  They don’t want me to file yet another case against Nixon Peabody or Hillside (if they are even concerned with their Client I doubt by representing this latest case for court, dumb criminals would have settled a long time ago smart ones years ago).  The way I see it, by law financial liability is my right to file against, so I would cross motion back to the court in opposition papers under the same return date against defense on any injunction.

I do not give them permission to take my legal rights to sue for damages.  At best maybe this buys Hillside short time to settle the solo cases, at less cost than the Class Action case.  The way I understand the case is prosecution is a formality based on evidence and defense knows it all too well.  Resist and they are already figuratively in jail, it is theirs to settle and escape liability which may include criminal charges that are secondary to civil ones.  At this point any inmate given that option could tell you what is dumb setting yourself up for racketeering sentencing, and what is a last chance at legal freedom.

I get the impression Nixon Peabody finally understands the reality of trying to run their crime at me.  And the full weight of fraud, perjury, slander.  If they bail out again it still leaves Hillside liable for all damages.

The spirit of the law was stop crime, not  pile up lies in litigation like a magazine subscription.  I have been over fraud case evidence and it is too easy to prove by court transcript what they did, you lied in court, with witnesses, they know they are beat.

The stalking though as FBI, Gov. Cuomo, USAG are contacted for evidence against them as higher prosecutors, hey you want the crime in public office, go sit in jail devils.  I am not putting up with it, and new prosecutors can make good on dealing these people away for years on racketeering, that overused term of liberal ways.

The injunction should be mine on OCFS for letting them act negligent and Teens in Hillside’s (fake) care.  On Hillside for frivolous litigation and discrimination since July 2011.  Net summary; pathetic, another dirty Judge and I am happy to sue the individual also as harassment.

Some people have to learn the hard way, 8 figures versus settlement, it may be a phobia of following job duties and laws by Admin, insane behavior not worthy of leadership.

I don’t see in any future action against Nixon Peabody that they are innocent, they went back to representing Hillside after dropping the situation of Jan 2015.  That is their willful continuing in the party or perjury, evil statements were by their lawyer(s).  Still Hillside was happy to reassign NP to attack staff rights and policy, so Hillside is not innocent.  It very much remains the reality as I told President Richardson probably around July 2011,   that in the case of an exploding muffler on a tractor, the farmer sues tractor and muffler manufacturers, as well as the owner.  So there is no passing the liability around I know to sue both parties in this.  If Nixon Peabody turns and Sues their Attys, oh well.  Hillside on full settlement may become Freedom Village.  With any needed damages assigned to evil staff who are still in fresh fraud today faking records that they did jobs OK, hiring Nixon Peabody.  They may have a lawyer but it will be crime in the end what they are doing in court.  So it is a new 6 year statute.



The Hillside way has  become to no surprise crime after another.  Because authorities had the responsible behavior of leaving criminals in charge beyond the first corrupted court case, there will be another one in Fraud II- battle for the agency ownership.  Now all the evil liberals can pat themselves on the back and claim true negligence for having let these losers run Hillside.  Of course Clients were perfectly unsafe in their care, OCFS is refusing the duty of removing staff who interfere with child abuse reporting.  Maybe Hillary is their role model, (stab baby in head abortion queen).  Hillside making sure that taxpayer money is used unrighteously and criminal adults can sit and pout at Admin over having to follow stupid things like child abuse laws.

Should we ask Clients how that makes them feel with kleptomaniacs in Albany, and organized crime running NY?  Oh no we have two prisoners who escaped a prison in NY, what about the criminals who run the state capitol?  Equal time in the press for these delinquents.  You know Conservatives do a better job than these traitors.

It is all about being a humanoid, do what the liberals tell you, legal or not.  And you wonder why Patriots fought in 1776?  Moreland II in effect has surfaced with the Hillside cases, refusal to carry out job duties and stop crime from Albany!  True meaning is found in the word coward  when I see liberals like this.

But don’t let that hide higher prosecutors, confidence in crime, that is your paid duty, go to work and don’t do anything, just hide, you don’t have the courage to even do your job.  Maybe Teens should regulate the criminal staff?  How about free doughnuts if you do your jobs?   Powdered ones even!  Matter of fact they should be served at the next Conservative convention in honor of all the loser liberals who corrupted law enforcement and had Moreland/NYAG type apathy.  Teens could sell the fundraiser doughnuts.  But Hillary is not taking over the corporate leadership of the doughnut sales, addiction to office jobs even when caught in crime has gone too far.  Another outfit, a different hairstyle, try the prison stripes out DNC they look great on swindlers!



If you saw the story of 22 arrested, former Disney Staff, for sex crime with children on line today at Fox News.

How similar is Hillside crime?  Not as perverse, at this time, but endangering the welfare of a child I question, said a bit coy.

The last floor I worked on, where all the complaints that went to Sheriff, OCFS, and Hillside supervisors on.  Some of the problems we had there; I had talked about stepping in a Client’s close proximity to prevent a jump from an upper level stairwell, 18 end of shift reports where  a Client was disrupted by incoming staff during the course of a shift ( mid shift, or at any time), and has exited their room is why I knew.  Multiple complaints where our floater staff refused duties and tried to harass this primary staff, when the individual was reassigned to other floors but still on our roster, floater’s friends began to cover the duties from other floors for me and harass my Clients, they were also staff I had turned in on their floors for things like disappearing from their floors of 8 male clients, dragging a client ( OCFS called this inappropriate “custodial” duties, vacating duties and supervision areas  to go play guitar hero, disruptive noise levels, arguing with prompts to stop making noise, threats to punch clients in the head.)  An escalated situation or ruckus on a floor may take many responders from other floors to cover, leaving S.O. Clients barely supervised, like a 1:16 ratio, so when an AWOL happens,  and Sheriff is looking for a rapist on break from other duties, who is to blame?

How real is that threat or how many AWOLs have  I seen?  It is a legitimate concern, Clients are on different stop levels, some can run to a different building before we are supposed to get involved, others to the highway.  It always has been a concern at any placement, male, female, a client on a roof once, one raped while on break at Rochester in a car with an older male.  Clinicians think they know what is safe, or are at least told to assign stop levels based on evals.  The one who almost jumped to their death I would guess on an 80% bet/20% it would have been ICU, was not on stop at door.  Stop at door is the most stringent.  So you have to know what defense we are in on shift, to do your job right.  They are rarely all the same level.

Those baptists were just being careless, you mean the poor men who argued with me when corrected? Endangering the welfare of children is where OCFS and NYAG are going to have to explain themselves if they let crime keep going.



As said to one famous News agency on Hillside.

“Prosecutors fraud statute should exceed next election’s date if they refuse to act, so new Prosecutors can put them in jail after next election in NY and DC.”


WORD FOR THE DAY:  Fraud:  Under the 6 year statute in NY, an ingredient to a federal racketeering charge, and the main theme of Hillside Admin’s crimes since 2011.  Used in a question; Can prosecutors bring NYAG, Gov. Cuomo and FBI in to court on Hillside fraud charges, part of federal offenses?  Or  unless USAG wants to be up first for that charge?  It takes you how many years to stop crime?  You let child abuse promoting criminals keep working for who?  OCFS should also be responsible to stop this or they just sit in Albany to keep chairs warm and criminal careers safe?


Gov. Cuomo comments that someone had to hear prisoners drilling through prison walls before escaping in NY.  Over the last few days near Canada.

Is that like the Hillside case where prosecutors knew years ago Dennis Richardson was masterminding white collar crime at the agency and had been exposed, including NYAG, FBI, Gov. Cuomo, and nothing is being done about it?

We are so concerned about stopping crime, ok then go do your jobs.  Or maybe it would be better to have sex offenders AWOL from Hillside because dirty baptists incite a riot, after supervisors and OCFS refuse to remove the criminal staff.

Meanwhile your border is a terrorist crossing, because Satan Biden’s boss likes it that way.  Trying to steal votes while Hillary passes the blame to victim Conservatives.  If what she said is false, then it is crime and she should be prosecuted for yet another scandal she has started.  You understand she is a power hungry criminal who got four voters killed at Benghazi.  Normal citizens would not get away with her crimes, but you peasant Patriot, are welcome mat for the arrogant.  A Queen klepto can do what she wants because who will prosecute?

These people belong in jail not public office.


June 6, 2015


I have already proven before a court that Dennis knew about crime at Hillside and they let him continue against policy.  It proves discrimination in the shortest summary.  Who will the new President be?  From the staff I have seen at Admin I can’t name any to replace Dennis.  I only know of the bad ones there.  Nobody has really proven anything by me, to say well here is a good staff.  The last thing Teens need is another criminal liberal be in charge.

Email went out today to USAG, FBI, confronting NYAG about the reply letter of his and no prosecution.  Maybe it is entertainment for Cuomo is why nothing was done, while the Gov. ruins his reputation in public office.

How Hillside could ever win in court against exact quotes from their own defense?  The moral of the story?  All that time, warn defense, show them evidence, prosecute perjury by civil court, and nothing, they are Admin fiends degrading Rochester, there is no other outcome.  Teens must be asking what in Hades Hillside is expecting them to put up with?  Other agencies want nothing to do with Hillside type of crimes from what I have seen, like the plague.  It is a criminal regime the worst I’ve ever seen.  If Client families start to sue, or authorities are filed against for damages, because liberals are having happy gay liberal fiend time on the clock?

You have to understand for people who have accepted defeat, to see an insubordinate USAG or FBI, someone like Hillary put in jail for aristocracy crimes, well that is the American way.  We ain’t your stepping stone liberals, jail teaches that, a center for higher learning where you can be re-educated.


NY CVP 3016

(a) Libel or slander. In an action for libel or slander, the particular words complained of shall be set forth in the complaint, but their application to the plaintiff may be stated generally. (b) Fraud or mistake. Where a cause of action or defense is based upon misrepresentation, fraud, mistake, wilful default, breach of trust or undue influence, the circumstances constituting the wrong shall be stated in detail. (d) Judgment. In an action on a judgment, the complaint shall state the extent to which any judgment recovered by the plaintiff against the defendant, or against a person jointly liable with the defendant, on the same cause of action has been satisfied. (g)  (d) of section five thousand one hundred two of the insurance law, or economic loss greater than basic economic loss, as defined in subsection (a) of section five thousand one hundred two of the insurance law. (h)

Gross negligence or intentional infliction of harm by certain directors, officers or trustees of certain corporations, associations, organizations or trusts. In an action or proceeding based upon the conduct of a director, officer or trustee described in section seven hundred twenty-a of the not-for-profit corporation law or subdivision six of section 20.09 of the arts and cultural affairs law, the complaint shall be verified and shall state whether or not said complaint is based upon gross negligence or intentional infliction of harm. – See more at:


At this frame, in the cases, it is very hard to complain because defense is caught so bad by evidence.  There is no part of the cases I cannot prove.  Defense credibility has to be slipping between lies on the transcript from court and losing class action as well as record evidence being enough to convict them on all points.

No reply has ever been received from the board of directors or board of governors chairs or their assistants.  So for all the public and law enforcement knows,  Dennis Richardson the insubordinate criminal he is, accesses the company funds with Angela being in charge of money for Hillside, and they call up Nixon Peabody to have any defense made, not a real or legitimate case, but they know good liars they think.  So maybe the agency is victim of Richardson crime in this too?  Worse things have happened in history than that.

Every last contact was made to agencies who oversee Hillside, so they should have been investigated along with OCFS.  A real NYAG would go to the Hillside boards and confront President Richardson’s crimes while cases are pending.

Also close to ten evidence Emails have been sent to OCFS with staff caught in records falsification at Hillside, FBI got the same evidence.  If neither choose to act,  it is about that caged in attitude problem called liberalism.




Evidence NY Attorney General Takes Complaint On Hillside

This is now evidence against Hillside Perpetrators and NYAG that crime is rampant in NY.

Scan 487


More Litigation

Last contact was to Hillside Attorneys, with notification of changes in evidence since settled record was approved for Appeals.  Two letters from employers, one I worked for pre Hillside for near four years, the other offered me a position in my last year of college, and is at a level higher than Hillside in the system, the old DFY level.  It was the wrong shift so I could not accept while at I.C.  Now, neither employer would accept me, after more education, years of experience which was actually, I will say not matched by another staff at Hillside where I left; by hours, Clients performance, hours worked, as a shift leader on the top floor ( with the worst Clients, gang members who were rapists).  Yeah one of our infamous staff might get employee of the month, but it is a criminal circus.  People I caught and reported were being voted as top staff, maybe O.D.D.  ( oppositional defiant disorder) from corporate on staff who should have been fired and they knew about.

So as the fraud case is filed for damages against my career to come, secondary to their crime, there is evidence that Plaintiff had a healthy career pre Hillside crimes, and that has not been atoned for by the defense.  It is their liability, how can you say any other employer would ever really come out and say why they would not offer you a position?  All you really know is defense damaged a working career.  For the lovely purpose of hiding child abuse, crude devils these Hillside Admin.

If you were asking, on my ability to work in this field, during the off time from Hillside, I stay up on the TCI, counseling, my bench press went to around 525 lbs, with plenty of cardio in my training.  The kata keeps getting longer.  I can run down the AWOL or take it to the floor where necessary with crisis.  I could pass NFL strength testing for linemen when training.  I did go back to using Coach Haslett’s ab routine from Buffalo, added  some to it.  That is usually a crucifixion.

You authorities are not protecting Clients in NY.  You let Albany do whatever they want at OCFS and from Cuomo on down.  It is not acceptable that you destroy maybe the last chance Teens had to pull it together,  before becoming a spectacle to society as left behind in academics, not going to college, ending criminal lifestyles.  We work with rapists at times, it is not important to solve crime at Hillside?

Anyways, the no merit to my cases statement made by frivolous defense, you have to know how to take these criminal temper tantrums of theirs, 8 figures at a time and to task where needed.  The choice is babies get murdered by abortion, let Hillside trash my career, and African kids die like pets from starvation, or fight legally.  A responsible Christian would have to do what I have.  You want those kids lives that bad at Admin, as in death, by what I mentioned here, then we can fight.  I am ashamed to call these people adults.


June 5, 2015


Pending further court action against the white collar crime in NY, how do you think that one goes when a Jury finally is cross examining evidence and false statements from Hillside Admin?

Who is in control of the agency I am not sure.  President Richardson is the main perpetrator who knew of crime pre and post July 2011.  Email went out to then Board Chair Angela, and Head of HR Helen early in the cases.  Do the board of Governors even know, or the rest of Boards of Directors on Hillside’s latest?

The latest being after communications with in house Attorney Michael Snyder,  and since Hillside has lost the Class Action settlement and settled record for Appeals.  The agency has now switched back to Nixon Peabody Firm and Atty Shinaman.  The statements from Nixon Peabody, were the most recent.  My reply to their insubordination back to Hillside counsel, on company policy and their crime addiction, was that I do not live in some communist country run by Hillside and Nixon Peabody.  And for another corrupted court case, as they resist the fraud filing, Nixon Peabody can expect financial liability.  Everyday human babies are killed, while I am wrapping up these cases, in abortion, where I should be on the radio.  These staff are a menace to society.

I would pay Sheriff Joe to keep them in jail if it were legal.  You have to ask if Dennis Richardson has totally lost his mind and is trying to get the Board of Directors thrown in jail with him as some stalking behavior towards them?  Some people who commit crimes you see in the news live in a false reality, like life is a video game to them or is controlled by Darth Vader.  You don’t really know what Dennis is about except he has done everything he could to protect child abuse.  The public probably looks back at Castro in Ohio and says if people only knew they would have killed that devil.  Dennis is running crime against NY and Teens, some children by definition, how that be?



Hillside records falsification was to protect the agency, this satisfied fraud, and extortion because it was done against a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter.  You will either conform to our criminal cover up of child abuse or be fired Mr. Boardman, loud and clear everyone got that from Rochester.

Those two crimes constitute Racketeering the menial 20 year prison sentence /federal crime.  Therefore FBI has jurisdiction in this case, because Hillside was protecting their Maryland reputation, licensure, budget, two states makes it a federal crime.

Our government sucks, can we agree on that?  You could try to use denial like Hillary and Benghazi, like she really is guilty of gross negligence or manslaughter and should be behind bars.  Victim families with lawsuit against her foundation for a few million off the corrupt funds she swindled.  Or you could face it, Cuomo, Hillary and Biden’s Boss are not people you can trust when not watched like a hawk  by authorities.

I know Patriots are mad, victims of crime, 1776 went in the trash again.


Hillside Crime Cell

There was something important going on in NY State called helping Youth work on their futures.  Cornell can be watching this and saying what is going on with OCFS letting crime take over Hillside?  NYAG can scratch his head and say ‘ you know somebody ought to do something about those criminal allies of NYAG’s at Rochester, Moreland II nobody can stop him now, ah,ha,ha,ha,ha.’  When a figurative cup of chicken feed goes out like a long distance dedication to the FBI for letting kleptos at Rochester attack the Juvenile system.  It is not a big leap of faith to expect USAG to sit as long as possible unless forced to act, to keep from getting fired.  Liberals could give a damn about NY Youth.

Sometimes in the system you have a Client who is a cutter, a self harm participant.  You will see them scratch names in their arms with paper clips or any sharp available.  Look at Hillside Admin they are caught between worsen liability with resist the law, and surrender to authorities.  It is like a self harm  Client, go one way and they are caught by resisting, go the other and still the damages get worse.  I don’t feel sorry for their terrorist selves at Mustard St.  They attack youth and staff, waste taxpayer money.  It really is like a meltdown mentally, that they can’t follow laws.  What an example for the Clients they are!!!!!!  Safe to leave in charge? No, psych ward is as passive as you can place these staff for criminal misconduct, mentally unstable behaviors.  If you want to face facts, hard time, jail cell, lock ’em up, teach criminal brats of Admin some manners.  Like they can’t control the crime.  You don’t see Admin attacking people they like.

Sane adults need to step in here and stop the crime cell called Hillside.  If that means Cuomo and NYAG go to jail,  looks like that was overdue.  FBI might be waiting to see the next ice age to act on the case.  You know there is crime, but let it keep going, staff are trapped by that Admin, Clients, I mean come on cruelty to animals would get more action from the law than this.  I had Clients who were abandoned or prostituted by parents, what does the law or OCFS care, leave the  nutsos in Rochester Admin, ain’t hurting a thing.

Defense so far a complete bluff, they are trying to resist the 176 pages of evidence for the appeals case, in the fraud case too.  A Judge is going to feel genuinely disrespected by fraud II  the  Hillside pathological liar routine in court again.  You have to question if these staff are like murder suicide problems you see, where a killer executes people and then themself.  These devils at Hillside Admin, when they figure out how bad they are caught, may finally turn on themselves.  Vandals who have trashed their own careers, and Teen placement, no one else to blame but their own evil attitude problems.

Authorities might want to get off the couch  and go stop some crime before they get more people hurt by these crazies.  Lied in court, and still in charge of Teens!!!  We are so proud of you law enforcement, you could not stop a thief in a doughnut shop. They need to fire every last Admin criminal, get the hell out of Admin, NY is not letting you  attack Teens and Staff anymore, or are you chicken?  I would be interested to see what psychoactive meds they end up on at Admin, although that is confidential treatment.

It is a good litmus to see how crazy liberals are in law, to let it keep going, as in crackers, you have lost it, criminally insane, the liberal kleptomania is running wild.  But you were going to vote for liberals next election right?


June 4, 2015

Arrogance Trip

From the beginning of these hillside cases I had defense beat by evidence, and I knew that.  President Richardson was well aware of the situation and that his staff were running the agency like an organized crime exhibit.  No amount of evidence, prompts, warnings were enough.  Somehow corporate got the intoxicated idea  they could lie their way through court, and it would work.  That lead to an 8 figure lawsuit that could have began at $10 million just for the record.     I had to feel sorry for Hillside, if dirty coworkers I had got ahold of my case as theirs, their lawsuits against Hillside would have been for the money only and for retirement.  My intention is to keep using my degrees  and serving for America.  Corporate was too brave to try this crime bit, other staff would have skid rowed them based on greed.

Everyday, do you know how many babies go to the grave because homicidal liberals execute their children?  Not piles of flesh, babies who would live if not assaulted by Doctors.  No joke that damages go that high in my cases, and continue to for everyday Hillside resists my rights as a staff.  Some of the most incompetent wicked people I have ever seen were Hillside staff.  History repeating itself there are those who would be in citizens arrests, knowing how HR and law enforcement refuse to get involved at the agency.  Not that I approve of murder at conception, it would have stopped you at day one.

Anyways the immature Admin we had, who made crime their happy gay agenda, you don’t think UB Bulls, UMES Grads, people all over this profession are  laughing at Hillside corporate as a sorry imposter club?  The NATA I don’t even want to mention in the same conversation, because the standard there, is well above this fiasco with some of the finest people you will ever meet.  An organization that outsizes Hillside.

Louse seems to be the recurring Mustard St. theme for Admin.  Inferiors who had to cheat, lie, and steal to stay afloat to cover up racketeering.  Whatever they try to bring to me in crime I am going to run it down, Lawyers included, you want to lie then you must have wanted to get disciplined worse by a Judge.  I have seen all the corruption I will put up with.

For the liberals, this has been the worst 7 years of scandals ever for DC.  Border ISIS and Russian/Iranian uranium, the list too long to repeat.  Four worthless human beings can be sacrificed by Hillary’s negligence, so it gets you a promotion, so what.

The law enforcement who sit on these cases have lost my respect, pitiful traitors who need to leave Albany in shame.  If Feds do not stop them as breaking federal laws, revolution is the word we have reached.  More than win 2016, the DC machine needs to make quick prisoners of people like Obama, Hillary, Lerner, Albany Moreland Morons, dirty Cops.  The prosecutors that follow in 2016 have to be like hawks on crime.  You do the crime you can go sit in a cage, perfectly ok with Patriot society.


June 3, 2015

Hillside Reply

The agency has now made an official reply to any settlement, refusing to give themselves a break claiming that Plaintiff has no legal merit in the fraud case.  Sure could have fooled me, the law says I was an employee within time of  statute for last case, and I was pretty sure I worked in healthcare as Sociotherapist and Athletic Training duties over years at the gym, so it should not disqualify under article 20-C.

So what was this?  First if you look at a filibuster, this is the month that Hillside has to payout the class action case.  Two numbers appear in litigation, one for staff and one for legal fees, if you add those two, assuming that was how it was settled, it is over $400K they have to pay.  So a filibuster prevents them from having to pay me also in the same month or right away.  Although I told them I will not settle if we reach court, that is still correct, $ 14 Million then, so pay your bill devils.

Their Counsel has also been notified of liability, for another corrupted case, they will be personally liable for crime as Lawyers.  If that means astronomical damages and aborting the careers of evil Attorneys by a Judge’s decision, well it was about time.

Don’t overlook that seething liberals get the extra tantrum time in here.  To show all of us Conservatives that they are really dumb when it comes to law, to the point of making intentional mistakes and lies like last time.  Most sane people would feel foolish attacking Teens, and staff careers, warming up to Gov. Cuomo as liberals with such crime in plain view at court.  It is a loss of conscience and ability to reason above rabies stricken animals.  Liberals, when you see brains damaged by drugs, sometimes you get similar actions to this, blatant crime and incompetence in the workplace, maybe dementia resembles such a condition as these Hillside statements.  So be assured NY these Hillside Admin and Staff  are safe to leave with your Teens.

You would have to be out of your skull to approve of these staff, or their criminal agenda according to law, thank you very much CPLR.

So you can see, any average staff just doing their job would have trouble with their insanity.  Say it isn’t so.  They have violated every involved law and policy, even embarrassed liberals in the process and could do the same with some intelligent animals too.  You lied in court, no problem there- the latest corporate initiative.  You slandered an American citizen to a judge, yeah liberal seething, kind of like a kid in a high chair refusing vegetables.  How overseeing agencies will ever let these Hillside staff continue?  I don’t have the math for that one, FBI witnesses Email to other agencies.  They act or get arrested.


Hillside Crime
From: “Russ Boardman”,,,,,
Sent: Wed, Jun 03, 2015
Fox News

A reminder on the crime in NY State, that after near four years, authorities have allowed criminal staff to work at Hillside of Rochester. You will see President Richardson listed as an informed staff of crime under # 20 of the settled record at under the evidence link. He is among over ten staff who are in the scandal. He has allowed records falsification and perjury at court, retaliation against child abuse reporting. Governor Cuomo has neither stopped this Albany corruption when reported to him. OCFS had a duty to remove criminal staff from Hillside.

I am bringing the criminals to justice in civil court. Law enforcement needs to get off their lazy backside and go prosecute these liberal accomplices and conspirators against NY. You are not being paid to corrupt America.

US Attorney stays updated on the cases also for NY.

-Russ Boardman


June 2, 2015

Hillside Pinned

If you want some more exacting evidence of what Hillside would like to try and do in court for the fraud case.

Like last time, they will attempt by what has been processed in litigation backs, as their motion to dismiss.  This will go under selective attention, where they are caught by all the facts, but are presenting to the Judge lies and isolations of irrelevant points from what I read.

For example they say Plaintiff has no cause of action, this time cause of action is explicitly stated in the summons and complaint as in you can quote it under that exact heading.  So a flat lie, by defense.

Where they cite having fooled the hasty Judge last time as having happened, they present it as a legitimate  court proceeding, although they are caught by all the facts in contrast to this statement they have manufactured for the fraud case.

Oh look even a copy of the court transcript they are caught lying in as an exhibit brought by the defense, bring it please, I will need it too to prosecute their insanity, and perjury from last time as fraud.

I would say their defense is a complete flop this time.  There will be no amended summons to dispute this round, no replead  to interfere.  Just straight here I caught the defense lying in court at the first case, here are the cards Judge, and anything defense has to say outside of this is a distraction, irrelevant point, lie or more piles of litigation to cover up what I have proven as irrefutable.

I can see a defense Attorney telling Hillside there is nothing else they could do with it but make those lies because, Hillside Admin are caught red handed.  But still working for the agency of course even though in illegal crime and violating policy by class III misconduct ( immediate termination by Hillside policy for that), if NYAG, Gov. Cuomo, FBI, US Attorney may say the Amens, the Redcoats at least had to get some church in.


Hillside Blah Blah Blah

As we continue on the sneaky corporate mission to attack Patriot rights, abuse Teens, and make a tax payer funded agency into a crime cell under Caesar’s Albany…what has changed?

Hillside as you might venture did not surrender at the summons and complaint, which would have made them donor of $14 million in the fraud case.  No big surprise there, so as their crimes are indefensible acts, perjury witnessed by courtroom and transcript, if you have to make a lame defense to satisfy a filibuster role then do so with the evidence that will condemn you, by the defense!  About as intelligent as showing the Judge a smoking gun as defense that gets you put in jail.

That is what is behind no settlement yet.  Leaving Hillside to answer in court how Sociotherapist is not healthcare along with YCP Job duties ( the same job), when Hillside first aid training cards are in a settled record how a perjured affidavit of HR’s Theresa, can hold up to a Judge?  Or Plaintiff never having testified to anything other than the facts,  was slandered by defense as if having claimed it was a bogus case.  Defense is approaching perjury II on this fraud case.

The deep theory of square peg round hole, is where this is going.  They don’t have anything but crime in their corner.  Law Enforcement who read this you need to do your jobs, I am the leading prosecutor so far, with NYAG and Caesar’s Albany running a wicked crime ring just like before.  If you were CIA intending to stop FBI crime, get on it.

The rotten Admin individuals who stabbed Hillside in the back at Mustard St.  these are not staff like they want to be recognized at banquets and by boards.  They are an organized crime cell, a sorry joke of staff for any Teen placement.

Should I take over Hillside as new owner, I will need an accountant I can trust, CEO and CFO jobs will likely be reassigned in the regime change.  The agency will run by all applicable OCFS and NY/MD laws.  US Constitution, for freedom of speech, religion, conversations on abortion where needed, all approved front and center by the new owner.  Staff who are caught in the records falsification and litigation will be fired, goodbye idiots, you are done.  I would have to meet with campus leaders to ensure a feedback system where they are reporting to me weekly and all staff have a direct contact address also for me to report crime to.  Campus rules will post to intranet so they cannot be altered by liars of supervisors like I have seen, that when the highest boss leaves, they make their own rules.  Like I said agency Attorney will be available for staff who are victims of crime against perpetrator staff.  At the discretion of Admin to assign the Attorney based on evidence to a victim staff over the offending one.  If you get the idea crime gets thrown out on its ear, now we have a proper way of doing business as professionals.  I would also like meetings with local law enforcement to regulate crime in the agency.  The crime stops here.

It seems a far off dream but the potential of a merger with Freedom Village to enhance their finances, with Teens in serious need there, well worth looking into. The acquisition of $5 million in rental properties making $1.2 million in annual revenue, helps support a budget for such a charity.

Yes yes Admin, highest staff in the agency, it was only a costume party, they didn’t really mean it at Hillside.  And I was supposed to be troubled by that laughingstock of a traitors union?  Good luck, they could not pass Client programs at Mustard St. with their highest staff being the subjects.  There are people who belong in jail and you have found them with OCFS and NYAG approval on their records.

NY should be outraged with this crime.  A Red State in 2016 is not so far off, look at Pataki in 1998, it is a red election map.


May 31, 2015

Again To Gov. Cuomo:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.45.38 PM

Mr. Hochul

Is a UB graduate, US Attorney in charge of prosecuting crime in western NY or Hillside’s part of the state.

Criminal Division


The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York prosecutes all violations of Federal criminal law occurring within the seventeen (17) counties comprising Western New York.

Now what was that you wrote on Hillside documents and lied about in court defense?



Check the US Attorneys website for Eastern NY, 14 people charged in racketeering related crimes, executives.  Hopeful that justice is served to predatory Hillside staff.  Prosecutors hour to trash crime has arrived, get it done.



Reporting NY Crime
From: “Russ Boardman”
Sent: Sun, May 31, 2015
US AG Lynch:
Leslie R. Caldwell ( Asst AG):

In this day of illegal aliens, ISIS, and terrorism I am not amused with President Obama’s border crime. However this Email is of a different criminal nature. This recent Email to FBI reveals corruption in NY State from Hillside of Rochester, and Albany politicians who will not act on crime.

FBI Tips and Public Leads
The information I’ve provided on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information could subject me to fine, imprisonment, or both. (Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1001).

Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your Middle Name

FBI: This situation has been brought to attention of Buffalo FBI multiple times with no reply. To DC FBI to report Buffalo FBI, and DC redirected it as not their jurisdiction. After years of public corruption in New York State, please send this to FBI Director Comey.
I am Plaintiff in 3 cases against Hillside of Rochester, Mandated Child Abuse reporting in July 2011 brought falsified paperwork and termination by dirty Admin. Hillside lied in court Jan 2014 saying Plaintiff did not work in healthcare as Sociotherapist/YCP to disqualify the case. NYS Appeals case ahead, along with fraud case for court crimes.
Any contacts to NYAG and Governor Cuomo have not been acted on since Jan 2014. NYAG reply letter was Emailed to Buffalo FBI this weekend, to show Albany knows about the crime but is letting records falsifiers and those who interfere with child abuse reporting still work at Hillside. Mandated reporting was my state duty.
The best body of evidence is the approved settled record which is cleared for NYS Appeals Court. The public needs the criminals out of Hillside and NY gov’t. Racketeering by fraud and extortion, refusing to act for a Conservative citizen by NYAG, is their crime. They get rewarded by damaging my career as a Conservative, that is NYAG’s pay for the crime. You can read more at on it.
Records falsification of almost 4 years now by Hillside, with zero indictments? That is horse manure, crime by NYAG and Governor Cuomo who I have Emailed both on this organized crime cell they operate called Albany.
FBI needs to act, liability if you don’t.


So far no settlement from Hillside on the two solo cases.  They are caught though, through some mysterious delusional mechanism they seem to think they could get away with the crimes.  At times you might see an animal with rabies who will walk into a trap in broad daylight, this is not much different.  We can take out the court transcript they are caught lying on, or the extensive approved court record at Appeals.  It is not going to show any different than they perjured the case, and have a court room as witnesses.

To reist this far though accents the hate trip they are on, discrimination is very clear.  You don’t see pro athletes, or union staff, other Hillside coworkers putting up with this amount of evidence gathering for court against the defense.  If you could put a tempter tantrum on a scale, and say here Judge this is how bad these evil criminals have attacked the legal rights of a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter.  It shows a deeper motive for their intent to cover up the abuse crimes, like a pedophile, and their total disregard for American Law and society.  They live in their own corporate fantasy.  You have to see Clients who have 4-5 bottles of meds each, that they take daily, once they are under clinical diagnosis for mental disorders.  These Hillside Admin have broken as many laws as some Clients, continue to lie in court, it is a shameful embarrassment yeah that they did it, but on OCFS and society if they are allowed to keep going at Hillside.

Again it is like stupidity testing, go to court look at the same falsified documents, and uhhhhhh, big surprise nothing changed, you are still caught kleptos, now then only jail is much closer.

This is your leadership and corporate vision for the agency, taking the profession to new heights.  That whole thing about compliance in the agency annual update was just a cover up.

Also NY AG has been turned in to FBI with evidence for his reply letter on the case,  and not acting against Hillside criminals, pre and post Jan 2014 court letters are part of that.  AG left perjurers at Hillside, records falsifiers.  The evidence is contrasted by another situation I reported to a DA  near a year ago on trespassing, that was redirected by a different office from DA or AG, trying to tell me they should have been contacted instead?  So what  I went to a DA, all I was doing was reporting city crime.  Anyways NY AG did reply on that with a courtesy copy letter to me,  informing the DA to act where necessary on my complaint, but not in the Hillside cases.  So like Moreland where DAs did not get assigned to prosecute, Hillside criminals working are under Cuomo’s approval, with NYAG.  They won’t prosecute liberal crime and so become accomplices and conspirators.  Fox News is on this, CBN, it is getting liberals real far, criminal records and indictments is where it goes.

Higher law enforcement should be watching FBI to make sure they follow through.  U.S. Attorney office is in, and still you can’t stop records falsification and what is Moreland II?  Makes you wonder where Biden’s boss fits in with Lynch.

Do you want criminally insane people running Hillside or government?


May 30, 2015



#1.  Juvenile Justice System:

Has been a target for abuse by predatory; staff, authorities, and politicians.  We need them out and laws from legislatures to protect Mandated Reporting even if it is from Congress in DC.   Where OCFS and similar states agencies protect their own investigations and Mandated staff as duty.

#2.  Victims

Of Hillside crime, starving kids, aborted babies, liability is beyond their finances.

#3.  GOP

We need leaders who are going to solve problems, there are so many good ones right now running, can’t say anything really bad about the right for 2016.  This has to streamline into a righteous two.

#4.  System Clients

Like anybody ( political) left noticed child abuse at Hillside, not where they wanted to stop the corruption when given opportunity, predators of adults run the agency, they don’t belong in lesser professions.

In Jesus’ Name



Carson, Bush, Rubio, if one of that three makes The White House, we can be doing well.  Amnesty is the trick question, how to regulate criminals.

Also Sheriff Joe Arpaio Emailed today, asking for financial support, America owes this man at least that.


May 29, 2015


“Arrogance and rudeness to Christian Staff, and any Clients is of no concern to this agency.  So long as we cover up the child abuse scandal which has engulfed our reputations as Admin.”

-Did someone really say that at Mustard St.’s Hillside?


New York’s Governor Cuomo!

If you take a look at Gov. Cuomo’s internet site you will see safety for Nail Salons, or Raise The Age in NY which is a move to change the ages where Youth will be held in detention.  A real concern for peoples well being and safety.  So it shows with Hillside, to let it keep going as a crime cell, is that the Governor does not care about people actually.  And that the temptation to retaliate against a Conservative Mandated Reporter is more than he can resist.  Neither condition is acceptable to represent the people of NY as a seething liberal replicating Moreland crime in the OCFS system against staff or neglecting Youth, who are subject to abuse by the dearly beloved Albany crime machine via Hillside liberals.

Gov. Cuomo has been contacted as FBI knows, on Hillside, and NY AG having apparent amnesia about doing his job.


Latest Contact To NY OCFS Commissioner Poole (from this week, excerpt)

Commissioner Poole:

Party to my two cases against Hillside of Rochester, a petition may be in order soon for OCFS to remove proven criminal staff from the (Hillside) agency. It is the duty and responsibility of OCFS to keep a safe environment for Clients in NY State. These staff who are named as perpetrators in the settled record for Boardman v. Hillside, under NYS Labor Law article 20-C are caught, a Judge has approved that evidence for NYS Supreme Court. A Non Feasance liability criminally may be OCFS’ fault for not acting against the named Hillside staff. Email evidence shows OCFS was contacted on specific Hillside perpetrator staff, who had retaliated when Chris Bruno of OCFS arranged two meetings at Hillside for me after Child Abuse complaints. Supervisors  would not do their jobs.

It is not safe for Clients or Mandated Reporters to live or work in such an environment.

FBI is sitting on plenty of evidence to convict all criminal parties involved, including any contacts at OCFS.

The Class Action case of Hillside Staff who were not paid for crisis time has reached a payout in June to the staff, I was contacted direct by the Attorney who is representing Plaintiff Staff.

My cases are the result of Mandated Reporting.

-Russ Boardman

Former Sociotherapist/YCP for Hillside
B.S. Rehab- U of Maryland
B.S. Athletic Training-Ithaca College
18 years of experience in NY Residential.


Should NY petition OCFS and Hillside to remove criminal staff from the agency?  The perpetrators are caught in settled record for NYS Supreme Court Boardman v. Hillside.  After vandalizing a child abuse investigation, the Hillside staff continued on with OCFS approval.  How is this unsafe to a child care facility?  NY has an AG why?  Feds are aware of the evidence.


Class Action Victory!

I have gotten word from the Attorney representing Hillside Staff in Class Action.  A date has been set for settlement payments to be sent out to Staff.

In the same light authorities have served as a real legal failure here.  The Admin who orchestrated crime at Hillside are still there.  This is not Hillside the 100% crime infested agency by all staff, but since Admin is dirty major infractions are committed in the names of those Admin staff, and what they perceive as the corporate title as a shield.  About as bad as renting a car and beating the heck out of it, but then in damages so x 200- 1000 times over.  When it is all done individuals will be held responsible for the crimes, Hillside the whole agency or complete campuses are not going to jail.

The crime has to separate from Hillside these criminal Admin will walk into another business and do the same thing if you know anything about criminal behavior being an addiction.

So now you can see who the betrayers are. They are not Hillside as policy would have it they attacked the agency.



Summary Of Agency Crimes: #1-7 below.

Law Enforcement, NY AG, Gov. Cuomo:  #1,3,7 for not acting on crimes.

OCFS:  #1 at least, #7 remains to be seen.


Within the Hillside Crime Cell Agency the highest staff had a duty to regulate crime and criminal staff.  By the names of Roger and Robert, these are the highest listed Hillside staff who are liable for the crime, so where the agency ownership may change hands under a liquidated value, these staff are still liable for damages to Hillside which made the agency pay for their crimes.  If Angela, Dennis, and Helen are also removed off the list of high ranking Hillside staff and sued, only because they earned it.  These named staff I hold personally responsible for trying to prosper crime and refusing duties, until proven otherwise.

Damages that occurred because NYAG and Gov. Cuomo Morelanded Hillside, are self evident.

Have A Nice Day


  1. Nonfeasance is the failure to act where action is required – willfully or in neglect. Misfeasance is the willful inappropriate action or intentional incorrect action or advice. Malfeasance is the willful and intentional action that injures a party.
  1. Misfeasance is the willful inappropriate action or intentional incorrect action or advice.
  2. Malfeasance is the willful and intentional action that injures a party.
  1. NY CVP 3016 (a) Libel or slander. In an action for libel or slander, the particular words complained of shall be set forth in the complaint, but their application to the plaintiff may be stated generally. (b) Fraud or mistake. Where a cause of action or defense is based upon misrepresentation, fraud, mistake, wilful default, breach of trust or undue influence, the circumstances constituting the wrong shall be stated in detail. – See more at:
  1. NY CVP 213 The following actions must be commenced within six years: 1. an action for which no limitation is specifically prescribed by law; 2. an action upon a contractual obligation or liability, express or implied, except as provided in section two hundred thirteen-a of this article or article 2 of the uniform commercial code or article 36-B of the general business law; 3. an action upon a sealed instrument; 4. an action upon a bond or note, the payment of which is secured by a mortgage upon real property, or upon a bond or note and mortgage so secured, or upon a mortgage of real property, or any interest therein; 5. an action by the state based upon the spoliation or other misappropriation of public property; the time within which the action must be commenced shall be computed from discovery by the state of the facts relied upon; 6. an action based upon mistake; 7. an action by or on behalf of a corporation against a present or former director, officer or stockholder for an accounting, or to procure a judgment on the ground of fraud, or to enforce a liability, penalty or forfeiture, or to recover damages for waste or for an injury to property or for an accounting in conjunction therewith. 8. an action based upon fraud; the time within which the action must be commenced shall be the greater of six years from the date the cause of action accrued or two years from the time the plaintiff or the person under whom the plaintiff claims discovered the fraud, or could with reasonable diligence have discovered it. – See more at:
  1. N.Y. LAB. LAW § 741 : NY Code – Section 741: Prohibition; health care employer who penalizes employees because of complaints of employer violations – See more at:
  1. Racketeering refers to criminal activity that is performed to benefit an organization such as a crime syndicate. Examples of racketeering activity include extortion, money laundering, loan sharking, obstruction of justice and bribery.



Scan 481

May 28, 2015


The Class Action case by settling, Hillside will not admit to any illegal behavior, so there is not any official proof I have seen that has went before a court, where Hillside will be prosecuted on it criminally.  Then again an actual investigator for NY could call witnesses, people should not have to go to a Lawyer to be treated fair at a job.

In the Labor Law case, which is solo, Hillside is pinned, if they walk in a courtroom against that, it will be automatic conviction upon examination of evidence.  Criminal Attorneys will have to bury their heads in the sand after that to avoid putting Hillside Admin in the clink.

With the fraud case which is solo, same game.  The evidence is a walk in the park to convict on.  The reason prosecutors have not stopped the crime so far, is because they are skeerd.  The country could have saved alot of money by hiring  chickens instead, throw out a cup of feed every day for each of them, and save all that salary money.  Taxpayers could have had a nice chicken farm going, that is the kind of low budget politics you get from liberals, campaign promises, but no chicken farm.  All the crime you could want, an FBI so diligent that it takes close to half a decade to stop child abuse supporting criminals.  I’d hate to see what they do on important crimes.

If The US AG Office does not stop NY AG from his paid arrogance trip, letting crime takeover NY, there needs to be criminal charges.  I am not going to tell you that ACLJ has the courage to handle something like that, but Patriots better stop the crime somehow.

Despite all the antics, don’t fall asleep on President Onutso, oh we’re fighting ISIS, yeah border still open there kleptomaniac, the most famous Harvard devil to ever live in America?  His wife’s exercise video might be a guilty conscience, with all the terrorists they let in the country, at least if you are in shape, maybe you can run away better with her help.  Yeah I don’t have any sympathy for the Rosenbergs.  They are part of crime, like any regime.  Get USAG from the git go to support the crime, they are all part of an official terror cell.



It is a big word, and tough task, but authorities signed up for the job do you think they can do it?  Actually catch criminals outside of a DNC meeting or doughnut shop?  Falsify records against staff, let it keep going after contacted on the crime, hire liars for court.  Racketeering catches the dirty authorities too, so who can get more time for it?

There are some stupid human beings and some happen to be Admin.




If you were one of the authorities, elected officials, dirty Admin who refused to do your job and throw crime out of Hillside.  OK OCFS included, but people were comfortable sweeping that under the carpet.  They don’t really want to know what people they left in charge of Teens for NY or MD.

Do you put them in some special gremlin program, in prison.  ‘Well the reason you are here today is because you went to work promising NY and the entirety of makind that you would oversee the youth of America, some of which can be under protective custody, others who were abandoned, not like they need out of control situations where S.O. clients could AWOL to community.  But you would rather have it your way, target Christian, and pro life ministries that save babies from getting stabbed to death, like that teddy bear with the knife in its head.  Cold blooded murder, psychopath.  So you end up in a milieu of the system surrounded by other people like you, as a prisoner, or maybe with someone the size of Bruce Smith who would like to rape you for being a pal to society?  Another inmate who does not understand your crime.

Liberal crime, it is a big joke isn’t it?  You went to work like that cute teddy bear and turned it into your sleaze fest, attacking mandated reporters.  I bet you were thinking that the day you graduated high school, of your future life in corporate crime?  How far you have fallen is Jesus preaching, like baptists drumming up support for Navy Blue Judas.

Will Conservatives flip NY and PA next election?  Let it ring, let them be free, unborn baby used to be you, let the heavy metal thunder sing.


May 27, 2015

Some Good News

I had been given an errant audit by IRS during the course of this Hillside maneuver.  The corrections that went through from Russ have been recognized by IRS as resolved.

It seems like the trouble that Tea Party had with IRS, to Hillside cases, politically motivated crime.  The type of criminal harassment that prosecutors need to handle or be taken down with it.  Evidence is all there, where the getting over ( getting away with) on crime fantasy came from by liberals?  If you signed up for the jail stay, years over to discipline the devil in you, that is what law and society designated as your assignment, not crime spree is free and you get away with anything.

An election issue, white collar crime, corruption has been so bad, how prosecutors are not required to initiate a case within days upon evidence for criminal charges.  It should not be legal, if in 30 days say you don’t bring a case against a proven perpetrator, then you are an accomplice.

No settlement has been reached yet on the solo Hillside cases.  If they resist, $14 Million can be their privilege to repay, and all the career damages I want back, crime does not pay.

I look at the degree I have from Ithaca, and high performance Athletic Training, what it takes to go through the academics, by commitment, a healthcare license.  The years put in this profession at a level most staff can’t keep, with UMES education and academics there that were performance grades.  You can’t let the smear from Hillside really impact your true performance.  Attempted coercion to interfere with child abuse reporting by criminal Admin.  I am looking forward to the situation being resolved, and doing my job like any other NY State Staff OCFS was supervising.

Prosecutors who refuse to act on these cases, put them in jail, there is no room for this  organized crime.  If you think you are above the law, time for the ego trip to end.  It usually wears off living in a cage.

God Bless


May 26, 2015


If Mike Staino did not falsify a write up with Julie from HR you would not know that Hillside Admin was criminal. And if Helen at HR did not sit on the situation with Dennis Richardson President, who could ever prove they were in crime. When Omnibuds Joe Brown thought he pulled a fast one on a White Man, musta been loads of fun. Theresa Kane Gringer falsifying a document specifically for court as HR partnerships rep who knows could have been confusion, she thought she knew her job as a sworn evil. All these staff have stepped forward with criminal counsel for Hillside to say here we are, we like crime NY, do you think you can catch us?

These were the confessionals, of organized crime at Rochester. I looked at all the other businesses in that city, is there one as bad as Hillside? Is there another agency in this field in NY that criminal? Or one business as deviant in any city in NY, don’t cite liberal politicians that is too easy, government crime aside it needs its own category.

The jail banquet is where they are headed. Too bad Sheriff Joe is not in charge of this arrangement, because these staff were on crime like a bum on a bologna sandwich against Hillside.

You have to think real hard about this.  If you took the border and illegal immigrants.  If that was a gang member letting this happen, how is it any different liberals trying to steal elections?  Pres Onutso is a klepto also in DC, not a President, a terrorist, letting known criminals past security.  He is the #1 security threat to Patriots after abortion.  All he is owed is prosecution, for a gay old time golfing away job duties.

So be pleased Conservatives you have  Hillside crime exposed by the cases involved.  Maybe dirty FBI staff get removed also by it.  Someone is liable, where a righteous staff will turn in the others.

Our prosecution should have been as ready  to say hey ‘if US AG wants in the crime come and get it, you’ll fit in a cage too’.  I don’t see Conservative organizations with that much readiness to prosecute crime.  We have to steamroll crime if you want to end liberals racketeering.  They can throw away the key on President Onutso.



No major changes as of today with cases, as Albany conspirators are refusing to discipline Hillside Admin.  Authorities don’t need to handle crime, because they are criminals too.  There is a difference between a statute of limitations to prosecute a case, and letting crime  operate in a childcare facility for years.  Police get a phone call and they go arrest liberals where necessary.  NY AG, what a sorry joke, it is his gay agenda to keep letting crime take over NY, because he is a klepto.  If FBI had the courage to stop him, they must have misplaced it.  Hillside needs a regime change or the public has to shut it down.  I have to question if Cuomo is a Nazi, unsafe gun control but  let crime thrive.  Like he doesn’t know what is going on, of course he does, that is a priority, to make crime thrive.  If this was the military they would have been kicked out.

Face it liberals you don’t give a rip about Clients in NY, otherwise you would have   demanded these authorities and politicians resign.

The staff who did this, they have gone crackers by me, years of insubordination, mentally incompetent to work at Hillside.  But if that is what makes a good liberal to you, something like Hillary remembering a fake video tape but not Email on Benghazi attacks being a calculated event by terrorists…that is what separates Donkeys from Patriots.  So future and young Americans are supposed to put up with this aristocracy, because liberals were feeling like crime?  That is not what makes an adult.  Your peer group are people behind bars in that case liberals.  Society is not safe with these fools in charge.  If this was a normal high school, it would have hit the fan, but Hillside, crime center of Rochester NY.


May 25, 2015


As corruption has becomes the liberal forte, 10 Senate seats that are Dem are up in 2016.  Not to fall for campaign promises by the party of evil, but to simply remove the liberals is where elections need to go.  They support President Onutso, and dirty US AGs, then they are part of the crime.  I don’t see FBI helping out yet, or US Attorney on Hillside, the corporate fetish Admin of a decade.  Cage indictments are what needs to happen.  On NY same thing, that can end Albany crime faster than a 2018 election.  Terrorism charges are closer to these dirty politicians job performance than anything else on their agendas sometimes.

Was it your job to stop crime elected official?  And did you do that job?  Yes we see the evidence as submitted to prosecutors, Judge what do you say?  Deputy will see that transport then goes to the jail, Warden will you accept these kindhearted snakes who have  run organized crime in America?  Oh you will?  Gladly?

And financially liable for the crimes?



Excerpt NY AG Reply Email

Thank you for sending your comment to the New York State Attorney General .

This is an automatic confirmation of your e-mail to us. Please do not respond to this message.

Submitted on Sunday, January 11, 2015 – 17:41

Submitted values are:

–Personal Information–
Salutation: Mr.
First Name: Russ
Last Name: Boardman
Address 1: PO BOX 95
City: Ovid
State/Province: New York
Zip/Postal Code: 14521

Update on Boardman v. Hillside at County. Judge  this past week approved enough of the settled record it can prove the defense in fraud at the first court date in 2014. Plaintiff had employee status in appeals by benefits, and the case should not time bar. Health care provider status is proved in the case under Article 20-C, defense testified that Plaintiff had said otherwise? A flat lie, that YCP as a job was not health care to Plaintiff, this was never said by Plaintiff. Youth Care Pro is YCP formerly called Sociotherapist at Hillside, exclusively mental health and health care duties.

A second case may file pre appeals for crimes at court, separate from labor law concerns, fraud, libel frivolous claims. -Russ
New York State Attorney General Web Team

May 24, 2015


Will you look at that more information about the Hillside cases.  With the emphasis on crime achievement by liberals in the system.  You have to begin from the standpoint of Client care and understanding it is a volatile situation at times.  Some members from rival gangs are next door neighbors in the system.

The physical aspect of the system, and being ready for crisis I could say more about.  When I began at location of these Hillside problems, I trained some at a gym that Phil Hernon operated.  For a reference point on total body strength, and that is at a leaner body weight than usual, more than a meal below Heavyweight Div.  I can remember  having around 225 lbs on a bar ( it was metric weights so not exact usual pounds numbers), Powerclean it off the floor, press it overhead, and set it on my back for single leg lunges.  When tired and done, press it back over to the front, lower it faithfully, no dropping the weight like a garbage bag at the curb, that is cheating.  With Military Press ( seated overhead press) strength near a normal lifting number, I could probably put the heaviest Client we had over my head in a rescue, if he was 270 lbs.

No not like a bodyslam that is too aggressive, like lifting a spine board into an Ambulance if needed.  You never know on AWOL if someone will fall into a bottomless pit.  Yeah we did have a Client I thought was 300 lbs on Hillary unit, him that might have been too much then for overhead, nowadays well?

If you remember the scriptures and The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, The Israelites are slaves, working in the mud pits, Slavemasters get mad and they have to make bricks without straw.  So here is poopsy Pharaoh in the movie riding along on his portasofa, looking down on the slaves, do my dirty work Jew, that is what he wanted.  I checked the Bible, and despite the question, I could not find any evidence this was a lesbian dressed like a man riding around as Pharaoh, trying to extend the domination over Jews by ungodly evils. But it gives crowds of all ages a reference point on the evil, that Juvenile systems have Admin criminals who are trying to enslave Patriots.  I said this field was like a pro sport and the front end is tying your shoelaces together for you, between left and right shoe, because you turned in child abuse?  Figurative of course, if it was only in a doughnut shop or DNC meeting.

I am not interested in their political devices and schemes from so called authorities who let this go near 4 years, they will do their jobs or end their careers by this situation, law enforcement included.

What makes the system work safe is that we have responsible adults, I have learned over years that a lesser physical staff who does their job is worth more than an evil heavyweight.  Yeah I have martial arts training involved too, TCI became part of a kata I made, I have worked with Boxing Trainers, Martial Arts ones, do your job right is the #1 thing you have.  I practice TCI everytime I workout on martial arts, this way.  Start running a debt against God, then you are in deep yogurt.  That is what Bible stories were about.  If you are stealing on the clock, by not doing your job, you will have problems is what I have seen.

What may be the deciding factor for NY with corruption in alot of areas, is that these cases are pursued criminally.  Conservatives can bring down Albany corruption, check last election, the balance is getting close to a Red State.  Well we can’t let you have your Patriot rights if you live in NY, you got another thing comin’ liberals.  Execution is the key, it is Law Enforcement’s for the taking based on evidence, prosecute their crimes.  This is not awwww you were feeling lazy and didn’t cook a Big Mac working at McDonalds, this is public corruption the campaign trail of liberals.

They threw their vote in for child abuse at Hillside, who will be a part of it, and who will conquer it? There is no middle ground in this crime.  Racketeering is where this landed, fraud and extortion, 20 years stubborn ears is what you can get for it.  What are you terrorists?


May 23, 2015


In the cases which are running their course, and are headed for criminal prosecution.  What maybe is not so evident to the public.  Is the danger in the harassment that went on.  I had mentioned the Van Halen video ” Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do”, and it shows you the violent nature of Juvenile systems.  When I first began at that campus which Hillside acquired, Christian staff told me about the riot out in the courtyard, a rough 50 people, Clients and of course worthless Staff (as the system can treat them) swinging at each other.  I heard about it before I was hired there, from a detention job.

The staff who tried to incite the unit, where I worked, because I had turned them in on their floors for negligence and abuse, knew the risk of doing what they did, where I was.  The Supervisors, qualified for laziest people on Earth in 2011 by their refusal to enforce policy.

One of the first weeks I worked at that location  of Hillside, a neighboring unit had an AWOL, I could hear their alarm, and watch 1,2,3, Clients swing around the door jamb and down the stairwell, I asked one of our veteran staff if I should go after them?  OK, and here we go, by the time I got down the stairs they are probably 60 yards ahead of me on the sidewalk.  Later a helicopter surveyed the route they ran, as I was called off the chase after they headed for a wooded area.  Sometimes you can leave a cushion with a situation like that, keep them in sight, it doesn’t serve any purpose to have a take down, on a Client 1/2 mile away, with two more running and you lose sight.

So you see, that the potential for violence and threat to communities, by AWOL, is real.  I don’t care about the subjective whims of baptists, and dirty Admin, if you are going to keep inciting that situation and trying to play the arrogant intellectual game from Rochester, while NY was charged to fund this crime in 2011?  It shows me a lack of intelligence on the part of wanna be Office Caesars.  All I see is incompetence in it.  Here we can trade places and I will do your job correctly, while you be the peacekeeper and wrestle 300 lbs of sometimes sodomy inclined criminals.

It is like people who work in factories packing fudge, if they falsify records, and keep two sets of books, logging that 6 pounds of fudge was packed, when it was 40, keeping the excess for their own.  Well a DA can get involved.  Like the records falsification in NY state at an Ambulance Station where over $100,000 was stolen. Or Fingerlakes also known as Gossett in NY where staff were charged on records falsification.  As a basic business transaction it gets prosecuted.  Hillside Clients are more like a cover to the situation, no one cares, like it almost justifies letting the crime happen.  These liberals who keep jeopardizing everyone’s safety in the system by situations like this, arrogant to no end.  We had one Client pull a hatchet out of a shed off campus, when the Law showed up to stop it.

It is out of control, usually Fudge Packers get in trouble for stealing, so should Admin who keep agitating the safety of system work.  What happens if it gets really out of control, is it becomes a street fight, maybe a Police Dog shows up.

Authorities need to solve this organized crime.  Or that crime will solve Hillside and Clients eventually by the nature of crisis.  Did somebody say OCFS?  They should have fixed this in 2011.

Conservatives you have a big body of evidence in these cases, to stop liberal corruption, by election and prosecution.  The blessing of catching all of these criminals aside, it has to be brought to justice.  The more they resist, the higher the stakes go and my unwillingness to settle too.

What difference does it make?  Yeah it was like that.  We can’t have dirty Fudge Packers in society, or worse at Rochester and Albany.

God Bless


May 22, 2015


For law enforcement, FBI, NY AG, Gov. Cuomo, OCFS, Dirty Cops, DAs;

Then everyone can sit around and stuff themselves while child abuse scandal specialists of the criminal side abuse Teens!  Just kidding no doughnuts for you.

But if you would like to do your jobs or face racketeering charges, that is closer to where this is going.  It takes you four years to act on crime complaints, that is no kind of government.  What do you think this is paid vacation, or a terrorist country?  Pathetic, I can’t believe righteous Vets I worked with and that is not all of them, fought to protect your evil crime cells you call jobs.  Oh I don’t know child abuse complaints you might want to act on removing criminal staff by the 6 month mark, just to make things look good for public opinion.  By two years to still sell the diligent image, by three years for an election year or to claim integrity, at four years the magic chime goes off and that designates any staff who let crimes against NY Teens go this long as acceptable democrats.   Sorry Clients, these losers don’t give a rip about your rights.  But they get upset when gang violence is in their state.

What if my job was, being the time to make the doughnuts guy.  Yeah we are having a disturbance here from some nasty baptists, bothering my customers who are Teens.  Instant bust, patty wagon, drug dogs, Fox News coverage, helicopter on scene, you do not bother our doughnut shop, got it punk?!!!

‘- Love The Police!’

That is how I see it, unless you are as corrupt as Hillary, then NY politicians and law enforcement will fall on grenades for you.  You can’t trust someone like that to take care of your dog, but here you run Albany and Teen centers for abuse.

This has reached going to DC, to have outside interventions discipline NY crime.  If it goes to Lynch and she fumbles it, prosecute her too.  She was not hired to join the doughnut crowd, paid to insulate crime.  I have seen all the corruption and swineheart I want to ever from leadership, if you can’t follow Patriot laws then get the h_ll out of our country criminals.  If that means you have to live in a cage like a trapped werewolf, hey I can live with that until we get deportation papers together along with Gitmo additions, make it a high rise, if terrorists shoot at it, yeah well.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee you liberal knuckleheads.



Which is more harmful?  Leaving your baby in the dishwasher to clean them up, or abortion?

How does that compare to over 50 Million lives taken by medicine against innocent humans?  In Roe v. Baby?

And should Hillside Child Abuse be under investigation?  Or should NY leave corrupt Albany in charge, because they are pro choice liberals like Hillside Admin?

After all it is only abortion they support, when done with the baby in the dishwasher, do you use the dryer to finish when child abuse is no concern?  Or is a clothes iron more suitable for liberals?


One scandal after another in America, Child Abuse and who gives a damn in Albany?

Woe is the bible word, where things get bad enough God has to sting and devastate.




May 21, 2015

In A Related Story On Benghazi

The whole Goddamned thing is stupid.  You get four people killed  by negligence, meaningless people nonetheless, and there is a campaign for President?  No wonder foreign terrorist governments are dumping money into the foundation.  This is like you crashed the Exxon Valdez, and now show up to take the wheel on board The Nimitz.  Well the Emails involved, and duties, liability, the graves we had to dig, not to mention cover up and taking Trey way out of his way on issues like border and ISIS, or stopping nuclear insanity in the middle east.  A CEO getting four people killed is fired, not running for President of America.  What about Manson if he didn’t kill four people, can he run as a liberal?  See how many terrorists want to mess with America if he gets elected.  There won’t be any middle east.

Look at people who go to jail for lesser things than Hillary.  This has turned into political horse loaf once again, add Uranium, it is organized crime.  Forget Pearl Harbor and 9-11 then try to let criminals run DC, don’t be surprised when it is tragedy.

I know they are trying to go through details on Benghazi but there is no big mystery, if she did her job security would have been there by F -35 and A-10.

What does it have to do with Hillside, if the board does not do their jobs there, when they get out of jail, they may have to change their names to bum  aliases like soupcan and one shoe.


May 20, 2015

Guide To Avoiding Lawsuits At Work

1.  Read all Policies and Labor Laws.

2.  Follow them thoroughly.

3.  Do not become a lazy liberal with a smart mouth, who blames other staff for their own leftist asinine criminal insubordination.

4.  Stay away from cheap criminal minded defense firms who may only worsen your liability and lead you straight to hell.

5.  If your case comes up on media radar as a criminal offender, it is likely legal doom is imminent, your reward for trying to steal others rights, dirtbag.

6.  Stick your tongue out the best you can at those who so angered you by their legal rights, that always makes everything better.  It also shows authorities your fair reasoning and political affiliation.

7.  When interviewed for a mental health assessment, understand your 5th Amendment rights.

8.  If you claim allegiance to the order of the Moreland Commission your name will not escape FBI computers in many cases.

9.  The appearance of your face on Most Wanted Posters for offending any agency clientele, is a dubious honor for the harder criminals.

10.  Remember that OCFS will not take responsibility for your crimes, it is time to grow up and face the music.

11.  What if hell is real?  You have joined criminals in the satanic act of crime, that thing that only bad people do, but now is part of your career.

12.  20 years for racketeering, not much of a statement for an AG or Governor.

May 19, 2015

Key Word in the Hillside cases:  Liability!!!

The toy of a corporate infrastructure does not hide the offenders, it only pollutes a child care facility.  Your liberal blessing on NY, whoa oh livin’ on a prayer, you said it I didn’t.  You can dream but you can’t hide is what it comes down to.   Where liability and Clinical Diagnosis for criminal disorders reveal the temper tantrum laden Admin.

Top prosecutors and authorities are watching you over months in these cases.  But Admin feels no need to avoid the liability and imprisonment?  Business as usual, no problems here?  Yeah if you are a pirate.  Things have gone crackers at Rochester?



Authorities need to revisit the evidence on these staff at Hillside to prosecute.

President Richardson:  Not handling complaints, allowing retaliation.

Board Chair Angela:  If Email shows she was contacted, then what is going on?

Joe Brown:  Omnibuds’ letter is in case record.

Helen Head of HR:

Evidence shows she knew of child abuse complaints weeks ahead of future complaints with trouble staff not removed for disturbing the peace.  When I tried to report her staff retaliating the very last time, after she knew and let them author dirty documents, she jammed her Email so I could not contact her.

Julie at HR:  Conspirator, helped serve fake paperwork.

Mike Staino:  Partner in crime with Julie.

Amy:  At HR, if her job was to get another Omnibuds staff that is evidence she was told about problems with Joe.

Campus Director:  Joanne should be investigated, how did Mike and Julie retaliate at 7-6-11 if she knew problems beforehand.  I was not sure early on I had enough evidence on her, but that turned out to be false.

Program Managers:  Everyone below Staino down to my Assistant Floor Sup should be removed, probably leave Clinical staff there, because Staino knew what they did, as their boss.

Authorities:  Anything that went to Sheriff, DAs, NY AG, Cuomo, is in question, if they did their jobs why did crime keep going? Yeah I know I heard the bit about well it is not my jurisdiction, we don’t handle complaints like that, from enough Cops along the way, what about this?

News should tell you that Albany is soft in the head, they don’t handle their jobs, especially not when it comes to crime.  NY should be freaking upset, as in put their dirty scoundrel carcasses in a cage, where a Judge will say the Amen.

Higher Authorities:  US Attorney, FBI we will have to see what they can do to stop the racketeering.  Can you imagine that, hired to FBI and all you do is go to work and play Benghazi/ Hillary role, eat some doughnuts maybe, how does golf sound?

Racketeering:  What else do these liberals think they own?  Cops would have jailed them over lesser crimes, shot them possibly in other instances.  Public corruption, your overwhelming achievement by Hillside Admin, permissive OCFS which has been brought to the attention of Sheila Poole present Commish, and authorities.  I don’t care if authorities  can eat a dozen doughnuts in one sitting, do your freaking job.




Hillside Affidavit Back to Messages
From: “Russ Boardman”,
Sent: Tue, May 19, 2015


The FBI at DC has been notified on this case and others against Hillside of Rochester. The obnoxious ongoing crime is being viewed as the fault of authorities who refuse to act against Hillside like Moreland Commission previously in NY.

Attachment above is the Affidavit for summons and complaint in this case, as you will see served 20 days ago as statute, leaving Hillside open to default judgment now.

Since crime began 7-6-11 I have not seen one authority protect NY Teens within these cases, or OCFS Mandated Reporting, or the Staff of Hillside by acting against these racketeers (by fraud and extortion based of political bias).

Once again 5-19-15 agency Attorney for Hillside: Michael  was contacted on the ongoing racket Hillside runs. How criminals still work there since 2011, is not legal.

The staff who signed for this last Affidavit had the same last name  as the Judge I had. If there is any relation, does that explain court bias from before?

I expect all involved authorities to do their jobs and bring this crime ring down or be considered part of it.

-Russ Boardman

May 18, 2015

Another day and Hillside is now up to being served a default judgment at any time.

Where the three cases stand:

#1.   Labor Law:  Case filed within 2 years of statute and served within 120 days, the case exists.  The original Summons and Complaint defines the case as filed.  Appeals record approved, defense is trapped.  Any discrepancy over whether the case filed on time, is supported by the Court’s legal ability and interest in justice to extend needed times, against a malicious act by an employer; blatant records falsification, perjury, interference with a child abuse investigation.  Amended Summons and Complaint did serve within 20 days as law from the reply on the original.  By means that another court has approved, this does not show Hillside has any legal right to keep attacking OCFS reporting.

CPLR 3025 does not specifically provide a time for service of an amended or supplemental pleading.

Liability is in Hillside’s corner for racketeering.

#2.  Fraud:  Summons filed, service of papers completed, affidavit received.  This is a hands down defeat for Hillside based on court crime, and resisting a labor law case they were caught in.  The big picture is if defense had done the lawful and policy abiding things when confronted, there would be no court case, no corrupted court case, and no delay in justice.  Because defense resisted, they are liable in the fraud case for all damages in the labor law case, and well beyond.

#3.  Class Action:  Headed for settlement.

Below in the cases Boardman v. Hillside 1.  The mission is to prove healthcare provider status, the filing does not disqualify then at Appeals Court by the end of 2015.  2.  To show it was and is on time by statute, employee status less than two years from the filing ( 7/14/11 last retal- with to end of July 2011 benefits as wage, filing was less than 2 years later, on time).

Both requirements were met by Plaintiff so all this ink is a formality below.

Solo Case II:  Due to lies in court and this record not approved in whole by The Judge, anything that was music related went into a separate fraud case, as it was still relevant evidence and included court transcript as such.

Net Summary:  Hillside has criminals to fire, resisting further is only running up a tab on the agency.  Jeopardy is for settlement to be refused by Plaintiff due to being incited, and agency acquires full damages where ownership of Hillside may go to Plaintiff.

This has all been sent on to Law Enforcement.  If it takes jail cells liberals will learn to stop their crimes.

Case III:  Hillside Coworkers, God Bless them filed class action against the agency for not getting paid.  Russ Boardman joins that case too as Plaintiff, set to settle in May.


Boardman v. Hillside

Settled Record


Reporting Crime:


  1. Copy of Plaintiff paycheck at Hillside 7/6/11 shows Actual employee status.
  1. 3/24/10 Plaintiff to Hillside’s Mike Staino Program


  1. 6/16/10 Letter from OCFS to Plaintiff. Reply from mandated NYS Child Abuse reporting.
  1. 7/21/10 Letter from OCFS to Plaintiff. Reply from mandated NYS Child Abuse reporting.
  1. 12/8/10 Email Plaintiff to Mike Staino Program Director at Hillside. Safety complaint.
  1. Hillside HR Rep Julie Philips-Oriel to Plaintiff.
  1. 4/22/11 copy of NYS OCFS submission by Plaintiff.
  2. 5/10-5/11/11 (EOS) End Of Shift report from Plaintiff, shows child abuse reporting to Hillside Supervisors, OCFS detail at bottom.
  1. 5/12/11 Plaintiff to OCFS Child Abuse Complaint.
  2. 5/14/11 Copy of OCFS submission about

5/19/11 Hillside campus meeting with Director M.S. and HR’s J.PO.

  1. 5/18/11 Chris Bruno OCFS Rep to Plaintiff, & his regional OCFS boss Karen Buck. Shows NYS involved against Hillside.
  1. 6/8/11 Chris Bruno OCFS to RB.
  1. 16 Page Letter President Richardson to company on permission to contact him over budget. Plaintiff RB is on page 12 , send list reveals Mike Staino Director and Helen Halewski Head of HR. They were informed of permission to contact President Richardson. Which was disciplined on 7/6/11termination.
  1. Page from Hillside Annual Update, shows permission to report to Corporate Compliance Officer who was Maria Cristali. The 6/5/11 date cited wrong on fake 6/30/11 fake Write up from Staino was Plaintiff to Maria in Email.
  1. 6/5/11 Plaintiff to Corporate Compliance Officer Maria Cristali about corrupted file ( retaliation for Reporting. Supervisor Rachel Kingston in 2008, for negligence with sex offenders.)
  1. Pages 17-20 of Hillside Policy Manual, grievance shows permission to skip levels of chain of command.
  1. 6/24/11 OCFS TO Plaintiff, Chris Bruno trying to arrange meeting between Hillside Director Mike Staino and Plaintiff.
  1. 6/3/11 Letter from Hillside Director Joanne Davis to RB, lump sum for $250, Plaintiff in good standing with company 27 days before retaliation by her subordinate staff supervisors, insubordinate traitors.


  1. 6/30/11 Fake write up served by Program Manager Mike Staino and Julie Philips-Oriel HR Rep at Admin.Cites allowed contact to Maria (6/5/11) , and going aboveConnie a level one staff, as violations,  clear records falsification. Staff may skip level one Connie by policy.

20.  6/30/11 Email Plaintiff to President Richardson complaining about the fake write up (6/30/11)as a budget concern, liability. President has not directed any other trustworthy staff to go to on this subject after HR failed to do jobs. Policy is go directly to source of problems, or President who started the 16 page email in # 13 above.

  1. Termination report is a complete fake, and summarizes termination letter. Employee has not violated anything and is being harassed by the menacing document. Same date and author of Mike Staino who is caught in law violation records falsification.
  1. 7/6/11 Termination letter, retaliation for having went to President Richardson about 6/30/11 fake write up, of no substance, employee has been to shifts on time and covered duties. Reporting criminal staff at Hillside was extra duties, but mandated by NY.
  1. 7/8/11 Email Plaintiff to Joanne Davis Director as regional contact in Hillside appeals process, policy manual directions.
  1. 7/14/11 Omnibuds Letter, another complete fake, did not follow policy and prescribes Plaintiff use another route to handle grievance as to derail appeals in a criminal manner. Authored by Joe Brown.
  1. 7/11/11 Email from Plaintiff to assigned HR rep Amy Fagan, complaining that Omnibuds Joe Brown was a criminal per a phone call between Plaintiff and Brown. Amy did not assign another Omnibuds.


  1. Atty James check: 8/9/11 First Atty who sent Hillside a letter, warning to stop the crime.
  1. 7/5/12 Summons and Complaint from Atty Bob Mullin. Shows Plaintiff did have an Atty as defense questioned. Mullin also qualifies Plaintiff work as Health Care within Hillside.
  1. 7/5/12-10/1/12 Checks to Attys Ferr & Mullin.
  1. Atty #3 Email to RB, shows involved with draft of Summons and Complaint.
  1. Letter Atty #3 not representing the case. Indicates he knows the case material giving opinion.
  1. Warning letter to Defense Attorney Todd R. Shinaman, from Plaintiff.


  1. 3 Pages of initial Summons and Complaint 7/12/13. Shows “alleged” crime, NYS LL article 20-C claim.
  1. Amended Summons and Complaint 7/15/13 at the request of Atty #3. Acting as if he did not want in the case after helping on case forms. This filed too late for case statute and does not unseat timely filing of 7/12 13, as a fair act by the court under NY Law. If it did unseat the 7/12/13 then it is to be counted for Plaintiff as timely.
  1. Declaration of Todd R. Shinaman Defense Atty Nov 25, on motion to dismiss original complaint. False statements are numerous later summarized in case by Plaintiff on this record.
  1. Affidavit of Theresa Kane Gringer, Hillside HR Partnerships Director. Also contains false statements about Plaintiff, summarized later in record.
  1. Memorandum of law for motion to dismiss the original complaint.
  1. Nixon Peabody letter to Judge ( County) to withdrawl motion to dismiss original complaint and argue the amended complaint instead. Also to dismiss the amended.
  1. Declaration of Defense. Atty Todd R. Shinaman Dec 23, for motion to dismiss amended complaint. More defiance against a timely qualified Plaintiff.
  1. Affirmation of Defense Atty Todd R. Shinaman in further support of motion to dismiss amended complaint. More nonsense to cloud the issue of justice being served to Hillside.
  1. Defense reply memorandum of law in further support of its motion to dismiss amended complaint, Jan 10, 2014.
  1. Affidavit in Cross Motion for replead to LL 215, (denied).
  1.  Plaintiff reply letter from NYS Atty General.
  1. Court Record 10 pages. Page 8 of which line 25 begins falsified info of Plaintiff speaking the defense words.
  1. Notice of Appeal.
  1. Affidavit of Service for Notice of Appeal & Order.
  1. Notice of entry.
  1. Order, Seneca County.
  1. Bill of Costs.
  1. Nixon Peabody cover letter.


  1. Hillside internet posting for YCP job position, shows Bachelor’s degree preferred. Defense argued for entry level only at county to degrade Plaintiff status, not a health care staff?
  1. Copies of Health Insurance benefits cards at Hillside. Benefits is wage in NY, and qualifies staff as employed.
  1. Copies of Plaintiff CPR, First Aid, cards. Training taken at Hillside. Also Athletic Trainer certification card, Allied Health Pro status.
  1. UMES Rehab brochure features Plaintiff on cover with Dept Head Dr. Talley. Explains health care work of Rehab Majors within brochure. Plaintiff worked in this field rough 15 years from graduation. A two sided document.
  1. Plaintiff UMES Rehab diploma.
  1. Plaintiff Ithaca College diploma Exercise

Science/Athletic Training.

  1. Athletic Trainer Certification certificate year 2002.
  1. Proof of Hillside benefits two weeks post Appeals. Letter dated 7/25/11 needs reply in 10 days to maintain another plan. Therefore Plaintiff coverage surpassed 7/14/11 Appeal. Plaintiff was an employee of Hillside during Agency appeals and filed on time.
  1. MTV posting of Plaintiff Music Career.
  2. Copy of Boardman business certificate, Christian music and ministry.
  1. Boardman business certificate original county filing.
  1. Letter to Russ Boardman from Producer .
  1. 3 pages oversized header from Boardman site, plaintiff music career, recording interfered with by criminal behavior of Hillside, court case, resisting the law, and damages to Plaintiff Rehab career.
  1. List of YCP duties at Hillside as healthcare work.
  1. Explanation of Athletic Trainer shared duties to YCP.
  1. Explanation of Defense lies in litigation as short summary, outside the case qualifiers of Plaintiff on time filing, health care under article 20-c.