This goes back maybe three years or more now.  The Bible does not hold water if you examine the stories well enough.  A Holy God rapes babies as retaliation for uncommitted sin?

Creation in Genesis does not explain things that are too many light years away, if you consider that miracles at the least are electromagnetic, and still at the least you don’t really know more than that exists.

That puts the Moon at 1 second away for shooting a magnetic beam past a human skull.  You don’t think that would influence a cranial nerve or send some signal?

You don’t really know what is in the moon, at 250 miles deep I read the rock density changes.  I guess if you wanted to look and see.

The wrath it leaves on Earth if this was like The Final Countdown, say Mars was Muslim and Venus was Christian, they raise two populations against each other like a dirty prison game.

You do have to ask in all this which came first, the Sun or Mercury,  because the surface is not melting despite high temps.  How did it get there that way?  Before the Sun, so you might guess a Universal creator lives at the first rock?

There is plenty more to say, but up front the pieces don’t fit.  I stay with Christianity, because God showed me the holes in the Bible reasoning.  If you have men who are not Patriots, it gets ugly, Hitler, Rome, terrorism, man created to be a target?  I think there is salvation, who would keep a Hellion you can’t trust?  Every time you are like Abel they are like Cain the father of liberals.

Why am I not intimidated to reveal this if God showed me the reasoning error, and a huge lie in The Bible is being shown?  Because God is on my side. I would not tell you that.  It seems like after awhile The Lord is not pleased with being exposed.  Almost like hostages slipped the message out. I hate evil, they don’t have enough ammo to get their way is my take on it .  If I think rape is evil, then I will say so.