#1.  Not hiring a criminal commander in chief, with proven acts of crime while working for the government.  If you would not make Rent-A-Cop based on federal crime as a job, then no you can’t run for President.

#2.  Stop abortion, doesn’t matter what defense you put up against God if baby murder is your investment.

#3.  Close borders, dopey libs.

#4.  Nagasaki guitar solo shalt be considered for rock and roll hall of fame.


#5.  Next USAG needs to Prosecute as duty all cases, not some pick and choose obstruction like Clintons would have.

#6.  Budget the obvious.

#7.  Detroit Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars, that make driving safer on 2x fuel economy, and can be made more crash worthy. We used to win in Detroit.  Uncle Sam could sell the fuel like Putin did getting Russia out of cold war debt on oil.  This ain’t that difficult.

#8.  Healthcare, Good Samaritan in a bible did not leave zero coverage for the bottom contingent of Obamacare.

#9.  Drugs:  Woe by a bible what God will use this for.

#10.  Terrorism:  Kim Jong, Iran, Assad.