Not dating but being friends until God tells you, that you should be with another person or you think that is the right way.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend not on a “verdant” bed by a Bible,  in a relationship. Meaning, most people sleep on beds and that is asexual.  For it to be verdant, means you don’t steal second base at least.  I wouldn’t put anything that is regret before you.  I am not saying people even kissing is OK, in a boyfriend girlfriend situation.  But you want my word or scriptures?

The main problem is if things fall apart, you went how far, and then wish you didn’t?  Hugs are fine?

A Bible is not exact, but whatever you do with a significant other, and the relationship fails short of marriage.  That is where you wanted to end up as part of Christian Mingle?  How romantic, adultery instead of your Valentine right?

Being degraded sexually is what adultery is about, prostitutes in a Bible are not successful small business, they are the scums.  Like frats that sleep around and every guy sleeps with the same girl.