Thanks all Christians and Conservatives who have prayed here, sent Emails, supported music and ministry.  It has been this long since 2004, still seems like yesterday in a way.  I am tired of the oppression in the world, news and politics remain a necessary intervention to solve crisis.  It is that or we answer neglect by what comes back to haunt you in the decay of freedom. That means war often, crime and suffering, leave it to opportunistic liberals and evil will take over.

Photo above at the piano I started working on Good Friday at.  It was a sense so dark of what Jesus went through, it was like suicide walked by and you could smell it.  Appreciate that other people have to struggle to keep freedom.

Hopefully so much music is ahead.  If you took out a hockey stick at the beginning  of season, ready to play.  Somewhere it is written in The Bible about a time to rock.