17 AUGUST 2022

Comey was framed by DOJ.

The wall was not finished.

WMD dealers stayed loose, and ran for the nuclear controls in ’16 and ’20.

National debt is ten times what it was under Obama, with exponential growth rates, by 20_ _?

Sex traffic continued, military stayed idle at wall construction.

USA does not regulate hydrogen as a government crisis resource, for fuel cell cars under GE, Ford, GM, in Detroit to solve debt. And keep a defense contractor increasing for Tesla weapons against hypersonic.

It ended in the worst state of USA ever, by some measures, after 18 months of pure saboteur Biden. Joe is cashing in every available resource to the enemy or squander in attrition. No accident, aim is dead on.

You do not frame FBI, or leave a sex traffic border open. WMD dealers as top fugitives only, leaves DNC as an illegal terror cell that will fail to exist.

Trump can choose to correct this plan, or be removed by Heaven. The budget would have collapsed, without enemies to GOP.