What the demographics apparently show is that Black America is up on Whites, in a 13:1 kill ratio. Where murder of Whites, committed by Blacks is in that proportion or a similar number. Based on whose stats you use. This is calculated by making the number of Whites murdering Blacks, proportional to the same % of the population, Whites would be in equal numbers to the present African American population.

One of us heavily worships gangster and thug themes more than the other? Garth Brooks was #1 in album sales for a solo artist, correct me if I am wrong, but his support from The Black Community in this is lesser than his White support?

Any person who tells you they are a disciple of Christ, and is threatening to burn down the system, while their own Black thugs are crucifying White America?

Check yourself Black supremacist, racist Muslims.

If maybe that The American Revolution, was the will of God. As was the slavery of Africans. Because if it was not God’s will, then how did it happen? So God is a racist? Or. Israelites in Slavery who are not African or Black, like Jesus is made to be. Were under wrath first in Exodus.

Were Black slaves in America under the wrath of God, for pagan worship? Or this was The Church of Jesus Christ carried away in chains to America?

It remains possible that Founders, did not understand who Blacks were. Because at a century and later, Darwin is accepted by non Christians, as saying Blacks and all man comes from the apes. If they could not tell who Africans were, it is not based on racism, but definition as a stranger. Anyone different from White or a more established society. Africa is not Rome or England in development of cities. It has more to do with they are not verified as human than what color they are in the 1700’s.

You do not see in American history great conflicts of all men created equal. With slavery being a big problem for the conscience early on. True? I question if Founders even get it. God did not reveal it to them, because Africa was under His wrath?

It would take knowledge of the scriptures on Nubians to begin to approach slavery, based on African Americans are men or not. Then again, somehow in the Old Testament, the book of the law is lost. This is how Israel is to govern, and they lost Moses’ written law. Don’t ask me that one, the cops lost the law?

I do not support violence, police Redcoat behaviors, or the illegal communist agenda, which imposes its secular will on Patriots. Who were endowed by a creator with certain unalienable rights, including, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. But according to one stubborn donkey, of a man, these are not allowed, and have not been for decades as one unnamed party in USA has insisted on attacking these freedoms.

Martin Luther King Jr. I am for. Black Lives Matter early on, OK, stop Obama’s Black on Black violence, a true Muslim agenda, killing Americans. But if Kaepernick is forwarding violence, retaliation, while White America has to wait for due process, and is being murdered 13:1 by Blacks. Then he should be tried for terrorism and sedition, and I can try to throw the 90 yard passes? I couldn’t reach 80 yards?

I call Martin Luther King Jr. as my witness in this. Another Christian who is not for being manipulated by terrorist aggression, in the name of religion.

That is correct, communism is illegal, and so is a trojan horse, socialism, which aims to misrepresent that agenda.

We never legally approved, selling WMD to a bone roasting terrorist, leaving a border open to sex traffickers, blocking free speech, prayer, or murdering live human babies.

Usual organized crime from DNC has made all these problems above possible in the present day, even extended police retaliation?

It would be impossible for Black America to burn down the system fairly, because they would be attacking Constitutional and actual freedom, without incarcerating themselves first. Forcing due process on Whites only?

George Washington and Jefferson if they made Heaven then, would be on the side of all men equal, meaning Blacks?

Looters by a Bible, are stealing the rights of innocent victims like Target and Auto Zone, others… Do Not Steal is in Deut: 5.

The reason we don’t hear about the 13:1 Black on White kill ratio is because it is tyranny?

Land Of The Free is not good enough then for the children of the devil is what my Bible says.

I graduated from a Historically Black University at UMES. Don’t blame me, for what Black America does that is criminal. I have seen plenty of Black racism from admins in college, and at work, including Obama/ USAG Lynch, personally, where my education and career went under attack. It all involved lawyers, and from the DC area.

Land Of The Free is the page I was on. It is not political, it is law.