Disclaimer for the wishful thinkers who took it upon themselves to make false complaints, falsify records and slander a Christian singer.

In the past I have had to take on the liberal element as responder, and as very usual the crook running the heist did not submit to authorities.  When you see the number of false complaints in a year at Five Points Prison by inmates you understand their dem persuasion.

So on a personal level I can tell you from busting church troublemakers, who tried to invert the Gospel prescribed 2-3 witnesses, and whole church confrontation on an evil Christian.  Or posted Pro Life items here at including comparing knives to Doctor’s abortion tools, and mocking the agenda libs have tried to paint on Christians, for their faith.  As if we were the Hellions.

Oh well you will get over it criminal devils.

I have no apologies for taking on the murdering lib element, or female social louses at church, how immature for Christian college student aged church members, if it were 7th grade?

Even at the ideal that Obama should be executed, by US law, for war crimes, Jihad, treason.  Yes this means shot, electric chair, gas chamber or other reasonable means to bring down the terrorist conspiracy on America in law.

Make no mistake abortion doctor.  Crucifying a baby, even hanging from a door by one hand instead of just outright murdering them like you do, alive even?

If you did it in front of me I’d bash your face in.  But you consider abortion a right, not homicide.  Responder to stopping a baby murder.  That is for you snake Hillary.  Your people are wolves.