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APRIL 27, 2015


The upside of Hillside is that they can still settle for few remaining days, and quickly, end their financial liability, and escalating criminal charges.  You would think they might want to side with the law abiding staff?  With all the people involved watching this crime.  Wouldn’t that be a shame to get to heavier courts, and  figure out ‘ we ain’t fooled nobody’, like when O.J. was getting chased.

Thanks all you Patriots who were trying to keep a standard.





Every April, our team at Students for Life heads into hyper-drive, rushing to help students start their new campus groups before the end of the school and pass on leadership to underclassmen.

But what’s happening this month is spinning out of control.

This morning, I’m packing up for my last trip before by daughter, Gracie, is born (she’s coming in early May) but I had to stop and shoot you a quick note asking for your prayers and help.

Today, can you 2 things for me?

1) Can you say some quick prayers for the students and situations I’ve listed below?

2) Can you pitch in whatever you can $15, $25, $50, or even $75 to help Students for Life finish this school year strong? We’ve got thousands more miles to drive and a few more weeks of travel expenses to cover as we finish our spring tours and trainings.



1) Say a prayer for Katie and Brigid in Fargo. While their school district has now said they will allow them to start their Students for Life groups and abide by the law, we are experiencing delays and still aren’t sure if they are going to live up to their promise.

2) Say a prayer for Isabell at Hampton-Dumont High School in Iowa who has been denied the right to start her Students for Life group for the past 2 years! Last week, SFLA took her story public and we are waiting on the school to respond.

3) Say a prayer for our Students for Life groups at Clarion University (PA) and The College of New Jersey who have both experienced vandalism of their peaceful pro-life cross displays.

4) Say a prayer for our University of Southern California Students for Life group who had their administration unfairly tear down their pro-life banners, after they were approved.

5) Say a prayer for Andrew, the president of the Students for Life group at Johns Hopkins University (MD) who will be on Fox News tomorrow morning talking about the never-ending discrimination that his Students for Life group and other conservatives face at JHU.

6) Say a prayer for a young couple in South Dakota who saw the pro-life sidewalk chalking of our Students for LIfe group and have chosen life despite some difficult circumstances!

7) Say a prayer for Lisa, one of our Regional Coordinators, who is planning our next steps to protest the awful late-term abortion experiments that the University of Hawaii are participating in.

8) And finally, say a prayer for the SFLA Team. For our safety as we travel this weekend and in the weeks to come and for the launch of a brand-new, game-changing initiative that will be announced next week!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support! You will never know just how much it means to our entire team and what you are doing for this pro-life generation!

For Life,



Kristan Hawkins
Students for Life of America

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The criminal charges that Hillside Admin needs to face, is in this area.  Specific law I am not sure, because they may choose the most serious crimes, or FBI can count Albany as Hillside accomplice, and then prosecute both.  Some of the crime in NY is under 6 year statute for more serious offenses so what qualifies here or does not?

Conservative candidates for Governor should take notice.  Hillside employs thousands of staff,  you can’t leave Admin that lie in court there, but Albany can? I was hoping Huckabee when at Fox could take on the NY Governor job.

Freedom, The American Dream, Equality v. Corporate Criminals, Coercion, Felonies.  Who can be a fan of the liberals in this?

Even further if I took the wheel in charge of Hillside, I would want some UB, and UMES faculty on boards to give the agency more balance with trustworthy staff, people who are a part of other well known agencies as a public reputation.  I.C. and Cornell staff too where possible.  Houghton College also a strong possibility for staff.



APRIL 26, 2015


Benghazi should have been automatic prosecution, it takes Congress to investigate like they didn’t have enough to do?  Gen. Betrayus finally got in trouble, it should have been States v. Clinton.  After the Uranium scandal, I hope this doesn’t get unfocused like Benghazi.  There is Sec of State duties in it yeah, questionable donations, ok,  but you helped give Uranium to the two top terrorist threats by Presidential debates between Romney and the other guy.  That does mean it is okay if somebody else, say Pelosi starts selling nuclear detonators to them as well?  It makes it easy for Russia to give the stuff away, when we supply so much.  Somewhere treason is too much to hide, on playing office in DC.



On the 2nd solo case against Hillside, for court fraud, I think what you will find in NY,  is that there is at least a two year filing statute.  So Jan 2014 ( court) to present, leaves to Jan 2016 to pursue their crime if needed.  No they aren’t getting away with anything.  That would not be accompanied by any settlement offers, only wrath, so it would erase the present leadership.  As before if court papers are required to go to NYS Attorney General under such a case, assuming NY AG has not been arrested beforehand for such diligent crime at Albany.  Crime will be prosecuted by authorities also.

I think it is embarrassing that the staff in the cases, are considered  adults in the profession.  If you look at Five Points Prison that I lived near, how much corruption problems they have from Prisoners, you need Admin who are actually Godly people to back you up.  At Hillside we deal with gangs, violent criminals, Rochester found role models in criminals and fell in step with thug society.  When NY said “work”, maybe they thought Albany said “jerk”, and began lives of crime to impress their political party.

If mentally slow explains Rochester, any staff there now, Board of Governors included does not realize they are responsible for the agency functioning, feasance values, criminal staff who now appear as their accomplices in this premeditated festival they are putting on of criminal escalation.  If they went as far as to have mascots for the agency to represent the records falsification, maybe  have big fuzzy jailbirds or other animals walking around, shaking hands with spectators.  They could sell tickets, put some picnic foods on the grill, sell T shirts, crime cell here, Rochester NY, come one and all to the spectacle of the Judge bringing in every last traitor we could find.  NYS Police could put on a shooting demonstration, use a GE Electric Cannon/minigun off the helicopter, a few grenades.

But Hillside, is looking out for NY, Teens come here to work on their futures, nice and safe.  If I take over, the involved staff are done, fired, only righteous law abiding staff will work there.  The addition of  investigators from Government to agency updates would also happen.  A regular crime report from in house investigators.

How long do Patriots intend to keep putting up with crime from Albany?  You losers as they would have it, all across NY, paid taxes, so they could do this to free society?






In the initial child abuse problem from staff where I worked.  It would have ended

immediately if On Grounds staff had done their jobs.  It began around 3 years earlier where I had turned in On Grounds for being a disruption.  Once at the last floor I worked on, not only were complaints not getting handled, On Grounds was making up lies for Sups, refusing to recognize problematic staff as such.   That is coming from a guy who told me he rolled a client over backwards in their chair who would not get out of a doorway.  That has happened in the past where I explained a client as sociopathic, refusing to cover basics for the group, and then going to play.  Liberal clinicians look for anything to whine about, but that is a word in the dictionary, and an observable behavior, not an opinion, but a fact like you saw an angry client punch someone, or a happy client celebrate.  There are sharper tools as they say…So called higher staff who corrupt programs for political targeting, sexual harassment when they don’t get their way.

Next round will be fun, more problems like that, and there is going to be prosecutors on it?  Cases?  Just like you went to the mall and started a crime?

Defend the system is what it comes down to.




1.  Class action is to settle.

2.  Settled Record catches a number of thieves in labor law case.

3.  God help you Hillside if you resist the fraud case, caught just as bad.

It is okay for liberals to pretend it never happened and keep up the Benghazi,

we’ll get them too.



With the Hillside cases and all of the corruption that has blessed liberal criminal egos.  People who have been following from Tea Party to those who elected 54 Senators to the right, Ministries, elected officials, Coworkers, Clients and Families.  How do I feel about MTV being mentioned in the same case, even though they are only a reference to verify music career on?  MTV, the music authority!  It serves Hillside right to gain this much clout, seething office criminals have now been exposed.

We all grew up under American Law, and knew that you don’t go corrupting Mandated Reporting, other peoples careers.  I work in Rehab, whether it is Social Sciences or an Athletic Training Room.  Now if I was a baby stabber, like most of the liberals who are pro Hillary, they don’t care about executing baby sons and daughters, where female committed homicide is a birth right, wrong.

NY took this one in the back from Hillside,  at every level, and involved community.  If authorities are not going to act from Albany then I want you to resign, because you are part of the crime.  You owe that to NY State, we didn’t elect the mob.

I could not think of one Minister, Scout Leader, Coach, or Teacher from growing up that would have approved of this Hillside fiasco.  We are almost four years in now, awaiting any prosecution on Child Abuse accomplices.  Shoplifting would make the news, but Albany has a big carpet to sweep Child Abuse under.

Champion these cases Conservatives and you will have removed crime from NY Youths lives.  I can do my part, but this will take more than me to stop the crime.


April 25, 2015


How about a round of golf?  Could even play a graveyard, 18 headstones of fun and really exciting negligence instead of border security.  This has become a stupid conversation where waiting for the next JFK in Biden’s boss is only going to get people hurt.  Even if Biden was at the helm, it does not guarantee security, as in Patriots can secure the border.  I was reading in Valley Forge where Baron has an .80 cal firearm, nice.




Earthquake Nepal.




That was a bad one at 7.8, 8.0 is considered a great Earthquake, each whole number up is 10 x stronger than the last, so an 8 is 7 x 10 in Earthquake measuring.


Egyptian President Morsi

Sentenced to 20 years for violence and…

What is Biden’s boss going to get for border crime?

Illegal Aliens by definition are the lowest group of criminals, considering other exalted and dangerous perpetrators on the border.  Don’t you get in trouble for busing “illegals” in?  The learned helplessness of DC, crime just is, and Biden’s boss can’t be stopped before the term ends.  Why isn’t the ACLU saying, no fair, treat Biden’s boss like any other criminal, he got cheated, didn’t get the lawful punishment, discrimination!


The Hard Way



Another summary on the Boardman v. Hillside settled record, the table of contents goes into a 7th page.

If I put my cards on the table in court with that, the defense is toast.  That is the lighter side.

The other solo case, uses the court transcript that the Court Reporter types up as evidence.  It can go $14 million on damages.  Far be it from me to leave kids dying in Africa or getting stabbed by psychopath Doctors in abortion, when you discuss life and death, and liberal crime interfering with the rescue of human lives.  Shame and disgrace has become a corporate way.  A stubborn liberal will be buried financially by this case, I’m sick of the crime, evil, attacks on Childrens lives.  Some people have to learn “the hard way” is the song.  If Hillside insists on crime they will have the full measure.



April 24, 2015

Settled Record

The Settled Record for Boardman v. Hillside

has been shown to authorities, several staff are caught as having been notified in

the cases, and did not act.  Straight insubordination and crime in this reading of

War and Peace.  If I have to go to court again any Attorney should have an easy

time for The Plaintiff.  It takes near four years to respect Citizen rights and policy?

That is expensive behavior in court.  I really am OK with the offenders sitting in

jails, look what they did.  Let them go to do this to another staff or Client?



U.S. Attorney General

How close are we to having the Hillside case presented to The U.S. Attorney General’s office?  It has reached the right U.S. Attorney for the region of NY that handles Rochester.  FBI as you know is in, there is no higher authority to go to.

It starts to bring the question of Biden’s boss and who is in DC to discipline criminal NY.  If anybody else saw Albany lift a finger yet to stop the crime, not by me so far they haven’t.  Somewhere is a deadline and this will be Moreland II if you will and that should remove Dem crime from Albany.  You can sit there and let child abuse investigation records falsifiers keep working because they are in your party?

It is not making sense, if you called Cops on a drug bust or mob activity, they would bring it down.  This is too much of a priority for conspirators in law enforcement, don’t stop Hillside.  Scrawl that on your resume, badge, election posters.




#1.  U.S Forces abroad.

#2.  Border Security Felony Charges?: Sabotage/Treason/Conspiracy/Non Feasance/Harassment.

#3.  Hillside Capers:  Clients and Staff in the crucible of crime, if liberals from Cuomo on down are going to refuse law enforcement, they should stand up and say so from jail.  This has lasted years.

#4.  Abortion Revolution:  Homicide is your right precious?

#5.  2016: It is essential that we win.

#6.  Freedom Village: If they had $5 Million in rental properties…

#7.  Terrorism: Is not being dealt with, training camps in your state?






The rationale on not offering another settlement to the agency is that they took it upon themselves to go this far with retaliation, against Clients and Reporter, NY.  If it actually takes another prompt to get them to follow laws, then it shows they are not trustworthy.  You can’t trust people that criminal, so if they are removed then, good, the law prescribed it and requires criminal staff to leave.  An undercover Cop may have turned up less info on the agency crime than I did, just by being Christian.  The lazy law enforcement can thank me later.  Almost four years now you heroes.  I hope when we are done the criminal clique of Rochester is removed, coworkers are going to report problems how with that HR crime cell?








As African Children continue starving to death, villages in need of wells with fresh water.  It is just another day in paradise for Hillside corporate, interfering with the lifesaving mission of Christians.  Then again this is what child abusers do, the NY related crimes, not enough, so what if Kids in Africa are dying while the corporate logo is being polished.  If those Kids Mothers were watching Hillside, oh you mean somebody noticed?  True colors are showing, like people who stab babies in abortion.  This is a human service field at Hillside (sure it is).  If you had good Christian staff that is true, vultures is the bible word to revisit on criminal staff.

NYS Police were prompted again and again on Hillside at different locations.



Word For The Day:  Prosecute.

Used in a sentence:  The criminals were not so cocky, wealthy, nor arrogant, after the righteous were able to prosecute them for their crimes.



In front at the latest polling for the right.  What does it mean?  Well I am not disappointed to have someone like him out front right now.  There are so many on the right who are good, more than one candidate can beat Hillary.  An outside guess if it was Carson and Rubio on a ticket, they win The White House.  It is too early to really say, 18 months can do alot.  Remember Herman Cain early in elections last time.  Rubio has much stronger draw than Cain, I would not compare the two.  Good to see Sen. Rubio there yeah, I guess the drawback on the right is that someone will lose, or has to by design.

I don’t have anything bad to say about Bush Presidents, whatever group of liberals was polled supporting Clinton Presidencies?  It is like Cain and Abel when you compare the baby stabbing authorities of Rome, otherwise known as DC, to Christian leaders we had.  Amnesty and  universal schooling plans may decide the right’s leaders by voters.

The latest scandal with Clinton Uranium, goes way beyond Benghazi,  if it shows you can’t trust even a Sec Of State to do their job, at something menial like national security.  Radiation sickness the driving force of a liberal campaign!  Giving U 238/235 to terrorist aggressors?

In recent days the exchanges have gotten nasty with Rand Paul, McCain, Graham. I am not a big fan of trying to see the right in fight.  I know McCain people have commented on in this term, if Sheriff Joe ran against him, I like Joe for who he is.  I’d keep both on DC staff where possible.  If there are discrepancies, they can be overcome.  Graham I thought was doing better lately.  Rand Paul and foreign policy I would keep watching.  Honestly I don’t know enough to say anything too bad about McCain on that subject.  From what I have seen, he is pro military.  Rand is Conservative so I am not going to blame him for America’s problems.  We will have to be after election issues further to see where this last week goes on strife in the media.




As U.S. Forces aboard Roosevelt, radio call name Rough Rider

are watching Iran.




April 23, 2015

NY LAW 190

If you want to remove a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy liberal from office.

1. The grand jury may submit to the court by which it was impaneled, a report: (a) Concerning misconduct, non-feasance or neglect in public office by a public servant as the basis for a recommendation of removal or disciplinary action; or (b) Stating that after investigation of a public servant it finds no misconduct, non-feasance or neglect in office by him provided that such public servant has requested the submission of such report; or (c) Proposing recommendations for legislative, executive or administrative action in the public interest based upon stated findings. 2. The court to which such report is submitted shall examine it and the minutes of the grand jury and, except as otherwise provided in subdivision four, shall make an order accepting and filing such report as a public record only if the court is satisfied that it complies with the provisions of subdivision one and that: (a) The report is based upon facts revealed in the course of an investigation authorized by section 190.55 and is supported by the preponderance of the credible and legally admissible evidence; and (b) When the report is submitted pursuant to paragraph (a) of subdivision one, that each person named therein was afforded an opportunity to testify before the grand jury prior to the filing of such report, and when the report is submitted pursuant to paragraph (b) or (c) of subdivision one, it is not critical of an identified or identifiable person. 3. The order accepting a report pursuant to paragraph (a) of subdivision one, and the report itself, must be sealed by the court and may not be filed as a public record, or be subject to subpoena or otherwise be made public until at least thirty-one days after a copy of the order and the report are served upon each public servant named therein, or if an appeal is taken pursuant to section 190.90, until the affirmance of the order accepting the report, or until reversal of the order sealing the report, or until dismissal of the appeal of the named public servant by the appellate division, whichever occurs later. Such public servant may file with the clerk of the court an answer to such report, not later than twenty days after service of the order and report upon him. Such an answer shall plainly and concisely state the facts and law constituting the defense of the public servant to the charges in said report, and, except for those parts of the answer which the court may determine to be scandalously or prejudicially and unnecessarily inserted therein, shall become an appendix to the report. Upon the expiration of the time set forth in this subdivision, the district attorney shall deliver a true copy of such report, and the appendix if any, for appropriate action, to each public servant or body having removal or disciplinary authority over each public servant named therein. 4. Upon the submission of a report pursuant to subdivision one, if the court finds that the filing of such report as a public record, may prejudice fair consideration of a pending criminal matter, it must order such report sealed and such report may not be subject to subpoena or public inspection during the pendency of such criminal matter, except upon order of the court. 5. Whenever the court to which a report is submitted pursuant to paragraph (a) of subdivision one is not satisfied that the report complies with the provisions of subdivision two, it may direct that additional testimony be taken before the same grand jury, or it must make an order sealing such report, and the report may not be filed as a public record, or be subject to subpoena or otherwise be made public. – See more at:


On the criminal charges, what is the statute for feasance liability?  Where law says you have to do your job, the right job, in the correct manner.  We did this before where they tried to change the subject with another firm and lies to no end.  But the present leadership is expected by law to do their jobs right now today.  Unless Gov. Cuomo and NY AG are having a nonfeasance party in Albany, how gay.  But still they are liable to enforce the law. Why are DAs not prosecuting Hillside, are they on that paid vacation known as work or payroll too?

OCFS can actually let Hillside criminals who were reported stay on as staff or FBI has to discipline them?  Didn’t have to protect the Clients environment letting shown records falsifiers  work at Hillside?  Isn’t that accomplice to a Class C Felony?  A staff at Gossett Center was fired for it.

So right now the job expectation is end crime, but instead…insubordination, discrimination, harassment, false statements even at court.

NY has to shift right in 2016, elect a real Government.



Clintons selling Uranium to Putin?  Rosenbergs, no Clintons, all part of the nuclear weapons industry!!!!  Happy stupid liberals from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima can deny the reality, there are always good drugs to take.

While border patrol is a shoulda been solved ten years ago problem after 9-11.  When it is too late the left will have vigils and flowers, Oprah can discuss the loss of human life.  But actually go put a Watchman on Mexico, with real tanks digging graves, trenches as you know them, Soldiers with live ammo, security guards even.  Maybe Biden’s boss can hire rent a cops who carry doughnuts, and they can watch drug dealers who have machine guns.  Then again look at White House security, fitting for a traitor.

Do you know how Iran got Uranium?  Russia.  So the Clintons now are up to helping the terrorist industry of the world.  And you are actually stupid enough to vote for liberals?  Maybe there should be a new law that only Conservatives can handle law enforcement.

So put two and two together, Biden’s boss security negligence, and Clinton Uranium.  How does WMD  sound in which state?  Was it $600 Billion, in damages to NY off the bat from 9-11?  Victims, that comes with the territory, but.

Never Forget liberals are evil.





The all too common liberal syndrome below, crime.  They perceive being a klepto as their ordained mission in life, to attack freedom, equality, innocent life, gun owners.  Usually it comes down to a mental illness as the underlying cause of crime, and need for treatment.  They are sick individuals with willful disorders, they can control it around people they like, and ones with guns.  Enough public exposure can also curb the attitude problem.  But jail is more fun!




Principal Steve Madson of Hampton-Dumont High School has received a demand letter from Students for Life of America’s law firm, the Thomas More Society, on behalf of student Isabell Akers and Students for Life of America. The letter charges that Principal Madson has unconstitutionally discriminated against Isabell by denying her the right to form a Students for Life club at Hampton-Dumont High School.

“High school administrators have no right to discriminate against pro-life students,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “On the contrary, high school students have the right to form Students for Life clubs to educate and inform their peers on the tragedy of abortion and to help those facing unplanned, crisis pregnancies. We are thankful for brave students like Isabell, who reached out to Students for Life of America and for our attorneys at the Thomas More Society for their help to make Isabell’s Students for Life group an official, school-based club, with the same rights as her peers.”




When Hillside cases began or the situation did, I was too tired to go play music. Recording could happen as is necessary, but if someone said hey Russ do you want to go play a Rock show, figuratively I’d say yeah, but I knew I was not ready.  Since 2011 songwriting has changed, “Hearts Full O’ War” stepped up plenty, Star Spangled changed, I had more and better ideas as time went.

As far as being worn out from work, I was close to 200 lbs when it began.  Which is middle ground, it is not what I call on the map for bodyweight, where you can stop look at the posted roadside map that says “you are here” with an “x” by it.  200 lbs is the edge of the map for me, but not actually on it.  Some of my best strength numbers were then, barbell curl coming up around 225 lbs projected.  Since I have had some of my strongest chest training, pushing 160-170 lbs with one hand for reps.  I am definitely rested, actually tired of waiting, music if I may have at.

That was the around 9.5 years in 7 at work, with maybe 7 days off.  The aftermath of crime stopping and taking a break, it was needed.  Society probably could use the intervention of these cases more than I did, because it effects so many people.

The work related, TCI ( crisis intervention), verbal, physical, I stay up on that so I am like a Minuteman with it.  I am looking forward to recording, babies are getting stabbed, if secular rock radio stations get copies of Let It Ring that may happen.  Videos nothing is down right now,   a little overdue?

I used to watch bands at Darien Lake in NY, you can go to The Christian festival or secular shows.  Buffalo might  be 45 minutes away, the difference I see in radio airplay time, Christian bands don’t scratch the surface at it.  Whoever owns the Christian stations plays modern music for an hour a week it used to seem like, and wonder why young people want to listen to better music?  FLN has some ok music but if you are Headbangers Ball or hard rock.  We have to be going for the gusto as Patriots, play that rock music!

God Bless


April 23, 2015



As of today, three months have passed since a handful of Republicans thwarted House passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill, co-sponsored by over 180 Members and widely supported by the American public was derailed on the day of the March for Life, as hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans gathered in the nation’s capital to defend life. The Pain-Capable Act is a very simple and reasonable measure that restricts late-term abortions (after 5 months) at a time during pregnancy when medical science shows unborn babies can feel pain.

That is why today I joined with other national pro-life leaders in calling upon the GOP leaders in the House to vote and approve the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and send the measure to the Senate.

So what derailed the bill in the first place? A handful of Members, including Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.), who had voted for the exact language in 2013, suddenly claimed that the exceptions in the case of rape and incest would require women to report the tragic circumstance of their pregnancy to law enforcement. These Members wanted changes that would have provided massive loopholes to unscrupulous abortionists like Kermit Gosnell that would have effectively gutted the bill’s protections. Pro-life Members including Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) and Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) are working to strike a balance that maintains the integrity of the bill while avoiding unrelated controversies surrounding sexual assault reporting. We are now in the second trimester, it is time for Congress to act! It’s time to protect life. Let your Representative know you support moving forward the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36).


APRIL 22, 2015


Defense had told so many lies about me, in litigation, I had commented to The Judge in writing I think that they were presenting stalking behaviors. And that I was not comfortable even communicating with Defense Attorneys by it. The main Counsel they had was Todd Shinaman who was from Nixon Peabody in Rochester, he signed most of or all of their paperwork. After I made that complaint, he did not show up again at court for the last date on the settled record for appeals, Nixon Peabody only brought Kim  I think for the last court date.

Like everything else that Hillside has been caught and confronted on, the info below on their mystery contact to law enforcement like they are threatened as perpetrators, (blaming the victim), it is all the same, role reversal they were exposed by Jan 2015, and tried to cover it up in Feb based on nothing legitimate.

By evidence my solo cases are stronger than the class action one Hillside will settle.  The most blatant records falsification, should go open and shut.





I had a conversation today with a Lt. on Hillside, about 20 minutes.

The main problem being this time, that after 3-1/2 years out of nowhere and for no apparent reason Hillside sent law enforcement to contact me, saying that I should not be near their campuses?

In the same light they lied in court so bad it generated a second case for fraud, I expect they did this to false case build and try to come up with something to fool a Judge with. The law enforcement comment was that when I was at Rochester this prompted Hillside to call them. I never was at Hillside Rochester since these cases began. So if they are falsifying yet more litigation and a Police report? Hallucinogenics could be tested for on their Hillside staff, but I wasn’t even within 50 miles of that location.  I guarantee they have no proof of that false statement I was shown, plus witnesses on this end.

Hillside makes a slippery slope where they tell you to file complaints for initial appeals (2011) with their regional leadership, or campus director. It does not say how, and July 2011 was the last attempt to handle that at any regional level.

Law Enforcement further now has been notified  that if this is Hillside’s claim it is a straight lie. Also I was told today that Hillside has been talked to informally by the law, while a more formal warning is being nailed down.

There has been confusion of which Dept handles warning these jokers, law enforcement has told me both ways, saying no they could not warn Hillside from outside the agency jurisdiction, and the same that I could not from outside Hillside’s locale. NYS Police may bridge this gap.

Overall, are they trying to say I was in a city I was never in? It was gain that they have been talked to by the law. Between getting stopped by a total sting operation that would change the regime, and ensuing damages that will follow, don’t ask me to score their moral intelligence level at HFA, it is not going to come out very good.

It is not a question if they resist, I will take ownership of HFA as awarded by a court if possible.  Remaining damages will be the responsibility of staff who let discrimination sink the agency and lower liquidated values of Hillside that wasn’t covered by the regime change in a total settlement.  Hey you want the crime, it is going to be time to even up a$ they say.  Then it will run with righteous staff, no more liberal sponsored corruption.




While the agency agreed to settle in class action to avoid liabilities.  I am not sure where the financial accountability ends for the present Admin.  Staff who falsified records who remain there are  the responsibility of higher Admin.  So if authorities remove all of the present at once, there will be complete accountability for  where the Hillside Governors at the agency ( not state Governors) will have no one to blame.  So they will take on financial responsibility then, at least in part.

As of now, if the staff who falsified records were fired, it leaves Hillside Governors someone to blame for financial damages.  And might clear them of legal charges, it depends on prosecutors.

It will be sacrilegious for authorities to do anything?



Babies who would have lived in incubators, executed by medicine.

African Kids, starving to death, headache, flies, dehydration, flu, dead.

Child Abuse Reporting compromised.

Clients harassed, as part of a therapeutic treatment environment!

No damages by Hillside, corrupt the court, it is only terrorism they are up to.

Have you ever left a toddler in a room alone with some item, maybe it was cookie dough or crayons, toys.  You come back and the writing is on the wall, or something is everywhere?  I remember growing up, I will not reveal the individual  but Velveeta cheese was the coveted prize.  Left in the refrigerator it was not safe.  You would find its keeper seated on the floor, in diaper(?), handfuls of cheese clawed from the block, a feast.  Put everything away, turn your back, and repeat procedure at regular intervals.  You didn’t even have to catch the act, leave a fresh block of cheese in the fridge, and return to it to find teeth and gnaw marks right on the cheese.

I hate to say it but these Hillside Admin have an addiction for the forbidden fruit.  You better have the teeth a demon whispers if you want to take a bite as corporate crime.

Maybe many of you law enforcement were feeling a bit lazy watching the Keystone capers of Hillside Admin trying to discipline illegal behavior.  A few hamstring stretches, you have to get your sandwich eating hand free for a few moments to make sure you can still wrangle handcuffs.  Now who was this at Hillside writing up Child Abuse Reporters?  It sounds like to me they are trying to pick a fight with law abiding authority, doesn’t it?

Last time I saw The American Flag it didn’t agree with me that these devils are corrupting Hillside, for everyone else.  I sit in on family visits sometimes at work, these people have enough adversity, they don’t need any more staff like Baptists I saw, Admin who thought work was their politically motivated gang.  Something very right happens when God is with me in the system, futures align with academics, grades, programs are getting followed, things are peaceful.

Crime is begging you Patriots to be put in its place,  or to keep taking over.

If you are out there praying, these Teens need solid teams of staff, it is too good to miss.

God Bless




APRIL 21, 2015


Sign to stop Biden’s boss from taking over internet.



As you see the News about Wolves being protected. By the 1940s or so who really knows, Wolves were removed from NY, a wise decision, they kill livestock, humans.  If we can trust them to hunt terrorists then maybe we could keep them, but since Wolves are not I.D. ing their prey first, we better stop.  Keep your dog on a leash, but let Wolves run rampant?

I was saying that there was Coyotes at the base where I lived.  The neighbor had told me back then that their family at the south end of the base, had went outside near a dumpster one night, and had a standoff with a Coyote.

Rattlesnakes same thing, in northern NY, if they end up in a frying pan?  Anyways, hot sauce, maybe a side of chili, nachos, might be ok.  You thought I was going to write about a Hillside of wolves?



Has to be getting heavier with Hillside criminals on staff.  Which leadership was it, Baptist or Liberal who said to go forth and commit crimes against the youth?  Do Clients feel safe at Hillside, are Patriots in Rehab being victimized by these liberals?  It is about stepping forward to acknowledge the crime, pin it on your chest like a medal.  ‘ We have the most crimes at corporate Hillside and no one can stop us’!  The shame, lies to cover it, staff hiding from what they did, could make a run for the border be there by sundown?  Crime, your personal gift to Hillside, attacking the youth, and asking Albany to sign off on it.

This should have been acted on immediately by OCFS once the investigation was attacked, that is why I want the law to force OCFS to protect Mandated Reporters, and remove those who attack investigations.  They already sit in interviews for the system, so guard the Mandated Reporters backs.  The liability would go up for OCFS where they have to act.

Maybe the evil staff would like to step forward and explain to Clients and their families why they did this?



Depending on how Prosecutors classify Hillside crime, as Class C or D Felony?  Prison time can be four years for some individuals, I think it is less in this case but if you add perjury to it, maybe it goes two years.  Commentary also said that conspiracy is easy for Prosecutors to show, that they don’t need exact statements to prove this, if certain staff are associated with the crime, it looks like permissive users of the criminal M.O. will get their seat at the jail banquet.

But you may rest assured Taxpayers, these staff are not a problem at all cough, safe to be in charge of Child Abuse Reporting, all should pass OCFS clearance, no problem here Roscoe P. Coltrain on duty, got it covered my fat little buddy.  Anyways Hillside crime  appears in Felony law.

A big part of this is the vehicle of a Hillside agency, whatever crime they commit it hides under the corporate logo, and they the (slanderous) scary criminals are casting their shadow on me The Plaintiff.  If you break it down to the actual staff and give them credit for the crime,  now the image fades, you have failures of staff who hide at corporate not wanting their actual work performance revealed.  A hostile work environment as felons.  But by all means run the company, attack child abuse reporting like the plague?  Make Cuomo proud of his crime agenda.

Maybe Albany will just sit there too, and get taken down by FBI?


Here was what I found in NY perjury.  Some of the last  authorities Email that went around was with Theresa Kane Gringer from HR at Hillside in her written statement, testifying for the Court that I did not work in healthcare.  Copies of my campus trained First Aid, and CPR accompany her lies.  Counsel statements were as bad to deceive The Judge.  I can’ t name one HR staff I could trust.

If NY AG and Gov. Cuomo are letting this happen as conspirators?


Penalties and Sentences
Perjury offenses run the gamut from class A misdemeanor (third-degree) to class D felony (first-degree) offenses. A person convicted of the least serious level of the offense, third-degree perjury, will be subject to a sentence of up to 1 year in prison, a fine of up to $1,000, or both. Conviction for first-degree perjury will result in a sentence including imprisonment for 3 to 7 years, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.



Criminal charges in the Hillside cases, have to toll the Conspiracy qualifier for NY. Sit at your job for years, refuse complaints, hire Nixon Peabody to pile up enough litigation, is it as tall as the longest dimension of the Adams Chiclets box?  I would have to check.  All on lies, this is your corporate underworld, not to mention that between Administrators who  will take the prize for most mental illnesses,  and prison time.  Hillside has become the motive for NY State Reps at the committee that oversees OCFS to be approached.  Real leaders in the profession, it reminds me of when the Black Panthers tried to take over Cornell.  Is that a racist statement, you tell me, I see black on white crime, to even exercise your freedom of speech and realize we had similar black on white crime at Hillside,  in this case. That is a factual account of Dennis Richardson’s leadership.

FBI remains informed that law enforcement would not reply on  complaints about Hillside.  You remember how it was with Sheriff Roscoe and them Duke boys.  Sometimes the law does not always get enforced in Hazard County.






If you question The U.S. retaliating for Saeed, anything happens to him we take it out of their Iranian military.  And send them back to the stone ages.



One organization passed on info for

The Justice Center


Saying you can report neglect/abuse there.



On the case from Gov. Rick Perry.  As hopefully a court of higher reasoning, can figure out what a job duty means.  I know in NY it is becoming myth to hear that phrase job duty, even if it  pays the bills, or protects kids and society, Clients, Patriots, meatheads in general, cats, dogs, puppies.  You have to guess if some law enforcement are KGB the way they handle things up here.

But Lehman who was DA, threatening staff because they did their jobs?  She apologizes after.  So what you got to see was how treacherous a person this is.  Reproach for authority, all you know is she faked the apology to keep her job.  The danger is she becomes like NY law enforcement I see, complaints that should be abbreviated with an exponent on them, and no action or reply.

Final summary, Perry had duty to fulfill to protect society.  Favoritism is shown to the left, because like people play a race card to get away with crime, she used politics.  This is a DA, to handle cases, prosecution, she showed you can’t trust her, so it is malfeasance if Perry is forced to let her keep going.  Based on her reasoning it shows incompetence.  You would not want a pick pocket banker or CEO?  What if a NARC was keeping a little junk on the side for themself?




APRIL 20, 2015




The senseless and void acts of liberal existence.  Stabbing innocent babies, lying to no end in the media.  Some would like to make excuses and be mindless as to say that’s what the water made me, but a heart full of sorrow paints a lonely tapestry. No one feels the heartache, or sees the pain, no one ever see the tears, when you’re crying in the rain.  Walking in the footsteps of society’s lies, sometimes you wish that you were blind?  A liberal is a wicked thing when you look at how many babies died, brains were fried, and people who have contracted STDs.  What about now?  Pour a glass of wine because you can, and end up the same old sinner.  The armies of one God, never promised to keep the devil.  There is no salvation known of  liberal politics, Rev 21, the traitors go down in flames.  With only love to light the way on the road to Judgment Day.



U.S. Forces about to clash with terrorist Iran.







No case changes today.  Some email with member organizations on the subject of complaints.

African kids who needed food and water were cutoff by Hillside in this corporate heist.  I don’t sympathize with their psychotic state to back crime this long, at the agency.  If there is 4200 staff below Admin at the agency that can help those staving kids, maybe some Patriot gets them to help, even at $10 each that is still a big lift to  Life Outreach International, and Feed The Children.

This really was never about me, the staff who betrayed Hillside to falsify records, they hate freedom, I represent one man in that.  They retain criminal behavior as their M.O.

No mercy for the bad if they want it, Hillside resists further full damages can be theirs.  My freedom was by ’76 and they are not taking it.  So understanding until Christians want basic freedom, I am disgusted with this regime/deviant subculture.





Close the border, Amen.

In Jesus’ Name



Gov. Perry

Rick Perry knew we needed National Guard, to help stop border crisis.  It would help if Candidates who are running for DC tried to draw support pre-election to this.  We can meat out policies and the like, but national security is now, you can’t trust the traitors for it.  Those Sheriffs need your support, it is too easy, trucks carry Bulldozers to the border and start the war on drugs, terrorism, human rape traffic, illegal criminal aliens.

Mr. Perry’s case by what I read, is a mismatch on the reference case.  Where a political decision in the past had defunded a foe.  Gov. Perry, defunded a staff who had assaulted employees of the Government.  Would it have been better if he stood by and said yeah, I support keeping staff like that who can’t be trusted.  It is not as much about intoxicated driving as it is, battery/assault, not a trustworthy person to have working in a delicate area.  You can’t be a child abuser and work in childcare, a menace to law enforcement and in corrections.  That makes his case easy to discern on principle.  Why a terrorist abiding devil is in The White House however, that I cannot resolve.

Gov. Perry has done more for The USA than Biden’s boss at the border?  Turn your back on Biden’s boss and see what he is going to do to everybody?  Thanks Rick Perry.



April 19, 2015


I was on the bus once to UMES, Greyhound, it stopped in Philly.

A man in line threw up waiting to depart south, a puddle of apple juice it looked like, then he passed out in it.  A big Black man flipped him over so he would not choke.  Then the sick one gets up and stands in line again like nothing happened.  OK maybe it was not apple juice brewing there on the pavement.  The puddle was now on the man’s face.

That is how Hillside leadership has been,  public records falsification, perjury, same staff there like no problemo.  Security took the Philly man away.  You can trust them to work with Teens,  it was only crime.



Not that gambling would ever be reality, but on which law enforcement agency will act first against Hillside, and bust the others?  Part II which staff will do the same at Hillside, or will they all go down with the ship?  That would be a good one in Albany, ‘well we didn’t  really know  about the Moreland associated crime there, dog ate my homework’.  How about a new jail just for liberals, where they actually have to work like Benghazi?



It should be obvious enough on 2000 miles of open land to Mexico.  Leave someone like Gen. Betrayus in charge,  it becomes more evident.  Terrorists are involved post 9-11, no problem there.  After all the security problems at Secret Service, this is getting good some people say.  It is like Redcoats, 1812, they might actually impeach Biden’s boss through unofficial means.  Remove the traitor, so we can watch Biden be a carbon copy of the former.



Other staff having a lawsuit was highlight for me.  It is more peripheral to my situation, it matters, but the other two cases will not leave perpetrators behind they are for so much.  That did a heck  of a service to public awareness to have so many Coworkers step forward and expose the crime.  Not like it is only them or me,  but who in their right mind would ever want to work for that regime, take their career and be subjected to so much criminal harassment from Admin.  It is like you would have to be an undercover Cop  wanting to make a bust.  How many looneys can we catch on this assignment?

The criminal side of it, prosecution, this gets interesting.  To see if Admin fired criminal leadership, or authorities beat them to the punch and remove the whole elite crime unit.  If it was a mob ring, FBI could go right in and take out the trouble.  Based on the evidence that went to Feds and Hillside Counsel, you tell me, this can’t be over quickly?  That is assuming that Albany/Moreland/ crime all you want we’ll make more authorities for NY, continue to let  Hillside, slide, Clients face adult leadership which is corrupting child abuse reporting.  Not much of a campaign slogan.  They removed Spitzer for less.




This story from Fox News:

Revealing a rebuilt, authentic French Warship from The American Revolution.  This was under command of Marquis de Lafayette.  Two paintings hang in The U.S. House of Reps, Washington and Lafayette.  Thanks to Newt Gingrich, William Forstchen, Valley Forge authors, showing where these two Generals meet.



See below if you want  to complain to authorities who make Hillside able to operate.


Case Etc…

If the criminal staff there had been working at other agencies, all would have been fired.  Even a Union Atty would have prosecuted at one placement.

Should I take ownership, changes, I see two of the same people who came up as the least trustworthy and handling Hillside’s money in Dennis and Angela.  They were the highest ranking contacted and cover the Treasury jobs for different campuses by my records.  One placement I was at they fired a staff for stealing petty cash from Clients, it was probably under $50.  This?  Some people might have to sit in jail to recover and count zero over and over to figure it out.

It should be a clear prosecution this time, no interference between cases verified, and everything on time, Judicial Intervention, no more bad guys.  The cape and tights are still a question mark, how did this happen?  Did Gov. Cuomo provide them with costumes to falsify records under at Hillside?

Fruitcake may be on the menu in jail.




APRIL 18, 2015


If Hillside Admin were looking at that over villages they starved and cheated of wells.  You wouldn’t think that death numbers go into million at Africa from starvation and malnutrition.  Or how many die from ill water.

But if I was holding a dead African up for them.  OK how about an aborted baby too and they will learn to equate American medicine with murder.

Mad enough to get involved yet liberals?


If it was legal or real I’d fight Goliath for the kids being killed by vulture liberals.  Or sitting on their nuclear ships letting starvation take over.  Get in the ring tough guy.  So just sit and do nothing for the kids, forget that.



Patriots and Coworkers:

We have now run the gamut of agencies contacted on Hillside crime, around 30,

with memberships and accrediting authorities.  Maryland’s Governor and Attorney General have been warned on the NY based leadership caught in crime.

Hillside being a two state operation.  If you want to help complain, listed below are Hillside board members, and agencies that certify HFA.

To say hey how can these staff still work there at Admin, they are caught in evidence.  A short synopsis of the cases below easy to copy and paste in Email.

I think it does matter if coworkers and citizens complain.  OCFS sat on this, Albany hasn’t showed me more than Moreland II, law enforcement maybe they were raptured away.

You are all the victims of their crime as taxpayers, communities who sent Clients to placement, Clients, Families.

The State Offices you see below maybe matter most with COA and Hague.




Some case info:

Plaintiff:  Russ Boardman

Case Began: After July 2011 reporting Child Abuse to OCFS.

OCFS Reps:  Karen Buck Assigns Chris Bruno, who schedules meetings with Russ’ supervisors Mike Staino and Julie Philips-Oriel from HR.

Corruption 6-30-11:  Mike and Julie serve fake paperwork to Russ at the OCFS arranged meeting.  Allowed complaints on this to Helen Halewski Head of HR and President Dennis Richardson do not bring changes, but termination.  Permission to contact  Dennis, Helen are by policy and corporate agency emails.

Termination:  7-6-11 for only reporting agency crime by policy, going to an authority who is not communicating through trusted staff.  Policy is go direct to the source of problems so President Richardson.

Case #1:  NYS Supreme Court, Labor Law Article 20-C NYS, for a Sociotherapist renamed Youth Care Pro, case did file on time, but was time barred because defense Nixon Peabody firm lied to disqualify the filing, saying Plaintiff did not work in health care.  Plaintiff proved employee status within filing statue, where the record was approved for Appeals Court, which is ahead.

Case #2:  NYS Supreme Court is filed and is ahead for fraud, libel. Lies in court from defense were so numerous it is its own case, debasing career and ministry work.

Case #3:  Atty Bob Mullin leads a class action case against Hillside, coworkers not paid wages, Russ included.

Perpetrating Staff:  All involved Dept Supervisors, Campus Supervisor, Omnibuds are involved, after 18 end of shift Emails were not acted on along the way to OCFS acting.  OCFS was in much earlier than Email #18.  Reports verify Clients harassed by other Dept staff, retaliation for being reported at their own posts for negligence and abuse.


There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse


So far:

16 of the above agencies have been contacted on Hillside crime,

3 Law Enforcement Agencies,

Gov. Cuomo,


U.S. Attorney,

3 private Law Firms,

Russ Boardman ( ESQ, as it appears on court documents).

Points Of Light also but not included in the above list or 16 counted here, same with Hillside, and NYS Dept Of Labor.

It is time for a regime change.




From: Rubio

Sat, Apr 18, 2015 01:49 AM

Looking for $100,000 by midnight.



On the info below a main 11 agencies from OCFS to accrediting organizations, and memberships Hillside has-have been noticed of the crime, with case numbers.  This is a criminal situation even if doughnut shop patrons don’t think so.

There is no excuse for the crime,  these adults went to work, victimized Teens by targeting Mandated Child Abuse reporting.  Tried to blame OCFS for their standard through a reporting staff.

What do you expect when you have a fool like Biden’s boss as an example?

OCFS I think is on their 3rd Commissioner since this began so is it passing the buck?  That the last guy didn’t do anything and nobody passed the info on?  What good has OCFS been to this point on the cases?  Who knows?




More reporting on crime, that should help authorities contain the corruption.

Four separate Agencies on top of the following ones have been notified  of corruption. Where Hillside has memberships and accreditation based on these groups.

COA ( again)


A NY Office For Clients ( not OCFS)

Child Welfare

Have all been dealt in on the three cases and staff involved.  SHHHHHHHH weren’t you going to keep this hush hush, criminals.  Now people know, so there is not a mistake about, no proof.  They would have to make changes, protect Clients, keep the Public interest in mind.  If law enforcement decides to get a posse that is on them.  COA was notified before weeks into, I will say months back.

Geoff Moore covered a Tom Petty song at Kingdom Bound years ago, ‘ you can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down’.  I got into this over protecting Clients, let’s keep going then.  The bad guys are surrounded by agencies, authorities notified, evidence is condemning, it is their consequences if they resist further.



APRIL 17, 2015


Looking for $100,000 by midnight.



“Pretend you are Muslim.”

That’s an assignment being given to students in at least one public school.

But it’s more than an assignment. These kids are being indoctrinated into Islam.

They’ve been forced to watch “documentaries” and other in-class “work” to prepare them.

It’s an outrage.

All across the country, there are reports of innocent school children being taught to pray Islamic prayers, make prayer rugs, and practice other Islamic rituals.

At the same time, Christian school children are being harassed about bringing Bibles to school and praying – which are their constitutional rights.

No student should be indoctrinated into Islam in our schools.

We’re taking direct action, sending the school district an urgent legal letter.

Stop Islamic indoctrination in our schools. Defend the religious liberty of students.

We need to hear from at least 50,000 of you in the next few days.

Sign Our New Petition: Stop Islamic Indoctrination in School.


Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel


Equality Killing

Far be it from me to side with liberal hoodlums but while we are at it.  You are teaching kids to become murderers with Islam, which is based on adultery and homicide.  I know they think they get forty virgins in Heaven, what I find is that Women are people too and don’t appreciate their husbands sleeping with 39 others.  OK you would be a pervert if you looked wrong at another Woman as a Christian but here, normal society would involve a pimp with that arrangement.

On the equality, murder, ok so let’s practice aborting babies.  Kids today we stab cabbage patch abortion dolls like they stole something.  If you want to get inventive you can crucify them too, maybe nail them to a post by one hand so they hang by it to symbolize children who are starving to death in Africa.  And Hillside Admin can laugh their heads off because they are running a body count against innocent children in Africa in this same way, only real.  By interfering with lifesaving food and water ministries of course.  Liberals are so concerned for others, like they should be ministers.

At what age are kids allowed to perform the shotgun abortion, deliver the baby, and well you know the varmint rifle carries a little far.  Only on dolls of course nobody would actually kill babies in real life.  By the way Hillary is running for childrens blood and office, you can vote for her if you want to see innocent babies die.





I was watching on Hannity about the gas station Good Samaritan and gang youth acting like cowards attacking a man who is escorting an elderly Woman to her car.  People who are tough don’t fight like that 15 v. 1.  They might be scared enough to act that way and impressed with themselves, so tell it like it is.

At work we had an episode years ago where I was called as responder to another floor.  It was pre crisis we call it, tempers, NFSD ( not following staff directives, abbreviations help in the staff log on common items).  A smaller Client is trying to force himself into the situation, hands on staff, it was not safe or appropriate to add more bodies to the escalated area.  We used to have a TCI walking escort, I began to use that based on training, so 20 feet down the hall the Client flops on the floor, refusing to leave the fun behind.  When I heard the rush from behind they were steps away.  All I could do was cover the Client, I got hit a few times.  It was like a bodyguard, but I had to stay between them and the Client, if I moved when I could have they would have missed me and injured the little guy.  A special forces staff pulled one of them off me.  A few more seconds and I would have.

I turned around and smiled at the assailant.  Let him know who was in control.  If I wanted to fight it would have been a joke to me from the git go.  It was more a matter of handling this safely than just clearing the ring WWF style.  When I lift weights the olympic  style bars bend.  You don’t want to get punched by someone who has had bench press estimates from 400-550 lbs.

The arrogance is my coworkers are some tough people sometimes, the good ones are.  That actually do their jobs and work with Clients.  To me the staff who have contact time with Clients are your Pro Athletes.  They have the most influence for America, office staff, not as much.

One of the Clients was playing PS2 I guess once, with NFL teams, and it had Coach Haslett being interviewed  on the game saying he spends time with his kids, I think God smiled.

Coworkers put themselves on the line while office staff like Hillside Admin lie in court about you?  Can’t even push a pencil right to help responders against a crisis situation.  Kidspeace had the logo of a nation in crisis.

I hope I don’t have to remind anymore sorry law enforcement or prosecutors that they have jobs to do or how.  If court was again and a Judge goofed up the case, liability.


Since the Hillside cases the two highlights of that time, work related.  A Republican Attorney if I read right, who ran for office once, taught me how to self represent in court.  The other was seeing Terrance at Max Secure, he was going to be my interviewer until The Doc said it would not be fair.  We were coworkers at Hillside he was a running back for Cortland in college.  He looked great probably the same weight class as Lawrence Taylor.



We know we can count on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Can Sheriff Joe count on you and your support for the “Joe Arpaio Legal Fund?”

The fight starts now. Please help the Sheriff — he will never give up or surrender. Thank you for your support — I hope to hear from you soon!

Ted Nugent
Musician, Conservative Activist

P.S. Russ, Sheriff Joe desperately needs your support to fight this lawsuit and others being waged against him. And please remember, unlike a political campaign, there are no limits to what you can give — and any amount is greatly appreciated. Please consult your tax professional for any tax deduction you may receive by giving to this organization.