50 Million executed babies and souls! When’s the funeral at?



I've thought long and hard about this and now I'm ready to tell you:

This November, Republicans are going to keep control of the House and take back the U.S. Senate!

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)
Endowed by Their Creator With Certain Unalienable Rights!
Abortion procedure #107, The Doctor climbs high atop the office rigging, with the helpless baby patient lying on a treatment table. Skying an elbow drop to the center of the baby’s forehead, in only true Bret “The Hitman” Hart fashion, this is an adequate measure of therapeutic liberal medication, for the youngster, who would have had to endure their liberal politics for a lifetime to come.

A Double Standard from Women everywhere against their children. True or False?
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I have made one of the most important decisions of my life. And I want you to be the first to know.

After much prayer and discussion with my wife Ava and many close friends and advisors, I have decided that I will once again run for Sheriff --





Patriots that be:

In 1973 The Supreme Court
legalized Child Abuse
at Roe v. Wade.

In 1963 they
inhibited religion banning prayer in school.

When are they going to do their jobs?

Should new Constitutional amendments override
Criminal Justices?

We have The Tea Party Thank God, and a chance to take back The Senate, and Washington.

Russell Lee Boardman

(They were only banning sin doesn’t matter if they took away that right, Christians, what do they think
they have a Constitution?)


Please click here to sign your petition right away


Rand Paul,
United States Senator


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The case Boardman vs Hillside began in Spring 2011. At a facility designed for supervision of
NYS Youth up to the age of 21+.

On site coworkers began to harass a floor supervised by the Plaintiff. Reckless behavior
campus wide had been discussed by the Plaintiff and Campus Director a year prior, so it was nothing new to report trouble, OCFS was involved then.

As required the harassing staff were reported daily on end of shift email reports to at least five different supervisors including the program director, and other Clinical staff. Disturbing the peace brought symptomatic abuse of Clients, likely this was the desired outcome to incite the unit. By staff who were reported to Supervisors for not having done their jobs at their own floors. Said staff were too far outside of a designated supervision area to be placed in a citizens arrest.

Required as a
Mandated NYS Child Abuse Reporter, OCFS was notified of the situation
when it was initiating by the Plaintiff. Local authorities remained updated on the scenario, which was being pursued through agency grievance procedures. As usual The HR Dept proved to be unworthy at solving the staffing issue and retaliation towards the reporting staff. This can be a usual system game to cover up, that problems even exist at all in the
administrative scriber’s part of the company.

OCFS arranged meetings at the site with the program director and HR rep, Hillside retaliated with a falsified write up against the Plaintiff at the meeting.

The case was heard at NYS Supreme Court under the deceptive work of the defense, misrepresenting a benefits coverage date to make it appear the Plaintiff was not employed during Hillside appeals, and hence the case was time barred. The Judge had no excuse being told that the appeals time of the case was the exacting date to draw the
deadline from, with appeals being reimbursable the Plaintiff was hired to that
status, given a fair uncorrupted appeal. This meets NYS Law definition of employee, the two year deadline was to file from the retaliatory act, a falsified Omnibuds letter less than two years Summons and Complaint.

Similar the Judge could not seem to qualify
relentless supervision and counseling duties as mental health work, or supervising rec activities with dozens of athletes as first responder as physical health, although as an Athletic Trainer this is a knowledge domain for such an Allied Health Professional, the plaintiff. Corruption within the court is a serious concern.

New York State, this is what Hillside Family of Agencies has done with your tax dollars. Monies for Clients coming from NY State and Counties, was used to protect child abusing staff, crony Admin who protected their friends-caught in records falsification, and begin a court defense to cover up they don’t have to follow NYS Law or Federal, as is
noted in the Hillside annual update training.

The case continues for NYS Court of Appeals,
with a very direct summary for the Judge of evidence based crimes by Hillside, and deception in court. As required NYS Attorney General (and FBI Offices) have seen the case.
You have no right to trust the presenting Admin at Hillside, involved in a crime the Board of Directors should have removed them or be party to their taxpayer funded crime.

God caught them good. And they can be prosecuted on the evidence submitted, stay the course. Prosecutors need to see this through to protect the Clients of NY, Staff, Taxpayers, and the legal procedure of NY.

N.Y. LAB. LAW § 215 : NY Code - Section 215:

Penalties and civil action; employer who penalizes employees because of complaints of employer violations

* 1. No employer or his agent, or the officer or agent of any corporation, shall discharge, penalize, or in any other manner discriminate against any employee because such employee has made a complaint to his employer, or to the commissioner or his authorized representative, that the employer has violated any provision of this chapter, or because such employee has caused to be instituted a proceeding under or related to this chapter, or because such employee has testified or is about to testify in an investigation or proceeding under this chapter. If after investigation the commissioner finds that an employer has violated any provision of this section, the commissioner may, by an order which shall describe particularly the nature of the violation, assess the employer a civil penalty of not less than two hundred nor more than two thousand dollars. Notwithstanding the provisions of section two hundred thirteen of this chapter, the penalties set forth in this section shall be the exclusive remedies available for violations of this section. * NB Effective until November 24, 2009 * 1. (a) No employer or his or her agent, or the officer or agent of any corporation, partnership, or limited liability company shall discharge, penalize, or in any other manner discriminate or retaliate against any employee (i) because such employee has made a complaint to his or her employer, or to the commissioner or his or her authorized representative, that the employer has violated any provision of this chapter, or (ii) because such employee has caused to be instituted a proceeding under or related to this chapter, or (iii) because such employee has provided information to the commissioner or his or her authorized representative, or (iv) because such employee has testified or is about to testify in an investigation or proceeding under this chapter, or (v) because such employee has otherwise exercised rights protected under this chapter, or (vi) because the employer has received an adverse determination from the commissioner involving the employee. (b) If after investigation the commissioner finds that an employer has violated any provision of this section, the commissioner may, by an order which shall describe particularly the nature of the violation, assess the employer a civil penalty of not less than one thousand nor more than ten thousand dollars, and order the employer to pay lost compensation to the employee. (c) Notwithstanding the
provisions of section two hundred thirteen of this article, the penalties set forth in this section shall be the exclusive remedies available for violations of this section. (d) This section shall not apply to employees of the state or any municipal subdivisions or departments thereof. * NB Effective November 24, 2009 2. An employee may bring a civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction against any employer or persons alleged to have violated the provisions of this section.
The court shall have jurisdiction to restrain violations of this section, within two years after such violation, and to order all appropriate relief, including rehiring or reinstatement of the employee to his former position with restoration of seniority, payment of lost compensation, damages, and reasonable attorneys' fees. At or before the commencement of any action under this section, notice thereof shall be served upon the attorney general by the employee.

= How do you like them apples?

All Men Are Created Equal

Welcome Tea Party Patriots Freedom is proving popular Since1776!



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Boardman: Unborn Nation CD
Recorded 2004 Pyramid Sound Ithaca NY.   CD plays best in headphones and car systems, not well in some stereos.   Sorry aborted kids maybe next time.
Written by divine intervention and making Christian radio rotation ,more Pro Life music looks to be recorded.


Human Life Rescue
To help Starving Children & Provide Them With Safe Drinking Water
to help rescue from HUMAN TRAFFICKING See:


Feed The Children

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thanks motley crue for the anti drug dr. feelgood.


Luke 10:19 "...but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven."
John 3:3
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
Luke 9:25 And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forfeit your own soul?
LK 11:34 Therefore be careful that the light (fire) in you isn’t darkness.
John 3:16
16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
 Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillments.
1. Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem Micah 5:2/ Mt:2:1-6, Luke 2:1-20 2. Messiah was to be born of a virgin. Isaiah 7:14/ Mt 1:18-25, Luke1:26-38 3. Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses; Deut 18:15/ John 7:40 4. Messiah was to enter Jerusalem in triumph: Zech 9:9/ Mt 21:1-9, John 12:12-16 5. Messiah was to be rejected by his own people: Isaiah 53:1-3/ Matthew 26:3-4 Psalm 118:22/ John 12:37-43, Acts4:1-12 6. Messiah was to be betrayed by one of his followers: Psalm 41:9/ Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50 7. Messiah was to be tried and condemned: Isaiah 53:8 / Luke 23:1-25, Mt 27:1-2 8. Messiah was to be silent before his accusers: Isaiah 53:7 / Matthew 27:12-14
9. Messiah was to be struck and spat on by his enemies: Isaiah 50:6/ Matthew 26:67
10. Messiah was to be mocked and insulted: Psalm 22:7-8/ Matthew 27:39-44 11. Messiah was to die by crucifixion. Psalm 22:14,/ MT 27:31, Mark 15:20,25 16,17 / 12. Messiah was to suffer with criminals and pray for his enemies: Isaiah 53:12/ Matthew 27:38 13. Messiah was to be given vinegar and gall: Psalm 69:21/ Matthew 27:34 14. Others were to cast lots for Messiah's garments: Psalm 22:18/ Matthew 27:35 15. Messiah's bones were not to be broken: Exodus 12:46/ John 19:31-36 16. Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin: Isaiah 53:5,6,8/ John 1:29, 11:49-52 17. Messiah was to be raised from the dead: Psalm 16:10/ Matthew 28:1-10 18. Messiah is now at God's right hand: Psalm 110:1/ Mark 16:19 Luke 24:50-51



Miraculous birth, death, resurrection
Jesus' Parable teachings
       Jesus' Non parable teachings
Other miracles
MT 19:16
16...but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

The Greatest Commandment:
"Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."(Mt 22:37) The Second Greatest Commandment: " To love your neighbor as yourself." (Mt 22:39) " All the law and the prophets hang on these two commands."(v 40)
Is giving 10% of what you earn to God through the needy often and not necessarily a church, maybe a charity.  The scripture under " Robbing God" is in the end of the book of Malachi on this.  The promise listed there is that if a person does this that God will pour our such a blessing to you that you will not be able to hold it.  It is God's promise not man's, and God goes as far as to challenge believers saying test me in this.  There are multitudes of Christians who testify what this has done for them.  
The Golden Rule
The Ten Commandments
1I am The Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me. 
2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down or worship them; for I The Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. 3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name 4. Observe the sabbath day keeping it holy. 5. Honor your father and mother, as The Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you. 6. You shall not murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor's house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. Jesus expands on adultery in Matthew 5 saying that if a man even looks lustfully at a woman he has committed adultery with her in his heart. And with the sabbath he teaches it is ok to do work as long as you are helping someone, as he healed others on the sabbath. This showing Jesus' authority to change the Jewish law and he expanded on other commandments.

The most prosperous time in Israel's history was under the author of the Proverbs as King. 666 Talents was the annual duty of gold brought into THE LORD'S Temple, and even the poor had money.  The 666 a hint to what happened to that generation after they fell away to idols and met slavery in Iraq.
PRO 1:2  
"The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand
wise sayings."
MT 11:19 "...wisdom is shown to be right
by what results from it."
Accept God's words, accurate weights, actions, advice, a man's understanding, aptly spoken, avoid strife, a woman who  fears The Lord, blameless, blessing(s), boundary stone, cheerful heart, cold water to a weary soul, committing plans to The  Lord brings success, confesses and renounces sins, convict the guilty, correction, dignity, diligent, directed, discipline ,discretion, earnest council, fair, fairness, faithful, faithful instruction, family, fear of The Lord, friends, generous, gentle answer, gift, give to the poor, good name, good news, good will, guard your heart, guards his(/her) soul, heart at peace, hard work, hates ill gotten gain, heed instruction, hold your tongue, honesty, honor mother & father, honest lips, hope, humble, humor, innocence (innocent), insight, integrity, instruction, joy, just, justice, kind, kindhearted, kind to the poor, knowledge, lips, listen, looks after master, love, lowly spirit, mercy, name of The Lord, neighbor's house, noble character, obeys, open rebuke, patient, pay back evil with good (25:21), peace, perfume and incense, plans, pleasant, pleasant words, prayer, prompt rewards, , prudent (prudence), praise, pure, pure heart, rebuke, reliable words, repentance, revelation, righteous, self control, seldom set foot in neighbor's house, skilled in your work, sound answers, sound judgment, speak up ( for the poor), spirit, store up God's commands within you, strength, tongue, timely word, train a child, trust in The Lord, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unfailing love, upbringing, upright, wait for The Lord, watches over affairs of her household, wealth, wife of noble character, winnows, wisdom, wise, wise man's rebuke, wise servant, word of God (is flawless), works his/her land.
Adulteress, alcohol, anger (excessive), answers before listening, arrogant, bad reputation, (earning)beatings, betray a confidence, beauty is fleeting, bent on rebellion, bloodthirsty, boasting, boast about tomorrow,  bread of idleness, bribe, charm is deceptive, chases fantasies, chattering, child left to himself, companion of prostitutes, conceals his sins, contempt(uous), corrupt, crafty, craves evil, deceives neighbor and says they were  only joking, deception, defiant, devious, dishonest money, differing, double minded, empty promise, envy, envy sinners, evil, eyes of (carnal) man, exploit the poor, false(accusations) witness, fear of man, flattering tongue, flatters, folly, fool, fool repeats his folly, foolish, forsake your friend, fraud, friends with a hot tempered man, gives way to the wicked, gloat, glutton, godless, gossip, greedy, guilty, haste, hate, hates correction,  hardens his heart, hatred, haughty, haughty eyes, hidden love, hires a fool, honor is not fitting for a fool, hot tempered,  jealousy, laziness, lies, listens to lies, loud to neighbor early in the day, loves ( too much) pleasure, lying tongue, malicious, meddles in quarrel not his own, mere talk, mocker, mocks the poor, pampering a servant, partiality, path of the wicked, planned evil, praising self, oppress the poor for profit, pay back evil with evil, perverse, perversity, played the fool, provocation by a fool, pursues evil, pride, proud, proud heart, quarrelsome wife (quarrel), quick tempered, reckless words, schemes of folly, scorns instruction, shiftless, sin, slack, sluggard, sly tongue, sows wickedness, spares the rod, spurns discipline, stiff necked, stingy, stirs up dissension, strays, strife, tongue, trusts in himself, trusts in riches, unfriendly, undeserved curse, violence, wayward, wayward wife, wealth with turmoil, wrongdoing, zeal without knowledge.
PROMISES : 1.When you bear fruit that lasts eternal (according to Jesus). 2.When you ask for things in Jesus' name. 3.Where two or more come together to pray for something. 4.When you have the faith the size of at least a mustard seed. When you do these things what you ask for in prayer will be given, according to the will of The Father. 5.Persistence in prayer is mentioned but may be the least efficient avenue, as in the Old Testament The Lord saying the people were so wicked, that even if they came into the temple to pray, that He would not listen. Jesus lends the example of Jonah to this generation. Proverbs 10:24: What the wicked dreads will overtake him, what the righteous desire will be granted. Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked but He hears the prayer of the righteous. James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and EFFECTIVE. Jeremiah 29:12-13 Then you will call upon me and come pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will find me when you seek me with all your heart. ____________________


Wise and foolish builders Mt 7:24-27                                                      New wine in old wineskins Mt 9:16-17
Sower and the seed        Mt 13:1-8, 18-23                                              Weeds                              Mt 13:24-30
Mustard Seed                Mt 13:31-32                                                        Yeast                             Mt 13:33
Hidden Treasure            Mt 13:44                                                             Pearl of great price             Mt 13:45-46
Dragnet                         Mt 13:47-50                                                         Householder                      Mt 13:52
The lost sheep               Mt 18:12-14                                                        Unmerciful servant            Mt 18:23-25
Workers in the vineyard Mt 20:1-6                                                           Two sons                          Mt 21:28-32
Tenants (wicked husbandman) Mt 21:33-46                                           Wedding banquet              Mt 22:1-4
Fig Tree                        Mt 24:32-35                                                          Wise & wicked servants    Mt 24:45-51
Ten Virgins                   Mt 25:1-13                                                            Talents                             Mt 25:14-30
Sheep & goats             Mt 25:31-46                                                          Growing seed                   Mk 4:26-29
Watchful porter            Mk 13:34-37                                                          Two debtors                     Lk 7:41-43
Good Samaritan           Lk 10:30-37                                                         Friend at midnight              Lk 11:5-8
The rich fool                Lk 12: 16-21                                                          Watchful servants              Lk 12:35-48
Barren fig tree             Lk 13:6-9                                                               Lowest seat at the feast     Lk 14:7-11
The great supper         Lk 14: 15-24                                                        The lost coin                     Lk 15: 8-10
The lost son (prodigal) Lk 15: 11-32                                                       Shrewd manager              Lk 16:1-10
Rich man and lazarus   Lk 16:19-32                                                       Unworthy servants           Lk 17: 7-10
Persistent widow         Lk 18:1-8                                                             Pharisee & Tax collector  Lk 18: 9-14
Ten minnas                 Lk 19:11-27                                                          Traveling owner of house  Mk 13:34-37
The vine & branches   Jn 15:1
3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 6Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.


" You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother ( A Christian) but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler.  With such a man do not even eat." ( I Cor 5:11)
(The Rationale Behind This)
I Cor 6:9:  Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor the drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  Heb 10:29 : " How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him."  Not associating, expelling, is a disciplinary measure to keep the person from going further into wrath's way.  Hopefully the entertainment of folly wears off and the person comes back to rational decision making while expelled from the body.    
Avoid 7 Deadly Sins
Lust, anger, greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride.
The Unitarian truth about The Bible: 

The shortcut is to read the Ten Commandments and see that Yahweh (THE FATHER) ( the original true and correct Hebrew translation of the name "The Lord") claimed to be the only God.  Many a manipulating preacher will try to tell you otherwise, but those claims are not backed by King James' text.  Why site King James? Because it is the oldest Protestant Bible ( this comes from a different Latin text root than The Catholic Bible), backed by the hearty Dead Sea Scrolls.  The phrases God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, and God The Holy Ghost are not in The King James, only the phrase "God The Father" appears.  There are many intersections in a Bible where Jesus' actions or words are given over to man's translation of what is happening, but it is that, man's addition of words which conjure up the God Christ, not the actual text, and not God The Father's  literal verification.
 Even with Jesus  falsely accused and about to be stoned for claiming to be God, upon examination those words never came out of Jesus' mouth.  Is he being framed? The instruction by Psalm and Proverb are to not add words to God's flawless word. The principle of being one with God is shared by many in The Bible, not just Jesus. When Jesus speaks "figuratively" in The Bible he reveals not every word is to be taken by one definition.  Such are the trinity manipulations, the translations which try to claim Jesus is The Lord God Almighty, they are not backed by God The Father's literal word.  John chapter 1 for example pits Jesus as the creator of the universe, or only creator of everything that is born again?  Isaiah, the Dead Sea Scrolls that is, show that God The Father created the universe, not Jesus.   The Lord translates as Yahweh, not Jesus.  Jesus says yes there are many "lords", but Psalm 110 shows him to be a different lord than The Father, in the order of Melchizedek, Abraham's priest, who is also found in Revelation. 
   This is in the King James, newer Bibles changed verses to make things say Jesus is God outright. Go research the verses in the KJ and you will see the manipulations. There are basic definitions of I, Me, and You, which God The Father uses to describe Himself, and Jesus the exterior  Son to Him.  For a trinitarian to claim Jesus is literally one with God goes beyond anything God The Father ever said Himself.  Look at the entire Old Testament, no one worshipped a Holy Spirit or Jesus as God.  Even the wise men are only mentioned to have worshipped Jesus, but it does not say as God.  Like the disciples worshipping Jesus as "the Son of God" in a boat.  It says no more than that? No verse exists that equates being the Son of God, or one with God, or about your work, to being God. The New Testament holds the same all the way through, no one clearly worships Jesus or The Holy Spirit as God, and definitely God The Father never verifies in His own words there are three Gods in Christianity.  Even when Jesus is claimed to be Almighty, The KJ does not say Lord God Almighty.  So maybe it means almighty among men, but I would not sign Jesus up to be his Father without permission.     
 There is never mention ever once in The Bible of punishment or example thereof for a person being Unitarian.   Being Unitarian actually was the instructions to all of Israel and Jesus' disciples, no God before The Father!  Moses was never punished for KEEPING this and neither was Matthew.  These guys never worshipped a trinity, so who labeled them as such?  Don't expect any major or minor prophets or disciples or apostles either to give you evidence, it is not there in KJ.  No not as a direct claim, that Jesus is God.    Show me all the so called verses that claim Jesus to be God, and I will show you each one of them to not be  sound proof to overturn the First Commandment.  They are only ambiguities, which man building upon is not enough   to not add words to God's "flawless" word. Those were His instructions, not mine.
47And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,
 neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.



9-14 Russ’ Birthday, the same Calendar day as The National Anthem origin.

LEV 25:10
"...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof:"

(words & music: God & Russ)

1.  Tell the story of The Liberty Bell
Lives were freed when they let it yell
Its screams across the plains of America.

The Unborn Lady could be King
Like you on your best day, thought I heard you sing.
In the name of love
be free.

Let it ring, let them be free 'cause the unborn baby used to be you an' if the Doctor there was me You'd wanna let it Ring.
2. Freedom save the babies lives, love has stopped the Doctors knives, these aren't the hands of a medicine man.
An' Mama's blues ain't washed away, by the life they took In hopes that day, that peace would go on to no end.
(Righteous Flow)
As (Mr.) Washington's armies fought to be free His slaves were the page that cause me this grief Just the same with Uncle Sam, lets us kill the children of The Great "I Am". Sainthood saved the founders lives, Hollywood loves like suicide, can I ever find a Heavenly hero on a T.V. screen? That Liberty Bell cracked not by design, on Washington's Birthday, God's little sign, that freedom (sir) what you took from me. Its ringing true like .45s,

image007 image008 image009image010
Mamas takin' childrens lives, in a country so proud to be free, O freedom sing.
3. Sunday morning church bell rings The word preached is love, with g'i-tar strings And it's savin' lives (our lives), I just wanna be there. The Eagle surely lost his way, on the road to Judgment Day God's fire still burns in the hearts of men.
Don't tell me its freedom when the baby dies.

Fund Raiser

Conference Center of The Adirondacks

is raising funds for renovations. It is a big project,
achievable with more people helping. Look them up on line.



Oh Say Can You See?

 ___________DAILY MESSAGE_____________
April18, 2014


About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?" (which means "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?").

A day of remembrance, the dedication that Jesus had is what motivates me. Why this became songwriting. That is something that would be released after Let It Ring, “Good Friday” on another CD.
Even though abortion is a crucifixion, a done deal, signed in babies blood.

You see athletes and musicians who are inspiring,this drove me to write about it,
Salvation, not a building or denomination,
a man who took the cross. We all know how twisted society is, isn’t there anyone who is going to stand in the gap, and do what they were supposed to. So Jesus was the example, for mundane words, the warrior who would not give in.

Do people ask, why am I here? To simply pollute the Earth and be a menace to other people, or was I created for a higher purpose? There is no point to creating mankind if it is going to be chaos.
Then there would be no Heaven.

God Bless

Like Harriet Tubman, I keep a Bible where I sleep. I took a group to The Tubman home on a field trip and saw this. So I had to use on line scriptures today, short of that copy. This is a day to reset your bearings, you aren’t going anywhere without Jesus. Stop worrying, working and wasting your time on secular demise.
Salvation comes from God, John 3:16.



April 18, 2014


In the last 24 hours I had a dream about talking with an FBI agent. The agent was explaining to me that Hillside is going to lie in court, very matter of fact, because that is the way they are. Explaining what had happened. There was sense of liberty and justice, finally the false statements and crime were out in front of someone who was going to put away the criminals.



The upgrade that America’s justice system needs, is that Judges work by legal definitions, court is not the opinion club. You don’t make the right decision, that is your honor of criminal ideals, and you go to jail as a Judge. Why should Patriots be ripped off, or innocent babies murdered in Roe v. Wade, because intellectuals thought they were above the law, liberal pencil pusher syndrome? Legalizing being a thief is what they have done. It seems simple enough, then Constitutional rights are no longer in a power play. Nobody gave these Judges permission to rule against the Constitution. Their job was to uphold it. Judges can pay damages, why not?


April 18, 2014

World History/ True or False

1. The greatness of the British empire was because of its size?
2. The American Colonials had the bigger army in The Revolution?
3. Israel was successful in the bible because of its size?
4. Nazi Germany won WWII based on its vast empire.
5. Goliath was the best warrior in the bible.
6. All evil empires have fallen from power in world history.
7. If you still call yourself a boy at age 30 you are not well, that is a real kicker.
8. America has more criminals in politics than any other point in its history.
9. You could get away with Hillary’s crimes?
10. Obama is anti American.

April 17, 2014

The last time you saw a good storm, it was raining:

A. Cats and Dogs
B. Babies and Hogs
C. The Plague of Hail
D. Fire and Brimstone
E. On Africa
F. It still snowed in NY this week, interesting contrast on green grass.

April 17, 2014

Support Rand Paul

In A Budget Balancing Amendment

That's why it's
critical you sign your Balanced Budget Amendment Petition to your Senators and Congressman

This Amendment would not only require a balanced budget, but would require a two-thirds vote by both houses of Congress to raise taxes, thereby making it much more difficult for the politicians to balance the budget by raising your taxes.

Crime Stopping

Hillary is now caught in another major scandal. Just this morning, the
Washington Post and Fox News reported that Hillary is being implicated in a pay-to-play scheme that started while she was Secretary of State and involves the former Soviet Union, the Boeing company and her so-called "non-profit" -- the Clinton Foundation.

With your immediate help, Stop Hillary PAC is leading the way insisting Hillary be held accountable, FINALLY!

Here is what I need you to do right away -- click here and sign your "Hold Hillary Accountable" Petition immediately. The American people must demand Hillary is finally held accountable and that starts now, with your signed petition.

Your petition along with thousands of others will be delivered to the House Government Oversight Committee in Congress, the Federal Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission.

Thanks so much for your support.

Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Colorado State Senator
Co-Founder, Stop Hillary PAC

P.S. Until now, Hillary Clinton has not been held accountable for anything -- not the four dead Americans in Benghazi, not her many campaign finance violations -- NOTHING! That is about to change.

April 16, 2014



#1. For the working class people who are betrayed by DC. Heaven looks down on the
Capital, not up to.

#2. Youth Gone Wild: Introduced to the leech called drugs. Sold into debt by Obama.

In Jesus’ Name



Krauthammer had a good turn out tonight at Cornell.

April 16, 2014


Dear Russ,

I'm furious about Benghazi. It's been 18 months since the attack on our embassy, and

nothing. It's

a disgrace to the country and those that lost their lives.
not a single person has been brought to justice, there's been no retaliation...

I want to know what you think so I can share it with the world.


John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

April 15, 2014


I have a lyric for you, from Boardman- Peace Bridge.

“Jesus died to build a Peace Bridge from this world unto his own. Take these evil
sinners, and bring them to his home. You think you’ll never change, you must be born again, don’t need a knife in my back, to see the road I’ve been.”

As I have made known, I don’t agree with everything that supposedly came from Heaven. The teachings of Christ though, make fair boundaries for a society, unless you are so weak that you have turned to crime. I don’t take in a crucified Savior as some arrogant spectator, who was hoping to see mankind suffer aimlessly. If everything in the universe were as rubber meets the road, as Jesus’ teachings, and work ethic; world hunger, poverty, and war would not exist. On the other hand neither would STDs, mastered drug fiends, or Corporate in crime.

That is songwriting from the 1990s, off of electric guitar.

Wherever it is we are going in the next life, there is no room for crime. How could Jesus ever keep you, to perpetuate a prison population? This is where the crucifixion author meets the backstabbing Judas. I would never think that being sexually immoral, a drunkard, murderous, babykillingliberalsstoplisteninghere, like the wayward values of secular procrastination will ever survive. You are not promised that eternal life in a bible. So who are you to say, I will survive the fire of hell?

Much like Jesus’ preaching, the lost, redeemed, are the ones who will go out and play four quarters of football for God. As opposed to the establishment, not because it is cliche, but corruption soothes the masses. If many go astray, well then that is popular opinion, better not rock the boat? I find red, white, and blue fireworks with the salvation of God to be more inspiring.

Scripture: Book Of Matthew

The Parable of the Ten Virgins
25 “At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.
“At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’
“Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’
“‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’
10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.
11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’
12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’
13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

Luke 12:42-48  The Lord said, "Who then is the faithful and wise steward, whom his lord will set over his household, to give them their portion of food at the right times? Blessed is that servant whom his lord will find doing so when he comes. Truly I tell you, that he will set him over all that he has. But if that servant says in his heart, ‘My lord delays his coming,’ and begins to beat the menservants and the maidservants, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken, then the lord of that servant will come in a day when he isn’t expecting him, and in an hour that he doesn’t know, and will cut him in two, and place his portion with the unfaithful. {"unbelievers"}
That servant, who knew his lord’s will, and didn’t prepare, nor do what he wanted, will be beaten with many stripes, but he who didn’t know, and did things worthy of stripes, will be beaten with few stripes. To whoever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked."


#1. Innocent children of Africa starving to death, thousands of people dying from unclean water.

In Jesus’ Name


April 15, 2014


The foundation of the situation being, that this started over Crimea. Relations which were not strong before Sochi with Russia degraded, as The US tried to play sanctions against Russian forces protecting Russian interests.

That is the first point of The US potentially becoming an illegitimate authority. As I said, if it was US interests in another country we would go in, regardless of international law. With Crimea voting to rejoin Russia, in what may have been a fair election, The US has no evidence to prove otherwise, but continues to blame Putin stateside for defending Russian interests.

Is that why a Russian plane is harassing a US ship in the Black Sea? Washington has become too pushy and is not stopping?

The second point is the overwhelming evidence The White House claims to have on Pro-Russian forces seizing buildings in Ukraine. It is generally understood in America Washington cannot be trusted; banghazi, IRS, Obamaliescare, abortion. What The White House is claiming as evidence may be a hoax or only suspicion in Ukraine.

Not that I support Russia taking anything by force. It is only going to create fighting for any party to try controlling Ukraine short of an election the people actually back.

Should we arm Ukraine as McCain said? It seems like that hour, if aggression does not stop. A fight is going to be casualties though, and is not the answer diplomacy is. The second part of that question is if we are going to arm Ukraine , why don’t we turn Assad’s
military upside down with an air campaign, short of a ground war, just to even the odds some?

April 14, 2014

SFLA Email
(full detail at bottom of this site)

A gruesome account of Gosnell’s Clinic,
see what Obama helps you do, homicidal maniacs!


Infamous late-term abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell is behind bars for his heinous crimes. But you and I know justice still has yet to be served, because abortion is still legal in our nation. A shockingly very few people outside of the pro-life movement know of the disgusting events that took place in his Philadelphia abortion facility.

A young woman who worked at Kermit Gosnell’s "House of Horrors" as a teenager testified that she saw a baby’s chest move even after the gruesome snipping procedure Gosnell used to end the baby’s life. “The chest was moving,” she testified. The baby was so large that another worker even took a cellphone picture of it. Prosecution experts, based on the picture, say the baby was well past 24 weeks, the legal limit for abortion in Pennsylvania.

For Life,

Tina Whittington
Executive Vice-President
Students for Life of America

April 14, 2014

No Surprise From The Left

You remember that snake at Eden with the forked tongue?
I saw an article by Molly Crabapple, artist and writer, doing her best to
short change President Bush on his artwork. Saying that President Bush’s work lacks introspection. The article further politically targets The Yale Grad. I am disappointed, seeing how she is a vicious liberal, can’t she say anything meaner and more untruthful than that, so people can see how off balance she is? When Cain picks up a columnist pen, ahem, I expect to see more vigor than that. If the apple does not fall far from the tree at Eden, you are left with a crabby liberal?

As a counselor I see the introspection of his paintings.

You also have to keep this in proper perspective. The words from liberal moral filth, about a President who did his best for God’s people. The venom is running high in the liberal media. An incompetent article, wicked, like you wanted it to be Molly, yes we can all see now, how much you hate acting appropriate. What a joke.


In a related story political rabies has been effecting the media for decades.

April 14, 2014

Highly Overbiased Political Agenda

I saw Kristan on Fox Sun night, with Huckabee. How serious is the problem of crime from liberals? It took firearms to send the Brits away, and forge a new country, with all the
fixings of a Constitution. I don’t see why prosecution is not waiting on deck to put away the next criminal limit tester, as matter of fact as, flies on ships. The youth of America do not have freedom of speech, religion, or expression, because of the convoluted criminal ego to the left. Liberals are redcoats, get my point? If you work in a school you have extra privilege to break the law. That seems to be the case with Admin, SFLA keeps having to hold accountable bullies to protect students.

I don’t know if Conservatives really understand Ukraine. If 60% of the people are faithful to Russia, you can’t make a democratic free government stick, with any amount of
fighting. So we could do that, and spend money and lives and come back with nothing, like Saigon. Sacrifice Americans for no gain? It is not really clear Putin did so much harm either, that those people would not have just elected to rejoin Russia anyways in Crimea. Maybe he kept the heat going in winter, when rebels would have attacked Russian interests? Some of America’s comments are brutal towards Russia, the right Christian action? Caution though also, because Iran is playing with radioactive hate, not at our disposal.


It was good to see Tony Perkins on Fox, I get email from FRC.


April 13, 2014


A. Is for brats…
B. Or crack heads
C. Bullet proof egos.
D. Is what Patriots should do to other Americans?
E. Is for a punk who feels invincible behind the wheel.
F. Should be prison time automatically.
G. Shows no coping skills on the part of the temper tantrum.
H. Should lose a license for 5 years minimum.
I. Maybe you should listen to more music driving and chill out, if it takes longer to drive
that is more music enjoyment.
J. Crime problem?
K. Incarceration rhymes with devil.
L. Look who can’t handle driving, tough guy.

April 13, 2014


2009 Coworkers are presenting with scratches and human bite marks. Hillside is refusing to allow staff to wear protective clothing.

2009 Russ Boardman contacts Hillside BASG, Behavior Advisory Safety Group, and the Sheriff Child Abuse Investigator to confirm what clothing is allowed. It is recommended to Russ that OSHA become involved. Hillside refuses to allow staff to wear protective clothing.

President Richardson soon steps down from his position.
Karen Zandi takes over as President and The Hillside Intranet page begins to mirror Subject for subject on word for the day.

A letter arrives at campus posted in the staff office, from corporate, that many people had written in about staff not being allowed to wear protective clothing, and it was not appreciated by corporate (cry me a river).

2010 Widespread campus negligence is reported to leadership and to OCFS, a meeting is held with the campus director, and Russ.

2011 Baptist staff have been reported for being disruptive, falsifying records. Deviant supervisors sit on the complaints, from the lowest level all the way up to the top of HR.

2011 OCFS contacts Hillside about the problems. Criminal supervisors falsify records to retaliate against the reporter.

Hillside so called corporate leadership is contacted about the fiasco, President Richardson (who was reinstated by no announcement), Omnibuds. Mailings to Hillside corporate to reach Admin and the board are signed for by the wrong staff. Some are crumpled and returned. Even though as registered mail, The US Mail Clerk can’t believe it.

Sept 2011 Hillside contacted by Attorney.

Summer 2012

The case summons and complaint begins under Attorney #2 at Monroe County NY after this.

Summer 2013 Papers are filed, then served on hillside.

Jan 2014

Case was heard in NYS Supreme Court.
The incompetent Judge took the liberty to go back and argue the case as a health care violation even though it had been repleaded as plain labor law. The Judge not able to comprehend that a mental health centered job of counselor is healthcare. Or utilizing skills of an Athletic Trainer for hours weekly is actually healthcare. The same, employee guaranteed rights which included appeals pay and full vindication, were not employment to The Judge. Benefits were paid for by employee and covered through appeals time, a form of wage.

In other words the employer can author crime, and the court will back them.

Defense Attorney was emotional over non issues, still didn’t have anything relevant to say. Also misrepresented case facts.

The case is now filed for NYS Court of Appeals ahead, for all accruing damages.

Most professors in college and leadership of other agencies were not this corrupt. Although there have been some.

Hillside was given every fair warning on unsafe behavior, the most lenient outside of court approach, and still nothing. They only escalated the crime falsifying court records by exhibit. Hopefully The NY Attorney General cleans this up.

April 13, 2014

Students for Life of America’s President, Kristan Hawkins, will be on Fox News Channel’s Huckabee TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST!!

On tonight's show, Kristan will be discussing the latest affront to pro-life student liberties when she reveals a brand-new case of pro-life student discrimination!

Please tune in to
Huckabee TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST on Fox News!

God Bless,


Tina Whittington
Executive Vice President
Students for Life of America

P.S. - If you can't watch the show Saturday, it will be replayed tomorrow, Sunday, at 8:00pm EST.

9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

Students for Life of America

April 12, 2014

Smoking has its advantages:
A. When tar covers your lungs there is no room left for air.
B. Petrified lungs are an art form.
C. Inhaling exhaust from cars was going out of style.
D. The lung fire only burns for 60 seconds before it starts to spread to other organs.
E. If the spark goes to your brain, you will become like a liberal.
F. Women hate camping but here put up with my cigarette smoke?
G. After dirt billows replace normal lung tissue, you can cough up mud when sick.
H. Always wanted to be on the cancer floor at the hospital for years at a time.
I. In the long run heroin does not calm your nerves.
J. You are your own worst enemy.
K. All that money that could have fed starving kids, went up in smoke, get it?
L. That is a preferred (seating) floating section in hell.

#2 Doctor Nancy is going to abort and stab baby Hillary. What is the most fitting summary for this?

A. It is my right!
B. All is fair to liberals who are criminals.
C. Step away from the political office and allow sane individuals to run the country.
D. Liberals are pirates, Conservatives are Patriots.
E. She deserved it.
F. I like to play with knives.
G. The babies don’t have good Lawyers.
H. Slick paid her to do it.
I. Judgment day will be a charcoal reunion.
J. Crucified, dead, and buried - always had a nice ring to it.

#3. Who do you like in politics?

a. Rubio and Jeb Bush?
B. Palin and a Floridian?
C. Carson and Palin.
D. Paul, Cruz.
E. Uncle Sam selling hydrogen fuel against the national debt.
F. Liberals sabotaged your freedom,j-j-j-j-j-ail sounds fine.



1. Ukraine-chaos.
2. Liberals who deserve the electric chair for abortion.
3. NY State, the liberal influence, is plain evil, go argue with Jesus.
4. Russia.

In Jesus’ Name





Your church can do this. The measure you use back to you by a bible. These people need your help.

God Bless


April 11, 2014


The momentum has shifted in America for Unborn Babies.
May it continue, In Jesus’ Name. Lest we forget China, homicide
against children.



The American Appomattox is well on its way. The day when Parents in The United States
stop the murder of their live babies. And the aristocracy of Roe v. Wade finds its doom.
A civil war against the live unborn ended. A world remix of Unborn Nation, we’ll see?


Training went well this week, projected bench press max in the 455-460 lbs range. Drug free, natural as a mountain spring. Increasing the ab work, cardio, the spring air aint bad either. Not complaining about winter, but this is good too.


(Heck Yeah)

April 11, 2014

The Cornell Republicans Present

The Future of Healthcare


Dr. Charles Krauthammer

pulitzer prize winner

Wednesday April 16, 6:00 PM.

April 11, 2014

Abortion Doctors like to hurt small children, true or false
pro choicers?

April 11, 2014

Stop Crime

April 11, 2014

America is plagued by the following criminals?

A. Obama is a sleeper cell.
B. The White House is more communist than Lenin.
C. Holder is a crook.
D. Pelosi lies to the American public.
E. Hillary would be prosecuted for negligence if it were child care
she worked in not banghazi.
F. So far all of the above apply, having trouble keeping track here.
G. Your rights in the constitution are negotiable.
H. Who cares if Patriots died for freedom, liberals signed themselves up
to steal that.
I. Hillside will lose 5-10 criminal staff under prosecution.
J. Still using the cumulative answer for this question.
K. Obama is anti Christian.
L. You had better heath care before sabotage from Pennsylvania ave.
M. You are a low life American and deserve to be treated the way liberal
Washington treats you.
N. A taxpayer nonetheless, the lowest form of citizen.
O. Conservatives can win The Senate in November.
P. If Corruption was an animal it would replace the Donkey as DNC mascot.
Q. You better vote in november.
R. Palin was the difference in millions of votes between McCain and Romney?
S. Abortion is becoming unpopular.
T. Have a good day at work, Patriots are still in America.

April 10, 2014


Dress up to protest righteousness

Deny salvation

Execute real fake baby dolls

Be sentenced to hell, and swim in ashes as a reward, (real flames
were too much.)

Oh yeah you have to give up all your candy too.

Livin’ on a prayer was just a caper.

Well that all seems dumb, who would do that?

From The White House, to the school house…

You elected Obama I didn’t.

Redcoats would be proud?


If you hear The Star Spangled Banner blastin’ from an electric guitar
amp, I got strings now.

April 9, 2014

The Ultimate Warrior

You have to ask yourself.
Did salvation really matter?
When someone from the wild side dies.


April 9, 2014


April 9, 2014


Dear Russell,

Obamacare, amnesty, run-away entitlement spending, gun seizures...

...these are all emerging battles in the Harry Reid run, liberal United States Senate.

So, Russell, will you join me by making an immediate contribution of at
least $5 or more right now to establish a strong conservative majority in the United States Senate and remove Harry Reid from power?

April 9, 2014



Americans died, and our government lied.

On September 11th, 2012 four Americans Patriots, including our Ambassador, were maliciously murdered in Benghazi, Libya.
Not only did our government fail to do anything to save them, the White House camouflaged the terrorist attack as simply the result of a demonstration against a video. And since then, they have basically done nothing to seek out and bring justice to those responsible.

And why? Because President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton selfishly felt the political ramifications of telling the American people the truth; that this was a terrorist attack against the United States and that taking personal responsibility for their negligence to take action to save our brave patriots, was more important than being honest and forthright with the American people.

It is unacceptable that almost two years later, we still do not have answers from the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

I refuse to quietly sit by and allow our leadership to point fingers and direct blame to underlings, instead of taking the blame themselves.
President Obama and Hillary Clinton must come clean about what really happened that fateful day in Benghazi, and why the White House reacted (or didn't) the way it did. The American people, and more importantly the families of those departed, deserve an apology from this administration to protect their loved ones.

Russ, I will continue to work day and night until we have answers for the reason why four American Patriots were killed.

MichelePAC is working to support and elect conservative candidates who will also fight tooth and nail for answers to Benghazi, and our other foreign policy debacles. If you agree that we need more leaders who will hold our President and his leadership team accountable, then
I hope you will join in and help MichelePAC today.

with your immediate donation of $25, $50, $75 or more, we will identify and support candidates in all 50 states who embody our patriotism and determination to make our nation a safer and stronger place for all Americans.

We are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, and we must fight to keep it that way -- or we could lose it. It has never been more important for us to stand together and work for our future.

Michele PAC stands for:
Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere. I hope I can count on you to stand up for strong leaders everywhere by following this link to make an online donation of $25, $50, $100 or more right now.

Four fine Americans died, and we must never forget them and what they died for.

I will never stop fighting for a better America-
I hope you will join me in this battle.

Michele Bachmann

MichelePAC is the Political Action Committee founded by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in 2010. MichelePAC stands for:

Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere and works to elect constitutional conservative candidates throughout the country. Michele's dedication to uniting constitutional conservatives motivates her to find, support and election like-minded candidates across America.

In 2010, your support for MichelePAC swept Nancy Pelosi out of leadership and ushered in a new group of leaders dedicated to defending constitutional principles. In 2012, MichelePAC candidates received unprecedented support from conservatives who stood together to defend American principles from the Obama agenda. Now, MichelePAC is a national organization dedicated to turning the the Senate red and keeping majorities in the House.

Contributions to Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere
are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes

Paid for by Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

April 9, 2014

The Battle Is Not Won.


At American Legacy PAC we just launched an important new project called Save our Healthcare - and Dr. Ben Carson is serving as our Chairman. And in just several weeks, over 200,000 Americans have already joined us.
Fellow Patriot - 
I’ve got some exciting news to share with you.


April 8, 2014

Corporate Crime Caught In The Act

More on Hillside, at this point is it how long they want to play the bluff.
Staff were caught in records falsification for authorities, including court.
If you took 10 good UMES students, or 10 Promise Keepers I went to church with,
and said here go to work, do your job, compared to Hillside villains. Hey, if a snake
could put on a tie and slither off to work, that is what I see in those evil staff.

They are an embarrassment to the profession, these are not the staff who work
with gang youth day in and out, it is paper shufflers, who sit at corporate and behind office doors, and cheap shot the righteous hard working counselor level staff. It can
go court of Appeals, six year statute fraud case, whatever. When the board decides they want to follow laws and remove crime, then there is a new President and HR dept, all the way down to the corporate thieves who authored false statements at Hillside and for court. The former Iraqi leadership, under the gentleman who could not stay out of Kuwait, with his army, is comparable to the level of trustworthiness at Hillside management. I am being serious, ahem, NY State Law says they committed crimes.


April 8, 2014


And now Americans can’t get health care coverage for the rest of the year.
The knife is sitting square in your back America. Genius liberals thought
they would elect a devil for President, and look what it got them? The guy should be impeached and we keep playing this media circus in Washington, look how much golf we can play this week. He vouched for Banghazi, to cover for Hillary, which was a lie, and corruption. It was Obama’s responsibility because she didn’t answer her email? Fools can’t be left in charge in Washington, they ran the debt up so bad, with exponential growth on interest, it almost becomes impossible to rescue the country from it.

Ryan and Palin might not agree, but we better make the cuts as needed. Uncle Sam would
wise up to sell fuel for vehicles as Hydrogen, once Detroit is part of helping America
again, and not themselves.


April 8, 2014


Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic

April 8, 2014

Paul Broun On Budget

April 8, 2014

Liz Cheney: ‘Pelosi’s Spine Doesn’t Seem to Reach Her Brain’

April 8, 2014

Email From

Click here to sign your
Balanced Budget Amendment Petitions at once

April 7, 2014

Cool windy night, appropriate for throwing a log on the fire,
and reading about the heroes of American history.

(Drive past the homeless sleepin’ on a cold dark street, like bodies
in an open grave, underneath the broken old neon sign, it used to read Jesus saves.)



#1. That The US does not have to smash Iran over evil.

In Jesus’ Name



April 7, 2014

Why Israel is the excuse for terrorism.

In the Old Testament is the passage which reveals King David
buying Araunah’s threshing floor, to offer up sacrifices to God.
On that site The Temple of God is built, of which now the wailing wall
only remains, one of the walls from that temple. This shows The Jews to
be the owners of the land. Around1950 Dead Sea Scrolls were found in Israel,
on display in a museum now, carbon dating to be ancient, matching the scriptures
of the book of Isaiah. It shows the authenticity of the Bible, & Torah, to be correct.

So the reason it is an excuse, Muslims did not build the wailing wall or temple to God.
It is wrong to steal in their religion, but ok to take from Jews? The real infidel is the
second party to Israel. If Muslims didn’t build The Jewish Temple, then the infidel who
was there before them did?

Even the construction of the temple was planned in the Old Testament, the dimensions
fit the existing wailing wall.

April 5, 2014

Good to have the righteous out here praying.
I continue to dream about music. Let It Ring in a live acoustic
set, was the last one. Along with the trip to the guitar store.


April 5, 2014



#1. That we put responsible adults back in charge of Washington. Enough of the reckless, delusional liberals.

#2. Africa: The day comes we generate electric off nuclear ships, for water, they farm.
Instead the selfish countries fight over lesser things, while kids could eat dirt for meals.

#3. Freedom Village: More funds would not be put to good use by them?

#4. Wells for Africa, can your church drill just one? Life Outreach International, these
are for whole villages. People die from unclean water.

#5. GOP, Tea Party, we need the right two candidates for the final election 2016, not the primaries which are more stable.

#6. Russia: I don’t like to see reckless Washington degrade our relations.

#7. Iran: The time is coming, with nuclear boundaries being tested, Israel the excuse for terrorism.

In Jesus’ Name



April 5, 2014

Court Record

Party to the entry below here on a benefits letter. I read and have received copies of the court record, partly because it has to be served on the defense. The portion specific to
benefits, defense Atty claims that the Plaintiff had received a letter, speaking to the Judge, as if to say see there that proves he did not have benefits. The Judge never took the time to research the statement. How is that doing your job? Taxpayer money is paying
any of these people?


More Of The Hillside Lie

Isolations of the letter which shows employee coverage went 10 days beyond this letter, dated 7/25/11. Further below on this site you will see the phony (corrupted by Hillside Corporate) Omnibuds letter heading dated 7/14/11. So coverage was still in place at appeals, therefore the defense Atty misrepresented to the judge the nature of my status.

The way I read the law, it is two years from the employer “violation” for a deadline, being omnibuds. The court did not wish to honor that part of the law.

Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 2


April 4, 2014

So the investigator gets a shovel, and unearths 50 million
executed American babies, and souls, murder? How can this be
we were told it was a Woman’s right to do this. Could it be satan,
was involved. You know, I think somebody lied, to those poor, innocent,
babies, stabbed like pigs in a blanket. Pathetic, that Conservative America
is being dragged through your horror show liberals. While you bury your murder,
on the front page. I see men like Sheriff Joe, either President Bush, righteous people
you would see at church. And they have to put up with your insolence. Because you can’t
control your killing or your smart mouth problem. Everybody else is doing it, so why should you stop. Liberals really do embarrass me when I see that. How many more, a million dead kids before you stop the heinous crime? Yeah curtains for the scums? But even security picked up the criminals on camera, and you still think you are getting over on crime?

Arnold was out there running over things with his tank. If it was a baby carriage, and play pens, bottles, infant toys, cribs, baby dolls. David Letterman could help, 100 baby
dolls in a row. Maybe abortion would start to sink in. You could use real live bait, I won’t say it, because that would be murder. Who would care if it was your sons and daughters, you don’t, so called peaceful liberals. Maybe something more humane then, you can use a tank to dig a mass grave can’t you? Liberals might enjoy it as a discount to their health care,
no room to bury the dead babies, no problem. I don’t care about your attitude liberals, I am not impressed, you aren’t fooling anybody, you are murderers at heart. The more you mock pro life, it just shows me how stupid you are. Blame the messenger, all it
is, is a reflection of you. That is what you are about, and not ready to face your homicide.
Rude is your child abuse to the real victims of abortion, the kids. I could bite the head off a chocolate rabbit and you would cringe. But here assassinate your baby, maybe Hillary can help us kill more of them?

Proverbs saying that even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. You vote liberal, and you go to hell, by a bible.



April 3, 2014

Musical Intervention

April 3, 2014


Now NASA is breaking ties with Russia. If it was a year ago or more and Bear bombers were flying at foreign borders, testing limits with safety or buzzing the deck of a US carrier, I could see that being possible. The same with Iran building nuclear toys to amuse the hostage free world with. Sochi, things were going better, Ukraine, it is not like Putin killed 15-20,000 people, in an invasion. The tactic looks like isolate Russia, I wonder if Obama was looking for a scapegoat, for not acting in Ukraine, so blame Russia for acting, then further the sabotage of US government. So by isolating Russia, he impairs US international relations. Liberals didn’t do anything for Ukraine up front, it becomes too easy to hide behind Putin. If it happened again Russia could ask for unilateral support, a coalition. With Obama hey I do understand, why would the White House care about Russian interests, they don’t even care about Americans.

Did Harvard ever institute a testing measure to see that they are getting adequate results from their graduates? No general problems with Harvard as a whole, but when
Obama about capsizes the budget, and makes playing golf a government funded occupation? Telling America exceptionalism is a bad thing? That is not gospel, you are supposed to do your best. Yeah I get it, sour liberals, blame American success for everything, that is how we get jealous terrorist countries bad mouthing us for only trying to be part of a free world. Their oppression would be much better, we didn’t learn that at Lexington and Concord or under Hitler.


April 2, 2014


Fort Hood

The victims were unarmed?

In Jesus’ Name



April 2, 2014


Below some scraps of the Affidavit of Service which has been served upon the criminal defense, for NY State Court of Appeals. The board of directors at Hillside had a duty to discipline crime, follow policy and the law, and yet they resist. To become part of a crime instead of settle the fraudulent acts of its employees. Lying in court, that took some courage, too afraid to do the right thing. And NY taxpayers should trust you why? The defense was complete powder puff, theatrics, emotionally charged lies, deformation, nothing of substance. I think the Judge already had his mind made up as I was talking, I explained the nature of employee rights in policy, which cannot be obstructed. Otherwise the agency can author crime and the court says amen to it. I could have stopped where I was speaking in court, and asked the Judge are you listening to what I am saying, or are you refusing to hear the case and acknowledge the law? I could tell I was not being heard.

It is like the unsafe gun act in NY. The Right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutional right, now a bayonet is uh just too much for NY. You know how it is, a criminal maybe has a tek 9, because they don’t follow laws, so you are low on bullets, might as well give them the blade end of the gun. No, don’t do that, it would be unsafe for the criminal, they might get, well you know, stopped from committing their crime. Remove head from that dark sun shinning place Albany. The least competent people in NY are the ones who tried to draw up these rules. Me, I am more partial to throwing knives, axes, even use the butt end of the rifle. A bayonet, what is that, you are talking about a sharp against an armed criminal? No wonder COPS think the law is stupid.

Patriots better stop overlooking voting, if you leave the untrustworthy kid in charge of something at a school, you know what is bound to happen. You do it in politics, elect trouble on one issue, oh you got your rebate on whatever as special interest comes around voting, and leave gremlins in office, see what happens. Now you can’t even defend yourself without playing jacks on your bullets. The liberal shootout victim, like a snake with its own tail in its mouth, poetic justice.

What if that was the driver in Manhattan, and the motorcycle gang, and say it was Thurston Howell driving. What is he supposed to do, keep having lovey reload for him while he drives, to stop crime? Don’t want to offend the governor.

Hillside crooks got a day in court coming, to answer to fraudulent statements, from court even.

I hate crime.


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March 31, 2014


A lot of fund raising emails posted at the top of the site and on
today’s message. These are the last few ounces of gunpowder to
make the fireworks go. If you want to rock Washington for The
Conservatives see what you can do. West Coast we might need your help.
Deadline is midnight March 31.

Hopefully a new Senate stops Obamacare after November elections.

God Bless



March 31, 2014



A criminal behavior problem is involved, that comes from weakness.

In Jesus’ Name



March 31, 2014

SFLA Email Excerpt

On The Arrogance of U of Michigan Message

The University is currently sponsoring a pro-abortion "art" display called 4000 Years of Choice, which declares “Abortion as a Blessing” and a “gift from God.”
That is right, why all U of Michigan students and grads ought to have been aborted? Who let them get away with living and birth by unfair decision? If God cleans their clock I won’t ask why.

Full Email at bottom of this site.

The US was more concerned with Putin keeping the peace than
stopping a mass murderer at 130,000 kills. I see a bully who is begging
to be taught a lesson in Assad. Kim Jong Un is any different? Punks are
defined by their behavior.

March 31, 2014


The first part is November ’14, which is equally important in Washington if you want to get something done. You hope Conservatives can flip six seats at least in The Senate. Not Obama had the lowest rating at 100 days of any President, or yeah we know he is terrible, and then the junkies go back to the sin binge and try to help him. If The Conservatives don’t turn this country around, Obama will have succeeded at his sabotage of American prosperity. The selfish ideals of the devil in charge. How can you not believe in American exceptionalism, and be in charge? It is like the walking jealousy problem of society trying to bring down those who are able to go perform. Pigs like mud, so the White House ideal is to wallow, don’t make progress as a country, embrace everything, even the bad, and just aim low in goals for a country. That is a disgrace to the youth, a leader trying to instill that.

Hillary runs, I would like to see how she would convince a US Military SGT of her apathy and negligence that helped get four Americans killed. And why she shouldn’t have gone to prison on manslaughter instead. Negligence at one level does not warrant a promotion. If she has the audacity to run, Conservatives ought to make this point as the foundation of her campaign, banghazi. I don’t care if you like Hillary because you have some fetish with a false image you cooked up for yourself, she is an evil politician, criminally negligent, a detriment to leadership. Sons and daughters of America will be executed by the abortion genocide, but you don’t like Hitler. In a bible, she would not make it out of many passages, if she were in them. The road to hell goes through the DNC.

Anyhow the Conservatives better find unity. It seems like a no brainer, no not an abortion victim comment, but with things so bad, the right ought to agree on winning Washington. Last time we elected polygamy to lead us out of Babylon? The demographics are a big deal, dems played the swing states, so you have to understand a shotgun approach, just running two Conservatives for The White House on an idealist platform, because they have a good agenda is not enough. You have to take it further, and recognize the voters involved by demographic. What it looks like on the electoral college is win Florida, Rubio or Bush are likely favorites, and then if it was a state, Penn is big. If you can’t win Penn, Palin has the top rating, with half of voters female? Carson could do a lot for America, but it still comes down to battleground states. If the GOP and Tea Party get reckless, just decide that any two white males are the best candidates because they are popular in the GOP, you aren’t looking at the whole voting crowd in the ’16 election. I dare say that Conservatives are mature enough to vote for any ethnicity or gender, with a good agenda. The converse is not always true. As if the message of Martin Luther King Jr, has finally reached some of America, the right-eous.


March 30, 2014

Some more of the rehab bulletin from UMES, with a few classmates. What started there is not going to be corrupted by what I read as felons at Hillside. They worked so hard to falsify records at work, in court, I mean don’t they want to be recognized for it now by an Appeals judge? The role reversal, their evil lawyer trying to take tone with my pursuit of Justice, i had enough of that one. Like he went to work, was slandered as a responder and now needs to have the devil in a tie trying to tell him what he did was wrong. Compounding crime is how I see it.

A little detail, I have said the defense lied in court, not in so many words, they tried to cite some letter that referred to benefits, and said no more, as if to convince the Judge that was evidence against me, that I was not employed during appeals and then left the subject. If they said anything about my benefits in that time period it should have been that they maintained beyond appeals, they were paid for by staff and employer, billed on the paystub of that pay period. Also where the lump sum payment for job performance appears.

I hope Sheriff Joe would be proud, bring the crooks to justice.


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Pasted Graphic 1



And I had a dream on Let It Ring, I was in studio, going over the line up with The Engineer.
No complaints here, abortion is a grimy murder that should fall as fast as roman law in the right light. Fireworks must be included in the display.

March 30, 2014

So, Russ, will you make an urgent contribution of $5 or more before this important deadline passes?

From Senator Ted Harvey

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Or click here to donate another amount


(Email also posted at bottom of this site)


These kids need a miracle! YOU HAVE THAT POWER!
Dear Friend,
    33 years ago I never heard a young person say, "If I can't come to Freedom Village I am just going to kill myself." Unfortunately, I just heard it! Like an arrow going through my soul I remembered the 13 kids in one year who killed themselves while on our waiting list. Like a flash I was called back in time to going to the post office a few years ago to pick up a
"restricted delivery" package. I knew when I saw it what it was---a funeral box---it contained the ashes of a boy who had killed himself ---again on our waiting list. The note attached burns in my heart to this day. His mother wrote, "Here mister, you can have him now. You wouldn't help him when he needed it."
    Partner, we're trying our best but we need some special gifts right now. The winter has been bitter, cold and extremely expensive (as most have felt it's pain as well)---
and the cries for help staggering! I've even had requests (another today) from good kids who are not "troubled" but want to come to get away from the bullying, peer pressure and a 17 year old expressed today, "I'm tired of being the only one"---he went on to say that the hounding and pressures of the godless crowd at school every day was beating him down. I know it's wrong but I've even thought of ending it all."
    Please! While I know many of you are struggling---
sow a seed! "Give and it shall be given unto you..." Luke 6:38 Whether it's the "widow's mite" or SPONSORING one or more kids with a one-time gift of $500 or more---you have the power to save a broken life and give that child a chance! We need you---they need you---and YOU need the blessings that only comewhen we give! Only when we sow that seed and God germinates it into a miracle.
I am asking you to go to:, or and SAVE A LIFE! You can use your credit card or PayPal but this need is urgent and I pray you will help right now! The addresses for "snail mail" are on the websites.
Large or small please do something and help us help them while we still can!
    I would also ask that you pray earnestly for a little boy---
Ben---who is four years old and the doctor's say his brain tumor is inoperable. Likewise pray for Jim Kelly as I'm sure most of you have heard his cancer is back. Claim that the MASTER PHYSICIAN will heal them both! And place them on every prayer list you are connected to and pass the word.
    Unless you have taken that trip to the post office or received this call
---"You can takethem off your waiting list. He/she killed themself last night"---you don't know what a hot poker shoved into your chest feels like.
    Please help! The "bread" you "cast on the waters" may well come back someday and it will be a loved one of yours whose life is redeemed then because you sow that seed now.
     I will be looking for your gift so we can tell that child or that family---"what day can you get here? You have been SPONSORED."
For the children,

Pastor Brothers
Freedom Village

March 30, 2014

For all the information I have heard on the NY
unsafe (criminal) gun act. The right to keep and bear arms
comes up how often? Almost never it seems like. How to set
the public up for failure.


March 29, 2014

Pasted Graphic 1

It was a stressful week, $3, you get the idea. One fish hides in darkness, the
other exposed to the light. That is supposed to mean something.

Have a good Sunday.


March 29, 2014

Don’t let liberals control gun rights

Intelligence testing on the safe gun act:

Choose all answers that apply:

A. Criminals kill, whether it be with gun or knife, brick or ice pick.
B. No guns kill, they sprout limbs and find themselves at the scene of crime, independent
of shooters.

C. Victims are safer disarmed.
D. Sandy Hook would have been safer with disarmed responders nearby.
E. Redcoats were open to treaties, and the use of firearms was not necessary in the
American Revolution.
F. Many upstanding COPS in NY don’t want the unsafe gun act.
G. Criminals don’t follow laws anyways, what are you disarming innocent citizens for?
H. Liberals are not that smart, can’t you tell?
I. Yes they are it is called sabotage, like their budgets.

#2. Why are metal detectors not being put in buildings instead of banning self defense?

A. Because that would be safer with everyone scanned for weapons.
B. Round peg square hole.
C. Because guns kill they never stop criminals.
D. Ok so what if Cowboys carried sidearms, we aint that smart over here, got it?
E. In Europe firearms are a deterrent to crime.
F. A plastic knife is your best defense.
G. A Baby .357 stops an abortion doctor fiend cold.
H. Lawsuit, vote, shoot down the unsafe gun act, don’t let liberals jeopardize Patriot safety.
I. Liberals run for office to destroy your country, it is not about freedom.

March 28, 2014


#1. The youth of America:

Who have been sold up the river by the present White House Administration. I don’t believe in losing, I see Teens make progress in the system, it should be everywhere.

#2. Malaysia:

God can bring the search to an end.

#3. Russia:

So far the world avoided a big military conflict.

#4. Ukraine:

#5. The supposed respect that is due to criminals as thugs in music.

What do you think signers of The Declaration would have done with that?
Somebody got their wires crossed?

#6. Liberals:
God intended to change them, not destroy.

#7. Conservatives:
If we don’t fix the country, it isn’t going to happen.

In Jesus’ Name



Hillside Defined in Felonies

I remember when Coach Dando retired at UB. The team was upstairs in the gym at south campus, he told us after so many years Coaching Football that it was time to go play golf and shoot deer. It still left you with a hollow feeling, this is what he did for a career, something that he enjoyed, and it was over. I wasn’t much for a golf lifestyle back then. Monday Night Football is more my game.

It was hard to complain about my freshman year, switching to defensive back and still having four years of eligibility left. By the time I left Buffalo, it just wasn’t worth it
anymore against an education. One night the defensive coordinator asked me if I wanted to come to a team meeting, in my last semester. At 202 lbs, with probably two years of eligibility left, I give it a good chance I could have played at either safety position or rover side linebacker. Coach Dando had told us about being ready for the next 40 years in academics instead of the next four as athletes.

I was humbled to see a semi pro team wanted me one weekend for a game years later. At 210 lbs linebacker or tailback seemed more interesting. Even so I am in better shape nowadays, so I don’t really look back at college like it was the NFL.

What I am getting at, is it was worth it to go after academics. 93 credits at UMES, 15 years in the counseling profession, on top of Athletic Training. I think the expectation Coach Dando had for a career, and what Hillside has tried to misrepresent as a criminal obligation, for turning in a Mandated duty to report crime, is a disgrace to society. I can’t think of seeing new graduates with their careers starting off at Hillside, to face that group of corrupt corporate ego problems. It is not American, and the law needs to get it done at bringing down the crime ring.

I could have stayed on at UB, and graduated in two more semesters, which also would have ended NCAA eligibility early. You look at players like Montana or Deion Sanders, their later years were better in college. It is hard to feel too bad about not playing out
four seasons under a gamble of an injury, and improving academics. I never had a stinger, or had to leave a play because of an injury on the field, but the stability was not there in the involved area. The other way to look at it is, I could have just played semi pro, and outdone anything that happened at UB, as far as a level of play. Still having gotten the grades in.

Why is that the expectation is so low in the juvenile system? You can falsify records and still show up to court daring a Judge to uphold the law against you? Like he can’t figure out you committed a crime? Some people have to learn the hard way? I guess that is why I am so tuned into politics, tired of the corruption, it has more to do with being free than procedures. That is what Washington has fumbled, and why society has turned into so much bickering. We should be shooting off fireworks as Americans, but with our White House and liberal crime problems?


March 28, 2014



Russ, I need your help.

We are four days away from our first fund-raising deadline of the year, and MichelePAC has set a goal of raising $28,000 by midnight on March 31st.

Will you follow this link to make an immediate on-line contribution to support MichelePAC?

I founded MichelePAC for many reasons. The primary reason was that: Constitutional Conservatives across America needed a dependable and trustworthy fund-raising initiative. One where we could be certain that the funds contributed were going to support candidates that were tried and true conservatives like ourselves.

Rest assured
your donation to MichelePAC will help elect candidates who support and share our conservative ideals - and are willing to fight for them.

March 27, 2014


As you may know this decision was only a concession on the road to freedom. When
all babies have stopped being murdered, we will have reached the promised land. I liken
this to the Woman caught in adultery of the gospels. Where the Christ child replies, let you without sin cast the first stone at her. So the remedy to this situation in Texas is simple, for the babies who are actually in question, to be executed or to live as free Americans under due process of the law. If the crowd to the one side could grab ahold of a baby’s limb on one side of the body, and the crowd to the other side of the argument does the same to the contralateral (opposite side) of the symbolic child, and we shall have tug o’ war, until, one side wins or the bigger remnant is attained by the victor from the generous child donor. Bite your tongue liberal, if Conservatives said nothing you would execute live babies at will. So if you hear the voice of freedom shrieking in the wind, like an Eagle from the Heavy Metal world, you will know Heaven is against you, Cain. What is so civil about war anyways?


March 27, 2014

This is about more than just an election. It's about saving the soul of this country from Barack Obama.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

Obama is just weak.

Will you help me do everything possible to elect these principled conservatives to Congress by making an immediate donation of $25, $50, $100, or more to the Guardian Fund today?

March 27, 2014


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March 26, 2014


So after The Malaysian disaster, airlines will now be switching to Ekranoplan
design to land on oceans where needed?

March 26, 2014


Jim Kelly, cancer surgery.

In Jesus’ Name



The microwave needle treatment for cancer was new to me, on the news in the last month. It is also questioned if a Tesla haarp weapon can stop cancer. Not by ablation,
with natural frequency, shattering a unique cell, leaving the surrounding ones in place.
So like a singer breaking one glass with their voice, and the others are not effected, being different structures from the first. Tesla’s idea is you can influence a solid with
a wave of energy.

March 26, 2014

If you want to see the cards on Hillside crime

This was the letterhead from a falsified omnibuds letter, the key
to it the date.

Pasted Graphic

Obvious crime, the staff authoring it tries to steer me to the COPE committee
which is level III in grievance. The fake write up from the evil program manager
was at level I. Policy is I could go to Level II not COPE as a mandatory, discriminatory,
allegory, accusatory, falsified documentation.

Pasted Graphic 1

The summons and complaint you see here stamped, filed within two years of such retaliation, July 12, 2013.

Pasted Graphic 2

Excerpts from the policy manual showing an appeal was due, uncorrupted, otherwise the staff involved would be insubordinate, criminal, at odds with state law and policy, liable.

Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic 4

Pasted Graphic 5

Pasted Graphic 6

Pasted Graphic 7

After further review by the replay official, a fender bender of a corrupted appeals, does not stand.

We need quality Judges.


March 25, 2014

An old church favorite:

March 25, 2014

SFLA Email


(Scroll to the bottom of this site for the full Email).

Right now, our team is outside of the Supreme Court preparing for our prayer vigil and rally today. And it's already a zoo out there. Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion lobby are out in full force for today's hearing in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius - the first two cases on the HHS Mandate to reach the high court. 
Even though the forecast is calling for snow and a dramatic drop in temperatures, our movement has to be at the Supreme Court today because the fate of our nation is being decided. In only a couple of months, we will learn how the Supreme Court justices rule in these cases and they will literally determine whether or not our government can force employers of faith and conscience to pay for abortion-inducing, cancer-causing drugs for their employees...whether or not Americans have a fundamental right to religious liberty. They will determine what path our nation follows. 

March 25, 2014

This is supposed to be where the NYS Mandated Child Abuse Reporter
gets backed by the law. And corporate thieves are brought to Justice,
so to speak, for allowing records falsification to attempt to steal from
the company. Their act of faithful allegiance to the employer, for which
the employer is now liable. Criminal charges are an interesting side of this.
How does the law go about removing and finding a new board of directors in
the case if necessary. Policy says if they are in a crime, then they are done.


, Defendant(s).

March 24, 2014

G8 trying to isolate Russia.

Do you think that is actually fair?
Near 80 people die in Ukraine protests, and Russia held down security afterwards.
So which was worse?

We go into other countries against laws, for our righteous cause, but not Russia?

It runs the risk of causing a lot of resentment towards the rest of the G8. Discipline
the responder, while the UN, NATO sat on their hands and would let violence escalate.

Is the G8 ignoring an illegal coup?

The sanctions route seems the wrong tactic, try to talk down the responder, while doing nothing physically for the crisis. That is typical liberals, they don’t care if people get killed, look at their own kids being executed by medicine. Mommy is taking baby to the Doctor for a murder. You could toss the kid in an incubator and let them live to be a rock star, nah lets kill him instead you heroes.

Look at the bible, don’t kill, don’t steal, Russia stopped the crime.

What is troubling is anti American propaganda in Ukraine if it is true, and how much. It is hard to count us all as one, so divided. Some of us are righteous and peacekeepers, others are reckless hellions that don’t care how much they mess things up for other people. I understand if other countries think America has a lot of fools in it.

The bible says many are called but few are chosen. That a message of gospel goes into the world, but few are under God’s spiritual calling to actually follow Christianity. Jesus was lead into the desert by the spirit it reads.

That is a serious injustice if Russia got disciplined for doing the responsible thing. We would rather see rioting at Ukraine and trust Obama who handled Banghazi to give the account of safety?


March 24, 2014

America’s medicinal Baby Murder continues, that is why you don’t put fools in office. -RB

March 23, 2014



If America will prosper it is not by wicked schemes of liberals. We need November, badly,
Obama unchecked is like the plague of politics.

If Nixon ran for re-election based on Watergate, less harmful than Benghazi?

Hopeful for November. -RB

March 23, 2014

More On Hillside and Court

I said enough on whether I can prove employment during the questioned period of time for the case, as in a deadline.

What the law says, is that violations of that section of NYS Law 215 are to be filed against within two years,
regardless of the dates of employment of the employee.

So either way, if that is to mean the law protects a staff who is post employment and the agency has a harassment problem as such, or as employed, I filed within two years of the policy manual corrupted omnibuds joke.


March 22, 2014

More Hillside Case

Fortunately with the help of Attorney, the right forms were identified this week.
Some of The NY websites for Courts are very incomplete. If you need forms, maybe they have them, some branches of court are not even listed within courts. You end up looking in different divisions for the right papers to file.

NY needs a central court website that lists everything, all counties, courts, forms, nothing missing. A legal desk reference if you will.

I went over some more of what Defense had said, despite being NYS Mandated Child Abuse Reporter, catching the fraudulent thieves at Hillside, it summarizes as the Plaintiff filing without merit. So this is what a Hillside Attorney does, slanders the law abiding staff, misrepresents the case, and we all have a better NY for it? Why do they care what they do on taxpayers money?

They also misrepresented the nature of the case in the Stenographer record, that I had not filed in a timely manner. At day one of the scenario Hillside stayed updated after Omnibuds refused the duty. And continued to stay updated, with each legal change. This included, three different Attorneys. A record of processed checks should reveal that very well. But Defense could not seem to understand this at court. A lot of fluff, and posturing, no real substance is what the Plaintiff finds in the criminal court proceedings.

Even more, as evidence showed that records were falsified, defense had the obstinate privilege of submitting a supervisor eval as an exhibit. Authored by the same crony who was reported to OCFS, and penned fake disciplinary statements, citing the act of turning him in as violations. Problem is, his boss a month prior gave me a lump sum payment for job performance, a bonus. The only thing to cite was proper conduct as a staff. So the falsified eval form is more against the defense.
Is that not allowed, lie to the Judge in court like that?

My summary, _amn right I turned those criminals in, and I would do it again. It is in the realm of possibilities that a Judge is dirty, not just naive or hasty, but is biased. And this does not change case facts, law or the expected outcome.

Fitness training goes well, projected bench press based on reps this week, over 400, 425 lbs rough.

Preparation for routines is big, The NATA came out with a hydration guideline after Korey Stringer died, thin the blood with water, starting hours ahead of time. Not a blood thinner as in meds, but dry/dehydrated blood is harder for the heart to pump. Thank God for the gym, it is a basic necessity like rock and roll.


March 22, 2014


#1. Iran:

9-11, Uranium, Israel-a record of terrorism targeting the Jews. The US better not
miscalculate this one. If we need to level parts of Iran to keep the world safe, that
is Freedom.

#2. Africa:

The starving babies don’t accept conditions as humane.

#3. Conservatives:

Are gaining momentum in Pro Life. People can see liberalism does not work, that is why they chose it in the first place.

#4. Russia:

Still, people did not recognize well what Putin did at Ukraine was the inverse of what Hitler had at Kiev. Past Russian aggression makes people not trust The 2014 Olympic Host.

#5. China:

Helping look for the Malaysian plane. I am sure it is appreciated.

#6. Fox News:

The righteous would starve for good news in America without them?

#7. Malaysia:

Survivors, no clue here on what happened.

In Jesus’ Name



Boardman v. Hillside Update

Notice Of Appeal has been filed and served now for the case.
I have been shown Stenographer paperwork from court and previously mentioned
benefits coverage from the provider.

I don’t get it, if a speed limit sign says 55 MPH, and you get a ticket for going 54, the court needs to get right with the law. How the crime could continue before an honest Judge, beyond this? It is about time the corruption stops. The law says the longer they resist, the more the penalty.


March 21, 2014


1. Road Ragers:

How many people who thought they were ten feet tall and immortal
because they were mad behind the wheel this week?

2. Law Enforcement:

Do people really see a Patriot in a Cop? Samson would.

3. Female Pro Choice:

That empty you murder and lie to cover your tracks? What else do
you sadistically attack when no one else is watching? Pro Choicers
are not that dumb, they had to sign up to have a Doctor stab their kid,
to death, they knew what to do, and what it was about. Oh your right
to do this? The kid’s life you really meant?

4. Porn:

A sick society, delusional, hopeless, empty.

5. Russia:

There should be another Olympics you know? Keep the peace with them.
Our people lose sight of this?

In Jesus’ Name



I have to wonder, do Americans by political party wish the freedoms under our flag to
all Americans, or is oppression the goal instead? “Cain visits Abel the Earth and the meek.”

March 21, 2014

Edification from Tom Reed

Greatly appreciated

The message Patriots needed to hear!

Pasted Graphic

March 20, 2014
(At the risk of this email posting as a vertical column it is at the bottom of the site in entirety)

Dear Russ, Pro-abortion advocates know they are losing, so they are growing desperate.  With abortion facilities closing down, pro-life state legislation being passed in record numbers, and national polls confirming that a majority of our nation is against abortion (CNN's latest poll says 58% are in favor of banning almost all abortions).

Roe v. Wade
stands to fall.

God Bless

March 20, 2014





March 19, 2014


Isolate the problem, is the focus you keep to resolve a crisis.

Crimea is now looking to have effects on Iran, Syria, sanctions, oh yeah by the way did we get a good vote in? We are sure Crimea wanted to join, otherwise, there is not much to say about it.

Crimea isn’t saying hey you let Russia in here, and they took over, the west is. They voted Russia in as far as we can tell. The time is probably still now, if the west wants to confirm the vote. Before escalating unrelated countries and areas over Crimea, isolated.

Good thing we were so quick to stop crisis and rescue Crimea, and not wait for Russia to do it.

Hillside Case

I am seeing at the next level up in Court that Grand Jury is mentioned. Evidence is very good, crime happened from Hillside. Documentation by basic law definitions.

The first year I didn’t say anything about the case really, wanting to focus on other issues. Now this has taken on a bigger role for other staff, because if I don’t act against crime, other careers get liberal corruption at Hillside. You would think people without rabies, would do the right thing in normal society; follow laws, policies, avoid a $10k state fine. Must have been the water right? Just could not follow community basics?

So it continues, they say I was not hired for wage, policy and evidence says otherwise. After time barring is corrected , it is open and shut on records falsification.


March 19, 2014



It was years ago I ordered plans for a water burner to fit on a vehicle. The basic idea that you rig a quart of water under the hood of your ride, run a current across the H20,
this creates Hydrogen gas, and that enters the engine through a tube.

On a car already built for gasoline, this takes some modification. You have to weld a sensor and temp gauge from the exhaust pipes to the dash, so you can monitor the temp. By burning the hydrogen with gasoline, you increase your mileage rating, and also create more heat. Too much and it will melt the cones in the catalytic converter. It also requires a chip to fool the oxygen sensor, which is measuring exhaust. Burning two fuels uses more oxygen, and the engine tries to counter by increasing gasoline intake, because it uses more oxygen even still with increased gasoline. I never ordered the parts though.

The question can you run a car on straight hydrogen? Forget the gasoline even though it was designed for petroleum.

The big problem if everybody did this, is a sector of the American economy collapses. All the jobs in gas are gone. On the other hand, we need another answer than foreign fuel and $4 a gallon.

Considering our trillion$ owed, America would be wise to have Uncle Sam produce the hydrogen, and actually tackle the national debt. Can you switch the rigging on an existing car to put a compressed (air) hydrogen gas tank on it? The better answer is Detroit catches up with technology, and builds safer vehicles on engines designed for Hydrogen.

With twice the fuel economy, you make a far heavier and safer car. Go better than that, start using rubber block on the bumpers, in the hundreds of pounds to absorb collisions and pad incoming vehicles. The SUV version, sling the bumpers low some, to drop the center of gravity and rollover.

Give that much money to a spendaholic White House, maybe they still keep us in debt.
Conservatives would say no it is not Capitalist, we can’t afford another outcome?Government regulated hydrogen.

Fix health care, everyone goes back to their original plans, and the government finds HMO, lower cost supplemental coverage for the poor. Otherwise America has become a class of working slaves, that get the same coverage as bums. And the unemployed are supposed to pay their own insurance. Righteous planning jumped the tracks with Obama.

Liberals are reckless people you can’t leave them in charge. So who is the Captain? November is the vote, we better stop the foolish cronies who are destroying the future of America for the kids. No kidding?


March 19, 2014


If you weighed out the constituent parts of the Earth, so many tons of soil, this many of rock, how many millions of gallons of water, molten lava, etc…

And you you tried to organize it into a gyroscope. How many combinations do you think would work with that amount of materials? Just haphazard throw it all together like you scooped up a snowball, there a gyroscope that keeps seasons?

And now some explosion created such a swiss watch piece? It doesn’t work like that. If you noticed seeds also were made for this planet and seasons.

We all see who liberals are in the workplace, government,
baby murdering clinics, don’t trust them with your eternal salvation, like Darwin ever proved anything. His arguments do not hold water.


March 18, 2014


Now Russia has signed a treaty to accept Ukraine. With 21,000 soldiers looming in the
distance, was it a fair deal?

If that many foreign troops were in NY, it would influence the vote, I think.

Look at the tactics though.

Ukraine manages to coup The Presidency, but our White House finds no instability in the region?

Russia is standing between violence, involving Ukrainian military and the people.

And DC finds a war of words and sanctions to penalize the responder, when we don’t do jack to help them physically.

Russia has provided;
Fuel, safety, offered to pay debts, won an election/treaty.

A better outcome would have been the vote with Russian troops withdrawn for UN forces, to verify the vote. Then no one can question the results as intimidated.

The vote was so one sided, it does not seem like it could come out another way.
You have to question also, if the people are that intimidated, would they only end up like VC to a Ukrainian Government. Undermining a government that was non Russian? In other words you could give them a Ukrainian government and they would deface it?

The bible on wise and foolish builders, saying get down to the rock to build on.
When twin towers collapse we see thousands die, Bosnia or worse, tens of thousands.
You can falsify the results and try to force a democratic minority leader on Ukraine, scriptures say it won’t hold up to the storms of life, the sand washes out from beneath the structure, and great was its crash.

The real vote is the rock layer for building Crimea. Otherwise crisis is going to be an ongoing problem for any authorities involved.


Is that Russia is in harms way, and we keep hitting the sanctions button. Ignore the problem trying to be solved, so we can incite killing and a revolution against ethnic Russians? What do you think is going to happen if Russia left?


If Russia won the vote fair, who is the UN or any other country to tell them or Crimea, no?
It is like reverse communism.

Sochi went so well, it is a much better model for world relations.

There is a joker in Washington, making up our policies? I think this is true. Hopefully it does not get anyone killed by reckless endangerment in a crisis.



1. Russian Troops: Why do they need to see trouble?

In Jesus’ Name



March 17, 2014

I have to laugh at the news on the big bang, that the universe started from a spec that exploded. It simply is not enough energy to have a spec invent planets, that is physics. If the explosion was that big planets would or would not hold together?

A huge explosion created Earth a gyroscope, with a moon on a calendar, temperatures just right for survival? If you look at partial pressure of gases in the atmosphere, oxygen and CO2 would not absorb to humans and be expelled the right way, unless humans were designed for this atmosphere. In other words you have to get it right on the first try or no humans. If you multiply that probability by the other systems in a person. They all had to line up on the first try also, or the creature dies, nerves, brainstem, digestion, skeletal, etc. It ends up being some number so far removed from reality, that all the systems just assembled right on the first try, when plants don’t morph into animals by meiosis, and miosis.

The so called forensics, of a scatter plot, planets align certain ways so there must
have been an explosion that drove the planets into such locations all at once.

Like saying houses on a street must have all been built in a certain order, at once because they appear next to each other. In numeric order only, odd then even numbered, and then by how many floors.

The entropy of the universe, is that the natural progression of matter goes towards disorder. So say if you had a campfire burning, you are taking organized branches and sending up smoke every which way. That being said, we have very organized planets
in solar systems, supposedly by no intervention by man. Just from a wild nature, and outer space winds and the like. That defies entropy? Someone had to make it into an organized structure. The clockwork universe by Ben Franklin, a closer look reveals balance that is outstanding in the heavenly bodies.

That is not the natural progression, like saying a huge explosion just creates structures
that are architecturally designed to be inhabited. That is not how it happens in hollywood, big explosion, and look it made The Empire State building, don’t you love when that happens?

Science was fudged pretty bad. To say carbon decays at one rate for the first half of a sample, and there is some arbitrary decay rate based on halves, which was not tested, it does not fit any mechanism of decay. Machines typically don’t breakdown in that way, if you consider an atom a machine. It is like using chains on a football field that go by 10 yards apart, to measure distance. Since it took 2 minutes for the first-first down, then the second one takes as long also, even though it is only five yards the second time, and 2.5 yards the next time. And you keep going half the distance to the goal each time, eventually. But all these carbons were the same, so why such a skewed decay rate? It is like saying a pair of jeans lasts one customer 5 years, and another buyer 100 years, not likely?

I thought it was pretty interesting that Tesla claims to have picked up a signal from outer space.


March 17, 2014

More Ukraine

I see two options out of the situation. One Putin ignores the west and says, that was the vote.

The other is Russian forces back up, for a NATO or UN peacekeeping force vote which should be non threatening. And then the vote is retaken to find out if that was close to the real count.

Confusion is Ukraine, majority ethnic Russians and they oust their leader who is more towards Russia.

Haste is trying to put Crimea/Ukraine back with no understanding of the people or if all their politicians actually represent their demographics.

DC is dumb enough I think to put soldiers into an unstable political backing like Nam. End result, money spent, body count, no lasting government.

You can’t say NATO was ready or The UN to handle things, so Putin did far better.

At work I am prepared for crisis every shift, the near ten years that went by at Hillside. There is a Cornell manual I memorize to counsel down arguments, find solutions. I really have to question the competence of DC
some very basic building blocks of wise decisions, go unnoticed for Ukraine.

If you ask me Obama could really care (no) if he trashes relations with Russia, because Obama is a traitor. I have no interest in Obamacare, November maybe The Senate stops him.


1. Ukraine, God find us a peaceful solution out of this. It does not take a fight.

2. Jagger, loss of girlfriend, not the end but where you find out if you have faith.

In Jesus’ Name

March 16, 2014

I have to ask you one on Crimea.

Benghazi, misrepresented as a platform to run for President on
initially, the suspect video involved, timely and accurate White House
reporting on the subject.

Initial news was of problems in Ukraine with violence after the former Pres was ousted.
Would you believe our White House to tell you there is no problems, and it is a scam in Ukraine? After Hillary and Benghazi? Or maybe willing responders should show up?

Russian Soldiers seem to have done an excellent job at keeping things peaceful.

It makes a good cover for a negligent White House to blame Putin and hide the facts.


March 16, 2014


One of the hypocritical points on the vote in Crimea. That a coup being illegal is honored by outside countries. They would like to see the former leader out, so who cares about the law? The referendum vote also is illegal and people speak up against it. So ignore the vote, force democracy on a majority ethnic Russian people, put in a minority party President. Then the killing starts, civil war to stop the authoritarian west. Redundancy pictures presents: Saigon II - the next century, starring dead citizens, to reveal we don’t learn from history so repeat it, all over again.

We got the wall of DC to remind us all, that you can’t trust freedom when it’s not in your hands. (-Guns ’N’ Roses)

If they vote for it, who is any other country to tell them no, you can’t join Russia? Amending the constitution to acquire a vote is a formality. Then again The American Revolution was not legal. When countries divide, it usually says, the old regime is out, we are finding new rules anyways.

If the west becomes too hard of hearing here, it is going to force a military showdown, not a vote. Regret is going to be a body count, well we could have used diplomats and chose to speak down to boots on the ground responders instead, and still didn’t change the allegiance of the majority.



If sanctions had been the answer to convince Russia to leave Ukraine,
and then civil war broke out. It is not like America was going to stop it. So thousands of dead Ukrainians and Russians is better for the country?

The main need if a vote ends the standoff is The Ukraine Legislature has to be a fair representation of the demographics of the people, with a fair vote, not intimidated.

I see politicians from Ukraine and America exaggerate what has happened, Ukraine needs to fight or Putin is invading. If Putin wanted to, he could have done severe damage to Ukraine. Obviously he is trying to protect Russian interests like he said. If he left the people would devour each other.

It is like The White House has no effective plan to solve crisis. Spite, plenty of that, stick with the original failed tactics.

With Ukraine so closely divided, they could not trust their President, so why the legislature? And if you did solve a government that actually represents the people, how long before they are trying to fight each other again.

It goes back to Saigon, unless you are going to murder Russian faithful, how well is a government going to hold together with a divided Ukraine? Murder is not a Patriot value.

Still the best part of things so far is Russia has kept the violence on ice. You would have to be a liar or bloodthirsty to say otherwise. Finally, end it in treaty, it does not take weapons to reach a decision.



They are taking up cases, and fighting discrimination for America.
If you can help Can your Church help?


1. Ukraine

Chaos is not a plan for peace.

2. Israel


In Jesus’ Name










The #1 Linebacker in The NFL draft
might be from UB?

Which one word best represents
Obama’s actions towards America
as President?

A. Sabotage
B. Vandalism
C. Intentional Failure
D. Impeach just get him out of there.
E. Robbing future generations
F. Anti performance is not a policy
G. Golf is available in other countries
H. Disaster
I. Does SBX weapon generate storms for African rain?
J. The Reckoning November Elections 2014
K. If we don’t stop him soon, America will capsize in debt


March 15, 2014

Children being executed in America by medicine
Fools in charge of our government with more attempting the feat ahead
Africans starve like steer skeletons in the sand
And terrorism will solve what?


The wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light
The wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by
Hear this voice from deep inside
It's the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The passage out of the dark


1. America:

We can’t help anybody until we help ourselves. Judges should be out the door on illegal
decisions, based of legal definitions. Patriot Soldiers died so some chump Judge can corrupt the law like an untouchable felon? No, you don’t steal freedom.

2. Abortion:

Roe v. Wade the plague against innocent children, felony murder and bloodguilt.

3. Drug Epidemic:

In the bible to make a laughingstock of users. Young adults sacrifice their dreams.

4. Russia:

Balance Ukraine is not enough, with American stupidity from Washington making things worse.

5. Hydrogen Fuel Cell:

Rescues Detroit, Uncle Sam, Drivers, the invisible solution.

6. Let It Ring:

50 million lives taken, heavy metal is waiting, split (2) versions probably.

In Jesus’ Name



March 14, 2014

Hopefully this displays ok for you- RB

Dear Russ, 

Thank you so much for your amazing response in emailing the Superintendent of Branford Schools!    Since February 2013, our team has been working with Sam and her Students for Life group and helping her overcome the obstacles the Branford High School administration has placed in her way - going out of their way to make things harder for her group.  But now, after receiving thousands of emails and calls by you, they are taking her seriously. The local press has even picked up on the story. Already Sam has been featured on 3 TV News programs! It's been unbelievable - the press were actually outside of Branford High waiting to interview Sam after your e-mails started pouring in!  And in one interview, they actually showed the fetal models that Sam's club has been told she isn't allowed to show on campus!  Thank you for making this possible.  However, I do have one more request from you today.   Can you send Sam and her Students for Life group a quick note of support?
I have also Emailed their superintendent. -Russ
Remainder of today’s email at bottom of this site.

March 14, 2014


To make sure we don’t bungle this situation. Washington has said the vote is illegal that is taking place. So we avoid it, and watch Ukraine get damaged by war? Coup attempts are also illegal, and that started the situation. If you ask me, it was due, even if Russia retains Ukraine, you can’t leave a thief there as President. You also can’t leave this armed standoff.

The opportunity is right now, once there is a vote you know the allegiance of the people.
Russia says it will respect Ukraine’s sovereignty, alright. If The US does not make sure that Ukraine is backed by NATO in the vote, then maybe you get an intimidated decision, and
that is not what NATO is there for.

The focus should be, back Ukraine on their decision, and then everyone can leave peacefully. Instead the complaint from Washington is the vote is not legal, an illegal coup started this, so Ukraine better reassess who they have. The other option is you figure this out with weapons of war.

Ukraine could amend their legislature to vote in the presence of a coup.

Jesus preaches on strain out the gnat and swallow the camel, some outback preaching, but it fits here, democrats would rather solve this with military? If you ask me it is a bluff up front, they got so loud about sanctions because they don’t want to get involved physically. Then it became popular to point the finger at Putin, instead of it looking like DC was doing nothing. Clear vision shows the Russians have only held peace together so far, so we should back it. OK they need to be on the right side of laws eventually. Doing nothing may have been far more destructive, if it was militias fighting each other. Muddle headed is the other version of bungled.

A crisis is a complex situation sometimes. This one, degrading the responder is not the answer,when they are the boots on the ground. The chance is now for a treaty.

Sochi was still a success, I can’t remember an Olympics that good from start to finish. There are people all around the world in the sports community I think who really appreciated it, as well as the security one as well.


March 14, 2014

More Ukraine

If you use The United States as a starting point in the whole situation. Look at Benghazi,
gross negligence, manslaughter charges should have been leveled against the staff involved. If the 7th and 8th graders escaped from after school detention, and came up with a plan of how they were going to run the country, antics would be like Obama’s White House.

So when we get involved at Ukraine, our first act is ignore potential security threats, why? Because the same bunch who orchestrated Benghazi, say it is not really a concern. Not like liberals lie to us all the time. Russia has held down security while the situation simmers. Washington ignores that, the bigger concern here is the safety of Ukraine. We were not going to do anything about it.

If Russia was going to do that responsibly for countries, we could at least pay them for it. So here is Washington talking about international law, like letting a civil war go off
is more responsible instead? I don’t get it.

If a fair vote ends it, Putin will have fulfilled the Peacekeeper role, while negligence complained across the ocean. The Olympics are going on, who wants to see a fight anyways?


March 14, 2014

Headline today about northern Ukraine trying to put pressure on the elections
in the country, with coercion. Understanding, that a democratic election is going to take place or is it? Yeah they vote, but does Ukraine have the backing of NATO, that if they want to be sovereign, we will back them up. The point being, of the fly and hammer,
what government will hold together is based on the vote. If 60% of Ukraine is Russian faithful, a civil war is still not going to change that, unless you think murder is the answer, which is not bible.

A fair election is the right answer. If the people don’t back the movement, it would end up like Saigon.


I hate to say it, but stateside, if Romney had been elected, the so called righteous right, would have exalted polygamy. Scriptures define a more lethal wrath against the knowing sinner. And some GOP were Romney all the way, from the start. Once it was too late, you had him or the present tantrum in Washington. Liberals kill their young, so it is the lesser of two evils? Yeah I know you can go to hell for adultery, like some GOP care?

It is very simple that Moses lead a nation by God. Deviate from that, you are left with crime is what it comes down to.



March 13, 2014

Hillside Disgrace

Some more on the case, restatement of the obvious to
law abiding NY. Because it was a point in court that did not
seem well received.

Where the argument should overturn in the next round.
The basic expectation for all staff members is that they are
given an appeal (and a fair one) where necessary. I expect the faulty
defense to attempt to give the fake summary that it is like a new hire with
an appeal, and a staff is not due any rights or pay, like they are doing this
out of the goodness of their hearts.

Reality is the appeal is a right that cannot be obstructed, unless the omnibuds
staff is insubordinate and acts in a criminal manner. In which case they are to be removed for class III misconduct of judicious records falsification. That being the case
agency staff can’t stop an appeal right which includes pay, therefore it was due to the

If you get more specific the letter which presented at court, from omnibuds showed
that he as appeals staff member signed off on trying to force the interaction of a false write up at level I of grievance to level III, by his own invented authority. No wrong was
actually found, but he sure tried to make it look that way with paragraphs of racist crime.

It seems like a normal Judge would recognize that.

Elsewhere you would hear dirty Baptist staff complain about- well you can’t
make complaints here or you will get in trouble, like they were trying to silence
reporting on themselves. The group of staff was so big overall, one I had complained on
years before about getting too friendly, she was involved with the reporting that went
unhanded later on with child abuse, and then again at the program director’s retaliation, she was there I will say as more of the same, watching what happened, like
it was my fault for reporting them.

It was kind of usual, you could log something on a Client, as an objective observation, and Clinical liberals would try to uproot what you wrote, to target the reporter. So they are willing to overlook Client misconduct and target staff, because they are liberals with an agenda.


March 12, 2014


Russ, will you help me defeat Barack Obama's
defeatist vision for America with an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away to Bolton PAC?


Before I got this email today I couldn’t help but think what a scam Obamacares? is,
phishing, for your health info which goes to untrustworthy exchanges. If Obama
wanted trustworthy people in charge of that he would have put them there. So in
other words, he is sabotaging your health care, and confidentiality.

HIPAA was designed to protect health info. Obama is a fiend, he could give a damn (not)
about your situation. You don’t have to put up with it, the pieces from Benghazi say
impeachment is a reasonable outcome by the law.

Thank God John Bolton is out there, if you can help?

God Bless


March 11, 2014

Aint A Cowboy

I have eaten at Ponderosa
But I am not a cowboy

Seen the dusty trails of the American highway
And still never punched a cow
Had a lot of toy guns as a kid
But I am not a cowboy

I have not had the opportunity yet to drive a herd
Though heard plenty of good Indian music
Enjoyed the old westerns on TV back when
But I Aint no cowboy

I could not see the point in trading in a vehicle, for a horse
Or trying to put up with the smell of Ranch animals
If I pulled out a lasso, The Police would probably think it was a weapon
Wanted dead or alive on posters is for criminals, I’m on the side of the law
But still not a cowboy

You might have seen the boots, with a roper heel
Or tassels in the stratosphere
What it still comes down to, is
You guessed it, must I say it again?

Liberals pass like tumbleweed
Seen cowboys out in hollywood
But they aint for real, just paid actors
So I must digress

If you see an imposter
On the ride youre on
Playing cowboy for the crowd
You better let ‘em know
That aint no cowboy

March 10, 2014


Are underway at Sochi!

March 10, 2014

GEORGIA: Paul Broun

P.S. We're now in the lead! Thanks to your generous support, Georgians are hearing my strong message. But I urgently need your immediate and continued financial support to maintain our frontrunner status! So please follow this link to contribute $25 or even $250 and help sustain our conservative momentum. Thanks - Dr. Broun.




March 10, 2014



March 9, 2014


March 9, 2014


The main point being on not investing in another Vietnam. You can use all the soldiers and money you want, if the VC are going to betray your efforts, and it won’t hold up, why go in? Vietnam happened because of a steady metered build up, we showed in the Gulf Wars it is all or nothing.

That is why the vote is key before any real military action. Also because Russia has not done anything so terrible either. When we went into Pakistan to get Bin Laden, that was against Pakistan law? If Nazi U boats were against US shipping lanes, the US would get involved. Maybe Russian interests were at stake in Ukraine.

The Ukraine forces should sit tight until the vote and not aggravate the situation.

But if you are interested in justice, Obama should make sure that Ukraine has the confidence of NATO for the vote, tell them if they vote no and joining Russia is out, then
a treaty has to be reached for Russian interests as they withdrawal responders. The more irresponsible move is leave a potential civil war brewing.

The GOP should not get self righteous on this, what if Putin and The US did nothing, and riots followed the protests, and dozens of people are killed. So far Putin squashed the
escalation of body count.



A smaller detail of the hillside corruption case. Review of the paperwork for the Plaintiff finds that benefits were provided and billed on the paystub for the time period surrounding appeals. Those benefits exceed the final appeals date by 17 days, and extend beyond that for continuous coverage into another policy if wanted.

At court that was the more minor point of trying to prove employee status. Because it is the less mentioned form of pay. You would think a Judge could figure out, policy grants appeals, which includes pay for that appeals time in it, and that means you were hired for wage. Open and shut?



March 8, 2014

On Judgment Day which of the following names would be the best to have
for your group?

A. Harletboys1962
B. The Capers
C. Spectator Devil
D. STD Motion
E. Blazesgraces
F. Burn Care Unit
G. Charcoal’s Unknown Soldier
H. Skull Fire 7800
I. Napalm Sticks
J. Reincarnation As A Pig
K. Poser
L. Bonfire Hair
M. Our Choir Is An ACDC Cover Band
N. Teen Groups Are More Competent Than Us At Christianity
O. MostAlbums Sold For Sin
P. Alot Of Catholics In Hell?
Q. Queer
R. Soap Opera Music
S. Are Those Tassels Or Flames?
T. Saints
U. Ashes To Ashes
V. Smart Alec
W. Souls On Fire
X. Still Kissing Other Women
Y. Most Perverted Sleazes Involved
Z. Born To Fry

MARCH 8, 2014



1. Ukraine:
A difficult balance, like Berlin but The Russians got there first,
to play the destructive role of responder? The vote should be free of


Persecuted in the middle east, Korea.


Why is Assad still there?

NYS Juvenile Justice:

Dirty system staff is nothing new, ripping off NY.

Extra Credit:

the nation of Israel puts up with more hostility and seems expected to take it? It wasn’t good enough they gave up Gaza, Iran had to send missiles there to keep shooting over the wall at The Jews.

In Jesus’ Name



Good to see Sarah Palin tonight on TV.
All along the game liberals were playing in Washington and the media, was the one with the most lies wins?

Where are the two Iranian ghost ships? Sunk by renegade pilots?

March 8, 2014


On the crisis that was stopped in Ukraine. We are at the intersection now of Ukraine taking a vote to join Russia or no. So with NATO backing why doesn’t Ukraine vote? If they want Russia out then we help them, and if they want to be Russian then leave it alone. I understand a lot of right wingers think that Communism is bad, and don’t let Ukraine fall. Over half the country is ethnic Russian, if they vote for it, you can’t force them to be something else.

I am concerned that if Obama bungles this frame of the situation, he ends up letting Russia intimidate Ukraine into joining, and then talking tough afterwards about sanctions against Russia to impress the American right wing. Instead of doing the right thing up front. It would be a shame to see Russia at odds with America because Obama would not do the right thing, making sure Ukraine’s vote is just.

In counseling passive aggressive tactics are letting someone else choose a decision, and then whining about it until the cows come home after they do. You see this with abusive personalities. For Obama to do nothing and let the vote be bullied, and walk out of it chastising Russia to look like the hero for America?


The internet is saying Christians are being executed in North Korea.
Should the US assassinate Kim Jong Un?

March 7, 2014


Reviewing the case for what should be a concise summary for the Appeals Court.
I find a discriminatory act on behalf of the Judge for the defense. The fact of there
being two Summons and Complaints that were filed by the Plaintiff. The first was clearly on time and within a two year limit or deadline of the retaliatory act by law, as the law defines. The second one was to remove an Attorney name.

It was not clear if the second one could amend later after the two years. So as it did, the amended one was either valid or not. If it was not valid then the defense had no business trying to answer it. But they did, what could have taken 5 minutes to summarize that it was about identical to the original, took them $375 of what is going to be agency (taxpayers) money in the end. Why because their Attorney was looking for work.

The Judge seems to think that the defense can do this. Meanwhile the forest he is standing too close to, to discern trees. Is that the defense broke several laws, resisted paying proper damages, further deformed the plaintiff in court. Neither does the Judge have to use legal definitions for a ‘rational’ decision. Haste, yeah, he was in giddy up mode I think at court.

Does something seem cross to you when Admin is reported to higher ups for crime, and the Judge is shaking his head at you like what did that happen for? But seems capable of telling the negligent Dad in the case before me, that he should get to know a female before having a kid with her. Seems to know right and wrong, but is defending the acts of criminals from being turned in.

I understand as happened before that the defense likes to generate volumes of legal work, which I referred to as clutter. It is even more the problem now,because if what they did gets seen, the Judge has to rule for the law. If they can manufacture tablets of
nonsense like before it distracts the Judge.

What I have to say is very direct and complete, shouldn’t be a problem.


March 6, 2014


There you have it, at the testimony of Mr. Isaa on Fox News this evening, he had committed no procedural wrongs in Congressional proceedings. Now everyone can go back to work to continue the pursuit of IRS Tyranny. You understand if the Disciples were at the polls, they would vote Conservative, and bring the circus in Washington to an end. Freedom is too much for a liberal devil to tolerate in politics.
Your freedom is theirs to steal, isn’t that how they operate? Nobody appreciates the liberal crime on the right.

March 6, 2014


We saw today that Issa is under a vote for interactions in a hearing.
Dem Rep from Ohio, Fudge calling him a disgrace. You have to excuse the white
elephant in Washington, but the democratic party is a disgrace. When aborted babies fall off the table and try to crawl for the door, if you jump up an down on their heads
with football cleats on, that usually does the trick. Murder 101, get it? Play it fair with Issa, I didn’t see the situation yet so who knows?

Hillside Corruption

More good news, the certificate of coverage for benefits shows that I did have
coverage beyond the appeals process by weeks. Hillside’s Attorney made it clear to
the Judge this was not the case however in court. So they are caught in a lie, you can’t
do that in court. They also were advised ahead of time that the deformation needed to stop, or it was their liability. And still in court it continued.

I feel a more sober minded Judge will be able to work from actual definitions of the law
at the court of appeals. Accruing damages continue to easily outweigh any delays in the
final verdict that Hillside has fooled themselves with. I compare it to committing a crime on camera, keep stealing, the law is watching. It is not like they are not caught.

The FBI is backing up the NY Attorney General at this point as witness to falsified
documentation. So criminal violations are their responsibility. I would say The Judge from the previous hearing, had a pride issue with being wrong. I explained to him that
my job title was as Sociotherapist, and duties, but that is not health care to him. I covered physical health care, and was required to have CPR, 1st Aid, using
a knowledge domain as an ATC, but that is not health care either? Overall non issues because fraud is the bottom line, and I repleaded under 215 of NY Labor Law. Civil law has the 6 year plan of statute for really stubborn fraudulent Admin.

It is sort of like when you make sandwiches 8 hours a day but are not a food service
worker, even though it is your usual job. Or when you clean for whole shifts at work, but are not janitorial staff to the court. Or you go to The White House and play golf most of the time, but are still a politician? Some Judges are lawyers in robes, not righteous, or legal. That was what was relayed to a District Attorney office. Yeah I expect Judges to do their jobs also.


Voting to join Russia maybe. It is hard to say how it goes. Russia is not like Stalin’s
day. You can’t expect Ukraine to stand alone very well. Fortunately things stayed peaceful. Was it their vote or a bullied one is a fair question.


March 5, 2014

It was better in the Olympics with Russia and United States, on the same side of security.
So far, combined, Ukraine has been under reasonable control. Not perfect peace, but crisis froze. Sometimes I see disrespect go by in our news to foreign leaders, is it Christian or correct? No. Sometimes things go too far. I am not saying foreign bombers approaching free countries is ok. It is hard to tell if the intention is to actually redeem other nations as teammates or hate is the end. Hitler was stopped by Russia and US combined, you gotta love that.

If the measure you use is violence, and God serves that back to you, then you are your own worst enemy. World history is evil kingdoms never last.

My question in Ukraine in the protests, is what happened. If 80 people died in America like the Kent State protests, Police would need some extreme reasoning to do that. And is why that does not happen. Other countries we know are more abusive in general.


March 5, 2014


The latest change in the case is there now was a filing by the defense. Which activates the game clock again, so I may appeal the decision. This was the one Hillside lied to the court about to win the Judge over. It should be pretty simple, a staff hired for wage is an employee by definition. Having benefits at the point of company appeals, was a form of wage, as well as policy promised back wages from the appeals process.

I suppose Hillside could say that a fair appeal is not promised to me. However a redress of grievances, as a Constitutional violation by the crookhaven staff, seems self evident.

Somewhere this has to grind the gears of taxpayers. Staff who on taxpayer money tried to silence child abuse reporting, provided fraudulent business practice, slandered a responsible staff. Then waste more taxpayer money on defending their lies. You see a lawyer whose mother should tell him he has a smart mouth problem, trying to pull off a crime against the state, all in the name of liberalism. Solid Christians, and Conservatives don’t do this sort of thing.

If it was as simple as something like a convenience store, and this happened, people would have the common sense to realize they were going to be arrested, and give up the crime. Maybe because they are close enough to the street to feel that. Tucked away in corporate offices, people get so deluded, it is like they have their own government. I have been told before by administrators that state law does not apply to a private business, or constitutional law the same. Sharper tools in the shed you know what I am saying? More commonly know as deviant subculture, and criminal ego.

Maybe a sneaky move, defense had sent the filing, undated, not public notarized. Filing office had no record of anything yet, then I had to keep going back to check is there anything yet, they did not tell me when it arrived. Hoping I would miss the deadline?

Had a supervisor do that to me once at Hillside, didn’t schedule me for a 9 hour training, until at a later session, said it was full, although there always are physical seats available. Couldn’t find another one until the review training later on. At the review, we had to beat a test based on the 9 hour course, which I didn’t get, on a brief review session of 30 minutes I had to beat the test, and did. That is what they call setting you up for failure. No surprise, this was a guy who was reported for not doing his job from 3 different supervisory jobs, all separate positions, would not handle daily complaints, would try to yell to redirect problem reporting, and get his crony female supervisor to see it his way. They both smile at each other like some private joke is going on, no one else knows about in a meeting I am at. When nothing else is going on, as they sweep problems under the carpet.

So where we are is Hillside needs a legal fight? Then they will have it. Corruption is not taking over by me. But make no mistake, the convenience store staff have more professionalism, legal intelligence level, and less accruing jail time than so called corporate leadership.

In the Hillside liars competition I am not sure who gets to pay the $10k state fine among the involved responsible adults. Arrogance in a word, I think God did this to get rid of them because they are thieves.

God Bless


What do you think of Ukrainian Hockey in the Olympics?

March 4, 2014


1. Desert Storm out of Moscow
Russian Soldier boards a train
As the sun beats down on this battlefield
His eyes fill with the pain
Used to be his golden homeland
Now blood falls with the rains
Light cracks the eastern sky
And we’ve finally reached the end.


Until the last day is remembered
Until the last day has been seen
Stand fast as an anchor, in this ragin’ sea
God’s anger, turn to lightning
Don’t you die unsaved
Remember what I’m sayin’
Cause tomorrow is forever.

3. Storm winds blow tonight
Like the dusk before the dawn
Things get worse b’fore they’re getting better
This revelation rages on
I know you know the meaning,
This redemption it’s still free
There’s a smokescreen left behind
Eclipse into eternity.

Part of the song above, written in, way back 1990s, from The Bible EZ 38. Should be recorded heavy, (drummer brings lunch). I used a borrowed guitar from Anthony in Mr. Downstairs when I wrote it. -RB

March 4, 2014


Could you sponsor just a mile on our tour for



Obama has successfully put the US in such bad debt,
that the interest now rivals defense spending.

You understand a patient only has cancer so long before it
kills them. Treading the same winepress of reckless so called
leadership in DC, liberals will destroy America as you know it.
Of course if you are a brat from the Ivy League intent on bringing
down the evil American empire, because Martin Luther King Jr was not
good enough for you…?

I watch Ted Cruz question the Senior Senator from California,
how assertive her replies are all the while avoiding having to answer
the question. Nice work Cruz, accountability, defend rights, save America.
What I am getting at is you don’t deserve to be spoken down to by criminal
government. And, what difference does it make? That was six feet deep worth of drama
for McCain. There should be some liberals waking up to, uh yeah this will not help the country to keep going left.

The budget, if you want to pay off heavy debt, sell fuel, Hydrogen. It doesn’t mean
we spend into oblivion again. Detroit can jog the memory on how to build safer,
double the fuel efficiency cars, with no pollution. They deserve to suffer the way
they turned their back on America. If Detroit was in the book of Jeremiah? 40,000
people die because of crashes annually. What do we need better crash ratings for?

November, that is what it is all about, The Senate to conquer Obama’s
destruction of Liberty.



March 4, 2014

Fortunately with US Peacekeeping forces on the ground in America,
ethnic Russians were perfectly safe in Ukraine to be attacked by revolting
nationals. What on earth did Putin and Russia show up for, like they were invited?
Into such a safe situation after all? They could have left the troops home and walked into a Benghazi. Knowing the leadership of American muddleheaded liberal tactics, that
would be perfectly ok with some (ahem corrupt) democrats, and then they would run for The White House themselves.

Now that The (negligent?) US had not lifted a finger to help stop the violence in Ukraine when it started, we have all the more reason to shame Russia for being the responsible responder right? Let’s talk about law, nobody stops the violence, people die in riots. Democrats are ok with violence, especially when it is a law, a Police Protected Right, we call it abortive murder, they call it medicine.

I think all in all God is more on the side of Putin for keeping the peace, than the self righteous hypocrites in Washington, who were sitting on their hands with the rest of The UN.

Good to see support from The US, for the new Government. Let’s not pat ourselves on the back for things staying peaceful up to this point though. Maybe if Putin had not stepped in, we would have let it go like Syria, 130,000 dead? Would it have been much different if Putin had sent in fire trucks to put out a fire? Nobody would bark at that.


Not as tired as I may appear in the pic. Feeling anabolic, natural, but anabolic. Ready for some hard cardio, stay with the regimen, it regulates stress.

God Bless, thanks all who prayed. If we can keep the peace and stick with hockey and such.

Pasted Graphic


March 3, 2014


This is up here for serious Christians, at God’s leading.


It is costing all parties involved, to extend the situation, for a quick resolution.
I am sure Ukraine would like to get back to peaceful living.

In Jesus’ Name Amen Believers

God Bless


March 3, 2014


A few facts on the situation that hopefully is de-escalating overseas. UN-US Ambassador Powers attempting to say there was no evidence that ethnic Russians were under direct threat in Ukraine.

This is after the President at Ukraine asked for Russia to help protect Russians. News reports say buildings were attacked. So there is reasonable evidence that danger exists
without peacekeeping forces.

Excuse me but stupid, is provoking Russia with statements like that. Trying to tell them that there was no evidence, news says fights were happening between different loyalties. Why, because the situation is tense enough, armed troops are involved. If you want to de-escalate, you better hear the other side speaking. Try to lie and quick impress Obama, and get the russians out the door, self preservation it seems like. The Russians are supposed to just say okay, played for fools, the way liberal politicians and judges try to attack Conservatives in America. If diplomacy does not work, these guys are holding weapons, peoples lives are on the line. When a situation like that goes off it is like fission, you don’t play with a responder in a crisis like that. It is like slapping a Police Dog and hope nothing happens back to you.

A more fitting statement would have been, we understand this situation is not safe, we are trying to help secure this for Ukraine and Russian interests alike. Tell me The US would not do the same for its own interests around the world?

The Russians seemed like decent hosts at The Olympics. Russians have to understand that in America we have Obama, Carney, Pelosi, now Powers, our liberals are fiends often. Overline the vowels in their party title (li-ber-al), it comes out as lie, beer, and ale. And that contraption as a political joke, is how they do business. We would have impeached all of them if we could. There was that saying about shaving a pig, I think Jesus gets it if you read his preaching. The Son of God talking about swine is fact.

Kerry might have enough savvy to draw some good boundaries up to settle the matter. At least get the new Government on its feet and stable before trying to deny the dangers. How to incite more problems is to keep going like Powers, sorry I had to say that.

Paralympics is out now, that is plain ugly.

God Bless


March 3, 2014

Please consider making a contribution now by following this link.

Thank you for your continued support.


Congressman Paul Broun

March 3, 2014

2016 Presidential Debates should center on which of the following criteria?

A. It takes a village of idiots to abort a child.

B. No wait you can use Obamacare also.

C. Wanted dead or alive was a slogan for criminals.

D. Love is a social disease the devotional for a streetwalker named love.

E. Left the right to heaven a long time ago.

F. Who in their right mind would use a jackass as the mascot for a political party?

G. Pickett’s charge in a rowboat was a comparable death to frozen fish at the

H. If you can’t beat them nuke ‘em.

I. Hockey was better than war.

J. You fell for it, fight each other instead of the man in the moon.

K. The FBI still busts criminals I don’t know what liberals were thinking.

L. If Christian metal bands could keep turning out music it would be greatly appreciated.

M. If you fear God pull pack your troops terrorist countries.

March 2, 2014

So far maybe not so bad with Ukraine. It started with violence, and
a President who has been ousted. His Police killed dozens of protesters,
where it is hard to discern was this necessary, inexperience, or a self control
problem? We know the guy was not trustworthy, so he is out. Even if he was
Communist you can’t have a thief in charge, stealing from the rest of the team.
A person like Stalin is a hypocrite, killing millions of your own people, imprisoning
citizens on paranoid suspicion. He disgraced any government meant to help a country. It is like The Russian Bear shot itself in the foot under Stalin. And no I don’t think it is funny.

Putin so far has kept the peace. If the newly formed Government at Ukraine had
involved military against Ukranian authorities, it could have been a blood bath. Who
wants that? Looking back at closing ceremonies at Sochi, I am a lot better with rock
concerts and hockey games, stage shows. Avoid armed conflict, it is the lowest standard of living there is.

Russia was invited in to Ukraine as a mediator? You might say avoiding a Benghazi, that some military muscle to keep the peace along with, isn’t such a bad idea. So we get the
situation down to a trigger, as Kerry travels to the region. If the Government that has
newly formed is by a Democratic process in Ukraine, then it should be respected.
Somehow that means authorities need to be of allegiance to the new Ukraine. So there
has to be a transition of power, getting old Police out, and new in. Which means Ukraine
will need their military at some point, to keep it safe. Even with no violence, as it should be.

Easier said than done with a big percentage of Ukrainians being Russian faithful.
Reality is if they choose an allegiance by Democracy to Russia, we better let it be.
A fair election is that, God moves the hearts of men. The US went too far at The Korean war, ready to nuke China. There was another answer. A bible says God would have stopped communist aggression Himself if He had to, not by war. Like Vietnam you can’t get the situation to gel, because the spiritual alliegances are too weak. There are some
people that will run to communism for protection, because master will take care of them.
They do not have the confidence in a democratic society, even if it means giving up freedom. The problem is they want to commit everyone else’s freedom to their fears.

A treaty is the most constructive way out of the situation. No shots fired, no injures on
either side, Russian soldiers can go home like they were out on patrol. That is not the end of it though, even if a cease fire/treaty takes effect, and Russia leaves interests to a fair
deal. Some stability in the region from The UN, you would hope seems appropriate.

So far Russia may have done more good than harm. On that premise I am not so in favor of heavy sanctions, or maybe any on Russia, the west was going to let the Ukrainian crisis escalate? Credit where it is due. It takes the better country to be the Peacekeeper.


March 1, 2014



The obvious choice for Christians. I had a classmate from Ukrainian roots growing up,
his Mom used to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs for a class activity.


Who cares if they die from starvation?


They do better than us with less evil. Look at our debt,
that is for a wicked country.

In Jesus’ Name



Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic

(Don’t forget taxes, about 6 weeks out on the deadline,
Uncle Sam needs it.)

March 1, 2014


It is still not clear that Russia has done anything so wrong in Ukraine.
Violence in the region, with Russia going in to stop it, maybe. Russia has
a lot of leverage and incentive as the gas supplier for Ukraine, tell them
to stop fighting and resolve it peacefully or the gas stops flowing. It is
the idea of killing a fly with a hammer, it does not take weapons to end
an argument. The right treaty or lesser means can resolve it. It also
threatens the well being of gas customers in Ukraine, so it does not
benefit Russia to harm Ukrainians. I wouldn’t tell you they are doing
anything more than filling a peace keeping role yet from Russia. It
seems understood that the west or UN was not going to do anything.


February 28, 2014


I am not sure what to make of apparent Russian troops moving into the Ukrainian country. Putin had offered a bailout previously is what I have read. The situation went unstable with the ousted leader. So the potential is there for chaos with no clear leadership. Also for Russia to stabilize things is possible, in that absence. It is safer for Russia to do so from a distance. Olympics went so well, it does not make much sense to see unnecessary violence in Ukraine.


The news saying that the Iranian ships headed for the Atlantic, at least one was involved in running weapons to Sudan. If you are talking about a ship 600 feet long, and you don’t
really know what is in it, when Iran threatened to sink US ships? And we want to send a
Coast Guard Cutter to intercept the 9-11 class vessel? Iran saying that the US can sense how its ships will be sunk. OK Cruise Missile, seems likely. How about EMP also ahead of
the missile? We can let them within 14 miles, or even up the Chesapeake and they shoot at

The small amount of Calculus I took says we don’t do this. Iran goes home, and works on
their own country, is a better outcome than drowning to death in the frigid Atlantic. I see
the tensions between Japan and China, then the US sending B-52 flights past China, and the East China Sea, like the death line of Libya. China sending a ship to near Hawaii in the
tensions. So why are we trusting an Iranian ship that is suspected of being in China?

China gives us Walmart and it is good, Russia handled the Olympics, fine. A small country
like Iran with a devilish grin, getting between superpowers as a catalyst is not a very good role. Nobody needs their violence problem to upset world peace. An embarrassing
aggression problem from Iran in the past towards Israel. And then to play the offended
victim role further with the US?

Japan though if they bought the disputed islands near China, Japan is the customer.
So we leave them alone like people leave China’s purchases alone.


February 27, 2014


Excerpt from a letter which was a little long. This was from my 2nd Lawyer,
on the Hillside case. However it was on behalf of several staff who were suing the
apparent criminal behavior at the same site I was at. Wanting to know if I would join them also.

The way it goes over among workers, is people get together around a situation like
this, and the hard working players on the field, agree among themselves, that it
happened to you also? Isn’t this ridiculous, I thought this was America. It is like a movie where the bad guys are the office weasels, ripping off the righteous staff. How else could they get caught if we did not see them do this?

Or in other words, you caught them too coworkers? Blame it on me? Compounding
slander is where that is going, fresh deformation to add to the old. That comes from a
general cockiness problem in the corporate realm, where labor was not completed, and
the law informing staff had to clean up mess #2 for the laziest of staff.

It goes without saying, that the staff who did make the problems in my case at the very
lowest level. Arrest, prosecution, is next time, I have seen what grievance does, nothing.
That is my legal right, I am not playing around with it either, you dare to harass clients,
or have the arrogance to disturb another staff’s job…silver bracelets are so pretty?
Citizens arrest is fine with me, you do the crime you can do the time. I saw my share of staff that thought in 3’s, or abusive language was going to project power, even though some were management, big whoop. It will be my honor to hold down the crime where necessary. -Russ

Pasted Graphic 2

Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic 3

February 27, 2014

At its first birthday this issue is gravestones ahead of Washington

Pasted Graphic

What is the matter can’t you get your fill of blood you liberal murderers,
you have to punk on babies, and unborn live babies? Body parts on Mexican
highways is oh so bad, but you are Bill Clinton and Harvard civilized, barbarians.
Why don’t you just rip babies heads off, there medicine nice and humane.

One of the higher paying jobs I looked at during the corporate Hillside criminal escapade, was at shock camp for drug rehab, more like boot camp. Some people just don’t get it without the wake up call. That is the duller group. You are or are not
in a murder pro choice America? Like the Mormon polygamy, a disgrace to our flag. Maybe you should check in to jail before you get anybody else killed?

Roe v. Wade is the biggest pile of manure I have seen under the US Constitution. I find this
reference exactly under Jesus’ preaching in the book of Luke. As he references things that are unfit for the pile of smelly, horse loaf, lying in fields, also known as fertilizer.
It is a direct quote, proper and civilized. You kill children 9-11 generation. And liberals
would like to run your country, not a chance in hell. Blood for blood, remember, you started a game with God he intends to finish.


February 26, 2014


When Hillary stepped down from Sec of State, everyone knows that
she would have been fired pending a complete investigation. So yeah
I think Hillary would run in 2016, no she does not have any legitimate
credentials to so so, having gotten four Americans killed. That was
your resume, negligence that should have been prosecuted as
manslaughter. Congress decided it was preventable and terrorist.

But Obama claims that Benghazi was his fault. This can’t be, Hillary was
the primary staff in neglect, so Obama lied. Therefore The President can be
impeached, sweet as a Georgia peach, and we will have gummed up the works
with Biden. Moral of the story? Liberals is some grimy criminal minded individuals.
Patriots need to regain the control of Washington before the Capital becomes
the brood headquarters for all political scams abroad.

Do you think Holder should be prosecuted retroactive for not doing his job once
removed? Some crimes are on a statute that can reach way back. If it was Dennis the
menace he would be in trouble for much of these crimes, the aristocracy is above the law.
Because you Patriots are unworthy, say it isn’t so, the peace loving liberals who executed
their kids in abortion aren’t so philanthropic after all?

November, 8 months and change away, stop Obama with The Senate Election.


February 25, 2014


By a Bible this is not where I thought we would be in 2014. As I have said the prophecy of Jesus’ time we have passed for the end times to be in motion now, and should leave us approaching the final seven years of Earth. That is a distinct point in history, it at least would have to be preceded by a terrible attack on Israel for Ezekiel 38 to hold true (not in a Gideons bible), for the final 7 to begin. Not that we missed anything yet from scriptures, but the character of God has changed.

Something very revealing happened as a Christian when God gave Himself up years ago. The means of The Bible do not justify, sanctify, or support the Holy character we think of as God. The spirit of God silenced a worshipper, to say “let me show you something”, retracing steps back to the creation. Where an Omniscient God created man knowing discipline would be necessary, and still elected rape, incest, and murder as means of communicating with beings who often were not even aware of the so called rules. The act of neglect and abuse, that God lets you go your own way to return saying you naughty kittens, you need a Savior now.

The picture I come up with for creation is not Darwin either, it is still God or The Bible authors, but not exact. Because they were there at least in part through God, Darwin was not. A second piece of the puzzle was carbon dating being revealed through my college chem classes, that God drew upon. When carbon decays it loses an electron from the nucleus and becomes more positive. This influences the neighboring carbon to lose an electron even faster. The theory of normal carbon dating is not based on anything, that similar carbons take different intervals to decay by billions of years? Not very likely if they were all made in the same factory. What I suspect is the decay accelerates in carbon batches, and the testing measure for the process has not existed long enough, to have new carbon and test it over years, saying we actually know how old it is from the start of the experiment. So the decay rate should go from a horizontal asymptote to vertical, or a curve drawn that looks like a ramp, higher on the left end for Darwin and lower on the right, for how carbon decays over millions of years. To fit the bible, the curve is vertical, like a tarp hanging off the side of a building from the roof (further from the building at the ground level), and goes so steep as you go right on it, it represents how decaying carbon effects the rest of the batch it is in. As straight as I can tell you, the magnetism of the atom, fits the bible timeline of an Earth around 6000 years old. Science has not disproven that, they have not proven anything that is enough for Darwin to be supported in a court.

When I say God gave Himself up, I was looking at the Universe like a construction project.
There is an endless supply of matter in space, rearranged, it would provide any building materials for a moon. Also an endless source of fuel for space travel.

What one might guess, when the speed of light makes hitting the Earth with a beam possible in just over 1 second from the moon’s furthest distance, can God transcend the human mind by the magnetism of light? If you remember Tesla trying to hit the moon with a laser.

If that were the case, survival seems to be the name of the game. What machine would be capable of making such planets as The Earth and Moon? Something on the order of an Atomic vehicle like the Atomic Bomber, but it would start as a land vehicle, converting knowns to moon rock. If the math was right, 33 floors of the moon, at US population density, would house planet Earth’s people. That is how big the moon is internally.

So why? A God would go through all this creating and then give up the theater of the bible? A construction project, creating workers from Earth. When you have achieved your goal of staff why keep going, if you were only moving on to building another Mars or Jupiter. Somemday you have too many people at Earth. What are you going to do just murder them, let them in on the gag? And give them the wheel to go build their own planet?

If it is what I suspect is possible, you can lay down layers of moon rock with the right machines, and drill it with a laser. The big key is you put down materials where you know how much was used, by computer. That is how an Earth can be a gyroscope that keeps time,
it is spin balanced. You would have to guess that if survival at an earlier stage was very difficult, maybe an Earth goes together in 1000 years with a big crew, and then the relapse, who wants to keep doing that, so you party for a few thousand years more and get drunk and abusive towards your future crew. Like Israel where they are told they are not the ones who established the land, and have forgotten right ways, like America today.

The size advantage of a bigger planet, is if they do fight, light beams might be the only way to span distance between them, so thicker armor is wanted. What I don’t get, if that is such a concern, why is there no evidence of such fighting going on? In other words slow down you crack heads and rapists that God motivates, you don’t need to come up with a slave work crew that fast, so why are you so arrogant towards Earth? Just a little lazy party animals?

As I have said before, the English language in over lined vowels reveals quite a lot about an acronymic language. I believe in Jesus, and that he must have had a Father, but you have to question if God in such a word game, is Go! -D or short for go defense. It is an army
of one million or billion? I remember hearing that when a bear hibernates it recycles waste from its own body. A moon does not have to give off any gases if utilized properly by inhabitants.

So what I am saying is the pieces don’t fit. Not Darwin, not straight bible. It is worth saying that if you think the sun will go out at some point in history, humans will need a moon like shelter.

Medicine also is part of the picture. Cures for Cancer and HIV which are physical structures, can only sustain so much physical stress. God cures those from what distances? Natural frequency of disease I think is related to cures. 1 Megahertz of energy is 1million cycles in 1 second, the lower ultrasound setting. Cell structures break at some interval of electromagnetic energy. Like the singer with a glass.

I think for God or Defense to give itself up. It says something about intentions. What is needed is a righteous society, where people watch each others backs as Patriots, not pirates. Thugs I can’t see with any future. It is so much work to survive who is going to keep putting up with crime?

If you look at space, I would say it is good evidence we are not alone. I am more hopeful
looking around that way, than discouraged by the evidence God has left us.

Jesus becomes part of a crime in this, but I look at the settings he tried to leave for man to follow. That is hard to argue with as far as basic boundaries. Why one would suspect,
cowards hid behind him, to mechanize Earth as a slave factory, and blame it all on him. I think he was the better character than those unseen. Prayer still follows because I think it works, and I agree with the Patriot values of the bible, like each man was a country. The potential for man to build is maybe unlimited, but you have to subdue crime to end the fight of oppression. Nobody wants a Master over them, things being lorded over to you, freedom is what you wanted, but righteous, not when you are leaving knives in peoples backs, and babies skulls.


February 24, 2014

Encouragement to the Patriots out there.

NY Rep Tom Reed
at Ovid and Danby, NY.

The NY Safe Gun Act obviously I don’t support, it is an incompetent piece of
legislation. The way to control crime is not taking away ammo rounds from
responders and would be victims.


February 24, 2014

Please sign to help stop Obama’s takeover attitude problem.

signing your
Taxpayer Freedom of Speech Petition

February 23, 2014


Closing Ceremonies were nothing short of the
Opening. When I said ridiculous, to mean so good beyond
what the world has known. Radio City is not even like that.

Don’t let me forget the showmanship of the delayed fifth snowflake/
Olympic Ring, see, they know what they are doing.

Mens four man Bobsled I enjoyed a lot. The focus is there,
intensity level of the sport, and power element. With The
Russian crowd cheering them on, Russians took Gold. Sports
fans had to appreciate that. And after the long drought in the
sport The US Team medaling.

It seems robbery to not say well done to Canada Gold Medal
Mens Hockey.

Paralympics are ahead to the credit of the host country.



On Ukraine:

I hope for a peaceful solution, if Police backed up 10 yards or had barriers,
and protesters sat down, it might have stopped the flash point of the conflict.



If they continue to encroach on US borders, we will sink their ships is where I
would leave it. International water at the teens of miles, with anti ship missiles
that go near 200 miles? We shouldn’t go fight in the center of the ring? Email from John Bolton pointing out that Iran has denied ever agreeing to dismantle anything through their Foreign Minister.



Where we have left off with the case. My understanding at this point, is
that the other side has to file a notice of entry with the County, after which there is 30 days for an appeal to be filed against Hillside. That is with NYS Court Of Appeals, after entry into NYS Supreme Court.

The evidence is very simple, in two parts. Benefits were billed in that pay period surrounding appeals within the agency, and were to cover until the end of the month.
Benefits are a form of pay, and appear on the paystub with other wages. The redeemable
grievance procedure, which is not an employer option, but a staff right in policy, handled fairly it would have paid more wages, therefore, as a staff hired for those two wages at the time of appeals, by NYS Law definition of employed, Boardman vs. Hillside qualified as filed on time, and damages are due.

I have no intention of laying down and playing victim for corporate brats who victimized
the agency with their crime. They have created monetary damages to Hillside by their
insubordination and attempt to sweep child abuse reporting under the carpet. Outrage in a word is what their version of doing their jobs is. All on taxpayers backs, just about.
the majority of funds is taxpayer. Turn my back and let them do this to somebody else, forget it. NY Attorney General should have this wrapped up very easily or something is
wrong with our legal system. Governor Cuomo wanted to stop crime, yeah me too.

I think the remaining board of Hillside has every right to be offended by the crime their
staff have attempted to work up in the company name. If they don’t then the law needs to get rid of them also. We could go the longer road and maybe on a six year statute Hillside
accrues damages before they decide to get legal, I can’t see criminal prosecution letting them get that far. The law says the more they resist, the more the $10k state fine is wanted by criminals within. That is not faithful staff, what it is, is a cheap imitation of
hard work and American standards,

I don’t like cheap.


February 23, 2014

Tea Party Link

Having trouble viewing this message? Click here to view online

To order Constitution Course and Patriot Bible.

Link from Stop Hillary PAC
Deadline approaching...

need you to do so right now

February 22, 2014


#1. Ukraine:

Heroics of Pastors, orphans in need.
Please help Freedom Village move 20 tons of food with donations
Email from Pastor Brothers (below).

#2. Olympics:

It has been great to watch, peace sustaining, the world must do this
again sometime.

#3. Senate:

The GOP must rise, Tea Party, and corral the corruption of

#4. Christians:

Around the world facing persecution from lesser men.

In Jesus’ Name




SFLA is doing a tremendous service to America,
as discriminatory criminals are being found out
around the country. Those attempting to criminally administrate
acts against The U.S. Constitution, and unborn babies, the calamities of
so called leadership. Thanks SFLA for being the athletes God is using to
bring justice to America, it is bigger than any NCAA sport. If you can help SFLA
with funds I am sure they can put it to good use.


February 22, 2014


Bryce Asberg and Wilson High School group- Wilson Students For Life
is standing up to discrimination in Tacoma, Washington. Other student clubs are
allowed rights to demonstrate, including a gay group, but not the Pro Life righteous.

can you send Bryce and the rest of the members of Wilson Students for Life a short message of encouragement?

Bryce you and your group are champions, saving US babies from murder.
Don’t ever apologize for that. The devil does not have enough mustard to stop
a properly enforced US Constitution.


SFLA made this story available on Wilson also.




February 22, 2014


February 22nd, 2014


Ukrainian orphans desperately need help
We have about 20 tons of food and clothing being securely guarded in Ukraine but I need to get $3000 to our people quickly to get it all moved and distributed and we must move fast for two reasons. Obviously the conditions in Ukraine and secondly, the orphanages are running out of food. Our Operation Mercy team members have been working around the clock to keep wood supplied and food supplied to our orphanages but the supplies are exhausted. We need your help---they need your help today!
The orphanages have received nothing from the government in weeks. No money, no food, no wood---nothing.
I invite you to go to and see the precious lives I am asking you to save. Partner, they don't know about world affairs and protests or who their President is, Vladimir Putin, Barak Obama or Tiny Tim---they do know Jesus and that He loves them and you love them because you feed them, clothe them and keep them warm.
Look at their faces on the website. See the trust in their eyes and then go to either or and help them. Our giving sites are secure and you can use a credit card or Pay Pal.
A FRIEND SAID RECENTLY, "Fletch, I am so sorry you guys are over there while all this is going on?" I know the spirit in which he meant it, but I said---"Are you kidding? I am so glad we are there. Those children need our help and we are there "for such a time as this."
Ukraine is in crisis---but our orphans don't have to be! These containers are ready to distribute I just need your help. Please do the best you can today!

Pastor Brothers

Freedom Village Ukraine

February 21, 2014

Supreme Court II

The idea that abortion and terrorism are synonymous. If a Judge or a Court passed
a law that it was legal to murder on the street. Let’s pick a victim group, an ethnicity,
or certain age, a clear act of discrimination. The general public gets the understanding that terrorism is now in effect, if you are of that victim group, the Judge, (although Judges are not supposed to pass laws, but they do in the supreme corpse), has now made murder a Police protected activity.

I don’t know if you remember that movie the Beastmaster, HBO, at the end of it you have this great stone sacrificial altar, and the bad guys are trying to kill babies on it. Your regular planned parenthood (murder scam epicenter). It is nothing new, like Baal worship in the bible, they execute their kids.

So there you are in the public and the situation with Castro goes by in Ohio. Rapes women in his home. Talk about the freaking gate to hell. I don’t think too many people cried when he hung himself. Let’s say a Judge makes that a Police protected activity?
Do we have terrorism yet? OK worse, you can bring your unborn alive baby here to Castro, stab the little devil in the head, and kill him, Police Protected murder. A Judge
has now authored terrorism in America, organized crime of the highest degree, taxpayer funded murder. Some of the dopey liberals still think this is health care. That is right you have now cured the medical condition known as health, life, and well being, someone else’s nonetheless you criminal.

Where does that leave the Judge, accomplice to murder? If it was inciting a riot you would be held partially responsible for the outburst. Kill a baby, who cares, we’ll make more? If a terrorist was trying to sign up people to come to their camp to kill kids, (you know like the Obamascam exchanges), roughly it would be an act of war. But if the supreme injustices say OK, you can kill your baby. A God damned sacrificial murder, am I being clear enough for you?

Another angle to look at this is, you have removed the Police protection afforded to newborns by American Law at Roe v. Wade, and assigned it to the murder camps of planned parenthood.

The Judge giggles, horns sprout from his temples, he turns a sadistic red, rolling up his sleeve revealing the Nazi tattoo. Another baby is scratched off his genocide scorecard, “ One less humanoid to contend with, they are using up my oxygen” he exclaims.

I still don’t think people get it, if you orchestrated 9-11, America will give you the death penalty. If you arranged the massacre of millions of babies, and Police protected the event,
you are not guilty of worse? Wouldn’t be different if you legalized murder on the street against a certain victim group. So punk on the helpless liberal babies instead?

That is where a Judge has involved themself with terrorism, genocide, murder. If they legalized open season on Blacks on the street, likely they could get the death penalty?
But not with BABIES?

God Bless


February 21, 2014

Supreme Court

That was bad, nightmare, I woke up and God was asking me
if The Supreme Court should have went to death row for Roe vs. Wade?

The high and mighty decision of the court, come on they were only lawyers
in robes. Sons and daughters being executed, babies squirming while doctors
were stabbing their brains out. Liberals are a sick group, no murder going on there,
everything normal, medicine as it should be. If the babies start shooting back, it is going
to be self defense, what happens after that, it will be no one to blame but yourself? The only murder in America that has no victims. It is true though, the court really does deserve the chair for that, go kill your baby, nobody around here cares. How many million were executed because of their stupidity? The gavel might as well been an executioner’s sword. How do people not get that, Metallica or Megadeth is too extreme to a lot of music fans, but here go kill your own kid. At six months, a Doctor delivers a baby to an incubator and they live, I hate to use the term but you hear about people who deserve to be shot, it’s starting to sound relevant, an abortion doctor executes a kid, it’s first degree murder, nice and legal.

How did that translate off the law books from murder to medicine,
crack head logic.
A bayonet is made for war, why is that any different with the killing jones against
babies? A fiend is a person who does that, crazy like the snottiest lawyer liberals
could find, some disguise. If that is medicine then all liberals want to have the procedure too then, on themselves, therapy. Reality do they really deserve death row?

‘Well we need not decide when a life begins’ - Supreme Court.
Is that a fact?


February 20, 2014

Congratulations Team Canada Womens Hockey Gold.

& Team USA Womens Hockey Silver.

February 20, 2014

View it in your browser.


February 20, 2014




February 20, 2014

From Michele PAC:

Dear Russ,

Right now, I'm sure you are just as outraged as I am.
We have never had a President more disregarding of our laws than we do today.

-Michele Bachmann

February 19, 2014

SFLA Article

February 19, 2014

Clarification on email from yesterday, SFLA
those go out to a lot of people. Excerpts are to
keep things short, sometimes format is also a question,
IBM compatibles don’t handle some email too well, so it gets



USA Womens Hockey going for gold.

Russia as a country takes better care of its people
than we do even with communist influence, why? Maybe
we have more devils to deal with. The number of people that
are slaves to drugs or perversion, here? No shortage, look at
the drug and media industry that sells. American idol in old testament
would have been exile to pharaoh, or Iraq, we think it is a big joke? The pieces fit,
suffering under waywardness. I am glad when it is done that Russia has Sochi now
as a training center.


I get a lot out of The Olympics, if you watch NFL playoffs late in the season, Bowl Games,
and this goes so long. Upstate NY, snow covered, I could cook a turkey, Thanksgiving
all over again, it is festive, a very good setting for watching Sochi. We must keep the
peace for it to continue.



A positive for the system with coworkers. It has been the teammates I had
who were the righteous that made the job work for any agency or the state,
maybe the client. The philosophy taught by trainings has been that in a crisis you remove the target, trigger or weapon, to end it. The trigger being the offensive object that incites a client. It needs to remain that a clinically diagnosed client who has been that way for 16 years or one, who acts in that manner for several adults in a variety of
settings, is responsible for their own behavior. It should never be the fault of the appropriate responder, who did their assigned job. I see the sleep around clinician and admin would like to reassign that, but we know who is to blame. Liberal winds seem to retaliate against the staff who are reporting problems. It is a legal wrong, like blaming a teacher for a student who refuses their own work. Why is it positive, because evil gets weeded out of the system whether it is a criminal lawyer or staff who is playing the taxpayers, Administrative office sneaks. Law enforcement gets sharper as problems are handled. Like watching COPS? Or Fox News these days.

It is not always military staff either who are good, some of them are trouble, the righteous are the ones we need. That is how we help NY.


February 18, 2014



Stand with Dr. Carson and help to kick off this effort with
a donation now.

I was thinking today before I got this email, how in Communist countries the government provides medicine. And how Oblundercare is forcing people to buy it now, with the level of care being degraded, it is worse than communism. If the government forced you to buy
anything else, freedom just went in the trash. There was a better answer to medicine, the
label could not be worse, it is like calling planned genocide, planned parenthood. Obamacares? It’ll be a warm day in hell when that happens. The uninsured Americans are the only ones who needed coverage, everyone else could have been left alone. Now there is no incentive to achieve if you are riding the system. The bible says a Godly President would have been able to balance the budget better.

My first year at UMES went so well, I looked at Med School for UMAB. Dr. Carson having
been John Hopkins, the gift to America to have him in against Obamascam.




Dear Russ,
I'm sorry for such an early e-mail this morning, but I can't wait any longer! I'm so excited to tell you that your prayers, calls, and e-mails worked! Last night, the

University of Alabama apologized to our pro-life group, Bama Students for Life, and is allowing them to put their pro-life display up once again!


Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America
Can you chip in just $10 today

February 17, 2014


#1. Kim Jong Un

If there is a God, Kim is in deep trouble.

He has shamed his people with the weakness of criminal behavior.
Rodman might not be as clean cut as Samson or even Jordan, but you
have to give him credit he actually tried.

In Jesus’ Name



#2. IRAN

I talked with a man who deployed to Afghanistan some time ago.
He told me when you fight The United States, that from other countries,
foreign soldiers know they themselves are going to die. So what does that prove?
Blame America for your misery when you are too lazy to build your own country?
The religion of murder is not the one that established The US, so it sure aint because
some other religion is more holy that America is coveted.


February 16, 2014

If it were passed into law...


Whereas any Justice of The Supreme Court of
The United States Of America shall infringe upon
the Constitutional free rights of any citizen, by decision
rendered, to violate the definition of legal. As defined by
The American Patriot Constitution, Declaration of Independence,
is therefore guilty of a crime.

The remedy for said crime to be no less than removal from the Federal
bench permanently, revocation of any legal licensure to practice law in the
50 U.S. States, and damages equivocal to the accrued payable on demand to the
Plaintiff. The initiation and authority of this process to be enacted at the disposal
of The U.S. Senate, for review of cases and Justices qualifying to be challenged under
this red, white, and blue penmanship.

Here ends the aristocracy of crooked government.



February 15, 2014


Russian skicross racer Maria Komissarova.

Fractured T-12 in practice & underwent surgery today.

In Jesus’ Name

Amen & Amen


February 15, 2014

Email from NY Gov. Cuomo

You can buy into lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, also an Empire State

February 15, 2014


If you remember the vision of a goat and ram from the bible,
the goat traveling around the world without touching land
(seaborne) and shattering the horns of the ram (Daniel ch 8).

What countries are these in the bible?
Being a goat is not a complement, it is the mark of a criminal.
We passed the landmark scriptures of Matthew 24 and Jesus’
preaching in the 1990s and later. People say well there was always
end times prophecies, yeah but they did not have the fulfillment of that
passage MT 24 like now.

A relevant point, Christians changing the scriptures by no authority
is not the work of God. In Moses’ day you followed the law or were stoned to death.
The trinity did not exist, faithful Israel followed one God in one part. So who are
modern heretics to change the message despite 5 warnings from bible authors, and
try to pass off three Gods when it is a direct breaking of the commandments.

I hear the cover up that such faithful Christians are only legalist that actually
follow Jesus’ teachings. As if the deviant church is more concerned with God
than the faithful? I don’t accept such liberal press from lesser Christians who are not
committed in hard work, talents, following the teachings, nor their intent as if so sociable. Slackers is what they is, unfriendly, uneducated, unjustified by the precious
King James Bible that expels them from the association of a legitimate christian church.
The literal translation in Hebrew of The Lord God is Yahweh, it is not Jesus, that is history.

Olympic athletes are that because they have refined their talents in the flame of hard work. Immersed in the burning desire to improve. When Jesus did it all for you,
you have become dead weight in the body of Christ. His teachings are you do your part.
That is what teamwork is about.

The present situation with Iran is where arrogance meets freedom, as it was with North Korea. You want a better life you go work for it. Oh lets go blame the responder who
tries to stop crime in the world? Nope.

God gave us freedom, that is what we defend.


Conservatives please bring it in for this.

#1. Sochi: Continued blessing on Russia, it has been
well worth watching the world compete in athletic competition.


Obama does not care if he spits in your face with lies on national TV,
Carney is a person I doubt most small business owners would even trust
to hire. YOUR CONSTITUTION is under criminal advance, America’s children
are left to that disgrace?

#3. Putin:

He got it right with these Olympics, I think America appreciates the games
Russia has put on.

#4. Liberals:

Some of them can be redeemed, others belonging in jail to protect society
from their schemes.

#5. The USA

Still a dirty animal in many areas.

#6. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Economy:

It solves pollution, safer crash ratings, energy crisis, fuel prices,
Detroit? The debt has such a high rate of return on the interest,
Uncle Sam needs a money maker.

#7. Elections

a solid GOP Senate stops Obama.

In Jesus’ Name



February 15, 2014

Congratulations Team USA Mens Hockey, a win over Russia.

Thanks Russia for a great game.

It is like two all star teams.


February 14, 2014



Good to see The Olympics in full swing,
this time it is different with many of the players
being NHL, compared to 1980. Despite being for
Team USA, I am not really against The Russian Team.



I know people are focused on The Olympics, I am not sure why
sanctions do not worsen against Iran with aggression problems.
It happened under Carter, they want to send us warships, why do we want
to buy anything? OK two old ships that likely pose little threat off a coast.
They also carry anti ship missiles, take a look at HMS Sheffield in The Falkland
Islands, sunk by a similar missile. If it was pirates off Africa we would take care
of business like it was a threat. The statements Iran made, appear to be of a vicious
nature. Old planes are used as platforms for nuclear war, it is not wise to play around
with this situation.

The t shirt I had from the ’80 Olympics, the Raccoon on the front, sort of like in a stained
glass design, cells within the drawing, which revealed another drawing after I bought it,
and could see the Ayatollah tumbling off the ski jump, with 50 gallon barrels of oil underneath him, falling over backwards. People were not happy with the hostage crisis that spanned the Olympics. I was just a kid looking for a sports souvenir.



February 14, 2014

Email excerpt from Sheriff Joe

That's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Stop Hillary PAC today. Will you please click on this link and sign your name to my Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign?

And after you sign your pledge, will you please chip in with a generous donation of $25, 50 or even $100 to help me fight Hillary Clinton across America? Your gift could not come at a more important moment.

It's up to you.

Please send help if you can.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

February 14, 2014

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

A day about Christian integrity more than anything else.


US Military

Peacekeepers on point.

In Jesus’ Name



February 13, 2014


Julia Roberts

Death in the family and pathetic guilt trip against her.

In Jesus’ Name





Unfortunate he had to step out of competition, a gift to
Russia as an athlete.



Team USA winning in Mens and Womens.
It feels disrespectful if I did not mention Dustin Brown,
(L.A. King) scored for Team USA, he is from my hometown of Ithaca, NY.
Not to wear on people, USA Womens Bobsleders from Cornell also.
Russia winning in Hockey, are we headed to a rematch of 1980?

Snow continues to fall in upstate NY, looks like the Olympics belong here.



For the prosecution of crime at New Orleans,
administrative crime actually stopped. As SFLA
approaches crime, and Rand Paul, Patriots coming back
against the forces of evil. You understand COPS was my
favorite show. When I watched more TV.

God Bless


February 13, 2014

here to sign the petition right away

The Obama administration is determined to harness the power of the IRS to silence free speech from groups like my friends at the National League of Taxpayers.


Rand Paul, MD
U.S. Senator (R-KY)

February 12, 2014


Is battling Administrative crime at U of Alabama.
You mean the staff that told the organization, they
were going to do their job and follow the law, as Administrators
has supported porn and violence over Pro Life rescue, some school. Oppression
again, the liberals take full responsibility, how thoughtful of them (not).

Can you send an emergency
gift of $25 right now to help us stand with Bama Students for Life and make sure they have all the resources they need to fight this


February 12, 2014

Recycling Question

If two rust buckets were presented at Fort McHenry,
do you feel recycling them if possible is more eco friendly
or decorating the ocean bottom, a type of landscape and
scenery improvement for sea life?

February 11, 2014


Tom Brokaw has cancer,
(I felt God was telling me to put his name up.)

In Jesus’ Name



February 9, 2014

Click on to sign support for Sarah Palin
U.S. Senate.

That's why it's urgent you sign your "Now or
Never Petition" today

The devil has gotten comfortable in Washington
we need Sarah and as many like her to run for
November. Liberals are not going to allow you to
have your freedom, you have to defend against their
criminal ideals as a means of prosecution.

We are very fortunate to have her on our side. It is time
Obama gets held accountable and stopped by the houses in


Olympics, I saw the Sochi hockey pucks on line,
wouldn’t mind one of those if it could be had. -RB

February 9, 2014

I watched the practice runs from the Mens downhill at Sochi.

Places I have skied at in the past:

Greek Peak
Labrador Mountain
Song Mountain
Whiteface Mountain
Jiminy Peak
Bretton Woods
Spirit Mountain

An excellent run they designed in Russia for this Olympics. Maybe the steepest places I was at that are comparable, Starr looks like the name of the trail at Stowe, next to National. I was a junior in High School next to the #3(?) steepest trail in the country at one time. A usual at Greek Peak is to ski the Olympian, at the far right looking up the hill,
get in a tuck and bomb the whole run, forget fancy turns and all the finessin’, it is about speed. And Whiteface, from the 1980 Olympics, I was young but I skied it.

It has been a long time since I skied. Kids starving to death in Africa has put an end to near $50 lift tickets for one day. 10th Mountain division started The National Ski Patrol,
if I had a schedule that fit, that would not be out of the question. One of the main things to watch out for is setting your bindings too tight, boot top fractures, and ACL injuries are very easy to take on if you get reckless.

I look at that trail in Russia, a lot of fun I think.


Februaury 8, 2014


#1. Sochi

#2. Terrorists who have no eternal future.


We need these seats to overturn Supreme Court evil.


Gaining momentum against homicidal liberals.

#5. Sheriff Joe

In Jesus’ Name



February 8, 2014


Wow, that was an opening ceremony, so good I thought it was
ridiculous. Thanks to all The Russian performers, planners,
Athletes of all countries. That was definitely worth it. Even
with the unplanned graphic of the Olympic ring that remained
as a snow flake, it was the red ring, to represent Red from the
Russian flag, for the frozen continent hosting, so it worked fine,
and was the full ring at the end of the ceremony. It would not
surprise me if that turned up on a t shirt as artwork someday.

I get the idea if we took a vote among nations involved,
world war III would be canceled.

Looking forward to Hockey, Downhill Skiing, Bobsled, and many
other sports.


February 6, 2014

February 6, 2014


A day to sport your Pro Life artwork on sidewalks.













We are under fresh snow in NY, so here is my sidewalk art:


Pasted Graphic

February 6, 2014

Olympics are here!

That was the first look I got at Bolshoy Ice Dome
in Russia, beautiful.

I am very thankful they hosted, hope all goes well
for Sochi 2014


Today’s posting is spaced far from the jealous
corruptions of the world, in yesterday’s. How
misery would love company?

February 5, 2014


It looks like an appeal can go through. I took from that day
in court, The Judge really didn’t appreciate negligence towards
children. The only way that the defense was able to bar a
Judgement right there, was to lie.

So (repeat again), if I had benefits at the time of the Hillside appeals,
which you would only assign to, earn, and retain as an employee, because
it is a form of pay, then I meet law definition of employed. The same with the
appeal being an assigned right, redeemable for cash money at that frame on
8 calendar days of pay, maybe less working days, and any other monies after that.
It meets the same point, you are paying this staff wages, and have made them hirable
for that wage of appeals. It is the appeals procedure that tells the payroll dept to
get out of the crime and get off Mr. Boardman’s back.

To restate to the court my role as Sociotherapist and involvement in relentless mental health care duties to file under retaliation against healthcare, I would do it if allowed.
YCP was the same job as Sociotherapist, Hillside tried to minimize that in court, when I have enough education to be case manager.

Normally in murder trials you see the consecutive civil and criminal trials, not at the
same time with obvious conflicts. Hillside I don’t know, they get served Justice, maybe
The NY Attorney General can simultaneously prosecute the records falsification, lying
in court, obstruction of Hillside Appeals, and the Admin non feasance dept. They are hanging by a thread in evidence, with time running out as the defense, and damages accruing. Like before,
wiser criminals would have settled. I can’t see that Judge wanting
to let criminals get over on the law, he seemed like the real McCoy, maybe just didn’t deal
with an appeal before as wages or redeemable.

If appeals is not wage, then you can confiscate it as the employer and do no monetary damage, which is not the case. Since it is policy, staff are hired to that wage, which is the
legal definition of a staff. If it was someone else, would it be fair for Hillary Clinton to
be denied one an appeal or two the right to be recognized as a staff in the appeal, when she can be paid by it? The no benefits lie seems an obvious violation. You better have the teeth if you want that apple Admin.
The Board needs to can the devils.

This can’t happen again, taxpayers money being used, while Hillside reinvents the wheel
on how to get corporate felons to follow policy and laws. Next time it needs to be
immediate prosecution of the criminals, by staff Attorney, NY Attorney General. I guess
you can say they did permit the crime to go for months even when shown the violations, so
they can put that on the jail resume. I am sick of it they are robbing you NY.


February 5, 2014

(Grunge Alt Lyric Intro)

Swimming in the gasoline
Lifeguard’s patience is wearing thin
looks like he’s lightin’ up again.


1. Lifeguard swims like a rock to the bottom of the ocean,
The Mr. Millstone ‘round your neck (l)ends you, another hand,
Soldier of evil, can’t stop the addiction
The devil on your shoulder when you
Need your freedom man.

2. Warned by King David on the counsel of the wicked
Snake in the garden had his own new jersey way,
His love can’t move an old shoe,
Been stuck in the fire -last 30 years,
Leading the world to a fiery neigh,
Sure you can.

Oh sure you can
You’ll never make The Judgment
What Cain was to Abel
Somethings never change

3. All it comes down to is another stage to play
Mamas say don’t talk to strangers,
Still gonna burn with that silly cape,
The perfect example, pied piper leads to hell.
It’s someone else’s wife again?
Because she can, ahem.

February 5, 2014

Citrus Bioflavonoid

Supplements available that keep your blood from clotting.
This is an antioxidant. GNC does not usually have it, Vitamin
World did, then discontinued.

You can also take Vitamin World Grapeseed extract. 1 capsule
has 300 mg Citrus Bioflavonoid, take 1-4 per day.

The TV show I had watched on this, was with The French eating 30%higher fat diets
than Americans but having lower heart attack rates, with slick blood from bioflavonoid
in red grape it was thought.

I don’t understand it, why more people don’t take this supplement or it has not
become super popular, look at all the people with heart attacks. You would rather go
through heart surgery?


February 4, 2014

THE FBI rescuing 16 teens from prostitution at The
Super Bowl. We are on the same wavelength here,
protecting America’s Young Patriots from adults who just
don’t care, corporate or not.


February 4, 2014

Dogs are being killed in Russia to protect Children from being bitten.
I know a lot of animal rights activists and liberals don’t agree with the

I remember walking at the base where I lived, not so far from the gym, the
howl of Coyotes on a regular basis. First day I heard one was a year before,
and it was followed by the report of shotgun the second day. Then there was
no more animal sounds. One night I was out and the pack was active, it had started
with hearing squeals and pup barks I think in the weeks prior. Authorities were notified on a regular basis of sounds.

It escalated to barks with a cadence like wild dogs, but still there
is that distinct howl, a sustained note, not a bark, like I was playing it on a keyboard.
As one Coyote sustains the note, you can hear the pack join in.

So as I am walking the pack must have gotten ahold of a deer. You can hear high pitched wheezing/gurgling, like they tell you with a choking victim. I think they had the deer by the throat, adrenaline seemed to be the response, like it was fighting for its life, loud. Then again maybe an aborted baby would make the same sound if left to wolves on the political left of where I was. A true story I would take compass readings and times, relay it to law enforcement, with estimated distances on the pack’s location.

One of the neighbors had a farm and dog that would come over and sit between buildings, looking to the woods behind us, sitting and listening sometimes. The base runs deer hunting, at one time I had counted close to 30 deer behind the fence near the highway,
on a Sunday afternoon.

Some people think it is bad to leave wild dogs loose. On the night of that hunt it sounded like, I began walking back to the apartment, the pack followed, they were in the woods,
and moved south maybe a couple hundred yards. I stood at the back porch listening, really impressive if you did not grow up with that. I was not up to getting a weapon out
yet to define proper boundaries with the hecklers. 54 mm Russian relic, Sheriff would
have been first responder I guess. The yard arm would have woken the whole base.

You hear about Cali and sometimes maybe a Coyote comes down from the hills and
makes off with a live baby.

I have heard the howl of a wolf before near the dentition I worked at. That is a more mature sound, I saw the beast the next day, a domesticated one, being walked by its owner.
I had to laugh, it dwarfs a German Shepherd, big paws like they say, height, grey hair maybe as long as fingers. The Coyotes are a different howl, not as aggressive.

I can’t blame The Russians for removing trouble.


If you ever see me with the Coyote Brown Air Force N2-B jacket,
you won’t have to ask.

February 3, 2014



With a death in the family.

I used to watch him when it was Stallworth, Swan, Bleier, Harris, Greene,
L.C. , Ham, Blount, Steel Curtain.

February 3, 2014

Word to the left:


The criminal supervisor tried to overwrite the state directive to follow a program, and
in an act of insubordination falsified a write up for her boss. The party on the first part
being witness to the party on the second part, let it be known that she had a role confusion identity crisis, allowing clients to do whatever they wanted whenever, because that is what they do at home, and these are the children I never had she declared. The state was not impressed with the forgery, or the unsafe design.


Did anyone suffer the chicken wing hangover from the Super Bowl? I ordered enough of them in Buffalo, it is a true phenomenon of diet.

I don’t know what was worse for you, that or beer? You would see a whole bowl of wings served at once, deep fried, skin on the chicken, blue fat cheese dressing, a dozen is one thing once in a while, the salad bowl full was meant for 4-5 people, not one person.


February 2, 2014

(renewed The Tea Party membership -RB)

This one was at 412,857last Sunday, now is at 449,474! Most active petition of the week!

As The Tea Party is going to lengths to expose the crooked White House
which we all know is reality. I really think something is wrong with Obama,
he lies to the American public, millions of people, school kids are supposed
to be looking back at a TV screen, “Mommy why is Mr. Obama lying about Benghazi,
and other extremist liberal deficiencies in our government?” “ You mean he does not
know what happened in the IRS investigations, or is he protecting a crime?”, “Whahh
I want a real President!”

Like he is going to throw something past O’Reilly? I mean it is a real criminal disgrace
four losers died at Benghazi, The IRS is an extreme left wing organized crime unit. What
do you fools need your freedom for anyways, we like it better over here in our leftist crime scene. Under the tyranny of liberal oppression. The measure you use, wise ones on the left...



Still looking at options on the case. Supreme Court,mistrial, fraud,
if The Attorney General does his job it can be suit against convicts.
The people of NY deserved better than this.

Looking back at the appeals process in the case. If an employer gave a voucher
for free hats, maybe you could not claim that on tax returns as, wages, salary, tips?
If it was for money, that is pay, which means you have employed the person. With benefits
that would make a staff still that. The appeals process which is an employee right is
that, redeemable for pay. Hillside had employed a staff to that point of being able to pay them that wage.

Ever notice that between ministry and charities I discuss, how far
from appropriate Hillside is? The one criminal element of the whole thing?


The big stat in it, no surprise if you were coached in Football,
turnovers. If two of them transferred 14 points between teams
then it is 29-22 not 43-8. Seattle running, the better of the two,
still not that dominant, if anything it helps balance the passing game,
and penalties.


February 1, 2014

P R A Y E R F O R S O C H I 2 0 1 4

The world did not come out to compete at Olympic Athletic Games to be motivated by terrorism. The misperception that rational people would ever side with a violence problem. It is
not the right approach to attack innocent people.

One of the biggest mysteries of religious history, how can Allah be The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and so Cain and Abel, but murder is still religion? The three main religions, all having the same God, but we are not all right.

The concept of Christian morals is above murder. There may be many in America who are a disgrace, but I do not support them. Muslims in many ways are above that group. Then again there are parts around Russia that look like the moon it was said, when you are there because everything has been leveled by Russian bombing. Unfortunate, but how do you expect a superpower to handle being attacked?

The athletes at these games are not to blame for the major world problems. This is a good point for many liberals though
to see why countries have militaries, it is like the Cops. The evidence by religion is that 500 years after Christ, the message was changed to hate and destroy, polygamy, and that is pure?


#1. Russian Security, they are running the show, God go with them.

#2. Athletes and Spectators of all nations.

#3. Salvation of terrorists, how can
a man who claims to be good
murder innocent people? The
judgment is not just if all have sinned.

In Jesus’ Name



If you fast and pray you might want in here for Sochi.

Should The U.S. help more with support for Russia at Sochi? Only as they want it.


February 1, 2014


As the case continues to climb in retaliatory action, liability, and, criminal charges. The scam was operated by a main handful of criminals in charge of the agency, ok maybe two handfuls. It is like baseball when a runner on base is caught in a pickle, between two basemen, trying to avoid being tagged out. Except this time The Attorney General NY has a ball, and so do I. Two case approach, criminal interference of a child abuse investigation and damages.

The corporate ego problem seems to be that high offices are above the jail cell in thinking errors. They can do whatever they want and that is their sphere of influence,
oh deviant subculture. Valedictorian of crime, on the board of corruption, Fortune 500? It is saturday you at least have to laugh once.

I would expect court competent questions to center on, this was your assigned job duty criminal offender; and you failed to do your job # 1 of 8 supervisor(s) when shown child abuse complaints and records falsifications
in retaliation, so you have accomplished non feasance, and are a criminal accomplice. Not by some accident, you were given plenty of opportunity to criminally corrupt the court and Hillside, and you sure capitalized on it.

Competent individuals from the field can be used as witnesses to determine what they would have done in similar circumstances. As their jobs required, and then liability is disseminated. Even the Attorney was a party to corruption.

I look at the other agencies of NY, or all the states Hillside operates in, and how their Admins would have
disciplined crime, or should have. And so because a handful of smart mouth criminals decide to play Caesar,
they deserve respect, and jobs, control of the agency? When you lift up the employee mask at Admin you see the criminal underneath. HR staff who could have been kept in after school detention by behavioral ideals.

I hope there are College students and other people in the profession who study to work at Admin and are ready to replace the regime of Hillside. How they would have treated their friends, or party members, does not apply to team crony when handling free Americans.

As the Hillside Annual Update ( a staff training) had assured staff that the agency was liable for Federal law
violations, I don’t know at this frame, if the involved criminals are up against Federal charges yet. You have to get rid of it, because like offenders I see in placement, or repeat offenders on the street, you can’t trust these jokers, next person comes to them with a complaint and they don’t like your exposing the polished corporate crime, they escalate, more lies. Until we have their Caesarian Hoodlumville, with all of its fullness, and corruption. The law needs to lower the hammer.

I see the victim of child abuse could file against the agency if wanted. As soon as I suspected something was wrong, it was reported for the Clients. It was hard to tell at first because it was not a one to one correlation of staff being a disruption and any Client appearing disturbed by it. Once those two events were appearing
at closer intervals and with repeatability, then it was definitely suspected. Actually one of the main Clients involved had a history of being abused, and may have been intimidated to report problems, so I had to put two and two together. And basically ask Supervisors to keep the knuckleheads off the floor. Yeah the ones who were reported to their floors for problems from even 4 years prior, the whole group of them a clique.

I know from the outside, people would ask well can’t you stop the staff? Communications were so bad, I would report to all supervisors daily on end of shift, and to HR sometimes too. Since nobody would reply, you can’t tell if they disciplined the troublemakers, and now are keeping things hush hush, because they don’t want to embarrass the offending staff, giving them another chance to fix what they are doing. So we go a few days, maybe no staff problems, and then problems start up again, Clients being bothered. So how can you tell if HR ever did anything, or something real? As far as the staff making trouble, you are assigned a supervision area you have to stay in, from the State. You can’t leave to throw someone off your floor if they are outside that area, so they would get to the edge of the area and be a problem, if Supervisors are not going to handle complaints there is no way to secure it.

I kept the Sheriff updated as we went through this as an employee, trying to get Hillside staff to do their jobs. Hard to catch because they are playing cat and mouse. At last we got some intervention to keep Baptists off the floor, but still were having trouble with staff walking off the supervision area completely. It is like they keep going in the office as if looking for sunlight, ray no? Where is The US ARMY 10th that trained me? God knows we needed them.

This is where responsible adults need to tell Hillside Admin- you are done, new staff are replacing you. I don’t know if the directors of the boards for the other campuses of Hillside, would vote to replace the campus board director where I was, and say you are a codependent to crime jeopardizing the safety of Clients allowing staff like this HR dept to run the agency.

So you know, a few years before we had an incident on a floor, other staff were involved first and it could have been avoided I think if they stayed on their feet, it went to a hold on the floor, things escalated, I had to drop one of the next Clients who kept trying to interfere. More recent it is with regular problems going on at another floor not the main one I am usually at, a Baptist staff’s floor, and crisis team spending predictable amounts of time trying to cover it up, but not helping other floors the same. What is Church buddy for? Those are the two reported for sweeping the floor with a Client. So Baptist crime, they knew what they were doing, go incite the quiet floor to retaliate. They had a lot of help, seemed like different staff separate times like they were taking turns to not get caught. They all knew better than to be a disruption, would argue when redirected at times. Even their ride in buddy was coming up to me to make up harassing things, didn’t think I would put him in a citizens arrest I guess, no big deal, keep pushing and it is a legal gossip. Reality, not actual gossip, but then again you get approached with fake accusations as if real, like ride in buddy is now going to set the record straight when he is off corrupting the agency with gossip to other staff.


January 31, 2014


No picks this year on the game. It is more familiar to me to see
Broncos & Seattle in an AFC west playoff game. Back when Elway
was QB. Thankful to see we have a Superbowl, like a lot of the bowl
games this fall that went on peaceful.

Meadowlands, now Met Life, seems like the house that LT built, almost.
If you are not that familiar with football, you will see many defensive
players wearing #56, from LT no question, the NY Giant Hall of Famer.

Weather different this time around, not being in Florida or the south. The big
difference there as a player, your helmet gets cold, and the pads start to harden
inside of it. When you put it on, when you hit, the impacts feel different also with
that temperature. The other main effect is standing around, your joints will stiffen,
and then back to work.

Up this way you might see a Police Dog on the field when things get unsafe, not a bad idea?
When I had the privilege to train with Public Safety at the gym. It is something like Sochi, security first, that is the most important part of the situation.

Players, Marshawn could be a big factor, yards and ball control eating the clock.
Like other Superbowls, (playoff leading into) Steelers/Patriots, even with the bus running the ball, the
front seven are going to come out hitting and try to set the tone for the game. It was
the same with Cornelius Bennett on Emmitt in Bills/Cowboys.

Quarterbacks, without any predictions on how they will do. Height is often the most
overrated aspect of sports. Doug Flutie as a Bill a good example. At QB it is a factor
because of the height of the linemen, but it is not enough to stop you if you have a different style of play. If you ask me I would rather have a QB who can run and might
be under 6’5”, compared to just a passer QB.

Then the Superbowl will end, and we hit that dead spot in the calendar, no Pro Bowl even. World Strong Man and Bodybuilding should have seasons here. I am not saying you have to go to rehab because football ended and now there is nothing to watch, good thing Sochi is here.

God Bless


January 31, 2014


For one liberal today, they are going to hell


Fox news is fair and balanced when they support people on their shows
who are righteous. You see a bad Doctor you get a second opinion, you don’t
need liberal deceit to make “fair” as news. Balanced? I would tell you that when
liberals criminally corrupt the message to the American people, something is unbalanced.


Jeb Bush?

Maybe, I think he could win it. A lot of Conservatives could
but you need Florida, and you swing Pennsylvania that probably
makes it a lock. I still don’t know who are the best two for the job though.
One it is too early, and things could change. On the other hand considering Obama
having the lowest approval rating at 100 days the first time, I had heard on the news,
and Blundercare, the most incompetent plan yet for American healthcare. To have
the stability of a Bush White House, I know alot of people would appreciate. Not that I know, Pro Life has to be recognized against murderers because that is what a choice
for homicide is. If Rubio, Palin, Rand Paul, Cruz are left out, somebody got cheated. Ben
Carson could not run the Government better than what we have now? Depth is the Conservative bench, solid.

Don’t overlook November, this is the chance to put Obama on ice, and hold it
down until 2016, a next President has to have that support if you want to change
America and make it run like a Bible said it could. The left is so far removed from
prosperity by God’s word, it is like the F students want to run Washington. Going to
Hell and they have it all figured out, if you don’t know that you don’t understand the bible.

Finally NY, could we ever elect a Conservative Governor? People are sick enough
of NY politics on average to vote for someone else. It would have to be the right person,
not just anyone. Arnold could do it I think. It is also difficult with NYC, people think
ungodly is some advantage over righteous? We do have Tom Reed though so far.


January 31, 2014

Hillside Case

The way that this corporate criminal mishap stacks up for the next level of
A state child abuse meeting was corrupted with a fake write up, in one word,
the supervisor’s ‘name’ which is drawn like a line in the sand is supposed to be
the extent of a child abuse reporter’s contact list, for reporting problems to.
Policy was that is not true, a staff could go above the named level one supervisor from the start of a problem, as was submitted to Attorney General NY. Caught in the act in other words, straight criminal behavior and fraud by Hillside supervisors and accomplices. Policy and evidence followed to show this. I am interested to see if serving fraudulent statements at a child abuse investigation meeting, brings further charges, and for supervisors that let it keep going when brought to their attention afterwards as accomplices? Like a sting operation, the evidence reveals the criminals.

The liability for which is still their responsibility. That is the bigger picture,
like Kelly vs. Xerox, another court had to bring it in. NY law provides for lawsuit
against convicted criminals. An agency being responsible for the actions of its employees…?


January 30, 2014


Can your Church drill a well at $4800 for an entire village?
A whole church cannot accomplish this goal in 2014?
Bringing clean disease free water for 1000 people.
Please talk with your Pastor about supporting this
Outreach and rescuing people around the globe
from death.




January 29, 2014



Will you go all in with our student leaders and make
a courageous donation today of $25, $50, or even $500?

Thanks to Police at San Francisco for holding down
violence from liberal protesters. The cowardice of a man
it appears to have taken a swing at a female leader of SFLA.
When the Police are needed to protect the assailant in a situation
like this is self evident.

The savage nature of liberals at work. They kill their own young,
Cain can’t be corrected. I still question after all my years with
the criminal element at jobs, what percent of crime happens under
the influence.

And the fair signage of “ Fetus Slayer” appeared also on behalf of
liberals. The peaceful principle of murder once again at work in
leftist hearts and minds, not denying the chance to take the life of
another human being. Because you are so fair liberal heroes, whereas if
I was the Doctor running my shears through your precious skull, you might
feel a little bit offended, of course I would be a Doctor, so that makes it all good.
(Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not involved.) Ahem, this is medicine sunshine, don’t
you understand.

Your theology is a disaster, you are closer to Hitler than anyone in America
executing the innocent.

Bang, it finally clicks in the liberal mind, we are not being fair to these other
humanoid beings, Jim Morrison would be ashamed. Put down the weapon nutso,
step away from the baby. You have the right to remain silent.

Synopsis: baby Krystal is beheaded for being an unborn, is that supposed to be
a Conservative value? Why does it matter if you killed her with a shot through the heart
or a decapitation, or the Doctor sells you a murder and calls it Obamacare?

Abortion has victims you devils of society. There is no way to be polite exposing the
actions which you call medicine, because it is a vile act you are in. Disgusted with
liberals, because I guarantee they know better.




#1. As God calls,
The States to be delivered
from the Jezebels of the liberal


January 28, 2014

A part of the bible that I like. The verse saying you would be better off
thrown in a lake with a millstone around your neck than to lead children
into sin. Why? Because God is not trying to create people who emulate murder,
and adultery, or thugs, or are the false witness frauds of society.

There are people who do those things, and have no eternal future. What happens
when you let secular values take over teaching. Take the so called gay agenda in
churches. Genesis destroyed the sexually immoral cities, the bible does not say
man had any authority to change the rules. Heterophobic, afraid to be what God
created them as geometrically, the gay community is trying to pass their blame on
to the righteous. If heterosexuals are not actually interested in gay behavior at
all, why are they homophobic? It is not fear, it is like saying you find something
disgusting and want no part of it. In two words, grotesque perversion.


January 27, 2014


CBN has been covering dreams and God, I had a few
I can share with you. I don’t take it lightly, because it
is in the bible and part of the prophecy of the last days.

The first one, I was in my 20s actually, on vacation whatever those are.
In the dream there are two snakes along a path, big, like boas. The first
is sunning itself on a pathway, when the second comes along and bites the
first. The bitten snake is shaking like it is electrocuted,it bleeds a lot but
does not die.

When I woke up I felt like god was telling me that is what the rock and roll
industry is like. How grunge music came along and really tried to look down
on the glam bands. In scriptures you have a dream or a vision and then a person
who is an interpreter. Music wise, grunge I like some of it, for style, I could listen
to some Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden, newer Green Day. But overall it is not that
much music, not whole albums really. Glam bands had higher performance, the
guitar solos, vocals are way better on average. Then again if it was not eyeblack,
or some crazy face paint like the ultimate warrior, you would not get me near the make
up side of glam. Camo paint is as close as I could get.

Another dream was Aerosmith. This was back in my late twenties, I was in charge of
teen group at Church. It was a short dream, a still photo like you would see in a frame
on a nightstand or a shelf. It was a band photo, Aerosmith, they all had teeth like werewolves. Reminds you of that song werewolf in London, (his hair was perfect) -
AHHH-OOOOH. You think God was trying to say something there? Look at the reasons
you can go to hell, STD in an elevator livin’ it up while you’re going down.

The last one was big, Bon Jovi. It starts out I am in line at some stadium to see a show.
The crowd backs up on the stairway all the way to the bottom. It reminded me of when
I was at The Statue of Liberty, stairs like that. The stadium, if I had to name it would be
the neighborhood stadium. It was all brick, like it was made to fit in with the other buildings. Something like Wrigley Field, when you could see brick behind home plate.

So I get to the top level, and there are bleachers on the highest deck, like a rooftop.
I am talking with Bon Jovi’s Mom, saying yeah I was up there at Keep The Faith way back.
No band is really performing yet, somebody was on stage though.

The concert ends, and I am walking back through streets with plenty of people.
As the crowd thins, we are near a Church, and there is this overwhelming sense
in the dream, as I am among young people, that this is where you started, look
what these devils are leading people into, things in the bible you know promise

It was like I was trying to get to my weapon, if I could just reach the six string,
I could battle for the righteous. Wanted dead or alive, musta been talking about some
AIDS victims.

God is not happy with either band above, is where I was.


January 26, 2014

SFLA made headline of The Drudge Report and
style section of The Washington Post.

Also a new PRO LIFE Movie
with one James Earl Jones (AMEN).


January 26, 2014

Pasted Graphic You liberals like killing babies.

January 25, 2014

Freedom Village Email
From Pastor Brothers

By the grace of God and His miracles we were able to distribute 31,000 Christmas presents to the children in Ukraine.



January 24, 2014
Pasted Graphic

Walmart helping the Patriots above
with sweatshirts.

January 22, 2014


For Valentine’s Day USPS is selling love stamps,
which were designed by an artist from Trumansburg, NY.
That town is about 9 miles from the hospital I was born in.
Formerly known as Tompkins County Hospital, then Tompkins Community
Hospital, and now is Cayuga Medical Center, a Cornell teaching Hospital,
at 1 Dates Drive, Ithaca. I also worked there for a while.

The meaning of Valentine’s Day is that a Saint wanted a moral society,
and so performed Christian Marriages against the will of Rome. Executed for
his faith in this, the day does not hold any meaning for promiscuous relationships
that are outside of marriage. The greater meaning still is the do unto others philosophy
of Christianity, which is not confined by Marriages. That all of society was to be redeemed by Valentine, not just married persons. Not that everyone will inherit
eternal life, but at least don’t fumble the lifesaver for eternity, out on the rock
and roll tours. There are lives here at stake, not just worthless social diseases
of existence waiting to be burned to illuminate the universe, for all to see.

I take it that people at Cornell Med School know that abortion is a murder. Even if
it is in NYC. So what is wrong with the liberals, trying to get away with this? I think
God is sick of the killings. Anyways Valentine’s Day is for everyone when you look at
it as a day for Christians to be saved from hell. Not that you would take over a Church service, trying to perform weddings over a normal service for everyone. It is a day of
salvation for a man who would not surrender his righteousness. And that is what
all Christians can celebrate. The teaching of do not murder against abortion, one
of Valentine’s principles against slaughter. It is not a debate, that is sacred territory.
Valentine’s Day is for the babies too.


January 21, 2014


When I was at the base where I lived, watching the story about
The Ukrainian Soccer team Dynamo. To see the Nazis from ww II
massacre athletes, in an aimless display of greed. Security
may be in question for Sochi, what I like about it though, is
Russia and The US are on the same side. It hits harder when
you are on a base. See what Hitler and terrorism did to the
world 70 years ago. POWs from that war, it looks like were
held somewhere nearby my apartment in NY.

One of the worst images I have seen from ww II was of
Russian people working at the harvest, and the narrator
goes on about the eve of WW II, and then you see the destruction
that did not stop until Leningrad and Stalingrad. That really does
make me sick. The world came out to compete in peaceful games, terrorism
has no place. In 1972 it was Munich. I am on the side of security as I am sure
all the Patriot Americans are. Or Muslim countries would want inside their borders.



November 22, 2013

Students for Life of America’s President, Kristan Hawkins, will be joining a special panel of Millennials featured tonight on Fox News Channel’s Hannity! As the only Millennial on the panel whose focus is the Life issue, Kristan will infuse the conversation on politics and the future of the United States with a strong stand in defense of the pre-born. Tune in to see this important conversation led by Sean Hannity as the panel discusses the issues facing today’s young people from politics, to healthcare reform, to what scares them the most about their future in an uncertain economy.


Hannity TONIGHT at 10:00pm EST on Fox News!

God Bless,

Please tune in to
tina signature

Tina Whittington, Executive Vice President
Students for Life of America


What was paid for in blood is not the liberals to corrupt. -RB

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1

November 5, 2013

Pasted Graphic 2



We weren’t playing by other rules.

1 Million Man Promise Keepers March
 PK 1 Million Man March, late 1990s.




Soldiers See these stripes in my back Cut to pieces like a blood lined road map Each Roman road, a deadly crack of the whip Don't recognize me, as I pass on the road before you If I lived tomorrow, my face would shine like a blackened bruise I took a beating like no Junkyard dog Has ever seen So up this road I bear the cross I've come to save and seek the lost Ihsous means Jesus I love you Daughters in this city, don't weep as I bleed at your feet If this is justice as the Son of God walks and is seen What will be? When all the leaves fall from the tree? Co creator(?), not equal to God I'm at peace Humbled, exalted, my grace is sufficient for thee This crown of thorns was a gift from a blind pharisee So up this road, I've dropped the cross I've come to save and seek the lost Although I stumble I'll save you Why do they call it Good Friday? Why do they call it Good? Why do they call it Good Friday? When he's been nailed to the wood? Face beyond recognition Body nailed to a : cross in The Son What God required, you would not do So this I have done When Judgment comes into my eyes you'll stare I'm the one. Darkened hearts have circled this place To pour gall in the wound (Jesus) made for you God's sheep have been called Fear not my brothers At last your souls have been bought Hands and feet nailed to the cross A thief is saved from the lost My brother: Paradise awaits you Why do they call it Good Friday? Why don't they count it as loss? Why do they call it Good Friday? When he's been nailed to the cross? Why do they call it Good Friday? Look at my back Ihsous means Jesus The sky has turned black.

(Written in the late 90's, Song copyright 2002...Ihsous is Latin for Jesus, you will see IHS(ous) written on some representations of the cross).  

America executed a nation
When Roe v. Wade painted the crucifix on a child's skull
And our hammers followed through.
A Woman's right to choose murder never was a right in God's sight
and ye shall not murder it reads, what rhetoric.
Only a warning to the blind or common decency and respect to another
human being?
Mr. Bush lead the way, and the proletariat did not rise.  McCain was knocking
and Sarah stood ready, but it was not to be in our time.
I thought that was a piano on my back at the altar,
no it was the weight of bloodguilt in the church, maybe three pianos worth, as the spirit is a fiery Grinch
at the Judgment Day.   Child graves and no one sees?
Could have been six  full stacks of guitar amps crushing my lungs, it was so hard to breath down there.
Good thing I was not in the hot coals, pro life what a joke.
Does anyone cry for the innocent dying babies anymore?  Even the dog barks at their earthen graves.
You killed that kid the Angel mutters to the Doctor in chains, as he drops the knife.
It is alright to kill... and fortunately it wasn't you under that blade. 
Look what's going on inside of you American, ghosttown  desolation, and steely echoes
of funeral trains layin' to rest the kids.
I am ashamed of this people, when children are named procedures,
and murders go off like party favorites.  The smell of pools of blood, this is an evil people.
The rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, all proved through the night
that medicine, and a Doctor's leather bag, could really care.
This is the God you believe in,
 and unequal rights. 
You are evil and you know it.   Movie stars
and nowhere to bury the dead citizens.
How can abortion go on,
people rationalize like drunk monkeys
and tell you that a lie,  was worthy to kill you, oh yes it was.  The wrath of God is rolling up its sleeves.
This is not free souled America,
that is obsession with idols.
 The Devil could actually talk you into a murder?  I think he did, and you still voted for blood.
While fat nancy would like to hush up the witness, and target the spotlight of truth.
Who knew better?
America executed a nation,
an innocent one.
Flatline, time of death, yes, She's dead.
If the angel could sing
America should bury her dead
The day of God is ahead,
America executed a nation!
No more,
she's dead,
a whole undiscriminated against nation, and
her blood runs cold.
MT 19:16
16...but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.


Fort Ticonderoga Pic Aug ’77.
Liberals are taking their places as tyrants and criminals, all over again.
Pilgrims and The American Revolution were Christian victories from God.
High School Defensive Football huddle at Cornell.


Russ at nearside Defensive End.
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April 14, 2014


Infamous late-term abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell is behind bars for his heinous crimes. But you and I know justice still has yet to be served, because abortion is still legal in our nation. A shockingly very few people outside of the pro-life movement know of the disgusting events that took place in his Philadelphia abortion facility.

A young woman who worked at Kermit Gosnell’s "House of Horrors" as a teenager testified that she saw a baby’s chest move even after the gruesome snipping procedure Gosnell used to end the baby’s life. “The chest was moving,” she testified. The baby was so large that another worker even took a cellphone picture of it. Prosecution experts, based on the picture, say the baby was well past 24 weeks, the legal limit for abortion in Pennsylvania.

Stephen Massof, who does not have a medical license, described how he jabbed medical scissors into the backs of babies’ necks to kill them. And how he assisted Gosnell in “snipping” the spinal cords of babies, calling it, “literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.”

According to a news report, Massof told the jury that women were often given drugs to speed up delivery of the baby so the abortion/infanticide could take place: He testified that at times, when women were given medicine to speed up their deliveries, “it would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.”

Prosecutors have cited the dozens of jars of severed baby feet as an example of Gosnell’s idiosyncratic and illegal practice of providing abortions for cash to poor women pregnant longer than the 24-week cutoff for legal abortions in Pennsylvania. In her opening statement to the Common Pleas Court jury, Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore mused that the jars of feet were some kind of bizarre “trophy” Gosnell kept.

The world needs to know about the horrors that took place in Gosnell’s clinic. And now is our chance to make sure that happens.

Filmmakers are using Indiegogo to fund the making of a made-for-TV movie based on Gosnell and his "House of Horrors."

Indiegogo enables “crowdfunding” for important projects. allows you to contribute as little as $1 or as much as $10,000 or even more. The film will cost $2.1 million to make. If they are unable to raise the full $2.1 million budget for the movie in the next few weeks, your contribution will be given back to you.

By donating – even just a dollar – you are saying that there is interest in this important film, something that will speak volumes to those in Hollywood who ignored this story, that of the largest serial killer run American history.

This is our chance to tell the world what Hollywood and mainstream media isn’t – that abortion is never safe for women or their preborn babies, legal or illegal.

Please join me TODAY in chipping in on this important campaign by going to right now and making a donation of $250, $100, $25, or even as little as $1!

For Life,

Tina Whittington
Executive Vice-President
Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America 9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

March 31, 2014


While I know we winning with this generation on abortion, we still have a long way to go, especially with the those in our parent's generation who run our schools and universities. Last week as Students for Life of America was on the University of Michigan campus with our What Has Roe Done of Us? Tour, educating and dialoging with students about how abortion exploits and harms women, we found out that the university was endorsing a different message to their students.
The University is currently sponsoring a pro-abortion "art" display called 4000 Years of Choice, which declares “Abortion as a Blessing” and a “gift from God.” This directly counters the truth put forth in SFLA’s display which tells the stories of women like Jennifer Morbelli, Karnamaya Mongar, Tonya Reaves, and Marla Cardamone who were killed through legal abortion.4000Years2
Just to be certain that the display was in fact publicly funded through taxpayer dollars, our team called the university’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG), the host and co-sponsor of this display, along with the UM’s Program for Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. After talking with them, it was discovered that the University of Michigan paid $1,000 to have artist, Heather Ault, come onto campus to give a lecture, as a part of that lecture she put up her “art display.” On the phone, a representative for the school told us, “Contrary to what they are saying this display is not about pro-choice or even pro-abortion. This is about the history of women learning to control their reproductive system. Heather is trying to get past the hanger and the idea of back alley dirty abortions and celebrate the ways women, and men for that matter, can control their reproductive system through birth control and even by aborting a fetus.”
While Heather Ault is trying to portray herself as an abortion historian, the truth is that she is radical, abortion activist, and the University of Michigan has funded her message through taxpayer money. Take a look at her “art” and decide for yourself whether or not her display is not pro-abortion.
Abortion is never safe for women, legal or illegal, and for the University of Michigan to have the audacity to use taxpayer dollars and a taxpayer-funded building to push forth an agenda and human rights violation that the majority of Americans oppose is disgusting. 
Russ, can you do 2 things for me today?
1) Call the University of Michigan President, Mary Sue Coleman, at 734-764-6270 or email her at and demand that she sees that this display is taken down, that all taxpayer money is returned for this event and display, and that never again will UM align themselves so closely with abortion as to allow public funds to be invested in a flagrant agenda to support and promote abortion.
2) Can you chip in $15 or $30 to sponsor a mile or two on our What has Roe Done for Us Tour? We still have 15 schools to reach in the next 3 weeks, and we are still $14,727 short of our goal. As you can see, our message is badly needed on campuses. We have to be out there telling young women the truth about abortion, because they aren't hearing it anywhere else on campus. 
It is an outrage for the University of Michigan to endorse this anti-human rights message that “abortion is a gift from God” and that it is “a blessing.” I hope you can join us to get the university to take down this horrific display and help us reach thousands more of students with our message of truth and hope.
For Life,

Dear Russ,


Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America
P.S. - Don't forget to call 734-764-6270 today and demand that the University of Michigan take down this awful display and please try to chip in $15 or so to sponsor another mile on our What Has Roe Done for Us? Tour!

9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

Students for Life of America

March 30, 2014


These kids need a miracle! YOU HAVE THAT POWER!


Dear Friend,
    33 years ago I never heard a young person say, "If I can't come to Freedom Village I am just going to kill myself." Unfortunately, I just heard it! Like an arrow going through my soul I remembered the 13 kids in one year who killed themselves while on our waiting list. Like a flash I was called back in time to going to the post office a few years ago to pick up a
"restricted delivery" package. I knew when I saw it what it was---a funeral box---it contained the ashes of a boy who had killed himself ---again on our waiting list. The note attached burns in my heart to this day. His mother wrote, "Here mister, you can have him now. You wouldn't help him when he needed it."
    Partner, we're trying our best but we need some special gifts right now. The winter has been bitter, cold and extremely expensive (as most have felt it's pain as well)---
and the cries for help staggering! I've even had requests (another today) from good kids who are not "troubled" but want to come to get away from the bullying, peer pressure and a 17 year old expressed today, "I'm tired of being the only one"---he went on to say that the hounding and pressures of the godless crowd at school every day was beating him down. I know it's wrong but I've even thought of ending it all."
    Please! While I know many of you are struggling---
sow a seed! "Give and it shall be given unto you..." Luke 6:38 Whether it's the "widow's mite" or SPONSORING one or more kids with a one-time gift of $500 or more---you have the power to save a broken life and give that child a chance! We need you---they need you---and YOU need the blessings that only comewhen we give! Only when we sow that seed and God germinates it into a miracle.
I am asking you to go to:, or and SAVE A LIFE! You can use your credit card or PayPal but this need is urgent and I pray you will help right now! The addresses for "snail mail" are on the websites.
Large or small please do something and help us help them while we still can!
    I would also ask that you pray earnestly for a little boy---
Ben---who is four years old and the doctor's say his brain tumor is inoperable. Likewise pray for Jim Kelly as I'm sure most of you have heard his cancer is back. Claim that the MASTER PHYSICIAN will heal them both! And place them on every prayer list you are connected to and pass the word.
    Unless you have taken that trip to the post office or received this call
---"You can takethem off your waiting list. He/she killed themself last night"---you don't know what a hot poker shoved into your chest feels like.
    Please help! The "bread" you "cast on the waters" may well come back someday and it will be a loved one of yours whose life is redeemed then because you sow that seed now.
     I will be looking for your gift so we can tell that child or that family---"what day can you get here? You have been SPONSORED."
For the children,

Pastor Brothers
Freedom Village

SFLA Email

March 25, 2014

Right now, our team is outside of the Supreme Court preparing for our prayer vigil and rally today. And it's already a zoo out there. Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion lobby are out in full force for today's hearing in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius - the first two cases on the HHS Mandate to reach the high court. 
Even though the forecast is calling for snow and a dramatic drop in temperatures, our movement has to be at the Supreme Court today because the fate of our nation is being decided. In only a couple of months, we will learn how the Supreme Court justices rule in these cases and they will literally determine whether or not our government can force employers of faith and conscience to pay for abortion-inducing, cancer-causing drugs for their employees...whether or not Americans have a fundamental right to religious liberty. They will determine what path our nation follows. 
And while the rest of our team is outside the Supreme Court right now, I'm at the airport, waiting to catch a plane to Texas to join our National Medical School Tour.  Today, while part of team is speaking out for the rights of conscience of employers at the Supreme Court, the other part of our team is on our National Medical School Tour...helping medical students learn the truth about abortion, assisted suicide, and their conscience rights as future physicians. 
You see, the unspoken battle for religious liberty is happening every day in medical schools and hospitals when pro-life medical students and physicians are told to check their religious and conscience beliefs at the door. That being pro-life is a political stance and to practice medicine you have to be willing to perform or refer for abortions.  It's truly outrageous and it's why many of our bright pro-life students have told us that they aren't going to go to medical school because they don't want to be forced to commit abortions against their will.
This is where our team at Students for Life needs to the medical schools, educating future physicians about life issues and telling them that they do have a constitutionally-protected right to conscience. Because we are need pro-life physicians who will take their hippocratic oath seriously.
While we are impatiently waiting for the Supreme Court to decide whether or not employers have to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, deciding the course of our nation,
this silent battle in medical schools, for the future of medicine, is one we have to engage in now because no one else is doing it.
Did you know that the majority of abortionists are in their 60s and organizations like
Med Students for Choice are bringing abortion seminars to medical schools across the nation, educating students in how to commit abortions and teaching them how to become an abortionist without pro-lifers in the community finding out?  This is where we need to be.
Right now,
we are in midst of our 24-stop medical school tour, and every school we have visited so far has told us that we have brought the first pro-life physician to speak to their medical class all year. Even pro-abortion students are excited about the presentations our physicians on tour make, because no one else is even having the discussion!
Today, can you say a prayer for the Supreme Court justices, for the medical students we will be reaching our our Spring National Tour, and for the future of our freedom of conscience and religion?
And could you chip in $25 or $85 for our Med Students for Life National Medical School Tour?
$25 will cover the cost of all of the flyers one of our 24 schools need to advertise our event, and a gift of $85 will pay for the pizza and soda our team provides to each medical school we stop at, enticing students who wouldn't normally come out to hear a pro-life physician, stop by and check out our message. 
Donate to our Med Students for Life Spring National Tour now at
Thank you so much for allowing Students for Life and our Med Students for Life initiative reach those who need to hear our message about conscience rights, religious liberty, and protecting all Life the most!

For Life,
Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America 9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

SFLA MARCH 20, 2014

Dear Russ, Pro-abortion advocates know they are losing, so they are growing desperate.  With abortion facilities closing down, pro-life state legislation being passed in record numbers, and national polls confirming that a majority of our nation is against abortion (CNN's latest poll says 58% are in favor of banning almost all abortions), they know the tide has turned against them. And with our What has Roe Done for Us? Tour hitting campuses this spring and national social media campaign underway, we know their old scare tactics are no longer working.  Because of you, we have been shifting the conversation on campuses from the back alley myths as a justification for legal abortion to fact-filled discussions of the physical and psychological side effects of abortion on women.
We've been changing hearts and minds about abortion. We've been starting a meaningful dialogue with those most targeted by the abortion industry. And we've been praying with those who regret their abortions and come to thank us for warning other women about abortion's grim realities. And now they are so desperate, that abortion advocates in D.C. are giving away free coat hanger necklaces to supporters and organizations like, Stop Patriarchy, have declared an emergency and are brainstorming ways to take back their "moral high ground" using fake blood and shackles when protesting pro-life leaders and events.  The fact is: We know they won't succeed. But that won't stop many of them, they will continue to become more desperate as time goes on.  Today, can you do 3 quick things?
1) First, pray for those hurting men and women we are meeting on campuses with our What has Roe Done for Us? Tour. We need wisdom for how to help these men and women towards a path of healing. Can you pray for those angry protestors we are facing on campus? Pray that their hearts may be open to the truth.  2) Next, watch this clip of a young man who changed his mind on abortion after seeing our Tour and send it to your friends and family, showing them that hearts and minds can be changed. 3) Then, can you chip in $15 and sponsor a mile for on our tour? Or maybe 2 miles for $30 or 10 miles for $150? Our team has more than 2,900 more miles to drive and $21,050 left to raise before the end of our tour, so we need your help! Thank you for always standing with our team as we travel the nation, inspiring, educating, and equipping this generation to rise up and abolish abortion. I can't wait to share with you all of that we accomplish on this tour! For Life, 

Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America 

P.S. - Thank you for all of your e-mails and calls to Branford Public Schools! Last night, we learned that the school administration has caved and promised to protect the First Amendment rights of Branford Students for Life! I have no doubt that you helped make this happen as the public pressure was too intense for the school to simply ignore our demands!

Students for Life of America 9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

SFLA MARCH 14, 2014 (continued email)

Since going public with this story, it hasn't been easy on Sam or her group members. Pro-abortion students and teachers have been hostile and just plain mean. So much so, I even sent our High School Coordinator, Missy Martinez, to Connecticut yesterday to be there with Sam and her group, to walk with them through this difficult time. 
Anytime a pro-life leader like Sam is willing to stand up and defend their beliefs, we know there are going to be snide remarks in class and bitterness from faculty members. And we prepare our students for this.   But I wasn't prepared for the horrible remarks that were made to Sam and her members yesterday when they held a day of silence, choosing to be silent all day in school in memory of those who have no voice. I was so angry when Missy called from Connecticut to report on what happened. In true high school fashion, her peers hit social media to express their anger. Twitter and Facebook were flooded with rude remarks and crude language pointed at Sam and her group, saying things like, “I’m glad their wearing duct-tape, no one wants to hear you talk.” (And that was one of tamer ones). While in school, a young man hung a coat hanger in a classroom that that said, “Keep abortion legal” and waited for Sam to react. But, adhering to her silent pledge, she remained peaceful and would not respond to his taunting. Sam told Missy story after story of how the student body at Branford has responded cruelly to the presence of a pro-life club at their school. Even some of her teachers were unkind! So, could you just send a short note of encouragement to Sam and Branford Students for Life…thanking them for standing up for their rights so that they can speak on behalf of those who have no voice?  Thank you! For Life,
Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America
P.S. - When Bryce and his Wilson High School Students for Life were facing a similar situation last month, your messages of support, totaling more than 7,000, were overwhelming to them. We presented them in a binder to his group, and I truly believe it was the shot in the arm they needed to withstand the pressure they were facing from a hostile administration and faculty. Can you do the same for Sam and Branford High School Students for Life?

Students for Life of America 9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

SFLA MARCH 10, 2014

Dear Russ,
Last January, I met Sam, a young high school student, who had traveled to the Students for Life of America National Conference from Connecticut. After our conference, Sam emailed me to say that she was so inspired from our training that she wanted to start a Students for Life group at her public school, Branford High School. 
After facing some initial resistance from her administration, I was pleased to be able to visit Sam and her club last February and hold a training alongside our National Field Director, Brendan O'Morchoe. At our meeting, we gave Sam and her club some tips for how to host impactful, educational events that would not only educate her peers, but offer support to young women in her class facing an unplanned pregnancy. We even trained the club in how to deal with a hostile administration and how to make sure everything they do is above reproach.
And the training worked. This January, I was pleased to honor Sam and Branford High School Students for Life with our 2014 High School Group of the Year award. 
Sam and her group still have a big problem. Last month, Sam met with her principal, and he told her that Branford High School Students for Life isn't allowed to distribute educational materials or recruit for new members during free time and all of their events have to be hosted after school hours. This is blatantly unconstitutional and is clearly showing a double standard for Students for Life as other student clubs are allowed to do all of these things. 
Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom have sent Branford Public Schools a letter asking for them to restore and protect the rights of Branford High School Students for Life. However, I am betting that they will try to ignore this situation and brush it off, thinking that Sam and her members are alone. 
Can you help Sam and Branford High School Students for Life today by e-mailing the Superintendent of Branford Public Schools, Mr. Hamlet Hernandez, at, to express your support for Branford High School Students for Life and ask he resolve this situation immediately by assuring Sam and her club that their constitutional rights will be respected?
Russ, we cannot sit back while our pro-life students are denied their constitutional rights and bullied by their school administrators. At Branford High School, there is a double standard for pro-life students, and, with your help, we can expose this injustice and correct it. 
I'm so proud of Sam and all of the members of Branford High School Students for Life for their courage and willingness to step up and demand that their school respect their rights. 
I am looking forward to witnessing another pro-life student victory.
For Life,
Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America 9255 Center Street, Suite 300 Manassas, Virginia 20110 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420