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If you reach the Judgment Day before this is finished, and have not

atoned your sins beforehand, yeah well, there will probably be lots of other liberals

roasting in hell with you, that is what scriptures say.


March 29, 2015


Hype around negotiations, the outcome everybody was looking for, a peace deal where it only slows them down to not making a weapon within a year.  Is this like the Army joke where a man is learning how to use a grenade, and he is told to ‘pull pin and throw’, ok so he does and when the grenade goes off in his hand he still can’t figure it out?

They are attempting to let terrorists play with nuclear material, dirty bomb, how do you really know anyways how much of a weapon they have?  Policy should be put up the white flag and surrender Iran or we dump you like Iraq and Afghanistan.  If Kim Jong wants some then he can have it too, like Iran.  Hey if you want to fight then you obviously need to be stopped, the way to do that is blow up the North Korean military.



The song that best captures the theme of Hillside starving African kids as an agency outreach/soul kitchen ministry.

A.  Knock ‘Em Dead Kid-Motley Crue

B.  Welcome To The Jungle- G’N’ R

C.  Dog Eat Dog -Warrant

D.  Best Of The Mafia- Greatest Hits

E.  Permanent Vacation- Aerosmith

F.  Bury them out of sight and no will know what Hillside did.

Imagine that starving kids to death and didn’t even get to charge them liberal taxes first?


March 28, 2015


#1.  If you support abortion you are a devil.

#2.  Biden’s boss the role model of stealing for Eden, teach the world how to cheat America.

#3.  Adultery:  We have the sexually inappropriate dressed Women in the media, so who cares?

#4.  WW III that we are ready when it happens.  From Putin to Kim Jong, Biden’s boss, terrorists,

negligent leadership will be the cause, keep giving ground to criminals and see what happens.

#5.  Tea Party:  Needs back up.

#6.  Border:  You will be a negligent Patriot until it is solved.




Scripture:  Gospels, Jesus tried to leave you  a fair standard.  Daniel (bible) being not found guilty of negligence, and faced criminals for it.



Make Popcorn!



Sign to tell terrorist Biden’s boss to get off Israel’s back.

(did he leave the border open for his Muslim terrorists?)



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Needs near $17K by April.



Only she can win?


Michele Bachmann

Needs near $18K by April.






Needs funds at $26,300 by month’s end.



Cases Latest

I am proud of coworkers for standing up to crime in class action.

FBI has been informed with DA of difficulty filing the latest complaint on Hillside.

The public should be recognizing an Admin regime now,  that many Plaintiff coworkers were wrong?  Or how is Hillside going to blame witnesses from the court room in case #1 where they lied.  The disguise is washed up.  Hopefully we catch Albany if they are not going to do their jobs from OCFS up.

The main point was go to work, help Teens, but discrimination was irresistible to agency offenders.




I went back over actual filing dates and service of papers that Hillside signed for.  From what I have seen, they have about 11 days (because of when summons was actually received not filed)  still until the last settlement offer will have  been passed up, and they choose to take million$ in damages against the evidence they left in front of a court.  By court transcript and their own printed lies for litigation.  Very bold they submitted copies of this to a court like the law meant nothing.  Rule of law liberals means you have to follow what is written or damages escalate in the criminal realm.  That is where you live in a cage like a deranged animal.

The ego trip has been something.  If you had people who were the cleanup crew in a store or on the street, falsifying litigation like this, because hey we are the stuck up janitors.  It shows you this is about an arrogance problem, trying to deny other people their legal rights and freedom, and that actually stalking and predatory behavior is their problem for them.  Hillside, these staff get behind desks and think it is The UN or something, deviant subculture, they will create the corporate mission and defy state child abuse laws with it, taking us to new heights expanding the final frontier of crime and excellence of, ok put away the cape and work costume.  You are criminal perpetrators, you don’t even follow policy like below average staff, now you have a taxpayer funded lawyer to defend your crimes against the state of NY.  It takes sick minds to do that, what psych diagnosis they come up with on these staff I am interested to see.

Over 6 weeks to re-serve a third summons and complaint if these jokers want the full damage$.  Kids who are not knee high starve to death in Africa so corporate Hillside can play superhero satan.  Babies executed by Doctors in abortion, so homicidal liberals can mislabel their killing as  medicine.  Nazis used to do that, remember?  Innocent murderers called liberals, they all should resign DC, we have to be considerate of the killers feelings and make sure they have access to these Government sponsored baby stabbings Conservatives.

It is an arrogant group, there is nothing to say I should have offered them any settlement or shouldn’t just drop it at any point because they are trying to pull off a crime.  Other agencies would not get away with this, but liberal Albany?





March 27, 2015

Tough Hillside Questions

Prosecutors will have to solve some easy questions to stop crime.

1.  Like why did Mike Staino and Julie Philips Oriel falsify a write up on 6-30-11?

2.  When notified did Joanne Davis fire these two delinquents?

3.  Why doesn’t President Richardson do his job?

4.  OCFS let Hillside keep going when they knew?

5.  Joe Brown Omnibuds refused policy did he keep his job?

6.  Why 18 end of shifts went to Aaron Capozzi and Sue Buchel with no

removal of trouble staff?

7.  Board Chair Angela Pichicherro after contacted did not respond with policy appropriate


8.  The whole board of directors did not act according to law?

9.  Who told Theresa Kane Gringer (HR) to lie in litigation for Hillside?

10. Amy Fagan (HR) would not get another Omnibuds staff why when found out Joe was dirty?

11.  Names such as Poorman, Harris, Delooze, Pioch, Webster, Steele, Storrs, Riter, Dellonte, Jones, Tompkins, all staff who should have been removed, were they?

12.  Why NYS Police does not answer Email?

13.  Why Sheriff does not either?

14.  What are Gov. Cuomo and NY AG doing to make sure this Moreland type of crime can keep going and is not interfered with?  Both were contacted.  Oooops I meant both are doing their jobs to investigate with some really sneaky excuses to make sure they are doing nothing, that was it.  OK business as usual?

15.  What will FBI do?

16.  No changes yet, Hillside is too intelligent to fix what they did outside of jail?

17.  How many other staff are in on this crime by Admin, and have filed as Plaintiff?  A reflection of the crime level, and intent of Albany to allow evil to take over?

18.  Replacement staff will do a better job after prosecution of criminal ones?

19.  They are only Teens in placement and adults too, who cares though right?  If it was houseplants then it would be important to NY!

20.  Retaliation from Albany was a gay agenda against normal men?

21.  FBI was contacted over a dozen times, was it thirty times?

22.  Fox News knows the score along with CBN.  So Hillside has been exposed as a crime circuit?

23.  Points Of Light, also knows?

24.  COA was dealt in?

25.  Helen Halewski was head of HR if she did her job this never would have happened.



The reason Biden’s boss acts so wicked towards America and Iran is because he is trying to get people hurt.  A dirty common thief, he can’t get his agenda legally so he will try to steal it and force slavery on America.  Maybe Iran will pass nuclear material to Muslims  and they will nuke Russia.  If there is any justice under Heaven, God should stop Biden’s boss, pitchfork and all.



In reality everything needs to be taken from the man.  Job, freedom to commit crimes against society, funds that are aiding terrorist organizations.  After he left the knife in your back, and then sits there like dumb dumb not do anything wrong.  He left you open to terrorism America.  If Putin did that it would be a war crime.  Nobody voted for his border policy like it is, it got worse after 2008 along Mexico.

Negligence, even with Biden, if he continues border problems and crime for political gain after say something bad should happen to Biden’s boss, blue bolt of lightning, or he trips and falls in a sink hole golfing and dies.  Maybe a stray Korean Missile.  Then you want to trust Biden?

That is a bible principle, negligence.  9-11 could not happen up until it did.  So here we go that loose plank on the front porch of border patrol, you step on one end and the other hits you between the eyes, again.  Elect liberals and repeat the process every 7 years.

I see Sheriffs accepting help to bulldoze a trench along the border if we gave them enough funds, 5-10 bulldozers at a time.  Survey ahead of them only by hours so the markers are watched.  You have to get up and fight if you want to win.



You thought it was safe to be liberal?

I Cor 6:10

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. 11Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

That was not from NIV but is the same meaning.  NIV changed three verses to try to nail down a trinity, otherwise I like NIV better, Americanized English.



I thought it was a joke, maybe it is, Boardman was surfing the internet when some sign appears for Jon as President in 2016.  You know that evil pseudo rock singer from NJ, that one.

If it was for real, the church of demonica that liberals seem to worship in the shadow of Bon Jovi.  Jon has promoted Clinton, Gore, Biden’s boss in the past.  If you actually were a Christian, went on all these band tours where you stay in hotels with bibles in the rooms, and were getting the message from them.  How you can arrive at being a liberal and still keep singing songs about God?  It is like being in Rehab doing shots of liquor back in your room.  Say one thing and do the other, the same old song it goes on forever, am I ever gonna change? ( Extreme Lyrics, they opened for Bon Jovi on keep the faith).

Look at the agenda, God requires of you to not murder is what is says, not to not kill.  So abortion is what to you, self righteous over vindictive homicidal pro choice females in America?

Abortion is not equal rights, you knew that when Barbie’s head was pulled off by your brother and you couldn’t fix it.  Equal rights is what you wanted to Rock The Liberty Bell on, not yayyyy daddy I stabbed my cabbage patch doll in the ventricles, take that you meathead baby!  But that is your liberal agenda, murder with no shame.  I think you are worse than ISIS, you kill babies.  If there is a future abortion movie can they make the doctor like something out of goonies or beetlejuice, a werewolf?

That band leads into adultery, this is Bon Jovi, I see enough of their stuff and I have to go back to church to find oxygen before nausea overtakes me from their perverse lifestyle.  Kissing other women on stage, most bands might call it  a bed of roses to do that, promise you heaven then put you through another album… Or Sambora on Howard Stern.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Howard, but at work Teens don’t listen to him.  It is the frame of Jesus among sinners, not able to tolerate what they do, but try to rescue.  For me with Motley Crue, I can get mileage out of Dr. Feelgood,  Home Sweet Home, Keep Your Eye On The Money I thought I could use at Church like a Wesleyan piano revival song.  I don’t hate Crue, but I can’t accept everything they do either.

Face it Bon Jovi is falling down as a band.  The sound is getting weaker, Richie left which might have been needed, but Dave ain’t holdin’ it together on vocals.  A rock music start is going the direction of whisper tunes.  Despite high ratings in album sales, there is not alot out there in bands that are producing from I see.  Maybe U2 is the best competition.  This is not like the 1980s bands where you had strong performers going out there tour after album on continuous bouts, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motley…  It does not take that much when younger bands are failing to return on tours now.

These guys in Bon Jovi were 23 years old or so setting out to corrupt the world with perversity, how many STD fans they lost along the way, abortions they supported.  This is not what God is building, even under the name of a burning soul.

If you want another commandment, from God, you start advertising that your Mom was in porn?  MT chapter 5, and trying to lead the world that way with your Mom?  I think some kids might be suicidal over that, if faced with it.

When I was 23 I was hanging up their secular ways, haven’t drank in almost 20 years, drug free lifting that has brought me past NFL strength testing, my own ministry on top of two degrees.  I believe in what I am doing, I know I found the foundation of Christianity and then turned God in for it.  A wise man, by God’s word would prosecute people like Biden’s boss before the people suffer for his arrogant crime.  Jon is only Hillary part II is where I would rate his politics.  Bon Jovi is living a lie of hundreds of millions of albums.  A Pastor told me early on their message was a trap in songs, and you keep reliving it over and over as a fan ( to the flames, don’t excuse the pun).

Read The Judgment in Revelation 21, the people who go to hell are liberals, not the righteous.  Despite the flash in the pan academics liberals have invested on God, behind a watered down rock band, The Tea Party put 54 Senators in DC.  Conservatives have stepped it up for liberty.  So what if Biden’s boss and Clinton were supported by Bon Jovi, at 100 days who had the lowest rating of any President?  The danger they have created, by border and budget, taking your freedom to choose in medicine,  terrorist supporting on US soil, it has never been worse.

I am ashamed of these people in DC who are somewhere between Babylon and Roman.  Jon didn’t look too good physically last time I saw him.  It would only be a disaster to have him even run.  Maybe people look at all the albums they sold, as progress, to me it is look at what a mess you made.  Treacherous relationships with other Women, love songs are like a war against his own.  It is a danger to the youth.

The best I could summarize the feeling from that posting, was like in baseball if you hit a pitch off the very end of the bat, it resonates in your hand, and they call it a fist full of bees, usually the ball goes foul from it.  That is not what I want when I pull the voting lever.

Would I ever run for President, I say as a joke.  Not in 10 years I don’t think.  A Master’s degree first at least, 176 pages of court record litigation to stop criminals in NY was the only thesis so far.  God has to call you to that, I could see tuning up DC like a bible said, I think I could do it, but someone like Rubio better stick around right now;  young, able, committed, righteous.  Jon fails as a responsible adult with peoples Teens even by Bon Jovi’s message.  The damage sin has had on liberals and America has been like heroin.

God Bless



March 26, 2015

Hillside And Manslaughter

A big round of applause for Hillside as children in Africa wait for food and only starve to death or their villages don’t have wells, because corporate Rochester decided to be a brat for them over 45 months, and break Labor Laws in NY.  Will the glory ever be so magnificent?  We have exalted the devils behind office doors.  They are within days of being liable for full damages as the receipt shows for the fraud case stemming from their lies in litigation.

Only dead kids, sweep it aside like you usually do, doesn’t matter to corporate.  Remember that Ice Cream Man sound byte from Eddie Murphy, the kids with Ice Cream walking around mocking the ones who don’t get any,  ” you didn’t get none.”  That is what Rochester can do to Africa, rescue shipments didn’t happen, ’cause we are liberals, you can die there, you stupid children.’  That is your true colors there political left, asinine, and I wouldn’t sue them for eight figures, they will have to do better than that.  Who knows maybe they will remember the children who died someday sitting in prison.  Or better yet a missions trip, let’s go bury the dead kids before coyotes eat them?  Are there coyotes in Africa?  How about  a Lion instead?




Life Outreach International, Feed The Children, are people who will help.



With the 150 dead and it appears that the pilot intentionally did this.

Alot more people are involved at Hillside in the scandal from Admin, where you have to ask about mental issues like that pilot.  How is it you don’t reply on child abuse, retaliate against investigations,  lie in court, so many staff become in involved as Plaintiff in class action against the agency.  And still going, Gov. and NY AG were just oops too busy to lift a finger to help, golf?  Really busy I know.  Tell it like it is, liberals are criminals.  Mental issues up through Albany.  How they ever survived Moreland is not right.

Teens are in good hands though, criminal insanity never hurt an Admin or a reich.  If only FBI responds as an authority to stop the crime, not so bad, all the other lower agencies had to have jobs to get golfing money, why complain, if the work gets done with crime, maybe that it is good or if not it helps FBI from getting lazy, at least you paid for golf funds as a taxpayer.  You mean escalated Teens start fights sometimes and it can go to  a fifty person brawl?  In the past that is the staff account of things.  Admin watching your back from Rochester and Albany.



Sheriff Joe Needs Funds


Less than a week remains in March, and that means we are closing in our on very important End of Quarter deadline. I just spoke to my campaign team and they told me we’re still $17,788 short of our EOQ goals…

-Sheriff Joe


White House

Standing by their decision to free criminals for a runaway.  Spoken like true terrorists.

Isn’t that dereliction of duty when illegals are entering the country and you are at the golf course as golfer in chief?  Somebody should be there to makes sure these criminals are carrying the right equipment for 18 holes!  Weapons, drugs, human trafficking info, terrorist identity, not issues.  Where are the morals, you could be driving a golf cart without proper clearance as an illegal.  National security, who cares, Biden’s boss thinks he is going to stop freedom with his crime agenda.  So what charges does he get, the caliber of treatment that normal criminals would receive?  King and overlord of Biden, forgot, equal treatment under the law.  This is not Democracy it is criminal insanity.  Maybe it is a recruiting violating, like the NCAA would have, golfing with terrorists- Biden’s boss using your taxes to attack the country.

If it is a war crime, which it is 1100 + people a day, because the princess attitude presides over DC, does not mean that an invasion is not happening.  Or a war in real terms is not underway.  A well regulated militia has the authority to stop such a war?


No further update on Hillside crime, they must want the full damages being quoted off the court transcript as evidence?  FBI knows at this point who was willing and not, to do their jobs up through Law Enforcement ranks.  Boss Hogg not listed in that first primary group.


They are inside about a week to forfeit damages on the served summons and complaint, is crime an addiction when it goes beyond agency budgets?


So far the hijacking of agency policy by corporate criminals has not been resolved.  The same of NY Law, it has only been entertainment to prosecutors.  Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, like a little kid wagging their tongue at grown ups, Admin don’t have to follow laws.  Because they have your tax dollars.  Biden’s boss is the same way, while you work hard, he lets 440,000+ illegal criminals in your country a year.  Will he lose voting privileges if imprisoned?

You have to question next election if Astorino or another runs for NY Gov.,  against this corruption, Conservatives win NY?  Why not, look at last time the country voted, people are sick of the oppression.


March 25, 2015



Looking around the country from Sheriff Joe’s work, to Hillary, golfer in chief, Hillside class action case. The left is getting met by justice.  We stand at 54 Senators and a record number of House Reps in DC.  There is a huge potential to turn around The States from the disaster liberals planned, their over the falls without a barrel politics.  How thoughtful nutso left the border open for ISIS.

Why on cutting off Hillside from any more new settlement offers?  It should not be necessary to serve a summons and complaint three times on the same case.  The first two having filed, and Counsel stepping out for Hillside and not representing anymore, the first time around.  It is just a waste of time to keep going with them.  I see other cases and liberals are being brought down to justice.  Why keep playing around with these criminals?  They are handling NY Teens, and they can’t even pass basic laws.  Do you trust them?  If I didn’t see this through do you actually think Albany was going to help?  Child abuse might as well have been terrorist abuse, and then they would be concerned.  Make sure that Gitmo runs right.  Maybe on a resume it looks better, “involved in a child abuse scandal” vote for me on election day!  Or the supervisor who has written down public records falsification as a job related skill and experience.

So go ahead Russ say Amen while these fools are destroying NY.  I’d rather roast in hell.












With the crime from Hillside, they have been shown and signed for the last attempt to solve the case as an agency.  Any more resistance, I will take it as their schemes to keep retaliating against the mandated child abuse reporter, because they are sore losers.  Which is not going to bring another offer, all it shows me then is criminal attitude problems are their god, and  intent is to keep ripping everyone off if they can.  So if damages then take them out of the business, it cleans up NY from crime.

Affidavit was witnessed and filed for summons and complaint which is also on record with the court.  So it is not like nobody knows the case is official, and the signed receipt from corporate for it shows they know they were contacted.  No excuse, I wonder how many other places in society I could be a Licensed Athletic Trainer, required to carry an agency first aid pack with  their on site training card in my LI-12 form checked off for it, and hired as Sociotherapist, but no you don’t work in healthcare.  That is where Albany and DAs who profess to prosecute all crime are coming up short.

There is still time to serve another summons and complaint if they are trying to hide that one on this case #2 (fraud), but no settlement will be accepted at that point.  Eight figures is their problem then.


Latest Update On Hillside

No update on changes, the agency is still joy riding on crime. And headed towards enormous damages they will pay by default for not having answered a served summons and complaint.  It could end the agency, that is not questioned.

Law Enforcement has also been prompted again this week to verify their duties being carried out, to keep dirty Admin in check at Hillside.





Is someone playing golf again?

The primary objective of Biden’s boss was to build terrorist training camps or border crime(?), and use the other as a support?  Bad you hang on to your guns by constitutional rights, ok you can execute those babies with abortion, but keep the crime rolling, illegal aliens with elections to win, what is a terrorist training camps anyways, that is but little more than golf in value, a harmless recreational get away from reality for a DC criminal.  How is that not conspiracy, we caught you breeding crime with intent to defraud the United States of safety?



March 24, 2015

If abortion is so great, how come Boy Scouts are not learning the execution method along with liberal Doctors?

SFLA, credit where it is due, has students who have out-achieved Michael Jordan in their college days.  They save real live human babies from being executed, try to apologize for that.


Nellie Oleson

A.  Was part of Biden’s boss’ cabinet.

B.  Is an Admin office hoodlum employed at Rochester NY.

C.  Has served as a role model for Pelosi.

D.  Was not the intended border patrol agent to scowl at Patriots.

E.  Fortunately was a fictional character on T.V.

F.  Should tell Biden’s boss to go do his job, because killers are on the border.

G.  Any combination of the above may do.



This week marks the fifth anniversary of Obamacare becoming law, a milestone that we will regret until we have the political will to dismantle and replace this disastrous experiment.

Five years later, many Americans have either lost their desired healthcare coverage or their doctors – or both – and costs have gone up, not down. We were promised just the opposite.

This is what happens when you empower government bureaucrats, and agencies like the IRS at the expense of patients, doctors and health providers.

I am dedicated to not only dismantling Obamacare, but more importantly, replacing it with patient-centered reforms that increase choice, competition, and personal control. That includes proven ideas like expanding access to personal health savings accounts and leveraging science and technology, both of which would reduce costs and increase transparency.

As I explore a potential run for President, I am excited to not only share my ideas for true health reform, but to listen and learn from many others around the country.

Ultimately, like with so many other issues, the answer to our healthcare challenges will come from trusting and empowering our most important resource – the American people – not from centralization and government fiat.

Thank you for standing with me to be part of the solution, and for your generous and ongoing support.

Ben Carson



Missing woman in Cali, Fox News Story.






After all the crime, did every involved staff get discharged from the agency.  Or some not even a creating a hostile work environment review?  There are those who could help authorities, or be forced to a plea bargain under prosecution.  It is very weak, all that and still resisting like nothing happened or they were not caught.  It only makes things worse for them against the evidence.



German plane crash in French Alps, 150 dead?





Hierarchy Of Criminals

Which criminal offender do you compare to the ones at Hillside who have authored public records falsification, fraud, corrupting child abuse investigations?

1.  A normal law abiding bystander on the street.

2.  Agency Janitor, not responsible for direct supervision but not causing any problems.

3.  Normal line staff doing their job.

4.  Supervisor not guilty of any crime.

5.  Dirty Supervisor, habitually late, loud at witness staff, does not discipline lesser crimes below child abuse.

6.  Dirty Supervisor falsifies anything possible to keep from doing job, liabilities go in the millions.

7.  Dirty Cops not handling complaints.

8.  Organized Crime Government, refusing prosecution duties against opposing political party crime victims.

9.  Domestic Terrorists in the liberal party.  Like that child abuse, you hear Prison Guards talk about inmates who are touchers, maybe that is your kind?

10.  The Administrative staff will be responsible for overseeing professionals and Clients in the  justice system setting, reporting to the agency President and board of directors on a regular basis, scratch that hey 5-0 crime at Hillside, these stalkers have had a coup de taxpayers, taking over the agency Admin and exposing themselves as future convicts.  Watch Albany they are sitting on everything, if you wanted a second chance at Moreland criminals…opportunity in knocking.

11. Answers 5-10.

12.  Abused Teen Client, harassed nearly 20 different shifts.

13.  Agency Staff as blamed because there was no one else to scapegoat.

14.  When God tells you to stay on top of this from the git go, then do so, hey FBI is not intimidated by office fiends bring them to justice.  Remember parents are watching Admin?  Oh you mean that crime against Clients, when OCFS set up investigations?  Now you were saying the crackers and mustard tasted better in prison?

15.  Drug testing should be part of the prosecutors case against criminal Admin?


March 23, 2015


Enters his bid for The Presidency.   He is one of the better minds in DC.  Should he end up in debates with liberals, Ted will take criticism from people of lower moral worth who are not fit to be in the debate with him.  I wouldn’t guess he will lead GOP voting, but will sharpen other candidates game between now and Nov 2016.


On the idea that illegal immigrants are allowed in this country or are not.  It begins with crime, and for any politician to say well we don’t want to turn away illegals, ok bar maybe some of Biden’s boss’ terrorists, there is the perception we can allow people to immigrate endlessly.  Your bible does not say let these people steal anything.  Students who are in school, looking for work when they graduate, and here are politicians selling their jobs up the river to illegals ahead of time.  Criminals don’t vote in elections has always been law?

History is that Americans settled The States by Judeo-Christian values.  I understand jealous anti-exceptionalists can’t handle that.  Jesus had Judas, we have Biden’s boss.  So go back to the founding of The States, American Indians are the not value system God was looking for in a bible.  Settlers went west, gospel, and eventually took possession of the land.  That is about facing reality, how can traditional Indians be so in the right by God if a French and Indian War is fought?  You have Indians fighting each other.

I am told that architecture in the structures of the Indians in Central America, and Egypt fit in the same time period, among more famous builders.  So if you don’t buy the farce of carbon dating was ever proven in three and four half lives- because science was not actually there to take samples, and the ice age land crossing with it.  American Indians are descendants of the Pharaoh’s line?

The hard work that people had to endure from 1776 to now, is not the right of illegals to show up and infringe upon.  America had this much freedom because of a Godly people.  So if other countries are falling apart, there is a job of those other populations to go fix their own countries.  Instead show up like criminals to take your freedom?  It is not right by a bible, Ezekiel’s watchman was God’s idea.

Yeah we could take immigrants if The US was ready, but why should we be pressured into anything by crime?  Biden’s boss does not care if the Sodomites are at large along the border.  Isn’t that right US AG?

You have to expect if you are a believer that all this abortion of live babies, Arnold could run over baby dolls and cribs, play pens, carriages with his tank, and liberals would still not get it.  Legalize drugs, crime has become a staple of liberal DC.  Has Biden’s boss now set the record for most scandals?  Sow the wind is where this all comes up on radar, we let it keep going.  So your reward is illegal aliens, you won’t work for justice, but they will damage your economy by crime, unemployment, disease, drugs, rapes, murders, terrorism.  And liberals have considered themselves to be wise?

It is like the jokes about how many morons does it take to change a light bulb.  Or better yet, Roe v. Wade?  It is only the baby squirming for life under the Doctor’s knife there liberals, can you hear me?  Friday The 13th movies were fake, your homicides are real.  Scriptures are not that you can let that keep going and Hillary is going to  fix anything against God’s wrath.  It was pointed out last week, what have liberals done for you?  And I couldn’t name one thing that was handled right since Biden’s overlord?

That is the curse on America, won’t let go of murder, false witness, stealing, covets.  These are not people who survived God’s wrath in a bible.  Conspiracy charges are waiting for Biden’s boss, but you baby killers, you deserve to suffer.

The measure you use comes back to you by Jesus.




This winter it is a sad commentary on Congress not being able to pass legislation to protect unborn babies, in their vote.  They are only sons and daughters being killed, the product of a rape so what, humanoids are mammals, and the act of homicide is what evil liberals do.  Murder is not the worst thing that can happen to a son or daughter, being born free is.



Still needs funds around, $27K.

March 22, 2015

Biden’s Boss

The name and title being overused of the primary individual attacking the states.  Therefore he is referred to as Biden’s boss.  The tactic that he is allowed to lie by his religion is something you should be concerned with.  This is a pathological liar and criminal who has been overseeing the scandals at our nation’s capital.  Are you helping terrorists there Biden’s boss, from the middle east to  Mexico?  Shouldn’t somebody stop you before you have a golf tour during 9-11 part II?  If he remains himself as golfer in chief, no surprise, what else can you do but jeopardize your security duties.  Yeah I know golf was just too much for your simple brain to remember work.  It is no mistake, but the worse problem might be how far are Conservatives going to let this joker go before he is stopped, after terrorism?  Well we didn’t know, about his plot, or golf tours, Mexico?  Not at all, I can even drive the golf cart for you if you want to play Ostrich as an observer.

I would keep praying, get Biden’s boss out of here.

God Bless


Hillside Understanding

After damages in the cases are resolved.  The group of coworkers who were offended by agency leadership, paid.  It seems Patriots didn’t take the tyranny so well.  The starving Kids in Africa who didn’t get fed, will just have to understand that corporate Rochester didn’t care.  Villages without new wells, so people could avoid sickness.  Aborted babies ok half dead at some point, crawl for the trash can if you would liberals do not appreciate your kind,  so just shut up and die quietly is what they will have you do.

From trying to protect other Staff with OSHA, and Clients with OCFS, no apologies for the perpetrators.  Kindergarten Kids should know to report that type of problems.

Still looking at settlement options if that surfaces and Hillside does not pay the full weight of their crimes.  I was at the top of pay range for my position and should remain there.  How far this situation backs up into Albany, and ends careers either at OCFS, Political, whatever, you made crime your horse and rode like a banshee.  Showed us all how much free people can trust their government, no, some are righteous.  The fiends however in positions of Admin are obvious.  I would be mad if I was in The FBI, you tried to do what at Hillside, in Albany, again?

The illusion breaks when you look at other agencies in the profession, they stop holding their noses when the Hillside corruption passes.  Yeah real impressed, you broke every policy and law you could, did I mention we work in behavior modification?  Pesky detail there, what else can these staff degrade society with in the agency’s name.

Society these staff attacked you is the end. Your money and Clients went in, abuse and crime is what came out.





Two Questions For Politicians

1.  What Politician has the authority to approve illegal alien crime?  None?  Only arrogant ones?  Don’t steal was Eden, so have an applefest at the border.  These people can work for change in their own countries who are illegal.

2.  Knowing tens of thousands will die in car crashes  a year and hydrogen builds a safer car with no pollution.  Why is Detroit not building these cars so Government (by nuclear reactors) can sell the hydrogen?  Or why is Detroit not going out of business by manufacturers who will build them?



What is worse to you?  Benghazi or 1100 illegal aliens a day crossing your border?

I know Obama won’t hear the job duty he signed up for as carumba in chief, but it is criminal behavior.  Where are the charges against him?  Gunshots often clear up the hearing problem from DC, Law Enforcement getting shot at by drug dealers, terrorists taking over for absent border patrol, human traffickers being captured.  Obama’s psyche as an adult is melting down to let this happen for business as usual.  When he ran for office, subjecting you to terrorism was never on his campaign/fundraising/public speaking scam artist agenda.

Worse than Benghazi you venemous terrorist.  He has to be cut off from his crime.  If you didn’t enter The US legally then you don’t vote in 2016.  Most politicians try to stop crime, ok not Albany but what about klepto Obama,  he is multiplying it daily. The beast and false prophet from the bible I had to suspect were Hillary and Pelosi, but that leaves no room for Obama unless he is the great Satan.  Slithering, meandering, golf course again. Stop thief! No I wasn’t talking to Hillside,  just the President of America.

How do you not lose your citizenship for assisting terrorists?  Where is the mental health eval on Obama? You signed up to be leader of security…’yeah I know but happy gay steal the elections time does not happen if Barack not have crime.’ Stalin was summarized as a serial killer, not a leader or a policy maker.  The President is a criminal by definition.


March 21, 2015



As one of my strongest supporters, you know how hard it was to get here — and it hasn’t gotten any easier.

Since I have been an outspoken, conservative voice in Congress — and my 2014 victory was a close one — I’ve become the #1 Republican congressional target for Nancy Pelosi and National Democrats.

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Other Donation

My story has earned me the particular attention of the divisive, dependency and identity politics Big Government Obama Democrats here on Capitol Hill. As a national figure for commonsense conservative principles in a closely contested district, I’ll face even more resistance this time than the last. And we can’t possibly afford to fall behind now.

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Paid for and authorized by Friends of Mia Love

Friends of Mia Love | PO Box 255 | Riverton, Utah 84065



#1.  The people of North Korea, South Korea, Japan.

Kim Jong Un is forcing an embarrassing situation by threatening peaceful people.

#2.  Removal Of The Klepto In Chief

I have watched him break enough laws.  He is a menace to society like Kim Jong.  It is time to go Barack.

#3.  Aborted Babies

Only called a fetus at 8  months even though they will live then in incubators.  If they could keep it down, tired of hearing the crying when they are being killed by bleeding heart liberals.  You have a murder habit there should be convicts.

#4.  NY

We are about 5% off making this a Conservative State, I want the crime dumped.  Corruption and stalking by liberals, like there was no God.  Our leadership is made in the image of Benghazi and Satan.

#5.  Tea Party

Who has the muscle to rescue the border?  Somebody would have to help The Sheriffs survey, and dig.  Can’t is not going to stop border rapes.  Enraged is the word, Obama is accepting this  from criminals.





If you do not know the salvation of Jesus, he tried to leave behind a legacy of righteous people for the sake of society.  Greater love has no man than this, regardless of what is waiting on the other side.  As times get darker, we have experienced the worst President ever in US history.  The UN incompetent to stand up to North Korea the most dangerous aggressor at the time.  Russia has continued to show prophetic allegiance to evil.  Live babies to be aborted as human waste by liberals, not yet saved by a Liberty Bell.  The world is going to hell an understatement of the times.  John 3:17 the redeeming verse of the bible.  That God sent Christ to rescue humanity, the soul collector among a reaper’s whirlwind.


God Is The Source (lyrics) – (Rev 6) -Boardman

White Horse-he’s the fighter, kick a hole in the sky.

Red Horse-be no kinder, crush the armies this time.

Black Horse- in the market, don’t tax the burdened soul.

Pale Horse-death and Hades not much longer to go.

A time of seventy sevens was prescribed in Daniel for the time of the end to purify God’s people from sin.  It is the battle of Cain v. Abel, Superman splitting in a movie to fight himself, and find when you are done that a man or a coward is left.  Sinners can’t do it, because you just ain’t got it.  Not without Jesus, and same like Judas.  This separates the men from the boys, Eve from Betsy Ross.  Some people could go a whole lifetime and not be able to man up to Christianity.  Others have an addiction to being cheap shot artists, and we would be better off with them left behind.  Everything that is known was already known by God, He was trying to winnow out the devils from Patriot ranks.

God Bless





#1.  One day Obama is out golfing when the Sodomite human traffickers take notice and decide he would make a good slave for their crime.  The Sodomites do not specifically state  their own ethnic group so no liberal smear campaign is able to blame them for being racist.  When Obama is taken into Mexico…

#2.  JFK refusing to fight aggression in southeast Asia was assassinated by God.  T or F?

#3.  Secret Service has been infiltrated by ISIS and Obama is alot closer to a permanent vacation than he knows? T or F?


Christian and Muslim

As I had said before that there are parts of Muslim religion that are disciplined, and how can you not respect some things about it.  They refuse the lust of the world in the stricter ranks.  We also see some heinous crimes by terrorists that Islam does not support.  Christians still have the harder road with Matthew chapter 5 , that you not look lustfully at another Woman it says, not you get 40 Women.  So I don’t look at Christianity as reckless or weak teaching.

Even if you take it further, the undergarment burning rebellion displays of the Womens Rights era.  I am not against equal rights and leave it at that.  But the protests with underwear like people were trying to hail a taxi with it.  I have to put that on Males, not because one style of dress is so bad or worse than the other related to the protests, if you are covered.  But because  somewhere men turned into this almost panel of nerd Judges, where a Female walks into some setting, and they have to eval the person’s dress under the microscope.  Don’t you see the director saying , well get the camera angle up off other peoples chests, boys?  Maybe in school it is like keep your eyes on your own paper?  Responsibility and self control are not things the Judges need, blame it all on the Females.  It is a power trip.  Still I wouldn’t tell you to tempt a sex offender with a suit of armor on, they will offend each other if left unsupervised.  They have to keep their feet covered because some peers can’t resist this it was said.

Where the difference in religions breaks is, who is to say that all go to the same Heaven?  You could have Venus leading Christians and Mars leading Muslims, so kill in the name of  the one God or one Savior, which was many pirates hiding in space caves like chickens.  The moon only being a relay station, for all of those death stars.  The pieces don’t add up by evidence of scriptures plus reality, as much as I know there is a God above Christians.

What I don’t think is constructive is making fun of Muslims.  People who believe in another way, you don’t solve it by lack of evidence.  I look back at one training partner I had Muslim, USMC, he outran Dorsey Levins I heard in high school.  Semi Pro Football was around then, and I had to question if we were in the same backfield, pro set, how well we could have done.  It was a situation where I had his back at work, in the system, if someone messed with him, it would have been the physical floor comes rushing up to meet the assailant (cough).  Only legal prescribed interventions, but no garbage cheap shots like that against another American.  It is the same with Clients,  I would not let staff punk on them regardless of religious difference, that is evil by definition to let it happen, Jesus never taught that to be a good ol’ boy Christian who is like Judas was ok.

I can’t say the same for authorities, they have let a multitude of complaints slide to the Federal level with Hillside.  New York is in real trouble at lower levels of Law Enforcement.  I have seen Cops trying to sit on complaints in four different jurisdictions/departments from what I have seen as a small cross section  of interactions they go through, but problems went months and years.  If I had to guess the addiction is go to work and get paid to sit.  Dirty Cops I see out here, it is not just a hood thing.



March 20, 2015

It Is a Big Carpet To Sweep Things Under

If a robbery occurred at a bank, and within 72 hours the staff were erasing the video, hey this is protocol, only doing my job.  You mean you are erasing evidence for your buddies who did not shoot the intruder with due diligence?

Ok so it is The White House instead, the little insignificant joint that it is , not very important next to a bank.  And you erase the surveillance tapes because, these are liberals what do you want?  Next scandal, turn the page, do we have enough prosecutors for the upcoming trouble the left will once again begin?



There is a book to be written pre election year, Kleptomania And The Modern Day Liberal.  It won’t be something I will get done.  The storm winds of heavy metal are stirring, and I am called by God to rock with righteousness for The USA.  It still leaves room for writers who can sell millions of books to defeat the criminal agenda we have all had too much of.







Romney predicting that scandals will take their toll on election chances for Hillary.  As Pelosi attempts to salvage the situation for the greater homicide rights of satanic doctors v. babies in abortion.  Now look at this, if Barbie doll has her head pulled off, and I know this shows the disturbed nature of liberal medicine, but that is what abortion is about, killing people who are smaller than you and have no political representation amongst liberal party animals.  It is one thing to sit there and say what difference does it make, because you are the one who killed Barbie doll, you try to put her head back on before you get caught by adults.  But to make this liberal policy and try to kill actual babies, and then pout because Conservatives remind you once again you have fallen to your ways like Texas Chainsaw Massacre idiots.  Why should sober minded adults trivialize the issue over hair brained schemes like don’t  do your job at Benghazi and get four zombies killed?  When voters get the full weight of what a delinquent Hillary is, it will have a severe impact.

That was the lesson about cutting the heads off of chickens/decapitating Barbie/aborting innocent babies, (it) all runs the same  bloodthirsty psychotic episodes that liberals have come to appreciate.  The worse commentary on it, being that after a Benghazi, to come back and say I can be President!  Not aw, what the hell does it matter if I do  my job, it is only security and terrorism in Libya?  Or God D_mmit I messed up, they were alive and now are dead, there is no way to hide this murder, I botched the security so bad, I should be fired, prosecuted.  Not promoted to chief devil who can get more people killed.  You have to be one sorry individual to vote Hillary after that,  unless you are a terrorist in which case that is alright.  Because that is what some liberals are, kill babies ok, legalize drugs-here is your brain on stupidity, vote for the least competent policy makers.  You actually came back to run for President after Benghazi?  Is there one Politician or any who ran for office that has half the number of security kills as Hillary?  I don’t mean a neighborhood dog ran out in front of you driving, and you mashed its skull like Barbie when somebody steps on her doll head.  American Servicemen and Diplomats, dead as a doornail.  Wouldn’t a Principal of a school get fired if he got four students killed?

Conservatives have a lunatic to expose.




March 19, 2015



#1 New York Corruption

(If you want to join in here on New York State and this whole Hillside caper. It effects Maryland too because headquarters is in NY.  How that many man hours of crime were logged by the agency leadership.  So called boards of directors approve of retaliating against child abuse reporting?  From OCFS, COA, Governors people, any of them need to be removed if they are refusing to do their jobs.  As in The FBI can start sacking criminals left and right, even if liberal egos don’t think so.)

We have to get to the bottom of this, any staff who are involved in crime, bye-bye.  American Teens futures are caught up in all this corporate cowardice, afraid to do their jobs.  It is like some kind of rabies problem, attacking freedom.





Russ — Maybe you’ve seen my comments in the news… at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit, I offered a blunt assessment of the Iranian nuclear talks.

The deal President Obama is negotiating with Iran is an unprecedented surrender by the United States.

Now, liberals are slandering me in the news for speaking the truth. What do you think?

If you agree that any deal with Iran that allows them to continue their nuclear program is a surrender by the United States, then click here now and pledge your support by making a donation of $10 or more to John Bolton PAC.

I’ll use every dollar to launch an all-out-assault on Obama’s defeatist foreign policy.

I’m not going to give the liberal left — especially Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton — the last word at this critical point in our nation’s history. I’m asking for you to take a stand with me against their embarrassment of a foreign policy. Click here now to pledge your support.

Russ, I’ve never been one for mincing words when it comes to protecting the security of America.

I will do absolutely anything to ensure that America is safe and strong, even if it means speaking the truth no matter how badly the liberals wished I remained silent.

I will not apologize for this.

I promise you: I will continue to speak out as boldly as I can against Obama’s rotten foreign policy, especially this bogus deal with Iran.

Are you with me? Or do you agree with the liberal media that thinks that if we give Iran a nuclear program they will be a happy friend to the United States and Israel? Click here now if you’re behind me.

Make the pledge today. I refuse to be silent on this, and I urge you to do the same.

For America,
John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations



When the idea of Jeb running for President first came up, I was hesitant. You may have heard about that. When you see the pounding candidates, their spouses, and even their children take, what mother wouldn’t be?

But our problems are so profound that America needs a leader who can renew the promise of this great nation.

Which is why today I’m starting the Run Jeb Run fund.

And, Russ, I’m asking if you can give $250, $100, $50 or whatever you can immediately.

I know that’s a lot to ask, but Jeb is our best chance of taking back the White House in 2016, and I hope that you will join me in pushing him to run.

We need and appreciate your help, Russ.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to counting you among our ranks.

Barbara Bush


Two Florida Politicians Bush and Rubio help our chances in a tough swing state.  I am not saying I know who should be President but we need them in the debates.

If the Mexico line  was Eden.  We have to stop crime and the human trafficking of rape business, because Obama does not give a d_mn.  If Congress can stop illegals from voting to ruin Obama’s crime.  Maybe that will hold until we get a Conservative President to be fair to Americans on not letting criminals take over.





On the heels of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sweeping victory this week, I think back to my weeklong visit to Israel this past December.

One of the recurring, and tragic themes in my conversations with Israelis of all backgrounds was their feeling of abandonment by the U.S. government.

In light of President Obama’s snub of Prime Minister Netanyahu during his recent visit to America, it’s not difficult to understand why.

I see Prime Minister Netanyahu’s victory as a testament to his decisive and formidable leadership — a quality that is noticeably missing in our own White House.

By adopting a policy of “leading from behind,” President Obama has allowed bad actors like Putin and ISIS to fill the vacuum, and the world has become a more dangerous place.

One reason that I’ve decided to explore a run for President is because I believe the United States is the greatest force for good in the world today.

We must once again lead in a clear, decisive way so that our enemies respect us, and our friends – particularly Israel – know that we have their backs.

It is the only way to ensure a future of safety and freedom for the American people.

By joining me on this journey, I know that you too are ready for a new kind of leadership, and I thank you for your generous and ongoing support.


Ben Carson




What you have to understand about Obama when he said fundamental transformation of America, this was not just an opinion, or a passive idea.  Healthcare scam, terrorism, lies in the media, internet control, permissive to Assad, this is about a dirty comrade.  Hitler tried to transform countries like this, 2nd amendment has you all choked up I know Barack.  Impeach, if it doesn’t work you get liberal Senators in the process turning in their sanity, resigning from American Law.  Betrayus should have been removed  for espionage, Secret Service, if it runs dirty and Obama is killed by ISIS that is how Obama can teach himself  lesson.


March 18, 2015



Revelation Road I & II

I have seen both movies now.  As you hopefully know they are Brian Bosworth works.  As a Christian I recommend both of them.  When a person is born again there is this great refinement of questioning everything for moral value, afterall sin got Jesus killed so you better stop in your tracks with it.  It is difficult to span going from scriptures and actual media that you can stand tall about after watching, and connecting it to the big time.  I would say these movies came from a legitimate Christian and were the best ones I have seen since The Passion Of The Christ by  Mel Gibson.

For me it is more of a bias to watch these works than some people.  Between working with the criminal element, to how the world has changed since 9-11.  I get that, the darkness of these movies by spiritual leading.  It drives how worthless the life of the flesh is in the end, because you are near real situations that are abusive.  Also Bosworth was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when I was in high school.  One of the most exciting players of his time.  And we got him on our side in Christian movies now!!!!!!!  If you feel like life is becoming a dust in the wind experience, watch these some weekend.




Moment Of Shame

Now that Hillside has been caught in evidence on retaliation against staff.  There is not one sound minded authority that sides with what the agency criminals have done.  From U of Maryland, and classes I took, state OCFS child abuse reporting requirements, any Email that went to Law Enforcement through the early reporting stages pre 2011 to now.  No law exists that backs Hillside.  The only thing they were able to do in court is lie and somehow pass that off, so their condition worsened, liability rose, public awareness of the scandal reached the masses.  I don’t know what it is they are trying to pull, against Teens in placement, or any staff who reports such crime?  What can they do, evidence has been to authorities, they can’t reverse it, and pretend perjury did not happen. Those staff would fail Client programs and be sent to the next level of the system as Teens themselves.  Even to the end of the line level of detention, if they behaved bad enough.  Parents how you could want your Teenagers under the leadership of Hillside as it has been, on my 18 years of hours in the system, no way.  It is like I said Hillside needs to run right or not at all.  They are very close to that conclusion.  I hope what you see here is one staff is having to make the agency and law enforcement do their jobs.  At 45 months has one staff been arrested or prosecuted?  Not that I could tell you of.

So this can happen again?  Or still does because evil people were left to rotting liberal leadership.  It does not matter if Clients are Muslim or Christian, black, white, male, female, Hillside lets this happen to anyone.



Potential discriminatory actions of the agency going further still.  The documentation of the class action lawsuit reveals that so many staff are involved against Hillside, Plaintiffs Attorney did not list them all.  Those individuals if still employed at Hillside are allowed that right.  Whereas this Plaintiff has been subjected to further harassment where, after close to four years and appropriate service of papers to the agency, Hillside felt it necessary to attempt to project false power at the plaintiff saying this was not desired to approach the agency in person, when it was never a concern.  Who would go near the criminals at this point knowing how they display criminally insane behaviors falsifying anything they can, at this phase of the outburst and tantrum, even in court.  You might have a lunatic on your hands, where the Admin start running around like they saw a five headed monster even if a person approached them for legitimate reason.  You Boardman, what do you know about this lunacy?  All of a sudden crackers behavior from these office staff, don’t blame me they started scribbling on agency papers and in court with piles of litigation, it is a recurring theme though and crime seems to be a favorite activity.  It serves no rational purpose to waste your time with a person like that.

The same, Hillside legal office was advised (as requested by Hillside), that they keep their boundaries because these people have displayed nothing but crime since 2011 towards this plaintiff.  Cuomo needs to get off his backside with NY AG, and do his job, or I don’t ever want to see them in office again.  Letting OCFS and prosecution sit idle.  Because you know what that is being about, a slacker, and I don’t like slackers.



The US being a permanent member of The U.N. Security Council has a duty to stop Iran.  Congress has the same absolute responsibility to bring down Obama, or his Senators by a vote to impeach, revealing their Satanic attitude problem in refusal.  It is not at all cordial that these lefties are empowering terrorism, it is time we teach them some manners.


If you know her role in the Obama White House, she was born in Iran.  Now are terrorist

supporting decisions starting to make sense Barack?  If witches were circling the friendly

skies on brooms, it should be tracked and reported, we can’t have that kind of arrogance in the

flight pattern.  But if it is a nuclear arsenal, we don’t need to help no Israelis we have Valerie

Jarrett on the Golf Admin Team.  They used to say something is rotten in Denmark,  whatever

that means, how about downwind of Hiroshima ever try that in 1945?  We didn’t pay that Devil

Barack to be a terrorist in DC, it is his holy war forget politics.  Barack not smart enough to

figure out terrorist make weapon and blow up Israel?  War crimes, it is a big joke like 9-11-01.



On Netanyahu Election

But David Axelrod, a former top adviser to Obama, tweeted overnight as returns were coming in: “Tightness of exits in Israel suggests Bibi’s shameful 11th hour demagoguery may have swayed enough votes to save him. But at what cost?”


Like The White House, that is when you know incompetence has become a pride issue once again for the liberals to excel at.  A kid could figure out the danger Israel and the world is in.  Just say no, liberal scams are part of deceiving the public, a time is coming for all of the left to go through the detox process of stopping their lying problem, they can do it together communal rehab!

Gaza, Israel gave it to Palestinians by charity, and still rockets come back at Israel from there.  So trust Axelrod or Obama’s arrogant brood?  Maybe a Judge can sign them up for group therapy, no more lies, you don’t do your jobs in DC.  The first step is recognition  liberals, you are dirty people, fibbers.



Appearing victorious are the early reports from Israel.  After his visit to the Senate in recent weeks, the anti Semitic DC sentiments of liberals becomes more clear.  Unwilling to help Israel against a nuclear aggressor.  I was noticing the letter of Tom Cotton and corrective statements of Hillary, that confronting Iran was undermining the authority of our gracious President, who has allowed us to get a glimpse of his inertial golfing skills, and defense squandering.  When Mr. Netanyahu’s brother was killed in a mission to rescue Israeli and other hostages at Africa, that hostage plane stopped and refueled at Benghazi.  So we are corrected by history that a brave warrior protected his people and gave his life for it.  While the undeserving are still trying to undermine common sense, and lead Israel with America to harm.  Mr. Netanyahu has done his job for the defense of free people.

Our duty remains to recognize Obama as a war criminal, codependent to border crime.  So far Patriots I hate to say may be afraid of dirt, to dig  a border trench.  The project is too big?  Should have been a mechanized division on it, I know, make short work of this few days to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air in at Mexico.  It is either that or fight crime, Government sponsored, approved, illegal aliens, this makes about as much sense as voting for liberals.

The disgust over liberals representing The States, we needed adults in charge, instead conmen are what appeared.  A concoction like Nagasaki is what Obama was working on against Israel.  Jesus stood at a distance to a city that killed the righteous telling of its evil.  The pathological liars on the left, think they are fooling us everyday.  Must be we are too dumb to figure it out.

Thank God for Bibi.




March 17, 2015


Another scandal, and the saga continues in the crisis laden newscasts of the new year.  This time goof ups at SS, and are we really concerned about it?  I am not saying that security negligence is ever a good thing, or as if that two fanged viper called non feasance displayed in border patrol has now come back to bite Obama in the ahem we won’t go there.  But who cares?  There are more important problems in the world like ping pong, this is a national travesty  when a man cannot play ping pong wherever he goes, there should be tables available at every gambling hall and casino, fire station and mountain top.  While ISIS runs the White House!  You see now we have a sport that is in jeopardy 12 months a year, and goes far beyond the menial value of golf, only a seasonal distraction to the ultimate table sport of this century.  And there you have it, our priorities are now in order.  So if Obama should perish during a championship table tennis match, please keep the noise down until we are finished.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day




The most recent changes in the cases so far:

1.  Coworkers secured a near 1/3 million $ettlement after agency misconduct, I did sign on to this case as the #3 filing I am in against Hillside.  The Attorney for this was my 2nd Attorney who filed at Monroe for me in 2012, and is now  representing coworkers.  If it is the Sculli I know, he is one of the other coworkers suing.

2.  The Judge approved my settled record for the first case in labor law, headed to appeals, notice of entry has been served to Hillside.  Affidavit filed as the last detail.  This case can resume late in the year.

3.  Summons and Complaint for case #2- (fraud) has been served to Hillside.  Around 15 days to go on a settlement or Hillside facing exceptional damages at the Valdez of a situation they created for everyone.

4.  Law Enforcement has signed for the request to advise Hillside Admin of their boundaries.  The game is I am plaintiff in 3 cases, and they are bothering Law Enforcement to make it look like they are somehow being encroached upon, based on nothing.  That was made clear for Deputies by plaintiff, and that it has been one consistent crime streak since July 2011 by Hillside.  It fits with the other fraud problems in case #2.

That I would expect, after speaking with Law Enforcement on citizens arrests, the Officer told me you can do this, but expect the criminal to resist when you go for it.  It has been nothing but that since OCFS reporting 7/11, retaliation.

*The most vindicating parts so far, that coworkers have found justice.  It helps show the criminal nature of Admin and permissive staff above them who let it keep going.  Also The Judge approving my record was the first court victory which paves the way for Hillside to be proven wrong on all points after in court.  That really hit when the record was approved, evidence is overwhelming for Hillside policy and NY Law on the plaintiff’s side.

Taxpayers this has been a disaster of a set up by Rochester based Hillside.  The city where Susan B. Anthony died ( Born in Adams, MA).  Equal rights went where?  To abusing male staff records, because they like babies being executed in abortion at Hillside?  The situation did begin at the lowest levels of records falsification with about 6-7 female and Clinical staff, a few male staff but not with the same vigor.  I take it as a harem, they wouldn’t do that to other staff with the same political agenda.  Sexual harassment too, where I am not reciprocating social advances back to females.  You know how it goes I usually get more social attention than I can handle, why would I keep on with someone I am not interested in?  I am not the guy who is like that though, hard work, scriptures, stay on point.  I am not looking for the sleep around nancies crowd.

Pending a return, hard work is the heart of what we do.  I enjoy the social side of system work, carrying both ends of the operation was getting ridiculous though, where I have more paperwork on Coworkers than Clients, and law enforcement not responding at all to complaints.  This can be a rough profession, ain’t that much fun sometimes, with good teams of staff we usually get past that, take the weak links out of a team of staff and system programs have an effect.  This is a huge key, you don’t know how many years it was an uphill battle until I got to Adams.

Clean up on the case is the criminal prosecution, where OCFS did not act, and perpetrator staff need to be removed by law at Hillside.  This is not General Betrayus stays on like Obama would do.  I am not taking crime as an answer they better wake up and smell the coffee.




As crowded as Jerusalem is with major religions, terrorism, it always seemed like a Palestinian state was the best answer to solve it.  The problem is once they have a state look at the history of violence, and it escalates to something like Iran.  How to de-escalate problems now, it is hard to say, it is more like which type of aggression do you want to deal with in the end, not zero either way.


As we are watching the worst in violence around the globe, does the idea of a militia even exist in your understanding of rights?  God didn’t call us to neglect borders.




Russ, did you see my message from last week? Pro-abortion Senators are STILL blocking a common sense bill to aid trafficking victims because they believe taxpayers should fund abortions.

SBA List activists have sent nearly 10,000 messages to Capitol Hill thus far, but it is not enough. Harry Reid and his allies are putting abortion ideology ahead of helping vulnerable women and children in need. Please use our action center to contact your U.S. Senators right now. If you have already taken action, please support the SBA List with an urgent donation to help spread the word to other pro-life activists and continuing putting pressure on Senate Democrats.

Thank you!
-Marilyn Musgrave
Russ –

Pro-abortion politicians in the U.S. Senate – led by Harry Reid – have reached a new low.

They are blocking the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act from a vote because it contains a provision preventing any of the funds from being used to pay for abortions.

That’s right – Harry Reid and his pro-abortion allies in the Senate are so loyal to the Big Abortion Industry that they’re willing to throw victims of human trafficking under the bus.

>>> URGENT: Contact your two U.S. Senators right now and demand that they maintain this pro-life protection in the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act.

As you probably remember, undercover videos across the country have caught Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting in the alleged trafficking of minors.

But Harry Reid and his allies don’t care. They’d rather bolster up Big Abortion than provide real protections for victims of human trafficking.

This is disgusting and must end.

>>> TAKE ACTION NOW: Your two Senators must hear from you today.

And after you’ve taken action, make sure to forward this alert to as many of your friends and family as possible.

Senator John Cornyn, a wonderful pro-life Senator from Texas, is the bill’s sponsor and is standing strong in this fight. But pro-abortion Senators and their friends in the media are doing everything they can to smear him as he fights to protect women and ensure federal funds are not spent on abortions.

So take action now, and don’t forget to forward this alert far and wide so we can flood the U.S. Senate with the voices of pro-life Americans.

For Life,
Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave
Vice President for Government Affairs
Susan B. Anthony List

P.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his pro-abortion allies in the Senate are playing politics with a bill designed to help victims of human trafficking. Why? They want federal funding to be used to pay for abortions. This is disgusting, and it must end. Contact your two U.S. Senators right now.


MARCH 16, 2015

Put Him In Gitmo

The charges against Obama should be on the order of accomplice to terrorism.  It was somebody’s job to defend the border from ISIS, nah, had a better idea sacrifice Patriot safety so thief Obama can commit political crimes.  You realize Watergate was not worth mentioning compared to this.  Obama is a possessed, evil, criminally motivated thief.  If that prison sentence included the death penalty, firing squad or other for his involvement in international terrorism, it was earned.  Some of you are not going to wake up until we get to 9-11 part II.  Did we let Obama try to steal elections, us the liberals, while murder was the acceptable investment for Pennsylvania Ave?

It was your job you snake (Mr. no kind of President) to protect the border, racist as you are trying to usher in criminals to steal freedom from hard working Americans.  You see how he tried to trip up Israel with stopping Iran’s nuclear arms.  Obama’s death seems like an afterthought, but fix security problems.

Congress should try to impeach him, if for nothing else it will reveal wicked Senators pre election, so we can get rid of them.  And liberals want to control your guns or bullets.

Ask God to remove Obama.





Bibi, elections tomorrow in Israel.  We are fortunate to have a have a tag team partner as Israel.  Weasel Obama tried to undermine that.







I have seen my share of what I would consider cults over the years in Christian churches.  One of the worst ideas yet, was that Jesus loves you unconditionally and always will.  You have to do your homework.  If you counted warnings in the bible of sinners and persistent ones.  Jesus never said you could do whatever you wanted with no consequence.  He promised worse wrath to knowing sinners.  Didn’t even say you had to be saved, but just a person who knew better.  His own preaching was that he came to bring division not peace.  Meaning what?  Separation of righteous people from those other kind.  The other big lie is that there is nothing you can do in and of yourself in salvation.  Go and sin no more were the words.  Yeah it might take John 3:16 to get you in to Heaven, but a life like Judas will still get you kicked out even with Christ.  That is by scriptures, Paul preaching on no atonement remains if you have squandered the Christ one.  And that he runs a race to not be disqualified, as if it is a concern, and reality.

What this all means is if you vote liberal, you are doomed.  Amen.



March 15, 2015

Watchman on the Wall

Are Americans  victim of illegal immigrant crime taking jobs from citizens who deserved them more than criminals?



At the attention of media that Hillary being before a Benghazi committee could damage her chances at running for office.  No kidding?  You mean when Roger Clemens was at a hearing due to illegal drug use, it was because Congress wanted to get to the bottom of corruption?  So if Hillary is with a Benghazi committee so what?  Anybody else would be.  And if it gives the people a chance to weed out criminally negligent staff from getting four more people killed, so what, if you liberals don’t like it why don’t you try out the Benghazi style coffins for yourselves and see what a Hillary does for US Gov’t?  Could it be deformation of character from the left again, that door jealous liberals keep knocking on until one day, somebody answered with a lawsuit, to silence the evil cowards for trying to get Hillary over on manslaughter?  You are not slick liberals like people don’t know what you are up to.  If you were actually concerned about the country you would not help Hillary because she is an Obama-Iran supporter, pro terrorist by her position.  No don’t catch Hillary for Benghazi we need another socialist criminal in office, much better.






When Norway Deported 824 Muslims It Had a Stunning Affect on Crime Rates
Don’t expect our President to get on board with this plan.

It appears that Norway wanted to stick to some of the laws they already had in place that would require them to deport those with known affiliations to terror groups.

The liberals in Norway said it was racist, but they went ahead with the plan anyways.

So What happened next?

Well they kicked out 824 Muslims and then crime dropped.

And it dropped big time!

Q-political writes:

Violent Crime Dropped By 30%

That’s right, a whopping 30%, and it’s all because a couple of politicians decided to enforce the laws that they already had. What a world we live in where that is a shocking thing to do in a government.

Norwegian authority claims that 824 people were deported in October, for such a small country, that’s a record breaking number. The authorities attributed the change to “portfolio priorities” which have essentially made it easier to deport people back to Nigeria & Afghanistan.

If the United States would follow through with that same kind of action you better believe the country would be a safer place. We could do it with Muslims with ties to terror groups as well as making it happens with illegals who have ties to dangerous organizations.

Problem is we’ve allowed so many illegals into this country with ties to gangs and terrorist groups, it would take a long time to get rid of them all.

Wait, there’s a novel idea.

Why not create more jobs by simultaneously hiring on more people to help with deportations, all the while freeing up new positions that were previously occupied by people who shouldn’t have been here in the first place?

Could it work?

Let us know in the comments below.






If you were asking can the agency hide what they did by switching Lawyers?  No, in the fraud case, both Hillside staff and Counsel falsified documentation.  Deviant Counsel continued on after problems like this, Hillside was ok with it.  Since they lied about the same thing you can see they are working together.

Jesus either preaching on turn the other check or cloak and tunic does not apply here.  The damages these devils tried to pull on NY, are way beyond what Jesus spoke about.  The Law Enforcement side of it, is if I let go of the case and did not prosecute early on, OCFS, NY AG, none of these people would be called to an account for removing criminal staff.  I still don’t know that OCFS actually did their job, you can just let evil Admin falsify an investigation or retaliate  to it, and still be considered safe to work with Clients in NY?  Not by me you can’t.

What prisons will staff be sent to on conviction?  Good question, maybe jails overcrowd with illegals.  Or you could leave them for Teens to put up with Baptist harassment, liberals who didn’t give a Benghazi about doing their jobs.  It is only child abuse they can sweep that under the Albany soap box.

So that is grimy, your tax payer dollars for this garbage.  Would Hillside have preferred that I didn’t turn in child abuse? That would make a nice fundraiser slogan: Come to Hillside we don’t care about them kids either!



Did Obama say the extra troops for Afghanistan were being moved to the Mexico line this late?


March 14, 2015


The news that you probably wanted to, and need to see on terrorism and border problems.  Not golf, or line dancing, a false victory with a side show on emails after Benghazi.  Actual world news to keep you on point with the most serious issues.

God go with Israel, nuclear terrorism can never happen.




Some common misconceptions on Hillside Crime:

1.  The bad guys are not really caught by evidence that prosecutors have seen.

2.  They actually don’t know criminal names of staff at Hillside so staff can still get away with     the child abuse related records falsification involving over 20 people.

3.  Plaintiff wouldn’t accept the whole damages number, in absence of a settlement.  Why accept a settlement if provocation is bad.  Nobody needs a Hillside on taxpayers money if it is only a crime cell.  Other agencies run better than this, even lemonade stands do.

4.  Negligent Law Enforcement didn’t get turned in.

5.  The scandal left running, Cuomo and NY AG should expect to get re-elected.

6.  Jails were closed and the delusional liberals will only get a warning on the stalking problems.

7.  No you probably won’t work in the profession again after this criminals.

8.  Yes The FBI can bust a crime ring.  Even Obama can be prosecuted for criminal behavior.


God blessed us with The Tea Party, NRA, Militia Rights, Voting.

#1.  Stay unified right on a border closing, this is common sense unless you are a Muslim terrorist, or liberal  trying to unbalance elections.  You could act now or after it is too late?

#2.  If Aborted babies suffer in executions will sadist liberals be glorified in it to see others rights taken?

#3.  Your Countrymen, in the worst adversity since when, with more illegals making it worse.






It has been over weeks sizing up US border problems and terrorist abiding Obama’s interference with helping Israel, empowering Iran with nukes.  Should some renegade individual, considered to be a criminal by law, but hero to history assassinate Barack Obama. Obama  has put his own worth over the lives of millions of people.  Traded border security to terrorists for his brat communist political agenda, the hell with your national security Patriots, because the princess attitude of Pennsylvania Ave , condescending tones from an inferior human being, are what you are to tolerate according to the king’s edict.  You are looking at a criminal in office not one who murders or rapes, but allows WMD and nuclear arsenals to be built for terrorism directly against you.  Barack Obama is an enemy to the human race, thinking it is to be enslaved according to his criminal agenda.  I can’t think of a lower person in US Gov’t.  The demons in hell must be rattling their pitchforks in approval.

Is this his Muslim war against Israel?  Bibi did as only any responsible Patriot would with Iran.  The Senate does not have the courage to impeach Obama?  They would let him destroy freedom before they could conquer the fear of DNC approval.  That is not the issue, they are trying to steal elections with him.  A normal bank robber would get shot, or in a store, trespassers at The White House,  but it is legal for these idiots to sabotage your country by criminal border crossings?   No, then the politicians responsible are accomplice to crime, to be arrested.  Everybody knows liberals are stalkers when it comes to being in charge long enough and corruption sets in, just could couldn’t resist the gangster appeal of office work.  Look at Hillside, and Albany NY, Law Enforcement that can’t answer complaints, abort your baby it is good for your health once you realize that Manson is your caliber of person, no problem with murder psychotic liberals!  But Obama takes the cake, pro terrorist, helping to bother the one responder who could help save the world from nuclear terrorism.  I would say the value of Obama’s life at this point by scriptures is very little.  Tell it like it is, he is attacking two free countries.



March 13, 2015


I turned and looked there was Hillary before a Court.  Books were opened and questioning followed:

Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State was it your job to respond to campaign emails as well as the annoying task of having to protect Diplomats by relaying security concerns on an assigned contact list for US Personnel?

-It was.

And when you did not handle your job responsibilities, people died as a result?

-Thankfully , they had miserable lives, could have been a house fly that died or a sewer rat, I mean how do you know this was not intentional?  What difference does it make, I am trying to run for office and sweep this under the carpet before the situation  capsizes on me.

I see, and when you learned that your countrymen were dead by your negligence, was it bad like the neighbor’s dog died and you thought someone should get a shovel and return these poor fools to the Earth from which they transgressed?

-It was something like that, but then the media, will you look at, dead, I mean like…what can you say, in legal terms as a Lawyer I could say plenty of things to confuse simple minded Americans, but the coffins and, they knew the job was dangerous.

And now you find yourself not worthy to stay at that job or as maybe a rent a cop in a shopping mall, border security even being a stretch.

-What’s your question?

300 million people don’t need absent minded, insubordinate, irresponsible security to watch their backs.  When it is go time, you bring the heat like there is no tomorrow to protect our staff, but you couldn’t do that.  So why do we want you for even an Attorney much less a President?

-That is a question, with several answers of course, from the time they were burying the dead of Benghazi to the damage control and revelation that we messed up, a little, I don’t know if we will ever have all the answers. Mr. Obama lied of course and said he would get to the bottom of it, and then  interfering with an investigation crime scene by lethargy and sabotage,decay, maybe that was sleeper cell activity by the  carumba in chief, I’ve seen lies like this at various levels, drug parties, DNC works, campaign trail schemes.  The answer to your question is what difference does it make, when babies die by abortion, or crime overtakes freedom, this is life, such is the human condition, we don’t have to do good jobs, just be a good liar, and there you have it folks, vote for me, and you will hate yourself like no other day in history, thank you for your funds I will squander them well instead of feeding dying oaf children in Africa who keel over into dirt from starvation at the hands of people like me.




Did you hear that President Obama lets illegal aliens in the country?  Yep Mexico, over 1000 of them  a day, you would think  this reached the attention of Politicians in DC, must be they don’t know their legal duties?  100% security negligence, maybe Obama does not know, all the vultures and golf courses in the area, who has time for getting paid while so diligent on non feasance and misfeasance.  Stalin would be proud, now even railway may be used for WMD.  If you trust this man he is going to get innocent people killed.  Half way around the world to fight four conflicts, but leave the border open.

You have a crisis on your hands Patriots, national security was left to a well regulated militia by The Founders.  I would not look to the devil in DC for help, stop Obama and seal the  border, Benghazi was a drop in the blood bath compared to the potential of this.  I don’t want to hear it from Obama, you silly disaster of a staff to protect America.  We could have put Klinger out there on the border and got more  from him than Barack Obama.

Usually we are reading about dictators in other countries, not anymore.  He has planned on crime and left you to your six shooters.  It is not even an adult decision to do that, the guy is a terrorist, would not help Israel.  Still Biden could take over and do nothing for the border.

Musical Update:  Speculation on if the Benghazi Zombie Singers will make an appearance at The GOP Convention before several TV commercials in 2016?

Tell the story Liberty Bell…I don’t believe in this crime from DC.

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I got Email from Gov. Cuomo on the raise the age plan for NY.  Keeping youthful offenders in the juvenile system longer.  The idea that Teens put in adult prisons end up corrupted and had a better chance at being rehabbed at a lower level.  I think it is true, with a  group who is high recidivism rate, they can’t resist the easy way out.  Get around seasoned offenders as a support group?

It shows me Albany is doing a job at work, so make no excuses about prosecuting Hillside Execs who come up dirty in investigations.  Local Law Enforcement still shows as being negligent, not making replies to Email, so Feds get copies of it too.

I did interview at max secure level while all this was going on, so the raise the age discussion actually did come up.





Psalm 1:

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked.

What this is saying is-the Devil on your shoulder wants to play his hand, (because he can), his love will lead to ruins and Hell’s fire, understand?  Like the liberal media propaganda trying to misrepresent information to damage a nation.  A White House claims the border has never been more secure with over 400,000 illegals a year.  This is public corruption that should be prosecuted.  Obama is trying to steal an election with criminals and we should not send them back?  Liberals let them in, and you trust illegals like terrorists that they will not side with evil?  Mexico is a jail sentence?

Obama is guilty of impeachable offenses, that any ordinary Executive would have been arrested over.  I would not look at Conservative momentum so much in 2014, if you neglect illegals swamping elections.  Trust they will side with Conservatives after Obama let them in? Isn’t that a voting violation by definition to use criminals in elections?

One election from overturning Roe v. Wade on a Constitutional Amendment. Or drafting legislation to  impeach Presidents on one criminal offense, automatic, not 2/3’s Senate.  Dumping prayer being banned in schools.  Prosecuting religious intolerance and liberal crime at  never seen before rates by doubling the number of Judges.  Turn your back on the border and Obama will steal the election like the snake that he is.  He is of the party of crime.  We have the momentum and are only one house from breaking the chains on freedom of decades, since 1963, over a 50 year curse.  Instead America is on the ropes, way to help the youth DC.

America can’t afford another four years of liberal crime.




March 12, 2015

Mick Mars

Before the site switched software, Mick Mars got left out of guitarists that I counted in the top group.  With so many it gets hard to name a few, I would put him up there with Slash on his better stuff that I know, solo at Moscow, Dr. Feelgood solo, On With The Show (live).  It gets at my conscience to not mention him.  The border trouble we have drug dealers shooting at Cops, when is the day coming  Apache helicopters are going to snuff that out?  The border crime is an infection, we need to turn around and give them the fight they are picking.  Dr. Feelgood makes a nice  Law Enforcement video.  If you didn’t see The Border States Of America movie that The Tea Party promoted, DC needs to see it again.









Conservatives have seen enough I know.  Why is the right not so ready for this like rope a dope?  You are a vicious liberal and want to scandalize anything, your mistake but step right up then, any number of Lawyers should be waiting to remove you from your profession for crime.  No really you wanted to make crime your way liberal where are you going, I thought you wanted to get prosecuted?  Weren’t you going to keep up the antics for a Judge?  That is what would happen if Conservatives were ready.



The first time being getting to the bottom of Bible scriptures to find out who wrote what and that the directions came from God or man in which Bibles?  That revealed the Unitarian faith if you treat a Bible like any other text book.  Where you have to follow instructions, can’t make your own cultic changes.  I don’t give myself the authority to  overwrite God’s instructions like most of America did in trinity faiths.  The blind spot  in it for popular Christianity is the religion of Israel for 4000 years was Unitarian, the 10 Commandments tell you that.  It was forgotten history by modern evangelists, so simply showing what The Bible says,  was not accepted so well at first.  It comes down to I didn’t write The Bible, so if you don’t like God’s instructions tell Him.  But comprehensive coverage of scriptures back Moses and Jesus as Unitarian.

The academics, I used to read The Bible 7+ hours a day when I was going through it to really get an understanding of it when I was 23-24 years old.  You don’t have time to do that in college, for example my American History class at I.C. , every week was a quiz 30 questions, class take out a blank piece of paper number 1-30, you had to have the info down, there was no answers on a paper to guess at.  That starts to download your ability to work on other classes and keep a 3.0 GPA, 30 hours a week with your team in season, and read the bible over and over a year each time at the suggested pace?

That is why I got to the bottom of the message on Christianity, that investment of time.  The other part of it is refining academic endeavors, UMES I had the top test avg in my Physics Class, Chem 1,2 As, many high grades along the way, same at I.C. applied Science classes in the Exercise Science Dept; Biomechanics, Kines, Ex Physiology, hands on lab portions of AT classes my avg was between A and A-.  At one of the top programs in the country.  Some people don’t understand Athletic Training and say well you are like a Gym Coach.  When I graduated, if a Physical Therapist called in to work at a Clinic, I could cover their duties is the basic and  be reimbursed by Insurance Companies for the work. Orthopedic Eval is the platform at intake for everything that follows with an Athlete.  It is not a game, I had to memorize 112 special tests, (that I could bring up in two minutes from memory), all of them.  So you see an injured Athlete and The AT is assessing a knee with a Lachman’s test, that is one test.  You don’t know what joint will be injured working in Athletics, the information  goes well beyond special tests when you go over anatomy, of bones, joints, ligaments, 150 muscles + in detail, nerves and vessels.  It helps if you have a mind like a bodybuilder.  Anyways it was scriptures in the hands of a student, not a manipulator, or being blinded by hand me down religion of man’s words.

Part two was the revelation of God, which I took at first as some kind of confessional.  When you resolve that God rapes innocent babies, liberals murder them, predators that they are.  And this came from a Holy God, but the standard would not pass OCFS on paper, let’s be careful about what Albany will cover up though, just assume the law is enforced?  I had said too that when you look at the Bible miracles, you don’t really know this was electromagnetic or other,  there is any miracle power beyond science?  Genesis as a creation does not work without a miracle, speed of light, distance to the sun, the week of creation, lights in the sky appear when relative to Earth?  Stars?

Christians talk about they have a walk with God.  A sense of purpose, an idea what they are doing is the right thing.  After further review by the replay official, it was a confessional(?), if that was true, then God would be pleased to have handed off the info, and said no more about Heaven’s hypocrisy.  If it was hostages in the death stars of space, who slipped the info out, and not God, the pieces fit.  I don’t get that God is so pleased with the truth of the message being revealed.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, (end of Oz there).  It is like the theme of that movie is people back then knew the outcome of the bible as evil, in their story, if Oz was New Jerusalem of Revelation.



For those who watched Netanyahu speak in DC.  If Iran as proposed moves to near 190,000 centrifuges for their nuke program, you understand how hard that is to contain.  That the vipers of world peace need to strike dead such an insane idea, to put that weapon in the hands of terrorists? No.  I know people have been upset with Hillary Email, Mr. Cotton being in the right on disarming terrorists, but with Hillary.  All you needed to hear ended with Benghazi.

She would have lost her job as Sec of State over getting four dummies killed, recognize that.  That does not mean promotion, or sweep it under the carpeto.  If you can’t be trusted to do your job at one level and people die, here take the wheel for us would you?  300 Million people need that kind of leadership, while innocent babies get murdered by liberated homicidal mothers, and Iran builds a nuclear 9-11?

Let’s face it, some of you Americans are not that smart.  After 9-11 you elected a Muslim, while the worst terrorists on Earth can access your border, and build nukes, the reigning champ of excuses and weaseldom is entertaining you with golf, a media circus, and avoiding DC for fund raising propaganda.  He is helping the enemy develop nuclear weapons by his asinine sabotage of national security, and border ISIS is no concern to him.  I expect if criminally prosecuted, and brought to a full account of his security negligence, making decisions he knew would get people hurt and killed, there is a psych diagnosis on Obama as a criminally motivated individual.  Because you try to drag any idea under the  umbrella of policy or executive order, does not make it sane or legal.  To vote for Hillary would only be another step in that direction, not only towards the voting booth but the looney bin and the apocalypse.  It would be funny if it was a joke.

Keep praying and believing on a border trench, can’t is not going to stop petty crime.  Obama has to go, if he was in the military it would be a court martial.



March 11, 2015

Music Video-Aerosmith (Boston Bombing version)-Dream On.


Hillside Update # 1million, 3112015:

In this episode Hillside has signed for the settled record order where The Judge has approved evidence in case #1, which is headed to Appeals.  This is the labor law case, as they say smoking gun evidence, this is it, record proves Plaintiff as a healthcare provider, having filed the suit on time, not disqualified or time barred Satan.  You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, you know the rest.  Law enforcement has been dealt in copies of the signed receipts for case documentation sent to Hillside.  So any more monkey business with those documents being obstructed by criminals is going to be the responsibility of those big house corporate elites.  Only a small violation of Federal consequences, all part of a learning disability that you can do the right thing when watched and act like a devil when not supervised.  This was new today, the last receipt for settled record.

What does it all say to the defense as legal action?  If you think a Judge is going to overlook this evidence now- after you lied on multiple points before in litigation, Dream On was an Aerosmith Classic, but here in court it will be a conviction is what I would bank on.

Any double coverage by the two solo cases, with the Class Action lawsuit, I see the potential.  Plaintiff also has copies of the Class Action litigation so it should be a clear understanding of making sure only the highest and most expensive case is maintained under any conditions, so that the crooks do not escape , liberty, justice, and the American way, served by a court authority.  This to offset any calamity based decisions, or interference between the cases amongst themselves, wherefore, two-four, and Amen.





Roosevelt Faith Story Patriots Confronting Crime



Yes I saw his tax plan to start the economy up.  Would it work, that I don’t know, it is a question A




Liberal:  “I’m a cowboy on a steel horse I ride.”

Angel:  Um no, that was just a vicious rumor.


URL below is for the last flying B-29.  I was on this exact plane, yeah I think so.  As a kid I went to a B-29 that flew in at an airport.  I was told it was FIFI later I didn’t remember the name on it.  It was a plane for nuclear war over Japan.  I remember the metal along the isle inside the plane how everything seemed to be made out of hard surfaces like that.  Nothing like passenger planes.  Sometimes we use weapons like this to stop terrorism is reality.  -RB






Luke 10:19 “…but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

John 3:3
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Luke 9:25 And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forfeit your own soul?

LK 11:34 Therefore be careful that the light (fire) in you isn’t darkness.
John 3:16

16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillments.
1. Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem Micah 5:2/ Mt:2:1-6, Luke 2:1-20

2. Messiah was to be born of a virgin. Isaiah 7:14/ Mt 1:18-25, Luke1:26-38

3. Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses; 
Deut 18:15/ John 7:40

4. Messiah was to enter Jerusalem in triumph:
Zech 9:9/ Mt 21:1-9, John 12:12-16

5. Messiah was to be rejected by his own people:
Isaiah 53:1-3/ Matthew 26:3-4 
Psalm 118:22/ John 12:37-43, Acts4:1-12

6. Messiah was to be betrayed by one of his followers:
Psalm 41:9/ Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50

7. Messiah was to be tried and condemned:
Isaiah 53:8 / Luke 23:1-25, Mt 27:1-2

8. Messiah was to be silent before his accusers:
Isaiah 53:7 / Matthew 27:12-14

9. Messiah was to be struck and spat on by his enemies:
Isaiah 50:6/ Matthew 26:67
10. Messiah was to be mocked and insulted:
Psalm 22:7-8/ Matthew 27:39-44

11. Messiah was to die by crucifixion. Psalm 22:14,/ MT 27:31, Mark 15:20,25
16,17 / 
12. Messiah was to suffer with criminals and pray
for his enemies: Isaiah 53:12/ Matthew 27:38

13. Messiah was to be given vinegar and gall:
Psalm 69:21/ Matthew 27:34

14. Others were to cast lots for Messiah’s
garments: Psalm 22:18/ Matthew 27:35

15. Messiah’s bones were not to be broken:
Exodus 12:46/ John 19:31-36

16. Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin:
Isaiah 53:5,6,8/ John 1:29, 11:49-52 

17. Messiah was to be raised from the dead:
Psalm 16:10/ Matthew 28:1-10 

18. Messiah is now at God’s right hand:
Psalm 110:1/ Mark 16:19
Luke 24:50-51


Miraculous birth, death, resurrection
Jesus’ Parable teachings
Jesus’ Non parable teachings
Other miracles
MT 19:16
16…but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

The Greatest Commandment: 

”Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”(Mt 22:37)

The Second Greatest Commandment:

” To love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mt 22:39) ” All the law and the prophets hang on these two commands.”(v 40)
Is giving 10% of what you earn to God through the needy often and not necessarily a church, maybe a charity.  The scripture under ” Robbing God” is in the end of the book of Malachi on this.  The promise listed there is that if a person does this that God will pour our such a blessing to you that you will not be able to hold it.  It is God’s promise not man’s, and God goes as far as to challenge believers saying test me in this.  There are multitudes of Christians who testify what this has done for them.
The Golden Rule
The Ten Commandments
1.  I am The Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me.
2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down or worship them; for I The Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name
4. Observe the sabbath day keeping it holy.
5. Honor your father and mother, as The Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor’s house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. 

Jesus expands on adultery in Matthew 5 saying that if a man even looks lustfully at a woman he has committed adultery with her in his heart. And with the sabbath he teaches it is ok to do work as long as you are helping someone, as he healed others on the sabbath. This showing Jesus’ authority to change the Jewish law and he expanded on other commandments.

The most prosperous time in Israel’s history was under the author of the Proverbs as King. 666 Talents was the annual duty of gold brought into THE LORD’S Temple, and even the poor had money.  The 666 a hint to what happened to that generation after they fell away to idols and met slavery in Iraq.
PRO 1:2
“The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand
wise sayings.”

MT 11:19 “…wisdom is shown to be right
by what results from it.”


Accept God’s words, accurate weights, actions, advice, a man’s understanding, aptly spoken, avoid strife, a woman who  
fears The Lord, blameless, blessing(s), boundary stone, cheerful heart, cold water to a weary soul, committing plans to The  Lord brings success, confesses and renounces sins, convict the guilty, correction, dignity, diligent, directed, discipline ,discretion, earnest council, fair, fairness, faithful, faithful instruction, family, fear of The Lord, friends, generous, gentle answer, gift, give to the poor, good name, good news, good will, guard your heart, guards his(/her) soul, heart at peace, hard work, hates ill gotten gain, heed instruction, hold your tongue, honesty, honor mother & father, honest lips, hope, humble, humor, innocence (innocent), insight, integrity, instruction, joy, just, justice, kind, kindhearted, kind to the poor, knowledge, lips, listen, looks after master, love, lowly spirit, mercy, name of The Lord, neighbor’s house, noble character, obeys, open rebuke, patient, pay back evil with good (25:21), peace, perfume and incense, plans, pleasant, pleasant words, prayer, prompt rewards, prudent (prudence), praise, pure, pure heart, rebuke, reliable words, repentance, revelation, righteous, self control, seldom set foot in neighbor’s house, skilled in your work, sound answers, sound judgment, speak up ( for the poor), spirit, store up God’s commands within you, strength, tongue, timely word, train a child, trust in The Lord, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unfailing love, upbringing, upright, wait for The Lord, watches over affairs of her household, wealth, wife of noble character, winnows, wisdom, wise, wise man’s rebuke, wise servant, word of God (is flawless), works his/her land.


Adulteress, alcohol, anger (excessive), answers before listening, arrogant, bad reputation, (earning)beatings, betray a confidence, beauty is fleeting, bent on rebellion, bloodthirsty, boasting, boast about tomorrow,  bread of idleness, bribe, charm is deceptive, chases fantasies, chattering, child left to himself, companion of prostitutes, conceals his sins, contempt(uous), corrupt, crafty, craves evil, deceives neighbor and says they were  only joking, deception, defiant, devious, dishonest money, differing, double minded, empty promise, envy, envy sinners, evil, eyes of (carnal) man, exploit the poor, false(accusations) witness, fear of man, flattering tongue, flatters, folly, fool, fool repeats his folly, foolish, forsake your friend, fraud, friends with a hot tempered man, gives way to the wicked, gloat, glutton, godless, gossip, greedy, guilty, haste, hate, hates correction,  hardens his heart, hatred, haughty, haughty eyes, hidden love, hires a fool, honor is not fitting for a fool, hot tempered,  jealousy, laziness, lies, listens to lies, loud to neighbor early in the day, loves ( too much) pleasure, lying tongue, malicious, meddles in quarrel not his own, mere talk, mocker, mocks the poor, pampering a servant, partiality, path of the wicked, planned evil, praising self, oppress the poor for profit, pay back evil with evil, perverse, perversity, played the fool, provocation by a fool, pursues evil, pride, proud, proud heart, quarrelsome wife (quarrel), quick tempered, reckless words, schemes of folly, scorns instruction, shiftless, sin, slack, sluggard, sly tongue, sows wickedness, spares the rod, spurns discipline, stiff necked, stingy, stirs up dissension, strays, strife, tongue, trusts in himself, trusts in riches, unfriendly, undeserved curse, violence, wayward, wayward wife, wealth with turmoil, wrongdoing, zeal without knowledge.

1.When you bear fruit that lasts eternal (according to Jesus).
2.When you ask for things in Jesus’ name.
3.Where two or more come together to pray for something.
4.When you have the faith the size of at least a mustard
seed. When you do these things what you ask for in 
prayer will be given, according to the will of The 
5.Persistence in prayer is mentioned but may be the 
least efficient avenue, as in the Old Testament The 
Lord saying the people were so wicked, that even if 
they came into the temple to pray, that He would not 
listen. Jesus lends the example of Jonah to this 
Proverbs 10:24: What the wicked dreads will overtake 
him, what the righteous desire will be granted.
Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked but He 
hears the prayer of the righteous.
James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful 
Jeremiah 29:12-13 Then you will call upon me and come 
pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will find me 
when you seek me with all your heart. 

Wise and foolish builders Mt 7:24-27                                                      New wine in old wineskins Mt 9:16-17
Sower and the seed        Mt 13:1-8, 18-23                                              Weeds                              Mt 13:24-30
Mustard Seed                Mt 13:31-32                                                        Yeast                             Mt 13:33
Hidden Treasure            Mt 13:44                                                             Pearl of great price             Mt 13:45-46
Dragnet                         Mt 13:47-50                                                         Householder                      Mt 13:52
The lost sheep               Mt 18:12-14                                                        Unmerciful servant            Mt 18:23-25
Workers in the vineyard Mt 20:1-6                                                           Two sons                          Mt 21:28-32
Tenants (wicked husbandman) Mt 21:33-46                                           Wedding banquet              Mt 22:1-4
Fig Tree                        Mt 24:32-35                                                          Wise & wicked servants    Mt 24:45-51
Ten Virgins                   Mt 25:1-13                                                            Talents                             Mt 25:14-30
Sheep & goats             Mt 25:31-46                                                          Growing seed                   Mk 4:26-29
Watchful porter            Mk 13:34-37                                                          Two debtors                     Lk 7:41-43
Good Samaritan           Lk 10:30-37                                                         Friend at midnight              Lk 11:5-8
The rich fool                Lk 12: 16-21                                                          Watchful servants              Lk 12:35-48
Barren fig tree             Lk 13:6-9                                                               Lowest seat at the feast     Lk 14:7-11
The great supper         Lk 14: 15-24                                                        The lost coin                     Lk 15: 8-10
The lost son (prodigal) Lk 15: 11-32                                                       Shrewd manager              Lk 16:1-10
Rich man and lazarus   Lk 16:19-32                                                       Unworthy servants           Lk 17: 7-10
Persistent widow         Lk 18:1-8                                                             Pharisee & Tax collector  Lk 18: 9-14
Ten minnas                 Lk 19:11-27                                                          Traveling owner of house  Mk 13:34-37
The vine & branches   Jn 15:1


3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 6Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

” You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother ( A Christian) but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler.  With such a man do not even eat.” ( I Cor 5:11)

(The Rationale Behind This)
I Cor 6:9:  Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor the drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  Heb 10:29 : ” How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him.”  Not associating, expelling, is a disciplinary measure to keep the person from going further into wrath’s way.  Hopefully the entertainment of folly wears off and the person comes back to rational decision making while expelled from the body.

Avoid 7 Deadly Sins

Lust, anger, greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride.

The Unitarian truth about The Bible:

The shortcut is to read the Ten Commandments and see that Yahweh (THE FATHER) ( the original true and correct Hebrew translation of the name “The Lord”) claimed to be the only God.  Many a manipulating preacher will try to tell you otherwise, but those claims are not backed by King James’ text.  Why site King James? Because it is the oldest Protestant Bible ( this comes from a different Latin text root than The Catholic Bible), backed by the hearty Dead Sea Scrolls.  The phrases God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, and God The Holy Ghost are not in The King James, only the phrase “God The Father” appears.  There are many intersections in a Bible where Jesus’ actions or words are given over to man’s translation of what is happening, but it is that, man’s addition of words which conjure up the God Christ, not the actual text, and not God The Father’s  literal verification.
Even with Jesus  falsely accused and about to be stoned for claiming to be God, upon examination those words never came out of Jesus’ mouth.  Is he being framed? The instruction by Psalm and Proverb are to not add words to God’s flawless word. The principle of being one with God is shared by many in The Bible, not just Jesus. When Jesus speaks “figuratively” in The Bible he reveals not every word is to be taken by one definition.  Such are the trinity manipulations, the translations which try to claim Jesus is The Lord God Almighty, they are not backed by God The Father’s literal word.  John chapter 1 for example pits Jesus as the creator of the universe, or only creator of everything that is born again?  Isaiah, the Dead Sea Scrolls that is, show that God The Father created the universe, not Jesus.   The Lord translates as Yahweh, not Jesus.  Jesus says yes there are many “lords”, but Psalm 110 shows him to be a different lord than The Father, in the order of Melchizedek, Abraham’s priest, who is also found in Revelation.
This is in the King James, newer Bibles changed verses to make things say Jesus is God outright. Go research the verses in the KJ and you will see the manipulations. There are basic definitions of I, Me, and You, which God The Father uses to describe Himself, and Jesus the exterior  Son to Him.  For a trinitarian to claim Jesus is literally one with God goes beyond anything God The Father ever said Himself.  Look at the entire Old Testament, no one worshipped a Holy Spirit or Jesus as God.  Even the wise men are only mentioned to have worshipped Jesus, but it does not say as God.  Like the disciples worshipping Jesus as “the Son of God” in a boat.  It says no more than that? No verse exists that equates being the Son of God, or one with God, or about your work, to being God. The New Testament holds the same all the way through, no one clearly worships Jesus or The Holy Spirit as God, and definitely God The Father never verifies in His own words there are three Gods in Christianity.  Even when Jesus is claimed to be Almighty, The KJ does not say Lord God Almighty.  So maybe it means almighty among men, but I would not sign Jesus up to be his Father without permission.
There is never mention ever once in The Bible of punishment or example thereof for a person being Unitarian.   Being Unitarian actually was the instructions to all of Israel and Jesus’ disciples, no God before The Father!  Moses was never punished for KEEPING this and neither was Matthew.  These guys never worshipped a trinity, so who labeled them as such?  Don’t expect any major or minor prophets or disciples or apostles either to give you evidence, it is not there in KJ.  No not as a direct claim, that Jesus is God.    Show me all the so called verses that claim Jesus to be God, and I will show you each one of them to not be  sound proof to overturn the First Commandment.  They are only ambiguities, which man building upon is not enough   to not add words to God’s “flawless” word. Those were His instructions, not mine.

47And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,
neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.