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SIGN THIS PETITION TO: PROSECUTE HILLSIDE FAMILY OF AGENCIES FOR CORRUPTION, INTERFERING WITH A  CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATION. AT WHITE HOUSE SITE:  Use these URLs below until the petition posts at White House Petitions site. http://wh.gov/i0ruk, or https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/prosecute-hillside-family-agencies-rochester-ny-retaliation-against-mandated-child-abuse-reporter

Corruption in NY has to stop, 4 years and no removal of staff from Hillside, President Richardson is still there supervising crime at last check including perjury.

My Coworkers need your help at Hillside, Clients are trapped by the organized crime.

-Russ Boardman

(Plaintiff to Civil Suits against Hillside)





Is your Samaritan Church voting against baby murder in 2016?


OCTOBER 7, 2015


In sports Umps and Refs will throw players out of games for misconduct.  Leave the border open to rapists, and um I don’t know we could never impeach Obama, or Cuomo for Moreland?  You are subjecting people to rape, so what if you get thrown out of office?  Ripping off taxpayers, Conservatives, but its so fun DNC, see what Andrew does.  I don’t see how a drug burn out would make any different decisions, that is your functional level on job duties that effect millions of people, rape what a liberal promise to America.  Steal like it was five finger discount day at the garden of eden.  These people have criminal diagnosis to be evaled on, by law and psychological abnormalities.  Good Governors don’t rip off crime victims. Presidents do their job as commander in chief, not promote rape.  That is what the dirty Muslim gangs do, rape.

So DNC have you removed these criminal politicians from your party, or are you saying you promote a career of felonies and terrorism for your own viewing entertainment?

Did he say rape?  You mean Obama is one of those perverts who lets Fudge Packers attack the country with evil intent?

One day I was leaving work after having been employed in the sex offenders part of Hillside.  Surfing the radio, a rock station, some lady called in and they asked her what to do with rapists.  She thought to cut their limbs off, put them all on the same island, and then she would rape them with her curling iron.  I don’t think America understands Obama’s crime of national security in the trash.  This is worse than Benghazi?  His time has passed, we need adults in DC not this garbage from the DNC.  Go to hell rape victims, do you hear what he is telling you?  And why do I hate him?




OCTOBER 6, 2015


This is Womens healthcare of course, sure it is. If you took a Kit Kit out of a vending machine, threw it on the ground, jumped up and down on it. This is not foodservice.

The Bible story where a Woman’s baby dies during the night, and she lies the next day saying her neighbor’s baby is hers to replace the dead one. That is you liberals, execute your kids and tell us it was medicine.  Well the baby died, no it was abortion, but no crime here.

Is the electric chair medicine? Or gas chamber? How about terrorism, that is medicine of the liberal kind, ethnic cleansing like Obama is doing to America, letting illegals in and Christians fleeing ISIS, no.

So the Bible baby is brought before King Solomon and he wants it cut in two, knowing the real Mother will forfeit claim to the child to protect it, because each mother  would receive half. The liberal liar even at this point still insisting her neighbor’s baby is hers. If you were cutting the child in two liberals is this medicine?

Pathology of your lying problem is along the lines of Hillary. If you get  Witches brooms off course from hell, is that how we end up with so many liars in America? Incoming, Hillary campaign stop at Congress, only lied on over 400 Emails. When it surpassed 99, then it was a misdemeanor. So you would actually elect a uranium to Russia selling turncoat like? Then again abortion is not murder to you, even if I was running a knife through your head as a baby, still not a murder Donkey!!! Don’t throw the flag on that Ref, liberals can do this.  They have dictator rights, and babies are their homicide victims.

The Supreme Court, could tell you anything and you would give them the authority to do it?

Liberals are idiots, you execute children, and hope Obama will stick around even though it is like dictators of other countries, outside of American child murder. So I take more resistance being pro life, having to round up Cuomo and NYAG, OCFS, Mike Stainos and Dennis Richardsons. That is the glory, they got caught and look who brought them in to FBI? I’d do it again, record Unborn Nation (with heavier processors), and turn in child abusers from the evil Baptist clique.  Protecting Hillside from becoming the child abuse leader in NY, almost made it. OCFS they needed to be exposed also, so FBI has to finish this.

A criminal can get so far before got takes them out. Obama is past last warning if you ask me. If God aces him, it makes sense of paper.  But you murdering liberals have no excuse or salvation, livin’ on infant blood.  Get off the babies you snakes.




Below a copy of latest Email confronting the Albany crime cell.  It went to FBI and Fox News for Hannity, Judge Jeanine, and Bill O’ Reilly.


Latest Email To Gov. Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo: Noticing that your Administration has subjected me to crimes by not prosecuting criminals in the cases # 47434, # 48984, which Hillside falsified, with lies saying I did not work in healthcare although hired as Sociotherapist. And misrepresenting in court my status as an employee by benefits to disqualify the filing. I hold you personally responsible for NYAG not doing his job, as copy of this Email goes to FBI. This is 50 months after the initial crime,criminals still work for Hillside, you are not protecting Clients at NY or are you requiring OCFS to stop crime. Racketeering is the crime, you are an accomplice.





Yet another Email goes off, to NYS OCFS Commissioner Poole, and FBI dually addressed.  To confront the criminal count of staff working at Hillside under my cases, while OCFS fronts to protect Clients from crime.  Sweep that under the carpet racketeers.

I find the defense liable including Cuomo and Schneiderman.  Other policies are being created in NY, while ho-hum the liberal scandal repeats the Morecrime Commission at Hillside.  1000% intentional political targeting, yes I see you Andrew, not impressed with your crime these days.  We could get many criminals out of prison to  do the same things Albany has, so the present liberals should be in charge why?

If OCFS is not going to do their jobs, maybe it was too much for them?  Liberal mafia is like that, too chicken to do their jobs in Albany.  Protecting Clients there Gov?  Guilt and blame is all theirs, those zealots.


OCTOBER 5, 2015



We need to face facts here, that somehow, despite all the crime from DC.  It went in the status quo category.  It will take too long to prosecute, so let Obama finish his term instead of yank him from office.

That is not a government of the people.  Founding Patriots took it upon themselves to set things right, we need that in our DC.

Border open to crime of any type.  That means you are done as commander in chief.  What else does he think he can steal?  It is like Cuomo Moreland, Hillside Execs I guess who can show up anywhere in society and pull off crimes like they do as repeat offenders, or with anyones kids.

That is trash, we definitely have the intelligence on the right to stop crime by policy, oust dictators like Barack, and supreme court fiends who call themselves Judges.

Amend, The Constitution can work for us.  You name it, pro life, gun rights, corruption by Judges, that fast and complete trials are guaranteed.

Git ‘R Done





#1.  Vermont train wreck.

#2.  NY pray for yourself, you need to conquer Albany’s crime.






In the Hillside reich crimes, there are some professionally employed prosecutors who are going to have to clear their names to avoid jail.

Email went to Sheriff, State Police, DAs, NYAG, Cuomo. And still it takes FBI to do your jobs for you?  A staff charged on records falsification at an ambulance station near Hillside was prosecuted.  But this, fitting under Cuomo’s liberal Moreland scandal addiction, was not prosecuted.

Tell us how you did that DAs?  Evidence went to you.  NYAG Schneiderman has corrupted his office by crime, caught you liberal, this does not mean you own the office, you are a perpetrator.  Your jobs were to prosecute NY crimes.

You have to be happy as a NY Conservative because the pro choice, anti gun rights Albany is trapped by my case.  If you want Cuomo out of there, then speak up about his obstruction in office, it has been stalking since day one at Hillsidegate.  You can’t have rights if you are a free American Conservative.  Isn’t that right little Hitlers?

FBI observing the crimes and evidence finds that NY is a state libs can abuse, like Hillary at Banghazi, lies in Email, blame the right Bill it is a conspiracy, no just her doing her job as usual, a dirty lawyer nobody can trust.

If Feds do not sack the whole Hillside Admin and prosecute it shows who will be in charge of Teens.  Or did they change policy where the strategic planning for Hillside is to collect the most criminals as employees, and attack the sovereignty of The United States?  Corporate sovereign nation wants you for their terror cell at Hillside, OCFS?

Cuomo needs to go, that is law.



Another Monday morning and week to look forward to Obama’s human sex trafficking at the Mexico border.  Sabotaging the country, no, just policy, nothing wrong with that donkey.  Are you codependent to it?


OCTOBER 4, 2015




Who died of a ruptured spleen.  When the story first came out, Fox had it covered, and the story was not straight to me from other sources.  I had heard it was a heart attack, and wanted to wait to see what was going on.

As a general suspicion you think ephedrine, if it had been a heart attack in someone that age.

Spleen, Kehr’s sign is the big indicator on this injury, pain in the left shoulder. Abdominal rigidity is another sign, with internal bleeding, one drop of blood on the perotineum can cause signs.  Emergency Abdominal Eval is part of Athletic Training.

Maybe 10 high school athletes die a year in football it used to be, head injuries often, defensive backs who are spearing with the top of the helmet.




Flooding in SC.

In Jesus’ Name





As usual the incompetent left, making statements about the righteous, Godly, Patriots, and this time on their gay agenda.

Biden suggesting that homophobes are on the right in the upcoming election 2016. Reality based analysis finds, that Biden is up to the usual false witness. Homophobes taking on several meanings from fear of being recognized as gay to one’s own fear of being gay.

I reasoned this out years ago as a Teenager when I heard the term, that had I stepped in dog manure, not finding this to be an attractive outcome, I would avoid the piles in society. Does this mean I am a manureaphobe, or is this a disgusting behavior to be associated with fertilizer so closely inside city limits?

For Biden to kiss up to any population for his agenda, shows the meltdown in the DNC. Homosexuals by God’s design, word, are a demented group of individuals who are mentally ill. I know Hillary likes Romans, so 1:20. The summary of the passage is these gay people are rebels against God’s righteous standard, therefore they are turned over to a corrupt mind, as in they have their wires crossed sexually, as to degrade themselves, in confused, disgusting, immoral behavior. The same concept as if a person had sex with an animal, homosexuals have defied the laws of natural biology and geometry. A colon is part of the digestive tract, it is not a primary sex organ for the uneducated left.

I find myself to be a righteous US Patriot, not afraid of KGB or terrorists. But I am to be afraid of gays or the false insinuation I could step in manure and appear socially inappropriate for society? I would not call it phobia, as if it was some deficiency. Years ago the DSM listed homosexuality as a mental illness, until changed by lawyers it was preached at UB. Who are Lawyers to change the DSM? Nobody.

I tell you one because you will fumble as a liberal, bent on evil, and denial. I used to have a friend growing up, who would take a new pair of shoes and give them a swab of peanut butter, the concept was to walk in a room, announce that you had just stepped in dog doo, reswab the shoe with a finger as to acquire some of the snack, and eat of it. The unknowing persons in the room, observe your disgusting habits as a joke. Ha, ha, ha get it Sodomites?

Homosexuality is a disgusting behavior. Somehow by selective attention a person changes their being like sleep walking? Until they realize, hey I am a Dude now or a Chick some would say, changing their sexuality? Get it the joke is on______________?

I had heard when I first began in the system, how our evil Clients would if they went to prison, ended up on the skirt and Kool Aid team as males. The idea that drink of red Kool Aid and it looks like lipstick.






Some good some bad in this one.  The Giants walked away with the win, but only because The Bills beat themselves.  Twice Buffalo had touchdowns called back on PENALTIES.  And also a missed  easy field goal attempt.  Buffalo has more potential as a team than NY?  Yeah.

The penalties Buffalo got a handle on last game, and they needed a repeat of that performance.  You can’t go up to home plate with your shoelaces tied together and expect to hit a home run.  Somewhat it is immaturity, where players are not taking personal responsibility for their plays.  If you don’t even care about illegal blocks, false start, extracurricular penalties which are half the distance to the goal?  It takes a traitor to keep doing that, because penalties are drive killers.  The big problem is that it is a group mindset, everybody else is doing it?  It looks like 17 penalties overall today for Buffalo, wow.

The basic idea is you have to play meaner, tougher Football as Buffalo.  Wait for the snap, play it clean, an opponent wants to run his mouth at you, let him it is making the opponent look stupid.  You want to play hardcore,  like Coach wants it, no penalties.  It takes a tougher man to do that.

I think the crowd sees Buffalo moving the ball, knowing The Bills had the momentum and could have won, easily without mistakes.  Hardcore, play it right and trust God to give you the rest to win on.

Good game Giants, thanks Bills for a heck of an effort otherwise.

God Bless



OCTOBER 3, 2015



Despite the crimes she has been a part of, covered in lies, security negligence?

She is standing up for your rights gay America, why(?) because if you go to hell

who cares, love Hillary.  The pathology should be obvious, this is not an adult

conversation she is having with the country.  Ben Carson is only following his

Christian religion, that is his right.  The Clintons have done some wicked stuff, it is

a fact.  The old Long Beach California Naval Base under a communist China lease?

I don’t see that adults do this to the rest of the country, and we still consider them

sane.  It is a policy, well it is treason, to a known aggressor you help put them in

Cali?  That base needs to close, along with terrorist training camps.  Hundreds of

corrupted Emails, no not her, it was all legitimate.  I don’t think law says she

should be running in 2016.





I will add ACL (knee) courses this time on my Continuing Ed.  We have an evidence based practice portion to report.


Also on the rehab below for McCoy,  what should happen, is over weeks, as he gets stronger, and symptoms disappear.  There will be a transition from being able to handle a certain weight in the weight room, and realizing he can start to move it faster in return to play, or reconditioning.  This is technically a different phase of injury recovery.  They should have an idea when he is feeling good, and lifting more normal, how strong he is compared to before he was injured.  The difference between strength and power is how fast a given weight is lifted.  If you get down to three reps a set that will increase power well, but how does it compare to pre injury?




#1 USA

We need righteous people in charge or you end up with bellowing gutter value pontificates like Hillary.

Without that how do we help people in need?


#2 Da Bills

Buffalo has so many solid characters, you can’t help but appreciate.  Whatever God can do for them.






Running Back: McCoy

With Buffalo posting an indefinite for him to rehab his hamstring injury. What can you expect for a return to play?

Bills Athletic Trainers are closer to the situation and could give you an approximate time frame, as matter of fact, but what are the variables involved?

I worked for Health South in Maryland, which was the largest Rehab chain in the country it was said, before and after UMES graduation ( B.S. Rehab/ Pre P.T.), and then ATC licensure at Ithaca College. I also had the privilege of being a Personal Fitness Trainer on campus at I.C. where I worked with faculty, students, even Public Safety. Hired as one of 7 out of near 80 applicants. I like the Personal Fitness Training as an experience adjunct to Athletic Training. What it is going to come down to in the end to rehab an athlete, is functional movements, can they do these exercises to go compete again?

With McCoy, the injury if it happened at a game or practice gets an on field eval, which is shorter because you have to get the injured player off the field. The off field eval, is much longer, it is a comprehensive look at the injured area and surrounding joints. MRI is likely with the Bills to see how bad it was.

If the muscle strain comes up as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree injury, varying from a 1: tweaking the muscle where you got pain from it but indiscernable structural damage. A 2nd degree is tearing of the muscle, a 3 is complete tearing of the muscle. That happens in sprinters

72 hours usually passes as an inflammatory phase, where it is not recommended to apply heat, because it will increase swelling, and hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency by a congested and swollen area near the injury, that causes tissue death. Ice is training room dogma in this time period. The 72 hours is not a cookbook formula it is said, it is try and see around 3 days, if the injury responds to heat without swelling. If so, continue with heat as a modality, because it will increase free blood flow which will flush out waste and bring in protein to heal the site.

Scar formation is an automatic concern for Athletic Training with an Athlete in this injury. Ultrasound is used to break up scar formation in a muscle. If a scar has already set in, and flexibility is hampered by this, there is a soft tissue release technique that can be used to break the scar. It involves applying a lock to a muscle, with an object, the Clinician can choose different objects from their massage arsenal, it could be a tennis ball or different hand held plastic objects, and once the locking position is fixed, pressing down on the muscle with the object, stretching away from the scar is used to create tension, and break the scar. You intentionally don’t give the muscle enough slack to lengthen, and stretch away from that. You have it heal right once broken. I took this course in CEUs last time around. Therapeutic Massage I already had in college.

Rehab Progression: The first thing to look for is a pain free range of motion. The athlete can move a knee through the normal range of motion without pain before you start adding weights.

Once weights are in, there are different Rehab progressions that are known, DeLorme and others. I like to begin around 12 reps per set on the injury if possible. If you go higher in reps you are conditioning endurance fibers, so only if you have to.

Over the course of weeks, the weights increase with the reps decreasing, so to sets of 10, 8, 6. When you are down near 3 reps a set without pain, you could expect an athlete to approach a power performance like The NFL. Maybe it is three sets a muscle in the first routine, don’t do more damage is the key.

The way you test for return to play, partly is in on the Cybex Isokinetic machine. You see Drago using a variant of this thing in Rocky IV, seated, his leg is strapped down, and the machine is connected to a computer. The machine limits how fast it will move regardless of how hard the athlete tries to perform a leg extension or curl. The computer will tell you how hard they are pushing so you can compare it to the healthy uninvolved side/limb. Pain can limit how hard they push, or pull, as well as becoming unconditioned and weaker during the time off from a sport, or being immobilized from the injury.

Other things I would look for in Rehab. Still eat right, train your other muscle groups to stay anabolic. I would also stay focused on films, return to play, Buffalo will see some of these teams twice, and it keeps you from drifting off into a sedentary focus.

After he is strong enough pain free in weightroom exercises, the progression is obvious, sports drills he can handle, walking to jogging, running ¾’s speed, 90% to full go on sprints. How does he tolerate that a day and two later is also a concern? You can do it once, how about on successive days in practice?

Diet, the immune system cleans up muscle damage, so Zinc may not hurt. However I read after college that the carrier molecule for Zinc also handles Iron, and if you take too much of one of these, it will limit transport of the other. If you like cold cereals, with 100% the daily value of Iron per serving, the body absorbs 5-10% Iron off a plant source and closer to 15% off an animal source. If you hit 4-5 X recommended Iron you get toxicity, which destroys organs.

In strength training, for hamstrings I like the stifflegged deadlift as part of this muscle group, it is closer to isometric, so the muscle length changes little, but the number of fibers recruited can be higher. Bodybuilders talk about compound movements and number of fibers recruited in a lift. It has to be pain free, and slower steady movements in rehab. Nothing explosive like you see in Olympic Weightlifting. Raise the weight on even a 3-4 count, hold the peak of the movement and squeeze the muscle for a 4 count and lower the weight the same, slow, 4 count is fine. Constant tension like this, has proven itself to me over time to rehab muscle safely.

Hamstrings are biarticulate, meaning they operate the hip and knee. So you would want to train the other hip extensor muscles to assist the hamstrings, and Gastrocs, because they help the hamstring at the knee for flexion.

Bodybuilding gives you a very regimented, about religious approach to eating right and getting your sleep, in rehab you have to have that kind of focus. It isn’t the T.V. commercial with the guy cooking a hot dog in the training room hot tub, that was nice. After Whitney Houston, I would keep rehab in the training room for that. This is more of an Olympic Athlete at work type of focus. If it was me, the musclehead training approach would have my attention.

I used to spend hours sitting looking at muscles drawn in isolation before I went back to school for AT, going after an excellence in hard science, and AT courses. It is like a mechanic with an engine, I am a student of the game no question. This profession is a gift from God for me, it is my element


Bills v. Giants


I don’t doubt Buffalo, on Offense, the running game is still loaded between their power backs, and Tyrod. With Wood coming up from practice squad, he ran well in preseason, about as close as you can get to McCoy, he is quick. O Line holding it together, watch the holding, I know they do that when they are getting beat sometimes. Receivers, you see what they can do. Buffalo has to have a confidence level in that Offense that they can score in any quarter, and play with anybody. I think you have to know that as a Bill, don’t waste your time worrying, just go and  outperform defenses.

Defense, they have proved themselves at every level, D line, AFC Player Of The Week Preston Brown last week at Linebacker, great job! D Backs, Darby has been something, Rambo. Play your game, and you know what happens, teams get limited to under 100 yards rushing against Buffalo.





At Hillside do they have a babysitter who goes around to check up on criminal staff and make sure that crimes against the state are progressing as planned?

You mean who is the ring leader?  And will they double as inmate of the month?

Yes in the time this case has taken, Clients I worked with could have earned a Bachelor’s degree, while Rochester, NY is ripping off the masses.  It must take a really big ego to do that to the people of the state.  How about that drug induced rage which resembles rabies?  That has not been ruled out yet.  Ego trip 100%, these criminals will falsify records and hide behind a lawyer who trashes his own career by perjury.  Pull off the crime on the street 1 on 1?  In your dreams pharaoh,  they know what would happen, a submission hold if I was being nice?  Big ego, corporate name to dirty, see what Hillside represents?  No Hillside does not represent crime in policy, these perps took advantage of the agency, and NY.

Why don’t they act like this in other businesses?  Hillside Admin falsifying records throughout a shopping mall or stores?  Because adults work in those places, that is why.  Who have not absorbed the criminal mindset of Clients and criminal Teens.  Maybe they got too close to the thug music, and next thing, Rochester Admin is the crime leader in Western, NY.

If I dropped the cases here, would anybody ever do anything?  Patriots can’t be that lazy like Congress on; Hillary, Lerner, Obama, Lynch, Holder.




Would it be a touching tribute for liberals to stop electing murderers?  Actually cover national defense at the Mexican border, arrest aborting liberals, stop drug dealers, terrorists, scandal brats (felons) in government?

The criminal element is the one of the Clinton and Obama regimes, why we would ever want another day of their swinery or fundraising accomplices?

Why does CBN not report on abortion, or confront crime in America?  Liberal news does not report it and neither does the watchman on the wall, scratch that, hibernating evil slothful servants.  Cuomo has outfoxed NY in more crime post Moreland.

Another dose of a liberal White House in 2016, it will be an O.D. for America’s budget, defense, or civil crimes, how stupid can you be?

Jesus preaching on strain out a gnat to swallow a camel.  Addressing the dosage of sinners measure.




OCTOBER 2, 2015



I bring you a true story about Cornell Football. This evening as Colgate won 28-21, the air was crisp, the band was righteous with a deep bass drum. Cornell almost pulled it out, very similar to the Bills/Patriots game this year. With Cornell closing on a 21 point deficit, and missing on a final 4th and goal to turn over the ball on downs.

Half time via the Steve Tasker donated video scoreboard, a video segment appears from Cornell Men’s Hockey, name that tune. By the mechanized gorilla voice in the intro, it was livin’ on a something? As the video progresses, players are trying to guess the tune, Michael Jackson was a first guess, if I heard right Ozzy the second, and by conclusion they figure it out, of course the leftists NJ band of old was the artist.

I watched Tasker’s son Luke play his last game at Cornell there, against Penn before joining The NFL’s San Diego Chargers. He was a return man on kicks. I also as memory served me watched Steve Tasker (?) dunk in a Bills/Cornell fundraiser Basketball game, eons ago at Cornell.

Moral of the story, America is blessed by Football. What the opening blazing guitar intro to Unborn Nation (hard rock version) sounds like on stadium speakers ( before the lyrics, just the chords no soloing notes), remains to be seen. I would like to give it a try, crying baby omitted. Murder victims get too little press as is, what is one more anemic instance of American media? OK it probably helps kids, more people will know Boardman after shaking their speakers up with it. When Boardman-Let It Ring gets here, this must be battle worthy material, bringing new life to stadiums.

God Bless




If the Hillside Admin crimes that have propagated through liberal crooks, had happened at your high school.  Or at a school near you now?  Not over the actual four years that I have exposed their addictions, but over two weeks, retaliation on child abuse exposure, public (includes Sheriff) records falsification, and amnesia Cuomo like Hillary’s 403 classified (not classified Emails).  Would you think, the staff get fired?  At least, or it takes 8 figures to get it out of the NYAG’s office?  Might want to do your job paid public servant.

Two weeks, but for you predatory democrats.  Putin should run for President to split your vote with Hillary and Bernie.

Ahem your resume here says you were fired and arrested, for a child abuse conspiracy.  Sounds about right for federal inmates, and libs in US gov’t.  Not to mention staff of the month at Hillside?

God these are some kind of devils you baited here.  What do Client parents think of them still working for the agency, with OCFS’ blessing?  FBI you say?  Booking, fingerprints, criminal records.  Take a bite out of crime.





Was out in community with a T shirt table.

$5 bracelet below.

That is a ministry I never knew existed.  -RB

Scan 530Scan 531


From: “Russ Boardman”

To:NYAG.Pressoffice@ag.ny.gov, buffalo@ic.fbi.gov, foxnewstips@foxnews.com
Sent: Fri, Oct 02, 2015

NYAG: This letter is once again to inform you that the records falsification that occurred at Hillside  from Admin staff, and in cases # 47434, #48984 was submitted to your office months ago.

Your reply letter found no criminal prosecution of the perps at Hillside. What a surprise, after Moreland Commission and the criminal tendency of your office under klepto Cuomo, no one has shown prosecution of this matter. Referral to Labor Bureau, as you have been informed of before was sidelined by Labor Bureau, they say they can’t do anything in their reply letter.

I hold you personally responsible, and liable sir, for the crime that continues to attack Conservatives in NY, and have asked Federal Prosecutors to take up the case for the criminal racket Albany runs. Damages for intentional political targeting, conspiracy and discrimination, remain as your wager.

-Russ Boardman



OCTOBER 1, 2015


While the joke is on them telling lies for court that no prosecutor, jury or criminal court could ever figure out, cough.  For me I think it was closest to the Dave Winfield contract dispute personally.  But as a known scandal, Rutgers is closest in recent times.

Questions like do you normally discriminate against Christian Singers, Conservatives, free Americans in society, should be some of the leading mental health eval concerns for Dennis Richardson’s Admin and Gov. Cuomo’s.

Yeah I know you would really like to steal whatever you think is right, and society left you in charge of criminal Teens?

No other agencies do not understand this, or OCFS when I sit down to talk with them.



SFLA Email below, I hope you understand that I put this above college athletics.

These students are rescuing Baby Americans from death.  I remember standing, holding a Baby at Church from a family who had adopted him.  And you would actually, it is not even appropriate to mention, stab or kill this baby in the right week, or if you are feeling sensational as a liberal?  God could send you to hell where flames shoot out your eyeballs, but you libs, something is missing.  You are like bad guy Terminators, whatever you think it is you love, murder is one of the leading things.


Dear Russ,

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got some bad news.

First the bad news:

Yesterday, our U.S. House of Representatives passed two resolutions. One was a “show vote” to defund and redirect Planned Parenthood funding, which officials know has no chance of passing pro-abortion leadership in the Senate. The other continues taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood while ensuring that the government is funded through December.

Bottomline: Our elected officials paid lip service to us once again while sending a bill to the President’s desk that funds an organization that rips apart innocent children and sells them for profit.

Now the good news:

Students for Life is ready to fight.

This bill that funds Planned Parenthood only lasts until December, so there is time for us to keep the pressure on our our elected officials to do the right thing. So we can’t let up.

That’s why this morning, I am proud to announce that our team is preparing to set out on the “Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood” National Tour!

Over the course of the next two months, our team at Students for Life will visit more than 80 campuses in 22 states with our “Planned Parenthood Project” telling Planned Parenthood’s target audience all about how they prey off of vulnerable young women in their create-a-customer scheme and how they are ripping apart babies and then selling the parts of those children for profit.

We are taking the truth to Planned Parenthood’s #1 top marketing audience.

And not only will we be educating hundreds of thousands of students about abortion and Planned Parenthood’s deceptive business model, we are going to be taking money out of their pockets as we take away their future clients and connect them with pregnancy resource centers and the more than 13,000 federally-funded health centers that don’t do abortions!

Next week, our team is partnering with Family Research Council Action for the first week of our national tour. We’ve got a bus that no student on campus will be able to miss, and we going to some of the top states in the presidential primary battle to make sure all of the presidential candidates know that this generation is serious about taking down the abortion Goliath.

Today, can you sponsor one of more than 16,178 miles on our “Don’t Fund Planned Parenthood” National Tour?

I’ve got to raise just shy of $35,000 in the next few weeks to pay for our bus costs, gas, food, and shipping expenses while we are out on tour.

Russ, if you can pitch in $11 to sponsor 1 mile, $22 to sponsor 2 miles, or $110 for 10 miles it would go a long way.

As you know, our team has re-arranged all of our plans these past two months, because we know how important this moment is. I didn’t budget for the massive expenses of this bus tour. But I know it’s a stand we have to take – to reach as many students, as many of Planned Parenthood’s potential victims and to make sure the pro-abortion leaning media and key presidential candidates take notice of what we are doing.

We’ve got to show them that we care more about women and children and that we will not forget what happened yesterday or be placated by show votes. That we demand that Planned Parenthood be investigated, defunded of our more than $500 million in tax dollars, and, hopefully, prosecuted.

Our team has committed to doing all that we can to bring down the nation’s largest abortion vendor, starting with stopping the flow of our taxpayer dollars. While you won’t be able to go with us to each tour stop, you can “go” with us by giving.

Keep us in your prayers!

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life




If you heat up a fireplace poker, glowing orange, and stab a newborn baby with it, that does the same job as a Doctor executing your baby.  Maybe libs can put that in a bedtime story for their kids, teach them good morals like legalizing drugs, public corruption is ok for politicians, and even point out all the Clinton lies in politics.

How come you liberals are not prosecuting your own troublemakers for murder? Stab a baby to death, nothing wrong with that.  So then we use hushed tones, like Biden or Obama and discuss the unfortunate decision of a Woman’s health care and hand over the executioner’s smile to them as some right of passage.  But don’t stop the murder.  You still won’t be happy when you keystone Cop politicians get another million babies killed.  Well, they were bad children.  You let serial killers live and execute babies, when you get the wires crossed in your brain this can happen.

Glowing hot orange here we go nutsos, grill that baby, abortion, it is only murder.

You at least could have made slaves out of the babies, or chew toys for dogs, murder that’s a little extreme.  It isn’t like you libs care about civil rights, oink all the way home from DC, there we protected Womens healthcare.  Yeah you and Nazi concentration camps.





As Russia’s criminal allies attack the Free Syrian Army.  If you turn to Ezekiel 38 in a bible it is the unfulfilled prophecy of attack on Israel, by who?  Russia and Iran are two of the aggressors.  As you see Iran starting to get into Syria, the evil forces have aligned.  Don’t use a Gideons bible which is a later translation, the passage uses weapons that sound so ancient in description it does not seem like the future.

If you read Ezekiel 38 you won’t see the names Russia and Iran in it, the names Gog (magog) and Persia are there, which on a bible map of tribes shows those groups to be in the areas of Russia and Iran.  When the bible was written it makes more sense to use the existing peoples names, not unheard of countries.  The attack if you ask me overlaps new testament in Revelation where a Dragon spews a river at the Woman Israel in the desert, the same event.  Daniel chapter 7 lists the beasts as governments that will arise at the end of the world.  The Russian Bear, is in it.

For all we know Obama is a gay boyfriend to some of the aggressors as he watched 100,000 get murdered in Syria.  He is their accomplice right now refusing to act, and on Iran.  Maybe the sodomite heart in chief who is allowing border human trafficking, will be killed by God?

As Israel sends Netanyahu to speak to the UN, I don’t give it much chance.  Maybe if France and Britain got in it with us against the terrorists.  No joke on Russia, if Putin won’t stop we could destroy his military bases, and government.  You want to fight, then let’s get it on smart guy.

It has been a threat to national security leaving Obama in charge, when shoulda been impeached went by, libs voted for Iran to have nukes.  These are not leaders, they are disrupters as the juvenile system would recognize their criminal decisions.  What will happen is blah, blah, blah, political analysis, dem congress, people getting murdered by terrorists, and  helping Iran with nukes, border crime.  But bang, bang, bang, we kill the bad guys?  The chickenfeed is more tasty for libs than to stop terrorists.

If a criminal is killed by Cops on the street, who cares sometimes.  Obama left in charge is a worse outcome than him being assassinated.  You mean like Bin Laden or the other terrorists?  I see crime from Obama, libs in Congress see it as policy, sugar coating their evil, maybe they choke on it like 9-11?



This puts our scandal filled news to shame.



SEPTEMBER 30, 2015



The body of Christ understands the spiritual discernment.  Over the last week you could say:

God’s leading of the Russian attack on The Free Syrian Army.

Since the announcement of Putin to speak with Obama last week, God left me with the impression of what is up Putin’s sleeve?  Nothing that specific as what happened.

  1. Looking back in history I was reminded of the Nazi invasion of Russia. Which was 22 months after the treaty between these two countries, and betrayed by Hitler.
  2. The strange visit of Arabs pre 9-11.
  3. Opening Ceremonies at the last Winter Olympics, and then Ukraine.
  4. And here comes trouble again, what is he really trying to pull?

I discussed it with another Christian, saying I didn’t trust Putin.


History, I had honors history classes in high school, about 2/3’s of my main classes were that level.  Science also, math was hit and miss, honors one year, average another.  English I did better at in college.



As you see in the news that Christians fleeing from ISIS were denied asylum by the Obama regime.  Do you remember when klepto was letting busloads of illegals in the country?  Let’s see unbalance the vote, so let in anyone he wants by executive disorder, and refuse people who are known righteous?

I lost adult respect for  Dictator Obama years ago, political respect is out of the question.  Meaning, if DC finds the strength to file a lawsuit on him for corruption, that is beautiful.  If God assassinates him to rescue would be rape victims who are sacrificed to the high and mighty holier than thou Obama regime, then we have something to celebrate.  An International Terrorist who is helping arm Iran and let Putin execute Syria.

Guilt for those who voted Obama last time, yes we see what you did.  Then you don’t confront his crime?  If liberals ever stole elections, there should be American Revolution II to take it back.





With the former CCCP hitting Free Syrian Army positions.  I would not be surprised if Obama knowing this could happen, let it, because all along we watched 100,000 people get slaughtered, with Obama refusing to act.  What did he really care, it served his Muslim purpose.  Putin, is a gambler, Ukraine then this, the assumption that a United States would not attack him.  I would at some point given his course of trampling other countries.  Afraid? No, stop the devil.  If that means shoot down their planes, or whatever means is necessary to keep Hitler from taking over the world as the modest goal of communism, then do it.  But when you hit them, it has to be a KO.

Remember that the domino effect was the feared strategy of southeast Asia, that the commies would go after one small target at a time.  If Russia is going to insist on this as policy, hey baby we got the nukes.  You won’t stop we will make you stop.




The main female staff who helped convicts escape is already in trouble with the law, go figure.

Hillside criminals don’t need to be held accountable Cuomo, 50 months and huhhh?  Does that mean NYAG has to do his job and prosecute criminals?  Good thing we caught this, look what you tried to do to NY.  That is what they call caught stealing in baseball, in a pickle, you are between the bases  but prosecution has the ball.  Are you being insubordinate NY Governor?  They should have put you in jail for Moreland I, with NYAG, a couple of common thieves.  When does OCFS get revamped for this?  I think you are a bad man Cuomo.




Do you feel it is coercion for Hillside to lie in court and retaliate against reporting abuse of human beings?  So harassment extending 50 months now?

Is Albany also guilty for targeting political rivals, things they only do in communist countries, but not here in America?  That is the kick me sign on your back Conservatives, nothing to worry about.



Liberals should know that instead of the standard abortions, if they crucify and hang babies from one hand on a cross, then they will have more enjoyment as sadists!

I read a story once about Pete Rose going up for a catch at the fence, he came down on the top of it, chain link style I guess, and it read his hand looked like a cherry pie when they finally got him off of the piercing.

You leftists like that child abuse, gruesome evil, pathological liar routine, killing babies like you aren’t doing anything wrong.  Would they call you a problem child if you were still growing up?

Hillary does not care about abortion of babies,  she could be a witch flying straight to hell on her liberal agenda, and anyone would vote for her?

Are you coming to grips with a murder yet liberals?  I have to ask if liberals root for Romans in bible movies?  Or Hitler in the holocaust?  Only kill the good ones!!!

You are a brood of heroes liberals.  The only thing that is close is animals who eat their young.  Rape, corruption, abortion and Obama, perfect together.  That is how you know Satan got elected.



SEPTEMBER 29, 2015


The scandals that have happened in my time with the Hillside organization.  It was Rutgers in the news with an Athletic Dept scandal, that was big, it mattered to society.  It compares as maybe the closest one people know of.  Dannemora was with more serious offenders but not by much if you count sex offenders at Hillside, their staff could have been backing me up as responders, with harassment from the Baptist clique inciting where I worked.  Other places have rules and laws, we have Cuomo.  And the setting for this mess, it becomes like that movie Escape From NY. Bad people go in the state, and NYAG is giving himself a paid vacation on the job refusing to prosecute.

Cuomo would like you to think he is stopping crime and doing his job.   I would like to sue him for gross negligence and corruption.  I understand some of you dirt bag liberals don’t follow laws until about the fifth year behind bars when the attitude wears off.

So I hand it off to you Parents of NY, OCFS was to keep criminal staff out of the system.  You have to be cleared by the state to work there.  It is all a big joke look at the riot since I left.  Careless staff in charge of that dangerous a situation, and people get hurt.  You need to kick these jokers out of there, records falsification concealing child abuse.  And you paid for this in taxes?





No More Forcing States to Support Abortion
The House voted today to give states the power to exclude abortion providers from receiving Medicaid funding in their states.










These people have involved themselves in murder like Obama’s sex slavetrade/border policy.

Why they should be trusted to keep going?  So their accomplices take over?

Besides the legal murders they perform, where who cares if they sell the body parts.  A supreme court ruled that Women may execute their children in Roe v. Wade, how special.  Even though murder is illegal. Sometimes Judges have their heads up their Cain’s guide to living, and think it is cute to pull off crimes.  The liberals or little Hitlers if you will make a mockery of American law and justice.  No you can’t kill your kid stupid.  Do you got that Judges?  I understand that you would like to hide as learning impaired, but you a vicious murderer at heart to support liberal baby murder.

That is a right wing conspiracy for you Bill and Hillary.  You will not murder, you’ll get over it.  Electric chair for abortion Doctors, now we are getting somewhere.  Do you got a problem with that liberals, you can’t execute innocent babies?  You are as irresponsible as Hillside Admin helping child abusers, or Cuomo the organized crime Governor.



With all the liberal scandals that went by from Lois Lerner, to Benghazi, gross border negligence.

Yes it is OK as an American to see criminals go to jail.

If USAG is raped and killed by an illegal because she had the grand arrogance to allow Pres Onutso to carry out his illegal terrorist border policy.  Well then that serves her right by her own device?  Maybe she should be prosecuted to protect her from the USAG’s self destruct pattern?  Yeah we saw the scandals, we need to see the sentencing, while prosecutors like Holder fail out of DC.  Governor Cuomo is having a Moreland II over Hillside, it is going to cost him his office under prosecution.  And you didn’t think he would do it again letting him go the first time?

Did Hillside know that they are the worst example of Mandate Child Abuse reporting in NY?  And NYAG is their #1 accomplice?  That is banquet material, the award will be a free stay of 7 years in the state pen, with S.O. hall mates, and a resume upgrade of incarceration!  The damages paid by Albany will be__________?

But you know criminal liberals, you act like Bill and Hillary and lie about anything you can to undermine freedom on the news.  Yes the fangs are showing.  How many times can you be on Fox  with wrong answers as a liberal, to the most basic problems without a perceptual deficiency or kleptomaniac addiction being exposed?  Maybe Dennis Miller can revive Mr. Subliminal for analysis and commentary of this problem? That is not a competent liberal who does that, public corruption.   Pathological liar, maybe Hillary does take the title on this but only because America can’ trust a Sec of State or President to act that way.





SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

P R A Y E R- Abortion

Please read both but two Emails below, SFLA in the center of this abortion genocide.

You liberals don’t hear me?  I could be standing on a baby’s head and you don’t get it? Walk right in an abortion clinic and execute your kid.  Goddamn right I’m mad at what you are doing.

Somewhere in their conscience God is that little man with a match stick and that whole thing about going to hell for murder, Rev 21.

In Jesus’ Name







As the summer draws to a close there’s so many important issues to be concerned about – so many areas in our American political life where the destructive force of liberalism needs strong conservative resistance.

Whether it’s over in the terrorist infested Middle East, our failed foreign policy throughout the world, or the immense challenges we face right here at home, the struggle for America’s soul is a battle we all have a place in, and that’s why I’m confident I can depend on your help.

I’m working over-time to keep the spotlight on the Obama Democrats disastrous foreign policy, the horrific and dangerous Iran nuclear deal, the fanatical mainstream media’s incessant politically correct badgering and denouncing of conservatives, Hillary Clinton’s campaign of deceit and deflection, the chaos of identity politics attacks degrading our American law enforcement officers, the outlandish invasion of illegal immigrants and more.

As the defining elections of 2016 roll closer, I’m doing all I can to build conservative momentum and inform the widest possible audience of the desperate need to elect true patriotic conservative leaders across the board – and reverse the disastrous course the Obama-Clinton liberal Democrats have steered America down.

But at midnight this Wednesday, September 30th, the Third Fiscal Quarter ends, we must file fundraising totals with the Federal Election Commission, and unfortunately, I’ve just learned that we’re more than 200 donors short of our quarterly goal.

Russ, I can’t ramp up my relentless schedule to fight to regain America’s greatness without the resources needed to meet the necessary expenses needed to fight that fight – that’s why I need your immediate response to this urgent request for help – would you please make an indispensable contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 or more right now to ensure we can erase this gap and meet our funding requirements before time runs out?


Michele Bachmann

P.S. Russ, I urgently need your continued support, so we can fight to save our country together before midnight September 30th. Please take this opportunity right now to help us reach our crucial fundraising target before time is up with your immediate End-of Quarter shortfall contribution today. I thank you for your patriotism, Michele.




Tomorrow, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, will be on Capitol Hill testifying as part of the on-going investigations into the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal.

This has never happened before, and it’s going to be huge news as she will have to defend the indefensible — how Planned Parenthood manipulates abortion procedures at the risk of harming women and how they dissect the babies they abort to obtain “intact” organs and parts to sell to third-party companies.

Needless to say…I bet I won’t be the only person staying up late tonight. 😉

Right now, our team is preparing to be there tomorrow. We have students going into the hearing room and others who are prepared to stand outside of the Capitol to remember those 897 children Planned Parenthood will abort tomorrow and ask our elected officials to stand up for what is right.

Last Thursday, the Senate took a vote to defund Planned Parenthood. And while I was initially happy to see Senate leaders stand up to the abortion bully, Planned Parenthood, and their ally President Obama, I was discouraged when some of those same leaders came out a day before the vote and said it would be meaningless as they knew pro-abortion Senators wouldn’t let it pass and that they were just showing us, the pro-life grassroots, that nothing could be done.

I say bull to that.
That vote wasn’t meaningless.

It put Senators on the record showing whether or not they believed that our more than $500 million in taxpayer funds should go to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor and seller of fetal baby parts. We now know which Senators are okay with the trafficking of body parts obtained from aborted babies. With some big elections coming up next fall, that knowledge will be powerful.

That vote certainly wasn’t meaningless for the babies or for their mothers.

It wasn’t meaningless to the millions across the United States that are hurting right now because they were betrayed by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry…lied to and deceived into believing that abortion would solve their problems and was nothing but a mere “removal of tissue.”

Votes always have meaning, even when we don’t think they are going to turn out like we want.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will hear just how grisly Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices are. And then later this week, they will vote whether to send a Continuing Resolution to the President’s desk with or without funding for the abortion Goliath.

Be there with our team tomorrow.

Russ, please say a pray that the truth is heard during Cecile’s testimony and pitch in $15, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford to our mission at Students for Life as we have set our sights on Planned Parenthood because we know that defunding them of their more than a half of a billion in taxpayer funds will be the quickest way for us to achieve our ultimate goal of abolishing all abortions.

This task won’t be easy. And to be honest, there are many in Washington, some even who are pro-life, who would prefer that we would just shut up about defunding Planned Parenthood already and just focus on the 2016 election. But I can’t do that. For the babies and their moms, I can’t let Planned Parenthood go on one more day, business as usual, using my money to betray women and rip apart children and not say anything.;2

I hope you will join us in spirit while we are on the Hill tomorrow!

For Life,
Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

P.S. – Yesterday, the Daily Caller published a video interview of me speaking about Planned Parenthood’s predatory business model. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it: www.dailycaller.com/2015/09/26/pro-life-advocate-planned-parenthood-preys-on-young-women

Sent from my iPhone

Students for Life of America
9900 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553
Office: 540.834.4600




With the loss of Eddie’s 19 year old  Son.

In Jesus’ Name




A few of the healthier eats over the years:

Grilled Cheese and Tuna/Tomato

Toast works better than normal bread, lightly margarinized on one side, and that side down in the fry pan.

Tuna mashed up and mixed with no fat mayo in a bowl.

Cheese singles from Wegmans, I like the no fat ones, put those on the bread to melt in the pan. Spread the Tuna on one side of this sandwich creation, thick.

Tomato slice(s) on top of that, yes it is a balancing act. You have to put it all together before you burn the bread so you can keep flipping it over.

This was popular in Buffalo where I manned the grill, hungry students would come in to the club.  Don’t choke Tuna can be a dense item.



Mackerel Salad

A normal Caesar salad will do as a base.  Without the normal dressing, or just plain spinach leaves. Crutons, or diced up toast as crutons.

Canned Mackerel is cheap, high protein, posting no harmful fats in it? This also has Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids.

How much Mackerel you eat if this is a lunch, is based on your protein needs, male/female, bodyweight. If it is 40 grams of protein for an active male athlete or less for a smaller person?

Dressing, no fat yogurt mixed with dry onion soup mix until brown like brown sugar ( lighter or darker) to taste. The onion covers the fish taste enough if you are not a big fan of this fish. It is a nice break if you are always on chicken salads. Sort of like mashing up Salmon as a break to Tuna Fish.

You have to watch canned Salmon though, it may go 10g of saturated fat a can. You don’t want to do that all the time in a normal American diet with other trans and saturated fats.







With around 2 days, 9 hours to go now at 2:36 EST

Ben is requesting fundraising backup ” more than ever”.



We have a chance to dump the liberals crime policies, we need Carson to make it happen.







This is a series of questions for liberals despite the Hillsidegate scam.

If a five year old Kid of Staff’s at Hillside went to work and falsified documents for their parent, would Hillside let that slide and leave the fake paperwork on file?

If a crazy person broke into Hillside and scribbled on papers in Admin, would President Richardson leave that as legitimate work?

What makes you think the Hillside terror cell won’t do this again?

Was policy to fire criminal staff?  Or is eight figure discrimination happening?

Why do other agencies in NY have to comply with OCFS reporting, but Hillside can falsify investigations from Albany, even with liberal buddy ol’ future inmate Cuomo watching?

When a State AG does not do their job does that mean jail time for obstruction?

Is the news media making a racket about this possible record setting criminal agency known as Hillside?

What else do liberals think they can steal? A fair question before they are under mental health evals and psychoactive meds.

Should authorities arrest the entire Hillside Admin regime?

How about Teens from your school district go to Hillside someday?




SEPTEMBER 27, 2015






The point in these cases that major malfunctions went by.  This wasn’t a misunderstanding or some small crime.  Felonies, but where the rubber meets the road, is that these staff keep showing up thinking they can work for Hillside while actively propagating crime in the Hillside name.

Sure they know Staino falsified records with HR,  and Richardson sent a liar to court to fall on the grenade.  And keep working for Hillside, Law Enforcement seems to enjoy this crime they refused to stop.  It is taking FBI to make your liberal Governor and NYAG- New York, to leave their jobs once everything goes through.  Not do their jobs, leave them.  They have refused all the way down the line, pro child abusers!  Sandusky does not even ring a bell?

Why average news does not broadcast on the insane acts of Hillside yet, maybe they want the big scoop, wait until it is Federal charges, then get the post game in.  Nuts, society left these devils working with Teens for four years+.  That was not negligence?




This time around for Continuing Ed, which I have to complete to maintain an active license.  I chose an Advanced Nutrition course, Explosive Lifting For Sports, and Strength Ball Training.

I like young people to be able to see what I do, that you can work in school and it connects to  a profession.  That you can pursue your dreams, like I did.  Bio, Physics, Chem, Math, it all contributes in Exercise Science which was my second degree/ with Athletic Training.  Some people don’t understand  enough of Athletic Training, in college I was able to reach “A” level work in the hard sciences, so Athletic Trainer is not by some default that I could not do other things, I got my choice is what it was.  That carried into the coursework for the second degree where Physics is Biomechanics, Bio is Exercise Physiology, Chem is involved.  Even Psych Stats (math) I took at UB is needed to understand a professional article where research reports findings by scores.  A true blessing to be in AT, because the breaks in sports seasons allows time for the Rock and Roll to be played live.

I can’t say I don’t appreciate academics, it is good stuff when you read about Tesla, and science.  Taking it further is another chapter, God willing.

The courses I took this time are to compliment other ones I have taken previously in Continuing Ed; ortho eval (APTA), drugs, older nutrition texts, eating disorders, flexibility, soft tissue release, anatomy, venue safety…  It is about a balance in the long run.




The Bills hang on for win #2.  Some surprises in the game.  As a team overall improvement, penalties reduced to 5 for 40 yards.  You have to watch holding on the O Line, predictable and it is going to cost a nice run eventually.

Tyrod Taylor had a day, 21/29 for 277 yards, 3 TD’s, 0 Interceptions.  Rookie Karlos Williams from Florida State with 110 yards, for a guy who is 230 lbs?  Keep him.  Buffalo TE Clay who is a former Dolphin leading with 82 yards in receiving.  Good to see Percy Harvin contribute at receiver for Buffalo, especially with Goodwin and Watkins not in this.

Defense held things together for Buffalo, where twice they were backed up at the two and ten yard line respectively with Miami having a first down there and running full series of plays, and The Bills stopped The Dolphins cold both times.  Also Linebacker Preston Brown with an interception he returned for a TD.  Without those three big stands, it is a much different game, where Buffalo did not win the second half of this.  Also Defensive Line with some sacks on Miami.

Good job Bills, you know Buffalo will be happy.

Giants are next week.





Former President Bill Clinton actually says that Republicans are to blame for his wife’s criminal activity?

Liberals you are being recruited to reciprocate Bill’s lie.  He wants you to fall in line with it, that is the values of your party, your general intelligence level.  Four dead pions at Benghazi and Uranium in terrorist hands, but Hillary is innocent.  His comments are an insult to society.  I am afraid Bill has become a yes man to Hillary because he can’t get another Monica?  Sad but true he has tried to throw this guilt at an innocent prosecution.

Putin travels to meet with Obama, to see if he can get more Uranium?  Unification of the Communist agenda.  Globalization of the axis of evil.

I would be more impressed if Republicans could be blamed for Benghazi, what a rip off you cheap liberals, can’t you even lie good?





If you can help, visit this link to help African Kids, LIFE OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL.


Hillside didn’t give a damn about this ministry, those kids, and has figuratively spit on their graves in Africa.  US Law Enforcement you have a duty to uphold our laws.

Take a look at these kids, even with clean water, do they even get one good meal a day?  The days they spend with flies on them, poverty, while liberal America DNC, has the audacity to attack jobs of Christians.  The derangement is apparent.

Even with Hillside, I could not give what America can to Africa.  You might get one chance to save some of those kids.


I had no idea how many millions die a year in Africa until I looked it up.  Unclean water, starvation, malnutrition.  They are worthless hedge hogs to many liberals.

LIFE needs your help.

God Bless



SEPTEMBER 26, 2015



On Hillside where we left off was at court, and them being told that no settlement would be offered.  Despite damages on the order of $14 million, they dared to resist laws, and continue with the lies before a Judge.  The easiest most basic definitions of the job I did as a position title,  and against their paperwork for Mandated Child Abuse reporting, they resisted.  Sheer cowardice, unable to fulfill agency duties, follow laws, so hire a liar, and the plot thickens.

Afterwards I started to look at it as these staff may have done things behind the backs of the board or Governors, even though Email record shows Angela board chair being reached.  There are those above her appears.

So again the offer was made to Hillside settle, or we end up at court, who cares it may be $20 million.  Crimes keep escalating in court, that I didn’t catch them in perjury?  Blue Cross evidence shows I had benefits and employee status during their appeals, defense counsel slandered that to disqualify the filing.

No replies on this latest settlement offer.  That is with dual Attys being reached, in house and Nixon Peabody.  So the liability is on the highest  authority reached, board of misdirectors or governors.  If lower, then they can sue Pres Richardson and his regime.  But not if they approve of his evil.  Either way, court again and forget it, if they pay 8 figures, let it be just.  I was helping starving kids in Africa, for years ahead of this case, babies from stabbings shame on you bloodthirsty liberals, have you seen what they are doing in baby caskets these days?  They have attacked my career and reputation, from one of the top AT schools there is in I.C., Honors at UMES.  Sounds like some usual liberal monkey business.

I hope Conservatives get a change of leadership from the sanctified Darth Vader/ Pharaoh/Caesar liberal establishment of Albany by it.

If you look how long Hillside resisted doing the legal thing with at least 60 coworkers in it, where I got paid for class action victory.  They are perfectly willing to commit crimes, a very arrogant Admin that lectures law and policy abiding staff.

My advice to people not having corruption like this, if you are handling problems at work and Email is not coming back to you as things being dealt with by some evidence, that more than words is actually solving things.  As in you see it resolved, not empty promises of Admin, then go for backup.  ASAP, trend is don’t do your job for weeks, and blame the reporter where I work.  It went that way with OCFS, Sheriff, NYAG.  They all could have stopped Hillside, but I am having to pursue the active criminal staff.  It is very addictive, get paid to loaf, don’t handle problems, I see whole floors run this way at Hillside, with the exception of a few faithful Patriots who got caught doing their jobs.

The biggest crime cell in NY is?  Worst agency in the country at child care?  Dirty Cops can hang that on their resumes.

Cuomo, they should check him for fangs, and venom, when they approach this, a true snake, making Hillside into Moreland Commission II.

My pleasure to catch the perps.  Some cage people do not learn American history without jail bars.

God Bless




Thank God for America, Sunday, Football.

What is in store for Miami?  I am interested to see what Buffalo does for starters.  Injury report from UB listed Tyrod on it, and if McCoy is ready to go?  If not they still have a pair of 230 lbs+ Running Backs who they can put behind Felton who was an All Pro Fullback.  Hogan at Receiver? 220 lbs, with Goodwin and Percy Harvin maybe out.  Buffalo can put together a physically tough, ball control offense.  Not sure what they will do, but with EJ at backup QB, who can complain?

I still question if Tim Tebow makes their #3 QB?  Another good runner back there?

Defense, pass rush is the obvious.  Also waiting to see Tony Steward come back at Linebacker, 4.5 speed.  Hopefully in weeks ahead.

If Buffalo plays a clean game,  I give them the edge on Miami who were mediocre last year.  This is probably the biggest rival when you live in Buffalo.  Squish the fish is what you hear in the media.  All the years of Marino, Duper, Clayton, Buffalo had Kelly and Thurman, Reed.  It should be a battle, it always is.




In the Hillside cases, was I being recruited to join their child abuse cult against NY?

Coercion is the legal term, that you Boardman will put up with our crimes, be it fraud, perjury, or we will retaliate is the message.  So if I don’t put criminals in their place this means I was a good Hillside staff?

Be like the average liberal scum and turn your back on this escalating corruption?

I say yes they tried to make me part of their crime.

10-15 years behind bars, so.  What will you let them do take over NY?  I bet Obama and Lynch would given the Benghazi of an opportunity.  Bordering on coup d’ liberals to finally destroy freedom forever.  Not racist though, black on white crime but still fair, Amen Hillary.

The meat truck is nice, sack the crooks, restore freedom to The States.  This is better than a G.I. Joe cartoon.

Boardman over and out.



Word for the day:  Epidemic

Do you find it in the realm of possibilities that criminal staff at Hillside are pedophile or are sadist child abusers as to why they disrupt Teens?

In the same light is Gov. Cuomo and his AG part of the crime ring?  Maybe happy about the crime to bother Teens in placement just like staff who are arrested in other facilities for similar crimes?  Dannemora being an example of evil staff, why is Hillside Albany’s favorite ongoing crime festival?  This is obviously entertaining to Dems in government.

OCFS does not require mandated reporting of  law enforcement and Albany when they know of investigations being disrupted.

Of all OCFS Commissioners Emailed on this subject none ever took action.

Can you name another Governor this bad?

Are you running a crime ring Albany liberals?  What about you OCFS,  Hillside Admin has perjury to cover their tracks.

You would not want to be guilty of causing a criminal epidemic, due to prison sentences, even without a colon in the title of it.




SEPTEMBER 25, 2015



You shall not murder, babies included, sanctity of life is the definition of fair.

This abortion situation has to be taken control of.  Status quo is 50 million lives in

the hole.






I could tell you one about abortion.  I was working out weeks ago and I had a weight vest on, it has elastic straps on the front, that set on velcro.  It was sometime into the routine where I was working harder and I needed more air.  Things were too tight, and I had to reset the closure on it.  Alot of fun when you can’t get enough oxygen.  It is like you are not breathing when you need it.

What went through my mind was kids being executed by Doctors in abortion.  There is no sense of immediacy, who cares, you are getting stabbed by The AMA, and Cops eat doughnuts where the weather is more important than homicide.  So blame the Cops, society as a whole is more accurate.  Who cares?  The devils deserved it so let them get executed as babies?  Don’t matter, scream baby, that is your freedom being destroyed.  It would drive you nuts if you were the victim, babies are tougher they can take it.

And I don’t think liberals are stupid to do this?  They are showing how smart they are, why not recognize it.

The vest was not so far off in fit, but the routines can go, not sure, I would have to check, HR=200 a few years ago sometimes.  Usually the muscles fail first, not anything heart related.  You hear people say feel the (muscle) burn sinner, lifting weights, I don’t think you liberals feel anything.  My opening Stairmaster routine used to be 100 cals in five minutes.  What if a baby had to do that?  Or take a blade, they could be promoted to bodyguard.  Army people would appreciate that, Purple Heart.

I think God will talk for so long and then it is payback for evil liberals.

Would you like to kill your baby, Planned Parenthood offers.  It should be a mental hygiene arrest, and close the crime scenes down for good.

I could stand on a baby’s head, I don’t know if some of you liberals would get it.  Young people better wake up and  dump their upbringing as killers.  You were let down by the Roe generation, brainwashed into murder.





What would have been the strangest questions about Hillside now, is if authorities stepped forward to say that they suspect Hillside Admin is actively involved in a Federal offense of racketeering, and that those staff have taken it upon themselves to stalk child abuse reporting at the agency.  As if they were actually doing their jobs in NY Law Enforcement.  And that Governor Cuomo along with NYAG will be formally charged with embezzlement and conspiracy.

No kidding?  Crime you say, and liberals were to blame; Obama, Lerner, Hillary, Hillside, Lynch, Iran.

What else did they think they could steal?  Don’t lie to yourself this has to be one of the worst agencies in the country and easily in NY, in any profession much less at stopping child abuse.

I see organizations in NY that are to stop crime and stand up for even just Conservatives, it is a bunch of hype right now.  Liberals are pigging out on crime and tax dollars in NY, while passive Conservatives say the Amen.

Look who you left in charge of Hillside!  Federal offenders, no cause for alarm it is only Teens they abuse.  Some people like to go home and kick the dog for entertainment, how about you New Yorker?  Let that Hillside slide another year, the half decade, and you can say you helped Cuomo evade authorities all this time.

‘We suspect crime at the establishment’, liberals caught like a rat in a trap.  Think meat truck Conservatives, you have to bring this home, put these devils out of the profession.  NY didn’t invite commies to take over the state, you have a Governor caught with NYAG, a dirty Judge, leftist counsel, all in legal trouble for obstruction as a general agenda.

Only Teens, does anybody get that?  If other people gave a damn the staff crooks they would be behind bars, and Youth would be protected from these vultures on the left.  A time to rock their world is coming.  Bad boys, bad boys…




This item is which of the following?

Scan 529

A. A Congressional paperweight used on legislation days for Pro Life antics.

B. Evidence recovered from Gosnell’s hideout where he had children’s heads in sacks.

C. A good example of liberal incompetence in medicine.

D. A Clinton family heirloom.

E. Rifle target for the righteous right.

F. A decoration.

G.   A demon endoskeleton excised by a church.

H.  The neighbors kid looks different after abortion!

I.  God has killed people for lesser things in history.


Track #1 Bride- I Ain’t Coming Down





Bus crash Seattle, 4 dead.

IJ’N Amen , -Russ





So what is it exactly that Dr. Ben Carson said that has the left wing mainstream media unhinged, calling for the GOP presidential candidate’s head?

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Dr. Carson was asked point blank by Chuck Todd: “So do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution?” His answer? “No, I don’t, I do not,” then “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

Russ, let me ask you a question – do you agree with Ben Carson? Do you believe that he is right? I do – and I hope you will help me challenge the politically-correct scolds who hate it.

The same people that call Islam “a religion of peace” – the liberals who look the other way at Sharia Law, at Islam’s rampant subjugation of women, the widespread rape culture, worldwide terrorism, and actual, savage beheadings by radical jihadists which emanate from Islam and do their savagery in the name of allah. These liberals want Ben Carson to grovel before their shrine to multiculturalism, and disregard America’s Judeo-Christian heritage – and silence those who defend it.

This tempest in a teapot is manufactured by the media to denigrate a dignified, accomplished, constitution respecting gentleman like Ben Carson. This is exactly why we must push back against the Obama Democrats and their media shills, who want to transform our country and disregard the intent of our patriotic founding fathers. We must elect a strong, proud conservative President who will repudiate the shameful self-loathing of the Left and defend our traditional American values and law.

I’m doing everything I can to bring attention to the outrages of the leftists and defend decent, straight-talking HONEST conservatives like Ben Carson – but I need your help.

Please, if you can afford to step up right now with your urgent contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to support my efforts, it will go a long way toward extending our reach.


Michele Bachmann

P.S. Russ, are you as disgusted as I am with all of this? Let’s strike back – stand together with me to take the fight to the Obama Democrats and their mainstream media cheerleaders today.



Email arrives with Ted Cruz $400,000 K off his goal for campaigns.

Marco Rubio Emails also with a Dem thinking he is dangerous in  elections as an opponent.  That he is electable, in other words.


This weekend, a top Democrat from South Carolina re-issued the warning.

That was from Bakari Sellers D-SC:

As the field gets smaller for Right Wingers, these two deserve our respect as 2nds to Carson.

If by primaries these two concede, with Huckabee I would guess.  That puts Carson over the top on Trump?


SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

Basic Questions  on Hillside:

Have they reached the point of embarrassment yet, with the false paperwork?  Like your sister used her eye blush to make a bruise on her face and cry wolf that she was abused?  You really didn’t tell us the truth corporate did you the court can ask.

The Judge may confess that he was a fibber.

Defense Atty noting that he himself is paid to lie in court.

And you my dumb Patriot friends were to put up with this, as duped by the left, it was beyond your intelligence level by liberals spin on it.  Gov. Cuomo made sure you were discriminated against as Conservatives, support of child abuse prolonged.  I think Spitzer did less to NY.

Albany Admin along with Rochester somewhere equate around The Beastie Boys in moral values?  Maybe below, think about it.





How do the conversations really go?

Do you think at Albany that NYAG and Cuomo tell each other things like- are you delaying that Hillside case as long as possible, making sure child abusers have a place in the agency?

Or Hillside Rochester, is asking at higher levels, what did Dennis steal this time?

Child Abuse a liberal principle.

But knowing some of these staff may need psychoactive meds, to control their criminal behavior, you feel safe leaving them there.  Or should I sue Cuomo and NYAG and teach their arrogant carcasses some manners about following laws?

Child Abuse, what the Dem party stands for in NY.  Well done Pharaoh, with some dirty cops to back you up, it will be Rome all over again.





Aborting babies like they were actually alive?




If you’ve been following the latest “controversy” over my comments about Islam, you know the arrows are out for me.

I will need your help to push back, but I want you to know exactly where I stand. These are my beliefs and I will not back down:

Many parts of Sharia Law are not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. Under Sharia, homosexuals — men and women alike — must be killed. Women must be subservient. And people following other religions must be killed as well.

There are many peaceful Muslims who do not adhere to these beliefs. But until these tenets are fully renounced I cannot advocate any Muslim candidate for President.

I also can’t advocate supporting Hillary Clinton for President by the way.

Because I shared my honest opinion, I’ve come under intense fire from the media, nearly every leading Democrat, and even some of my Republican peers.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called for me to drop out of the presidential race, saying I am “unfit to lead.”

I will not back down — but I need your help to push back right now.

Too many Americans have been persuaded to follow the Far Left’s political correctness (PC) speech code, believing that if only we are extra careful to not offend anyone, we will achieve unity. This would not be unity — it would be paralysis.

Political correctness run amok is preventing us from speaking honestly about our challenges, our differences and our culture. It’s dangerous and I will not abide by it.

I’m not a politician with my finger in the wind, and running for President was not on my bucket list. So I’m not going to say whatever I need to say to get elected.

I am going to speak the truth as I know it, and do what I believe is right and just — even if it makes some uncomfortable.

I believe deeply in every word of the U.S. Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values that form its foundation. As your President I would swear to preserve, protect and defend it.

The Far Left and even some of my Republican peers are trying to use this episode as a way to bring down my candidacy, but together we can emerge stronger than ever.

Please stand in support of our shared values and help me show the power of “We the People” by making a donation now.

Thank you for your time, your support, and your dedication to creating a better American future for the next generation.


Ben Carson



SEPTEMBER 23, 2015


Watch the first few seconds of this petitioner.








The Childcare agency with the longest running scandal in The United States is__________________?

Which state has the most corrupt Gubernatorial dictatorship_________________?

An AG who does not do their job goes to jail on Federal charges for how many years________________?

Which liberal was it who said, ” Hey I am in it for the colon searches, when I go to jail it will be a gay old time, that should teach those Conservatives not to be Patriots and report child abuse.”______________?

The Hillside Admin who are responsible for sins against humanity should go to the hotter part of hell T/F.

A Judge was actually nicknamed Nabisco because authorities thought he went crackers over legislating from the bench? T/F.

Which news agency has already exposed Hillside for corporate crimes that can accrue at 20 years a pop?__________________.

If a person who had been declared insane had committed the same crimes, would it then make sense why these capers happened, but as a corporate embellishment it is still a mystery to the rest of us why these people are out of their rubber rooms? T/F.

Senile has not been ruled out yet T/F on Hillside criminals?

Which prison should USAG go to  if convicted as accomplice, _________________?


God will be the Judge of your questionnaire, answer as you will.




SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

If you don’t laugh at my chalkboard below here at least for the attempt, I will be disappointed.  Buffalo Fans, Coach Raymond at St. Lawrence was my teammate at UB.  I got to work with him some at Ithaca College.  Not directly related here, but maybe the Football God is with us?   -RB



I watched some of the highlights from Patriots- Bills. On the pass rush Buffalo has, what could change against a team like New England?

NE came out with a formation on Offense that is trips (3 players) to one side and twins to the other. Gronk is out wider than a traditional Tight End in that.

Buffalo comes out in a four man front, which is being contained by the NE-O Line. What might shake up NE, is if Buffalo brings a fifth man on the rush, it will force NE to either use one less Wide Receiver to keep a Running Back in to block for Brady, or Gronk is forced to cover it which leaves him more in that jam area next to the Tackle. Where you can go man on him and slow him down, or zone.

Scan 527

If it was Lawson as the fifth on the blitz, say Edelman has to cover it to stay in and block, maybe not a great match up for a slot and a big strong Linebacker.

Scan 528


If NE brings in a 2nd TE to block the 5th pass rusher you are making them use a slower player than who they had out wide in trips/twins.

Gronk you have to go after, just let him run free is dangerous. When I went to Cortland camp for DE, I had a position coach for that who was a college coach. Jam the Tight End was big.

Also you have to question if Brady is back in the pocket with 5 receivers, the D Tackles on an outside shade of the Offensive Tackle, maybe it opens the pass rush up?

OK Miami this week, but that is for next time.

If Buffalo plays focused Football, momentum was shifting for The Bills, if the last drive finished or five more minutes of Football, and…?  That probably would have been too much for NE with less mistakes.  Buffalo has the potential.





Now with Walker stepping out of the race for Righteous nominee.  If you look at Perry who was a front runner in last election campaigns and Walker beginning in this one, these Men were not taken lightly by voters.  He is one of ours, so you see the field start to streamline from 16 down, which you knew had to happen, to eventually our final two.  I gain more from it to see Perry and Walker run and contribute to shaping up the raw elements of politics, into debate and policy than to have our candidates show up without that crucible.  Definitely Thanks Walker and Perry for running, America is better for it.

Without anticipating who will be next to withdrawl from the race, Walker is right, others have to at giving the spiritual right the clear chance to win GOP leadership. I think Carson was correct about Trump when Jenner was referenced on a show.  God’s will in that?  Hot tempered is in Proverbs, which has a place in crisis, because when people are not listening to stop destroying America, infatuated with  liberal politics or their stage antics?  We have to get down to one righteous Man or Woman, and their second.

Who seconds can be, I like Rubio as you know.  Electable in border states, Florida, swing states?  Others I question as Vice Pres; Palin, Huckabee, Carly, Bush, Cruz yeah but is he popular enough?  It has most to do with who can win.  From that selection, it becomes about more Senate seats and dedicated Conservatives, another Boehner or McConnell era of compromising on victory?  No, we have had enough of the traitors.

I would have to say I suspect Trump will start to fade in polls.  Carson can bring together Conservatives, Healthcare, and The Black Community.  Some of the swing states were close in 2014, what he can gain in those by 2016, I give it a good chance Conservative odds improve by him.








I understand that stopping child abuse, and just doing their jobs at Hillside legally was beyond their capacity as staff.  Albany had to celebrate by compounding the crime, party on Donkeys?

The main requirement here is that authorities don’t play favorites and remove all the crooks from the child care agency.  Unless of course some liberal reward is offered to swindle NY, and try to keep them there, in which case the right will sit and meditate but not prosecute, Fox News lead the way on this.

Main staff who are in deep, Mike Staino falsified the first fake write up.  Julie from HR lectured me for complaining about it and coauthored it with Staino in her office, where we met.  Helen who switched out of Head of HR after was as conniving as Lois Lerner, and still worked there.  She let those two retaliate after she knew their game.  Omnibuds Joe tried to falsify records, Pres Richardson knew about all of it in Email  even after the agency appeal was corrupted.  Campus Director Joanne knew about Staino,  if she could have acted to report crime.  Lower supervisors Karen, Sue, Aaron were letting the child abuse reporting pile up daily, but stopping the perps, I guess they take apathy harder than some staff?  That is the main grouping, not subjective, evidence will show staff were contacted about child abuse reporting.  This is open and shut.  Attorney Todd who served as the antichrist for court on behalf of Hillside is liable for plenty.

You actually expect me to put up with this trash?  So you can insulate child abusers?  Federal Attys contacted with FBI watching, thanks Director Comey for receiving info on this case.

A staff was arrested at Gossett/Finger Lakes Center ( Male Teen detention) in Lansing for records falsification.  Authorities can stop Hillside on that as the primary crime, obstruction, perjury as secondary crimes.  I don’t live under Redcoat law.  I hope you understand the authorities are incompetent to do their jobs when left unwatched.  So what else would they steal if they could?  Or who else has been victimized?

This case had to happen to bring in the devils.  Look how many are caught in the trap.



You better read about this disaster that Carson is exposing.  US Law does not provide for Sharia. -RB


Russ —

As you may have seen, Ben Carson is getting slammed for saying that he could not support a Muslim candidate for president.

He needs our encouragement and support now!

Ben Carson is right. A practicing Muslim who observes Sharia Law cannot serve as president.

It is a fact that Sharia law is totally inconsistent with the United States Constitution.

The Constitution guarantees equal rights for all Americans, but Sharia law does not give equal rights to women or non-Muslims.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but Sharia law does not treat all religions equally.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but Sharia law limits freedom of speech and no one can say or write anything negative about the prophet, Mohamed.

In addition, criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.

Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand, something that our law system does not allow. There are many more things that Sharia law prohibits that are inconsistent with American practices and traditions including…

A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
A woman is prohibited from driving a car
A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.
The list of things inconsistent with American values and traditions is much, much longer than the short list provided above, yet the ignorant news media intends to use this stand by Dr. Carson to drive him from the race.

Shallow candidates like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham are already attacking Ben Carson.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group that has not disavowed radical Islam, is calling on Carson to “withdraw from the presidential race because he is unfit to lead, because his views are inconsistent with the United States Constitution.”


But, make no mistake about it, Ben Carson is being attacked on all sides.

Will you make a symbolic contribution of $20.16 to stand with Ben Carson and help us recruit even more supporters who agree with Dr. Carson? Your support will help us expand our grassroots outreach in early delegate states.

Won’t you please do that today?
Please stand with Ben Carson, and help us expand the base by giving your support to The 2016 Committee today.

Your contribution of $20.16 or or even $10 will help Ben Carson be elected as the next President of the United States.

Thank you, and may God bless America and Ben Carson.


John Philip Sousa IV (The 2016 Committee)




Below is a quick update about where we stand in our fight and our next strategic steps.

On September 10th, you helped make our #WomenBetrayed: The Real Stories Rally & Lobby Day a huge success. So much so that Governor Sarah Palin even showed up for surprise visit!

And even though the media is trying its best to black out the #defundPP story, the attention from the day equaled more than $3 million in media coverage! But the biggest success of the day was taking 4 women who were lied to, betrayed, and injured by Planned Parenthood to meet with leaders in the House and Senate to share their powerful testimonies and beg them to do the right thing.

Since the rally, our team has been meeting with leaders on Capitol Hill and with national pro-life and pro-family organizations to determine the best course of strategy and messaging in our effort to defund Planned Parenthood of our taxpayer dollars.

And while some believe that getting the House and Senate to vote on stand-alone defunding bills make sense, we believe that the measure to defund Planned Parenthood has to be included in a must-pass piece of legislation, specifically the upcoming Continuing Resolution, which must be passed by October 1st in order to continue funding our government.

Because we know that passing stand-alone defund Planned Parenthood bills have ZERO chance of going anywhere as you have to get 60 votes now to end debate and vote on a bill in the Senate, which our side doesn’t have. Plus, President Obama has already pledged to veto any legislation that would miraculously get to his desk.

Attaching a defund mechanism to the impending Continuing Resolution will force President Obama to address the #PPSellsBabyParts scandal and then decide if funding Planned Parenthood is more important to him than funding the ENTIRE U.S. government.

While no one is advocating for a government shutdown, we believe it is the absolute moral duty of our elected officials, those who promised they would uphold the dignity of every human life, to ensure that not one penny more goes to Planned Parenthood, the organization which has just been proven to birthing babies alive in order to harvest “fresh” parts to sell.

Quite frankly, it’s time for our leaders in the House and Senate to be LEADERS…to do something that requires courage and fortitude and stand up to our pro-infanticide, pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood President.
While what I’m explaining to you is going to be hard to achieve, I truly believe that this is the best chance our movement will ever have at defunding the abortion Goliath and serving that final big blow to their billion dollar industry. We simply can’t wait and hope that we elect a pro-life President in another year. By then, momentum will be lost and Planned Parenthood and their fancy New York City PR firm will have inundated America with millions of dollars worth of messages to bring their favorability back up.

For the first time, Planned Parenthood’s favorability is at an all-time low and public opinion is on our side because we have Planned Parenthood’s top-level executives on tape admitting to barbaric and illegal business practices.

Now is time to fight and fight hard. All in.
Russ, I hope you can join with our team right now as we lead the fight in Washington and on campuses to defund Planned Parenthood of our more than $500 million in taxpayer funds and take away their would-be clients.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

P.S. – I’m going to be sending you many action items in the coming days as we need your help. For now, please keep our many needs in your prayers and consider donating to our mission by making a $25, $75, $150, or $500 gift.

P.P.S. – I discussed our strategy with the attendees at the 2015 Eagle Forum National Conference last weekend. The pro-abortion outlet, Right Wing Watch, has published many experts of my speech as a way to warn the other side of our… gasp!… true agenda. 😉 Please check out the article to read more about our strategy at Students for Life and our projects we are launching over the next few weeks. And be sure to thank Right Wing Watch for recognizing just how valuable our work at Students for Life truly is!


SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Border crossings sighted?




No changes at this point, so they are still resisting policy and law for retaliation, and insisting on perjury.

The number 8 as in figures, well that goes without saying.  You must steal, then you have lessons to learn about interfering with freedom and charities.

Federal authorities have been squaring up the crime scene for months now, I think they know who is a criminal and belongs in jail.

Authorities also need to remove a Judge for falsifying court with his false reality, obviously delusional saying that I didn’t work in healthcare or fraud did not happen.  Come now dear satan let us reason, we both know what you did.

If the perps turn themselves in sooner they get an early start on sentences in jail.  Long ones if they get held accountable.

Governor Cuomo and NYAG should resign they  are worms.  But don’t worry Conservatives of Fox News, they can watch everyone elses backs in NY, trustworthy as Obama and Hillary.  I am not laughing about the Albany crime scene, these people belong in jail.  If  a murder happened today and tomorrow prosecutors took the case, it shows the criminal case ahead of a civil one.  So Albany can’t stop OCFS and Hillside, starting to sound like a racket with Moreland included.  No, organized criminals don’t do this to the right and try to take away guns too, we call that Nazis.

If I never told you any of this NY.  You would know what about the crime, evil walks behind you is an old AC/DC song/ liberal policy.

Clink, clink, clink, that is music, perps in jail behind secure bars.  Society is not safe without it.

As before I refuse to settle with any Hillside that has Dennis Richardson employed at it, he has criminalized the agency.  Policy would be board or governors throw him out.  Maybe they wanted the music too, clink, clink, clink.

God Bless Patriots



The theme of Tsar Bomba, a harmless weapon that Russia tested.  Let Iran have nuclear toys, what is the worst that could vaporize?




SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

















My two cents is this is essential to stop the spread of terrorist religion.  America founded by Christians, blessed by God.  If you liberals didn’t learn the first time on border negligence, nukes to Obama’s #1 stated terrorist threat, spending America into shambles.  See what happens when evil people get in control of Nazi Germany, Rome, DC, little babies skulls in abortion.  If you vote for the devil then you get bit by a venomous Admin.  Obama has been the plague to America, and world security.  Probably the #1 terrorist now.  I’ll excuse you while you sweep border traffic rapes under the carpet?  The wrong caliber of conversation.

Now you can try to hide and not speak up, or face facts, I can even get you a cup of chickenfeed if you are that determined at it.  But we need a Christian President.  You liberals did not establish America, paid for in blood, but you think it is yours to sabotage.  Another scandal by Obama’s cronies would be the record?  No Muslim President, essential.




Fans got a look at maybe the top two teams in the AFC here. Buffalo made it easy for New England in the first three quarters, where penalty yards were approaching total Buffalo offense. It is a worse problem than it seems because 100 yards in penalties may be removing a greater number of yards in Offensive gains at the same time. So 10 yards holding was a 30 yard net loss on a 20 yard run. Undisciplined here, Buffalo has to get the fat in the fire.

Decent job at limiting Gronkowski, even though he still squeezed in as top receiver for NE. The main exchange The Bills lost at was pass rush, not getting to Brady on defense. And even with Tyrod, sacks piled up against Buffalo. I would not panic on Tyrod, because I don’t think other QBs for Buffalo escape the blitzes as well. They have to pick this up as an offense.  He still threw and rushed for TDs. Nice job McCoy turning in 89 yards rushing.

What the game showed is Buffalo has an engine on Offense. And they can play with the Superbowl champs. It sure made a difference with Tyrod running instead of being sacked.

Good game Patriots. Hope injuries are not bad.




Anastasi was another SS at UB back then. His brother may still have the punt record there, he hit one, it got the roll might have went 70+ yards.



SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

Old High School Football Days

I know I may have left some people asking in the writings below, about how do you switch from DE in high school to Safety in college?  Was it The NFL’s Broncos who had a Running Back who was a high school Noseguard?

My senior year of high school I went out to play Rover side Defensive End.  Which is the drop back player on pass plays.  Our strong side or Rush End, was recruited to play Offensive Tackle, and I had to fill the vacancy.  Undersized, but it worked, I guess if you can get that much speed and quickness loose in the backfield, it is ideal.  Powerwise, I held on to it, sometimes not by much.  I can say I stopped all the Fullbacks I faced.  The worst two collisions were against Conklin on the turf at Cornell, he became the Cortland Fullback once in college.  I took his legs out and stopped my gap, but usually I was good enough to get the Tailback also, not on that one, I lost my balance when he went over my back, so I was in the pile.  I would say he compared to one of our Linemen in hitting.  The other was kind of a fluke, the FB came off Tackle at  Endwell, I could have powered through the hit but his helmet was just above my knee, I had to pull up and let it go.

Skill plays, a fair percent of my highlight film in high school for college was special teams, when we kick, I will say I stopped all the return men I faced.  Tasker is as close as I could explain it without patting myself on the back.  I was also one of the two Rovers on kickoff coverage.

The year before it was Capalongo and Yengo at DE on Varsity in high school ahead of us young guys, two good Ends who went to play in college.  Capy to Hudson Valley Vikings, and then UB.  Yengo to The National Champion Bombers.  They were tough guys, weight room muscle, motivated, quick on the field.  Jason Graves who had passed away, mentioned on this site, was a year ahead of them.  Jason was starting End  on Varsity when I was on JV.  He was like Tyson to me, it would be healthier to avoid problems with him.  Nice guy though, I remember talking with him when he was bouncing.

In that group I was easily the smallest at DE, also strongest pound for pound on legs, with a deadlift in my 4th high school powerlifting victory that tied the drug free national record.  Being in the bottom of the weight class, I may have won.  Tight End I did not utilize too much in high school.  Full speed defense burns up so much energy and trying to catch return men?  Yeah I could do it, but so can someone else, and let me rock defense.

Baseball, I was an alternate for All Star with a .500 avg, 3rd base, Catcher sometimes, I was lead off hitter until my average went so high.  High School Coaches didn’t know me, as to why I was alternate.  Closer though, the most fun I ever had in baseball.  I didn’t try to fool hitters, just throw it by them.

The intent was go to UB as  Strong Safety, and Special Teams.  Once I got there, we had Joz, Bercochli ( spelling may be way off), Stony, Lavecio( spelling off probably).  We didn’t need five of us.  They wanted to show me Free Safety, Coach Dando showed me what he could.  That was fun, best I can say.  I couldn’t imagine other UB students had this much enjoyment on campus as I did.  I used to squat with over 400 lbs on my back that first fall at Clark Gym after practice, bench press I think Finch was stronger in new D-Backs, that was all.  Player of the week was for Redshirt, scrimmaging Varsity starting O every day.  I scrimmaged against Buff St.  My heart was not in Corner to keep going in the last year there.  Clawson never explained himself to me, I picked a pass off against a starting wideout in practice near the time they tried me at Corner, Safety is about hitting, run support, that is me.  I think somebody else was cut out for it better to cover sidelines.

So in practice it was still Linebacker on Goaline  for me, the way our defense was.  I transferred out looking for academic changes at UMES.  I could have kept pushing at Buffalo, but I would not have a Healthcare License by it.  At 202 lbs with 1-2 years eligibility left at UMES,( if I claimed medical redshirt), it was not a season I left a single play from by injury on field, but also it influenced my decision to step out.  Corner was not worth it,  SS or LB would have been to keep going.

After UMES Semipro asked me to play, 210 lbs.  I wanted Tailback or LB. Corner?  Nope.  That was with The Wave needing someone for emergency fill in.  I didn’t try out.  I could meet NFL specs there for Running Back.






Short Range:

Yeah elections but weeks go by with acceptable Obamarapes, drug dealer crossings, terrorist activity, really?  We have a border, and it needs Law Enforcement.  So Obama can steal elections, rape goes on.






Us silly Conservatives didn’t know what abortion was.  It is perfectly safe to let a Doctor kill a baby, ok maybe they crawl for the door half wounded, and Doc has to step on their fingers, or break their back to finish them off.  What did we know?



What can I say going into The Patriots game?

If nothing else, as a general effort, this game should give Buffalo a read on how well they match up for the rest of the season and into playoffs. What happens Sunday is more specific than that, if you want to win you have to go out there and take it away from New England, not just show up.

Patriots with Brady and Gronk ( TE) make this a difficult game. Then again it probably would not be close without those two in it. Buffalo has two Outside Linebackers/Defensive End players in Lawson and Johnson who have height. I don’t know if Buffalo shows a 4-3 front and then creeps one of the outside backers up to put a jam on Gronk. Do you follow in man coverage off of that? In height, Buffalo’s secondary does not match up well on Gronk otherwise. Where vertical jump is the equalizer and could take all the hype away. When I played in high school getting a jam on the tight end was big, so they don’t go running down on your linebackers inside. It was never man coverage though, I would pass rush off of that at end, in a fifty ( 5 man) front. I think Buffalo has to shake up The Patriots pass set up to get an edge.

The Bills can also use DE Hughes to jam Gronk, but if that is a four man front, it can be unorthodox to say the least.  How you cover the remaining gaps, or you only have 3 in a zone secondary to do it.

Offense for Buffalo, McCoy is the biggest concern, last week had its share of short runs. If he is still injured I wouldn’t push it, but I trust Bills Athletic Training Staff to have this down. If it is constructive to use him for his own health. From what I saw working with Football in Athletic Training, hamstring injuries you come back when you are ready. There is a tape job if you will, it is actually with ace wrap, for hamstrings. The power demand is so high in The NFL, I would be conservative, use Dixon, Williams, where they can if there is any questions.   Passing, Buffalo has to play their game, Tyrod and those receivers, The Bills can win. Penalties have to stop, 100 yards in take aways is one thing, when McCoy gains 30 yards and it comes back on a holding call, that is when it gets you. Discipline is no joke here, don’t gamble, play solid Football.

God Bless Bills and Patriots Fans

-Russ (Athletic Trainer)



Some of the comments posted against Sheriff Joe in his Email:

These are paraphrased summaries.

Michael Vogt- Thinks the right is demented.

Shannon Lindsey- Think peeps are to blame for the right?

Bill Halstead- Refers to a law abiding member of the right as “fool”.

Barbara Bowman- Mean people idolize this psychopath.

Alejandro Macias- Racism.

Anthony Watkins- Evil people love him.

Marilu Tannehill- Red necks, KKK, racists are all the same  in reference to a Sheriff.

James Atmanavicius- The leader of a cult of idiots.

I have seen the evidence and this man Sheriff Joe is doing his job to stop every type of illegal criminal regardless of race, uphold laws of The USA, and defeat a criminal President Obama. The accurate summary on this collective group of hate comments is:

A- See I told you not to drink and text.

B- Hillary lies so all of you think you can.

C- Ever get sued for slander smart mouth?

D- The desperation shows you have no legitimate gripes to get away with your crimes so you have to invent lies.

E- All of the above in some capacity.

F- Liberals don’t have morals in the first place so who licensed them to get on the internet?

G-  The number for chemically unbalanced texting drug addicts to call is 1-800-…






SEPTEMBER 18, 2015





Which is crime, it began with Moreland, moves on trying to take gun rights away from Patriots, while incompetent Police and Politicians are not able to protect society from evil.  The Hillside situation is like frosting on a cake to him, how Kids can’t get enough of it.  Lets his NYAG sit on the situation for years, Labor Bureau proved worthless.  That is the criminal nature of liberals.  This has moved beyond it being well the Honorable Governor.  No, you refuse to do your job so get the hell out of office dirtbag.  My fellow Americans and Hillside Clients are not his stepping stone or disciples, to pay his salary so he can run up crimes on them.  If he wakes up years from now in a Federal prison for being part of the racket?  NY is under a heist for these fools to be in charge at Albany.  Does OCFS ever have to do their jobs or only when Feds prosecute?  They are political scums in Albany and I am not going to sugar coat it for them.

So what is this we are supposed to be their prisoners while Albany corrupts laws?  It was enough to be fired for?




Asks your signature for:

Law Enforcement Lives Matter



Abortion Question:

If 50 million lives were taken by abortion, how is that not medicine?  Wise academics would say that’s a kn-n-n-n-ife there and live ammo.  54mm to be exact, it’s for a Russian make, as you drink the cup of abortive murder.

Far be it from you liberals to solve the question.  Those are weapons below yes, just like you kill babies with in murder clinics.  Now that you can see the weapons out in the open, it gives your nerves the correlation with stabbing babies equals murder, strangling babies has the same effect as abortion.  I knew you were so academically gifted and were able to figure out who dunnit?

Yes I have no apologies for showing an actual cutting blade, or a bullet.  Take your nitro later you’ll get over it.  50 million victims, little babies who had dreams of Tootsie Pops.  There is a highlighter in the artwork so you can illuminate the word bastard in your dictionary and write in ” this is anyone who stabs an innocent baby” under that word.

Law Enforcement should understand that a murder has been revealed in abortion.  And I have done my job as responder to report it here.  The guilt is so bad liberals, look what you did to children.

Please help yourself, copy this artwork as you like.  Murder, not medicine, I know you know better Hillary.

Scan 524

Would authorities like to stop the crimes going on now, abortion as murder, even though Klepto Judges think otherwise.  Kids don’t fall for this lie of abortion, liberals are devils telling you it is ok.

Vengeance is God’s is what my bible says, blood for blood.



One of the abortion anthems.




In 1/2 a day after debates I can get 107 Emails, things escalated.  Pastors will have only themselves to blame if another or the final liberal is elected in 2016.  Ride the working class and refuse to get involved in elections?  If they knew bibles better trying to be the sloth cult would not happen.  It matters because when Churches vote, elections won’t be close.  Well you could never flip NY, keep concealing Hillside and Cuomo crime, tell yourself Reagan could not do it, give us news about exhibitionists instead, and peeping tom articles.  That will change NY.  Or Virginia lost by 1% in 2014?  What does CBN do for elections?

God has called Christians to no standard to support elections, because so called followers of Christ don’t even know his instructions.  If you can justify liberal Rome in charge, then you flunked Church.

Meanwhile baby abortion victim is stabbed, can I get the Amen Pastor?  I heard Obama invited the most evil hellions who try to hide as church leadership to DC, this does not make him a Christian according to God.  It is his attack on God.




On the notion that religious freedom should pertain to any American. Let’s go back to American History, the Revolution was to separate an abusive so called Roman Catholic influenced English Government from the people. Things like separation of church and state are for that reason alone.

The idea was never to let Satanists practice human sacrifice in America, as a religion. Which is murder and is illegal. The same can be said for Muslim religion or any cult that practices murder as a divine right, like liberals do in abortion.

That is justification to ban radical Islam in America. You can’t tell a radical Muslim from a peaceful one, if there is such a thing when their holy scriptures promote murder.  So this is safe according to the devil?

“Founding Fathers, The Fight for Freedom and the Birth of American liberty, by K.M. Kostyal”, is a book I got for my birthday this year. Therefore we have to sweep 2016 in elections, kick corrupt Judges out of office via Congress and amendment to stop the legislation from the bench. If you can’t make decisions based on whole definitions of the law, then Congress should be able to remove you, by Attorney, and hearing of an outside body to the court where a Judge may have accomplices on the bench.



I guess Marco Rubio got into it with Florida State on an upcoming football rivalry. Some people may not understand the art of trash talking and took this to heart. The Buffalo Bills having a number of Florida State players, will take on The Superbowl champs this week. As a Bills fan I am not offended by Rubio, what he did as a joke. I can see his political rivals have less achievement and were not able to handle what was said. Meaning he didn’t mean it, get the point? Sarcasm and sensational jokes are not well received by frustrated fans sometimes.

Something like yeah well you know what they say about Gators as a reply would have been more the expected.  Not getting personal about his strong political career.

Overestimating an opponent as in a good mood, and there you go, they miss the point.  A minor misunderstanding, football is a game and NFL goes home millionaires win or lose, we need to solve some deadly corruption in DC; like abortion, and amnesty, terrorism.  The policies of other candidates especially the left are derogatory on these issues.  Problems with a fake video interfering with Benghazi security.  I think Rubio wishes them all well in the end at Florida State Football.  As for me, go, go, Buffalo.


SEPTEMBER 17, 2015


Hillside Question:

In Hillside’s standoff with authorities, falsifying anything from public records to court documents.  What is the corporate record for such a child abuse case?  Waco being allowed in the competition for longest crime spree, Castro and Sandusky if you like too.



In the Hillside corruption cases, have dirty Cops arrested themselves yet for not carrying out job duties to prosecute and stop crime?  Maybe not, what about higher Keystone Cops?  Some of the well paid doughnut eaters, they could bust their evil coworkers and Cuomo/NYAG for criminal negligence.  FBI is looking at Federal crimes now.  Or is it time to make the doughnuts?  The only way your job gets done is if somebody else does it for you, those are failures, not law abiding authorities.  Cuomo should resign with NYAG or be prosecuted out.  Tell it to the Judge.



Reagan Library GOP Debates II:

Where to begin?

First I would have to say that coming from Reagan Library, Reagan would be proud to see the effort that went on. The city on a hill preaching of his, when I looked at the chance of using the name Lighthouse for a band, I had T shirts with Matthew 5:14-16 on the back of them, “Lighthouse” on the front of them. I wrestled with God on it, maybe not streetwise enough a name. Boardman being more the surfer image, catch a wave-play the rock music. I think liberals used to mock it, and I laugh at their stupidity.

Arnold looked great at the debates, American Kids take notice, the righteous showed up here on this night.

By candidate, with Trump at the top of polls going into this. I have to say how I evaluate candidates, comes from scriptures. For years I studied the bible for myself, reading it over and again, took notes. I drew history into timelines, understood maps, collapsed the value systems of Jew and Christian. The Proverbs principles of the bible on this site under Christianity I derived myself, going through the bible a page at a time, getting down to the raw values. So my understanding of decision making, policies, national defense which began in Israel, is by these standards set before us from God. By stories and leaders, history, examples from a bible.

It is so much information to review the whole debate, comments on outstanding points is a much shorter road.

In the first group of four; Lindsey Graham, Pataki, Jindal, Santorum.

Jindal I could not say anything negative about but he is so far behind, it does not seem like he could win.

Santorum was very strong on Christian principle, not the man of compromise.

Pataki, abortion is a drawback if nothing has changed since last debates.

Lindsey Graham, is ready to stop the Muslim threat. It is a conversation that much of DC is out of touch with. Sharia, and other laws to an already established society. That should be illegal. I understand some of you liberals are too dumb to tell the difference between a religion which is intolerant of The US Constitution and other religions like Christianity and Judaism. The day that Muslim religion is banned in America is to remove a religion of murder, Corinthians 9:11. You would not leave a Kamikaze or savage Indians scalping people in America, but here have your religious freedom to murder and call it God’s or legal? We are not the infidels here like they are in Israel. Terrorist training camps, are you out of your mind? Don’t misrepresent Constitutional scriptures, freedom of religion is trampled by Muslims.

In the later eleven candidates:

Trump, had some more scrapes. There was a huge discrepancy between his account of Carly’s work at Hewlett-Packard, and her figures. It was the same with another opponent on state budgets, the numbers are very different based on which source you went to, Trump or rival. If he is misleading America on opponents performance, that is an unfair business practice. He is not all bad, but I think God has other plans.

Kasich, I hope Ohio honors his efforts by voting even if he is not in the final two.

Christie, showed me alot of character out there, I would say most improved in the debates. He nailed the abortion issue. You could say NY is jealous at this point to be stuck with our Albany political slum. You would hope Fox News knew it.

Walker, about par for him, but the field is so crowded.

Rand Paul, GQ, doing his best in there. His opinion on our troops in other countries conflict with predominant military thinking. I find more respect for a Doctor like him than the way he is treated.

Jeb, he shows intellect but I would still place him behind Rubio as a Florida pick.

Carly, I would see her at least a decade below her actual age in appearance, more actually. She I would move to #3 or #4 pick after tonight, if a Female candidate is needed, if it worked that way where you could choose. One oversight, about Politicians only knowing to do evil in DC, because they are immersed in it? I think they know, that Americans have the hard jobs and liberal consciences are drowned in coping mechanisms, Politicians know they have a hand in the cookie jar.

Huckabee, needs to return to Fox ASAP, Judge Jeanine can follow and weekend TV goes back to normal, thank you and Amen. It was good to see him again, it felt odd with his show being interrupted by other candidates and rude hosts. I only have good to say about Huckabee, maybe he is around #4-5, based on who can win.

Cruz, like Huckabee, these guys are part of the core of the Righteous Right. All I can say is thanks for being out there.

Rubio, had an exceptional night, he is ready, on point, his heart is in this, and he’s got that righteous air about him. If they were all baseball pitchers in this debate, Rubio would have been the ace reliever. His moral and political intelligence level really shows in his speaking. Rubio will not play around with terrorism or the dangers that jeopardize freedom. The antithesis of Benghazi is what I see in him. This man has your back.

Carson, still preferred to Trump.   A righteous Christian who is out to help the well being of America. There is peace when he speaks, I trust Carson to be President.

My pick for Female on money: Harriet Tubman. Also remove slaveowners, and add Martin Luther King Jr. As Cruz said off the $20, keep Hamilton on the $10(?).

Issues: My stance on Iraq was to stop Saddam by the bible. Coalition the first time and then again as our duty to U.N. resolutions being trashed. To live under a tyrant brat like Saddam, no, France helped Patriots in 1776. The bible principle of justice is not that you leave a Saddam in power to stabilize Iraq under an aggressive Iran. Because you are showing partiality to a devil. You get that evil, you die. Iran can’t stop the aggression then they get the same thing. Deal from strength and even decision making.

Abortion: This issue is like gas and fire. Abortion Doctors should fear retaliation like someone with a big ugly handgun was waiting for them after their baby murders. Chrome plated .44 Mag, lots of bullets. You want to stab that baby precious and tell us no murder happened? Main point, talk, talk, talk, screaming bloody murder, it needs to be action, jail. We are debating murder? While innocent babies are getting executed, click, click, boom ought to be Police actions. Outlaw the killing of innocent life.

Drugs: Pot the social drug of choice this election cycle? Drug users are chemically unbalanced when sober. This is your brain on liberal politics?

Amnesty: Tricky situation, either naturalize or remove intruders? I don’t think you go wrong on remove. Naturalize, ok how? And it is not robbery to America? It is safe. I would get this down to principle, crime is not helping taxpayers. Trump’s plan is one way, we can’t reward crime is where I meet it. Fix Mexico is chapter II.

Lindsey missed this question, saying there was 16 workers per retiree in 1950, and the ratio is 3:1 now, and somehow immigration will help this? No, workers paying for retired persons, and welfare riders from illegals is not helping the economy. There is not more jobs without more goods or services. When America fixes Detroit and sells more technology than Japan, then there will be jobs. Don’t get me wrong I like Lindsey, he is on our side. But the wall needs to become a landmark victory at the border states.

Overall: We have the team that liberals don’t. They know better that adults should be in charge in DC and their civil war on freedom is a character flaw that should have resolved in adolescence. Stabbing babies with no conscience?

( I have been to The White House, Pentagon, FBI Building, Capitol Building, Smithsonian, Library Of Congress.  The last trip to DC being for the PK million man journey.  Obama’s Admin has had the effect of an illness on America, making it weak and vulnerable.  Trump spoke on Obama lacking the courage with Syria, policy was no accident.  If you let terrorists on a plane?  Oops slipped?)




SEPTEMBER 16, 2015


Alright,  I watched all of it, over 5 hours of TV.  Wow, I am full from it now like I had the Pondo ( Ponderosa) meal.  I will have to get back to you on my take of this evening.

God Bless



Flood victims, dead Americans.







So far the sins of the Hillside agency still remain in the Boardman cases.  While society thought they were using tax dollars to treat sex offenders, and the future of the country, office devils had to dive into records falsification to cover their child abuse tracks. Crimes born of Baptist harassment, which was usual job performance for the Staff perps.

These were not average Staff at Hillside in the scandal, they were insubordinate criminals, who whether by bible, agency policy, or law have been marked off for law enforcement in the submitted evidence for prosecution.

Normally gangs like Blood, Crip, Al Qaeda, most members of society would want handled appropriately. Hillside Admin had another agenda, for the learning disabled point of lying in court to a corrupt Judge. Nobody will ever figure out the perjury geniuses? A job advertised as healthcare, is not healthcare anymore once in court? It goes with that philosophy of stealing on video camera.

It was a good test however of who wanted to be a criminal for NY’s Teens. Too much to resist for the perps, see what happens when you give a pen to an office devil? If there is a lower agency in this profession or NY, I can’t name it. They are going the distance at Hillside, for the record, leading the way to criminalized placement in full support of Cuomo’s dirtbag Admin, to give him enough evidence to be implicated in the crimes. That scripture about a thief’s accomplice being their worst enemy?

I do not consider the guilty Admin at Hillside worthy of handling responsibilities for average staff, much less parading as Exec’s.  ‘Well our lawyer told the most lies in court’, sure did fortunately it is documented.

Society regrets to inform Hillside that yes they have to follow laws too, and their fat headed egos will fit in prison cells after all.  And you were left in charge of supervising criminals?

What the convictions end up as, it is a big list now where they will have to narrow it down from stalking and conspiracy, records falsification, forgery, perjury, racketeering, (ding ding ding the big prize!).  Didn’t you want to see Moreland scums get prosecuted too?  If they are caught in this at Albany?  The prosecution sees the evidence, contacts to NYAG and Cuomo, they line it up for a court date, the crowd goes silent, and we have a crime?  Yes you negligent idiots, you did it, obstruction of justice, public corruption.  Federal Prosecutors will never figure it out, it is totally safe?

Let us agree when the liberals insist on being naughty, it is time to put them in the cages.  It is okay if they think this is a promotion, psychotherapy may follow under treatment plans and diagnosis of mental disorders that only Clinicians may be allowed to discuss.  What?  Stealing not allowed at job?  Liberal not understand instructions.  Lawyer please pass off as agency policy for higher stakes of prison, if they are getting caught it is for the longer stay as cage people.



SEPTEMBER 15, 2015


Even though Mr. Perry dropped out of the running.  He brought something to the GOP and debates, face it a country would run under him.  I know liberals like to see anything bad happen to the right, but they are the ones who would not be satisfied unless Christ was crucified again, and again.  Say it isn’t so pro choicers.  Texas stood at the border with their own troops, for the rest of us, against illegal invaders.



Debates ahead, from Reagan Library.  I think we are seeing in the candidates who has more the Godly character, that you want to see multiplied over 300 million Americans.  Carson is still the role model for The Right, an exceptional Doctor.


On the sign up list below to Fax Congress, you will see Rubio’s name in the send list.  Actually I watched this one on Fox.  Rubio is not impressed with Obama’s garbage in the Iranscam deal, it is dangerous evil period.  Treason for the left, but don’t blame Rubio for it.  He went to the trouble to expose it on the news.






SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

Alright another Birthday, not that I don’t appreciate them.  It is just a number to me in a way, yes.  I had heard when Herschel Walker turned 40 he ran a 4.3 second 40 yard dash if it is true.

What did I do then? I ran stairs as part of a normal routine.  At the 16-17th attempt on the stairs my times were still the same as the first.

Who I look up to staying fit.  Norm was a guy who was a Truancy Officer at my old High School.  I think he was 52-53 years old, Christian from Trinidad “Mon”(man) he would say.  Still had a body like a Pro Wrestler, you look at him, he could be in his thirties easy.  Put 225 lbs on the bar and he would bench press away, reps.  That was when I began in the system in NY working.

Another guy who was a Trainer for ring fighters, told me when he was 40, he put a weight plate in his back pack and jogged to the gym, 45 lbs if I remember right.

I would not trade my fitness level now for a previous time, true.  Not college football or even when I was hitting around the NFL strength testing numbers naturally, pre I.C.  (after UMES).  Thank God for the fitness industry.




Scan 522

Scan 523



On this day in history when The Star Spangled Banner began as a writing. At the battle location of Fort McHenry.

What can I tell you today, that hasn’t already been said, without beating a dead Donkey, on this matter?

There is no ammo left that Dems have enough of to win anymore on the Right; not execution of babies, looting of America, border wars, rapes, drug addictions, the usual religious obsessions of the less gifted politically, and consequential hate trips they fantasize about.

The Righteous hold these truths to be self evident. The best I can say is Thank God you Conservatives are out there. Freedom would not be safe without you.

As close as my agenda runs to 2016. Look at it this way, the guilt is so thick on the left, they keep having to throw it at us instead of face their own problems. What else can you do when you are convicted in your spirit of murder and abortion, stealing, political correctness? It is a defense mechanism they rely on for their addictions.

If we stick together, I give it a good chance for a sweep 2016 in DC. If you take the whole evil in of the left at once, it would be nausea, if there was no way around it. The fresh air of freedom is where Patriots are on The Right.

Freedom is still alive for us, but not every baby can go home. That missing nation, and unfree people who are discriminated against called aborted babies. God called me to this Pro Life Revolution, so it continues. I’m not the one with the guilty conscience liberals. And why guilt, because you know better than to be a criminal.






SEPTEMBER 13, 2015







Email from this week:

Serving You 23rd District Media 114th Congress

Remembering 9/11


Today, we pause to reflect and remember those who lost their lives as a result of the horrendous acts of terror against the United States 14 years ago. As we remember September 11, 2001, we are humbled by the selflessness, and grateful for the unwavering bravery of so many in the wake of these attacks, especially our first responders. Let us never forget those we lost in New York, Washington and Shanksville. We continue to care and pray for survivors and families who lost loved ones that awful day and in the fight against terror since.

Congressman Tom Reed



Cali wildfires.






The Bills win in the season opener 27-14 over the Colts.  Patriots are up next on the schedule.  Also UB Football lost to Penn St. by the same score as the Bills game.  The Bulls with a respectable showing in that.




This is a song about recoil for the raging left.  Not one of the ones I played in the past on guitar.  “What If I Stumble” used to go from 12 string with the Teen group, “Jesus Freak” was electric in the PM services, “In The Light” I slowed down on piano like an acoustic ballad in the drama The Cradle as the pompous bad guy Eden Ben Judah. -RB



SEPTEMBER 12, 2015




A reminder for Congress, while border problems run like it was only Disney Land, and cotton candy had run out.  Politicians are playing a game of deadly consequences with human lives, babies stabbed to death like pigs, etc.  So let’s put happy Nancy, Harry, Fiendstein faces over Obama’s cult behaviors.  These crimes are getting people killed like dictators we see executed in other countries.  The mob does less damage than Obama’s brood?




#1.  That DNC reps show up at the border to hand out cups for would be rape, sex traffic victims, A.K.A. Obama policy targets.  That way if they wear the cups backwards it will deter rape.

#2.  For the criminal left to be brought to justice, one way or another these people need jail and lawsuits.  Hillary, Cuomo, Obama,  USAG, all guilty of crimes?

#3.  Are we still hunting terrorists?

#4.  S.O. Obama needs to go.









President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is foolish, dangerous, and in a Carson Administration it will have no standing.

From the very beginning, this should have been dealt with as a treaty, which would have required a two-thirds majority in the U.S. Senate.

As President, I will re-establish respect for our Constitutional processes and ensure that America once again leads the world from a position of strength and clarity.

Will you stand with me against the Iran deal by making a secure donation today? For a donation of $35 or more, we’ll send you a set of four official campaign yard signs.

America is a great country, but we are also a good country.

We should not be afraid or embarrassed of the large shadow we cast, but instead stand proud and tall for the values that made us into the pinnacle nation.

Testifying before Congress, Secretary of State Kerry warned opponents of the Iran deal that “if you think the Ayatollah’s going to come back and negotiate with an American, that’s fantasy. You’re never going to see that because we will have proven we’re not trustworthy.”

America does not need to prove its trustworthiness to Iran.

The Iranian regime is the bad actor here, and they must prove their trustworthiness to the world if they truly wish to re-join the international community.

Stopping their funding of international terrorism, recognizing Israel’s right to exist, and completely dismantling their nuclear program would be a start.

If you’re ready to once again lead the world and stand tall for freedom, I hope you’ll make a donation today of $35 or more to receive your official yard signs, and urge everyone in your circle of influence to join our movement by signing up at BenCarson.com.


Ben Carson









The liberal Obamacares about nothing plan to give Iran nukes.  Making the world safer Congress, you don’t understand this principle, sure you do, and choose criminal negligence instead.  You are a depraved bunch of devils to help Iran.  Then again your President, reinforces the Sodomites by his border policy.  You share in that same illness called crime.




SEPTEMBER 11, 2015


I understand you dear knuckleheads in Congress feel that Iran should have nuclear weapons.  Under so called educations and careers, voting to empower the most untrustworthy people on the planet to possess WMD.  Crack head am I getting through to you?  Do you need some documentary footage of radiation victims?  Or the myth of 9-11?

You do not arm terrorists, is a trick question to you why?

We have a reading of who to vote out of office now, we don’t need Benedict Arnolds in charge.  Fear your party’s reproach? You should have feared the voters.

Liberals Stupid? As I cite The Cornell TCI Manual which I have used in the system for years, saying when people are at their angriest is when they are at their stupidest.  You fit the bill Politicians, be ashamed you ever went to DC to work, support for terrorism?  Betrayal of every free citizen on the planet.  Somehow your brood is lulled into this allegiance for Obama.  If his head ends up on a stick as a terrorist, well you know vote to support his assassins,  at least you will be supporting the good guys!!!!!

Obama should be tried as a war criminal along with the Politicians who tried to help endanger Israel.  You are not hidden liberal politician, rattlesnake demeanor, worm heart, weaseldom is upon you.  Antichrists in the bible were your ancestors it appears.

Patriots this was to be a Government of the people, and it didn’t happen.  I get the idea General George Washington would have to take matters into his own hands, to stop the corruption.  Give world security to Muslim terrorists?

Lindsey Graham and Rubio spoke on Fox, thank God on this subject.  It has been said the liberals have their heads screwed on backwards, and amen.





SEPTEMBER 10, 2015


I know you were trying to make America a better place, while many leftists would not even be good 7th graders.

Innocent babies dying from abortion, hello?  Legalized drugs, security negligence worse than Banghazi and a perp who wants to run for Commander In Chief off of that.

We need to sweep DC in elections, and America of the homicidal trend that liberals have romanced as their act of intelligence.  Just say no, can have a life changing effect on liberals.  The mind returning from a wasteland of stupid and corrupt ideas, or policies excuse the informal language.

Red, white, and blue means no trade of our freedoms, especially to a worm like Obama.  Since Cain and Rome mankind has tried to make slaves of Patriots.  As that log keeps burning away at Valley Forge.


Repent you evil liberals, God won’t tolerate you.






With season about to start, and The Bills re-signing Cassel at QB.  The news was that he was brought in as the number 2 QB behind Tyrod Taylor.  Something of a mystery to me, with EJ Manuel going 7 for 8 in one of the last scrimmages.  EJ is also a better runner than Cassel.

Tell it like it is, when I played Safety at practice in college, you have to keep 21 players in front of you, and understand what offenses are capable of.  If it was a scrimmage and you had the choice to go against EJ Manuel or Cassel as QB, I would pick Cassel.

From the perspective of being competent at the position at UB, picking off passes against Wide Outs, running over the Tight End, stopping the Fullback, either back, QB sacks.  I don’t get the Bills Coaching comments with Cassel, they know more than I do.  My take was they knew when they let Cassel go that EJ was the better QB.  I am not trying to be rude but it seems like disrespect to EJ Manuel.

It was another era but some bad decisions sometimes go by in The NFL.  The Bills had benched Flutie when doing ok for Buffalo.  You see Coaches or GM’s  get released too quickly.  If it ain’t broke, what do they say?

If you lose EJ, Tebow would have been a better backup than Cassel?




About the wrath of God.







Joe Emails needing donations, he is in there against Obama’s evil, if you can help him…





Let me ask you this question.  If you threw a log on the fire at Valley Forge and the troops were sitting around looking at; liberal Congress, Iran, Obama, border sabotage.  What does it amount to?  Just talk, or are we going to remove these devils?





Another one for you on Hillside here.  What they turned a protective custody and placement to rebuild Patriot Teen lives into.

Not about Kids or Clients, even being Clinical or  legal.  Criminal staff, had to show society that they are in control.

Video below by Skid Row, you get a better feel for the endangered species of Youth by it.  The staff I have known who were good, and would make a difference in Teen lives, they were righteous and many were diesels (gym lingo).

Corporate Rochester?  A bunch of punks by me.  Lies in court like nobody was keeping track.  I do not have professional respect for them much less legal.  They belong on the other side of the bars, in jail.  But my badge says here I am the corporate aristo…, they are punks.  You are what rides in the back of Police vehicles.  Governor Cuomo included, if it takes him one more year on this, it will be five years.  Organized Crime!  I guess one of his assistants was shot in NYC recently.  That crime problem in NY, tisk tisk.

Did someone say crime? NYAG, OCFS, Hillside riot, FBI?

If NY gave a damn about Teens they would not let this keep going.  I know I could do their jobs better than them from Hillside to Cuomo, they are weak and infested with evil.  Some frat houses would have better people than Hillside in charge.  At least they would not lie in court and think they could get away with it.  Delusional and mentally ill is where that goes for perps.

Starve those African hedge hogs while you are at it.  A bunch of freaking heroes at Hillside.






Liberals playing with terrorism by negligence.  Careful what you wish you just might get it?





Maybe if an office is set up inside a jail cell, Hillary will volunteer to go to prison and serve her time?



If the crimes they committed are how those staff treat colleagues…

Alright maybe they were emulating criminals, so that makes it ok.

Not even an adult level of functioning from their Admin?

Yeah I know but if they keep resisting it goes to Federal prison, so what if they scribble on their test papers of life, everyone can see that.

Oh you wanted child care without the crime?

Criminal Albany arrested, Teens protected, OCFS forced to do their jobs?

Lawsuits I tell you, they don’t listen without bankruptcy, incarceration, public exposure.

This is an election issue for 2016, yeah.



Patriots please sign here with me against the Iranscam/Congress deal.





The Surgeon General has determined that being aborted can be hazardous to your health.



(From SEPT 3, ’15)

I wanted to take a moment to write a personal note to you.

My campaign has asked a lot of you over the past few weeks, and so I’d like to share with you what we’ve been able to accomplish together.

August was an historic month for our campaign, as we were able to set a whole host of new records.

We were able to raise an astounding $6 million, doubling our total in July.

While this is extremely impressive for the historically slow month of August, what’s even more encouraging is the huge number of people who played a part.

We have now crossed 400,000 donations, proving that we are building a deep well of grassroots support across the country that will help carry us to victory.

In regards to social media, we have now crossed 2.6 million fans on Facebook. This has been a very important element to our grassroots campaign, and I hope you’ll like our page now if you haven’t already.


Lastly, our grassroots momentum has begun to register in the polls. For example, I’ve now tied Donald Trump for first place in the early-voting state of Iowa. This is a big deal and it could not have happened without your support.

I tell you all of this because I want you to know how good we feel about where we are, and how grateful we are that you are on my team.

Based upon how these campaigns typically go, we expect more and more people to begin tuning into this race after Labor Day – and because of your generosity and support, we will move forward in an extremely strong position.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Ben Carson




We watched Benghazi get four voters killed.  Not even worthy voters that it mattered, but crime happened.  Now the focus turns on Email violations as a side show, whatever they find security was neglected.

Border, the 9-11 in slow motion, Rosenbergs, historical fact.  And now it comes down to Iran.

Iran is laughing in your face Congress, refusing on inspections already.  But the dawn’s early light, or was that a nuclear fireball?  This has not so enlightened some of you idiots, to stop Iran from possessing WMD.

Well we feel this plan of Presdient Opsychopath’s will deter Iran from developing a weapon.  Really?  Is that like sipping on gin keeps your blood alcohol level down?

9-11, can you vaguely recall that? Never remember is the motto.  And you actually trust terrorists who intend to do you harm possession of any nuclear material?

Like the impeachment vote that should happen as a formality.  America needs to do this to expose the liberal Leninites.  So elections can remove your criminal treasonous selves from office.

We really feel this is safe and is promoting peace and safety, nukes for Iran.  You are caught in a lie, and you know it cowards.  May the wrath of God have its way with you devils.




Track #1 Psychedelic Super Jesus

Nuke in the hands of terrorists, illegitimate authority.  If Obama said in 2012 he was going to arm Iran, he would have lost the election or his head?






Officer Gliniewicz who was murdered.





The violence problem in America from places like Ferguson and making two problems out of one, to dirty Cops.  Solving problems with crime?  Evil is the spark, it starts with abuse, stealing, drugs, coveting, adultery, basic boundaries of Christian society.  As long as you vote liberal, it keeps going in circles, the cycle of abuse, and never ends.




I will say this on the labor related cases I have.  After all the evidence piling, policy manual, OCFS contacts, litigation, NY legislature contacts, Federal Attorneys, FBI, Gov and NYAG.  The amount of experience I gained in this field, and profession, it has been like taking courses.  It has went as far as asking legislature to protect Mandated Child Abuse Reporters as a new law in OCFS investigations, that they unseat staff falsifying records, and reinstate reporters, so the bad guys don’t win.  You could say it is already covered, under labor laws.  So Mandated Staff should have to go through all that and take years maybe why?  If you are trying to control an abuse situation leave the reporting staff there.  You don’t want to know about the group I left behind  as staff at Hillside, and they kept working unsupervised by another Mandated Staff?  It all centered on Client scenarios and was like the classroom part of  that job.  Something you would put a manager through in college.

In the lab portion of the course, I continue to add cardiovascular volume to my training as well as back and biceps work.  No not from carrying all the evidence specifically.





As I have said before, one thing authorities need to watch out for is Hillside leaving perps who are caught in case evidence, on the staff roster.  In the past I have noticed  the most deviant, negligent staff winning staff of the month or year awards.  The way it happens is while normal male pions are handling responsibilities, and liberal con artists are not watching clients, falsifying records.  When the other shift gets on, they sit around and vote for each other as best hoodlums.  Sometimes complaints are at HR or campus director, on staff who should be arrested, and ta-da, our exemplary role models.  I can name three of them who were exceptional trouble, females, and getting accolades of a would be racket Admin.

The Apt I had was about 10 miles from the National Women’s Rights Museum.  So this is where, equal rights goes out the window and Nazi feminists try to take over.  A funny story, at Seneca Falls where I took CPR once, you have Boardman and Maynard  streets about opposite each other near the canal.  Mr. Maynard had trouble in another building with Hillside lesbians it was said, he was a straight shooter of a staff, reliable.  They decided they don’t like somebody was the take I heard on it.

And they thought I would sit quiet while they execute babies on the left?  The translation on that comes through with Ibanez or Gibson.  Prisons run dirty, dirty Cops whine about respect, same game here.

To be fair there was one male staff who was inciting Hillside coworkers, and ended up staff of the month.  The Sheriff knew about it.

God Bless





With only 50 months past for Albany to prosecute their liberal buddies in Hillside.  You have to question now if this was not the stubborn liberals being slow,  but outright insubordinate with no intention to prosecute ever?  I remember a frivolous lawsuit against Pataki, Cuomo should wise up to the reality of liability.  Did you want an apology? Russ you turned in child abuse, you student of law you, what did you think you were doing man?

Subjective, I would say the delay so far is Hillside pouting because they know they are beat.  On the approved record, they will get clobbered in court by evidence.  The harassment for perjury in the first court in addition to original menacing?  Strike one was the approved record, class action victory was strike two, 8 figures will be the strikeout at Appeals, ring ’em up as they say in baseball.

Look at it this way, Valley Forge, the Patriots hear this case.  Tar and feather for the culprits?

Who isn’t fair and balanced?







Dear Russ,

You may know Col. Richard Cole as Jimmy Doolittle’s Co-Pilot for the Doolittle Raid, but I know him as one of the men that helped raise the moral of the country after the Japanese sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. I remember after Pearl Harbor; our nation didn’t think we could defeat or even hit the Japanese back. After what the Doolittle Raiders did it raised the moral of our nation and we all believed we could WIN!

I was alive in World War II and fought with the Marines all over the Pacific and was badly wounded in Iwo Jima. Those Raiders gave our nation hope and especially to all of us fighting. We remembered what a daring mission they took part in and many of us realized the enemy was not as invincible as we once thought.

On September 7th, Col. Cole turns 100 years old. He is one of two last surviving Doolittle Raiders. In fact, he will be spending his birthday in Dallas at the Frontiers of Flight Museum with hundreds of his friends and supporters to watch the documentary Doolittle Raiders: A Final Toast, which many of you supported and helped to create.

As a WWII veteran this film reminds me of all the men that took part in this mission. Hopefully more people watch this film and it reminds our nation and young people what these men did and how much they sacrificed.

Will you help me surprise Col. Cole with your birthday wishes and sign Col. Cole’s birthday card? Please sign below before Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) so that I can present Col. Cole with a treasured gift – words of encouragement from you!

The American Veterans Center is celebrating a special birthday for a very special friend, Lt. Colonel Richard E. Cole, who will be 100 years young on September 7th.

On April 18th 1942, 2nd Lt. Richard E. Cole was co-pilot to lt. Col. James H. Doolittle when they dropped the very first bombs on Tokyo, Japan.

And after you’ve sent your personal birthday wishes to Colonel Cole, could you send a tax-deductible gift to the American Veterans Center?

If you send $150 or more, you’ll receive a wonderful signed print by the Colonel and a new DVD recently released which includes exclusive interviews with surviving Doolittle Raiders and emotional scenes of their last and final toast at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio.

You can own these two wonderful gifts and historic memories for $150 all while supporting the American Veterans Center and the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Education Fund.

Please sign the card by following this link and afterwards you will be taken to The American Veterans Center’s website.

Thank you,

Don Mates
WWII Veteran
Iwo Jima


ELECTION PREDICTION 2015 !!!!!*****!!!!!*****!!!!!*****

Should Hillary drop out of the running due to being arrested for usual liberal tactics.  And is replaced by Miss Piggy, the pig wins DNC nomination!!!!!!




My fellow henchmen, as I reflect on these last 7 criminal years in office. I have found the freedom of Patriots to be completely unacceptable. Crime is the new liberal wave. Far be it from me to point out to you humanoids how liberal media cover up my scandals and help me implicate crimes at home and abroad. You see working for a living and subjects like responsibility, are a thing of the past. My intention is to steal from the working class folks, give to the bums, make America into a drugged up incompetent victim for my Muslim buddies and communist aggressors to 9-11 to death.

Now most intelligent people would realize that communism and Muslim clans can’t coexist, because they are both bent on globalization and slavery of other populations, including eachother. That Putin, the stinker he is, went and gave nukes to Muslims, wait ‘til that comes back to bite him. 1/3 of the ships in the bible are destroyed, what do you think that is about? Not like they attacked his Olympics already.

Now face facts, you stupid liberals, you elected a Muslim after 9-11. I hate you like you were born yesterday, or were a baby about to be aborted. I am not going to come out and say it, but Sharia, when you already had laws to not murder. If you keep listening to a forked tongue snake like me, well look at the border, rapists-my Sodomite terrorists, ISIS, Mexico overwhelming Law Enforcement so they can’t do their jobs on normal crimes in America, drugs. I am a regular Dr. Feelgood you might say. Wait until I steal elections from armed Conservatives.

So your freedom of religion and speech, lack of gun rights, all in my plan to transform America to Sodimia. Unless of course liberal fruitcake Senators impeach me or, “zip, zip, zip”, what was that? Folks I have to announce to you today while I was planning to arm Iran with nukes with my conman Kerry on the job, I count 76 musket rounds zipping past my head. The podium in shambles, I will have to end here and take up Jihad from another location. Lest I scramble too quickly for the Mexican border and am dismembered by angry Mexican drug dealers.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, I was a terrible brat to Israel at all possible chances. Just like Hillside of NY starves African hedge hogs. I meant children, did I say hedge? They will get what they deserve rotting in prison like the devil child abusers they are. Don’t expect Cuomo to act, he is a coward of the first order.

Obama Bin Laden- over and out.




Controversial video you should see on US Military.

After watching this, how do you feel about border policy and nukes in Iran?




How could this do on radio in NJ?







Prison aura, like liberal politics, rap core Christian music, AC/DC included.




#1.  Border Crime Victims:  Be it rape or murder, that they bow down and worship The DNC and pay proper homage to their liberal masters.

Serious, Patriots need to pull together a border defense.  Sheriffs, Tea Party, all 50 States can help.

#2.  Obama Needs To Go:  You have subjected US Citizens to these crimes, a normal boss would be fired, so get the hell out of office.  Can’t impeach? Whatever.

#3.  2016 Elections:  Three house sweep with righteous staff.

#4  Starving African Kids:  It is pretty good entertainment for liberals including Hillside Admin.

#5.  Abort The Morons!!!:  Not even one good horror movie on this?






Buffalo Bills went through roster cuts.  What do I see?  Thurman Thomas was talking Superbowl.  Steve Tasker saying it may be a historic year by that run defense, that can hold a team to under 10 yards a half?

Whatever has happened in camp, it is a brand new season now.  If you compare Buffalo to the Superbowl teams they had, or ones that make it to that level nowadays.  Buffalo is loaded for talent.  Barring any calamities and if they play to ability.  Any other team has a Tyrod QB ( and EJ), LeSean RB, and that Defense?  Not to short anybody, Receivers I was impressed with; Watkins, Harvin, Goodwin, etc…still the pass Defense may be in the top 5.

I would expect a winning season, playoffs yes, Superbowl is not out of range.  Not a prediction like God said so and so- but they have that much ability.  Buffalo can beat you with pass or run, Coaches are up for this, new Owner and stadium upgrades.  A new era for The Bills, high potential.

They will get a good test in the opening three games; Colts, Patriots, Dolphins.  If they do well here it sets the tone for the season.  Not that it is a limit and they are out of it if they did poor here, but the momentum I could see building after a strong start.

Concerns after cuts, I don’t know enough yet.  A 3rd QB which you would assume practice squad has someone, Simms I liked, a few errors, but overall a decent QB.  Offensive Line may need more depth?  Maybe not if they can move a Tackle inside  as a relief player pending any injuries.

The 2015 Season, this should be fun for the city of Buffalo.

God Bless





With the presence of Chinese warships off of Alaska.  One of my concerns with this is they were sight seeing and did not have the proper permit to dock for Salmon fishing.  Also, if they were Obama’s boyfriends he could be intending to let them in for some fun in the sun, again without proper credentials like the Mexico border.  Not that terrorism, communism, Obama’s border rape traffic as the S.O. he is by accomplice, are of any concern.  Joy riding on the Chinese military budget, who ever knew Pearl Harbor was ever real?  I say we give them a rubber raft from Wal Mart for fishing the Alaskan bays, and release with a warning.  I thought we were trying to conserve on the anti ship missiles?



An old Christian Rock song, still a good one.  Artwork is a little aggressive, then again when Christianity involved a crucified, Hitler, holocaust, border negligence. It is  a Roman theme somewhere.  A song about God is what it really is.






Dannemora And Hillside Like Cuomo?

When two convicts escaped from this prison, it was found out about dirty staff who helped them do it.  Fortunately investigations have exposed many of those criminals.

When Hillside was reported for crime to NYAG and Governor Cuomo, and the perps were allowed over 50 months to keep working for Hillside, do you find that NYAG and Cuomo are accomplice to the corruption at Hillside, and in Albany?

Why did Buffalo FBI not act when notified years ago?

Paying for child abusers and accomplices is where this left NY.  That is what you call government?  How about wanted criminals instead?  Then indictments, and sentencing.  Maybe they are repeat offenders like Moreland Commission?  Oh Teens at Hillside under liberal crime wave?

Worst thing that could have happened would be to not report this.  To let it keep going, and become part of the liberal party scene.  Are those actually Clients at Hillside or only dogs they keep there?  Does it matter, go do your job, you have crime to stop authorities.  Corruption just like anywhere else in litigation land.  Does that mean you have to do your jobs and stop this problem at Hillside?  Yes you ferries, you get paid, go do job.  Or maybe you would prefer to be in the care of evil prison staff who live for those colon searches?  ( It has a mighty kick eh?).

Accomplice to attacking abuse reporting, so innocent like Satan, and yet so dumb to resist.




Were the very first cigarettes sold under the brand name DBL or short for

Dirt Bag Lungs?



Best News Today

Trump signs to unify the Right as a party.


Tea Party

Is going to rally against Iranscam, the small detail of proliferation nuclear weapons to the worst sponsor of Terrorism according to Obama.  If it happens fine, nuclear 9-11 as the alternative, no biggie.  They are requesting funds for the event.



#1.  We need Patriots,  not wicked cowards in America.






Passing along for those who have a Wegmans Supermarket around.  They do sell 1000 mg Citrus Bioflavonoid.  Keep that blood slick and from clotting.  This is also an antioxidant that helps Vit C function.


Criminal Prosecution

On Hillside cases by no shortage of evidence.  I am interested to see what Prosecutors come up with for defense.  Along the lines of…you resisted in this crime for four years plus, we tend to feel in The FBI this is stalking and has conspirators?  Or something like, organized crime specialists went to work on the case and determined we had a crime cell involving upwards of 12 staff at the Admin level, and then through Albany Admin of Cuomo’s?  Or hey this was the biggest catch of criminal staff in the Residential system for Teens, and in NY?

That is what you get for being a child abuse reporter.  That is damn ugly.







(Oooops did liberals elect a Benedict Arnold?  Don’t forget Lynch border crime (policy) is to her liking.  Yes we see you traitors, US Code 18 Terrorists.)







Scan 521


Leadership for the country that executes live babies works here.  You be ashamed vicious liberals, don’t give me any of that pre programmed smart mouth about having a right to execute babies.  What the hell are you the devil?

Never thought you would have murder under your belts?

Pic from The Heritage Foundation 2015 promotional calendar.

Dem Senators, with all due respect you are a sorry joke.




I saw the decision of Dem Mikulski wanting to back Obama Bin Laden, to let Iran develop nuclear weapons.

I know you think you have it all figured out, things are safe.  Let’s face it some of you Dems, if brains was gunpowder would not have enough to blow your noses.

Military intelligence traditionally has some blunders like Pearl Harbor, Tuskegee Airmen flying Mustangs still in Korea.  Don’t mention 9-11, border security.

I know stand behind party lines to back the top two sponsors of terrorism, according to the Romney Obama debate-Russia and Iran.  Hillary can sell the uranium to them even.

No they can’t make a dirty nuke bomb in Iran, they don’t have the Dem exposure to be capable of it.  Therefore it is safe, perfectly safe, not a thing to worry about.  MSNBC sweep this under the carpet.

Then when Nagasaki happens on Dem pot smoking territory.  Are we really this stupid in DC.  Over 30 Senators want to help terrorists acquire nuclear weapons.

If Obama died last night, oh well you know.  Sometimes criminals die to protect freedom.  Not a criminal was killed amidst a small street crime.  Nuclear holocaust averted, pro terrorist leader stopped from Benedict Arnolding freedom from the free world.

10 liberal Senate seats go up for transformation in 2016 to Conservative.

Average kids on a playground knowing how to scoop up a snowball have more intelligence than Obama and his devils, at how to stop proliferation of nuclear weapons to terrorists.  You people are stupid, not leaders, incompetent at national defense.  Hopefully Hillary will be in jail by elections.

Dec 7, 1941 it is a trick question for liberals.  I understand their moral intelligence level to be a flunking contest.  Some intentional, some not the sharpest tools in the shed, Dems are commies is where it is.






Still staying fit through the concourse of chasing down Hillside crime.  Latest strength testing numbers come up around 500 lbs bench press using a more conservative estimate this time, that I know better it is cheating the max to do this.  It could be as high as ever right now, but I would rather get with heavier weights to get an actual reading.  Than to say if I could bench 500 lbs in dumbbells, who is to say it is closer to 600 lbs in barbell weight?  If you don’t lift weights…dumbbells are harder to lift pressing, because you have to balance them versus a barbell.

The hardest human feat of strength I may have went through was connecting the E brake cable on Jesusmobile.  I was underneath it sideways, with leads from the cables in my hands.  I gave it everything I had and nothing, the cable came up short by maybe a 1/2 inch.  It was like using the cable crossover machine in the gym for chest flys.  Another attempt, and somehow I got the cable together, I really don’t know what happened, why I was able to, it seemed impossible.

I am going to go have a protein shake now, later.



Reminiscent of the border Sheriffs, and secular oblivion all in one.




About the compromise of justice, abortion, and the unworthy Americans.



In the spirit of border rape, endless golf tours to avoid job duties, and the general liberal liability to do this while being paid.




$3670 short for summer goal.













Below some policy of Hillside’s which reveals that they provide health services to Clients.  Call me a zealot, Therapist goes under healthcare along with YCP ( Youth Care Pro staff) for learning disabled Judges to discern.

This document shows Hillside caught terrible in attacking another staff from Admin, A NYS Mandated Staff.  You can see no Admin involved belong in the agency anymore by law, policy.

Is Cuomo being a sneaky guy letting this happen?  How about you NYAG, like to do your job yet, stop some crime?  On second hand why don’t you resist, watching you go to jail is better?

It was only Child Abuse I reported, if it was cruelty to animals or trees, some of you tree huggers would get it.

Criminal$ in leader$hip $ink the agency mi$$ion and rack up years in pri$on.  Naughty lawyer$ and Judge$ go to jail al$o.

Clients you are welcome  I did everything I could for you with.

No regrets the bad guys are caught.


Scan 520



AUGUST 31, 2015



Requesting donations…




Russ, there are only a few hours left until our August fundraising deadline.

We’re on the verge of a record month, and I hope you’ll take a moment to make a small donation, even if you’ve done so already. All you need to do is visit bencarson.com/contribute.

Thank you for your steadfast support and generosity. I’m blessed to have you in my corner.


Sent from my iPhone




This came in around 7 PM.

Joe needs about $6K to meet goals by Midnight.



Excerpt from earlier separate Email.

Russ, I need your immediate help.

Obama is watching my campaign like a hawk. He should be focused on the border crisis but instead he is more intent on seeing my campaign be defeated.

But don’t even get me started on the lack of leadership of this White House…

Will you follow this link to ensure I have the funds necessary to run a strong and winning campaign?

Russ, only hours remain in the month of August and we are still  short of reaching our monthly fundraising goal.

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Let’s show Obama and his leftist friends that I’m not going anywhere!

Thanks for your continued support.

– Sheriff Joe





Can I count on you? There are less than 16 hours before our fundraising deadline and we are coming up 39 donors short.

As the only Navy SEAL in Congress — and an outspoken enemy of Obama’s Iran deal — I’ve got a target on my back.

I have vehemently opposed the President’s Iran negotiations since day one…and now that the Iran deal has been sent to Congress, I will do everything possible to stop it.

Will you join my stand with a donation of $25 or $50?

For God and Country,

Ryan Zinke

U.S. Navy SEAL – Retired



August Deadline




A blood red moon tonight early on, I saw it with my own eyes.

Patriots stay positive en route to 2016, we can win this. -RB



Fred Jackson

Buffalo has released this long time Buffalo Running Back.  Surprised, yeah, it also was a crowded house with all the players in the Buffalo backfield, including McCoy who may be the #1 player in football at this position.  My guess is it was salary cap related, and Fred was too good to keep, especially if you are going to invest in some of their younger talent.

Still it was a risk to do that, with McCoy having been injured already.  Fred has proven himself.  If it was against The Patriots you don’t want Fred as backup?

As a man, you can see he is one of the more reliable players on the team and in community.  That comes across in his interviews.  Compared to some pro athletes who are too wild.  The season The Yankees won 125 games, look at how many Christians were on that team, it has an effect.  You need guys who are committed to what they are doing.  Not like it was an easy choice with a player who was getting in trouble or was not performing.  The Bills did not seem happy about having to do this.  I am not saying younger guys will not perform for Buffalo.  Bronson Hill, Williams, and Wood all look like good players.

I had to question if The Bills put together some winning seasons, if they will get a chance at former UB players Oliver and Mack who are in the NFL on other teams?  As young talent they could become dominant franchise Buffalo players.  Similar to this, that you go looking for good draft picks and guys to build a team around.

Thanks Fred Jackson for being a great Buffalo Bill, #3 to O.J. and Thurman in yards.

God Bless




Brooderfest or Crimespree?

With all of the criminals caught in evidence for authorities at Hillside from the lowest level of supervisors through the really intelligent perjury oriented dare devils who have nailed down their reputations on court transcript in lies.  Is this just a small crimespree and these staff should be allowed to avoid laws and keep working for the racket with Teens?  Or is this a deeper brood of criminals that is a threat to society in many areas?  Anywhere they go it looks like by evidence?


Robbing Porridge

One day the three bears are having porridge when they realize that Judas has slipped in among them. Judas you are stealing from us they say, we have to bring you before 2 or 3 witnesses and then the whole church according to The Lord Jesus Christ. “Huh, what, me? Stealing, no I was having a gay old time, Baptist matter of fact, tearing down the idols of laws by stealing, it is not a commandment, don’t know what you are saying you three welcome mats.” The Bears confer and ask Judas if he is a good liberal?


AUGUST 30, 2015

This was a distress call I received on Human Trafficking.

Scan 518Scan 519




Of Obama’s border negligence!!! Ahem.




Still spinning the righteous message for Patriots home and abroad.  -RB




It is like PM Church.




This is a long distance dedication to the DNC and their liberal agenda.  That 2016 see a three house sweep in DC.  Pre terrorism, drugs, rape, WMD in Iran.  Like an approximate rhyme in poetry not every word is on subject, but Tear It Down is where liberal oppression and their politics need to be defeated.



Come on Pastors are you votin’?  GET YOUR CHURCHES UP!!!




White Lightning another of the higher impact anti-drug songs. Obama’s border drugs as policy are good for a Czar.




Better not look liberals you will figure out abortion is murder.

Scan 517





A song about liberals and the fate of hell.



AUGUST 29, 2015


On status quo border problems.  The situation has become rhetoric, when it is organized crime supporting; terrorism, rape, election fraud, sabotaging the budget and law enforcement, threatening national security.  Flooding the job market, forcing taxpayers to float illegal criminals.  Nobody voted for this, but here you will put up with it Patriot?

Don’t let the word CRISIS fade from view on this.

It is a lethal threat to America, and it needs to end.




#1.  Abortion:  A life is not a life to a liar.

#2.  US Border Militia?

#3.  Iran must be stopped.

#4.  North Korea may go to hell.

#5.  US Military:  The battle belongs to The Lord.







I have seen him do more good than any DC Politician from NY I can name. -RB


Throughout the month of August, we held five in person town hall meetings and two tele-town hall meetings to give our constituents an opportunity to voice their concerns or support for the Iran agreement. We have worked tirelessly to gather feedback from our friends and neighbors across the district to get their thoughts on the agreement. I care about their thoughts, and we had a lot of great interaction and discussion on both sides of the issue but it was abundantly clear that the majority of people opposed this deal.

This unfair agreement puts Iran closer to developing a nuclear weapon, gives them the technology to deploy this weapon against us or our allies and gives significant amounts of money to a nation that is the leading state sponsor of terror.

On Thursday, I joined with State Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Bill Nojay at a press conference in Big Flats to announce our continued opposition to the Administration’s deal with Iran.

To view coverage from yesterday’s press conference, you may click the picture below or read the articles from the Corning Leader or Elmira Star Gazette.

Thank you for subscribing to my e-newsletter. Please stay in touch and share your views by calling one of our offices or visiting our website. Additionally, I encourage you to visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram where we can continue our conversation.

Have a wonderful week,

Congressman Tom Reed

(This Newsletter had a survey to vote in it on support or not for the Iranscam deal.)






Russ, we’ve had a very strong August. A lot of very good things are happening.

We had a great debate in Cleveland, where I had the opportunity to share my values and solutions directly with the American people — many of whom had never heard of me.

We’re firmly in the top tier of nearly every poll, and even leading Hillary Clinton in a number of swing states.

Hundreds of thousands of new supporters and volunteers have signed up, as well as 700,000 new fans on Facebook.

Through my visits to places like Harlem and the U.S.-Mexico border, we’ve been leading the national conversation on topics like immigration and the need to embrace faith, personal responsibility and conservative reforms in our inner cities.

This is the kind of momentum that the Washington political class said was impossible. But we’re going to continue to prove them wrong.

As August comes to a close, more people will begin to tune into this race — so it’s imperative that we finish the month in the strongest way possible.

With that in mind, I ask you to make a donation to my campaign before the clock runs out.

I am continually humbled by the number of people I meet on the campaign trail who tell me they’ve been sending in small grassroots donations of $5, $10 or even $25. That’s the strength of this campaign, and it’s why we’re going to win.

So please, help us close out the month in a strong way. Make a donation before the clock runs out.

Thank you for your faith in me, and for your commitment to reviving the nation we love.






Is requesting your signature.  The next vote in a few weeks to defund Planned Homicides the humanitarian calamity that they are.



AUGUST 28, 2015


In the news this week Obama and 43 visiting this city on  Katrina victims.

Good to see the people recovering there , things like border security, WMD to Iran to vaporize the lower 48, scandals. And you would think Obama actually cares about New Orleans?  Get real.

43 was my President I will say.  I stayed up and watched Reagan beat Carter on election night.  I had traced the map from the Our 50 States book and was scoring the map.  I was 9 years old, but I was only a kid.

When 43 won, God let me in on it ahead of time, as prophecy was on this site.  It was everything about being a Christian, and it lined up.  43 had been on LIFE in Texas.

This time, as plain as I can tell you, Ben Carson.  I think God is with him and has a plan to win DC.  Not by my leading, God is involved 100%.  No predictions but that is why I support Dr. Carson first.




In an unrelated story, I had said about being in Crossgates Mall at (near) Albany on Hillside or Kidspeace business? And it hits you, that you made it somewhere when you can be in community and your music is for sale in stores. The other dawn’s early light part on that. Was when KHLL Emailed me on Unborn Nation they are at New Orleans, letting me listen in on the first playing of it.

The DJ saying about an abortion shop being set up nearby.  It came across like a murder shop, these people are devils called liberals.  Don’t insulate it for them.  Political incorrectness, so a murder is now parenthood?

I had Emailed back also then about Jim Haslett who was The Saints Coach, and being my UB Defensive Coordinator. He was also my brother’s Linebacker Coach at Buffalo. In practice we would run a blitz where I go up one “A” gap and my brother would go the other. So either side of the Center, who is the guy snapping the ball. I was at Safety. If Coaches didn’t stay on the whistle to end the plays as over,  I would have sacked the offense time and again, it was working great for defense. It was a play out of The I.C. Bombers playbook.  My brother would line up at Noseguard in the play and take on two Offensive Linemen.

Back at work, a Client was playing a Football video game that had Coaches interviews on it, with Haslett saying he liked to spend time with his kids in the video game.





Asking support for back to school Pro Life team members.  As they are outspent by Planned Parenthood in the million$ on campuses.




Planned Genocide the false advertising specialists that they are at Planned Parenthood/Stabbinghood, what have you. Executing babies and hey that is just fine for an animal with rabies, why don’t liberals try the strategy too, sounds like more of their educated philosophy, exterminations, Hitler. Who needs drugs and drive by shootings, you have liberal baby killers.  What is the politically correct term for that; Hatchet Nutsos or Texas Chainsaw Abortions?  Rome in the modern era?  Bring back the incubator gas chamber,  Hitler will love you for this, the liberals are perfect for it!!!  And Mrs. Clinton has just the right outfit for the occasion to run against innocent babies actually surviving the Doctor’s Office.  Oh look Hillary they are stabbing babies to death , don’t get any blood on you, isn’t this great you could have Polaroids and everything.  Kill that baby, kill that baby!  How can you defend murder unless you are out of your skull?  How special your Goddamned war on children psychopath liberals.  Oh but the Woman is the one who is the victim when not allowed to kill her kid.  How far do you have your head up your Ass’ saddlebag to tell us that?  Murder, do you understand, a dead baby?  Electric chair for perps, you pathological liars and cowards.  Duhhh we ain’t killed nobody as liberals, we just executing babies.  I will have to give them this, border sabotage may be equally as dumb along with Iran’s Dept of  Nuclear Terrorism.  Stupid, some liberals are burned out on drugs.  I can’t see where Hillary is doing any better than they are.




Still at the same embarrassing standoff with criminal Admin.

I understand they think that is appropriate behavior for liberals.  I know it is illegal for a US Citizen to forge documents and perjure court.  That is the difference in intelligence levels between Plaintiff and defense.

Titanic perceptions of hiding behind the corporate logo, are sunk as individuals prosecuted.

Protecting child abuse, why Teens and Parents can be concerned and feel betrayed by Cuomo and NYAG.  Law Enforcement though, have an extra doughnut, what is one more crime or report to FBI to cover your jobs for you?

NY Conservatives, I believe you have been victimized by Mr. Cuomo and his establishment.  Better keep it hush hush for him.  5% shift of the vote would flip NY in 2016?






Russ, without your help in the next five days – my fight against illegal immigration and for the rule of law could be over.

Please give me just a few minutes of your time to explain.

You see, as I try to enforce the law… I face a mountain of opposition. From Barack Obama himself and his Department of Justice, to the Democratic national machine… all coordinating their attacks with national and local media – and even liberal Hollywood celebrities – it’s all I can do to keep fighting for what is right.

That’s where you come in – without your continued support – specifically in the next 5 days before the end of the month – my opponents could overtake me and literally drive me out of office.

But this isn’t about me… this is about real people and real life…

I know you’ve seen the headlines about crimes being committed by illegal immigrants – and how our own federal government has released TENS OF THOUSANDS of these illegal immigrant criminals back onto our streets.

Illegal immigrants are coming into our country at an alarming rate, and committing crime at an even higher one. I’m seeing this firsthand in the jails and on the streets in Maricopa County. We, as a country, cannot allow this to continue.

Russ, I didn’t get the nickname “America’s Toughest Sheriff” for no reason. I am working day and night to ensure that our streets are safe and criminals are where they belong. I have always enforced the law and have never allowed my opponents to bully me into silence about enforcing our laws and securing our border.

But, it is because of my strong work-ethic and dogged determination that I have made some enemies over the years. And these folks would love to see me defeated, which is why I’m reaching out to you right now.

You see, Russ, I want to stay fighting but my job is in jeopardy. I’m currently facing the toughest re-election campaign of my life, and your help today will ensure I’m able to stay put.
Russ, Time is running out!

We are just a few days away from my campaign’s critical Month-End Deadline
and your donation will:
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Send a message to my enemies and opponents that we are a force to be reckoned with and we aren’t going anywhere.


Please follow this link right now to make a critical Month-End Deadline Donation.

My opponents are gearing up and stockpiling every trick up their sleeve to defeat my campaign for re-election. They know that I’ve reached out to you before and are counting on the fact that I need your immediate help to ensure my campaign has the funds needed to fight back and WIN.

I asked my staff to include some instant donate buttons for just you. Please click on the buttons below to make an immediate donation to my re-election campaign.


Our nation is facing an illegal immigration crisis.

I will never stop fighting for what is right, the Rule of Law, and our citizen’s safety. But I won’t be able to fight unless I win my campaign for re-election.

Just days remain in August, and I need your immediate support to guarantee we make our fundraising goals by then. Please let me know if I can count on you today by making a much needed contribution.

I know my law-abiding actions have not made me popular with some crowds, but I didn’t join law enforcement to be popular. I joined because I wanted to make our streets and cities safer.

I hope you stand with me and show me I have your support today.

Fighting for you,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

PS. I know some politicians are trying to win popularity contests, but I’m not and that’s why I’m not a politician. I’m just a Sheriff trying to do my job. And I won’t be able to do my job unless I have your support. Won’t you please make an instant online contribution of $25 or more right now to ensure we meet our Month-End Deadline goals?


Two Christian songs; The fear of God being the beginning of wisdom in the first.  Metal in the second, as God leads, scripture about strengthening what is left and is about to die as a creation, that the Conservatives better get up and start fighting for what is right.  Look at the border, starving Africans left behind, national defense left in the hands of a communist turncoat.  Churches can tip the scales of 2016 and it won’t even be close.






AUGUST 27, 2015


On Hillside,  if you took every jurisdiction that Clients came from at any Hillside.  Are Police Depts in those areas aware of the scandal that corporate has arranged with criminal staff?  You are sending Clients from your county to be in the care of insane criminals?

One placement I worked at, when counties found out their Client was AWOL, after a week stopped paying for the empty bed, and replaced the vacancy with another Client.  Makes sense, but pay for Clients to be in criminals custody?  OCFS is not just a tiny liberal bit offended with that?  Federal offenders, racketeers, nah should be fine send our Teens to Hillside.  Dennis Richardson has made it a place for criminal role models, I mean, liberal ones, to teach their way of  evil to the youth.  Can I get an Amen Hillary?

Hillside does this to NY because you are not watching them close enough?




Because he is Black he can overwrite any US Laws.

So people don’t misunderstand.  His agenda is a clear criminal attitude problem.  The scandals he has let run, to international enabler on nukes for the terrorists program.  There are people who are generally not as smart as terrorists, and then there are the lower class like Obama who give them weapons.  Gun control America to disarm victims, but arm Iran.

Anyhow, Obama will not let colonial minded Americans have their freedom.  If you try to stop him, he resists in letting crime trample the border.  Like a White Uncle Tom equivalent, if you are a wimpy liberal, and you go along with Obama’s ideals to take over America with his crimes then you are safe.  But if you stand against his Black on White crime as a Conservative, it is an invisible act in racism being countered. He has allowed himself the privilege to attack Whites as policy.  He does not even need to say anything or admit to it, he has left the border open to his supremacy problem called crime, born of a Black Politician.

If I did it to Harlem as a Police Chief what would I be a racist?  Letting crime go on?  His ego allows him to do this to other races.  Red, White, and Blue races follow laws, but not Black criminal liberals?  Well it is ethnocentric behavior, yeah for the culture of people known as inmates.  He does not respect basic civil rights of Americans.  Because he is Black he can overwrite any US Laws that protect America.





Hey NY, assuming prosecution can actually do their jobs and not be sued for nonfeasance against Hillside accomplices.  Those criminal Hillside staff will have other careers as inmates.

How Albany let this go four years has not been addressed yet by prosecutors.  You have a duty as a Patriot to bring them in too.  Or we pretend this didn’t happen and Moreland III takes shape from the slums of liberal minds?  OCFS is off the hook, no responsibility to stop child abusers?

It was a good catch, the staff who are caught up in the crimes to show off for their resumes at Hillside.  That crime aside, these staff were doing other things that were insubordination anyways beforehand where I was, refusing to do jobs or inciting Clients over weeks I saw.  You have them pinned now in records falsification.

If you want to expose the scandal, it is an opportune time to confront Albany crime also.  Email Russ at souls@boarderofeternity.com, I can answer questions on it.








“Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States,” Clinton said. She specifically cited candidates Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

( FOX News excerpt)


If terrorists do things like help Russia with Uranium, which ends up in Iran.  Leave the border open for ISIS, and energetic Sodomites who run the sex slave trafficking.  Neglect job duties and get four colleagues killed in Benghazi.  So desperate that instead of face facts about what she did, let’s try to bother Mr. Trey Gowdy and question his integrity for having done his job to bring the Clinton disaster to light.  Very disrespectful, Mr. Gowdy was doing a fine job, please remember him when campaign donations are needed.

So Hillary thinks we are like terrorists because the right to execute your baby is being taken away?  She is on the side of malicious killers who think that Women have a right to discriminate against other humans including babies.  I have seen the evidence, it is like I say.  Equality is in the trash and the b attitude to tell the world that this homicide called abortion- that NY Penal Law lists the crime as, is their criminal right.  Why don’t liberal males speak up about that, maybe they are whipped yes men.

She’s right we should elect Hillary, leave the border open, keep feeding WMD material to Russia and Iran, execute babies like man who cares like they were baby pigs for ham sandwiches.  Did we make a happy liberal yet?  Oh yippee, the babies are dead, criminals can take over Texas, nuke creation.  If Hillary was Coach of an NFL team, they would fumble the ball on purpose as a strategy.  How is the team doing fellow liberals?  Donate to our insanity?  Maybe though this was all a ploy to help pro rape Obama’s ratings.  If she looks even worse than him, then people will like Obama better?

I think you can see that the job of even one border patrol guard or unborn or premature born baby should never come under the authority of Hillary.  Girls play with baby dolls or Barbie, if Hillary had her way, it would be like dead baby dolls.  With the new model newborn baby that doubles as a pin cushion, knife holder, organ donor, voodoo tactical brat, dog chew toy, firing range target.  So liberal females grow up like most militant leftists.

What about the Pope is he a terrorist too?




AUGUST 26, 2015


Try the first track off this.  Reflective of the obvious confusion liberals are in,  Freedom but execute innocent babies.  Protect them (liberals) but steal from Conservatives.  Sometimes they feel like Jekyll & Hyde.





Again the shooting in Virginia is a good example of workplace violence.

These cases and lawsuits against Hillside, all because office brats did not want to go to work and respond to child abuse complaints, or respect the rights of staff who did report to NY as duty.

In the anger model of crisis they talk about the iceberg (model), that only 10% is above the surface where you can see the attitude problem.  When you have Admin staff who are in the outburst phase of a temper tantrum, in criminal behavior refusing to help Teens who are victim to crime, forging work records of other staff, lies in court that are so obvious, even dumb people can figure these out.

‘Our Sociotherapist renamed YCP does not work in healthcare, yes a member of a mental healthcare team.  Even though YCP has Athletic Training duties per job description and NATA domains, but we, us, the criminally minded perps, felons, and future inmates of Hillside Corporate Rochester Mustard St. feel that crime is the way to go.  If you are going to lose, then go for all the marbles baby!!!!!’ Them crazy?  Maybe you see it too?   So what if  the evidence proves perjury along with a commie Judge, the one with the most crimes wins.  Now would you like to send us The Teens so we can keep the Census up and get that $100,000 per Client a year?  Albany and Cuomo won’t mind, can’t you see NYAG is one of them too, a criminal?

The anger though from line staff who work with Clients, I had one devil try to say he was going to punch Clients in the head if they were incited by his loud ‘Baptist’ brother on shift as I was shift leader.  Because I prompted the noise problem.  A Nurse we had when prompted on noise, dared me to turn him in.  No the 400 lbs of bodyweight don’t intimidate me, I can bench press more than he weighs so knockout defense of Clients is reality where necessary.  Just like corporate Email said they want us to jump in physically to defend Clients.   No problem but it will have to be a life threatening or injury sustaining scenario to do it.  If Supervisors did their jobs the first time on 18 different end of shift Emails, all different days, then that would never be a concern.

I am not going to cover for these staff, many of them are hot headed low life, uneducated, criminals who sneak around on the boss.  They know it, we even had one who tried to offer to have my Clients sit in her vehicle at a fire drill, language problems followed, A,B,F word to entertain them, yeah it got reported.  That was the older grandmother type of staff, who makes up lies to HR because negligence gets turned in on her.  Some people would say well then it is not that tough a job, not true, you rely on your Male staff mostly, there may be a few Female staff who are willing to get involved in crisis, but when it is go time Male staff start covering bad areas.  What happens is we often have staff who are not that competent physically, they do the job anyways.  I am not saying Female staff  don’t belong, but expect that the upper 20% of Clients could beat down many Admin staff, even 1:1.

The worst two populations of staff for crime were ( so called) Baptists, liberals, and third were staff who are very overweight.  Bent out of shape people emotionally who refuse to do their jobs right, can’t handle getting turned in.  They act like Hillside owes them a flotilla lifestyle of sitting and refusing to do work.  It is the worst collection of workers I have ever seen since college, 18 years of experience in hours, these are not educated people often, educated and fit almost never.  If you try to score legitimate Christian with that, it is an anemic category.

This is a crime problem that NY is too afraid to face.  It is their problem as a criminal prosecution.  If it was ever a situation where the crime was ongoing and I was allowed to leave supervision areas to stop criminal staff, or the law said ok here put this fool staff in a citizens arrest, then it would  have been all of them, like any other job duty.  Jones to be a delinquent staff, it ain’t that scary to me.

The general attitude was known by Campus Director when he closed an entrance due to staff smoking and littering where not allowed.  These Clients are so bad, the dogma, but then they turn around and litter as employees.  God leaves those cigarette packs on earth like rat baits, why is it the bad kids at school seem to end up smoking?

Federal Crimes, an anger problem with Hillside staff?  That was the group I taught for Clients when we were top dawg as a floor, Anger Replacement.  Yeah I see it, these are bad people much less problem solvers of staff for Clients.  Parents would approve, that is answered in lawsuit digits, 6-8.

The subscription I had to defense litigation of lies stapled into litigation backs.  Raw crime from Nixon Peabody; liable, scared, guilty, paid criminals.  That birds of a feather program at Hillside didn’t pay off where family members were being hired.  It gave cheap shot artists people to watch their backs, four pairs of family members near the program I was in, two pairs had third family members at Hillside as staff.  Actual good Christians like Amish can work together and get things done, not this cult.

When a Prosecutor asks Hillside perps in court about their anger refusing to do their jobs legally?  Then will it be obvious?

FBI can conquer, justice is in Proverbs.







In this interview:





If you saw news today two Newscast members killed in Virginia, with the fugitive looking to be a disgruntled employee.

Prayer for the situation…



All the more reason that authorities should let the Hillside situation keep going.  Don’t prosecute the offender records falsifiers, let them work at Hillside, even run the agency.  Until what, authorities figure out that this case was about stalking, and child abuse, deranged staff who are showing symptoms if not of drug use falsifying records, clinical mental disorders that they insist on taking control of Hillside with criminal behavior, 100% a heist.

Is that you lazy law enforcement officer, time to get off the butt and go do job.  What could happen?  Maybe it escalates and self defense becomes another vigilante staff (and not me) has to take down criminal staff?  The number of bodies found on the scene will be determined to be perps that authorities knew about years ago?  These people are caught in crimes and you sit there like learning disabled Albany who can’t do their jobs, because liberals are showing us how smart they are.  Or is it a domestic terror, that you were planning as accomplice like Cuomo?

That is how you know you are a dirty Cop.  Hillside though, perfectly safe, OCFS has it covered, cough.




With other criminals and crimes, normal law enforcement seem to be concerned with, it is a rapist on the loose or escaped convict, maybe a bank robber etc…When Hillside scams began, it went to Albany, and nobody did anything.  Then it became smart mouth statements through their lawyer, and perjury, compounding crimes.  And still nothing from happy doughnut eaters in the realm of stopping child abuse and government payroll using specialists.  So crime escalates, will you look at this, predatory liberals so desperate to be the next Lois Lerner gang, that four years later they still can’t get their heads out of their offenses.  This is not American politics, it is illegal, felonies summarize their job performance.  Wanna be cage people, is what these should be incarcerated Admin are.  How much would you like to bet that USAG tries to let it keep going, unless she is prosecuted also?  Her reputation is the wager.   At least the public is watching her.

Four years no prosecution yet, same crimes in motion, so do nothing and liberals expect they will get a raise for it in the form of more crimes by their future inmates.  20 years Federal time for a racket, yeah so, they can’t be trusted to stop attacking society.

Who else could accomplice child abuse, and get away with it?  Look how Obama lets Hillary get away with crime like Lerner, and the border, Iran.  Human Trafficking, that is crime for a pervert, liberals enjoy letting that keep going.  The criminal incompetence level has become their forte.  Original US Patriots would have killed them for it in ’76?  Meaning what, they have no place in office as liberal felons.  Then they should be sued for damages.



AUGUST 25, 2015


At this point I am disappointed with NY as a whole and the unprofessional misconduct that Albany has let Hillside get away with.

If deflated footballs in the NFL was such a big deal, flash bulbs going off, interviews, investigations.  This was child abuse over weeks at Hillside into their criminal retaliation as an agency, which now is nailed down as perjury.

I should not have to meet this at a personal level, there should be 20 million New Yorkers standing behind me saying, what the heck do you think you are doing Hillside and Cuomo(?)

Only Child Abuse, the recent riot shows you that Hillside incited is a dangerous situation.  Don’t show evidence to Sheriff or NYS Police, they must have had important work to do, not handle this.

There is no update or changes right now, where we left off was I gave Hillside the ultimatum that I will not settle with Dennis Richardson as an employee of theirs much less President.  He has masterminded Hillside refusing to follow its own policy, and hire of Nixon Peabody to criminalize court.  Party time is over now for such child abuse supporting staff.  His employer will be sunk by his involvement any further in this situation.  They need to follow law and find leadership that is not of a thug nature.

I do see that Richardson could have manipulated the company, and mislead those above him.  So no I won’t settle with him there, maybe with him gone.  Or I could just decide the heck with it arrogant liberals, $16 Million for starving kids in Africa.  How is that for your ego problem?  It filed before on $14 Million so hey you like to get kids killed in Africa by interfering with life support feedings?  Look on the bright side you could always find a new boyfriend in jail.

What Hillside sees is a corporate logo that can’t be tarnished no matter what they do.  I see criminally insane people who lead up an attack supporting child abuse, they are not fit to do their jobs, or even testify in court without the klepto-obsession taking over their brains.  So leave the Teens with them, nice and safe.  I am real impressed NYAG, you were not able to stop this when even paid to.

FBI is the bouncer now, if they don’t crash this, then I guess NY you can go to hell with your concerns to stop crime from liberals, who are like Obama that work for Hillside.

The best angle on it all, I have caught the maximum number of office criminals by evidence for the sake of society, and  I’d do it again, and again.  The glory is imminent.

















AUGUST 24, 2015









A message of 911 reasons to sober up and vote wise  as we close on the bell lap for elections 2016.  Fools can’t run America, it is proven every election cycle.  -RB






Do you suspect that liberals executing babies in abortion is an act of exorcism?

If that is true and there are witches who think they can cast spells.  Do they cast spells to let rapists in the country?  Get four diplomats killed?  Have voodoo dolls of GOP Politicians?  Can lie in the media and keep their reputations as good liar witches?

Are the liberals on a witch hunt to destroy freedom with lazy incompetent investigators, allowing Constitutional crime?

How many abortions and diplomats do you have to kill to become a bad witch any ways?

The DNC has their ideals for getting crime elected, like musicians on their side who      are only adding evil themes to the agenda.  When an evil spirit leaves a person in scriptures it goes through arid places looking for a place to rest. Of course until it reaches DNC leadership, or Dem songwriters needed material.  And then you have satanic ideals of executing babies.  That is in your face authorities.  Crazy people who stab innocent brats to death and you think they are sane?  This is normal or legal?  Or evil is in the universe and just maybe those demons are actually only evil humans called liberals, trying to cast their spell on freedom, and this took no devil because Dems are more devils than you could ever ask for?  That is where authorities get to realize abortion is such an insane murder, and bring the perps to prison.  Witch hunt after the babies, get it you dumb knucklehead stabbers?





I’m writing to you with a heavy heart.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet or not, but today’s Center for Medical Progress video features a former StemExpress employee recounting how she helped dissect a fully-intact baby who was aborted at Planned Parenthood. She softly spoke about the fact that the baby’s heart was still beating and how she was told to use scissors to cut up the middle of his face to reach his brain, in order to speedily ship it off to a research lab.

It’s horrific.

All of the videos have been horrific.

But one image from these videos has stuck with me longer than the rest…

In the 3rd and 4th undercover videos, the cameras went into the “products of conception” lab of the mega Planned Parenthood in Denver. In these videos, the Planned Parenthood abortionist and staff are showing the Center for Medical Progress buyer a baby who was just aborted at 11 weeks and 6 days. They hold up different parts – arms, legs, organs – to show their potential “buyer” just how much tissue they can get during an abortion and talk about how getting paid per piece is a better deal for them.

At the end of one of the videos, the Planned Parenthood medical staff assistant calls out “another boy!” When I heard that, I had to close my eyes and hold back a lump in throat. That’s something that is said in delivery rooms every day but never should be said in a Planned Parenthoood “products of conception” lab. And never about a baby whose parts are being dissected for sale in a cold pie dish under bright lights.

That baby, that little boy, deserves the human dignity that was ripped away from him by Planned Parenthood. That little boy deserves a name. I want to name him Emmett, after another little boy whose broken body changed the course of history in our nation.

While visiting relatives in Mississippi, a 14-year-old black boy, Emmett Till, was kidnapped, tortured, killed, and thrown into a river for daring to speak to a white woman.

At his funeral, Emmett’s mother left her son’s casket open saying that she wanted the world to know that they had done to her little boy.

While Emmett’s killers were acquitted (even though they later admitted to the crime) the picture of Emmett in his casket was published in magazines across the nation and is considered as one of the biggest inspirations of the 1950s and 1960s Civil Rights movement. When asked why she didn’t move to the back of that Montgomery bus, Rosa Parks said: “I thought of Emmett Till and I just couldn’t go back.”

This baby boy in the Center for Medical Progress video is the Emmett Till of the pro-life movement.

We cannot let his – and the millions and millions of other babies – death be in vain. May others who see these videos and see the gruesome dissection of baby Emmett’s body stop supporting Planned Parenthood, demand the government stop funding Planned Parenthood, and tell their friends and family about Planned Parenthood’s chopping up of babies and the selling their body parts.

Our team at Students for Life has made a memorial website for baby Emmett – and the thousands of baby Emmetts aborted each day in this nation. We are asking you to leave a memorial message of love. Leave it for Baby Emmett, leave it for his mother, leave it for all of those affected by the horror of abortion.

Go to www.CallHimEmmett.org today and leave your message for others to read.

Baby Emmett’s broken body should be the turning point for abortion in this nation. Help us remember Baby Emmett and the dignity he had as a member of our human race. Help us show the world that these children that Planned Parenthood is killing and selling for parts have names, have purposes, and have worth.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America
Students for Life of America
9900 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553
Office: 540.834.4600


AUGUST 16, 2015

Scan 508

Old pic, a lazy weekend afternoon if I remember right.  Sometimes 210 lbs does not look like that much if you are not properly pumped!





There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse