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 Email singer Russ Boardman at :

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Boardman: Unborn Nation CD

Recorded 2004 Pyramid Sound Ithaca NY.   CD plays best in headphones and car systems, not well in some stereos.   Sorry aborted kids maybe next time.
Written by divine intervention and making Christian radio rotation ,more Pro Life music looks to be recorded.

Bound 4 Life Prayer Siege THIS copy
(Listen carefully can you actually hear the Doctor cutting the kid?)




HuckabeeWith Kristan FromSFLA


All Men Are Created Equal
Human Life Rescue

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That's why it's critical you sign your "Repeal ObamaCare" Petition to your Senators and Congressman, urging them to vote against more spending.



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1st AMEND-




To Help : Starving Children & Provide Them With Safe Drinking Water


To Help : Rescue From Human Trafficking See :



To Help: Starving Children Visit At:  

Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo.




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9-14 Russ’ Birthday, the same Calendar day as The National Anthem origin.

LEV 25:10
"...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof:"

(words & music: God & Russ)

Tea Party, Freedom is proving popular Since1776!


1 7 7 6
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with
certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


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This is our final opportunity to send a message to President Obama and the Democrats in Washington this year.

You've stood with me in the past: now it's time for all of us to stand with Bill Cassidy and elect him to represent Louisiana in the U.S. Senate.

While serving in the House of Representatives,
Bill Cassidy has always put the rights of the American people first. Bill has repeatedly stood up to overreaching government agencies: He has defended our right to privacy in the face of illegal NSA spying, called out the IRS for targeting conservatives, and he has worked to pass legislation to audit the Federal Reserve.

It's time to hold our federal government accountable. It's time to elect leaders who will be unafraid to stand up for the American people and our Constitutional rights. This all starts by electing more liberty-loving senators like Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. Donate today.

I would be proud to welcome Bill Cassidy on the Senate floor as part of our new Senate majority, but
we need to ensure victory first. Our opponents won't give up the Senate seat they currently hold without a fight and they're planning to spend millions of dollars to mobilize Democratic voters. It's up to us to counter them, by getting-out-the-vote for Bill Cassidy.

Donate right now, to help us mobilize our supporters in Louisiana. With your support, Bill Cassidy will become Louisiana's next senator and we can work together to hold our government accountable and start passing reform to put our country back on the right track.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)


Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate

give whatever you are able to make it a reality:
Dear Russ,
President Obama has announced his executive amnesty plan, and Congress must act quickly to stop it. It's going to take a grassroots conservative effort to stand up to the President. I'm prepared to lead that effort.
See my 3-part plan below and please
Sincerely, kingsig


Barack Obama Just Issued His Amnesty Decree.

       Thumbing his nose once again at the American people and the U.S. Constitution, Barack Obama – in dictatorial fashion – unveiled his Executive Amnesty Decree.

       Yet according to several news sources, Congressional Republicans are still trying to agree on a strategy to fight back. Excuse us? This isn’t rocket science, folks. Congress has the power of the purse, and one of the main reasons the American people handed the GOP a majority is because we expected them to use that power to stop Obama's unconstitutional actions – starting with his latest scheme to grant Amnesty for 5 to 6 million illegal aliens via executive fiat.

       Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If Republicans in Congress fund Barack Obama's Dictatorial Amnesty Decree, they are COMPLICIT... PERIOD... END OF SENTENCE!

       But there is good news to report... With each passing hour, ever-increasing numbers of rank-and-file Republicans in Congress are defying Barack Obama and elite GOP leaders, and they're pushing to deny Barack Obama the funds he needs to implement his unconstitutional and lawless Amnesty decree.

       But the job is not done and, with Obama planning to unveil his Amnesty Decree literally within a matter of hours, there is no time to waste. We need to press our advantage… We need to increase the pressure on our elected officials right here and now.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Send My Blast Faxes

"Why Would Any Member Of Congress Who Opposes Executive Amnesty Provide President Obama The Funds To Carry It Out?" -Senator Jeff Sessions

       What more needs be said? Sessions is right. And because of your calls and faxes to Washington, increasing numbers of our elected officials are starting to take that statement to heart.

       check The left-leaning Politico reports: "Conservatives are rumbling about using the must-pass measure to block the immigration action — a threat that is worrying House GOP leadership."

       check Matthew Boyle with Breibart writes: "The White House must have thought Republicans in Congress would fall in line behind Speaker John Boehner and let President Barack Obama do what he’s 'gotta do' on executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. ... Republicans have instead organized behind incoming Senate Budget Committee chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to oppose the President, the Democrats and White House—including Obama himself—are showing signs of weakness."

       check And, according to The Daily Caller: "This movement in the House is led by conservative Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), who now has 63 signatures on his letter which would block all funding for Obama’s executive amnesty orders."

       But Barack Obama and GOP elites are still standing firm.

       Make no mistake, we have our work cut out for us, but we also have the wind at our backs. We need to keep pushing and we need to make these political elites understand that the American people did not give Republicans majorities in both House of Congress so that they could surrender to Barack Obama before the first shot is fired.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Send My Blast Faxes

"This Will Create A Constitutional Crisis That Demands Action By Congress To Restore The Separation Of Powers." -Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Crapo, Mike Lee, Pat Roberts, Jeff Sessions and David Vitter

       The Constitution is clear. In addition to the power of the purse, the supreme law of the land gives Congress a number of enumerated powers and, in Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, one of those powers is the power "to establish a uniform rule of naturalization..."

       Now... the occupant of the White House does have what is known as prosecutorial discretion. For example, Barack Obama could say that he is going to prioritize the prosecution and deportation of illegal aliens who have committed violent felonies.

       But that's not what Barack Obama is going to do. And he's not just going to simply refuse to enforce our immigration laws. He wants to start giving green cards and work permits and Social Security cards to MILLIONS of illegal aliens, and he ultimately wants to spend taxpayer dollars to fund programs to provide them with assistance in obtaining ObamaCare and Medicaid and Food Stamps and a ton of other goodies from Uncle Sugar.

       As Senator Jeff Sessions explained: "President Obama's executive amnesty will not be easy to execute. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will have to be ordered to redirect funds and personnel away from its statutorily mandated enforcement duties and towards processing applications, amnesty benefits, and employment authorizations for illegal immigrants and illegal overstays. It is a massive and expensive operation."

       "And it cannot be implemented if Congress simply includes routine language on any government funding bill prohibiting the expenditure of funds for this unlawful purpose. This is the same way we prevented the President from closing Guantanamo Bay. Such application of congressional power is ordinary, unexceptional, and used thousands of times. Congress has the power of the purse. The President cannot spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it."

       Barack Obama must be stopped and if our elected officials don't stop him, it won't be because they "failed." It will happen because they are complicit... because stopping Barack Obama is actually quite easy if only the so-called leaders in Congress would show some spine.

       To be blunt, Senators Cruz et al are only half right. Funding Barack Obama's unconstitutional Amnesty Decree will not "create a Constitutional crisis" ... we are ALREADY in a Constitutional crisis... and the crisis can only be resolved by our elected officials re-exerting their Constitutional authority.

       Make no mistake, if Congress relinquishes its Constitutional authority and funds Barack Obama's lawless Amnesty Decree, Barack Obama and every future occupant of the White House will assume that he or she has the authority to rule by dictatorial fiat.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Send My Blast Faxes

Yours In Freedom



Center for Individual Freedom
815 King Street
Suite 303
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-535-5836
Fax: 703-535-5838



***BREAKING NEWS: Benghazi Hearing to resume as early as next week***

Hillary Clinton gets a pass -- not testifying


The Benghazi hearings are about to resume WITHOUT Hillary Clinton testifying.

Trey Gowdy announced his intention to subpoena Hillary Clinton to testify almost a year ago.

And nothing has happened.

I signed the Citizen's Subpoena of Hillary on the dotted line, and now I need you to back me up...

With the election passed and Select Committee hearings set to resume any day now, we are redoubling our effort to Subpoena Hillary Clinton.

If you're getting this -- I still need your signature on our redoubled efforts.


Click here to Subpoena Hillary Clinton and add your signature alongside mine and a quarter-of-a-million other concerned Americans.

Hillary must be commanded to appear in front of the Select Committee to address the American people - and it must be under oath.

I'm going to make this quick and to the point.

Trey Gowdy just announced the Benghazi Select Committee will begin hearings any day now!

Here is what we know for sure:
Trey Gowdy is under a tremendous attack from Hillary Clinton's campaign apparatus and the pro-Hillary media not to subpoena Hillary Clinton.

Gowdy and the Committee are moving forward with their investigation, despite tremendous opposition from the White House, Hillary Clinton and the media.

But here is what we don't know: will Hillary be forced testify under oath?

AND THAT'S WHERE YOU COME subpoena has been issued for Hillary Clinton yet -- meaning Hillary is still off the hook.

That's why I'm asking you to click here immediately to sign on to our Citizens Subpoena of Hillary.


You and I must bring the full force of the American people behind Trey Gowdy's Benghazi Select Committee AND ensure Gowdy knows that he has the moral authority of the American people behind him.

We need to collect another 200,000 signatures for this emergency Citizens Subpoena.

If Hillary escapes a Subpoena from the Benghazi Select Committee, she will have gotten away, AGAIN!

According to our sources, the hearings will be held in both public and private session through the end of the lame duck congressional session. After months of silence from the Committee, Hillary's allies and the media have had the time to apply immense political pressure against Chairman Trey Gowdy and members of the committee.

You and I must show Trey Gowdy that he has our support - and the support of the American people.


Will you sign the Citizen's Subpoena of Hillary by clicking here?

I know Congressman Gowdy is committed to the truth, but if we cannot protect him from Hillary's political assassins -- and their willing accomplices in the media -- another American will fall victim to the Clinton political machine.

If we gather another 200,000 signatures on this Subpoena, we can show Trey and the media -- Hillary will not escape the court of public opinion AND SHE WILL NOT ESCAPE HER RESPONSIBILITY FOR BENGHAZI.

Please, stop what you are doing and immediately sign your Citizens Subpoena for Hillary right away.

And if you can, please chip in $10 to help us fight to ensure Hillary is held accountable.

Join me in demanding answers!

For the truth,

Ted Harvey
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC

Please sign the Subpoena by clicking the button below -- after signing, chip in $10 to show your support for Gowdy and make sure we've got the resources we need to support his mission.


Paid for by Stop Hillary PAC

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Dear Russ,

Barack Obama has recently announced he will soon be dictating a plan to provide amnesty to millions of illegal foreign nationals, who have flooded into our country and violated our laws.

Never mind that he's constitutionally responsible to enforce the law. Never mind the voters' massive repudiation of his radical left-wing liberal globalist agenda just two weeks ago.

All that matters to our arrogant Community-Organizer-in-Chief is completing his objective of fundamentally transforming our country whether Americans like it or not before his term is up.


What could more fundamentally transform our nation than making our precious American citizenship -- and the rule of law --- merely commodities to be dispensed with as our Imperial President sees fit, flooding our land with illegal foreigners which will forever alter our way of life?

Of course, Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing --
trampling and ignoring the U.S. Constitution and the will of the people.

Barack Obama may not care, but we must show him that he still governs only by the consent of the people -- and we do not give our consent to his lawless illegal amnesty plan.

That's why I hope you'll join me today to stand up and let the White House know in no uncertain terms we disagree with his actions by signing our Stop Barack Obama's Executive Amnesty Order petition today!

Russ, it's really up to us.

The Democrats are licking their wounds after their terrible defeats this month, and are viewing these millions of illegal aliens as votes for their leftist agenda in two years. We CANNOT allow that to happen, and that begins by stopping Obama's dictatorial plan to provide amnesty to those who came here illegally.

We must take the lead -- and speak for the unrepresented majority of Americans who strongly object to Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty scheme.

Please sign our Stop Barack Obama's Executive Amnesty Order petition and then please make a $25, $50 or even $100 special contribution to help me continue spreading the word, mobilizing opposition, and fighting to stop Barack Obama's arrogant power grab.

Barack Obama has just two years left to cement his legacy - and finish dismantling and destroying America as we know it. He's angry and bitter over his mid-term election drubbing. And he's determined to show us that he's still in charge.

So get ready to join the fight against his illegal amnesty initiative and let him know you will not stand for it --
sign our petition today -- and then make your best contribution to fund our critical fight.


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

P.S. Russ, we must fight now to show we will not accept Barack Obama's contempt for the Constitution and the office he holds. He was elected as our President, he was not elected as our Dictator. Please join me in this desperate fight today --
sign the Stop Barack Obama's Executive Amnesty Order petition now. Thank you, Michele


It's critical that we step up immediately and help secure victory.

We must raise
$200,000 online to fund the recount process.

Will you help us reach this goal by making an important contribution of $100 or $50 right now?

We must have operatives on the ground to ensure this recount is done in a fair and honest way.

Martha McSally is the kind of conservative we need in Congress. As the first woman to fly in combat, she has proven that she has the leadership our nation so desperately needs.

Don't wait another day. Make your contribution right now to help us defeat this liberal Democrat and send Martha McSally to Congress.

Thank you for your support of the conservative cause.

God Bless,

Mitt Romney



On Election Day, conservatives won a historic victory. From coast to coast, voters chose our optimistic vision of a stronger America.

But in the nation's closest race, conservative Martha McSally's victory has been pushed into a recount by her liberal opponents who want to steal the race from her.


Russ --
From: Rusty Humphries
To: russb
Subject: BREAKING:: Amnesty as soon as Friday

Did you see Rusty's email below? Obama's executive amnesty order could be here as soon as Friday.

And the only way to stop it is to exert the pressure of 500,000 grass-roots Americans against the White House and every last Democrat Senator's office.

With your signature, consider making a donation of $5 or more to help gather another 20 signatures and rally the Conservative House Majority to a file federal lawsuit against Obama's Illegal Amnesty and his overreaching executive orders.

We must stop Obama before he issues an amnesty order (as soon as Friday).


Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:



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We’d like to pause and take a moment, to recall the events of September 11
th.  To the all of the lives lost on September 11, we will never forget. To the emergency first responders, and those in uniform, who fell the day of those attacks, we will never forget.  We will never forget the bravery and selfless sacrifice on that day and in the days that immediately followed. And as we pause, we remind ourselves that America does not bend to those who rule by repression, violence and fear, and that will never change.


- Tom Reed


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Lord prepare me to be a Sanctuary
Pure and Holy
Tried and True
With Thanksgiving, I’ll be a living

Those are Worship Chorus lyrics.
The world news has turned into chaos (again), nothing’s sacred is
what i get from it. That is not the truth though is it? God gave you
instructions to follow a righteous standard. So that is what I am


Send My Blast Faxes




>>> With the Sheriff's Color Guard at the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee Patriot's Dinner in Maryland

>>>With College Republicans in Salisbury, Maryland

>>>Dan Bongino and Barry Loudermilk joined us for lunch in Washington D.C.

1 week until Election Day.

Hi Russ --



1 Million Man Promise Keepers March
 PK 1 Million Man March, late 1990s.





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Dear Russell,

Register here to receive your special link to watch the Livestream.

f2c0f24e-807d-4d37-ad90-c103d81eede6  ace3f9db-a923-4595-8597-ee479162ea85







The tide is turning; we will abolish abortion in our lifetime! Watch this video for encouragement as we start the new
school year.





The reason that aborted kids who are buried in cemeteries don’t grow well, is because you have to use the better dirt and water them plenty!
Miracle Grow your choice.





Russell -- Obama is watching my campaign like a hawk. He should be focused on the border crisis but instead he is more intent on seeing my campaign be defeated.

But don't even get me started on the lack of leadership of this White House...

Will you follow this link to ensure I have the funds necessary to run a strong and winning campaign?

- Sheriff Joe

starspangledsunday_eml shim




OH I DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ForAmerica approved.jpg






Polls show Tom Cotton is tied in his race against a disturbingly liberal Democrat so please make an urgent contribution of whatever you can afford right away.

I promise you – and my promises mean something – that I will protect Tom. I'm a man of my word.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)



The battle over Benghazi is about to begin

A Message from Michele Bachmann

Boom! Michele Bachmann Calls for "Handcuffs" for Barack Obama (WATCH)
Today's Featured Story:


Rand Paul,
United States Senator


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I know the insubordinate staff who falsified records, lied for court, would like to get away with crimes against the state, Clients, staff. But Hillside staff follow rules, so authorities must remove the evil doers. It always was a case of them wanting to falsify my record, and not be recognized as convicts who attacked society. No different than if they did it to Hillary. You broke the laws, NY is to prosecute you, I am sorry you live in a fantasy world criminal staff, where you think you are above serving clients and staff and have the mustard to get away with it in crime. It is a sorry reflection on your level of trustworthiness as a member of society, much less a staff in charge of other people. Any more problems expect to go to jail.

It was you evil liars vs. The Law all the time, a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter could have been anyone. And you thought you could coerce a staff out of those reporting duties. That is crime against The State. Federal if FBI determines a two state bogus leadership is their jurisdiction. Flash, the bad guys are caught, that should be an extra treat. So much for Hazard County.




The case Boardman vs Hillside began in Spring 2011. At a facility designed for supervision of

NYS Youth up to the age of 21+.

On site coworkers began to harass a floor supervised by the Plaintiff. Reckless behavior
campus wide had been discussed by the Plaintiff and Campus Director a year prior, so it was nothing new to report trouble, OCFS was involved then.

As required the harassing staff were reported daily on end of shift email reports to at least five different supervisors including the program director, and other Clinical staff. Disturbing the peace brought symptomatic abuse of Clients, likely this was the desired outcome to incite the unit. By staff who were reported to Supervisors for not having done their jobs at their own floors. Said staff were too far outside of a designated supervision area to be placed in a citizens arrest.

Required as a
Mandated NYS Child Abuse Reporter, OCFS was notified of the situation
when it was initiating by the Plaintiff. Local authorities remained updated on the scenario, which was being pursued through agency grievance procedures. As usual The HR Dept proved to be unworthy at solving the staffing issue and retaliation towards the reporting staff. This can be a usual system game to cover up, that problems even exist at all in the
administrative scriber’s part of the company.

OCFS arranged meetings at the site with the program director and HR rep, Hillside retaliated with a falsified write up against the Plaintiff at the meeting.

The case was heard at NYS Supreme Court under the deceptive work of the defense, misrepresenting a benefits coverage date to make it appear the Plaintiff was not employed during Hillside appeals, and hence the case was time barred. The Judge had no excuse being told that the appeals time of the case was the exacting date to draw the
deadline from, with appeals being reimbursable the Plaintiff was hired to that
status, given a fair uncorrupted appeal. This meets NYS Law definition of employee, the two year deadline was to file from the retaliatory act, a falsified Omnibuds letter less than two years Summons and Complaint.

Similar the Judge could not seem to qualify
relentless supervision and counseling duties as mental health work, or supervising rec activities with dozens of athletes as first responder as physical health, although as an Athletic Trainer this is a knowledge domain for such an Allied Health Professional, the plaintiff. Corruption within the court is a serious concern.

New York State, this is what Hillside Family of Agencies has done with your tax dollars. Monies for Clients coming from NY State and Counties, was used to protect child abusing staff, crony Admin who protected their friends-caught in records falsification, and begin a court defense to cover up they don’t have to follow NYS Law or Federal, as is
noted in the Hillside annual update training.

The case continues for NYS Court of Appeals,
with a very direct summary for the Judge of evidence based crimes by Hillside, and deception in court. As required NYS Attorney General (and FBI Offices) have seen the case.
You have no right to trust the presenting Admin at Hillside, involved in a crime the Board of Directors should have removed them or be party to their taxpayer funded crime.

God caught them good. And they can be prosecuted on the evidence submitted, stay the course. Prosecutors need to see this through to protect the Clients of NY, Staff, Taxpayers, and the legal procedure of NY.

the court may order relief as follows: (a) an injunction to restrain continued violation of this section; (b) the reinstatement of the employee to the same position held before the retaliatory personnel action, or to an equivalent position; (c) the reinstatement of full fringe benefits and seniority rights; (d) the compensation for lost wages, benefits and other remuneration; and (e) the payment by the employer of reasonable costs, disbursements, and attorney's fees. 6. Employer relief. A court, in its discretion, may also order that reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs and disbursements be awarded to an employer if the court determines that an action brought by an employee under this section was without basis in law or in fact. - See more at:



NY CVP 213

For false info of court, damages.

N.Y. CVP. LAW § 5015 : NY Code - Section 5015: Relief from judgment or order - See more at:


thanks motley crue for the anti drug dr. feelgood.


Luke 10:19 "...but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven."
John 3:3
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
Luke 9:25 And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forfeit your own soul?
LK 11:34 Therefore be careful that the light (fire) in you isn’t darkness.
John 3:16
16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
 Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillments.
1. Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem Micah 5:2/ Mt:2:1-6, Luke 2:1-20 2. Messiah was to be born of a virgin. Isaiah 7:14/ Mt 1:18-25, Luke1:26-38 3. Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses; Deut 18:15/ John 7:40 4. Messiah was to enter Jerusalem in triumph: Zech 9:9/ Mt 21:1-9, John 12:12-16 5. Messiah was to be rejected by his own people: Isaiah 53:1-3/ Matthew 26:3-4 Psalm 118:22/ John 12:37-43, Acts4:1-12 6. Messiah was to be betrayed by one of his followers: Psalm 41:9/ Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50 7. Messiah was to be tried and condemned: Isaiah 53:8 / Luke 23:1-25, Mt 27:1-2 8. Messiah was to be silent before his accusers: Isaiah 53:7 / Matthew 27:12-14
9. Messiah was to be struck and spat on by his enemies: Isaiah 50:6/ Matthew 26:67
10. Messiah was to be mocked and insulted: Psalm 22:7-8/ Matthew 27:39-44 11. Messiah was to die by crucifixion. Psalm 22:14,/ MT 27:31, Mark 15:20,25 16,17 / 12. Messiah was to suffer with criminals and pray for his enemies: Isaiah 53:12/ Matthew 27:38 13. Messiah was to be given vinegar and gall: Psalm 69:21/ Matthew 27:34 14. Others were to cast lots for Messiah's garments: Psalm 22:18/ Matthew 27:35 15. Messiah's bones were not to be broken: Exodus 12:46/ John 19:31-36 16. Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin: Isaiah 53:5,6,8/ John 1:29, 11:49-52 17. Messiah was to be raised from the dead: Psalm 16:10/ Matthew 28:1-10 18. Messiah is now at God's right hand: Psalm 110:1/ Mark 16:19 Luke 24:50-51



Miraculous birth, death, resurrection
Jesus' Parable teachings
       Jesus' Non parable teachings
Other miracles
MT 19:16
16...but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

The Greatest Commandment:
"Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."(Mt 22:37) The Second Greatest Commandment: " To love your neighbor as yourself." (Mt 22:39) " All the law and the prophets hang on these two commands."(v 40)
Is giving 10% of what you earn to God through the needy often and not necessarily a church, maybe a charity.  The scripture under " Robbing God" is in the end of the book of Malachi on this.  The promise listed there is that if a person does this that God will pour our such a blessing to you that you will not be able to hold it.  It is God's promise not man's, and God goes as far as to challenge believers saying test me in this.  There are multitudes of Christians who testify what this has done for them.  
The Golden Rule
The Ten Commandments
1I am The Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me. 
2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down or worship them; for I The Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. 3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name 4. Observe the sabbath day keeping it holy. 5. Honor your father and mother, as The Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you. 6. You shall not murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor's house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. Jesus expands on adultery in Matthew 5 saying that if a man even looks lustfully at a woman he has committed adultery with her in his heart. And with the sabbath he teaches it is ok to do work as long as you are helping someone, as he healed others on the sabbath. This showing Jesus' authority to change the Jewish law and he expanded on other commandments.

The most prosperous time in Israel's history was under the author of the Proverbs as King. 666 Talents was the annual duty of gold brought into THE LORD'S Temple, and even the poor had money.  The 666 a hint to what happened to that generation after they fell away to idols and met slavery in Iraq.
PRO 1:2  
"The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand
wise sayings."
MT 11:19 "...wisdom is shown to be right
by what results from it."
Accept God's words, accurate weights, actions, advice, a man's understanding, aptly spoken, avoid strife, a woman who  fears The Lord, blameless, blessing(s), boundary stone, cheerful heart, cold water to a weary soul, committing plans to The  Lord brings success, confesses and renounces sins, convict the guilty, correction, dignity, diligent, directed, discipline ,discretion, earnest council, fair, fairness, faithful, faithful instruction, family, fear of The Lord, friends, generous, gentle answer, gift, give to the poor, good name, good news, good will, guard your heart, guards his(/her) soul, heart at peace, hard work, hates ill gotten gain, heed instruction, hold your tongue, honesty, honor mother & father, honest lips, hope, humble, humor, innocence (innocent), insight, integrity, instruction, joy, just, justice, kind, kindhearted, kind to the poor, knowledge, lips, listen, looks after master, love, lowly spirit, mercy, name of The Lord, neighbor's house, noble character, obeys, open rebuke, patient, pay back evil with good (25:21), peace, perfume and incense, plans, pleasant, pleasant words, prayer, prompt rewards, prudent (prudence), praise, pure, pure heart, rebuke, reliable words, repentance, revelation, righteous, self control, seldom set foot in neighbor's house, skilled in your work, sound answers, sound judgment, speak up ( for the poor), spirit, store up God's commands within you, strength, tongue, timely word, train a child, trust in The Lord, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unfailing love, upbringing, upright, wait for The Lord, watches over affairs of her household, wealth, wife of noble character, winnows, wisdom, wise, wise man's rebuke, wise servant, word of God (is flawless), works his/her land.
Adulteress, alcohol, anger (excessive), answers before listening, arrogant, bad reputation, (earning)beatings, betray a confidence, beauty is fleeting, bent on rebellion, bloodthirsty, boasting, boast about tomorrow,  bread of idleness, bribe, charm is deceptive, chases fantasies, chattering, child left to himself, companion of prostitutes, conceals his sins, contempt(uous), corrupt, crafty, craves evil, deceives neighbor and says they were  only joking, deception, defiant, devious, dishonest money, differing, double minded, empty promise, envy, envy sinners, evil, eyes of (carnal) man, exploit the poor, false(accusations) witness, fear of man, flattering tongue, flatters, folly, fool, fool repeats his folly, foolish, forsake your friend, fraud, friends with a hot tempered man, gives way to the wicked, gloat, glutton, godless, gossip, greedy, guilty, haste, hate, hates correction,  hardens his heart, hatred, haughty, haughty eyes, hidden love, hires a fool, honor is not fitting for a fool, hot tempered,  jealousy, laziness, lies, listens to lies, loud to neighbor early in the day, loves ( too much) pleasure, lying tongue, malicious, meddles in quarrel not his own, mere talk, mocker, mocks the poor, pampering a servant, partiality, path of the wicked, planned evil, praising self, oppress the poor for profit, pay back evil with evil, perverse, perversity, played the fool, provocation by a fool, pursues evil, pride, proud, proud heart, quarrelsome wife (quarrel), quick tempered, reckless words, schemes of folly, scorns instruction, shiftless, sin, slack, sluggard, sly tongue, sows wickedness, spares the rod, spurns discipline, stiff necked, stingy, stirs up dissension, strays, strife, tongue, trusts in himself, trusts in riches, unfriendly, undeserved curse, violence, wayward, wayward wife, wealth with turmoil, wrongdoing, zeal without knowledge.
PROMISES : 1.When you bear fruit that lasts eternal (according to Jesus). 2.When you ask for things in Jesus' name. 3.Where two or more come together to pray for something. 4.When you have the faith the size of at least a mustard seed. When you do these things what you ask for in prayer will be given, according to the will of The Father. 5.Persistence in prayer is mentioned but may be the least efficient avenue, as in the Old Testament The Lord saying the people were so wicked, that even if they came into the temple to pray, that He would not listen. Jesus lends the example of Jonah to this generation. Proverbs 10:24: What the wicked dreads will overtake him, what the righteous desire will be granted. Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked but He hears the prayer of the righteous. James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and EFFECTIVE. Jeremiah 29:12-13 Then you will call upon me and come pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will find me when you seek me with all your heart. ____________________


Wise and foolish builders Mt 7:24-27                                                      New wine in old wineskins Mt 9:16-17
Sower and the seed        Mt 13:1-8, 18-23                                              Weeds                              Mt 13:24-30
Mustard Seed                Mt 13:31-32                                                        Yeast                             Mt 13:33
Hidden Treasure            Mt 13:44                                                             Pearl of great price             Mt 13:45-46
Dragnet                         Mt 13:47-50                                                         Householder                      Mt 13:52
The lost sheep               Mt 18:12-14                                                        Unmerciful servant            Mt 18:23-25
Workers in the vineyard Mt 20:1-6                                                           Two sons                          Mt 21:28-32
Tenants (wicked husbandman) Mt 21:33-46                                           Wedding banquet              Mt 22:1-4
Fig Tree                        Mt 24:32-35                                                          Wise & wicked servants    Mt 24:45-51
Ten Virgins                   Mt 25:1-13                                                            Talents                             Mt 25:14-30
Sheep & goats             Mt 25:31-46                                                          Growing seed                   Mk 4:26-29
Watchful porter            Mk 13:34-37                                                          Two debtors                     Lk 7:41-43
Good Samaritan           Lk 10:30-37                                                         Friend at midnight              Lk 11:5-8
The rich fool                Lk 12: 16-21                                                          Watchful servants              Lk 12:35-48
Barren fig tree             Lk 13:6-9                                                               Lowest seat at the feast     Lk 14:7-11
The great supper         Lk 14: 15-24                                                        The lost coin                     Lk 15: 8-10
The lost son (prodigal) Lk 15: 11-32                                                       Shrewd manager              Lk 16:1-10
Rich man and lazarus   Lk 16:19-32                                                       Unworthy servants           Lk 17: 7-10
Persistent widow         Lk 18:1-8                                                             Pharisee & Tax collector  Lk 18: 9-14
Ten minnas                 Lk 19:11-27                                                          Traveling owner of house  Mk 13:34-37
The vine & branches   Jn 15:1
3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 6Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.


" You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother ( A Christian) but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler.  With such a man do not even eat." ( I Cor 5:11)
(The Rationale Behind This)
I Cor 6:9:  Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor the drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  Heb 10:29 : " How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him."  Not associating, expelling, is a disciplinary measure to keep the person from going further into wrath's way.  Hopefully the entertainment of folly wears off and the person comes back to rational decision making while expelled from the body.    
Avoid 7 Deadly Sins
Lust, anger, greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride.
The Unitarian truth about The Bible: 

The shortcut is to read the Ten Commandments and see that Yahweh (THE FATHER) ( the original true and correct Hebrew translation of the name "The Lord") claimed to be the only God.  Many a manipulating preacher will try to tell you otherwise, but those claims are not backed by King James' text.  Why site King James? Because it is the oldest Protestant Bible ( this comes from a different Latin text root than The Catholic Bible), backed by the hearty Dead Sea Scrolls.  The phrases God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, and God The Holy Ghost are not in The King James, only the phrase "God The Father" appears.  There are many intersections in a Bible where Jesus' actions or words are given over to man's translation of what is happening, but it is that, man's addition of words which conjure up the God Christ, not the actual text, and not God The Father's  literal verification.
 Even with Jesus  falsely accused and about to be stoned for claiming to be God, upon examination those words never came out of Jesus' mouth.  Is he being framed? The instruction by Psalm and Proverb are to not add words to God's flawless word. The principle of being one with God is shared by many in The Bible, not just Jesus. When Jesus speaks "figuratively" in The Bible he reveals not every word is to be taken by one definition.  Such are the trinity manipulations, the translations which try to claim Jesus is The Lord God Almighty, they are not backed by God The Father's literal word.  John chapter 1 for example pits Jesus as the creator of the universe, or only creator of everything that is born again?  Isaiah, the Dead Sea Scrolls that is, show that God The Father created the universe, not Jesus.   The Lord translates as Yahweh, not Jesus.  Jesus says yes there are many "lords", but Psalm 110 shows him to be a different lord than The Father, in the order of Melchizedek, Abraham's priest, who is also found in Revelation. 
   This is in the King James, newer Bibles changed verses to make things say Jesus is God outright. Go research the verses in the KJ and you will see the manipulations. There are basic definitions of I, Me, and You, which God The Father uses to describe Himself, and Jesus the exterior  Son to Him.  For a trinitarian to claim Jesus is literally one with God goes beyond anything God The Father ever said Himself.  Look at the entire Old Testament, no one worshipped a Holy Spirit or Jesus as God.  Even the wise men are only mentioned to have worshipped Jesus, but it does not say as God.  Like the disciples worshipping Jesus as "the Son of God" in a boat.  It says no more than that? No verse exists that equates being the Son of God, or one with God, or about your work, to being God. The New Testament holds the same all the way through, no one clearly worships Jesus or The Holy Spirit as God, and definitely God The Father never verifies in His own words there are three Gods in Christianity.  Even when Jesus is claimed to be Almighty, The KJ does not say Lord God Almighty.  So maybe it means almighty among men, but I would not sign Jesus up to be his Father without permission.     
 There is never mention ever once in The Bible of punishment or example thereof for a person being Unitarian.   Being Unitarian actually was the instructions to all of Israel and Jesus' disciples, no God before The Father!  Moses was never punished for KEEPING this and neither was Matthew.  These guys never worshipped a trinity, so who labeled them as such?  Don't expect any major or minor prophets or disciples or apostles either to give you evidence, it is not there in KJ.  No not as a direct claim, that Jesus is God.    Show me all the so called verses that claim Jesus to be God, and I will show you each one of them to not be  sound proof to overturn the First Commandment.  They are only ambiguities, which man building upon is not enough   to not add words to God's "flawless" word. Those were His instructions, not mine.
47And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,
 neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.




9-14 Russ’ Birthday, the same Calendar day as The National Anthem origin.

LEV 25:10
"...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof:"

(words & music: God & Russ)

1.  Tell the story of The Liberty Bell
Lives were freed when they let it yell
Its screams across the plains of America.

The Unborn Lady could be King
Like you on your best day, thought I heard you sing.
In the name of love
be free.

Let it ring, let them be free 'cause the unborn baby used to be you an' if the Doctor there was me You'd wanna let it Ring.
2. Freedom save the babies lives, love has stopped the Doctors knives, these aren't the hands of a medicine man.
An' Mama's blues ain't washed away, by the life they took In hopes that day, that peace would go on to no end.
(Righteous Flow)
As (Mr.) Washington's armies fought to be free His slaves were the page that cause me this grief Just the same with Uncle Sam, lets us kill the children of The Great "I Am". Sainthood saved the founders lives, Hollywood loves like suicide, can I ever find a Heavenly hero on a T.V. screen? That Liberty Bell cracked not by design, on Washington's Birthday, God's little sign, that freedom (sir) what you took from me. Its ringing true like .45s,

image007 image008 image009image010
Mamas takin' childrens lives, in a country so proud to be free, O freedom sing.
3. Sunday morning church bell rings The word preached is love, with g'i-tar strings And it's savin' lives (our lives), I just wanna be there. The Eagle surely lost his way, on the road to Judgment Day God's fire still burns in the hearts of men.
Don't tell me its freedom when the baby dies.

Fund Raiser

Conference Center of The Adirondacks

is raising funds for renovations. It is a big project,
achievable with more people helping. Look them up on line.


Text on this site typed as organized paragraphs will take
on the appearance of disheveled gibberish, of its own doing.
Even though it may seem a fitting posting in the air of emails
and blogs, the helter skelter nature of text in the computer geek
world. This was not the intended display, literary work has
been hampered by the glitch. I’m givin’ her all she’s got Captain!
Maybe Apple can fix it?


Pasted Graphic 5


If you would like your email maybe posted here:
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Can I count on you?



all fund raisers should be listed directly above, keep checking with the Candidates to see who needs help. (11/1)

Nov 27, 2014


What should help clear up the perception for the defense in Appeals, is that under a different stipulation of
labor law, owed wages can be sued for. To prove that should be easy, that defense owed fair appeals, it was violated,
and it was to be paid. The Judge can trump the whole thing and say I override the Hillside appeals, because you
corrupted it Admin. The past Judge tried to move towards, well you weren’t granted the appeal. OK, the whole procedure is a right,
which is not to be interfered with, hearing and cash included. To say that part of the appeal was completed and
Hillside testifies on their own behalf they owe wages for that. Criminal records falsification is not an acceptable answer, as to why
that was not handled right. Every day of appeals is paid for victims of retaliation, those days were pre committee appeal, and are
separate from the rest of the fiasco.
If it was an interview for a job that was corrupted, and it included
the resulting wages, you could sue. This is beyond that as a policy manual Admin followed obligation. Not you have to show the company
you are able, but they crossed your legal rights and corruption better fix things, before it is in court escalating as $13 Million, because you took
matters into your own hands. If you attacked somebody else’s job, that is all they did at Hillside July 2011 to now.


That was the Lawyer who helped me, after Court trying to assist again. If you ask me these guys get busy on cases,
and try to fit in new ones where they can, it makes scheduling difficult if they can represent. First Atty i think was like that
from Wall St to Buffalo, alot of cases.


Back to Messages
From: Woodruff

Russ B
Sent: Mon, Mar 24, 2014 AM

That is an appeal from NYC.

On Mar 23, 2014, at PM, Russ Boardman wrote:


This was evidence when original Summons filed, The Attorney i was working with left me with paperwork where people sign on the summons,
and Atty names are there for contact info. I signed the summons with my name only as “Plaintiff” the person who filed. His name was on it for contact info
in the case, because he left me with the perception he wanted the case, and is why he was helping me with this.

Pasted Graphic

Amended Time Barred

In the case on the issue of amended complaint. The defense has claimed to the judge it is with prejudice they were served.
The law says that being the case, the amended is not to be considered. So defense testifies against that themselves on amended being ruled out.
Second point on S&C, the amended only adds to the original one and does not remove the initial filing completely, it is only an addition, the original
filing being on time is still maintained. Both ruled out at court because the original was 6 days after retaliation on the first part, but two days
pre retal in Appeals, on two years.

If a Judge wants to be such a stickler for deadlines on amending, you simply can’t count the amended and it is time barred so it is inert. Rules say at any time to amend, so how is any filing too late?
The Plaintiff should win under either condition.

When i am done if you want to use case files for target practice on muzzle loader season, that may be possible.



Pasted Graphic 1 Liberals are still proud of killing babies. No victim here liar.

Thanksgiving 2014


First of all Thanks for you Patriots who dumped the liberal Senate!
God Bless your family , all the kids and those in need.

1. The Obama regime is the # 1 enemy to America, the border a
least of his concerns.
2. Continued prayer for Ferguson, racism is alive
and well.

3. There are so many less fortunate, and we can’t do alot with
DC as is.

4. Roe v. Wade meets its end, the stabber who can’t comprehend murder?

Five points of freedom:
You shall not murder as abortion,
you shall not steal as the left,
adultery is out,
do not covet
or bear false witness.

Finally do unto others…

God Blesses true
Patriots, that is what we need, without it you have joined savages.

God hears the prayer of the righteous.












       We couldn't make it up if we tried, and as unbelievable as it may sound, a number of Republican leaders in Congress are so anxious to give Barack Obama the funding he so desperately needs to implement his lawless and dictatorial amnesty decree that they're scrambling to make up clumsy lies in an attempt to deceive you into believing that they're "powerless" to stop him.

       But they're NOT powerless to stop Barack Obama and, as a matter of fact, rank-and-file Republicans are already in open rebellion over this latest clumsy lie.

       These rank-and-file Republicans desperately need your help... Representative Michele Bachmann and others are even planning a rally in Washington D.C. and are urging patriotic Americans to "melt the phone lines" in Washington.

       We must heed this clarion call. Our elected officials need to hear the righteous indignation of patriotic Americans and they need to hear it now.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Leader of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Send My Blast Faxes

Lies... Lies... And Damned Lies...

       The powerful Republican Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers, actually issued a press release which read, in part: "It would be impossible to defund President Obama's executive actions on immigration" because "the primary agency responsible for implementing Obama's actions is funded entirely by user fees."

       But wait just a minute... who authorizes the collection of those "user fees?"... You guessed it... Congress. But Rogers and the so-called Republican leadership refuse to be daunted by simple reason, so much so that Rogers actually told reporters that stopping the collection of these user fees "would take an act of Congress."

       You read that right. Congress is powerless to stop Barack Obama because doing so would require an act of Congress? If you're seeing red over this pathetic excuse, you're not the only one.

       Rank-and-file Republicans and conservative pundits immediately denounced it:

       check Congressman Steve King called the so-called GOP leadership on the carpet: "They're contriving red herring arguments to get to the point that enough members will walk out of this Congress and go home for Thanksgiving saying, 'Well, there's nothing we can do.'"

       check Senator Jeff Sessions blasted the leadership as well: "The American people's Congress has the power and every right to deny funding for unworthy activities. It is a routine and constitutional application of congressional power. There is no question that Congress has the power to block this expenditure and no doubt that it can be done."

       check Senator Richard Shelby added: "To say you can't do something, maybe we need to explore more options... You can put a rider on a lot of things. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat."

       check But Sean Davis with The Federalist said it best: "That is absolute nonsense. The notion that Congress can turn on a money spigot but is banned from turning it off is nonsense. And the worst part is that it's willful nonsense... Republicans can add defunding language to any bill whenever they so choose. The issue is not that they can't use the power of the purse to block Obama's lawless power grab. The issue is that they don't want to. The real shame is that they can't even be honest about that."

       Yes, Republican leaders are deceiving the American people, but there is a way to fight the deceit. Patriotic Americans must call them on the lie. Because, if you don't, they'll only assume they've gotten away with their deceitful games and they'll hand the keys to Barack Obama on a silver platter.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Leader of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Send My Blast Faxes

But Wait... It Gets Worse... So-Called GOP Leaders Are Pressuring Rank-And-File Republicans To Fund Obama's Amnesty Decree Behind The Scenes.

       Michelle Bachman spilled the beans. Here's how it was reported by Breitbart TV:

       "Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) revealed on Saturday that Republican leadership, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), has no intention of resisting President Obama's executive amnesty that he ordered on Thursday."

       "'Do you want the truth? Okay, I'll tell all of Breitbart listeners what happened this week. I was floored!'

       "In the weekly meeting called 'Republican Conference' in the House of Representatives, 'we all knew that the big issue for the week was going to be the president announcing his amnesty,' she explained. Bachmann recounted that all of the leadership went to the microphone, including John Boehner.

       "'They acted as though the amnesty issue wasn't even an issue. They said that the President is going to do what he's going to do, and we are not going to get down in the mud with him. We are not going to engage, and what we are going to do is to talk about our positive solutions on jobs, the economy, education, and manufacturing,' Bachmann said.

       "She added that each congressman who spoke reiterated that not engaging Obama and staying positive was a 'brilliant strategy.'

       "'We will not engage,' she reiterated with disgust. ... 'While the country is talking about amnesty, and the president is taking unconstitutional actions, our leadership wants to change the subject and not engage.'"

       It's time to once again remind these so-called Republican leaders that the American people gave them a majority to STOP Barack Obama... NOT to rubber stamp his dictatorial decrees.

       And make no mistake, taking no action places our country in dire peril.

       If Congress relinquishes its Constitutional authority and funds this unconstitutional amnesty decree, what exactly will be left to stop Obama's lawlessness? The time to hold Congress' feet to the fire is right now!

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Leader of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Send My Blast Faxes

Yours In Freedom

Unbelievable! ... Republican Leaders Are Actually Trying To Tell You That Congress Is "Powerless" To Stop Barack Obama's Unlawful And Tyrannical Amnesty Decree Because Doing So Would Require "An Act Of Congress."


Center for Individual Freedom
815 King Street
Suite 303
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-535-5836
Fax: 703-535-5838


Obama to give incentive over Americans to the illegal crime wave.
To employers by his usual snake hood.
Discrimination against nationality, Obama hates Americans and is attacking the
righteous standard. What i could tell you as a Christian, prophecy from the past
that God delivered, in the same light.
If Obama dies from his sin against America, while in office, God is leaning
that way?


Nov 26, 2014

Prosecutors are where on this case?

To me it is no difference whether Hillside is defeated by ll
Article 20-C or 215. Both have a two year statute, if you
use health care employee. Maybe no one defense figured this out yet,
but if you try to claim you are not working in health care as
a Sociotherapist, or YCP at Hillside, you have falsified records.
The list of job duties that follows… How about a fraud charge?

The # of sports i worked with at Hillside? As in an Athletic Trainer capacity.
At least 7 different sports, with the required med belt pack, CPR mask, that is
not counting Turkey Bowl specifically. On any shift i am required to be ready to stay OT,
and cover that role, it never left me as a responsibility. It must be a food service related job or
maybe grounds, maintenance or transportation, if Hazard County court is your relish. No Health
Care here Team Leader:Doctor, what did i think i was doing? MHP, I am only here as a Sociotherapist to clean floors, order
snacks and stay out of sight. The group notes, supervision of teens, counseling skills, signing off
on the treatment plan for each Client, mandated reporting, only a figment of the imagination on behalf of the defense.
Our Sociotherapists don’t really do these things for us at Hillside? Why did i have to understand psych
diagnosis by DSM and meds for this job, file that under janitorial Russ, by the mop bucket, no health care here if
OCFS hears about anything of that nature, they’ll shut us down.

The longest part of the case right now, is not the record, the multiple frivolous complaints from the defense
having to be corrected is. Scribblefest was in full effect, now it is like the Teacher having to go back over things with a red pen so to speak.
The non meritorious summary from the bench, is accomplice to corruption, but short compared to defense.

The shortest way through the case is to line up the initial offense against law. Paint everything beyond that as frivolous interference with
the procedure.

There are workers in Society, good desk staff, and Lawyers, and then the other side of the law. The leech Lawyers who are not helping anyone but
criminals, predatory to society. I am not that concerned with being able to prove my point in court by evidence. Boardman music is part of the case,
offenses against the Patriot outfit, by leftist rebels at Hillside.

God Bless



256 A.D.2d 311 (1998)
681 N.Y.S.2d 322
EDMUND KELLY, Respondent, v. XEROX CORPORATION, Appellant.
Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Second Department.
Decided December 7, 1998.

Sullivan, J.P., Krausman, Goldstein and Luciano, JJ., concur.

Ordered that the order is affirmed, with costs.
On or about May 15, 1990, the plaintiff made a complaint to the New York State Department of Labor, alleging that the defendant had violated the New York State Labor Law by refusing to pay earned commissions. That claim was settled on February 11, 1993, for $17,000. The plaintiff was discharged from his employment on or about April 15, 1993, and commenced

[256 A.D.2d 312]

the instant action pursuant to Labor Law § 215, claiming that the termination of his employment was in retaliation for his complaining about his employer's violation of the Labor Law.
Labor Law § 215 prohibits discharging an employee in retaliation for making a complaint that the employer "has violated any provision of this chapter, or because such employee has caused to be instituted a proceeding under or related to this chapter". "[T]his chapter" refers to any provision of the Labor Law (
see, Labor Law § 1; Leibowitz v Bank Leumi Trust Co., 152 A.D.2d 169, 174).
In this case, the plaintiff alleged that his employer failed to pay him earned commissions in violation of the Labor Law (
see, Labor Law §§ 191, 198-c), and participated in a proceeding under the Labor Law with respect to that claim. His contention that he was discharged in retaliation for pursuing the claim is supported by sworn factual allegations in the record. There is no allegation the he waived any claim for retaliation as part of his settlement of his claim for unpaid commissions (cf., Warden v Squibb & Sons, 840 F.Supp. 203). Accordingly, the defendant's motion for summary judgment was properly denied.
The defendant's remaining contentions are without merit.


Taxpayers, Clients, this is for you.

Email below shows that YCP Boardman
reported harassment concerns to Mike Staino the
Program Director. It also went to Helen the head of HR.

What this illustrates for the case that in March, well before July
Supervisors had a chance to fix problems, and then they retaliated. The first
meeting was about 5-19 on this at Hillside per OCFS, no help immediately followed on my file
being found by HR, and lies to cover up what happened with Rachel. All the way out to 6-30
with meeting #2, the fake write up which cites supervisors for retaliating on being reported
for insubordination.

What is case evidence not here, that end of shift reports reflect
Clients being bothered by obnoxious traitors to Hillside, in the March Email by , known as staff, kind of like corporate,
well you know all in a day’s work. If it was like a race, i ran out of the shoes, staff failed me to
criminal standards, i did everything I could and they wimped on doing their jobs. There was not one more legal or policy
way to handle this, other than to arrest staff, which would require leaving the zone and is neglect.

If they escalate further I am gong to assign damages to it. There comes a time to sit down, shut up, and follow laws.
I have to question if Tea Party prosecutes NY Atty G for non feasance if he sits on this case. Really not impressed with
Albany, yeah, act like a punk let your liberal criminals slide, that is a thief, Governments get overthrown for parties
like that. Go do my job and see how much you want to put up with crime. Van Halen’s video “Don’t Tell Me…” seems
rougher than Hillside? No, we don’t have mechanical restraints, a hold goes five minutes we don’t reach for
handcuffs like prisons. Clients go 225, 240, 270 lbs, gang members. This is not where we need deviant staff or computer
geeks, when it is go time, the job requires well tempered Christian athletes who may maintain the safety of all individuals
in the therapeutic treatment environment, otherwise known as crisis or a riot to normal society.

Whether it was harassment or neglect either is a threat to public health, an incited floor over a rape or a fight, Cops are in
and not in their usual places. It turns to a brawl of 50 people like under Kidspeace, that is a trigger for health being
threatened. What do they tell you as responder at Red Cross, make sure the scene is safe before you get involved. Look at the AWOLS
by Nashville, not public health?

Scoundrel is the variant of Admin that made this case possible. ‘Did you do your job today honey? Not a chance I sat on my
( edit) and let crime run the show, not a damn thing got done, swept reporting under the carpet, but I still get paid Thursday,
and will make company banquets!’

Albany needs to collapse this garbage. You signed up to do a job, that is crime. You have to be a complete failure to
follow Obama in his sabotage. I respect Hagel for doing what he did, he should join our side.


better cropped as be...

Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic


In the paperwork I see the name Kim Harding as an Atty for Nixon Peabody, with Todd Shinaman. I don’t want to discriminate and only mention
male staff on their records falsification. Why $300,000 in frivolous, because each instance is up to $10,000, they cited maybe up to 12 cases, none of which overturn
labor law, every point in the argument went up to 11 at least. Arguments in court were maybe another 10 errors. It is obvious they did this to burn themselves
on crime, obvious lies, which may indicate another deficiency of cognitive reasoning. If NY Atty G was doing his job he would prosecute the Attys for records falsification, obvious lies.
Of course he wants to help me? i turned in crime, the guy who saves lives and babies from getting stabbed by psychopath Doctors. He signed up to be Atty G that says he wanted to stop crime by his own testimony right? Now if he changed his mind, and is helping the bad guys, The FBI better take notice and help remedy the tempter tantrum.
And ask Governor Cuomo again why crime is not being handled, in front of a Prosecutor and Judge.

I do see the motion and pleading in the Appeals case. To motion of add in damages of deformation at court, possibly add Nixon Peabody to the damages as Atty.
So it is $10 Million for one say, and $1 Million for the other, or $6 Million and $ 5 Million, then they can’t turn around and blame each other, for losses.
It will be the court settling the crimes. Neither party is innocent. But if it all goes to Hillside they can sue Nixon or try to.

I think it happened with Nixon Peabody because you have a brat Attorney who works in a big company, like the Hillside staff using the company as their vehicle for crime.
All Todd had to do or any help he had was make a criminal mess of the case, embarrass Nixon, and hand it off, because they have other Appeal lawyers. Maybe he fades into
the backdrop, Nixon takes the blame not Todd. Which may be true, many lawyers, a corporation, he won’t get blamed. Then again you dumped your crime on the agency that
employs litigants. Like they would let him get away with that? A cheap shot artist, illegal behavior by NY Bar posting. Also below on this site.

If I decide pre court that it is too late no settlement, then oh well full damages. Hillside is beyond any reasonable amount of time to fix their crime in two
careers, actually three. So if I decide to take a settlement, pre court, it is only by the grace of God, not because they deserve it,are owed it, or have any
brat right to expect it.

Who is watching that Hillside board disciplined criminals? Did they remove Program Sups, Campus Director, President Devil, Board members who are accomplice.
There must be some policy that a criminal board is removed by the rest of the boards. Evidence that went to court showed staff who are in it. Authorities should have
a good lead on crime from there.

If you look at the election map of NY, it is predominantly red upstate, Conservative. People don’t agree with this Hillside garbage. They need to get their crime off my
file, and job or it is going to escalate in damages so bad, there may be no Hillside. Only criminal left to pay the damages. Here ends the reading of a sovereign corporate nation, fantasy, delusional, mentally incompetent leadership, diagnosis, placement, meds.

Do they have new leadership yet on the crime front at Hillside? I would be
arrogant enough to say, some NY Dems don’t like what happened from liberals there.


Nov 25, 2014




Here was some more criminal handywork, Declaration of defense Atty for Court
two days pre Christmas 2013.

This is the kind of kid who gets held after school for detention.

#9. Plaintiff only believes law was broken, let’s see fake write up with policy was submitted,
contacts from OCFS prior also, with complaints to supervisors. Plaintiff fails to allege connection between
action and protected right, another lie. 3rd liars stipulation on that list, Athletic Trainer was mentioned by Plaintiff,
definition of employee is met.

To be honest with you, as the litigation piles up like fresh maneuvers, after a snow storm. There may be $300,000 in
frivolous statements from it just by the court assigning penalties. Without deformation against one of America’s
Christian Rockers.

Pasted Graphic


Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic 2

Initial filing against Hillside
You will see an Attorney thought I had a Health Care Employee Status.
It also sets aside the defense harassment in court that I had
mentioned three attorneys, which were summarized as several by defense, but this
was so doubted by Nixon Peabody. Deformation of character if there ever was, they tried
to give that to a Judge like i lied, or was trying to deceive the court.

The Judge seemed content to go right along with defense on Queensborough case, that a staff
who was retaliated against as an employee was not given statute, being terminated later on. But
a staff who is employed and uses the retal date, still does not have statute.

When they tell you , that you are not health care, you have a license, duties included medical and
mental health skills, required, or it would be child abuse negligence, you know somebody is trying to spring the defense from their crime.

In the WWF ( World Wrestling Federation) days, referee Danny Davis, you gotta watch out for him, genuine cheap shot artist. If he
refs your match, trouble is bound to happen, it is like a bible prophecy. County Court, you have to know these jokers, it was not any better.
Then the Hulkamania happens, order is restored, even Big Boss Man could stop Hulk in a steel cage. Dirty authorities, didn’t matter, the
Real American still brought him to justice. That is like a Bible story.


Pasted Graphic 3
Pasted Graphic 4

Pasted Graphic 5
Pasted Graphic 7

Pasted Graphic 8

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 9


Was dealt in on Hillside.


Their Attorney has been turned in. The record for court is around an inch thick.
They are definitely caught.
Can the Judge be prosecuted?



(a) A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless there is a basis in law and fact for doing so that is not frivolous. A lawyer for the defendant in a criminal proceeding or for the respondent in a proceeding that could result in incarceration may nevertheless so defend the proceeding as to require that every element of the case be established.
(b) A lawyer’s conduct is “frivolous” for purposes of this Rule if:
(1) the lawyer knowingly advances a claim or defense that is unwarranted under existing law, except that the lawyer may advance such claim or defense if it can be supported by good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law;
(2) the conduct has no reasonable purpose other than to delay or prolong the resolution of litigation, in violation of Rule 3.2, or serves merely to harass or maliciously injure another; or
(3) the lawyer knowingly asserts material factual statements that are
false. Comment
[1] The advocate has a duty to use legal procedure for the fullest benefit of the client’s cause, but also a duty not to abuse legal procedure. The law, both procedural and substantive, establishes the limits within which an advocate may proceed. However, the law is not always clear and is never static. Accordingly, in determining the proper scope of advocacy, account must be taken of the law’s ambiguities and potential for change.
[2] The filing of a claim or defense or similar action taken for a client is not frivolous merely because the facts have not first been fully substantiated or because the lawyer expects to develop vital evidence only by discovery. Lawyers are required, however, to inform themselves about the facts of their clients’ cases and the applicable law, and determine that they can make good-faith arguments in support of their clients’ positions. Such action is not frivolous even though the lawyer believes that the client’s position ultimately will not prevail. The action is frivolous, however, if the action has no reasonable purpose other than to harass or maliciously injure a person, or if the lawyer is unable either to make a good-faith argument on the merits of the action taken or to support the action taken by a good-faith argument for an extension, modification or reversal of existing law (which includes the establishment of new judge-made law). The term “knowingly,” which is used in Rule 3.1(b)(1) and (b)(3), is defined in Rule 1.0(k).
[3] The lawyer’s obligations under this Rule are subordinate to federal or state constitutional law that entitles a defendant in a criminal matter to the assistance of counsel in presenting a claim or contention that otherwise would be prohibited by this Rule.


That was pathetic, racist criminals who don’t have enough evidence to prove a crime, where maybe their guy
assaulted a Cop, which is against the law. So go loot because you were looking for an excuse to commit another thug act.
It is about an addiction, blame the innocent. Being a sell out and the system is whack? No that
is racism black on white, arrogance, cowardice to avoid doing the right thing. Tell it like it is, you can’t
stop hurting innocent people, take the credit for it. I guess white people are supposed to loot and start riots
because they don’t convict every Black they think is guilty? Without evidence. That is not Christian, but fair
is what you wanted right? I am not going to pretend to go along with the act, because looters like that know
they are thugs, will turn around and tell you they are gangsta, but oh don’t you say it freedom of speech Patriot.
Weak, that is what it was. If you worship crime that is what you do.


NOV 24, 2014


Dear Russ, Every single year, the weekend after Thanksgiving brings familiar emails to my inbox. I receive dozens of messages from concerned parents and grandparents saying that their children and grandchildren came home at Thanksgiving break and announced they are leaving their faith and are no longer pro-life. The same questions are asked of me: How is possible that their children’s beliefs changed so quickly and drastically? What can be done to bring them back? The simple answer is that your children are being pressured from the moment they walk onto campus: pressured to renounce their faith, their commitment to protecting human rights for those not yet born and just accept secularism and the "it's all relative" mindset.  Two weeks ago, I had the honor at speaking at Bowdoin College in Maine about why I was pro-life. I knew accepting the speaking engagement was going to lead to some challenges as our team has been trying for over a year to start a pro-life group on the prestigious campus but hasn't found a pro-life student willing to stand up. I went with the hope that being in the minority and standing up for the preborn would help others do the same. When I arrived at the auditorium, I was greeted by a handful of protestors and a lecture hall filled with pro-abortion students. At the beginning of my presentation, I was cracking my usual jokes, trying to lighten the mood of the room, but the pro-abortion students didn't even want to laugh at funny comments fearing it would give the "enemy" (i.e. me) the upper hand. 
Hands down, it was the toughest audience I have ever spoken to.  My talk explaining the pro-life position was simple: either the unborn are human beings or they aren't. If they are, they deserve the same rights as we do.  I saw the usual confusion taking place in the students’ minds. Girls shaking their heads in disagreement when I casually stated the scientific fact that the unborn child is alive. Students scoffing when I said abortion doesn't un-rape the survivor.  But what I wasn't prepared for was the 15 students who stuck around after my presentation for a "deeper discussion." As we gathered in a small room, these students were obviously up for a debate and came prepared to stump me. After going in circles for 15 minutes, I finally got to the heart of the issue by asking, "What or who gives human life value?" They couldn't answer. These students had already given in to the pressure of their older classmates and their professors.  They denied the existence of a Creator in order to seem more "intellectual,” and, in doing so, they had given up the entire worldview that humans have an inherent dignity. Instead, these students couldn't say why humans are any more valuable than frogs, pigs, or trees. 

Russ, this is the crux of our problem on college campuses. Students enter college with the beliefs their parents helped instill in them yet somehow, within the first few months of college, they lose all moral grounding which causes important life decisions to be made in a "it's all relevant" state of mind. When that moral ground is lost, it's extremely hard to repair it. And this is why our Students for Life groups are so important on campuses. When there is a pro-life group that students can join as soon as the semester starts, one where they meet other like-minded friends and find a place where they feel safe expressing their beliefs in a Creator and the sanctity of Life, those students will remain strong. They might research other beliefs and challenge their thinking on important issues, but they won't change their entire world view because they feel like they have too. You see, we can keep them! Today, Students for Life is kicking off our $150,000 for 2015 Leaders for Life Campaign. The end of the year is coming soon, and our team at Students for Life has some big plans for 2015. But I need your help first. This January, SFLA is going to launch 3 new full-time Regional Coordinators - three Leaders for Life - into some of the most important campuses in our nation: the notoriously anti-life Northeast. I've got all three Leaders lined up to move to Boston, New York City, and Pennsylvania to reach some of our nation's future leaders at our nation's top schools: Harvard, Yale, Penn, Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, etc. It's at these prestigious schools where we lose the moral grounding of this generation, yet, where our nation's top future leaders are being educated. Simply put, we can't afford not to be at them. Russ, can you donate $15, $89, or as much as $178 or $356 right now to make an gift towards our Leaders for Life Campaign? I've got to raise $150,000 from our mail and email supporters before the end of this year, in order to have enough in the bank to launch these three new Leaders in the Northeast, help the Students for Life team train an unprecedented 6,000 Leaders for Life in 2015, and cover the costs of our East and West Coast National Conferences (the largest pro-life conference in the nation) where we will train over 2,500 more Leaders for Life this January. A gift of $356 will pay for the Students for Life team to train one new Leader for Life in 2015, $178 will cover 1/2 of the expenses, and $89 will cover a fourth. Can you make a generous gift today so that Students for Life can train more than 6,000 Leaders for Life in 2015, starting in the Northeast? I can't wait to see the transformation we can make at our nation's top schools in 2015. I don’t want to get any more emails this weekend about students losing their faith and their drive to protect the preborn. We can make a difference on campus but we need your help. For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America 9900 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420




There is no way, these criminals may remain in charge of an agency in NY.



We were doing a good thing there, with the go to staff I rely on.

Corporate expects Teens who are behind in life, to perform under those conditions, criminal harassment by staff.
Remove the witness?

We need a new Governor if this is not stopped.


After reading that you should be able to qualify Plaintiff as a health care staff.



INDEX NO. /2013


I Russell L Boardman, being dually sworn state the following:

Instructions for the previous form were to tell the Judge anything thought to be relevant by the Plaintiff. That did not all fit on to the pages provided.

1. Resuming with the misconduct of Hillside. In the course of confronting the agency about illegal falsifications served through campus staff, it became necessary to utilize the Hillside Omnibuds, as well as three different Attorneys. The agency so stubborn to follow the laws of NY would not stop the crime over 30 months. This included my second Attorney Bob filing a Summons and Complaint in summer of 2012 at Monroe County. Mr. informed me that another one of his cases, was against Hillside for mandated staff that had stayed after shift and the agency refused to pay the required wages. This is indicative of the criminal nonsense that exalts itself from Hillside corporate staff.

2. When this case began it was at the end of months of child abuse reporting that was neglected by Hillside Supervisors. Their attempt to cover up what they did, and blame me for other things, to get rid of the witness, is their mark of keeping the standard.

3. Through the course of trying to file this case, it was apparent that several supporting documents that were sent to Hillside Counsel Shinaman, were not presented by Hillside. If intentionally trying to deceive the Court, it would be consistent with Hillside Supervisors since the roots of this case in 2008.

4. Throughout the spring of 2011 problems were becoming so prevalent from criminal staff Unit, that The County Sheriff was being updated regularly by me.

5. Mr. Boardman’s work performance at was marked by covering close to 9-1/2 years of hours in 7 years starting in the time of Kidspeace running . This included being shift leader on the top performing Ansel Adams house for S.O. Clients. In that time I took no planned time off and scrolled back to the agency hours
of unused vacation every year. This was returning to the agency at 23 days per year roughly, unused. It was a very successful time as a staff, very few TCI holds were used.

6. Problems with Hillside staff failing their duties was in effect as early as 2007-2008. When I had switched off of Ansel Adams to the neighboring, SEH unit, to find no staff supervising Clients upon arrival to work, OCFS was notified. It was so predictable and irresponsible I had contacted Program Director Jim and told him it was as though I had walked off a cliff, to see the standard drop that low.

7. Around 2009 I sat down with Campus Director Ken at his invitation, my 6
th day shifts were helping On Grounds float the campus. I made so many complaints about arriving on houses with no staff in sight, Clients left to neglect. Once I walked right through King unit and never saw a staff like this, the same on Babe Ruth unit, and Athena, Armstrong.

8. The statements of Theresa Kane in Affidavit towards my case are propaganda.
I never knew Hillside had a Theresa Kane Gringer when I worked there. But she seems to think she knows the proper summary on my case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Supporting evidence shows that Staino falsified a termination letter based on my allowed policy contacts. As are all the Hillside complaints in this case. In one word the agency tried to make a “scapegoat” of the mandated reporter.

9. Although switching to NYS Labor Law 215, under Article 20-C I found more falsified statements by the agency to subtract from me medical duties I perform. Which included my certification as an Athletic Trainer, an Allied Health professional,
hired as such and asked to supervise Clients at Rec on day shifts, and would be expected to mandated after shifts. This includes trainings taken at Hillside that are required in First Aid and CPR. The NATA role delineation study describes responding to injuries as a knowledge domain for an ATC ( Athletic Trainer Certified), but Hillside describes this same duty as not health care for a Youth Care Professional.

10. Mention of mental health care duties as a Sociotherapist, renamed Youth Care Professional at Hillside was not mentioned by the defense as health care. Working on a team of Mental Health Professionals, overseen by a Psych Doctor, I am the primary observer in Client behavior, Clinicians rely on my notes to run the program, administer meds, understand diagnosis, treatment plans which I have to sign off on.
The desk staff spend very little time with the Clients. The overall relevant point is the defense is not trustworthy to this Plaintiff.

Case Angle

The Judge having argued to bar Plaintiff from claiming a health care provider statue, knew full well
the law and statute in question. It is not honorable to agree with him that no labor law was cited. He testifies
there was.

The past case being a debate, for those of a gremlin nature, it will be compounded by deformation damages that will
easily supercede the original filing. That crime being brought to the attention of Appeals Court…as having an effect on the
initial case, and Let It Ring, keep getting in my way and see what you get.


Email shows President Richardson knew of crime.

From: "Russ Boardman"
Sent: Thu, Jul 14, 2011 05:16 PM
             Looking at what happened, the two email attachments which are evidence to my situation clearly show, that I followed policy when I compare them to procedures on page 19.  No one at Hillside would recognize that.
              If I go to a lawyer they will recognize it also.  Then Hillside is looking at covering my legal fees beyond whatever decision a court renders.  That is not what I am looking for, but I can't even get fair processing.  So I don't see what else to do with this if Hillside does not offer me better than Joe's decision.
It is terrible to see this, there are good and bad staff at Hillside, why the bad ones should ruin things? 

Some more case,
main points Plaintiff discussed appeals as a paid right in court (hired for fair appeals and wage). This is good news for law enforcement, these pages that
show Plaintiff went to company President about crime as policy wants. It does not say some community college here by error of
the court reporter. We had a Hillside staff who was going to be a court reporter so it makes you wonder when things come back
falsified? Was it a mistake? Defense says they were hounded because crime was reported, ok non law abiding defense heroes, if it was
not brought to the attention of the company leadership so called board members would be happier? As you can see it is a few devils joy riding
with the company bank account, doing whatever they want. Returned mail to the board shows it was not allowed through. Attempting to conceal
a crime from bosses. I don’t have any apologies for you criminals, you act like that because you are weak and untrustworthy, neither of which
Hillside pays you to be.

Benefits breaks the case against Hillside, redundant, that should not have been an issue in court if due/earned appeals wages were paid also.

Bender was so corrupt here he was content to say well you didn’t get treated fair, oh well,what do you want me to do about it i am only a Judge.
I mean i could penalize the defense for records falsification, actually do my job, look and see if paid appeals are employment, or just go along with it, not
even bother to research the case.

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic

If I went the LL 215 on documents below,

Plaintiff did motion to replead, the needed info of
the replead is already before the court. It is not necessary
to repeat the information. A cross motion to replead is sufficient request to
notify the Judge of the motion to replace the LL 20-C with 215. It is redundant and malingering by the court to
pretend they don’t know the case facts or nature of the complaint and how 215 applies. Or like I have to explain it again.

Although the Plaintiff clearly described “Retaliation” to the court,
Bender’s summary is that the Plaintiff fails to allege an actual violation
by law. Retaliation is the title of the law, I think The Judge knows better than to say that in court.
Not true, labor law cited, preliminary employer offense described,
retaliation presented as itself, that fulfills labor definitions, unless he is making up his own laws. Plaintiff does not
show causation between protected right and adverse employment. Must have closed his eyes and said he was reading the

Pasted Graphic 1

This was the basic game from Nixon Peabody, you tell them what happened and they tell you well it didn’t qualify as an actual
action, or law violation even though it was just explained to them as such. Bender fell in step with it, lies, yeah it is like saying you
described a crime to me and cited why it is illegal, and I tell you well you failed to tell me enough, or locate it as a crime? I still have the
freedom of speech to present the info my way, as long as I do. And if enough is there to locate crime, then don’t tell me you can’t see that
when specific law is cited. Like I showed you the door to a building, walls and window too, a whole building even, and you claim no building is presented to you?

Records falsification,
the court is corrupt.

Total manure by leftist so called authorities.



Documents from court,

The first is the cross motion of Plaintiff, which was accompanied by a request to replead the case under LL 215 not
20-C. You will see that above the big #2 on the form. It is no more obvious than The Judge’s own statement that the Plaintiff has made a request to amend (below that big #2). Either way the Judge is caught because 20-C was met on time. And the Plaintiff did cross motion to replead 215. Although his decision is frivolous and does not indicate that.

Last page is The Judge.

Pasted Graphic 1
Pasted Graphic 4
Pasted Graphic 5
Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic 2


Why did the crimes happen at Hillside?
Because Taxpayers fund the agency, and most of them go to work and do their jobs. But these taxpayers were
elite egos, who worked at Hillside. They decided they could go to work, and falsify documents whenever they wanted.
There are so many frivolous statements from court, it is doubted if The Atty will remain in law after this is confronted.
Two handfuls of deviant staff who had to ruin Freedom for Clients, and Staff. And two more handfuls of Baptists, who
are the worst coworkers I ever had inside a facility. They will slander or harass anything they can.

So the big ego problem people go to court, and to jail, and Hillside resumes functioning? Hard to say damages are sizing up to
Rock Star caliber, Hillside might have to actually fire the criminal staff and sue them? Or be accomplice to their ego problem$.

I could say for all the Law Enforcement out there, who work to stop crime, damn, I did everything I could inside the agency.
And this is how courts function and Prosecutors fail to stop child abuse accomplices. It was a reasonable question if NYS
Police could press charges as NY Atty G and DAs have failed to. God willing i will fight this through Fed Supreme Court and let
the crooks accrue damages along the way.

Hillside though you are welcome i covered my shifts in the right way. And the excessive crime problems you tried to escape and blame me with,
don’t worry you are caught fair and square. You will have the opportunity to be held accountable by law enforcement. Because the liberal
criminal ego problem is funded by taxpayers where you work. It is not hidden as Hillside, but people like Dennis and Helen, Mike and Joe, etc…
The very few criminals who tried to degrade a company of thousands. You are not Hillside but insubordinate against Hillside policy, because they
embrace you Hillside is your accomplice to child abuse investigations being corrupted. A ship of fools. Any other staff would have done the same
with your crimes, but not as patient. Explain that to OCFS, COA, client parents, and corporate sponsors.



On what matters...

1. Feeding starving kids.
2. Rescuing live babies from abortion.
3. The Gospel, who cares about souls in hell.
4. Restore full Constitutional rights from crime.

54 Senate seats an indicator of America.

In Jesus’ Name



Nov 23, 2014

CVP 3016, 3017

Are laws that cover slander and damages, can be specific to corporate trouble.

I do see in review of the case, blatant false statements are made against Plaintiff,
did not provide any medical duties to Hillside? I wear the belt pack daily to Rec,
keep First Aid Kit with me on shift or am in trouble from On Grounds. That goes
to fire drills, but no medical duties Hillside? Glucose meter, inhaler, prescribed meds,
first aid, first responder, CPR, AED, basic duties of any staff at my level nothing

Defense is caught in perjury.



On the Hillside case I went over two of the most prominent, apples/oranges cases cited.
One was a Cornell case, the other was Queensborough. Neither relates to Boardman.
In the Cornell one, there is no mention of the decision being in reference to any appeals
period where the employee was reimbursed by the agency during, and was promised further reimbursement.
NY law is for the final act of retaliation against, the employee, defined as such by law, as a deadline.

Queensborough case ruled a staff who was retaliated against had to draw the line from the
retaliation decision not to keep a staff, not the last day of employment which was later. Again this is
irrelevant to Hillside. Hillside staff met NY employed definition up to Omnibuds racist behavior, filed within 2 years
of. Neither reference case presents a staff who is an abused employee of either agency within statute of filing.

So is this coercion by Hillside? They are trying to get me to sweep under the carpet- rights to redress of grievances,
avoid reporting wages to NY that were due and can be sued for under labor law, separate in the appeal that was
partially completed until corrupted by cronies. Policy said fair treatment and more wages were due to deserving staff.
Staff in appeals are already hired to that status and protected
right by Hillside. So I am supposed to be a good Hillside
staff and go along with the crime is what the paperwork says, and Defense harassment is trying to foster that. That is
records falsification.

Like the Plaintiff Atty said, it is not over with until you have the full appeal, NY Law agrees. Thanks to the Attys i had who all gave
competent evals of Hillside crime on NY labor law. Those reference cases are not supreme, I would fight Hillside to Federal Supreme Court
and for escalating damages, because what it will come down to in the end, is fair balanced decisions, where discrimination is exposed.
How can one staff complete a task for wage as a staff, and is an employee, but the other is slandered by corporate gremlins, and is not due
their fair appeals wages? Policy says you are owed it but not dirty defense? Stealing is the formal definition of that, cover up the
attempt. What it shows you in the end is who you can’t trust in court and we remove the criminals from the agency by it.


I read over The Judge’s final statement from court.

His disqualifications to the case, not NY Law’s:

Statute: Siding with the errant and slanderous defense presentation that Plaintiff was not an employee within two years of filing.

Cause Of Action: Not presented by Plaintiff, incorrect, the very rebuttal of defense proves Plaintiff being quoted as presenting, harassment of Clients
at work, that is for you Teens- I did what I could, reporting, and then their retaliation. That is the clear rule of law violated in the first filing of article 20-C NYS Labor Law. That staff was disciplined you criminal Admin fiends, for reporting child abuse.

cause of action: grounds on which a legal action may be brought (e.g., property damage, personal injury, goods sold and delivered, work labor and services).

Public Issue: Plaintiff presented facts to the court, that Public health is endangered by a riot type of situation. That is quoted in rebuttal, over physical restraints in the past. Which tolls the involvement of law enforcement often, injuries, ER trips. But not public health?

Make The Connection Genius: Judge says the protected activity of staff, as in reporting crime, and the adverse action of retaliation is not shown. How is that? Documentation showed reporting to OCFS, and replies from them, fake documents from Hillside supervisors were there against policy also. Judge is a liar?

Sociotherapist is not Health Care: Really special a Judge tried to redefine this role for Hillside. Immediate Clinical Supervisor of Mental Health Professional
would be very disappointed if i did not read Client treatment plans and sign off on them, help administer meds, log mental health related concerns for Clients as a duty.
In fact it would be insubordination. Counseling skills are a part of Cornell TCI manuals, if you do not complete the training you do not work. But no Judge not a part of Mental Health, even though two Psych Doctors oversee campus, and assign program values to MHPs. It is like saying you don’t work in the Judicial branch of Government. Which when they taught me history in high school, Government was supposed to uphold laws, not legislate from the bench or Moreland. All duties remained the same from Sociotherapist to YCP.

Amend: The minor last point from The Judge, that the amend
did not pass according to him, not the summons and complaint one, how can untimely filing take precedent over anything? So the qualified summons and complaint is on, the switch to Labor Law 215 from article 20-C is debatable. If I contested it on appeal, and lost it would be a technicality, not because Hillside is innocent. If I say OK, have it your way, I will use the Article 20-C health care provider portion instead which was the initial filing,
they are beat. Plaintiff used an Athletic Trainer knowledge domain as defined by The NATA at work daily. That is health care get it? Definition by law of work is you completed a task for the employer in laymans terms.

Beyond that the number of frivolous statements by defense in documentation, maybe at $10K each, can it make $100K? Reference case is not a trump card to state law, and was an apples to oranges comparison. Otherwise discrimination has been achieved by the defense, refusing to acknowledge a paid staff as one, attempting to fool NYS as an act of fraud and records falsification. Under the penalty of perjury as so many of the litigation backs present themselves from defense, I find their statements to be wholly inaccurate, slanderous and satisfy deformation by debated points, and as a run of subjective irrelevant ones brought to swoon the Judge.

My opinion of the Judge is he likes crime, I show you the cards in evidence, and you tell me you hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing… I think you get my point. It also appears to be the game of Nixon Peabody to represent the cases including the other one which posted here recently, as Plaintiffs believing that they have a case, not proof. No I showed you proof criminals. Satisfying rule of law, crime was reported, it doesn’t matter if defense believes they can change the rule of law with lies, they need to conform to the written law.

I went to work covered basics 7 years on site with criminals, Hillside devils faked paperwork, Defense furthered the crime in deformation. I don’t know how Judge Bender could be any more incompetent? I don’t take one thing they did to heart in court, sorry criminals do what they did.

Still at the same summary that Defense has no plea other than to put up the white flag unless they want to be liable.



The evidence having caught those who created a hostile work environment,
some were not smart enough to stop the game, and resisted to court. Authorities
included, who could be prosecuting, stopping Hillside from employing child abuse
promoting sweethearts. The case has the ability to catch the maximum number of
evildoers, into other agencies, and prosecution nonfeasance.

I could have went to work and did these other staffs jobs for them, then we would know
business was getting taken care of at least. They could pay me, or I could do it for free,
but do your jobs is not your agenda. Helping Teens in crisis is not your concern.

Hillside policy has failed in the past where they try to overwrite laws of the land. So the ego
grew into a criminal manifestation. From Counsel to other agencies, Law Enforcement, other
people don’t seem to understand the Hillside crime, as in those staff lost their minds who falsified documents.
Admin have it all figured out though in their own special
banquet laden criminal way, somebody hide the Lex Luthor costumes before they...


How many agencies should be in trouble like IRS? That were contacted to discipline Hillside?


What Exactly is the Most Evil Company in the World Trying to Hide?


Two big votes in Oregon and Colorado failed to pass. But just barely.
The propositions were to get food producers to label GMO food on their food packages.
In Oregon, Measure 92 almost passed, with 51% voting against it and 49% for it.
Colorado’s Proposition 105 was a little bit more lopsided, with the vote going 68% opposed, 32% for it.
The core of what’s at stake here is the freedom to know what’s in food. While many argue that GMOs don’t hurt anyone, there is a groundswell of people who are at the very least, wishing to know what they’re eating.
A 2008 report by the National Academy of Sciences found no health problems associated with GMOs, but the verdict is still out, since genetically modified foods are so incredibly new and there are no long-term studies on their safety.
But most telling is what the biggest biotech companies — in particular, Monsanto — are willing to spend to kill food labeling laws.
In an email to food labeling supporters, Food Democracy Now wrote:
At Food Democracy Now!, we know full well the powerful forces that we are up against. In Oregon they’ve spent more than $21 million to confuse voters about the ballot initiative, and in Colorado they’ve spent nearly $17 million!
For the past 2 months, the opposition, led by giant biotech seed and chemical companies Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Chemical and America’s leading food companies like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kraft, Land O’Lakes and Smucker’s have bombarded the airways with false and misleading ads in an effort to get everyday voters to vote against their best interests.
That’s a lot of money to spend on an election, especially if your product is healthy.
Just as much as it’s your right to eat whatever you want, it should also be a basic right for anyone in America to know what they’re eating.
What’s so wrong with that really?
According to Monsanto spokesman Thomas M. Helscher, “We oppose state-by-state mandatory labeling laws like Measure 92 in Oregon and Proposition 105 in Colorado…
they don’t provide any safety or nutrition information and these measures will hurt, not help, consumers, taxpayers and businesses.”
Nowhere in their responses did they say how it would hurt, it’s just a bunch of hot air they keep blowing to prevent the public at large from knowing what they’re eating.
Many argue there’s plenty of reason to be concerned.
Monsanto are the makers of the lethal chemical weapon Agent Orange. They also produce Round Up, and a long line of other harmful chemical products.
So to conclude they’re trying to hide dangerous information isn’t too much of a stretch.
If you want to know what you’re eating, one of the best ways to ensure the quality of your food is to grow your own.
And with the right information, you can grow healthy, organic food for cheap…






This is our final opportunity to send a message to President Obama and the Democrats in Washington this year.

You've stood with me in the past: now it's time for all of us to stand with Bill Cassidy and elect him to represent Louisiana in the U.S. Senate.

While serving in the House of Representatives,
Bill Cassidy has always put the rights of the American people first. Bill has repeatedly stood up to overreaching government agencies: He has defended our right to privacy in the face of illegal NSA spying, called out the IRS for targeting conservatives, and he has worked to pass legislation to audit the Federal Reserve.

It's time to hold our federal government accountable. It's time to elect leaders who will be unafraid to stand up for the American people and our Constitutional rights. This all starts by electing more liberty-loving senators like Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. Donate today.

I would be proud to welcome Bill Cassidy on the Senate floor as part of our new Senate majority, but
we need to ensure victory first. Our opponents won't give up the Senate seat they currently hold without a fight and they're planning to spend millions of dollars to mobilize Democratic voters. It's up to us to counter them, by getting-out-the-vote for Bill Cassidy.

Donate right now, to help us mobilize our supporters in Louisiana. With your support, Bill Cassidy will become Louisiana's next senator and we can work together to hold our government accountable and start passing reform to put our country back on the right track.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)


Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate


In Arizona, fellow soldier and conservative candidate, Martha McSally, is headed to a recount in her election against incumbent Democrat Ron Barber.

Martha's current lead and path toward victory is down to just 161 votes.

It would be a honor to count Martha McSally among my colleagues in Washington - but that's not going to happen if she loses her recount.

By the way: Martha's Democratic opponent has hired President Obama's legal team to win the recount.

She needs us to stand with her as she fights them:

A retired Air Force Colonel, Martha has excelled every step of the way.

If she doesn't have the funds to hire a strong team of her own,
her loss is almost guaranteed.

Don't let this slip away.
Please support Martha McSally's recount and and help us increase our majority in Congress.

Thank you,

Senator-Elect Joni Ernst (R-IA)



Donations to the National Republican Congressional Committee recount fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

National Republican Congressional Committee
320 First St SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 479-7000


The little known (cough) NY State Child Abuse related crime with the aforementioned agency, over the hillside. When it reaches criminal prosecution how do you justify:
1. Leaving known criminals in charge.
2. Knowing mental health diagnosis was probably involved with Admin, you justify to parents that you let defiant perpetrators run your company?
3. Ignored State Laws, for sovereign corporate prisons.
4. Paid criminals on the books, but this is not an organized crime event?
5. Didn’t provide psychoactive meds for your mentally ill criminal staff, and expected them to cover shifts? Where is the work ethic?
6. Authorities were not contacted by the involved Admin on accomplices, insubordination.
7. COA was not made aware, or OCFS by Hillside corporate.
8. Scraping ice from a passing iceberg, The Titanic was not in trouble, but Hillside corporate is doing just fine.
9. Taxpayers this is what Hillside liberals did behind your back. Who will prosecute NY Atty G if he fails this time?
10. Maybe they can write off Child Abuse as part of Obamacare, therapeutic as abortion! See the stabbed baby crawl for the door, not a murder liberals.


I watched the interview with Al Michaels on O’ Reilly. The thuggish nature of football these days. Head injuries, violence of the game. When I was first watching The NFL,
if you had the set of team NFL pencils, that was cool. I would use them upstairs in the school library, working on vocabulary words. Back in days of The Steel Curtain, Cowboy rivals, Buffalo had Ferguson and Cribbs, Butler. What happens with football though as you grow up, it is as close to physical combat as you will get in sports, bar martial arts.

Working in the system brought me closer to football the way it was supposed to be played. After you have to supervise violent Teens for relentless shifts and hours. It does not do anything for me to see a bench clearing brawl in baseball. Millionaires and they can’t behave better than thugs? I don’t mean it like over regulated miss manners fans. I don’t respect the players who are cheap shot artists for what they do, I think they are a lower class of athlete, cowards. You agree to play a game, or act
in a criminal manner, at least take credit for it. I didn’t play trying to get into penalties back when, the one penalty I had in high school, a lineman from the other team kept hitting me after the whistle, 3,4 (+?)…times, he was on his back when the flag hit my helmet. Hometown ref didn’t call the blatant penalty on the other team.

Michaels is right, immaturity and dominion are what make the violence problems in many of the athletes. Criminal ego is the direction it goes with take over personalities. I don’t blame only football, society has become a short circuit; MMA, road ragers, drugs, it is worse than 20 years ago. Look at music lyrics, the 80s was wild, 90s got meaner, today gangsta rap, it becomes a hate machine for entertainment, sadists. The League is starting to clean things up, you have all the camera angles on plays, it should be used for penalties, hey Ref look at this holding, facemask… A shortest answer to NFL problems, what is the role model for
guys who are like Samson? If you took LT ( Lawrence Taylor), people still wear his number, but he is not a cheap shot artist. Herschel Walker was one of the best.

Head injuries, I had studied this in football/ AT school. The helmets need to upgrade. There are add on pads to helmets, maybe Kelso on Buffalo had the most famous one.
It is not worth a head injury, another inch of padding does more than you may know. So make it look streamlined? Easier said than done. The helmet also has to become a joint with the shoulder pads, maybe not connected by anything, but the articulation between the two has to become predictable for all players. Sometimes football pads are a helter skelter arrangement, depending on what players like. It needs to be physics where your equipment won’t allow severe injuries. I always had a neck pad in football, it helps take up the hard helmet hits. When society is becoming the victim of The NFL, that doesn’t go in the L column?

Pasted Graphic

Nov 22, 2014


OK Huckabee was on, got some more of the highest regarded criminal in the country,
Conservatives least favorite, that swindler from Illinois, you guessed it. This time it
is Obama’s authorized right to grant Amnesty to illegals even though he doesn’t use
the word. How is it legal to blindly grant Amnesty to criminals? Accomplice is the
word they use at Harvard to aiding illegals.

It does not have to be one specific violation of the Constitution, to break the law such as
freedom of speech or religion. Because he threatened the welfare and safety of a nation,
the pursuit of happiness is not found under this, unless we are going to return the favor,
and send Obama more White House intruders.

Snake, that is my summary for today on Obama. The moral intelligence level of a terrorist.
However don’t be entertained, by that subject. Border is still open? It looks like liberal
senators made a coup attempt on freedom by signing a U.N. treaty and the criminal border/
Benghazi wanna be attempts.

They could put Obama in a tent on the border let him camp out with drug dealers, rapists, murderers,
ISIS, when they are done, send his skull to DC for autopsy to find out if it was really empty after all.
That is in your face, princess attitude problem from Obama, you don’t even know he was born American.
It makes sense if his whole presidency was 9-11 part II.


The main point being 1776, crime is not how you abuse fellow Patriots.

Obama, Hillary, Border, IRS, Healthcare, Ebola, Election Scams, UN treaty almost
took away U.S. weapons on paper ( Lexington and Concord?), Budget Sabotage, Racist
Black Leaders, Terrorism, Pathological Liars on the left, after the world record for deviance?

= Pursuit of crime, run it down, maybe some of these bums don’t sober up to corruption
until 5 years in prison. And then the relapse, run for The White House.





This is for overseeing that an Attorney is not trying to take advantage of the NY Laws.
You could expect that if an Atty starts to pile up frivolous works in court, misrepresents
to a Judge and victim of crime the facts, there can be recourse. So there are criminals who
work in the legal profession?


There are some people who have the audacity to speak up and cast a shadow on a case such as Boardman v. Childabuse accomplices. Well you don’t want to confront something like that because then you know what people will think, or Plaintiff will be viewed as? What? A victim of crime, Patriot who won’t let criminals have their way because they thought a desk was a big enough hiding place. There are adults who didn’t get stuck on the arrogance trip trying to resist Patriot laws, who can put criminals in jail by prosecution. Hey of Moreland staff lost their minds and can no longer carry out required duties, there should be mental health interventions. But the common media type/liberal/ voodoo that you don’t want to pursue criminal staff, bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

I still see Tea Party could claim to be a victim of Hillside by discrimination. Deliberate targeting of Conservatives. It is that slow Lerner agenda.









Every piece of paper with frivolous statements, pre and at court is submitted on their behalf
as harassment, and violations of court proceedings.

Any future reminders to NY Gov, Atty G go dually addressed to FBI, that is do your job period NY.

Expect Points Of Light to have an update, with evidence.

These criminals wanted ownership of the crime at Hillside, the full glory of their actions must be
recognized. For every punk behind a desk who does not do their job, the case escalates to Federal level.


Nov 21, 2014


Please find below a message from our advertising sponsor, CSAH. Our email report is a free service to you with the help of our sponsors. The products, views, and offerings made by advertisers are not necessarily endorsed by
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After you send a card, I hope I can count on you to make a tax-deductible donation to help put a Thanksgiving meal on the table of a struggling military family.


In Arizona, fellow soldier and conservative candidate, Martha McSally, is headed to a recount in her election against incumbent Democrat Ron Barber.

Martha's current lead and path toward victory is down to just 161 votes.

It would be a honor to count Martha McSally among my colleagues in Washington - but that's not going to happen if she loses her recount.

By the way: Martha's Democratic opponent has hired President Obama's legal team to win the recount.

She needs us to stand with her as she fights them:

A retired Air Force Colonel, Martha has excelled every step of the way.

If she doesn't have the funds to hire a strong team of her own,
her loss is almost guaranteed.

Don't let this slip away.
Please support Martha McSally's recount and and help us increase our majority in Congress.

Thank you,

Senator-Elect Joni Ernst (R-IA)



Pasted Graphic

Obama you know Hillary didn’t do her job and got four people killed, maybe it was intentional.
But you took responsibility for it, to fall on the grenade. We can see it was her fault. Now terrorists
cross the border smart guy, and you are content to sit there with your head up your ash tray until you
get Americans killed. You are a repulsive criminal who belongs in jail, with the intentional tantrum to
refuse your duty to be Commander in Chief, substituted by a golf course addiction to sabotage America’s
safety. The worst President in a century.

The reason Amnesty was not an election issue, because most Patriots would get an allergic reaction to it and
defeat Obama’s Senators. Wait until after and sneak in the illegal executive sobreignty.

Patriots your safety was thrown to the wolves. It is the responsibility of the Right to secure the border, and
bring criminal Obama to justice. Don’t expect help from DC now, it is too slow. The one resounding theme I see
in the scandals from NY crime to IRS, DC, is that liberals are being brought before Courts. I don’t think any President
has moved America closer to civil war than Obama, by his crime.

You can sit in DC and smile for cameras, take tone with Patriots like you are some legitimate authority Obama, but you
are a wretch of a human being, full of crime. You need to get off your backside and go defend the border, but we
both know you are a terrorist sympathizer, cat’s out of the bag.

Patriots, The President Of The United States has refused his duty to protect America, he is fighting for the enemy.



On November 4th, America pivoted in the right direction and we saw a
remarkable victory for Republicans across the country. I could not be more proud of everything we have been able to accomplish this year. The new Republican Senate majority will bring positive change to our country. But, our work isn't quite over yet.

How much momentum Republicans carry into 2015 and beyond depends on the election of Bill Cassidy in Louisiana.

The clock is quickly ticking down to the December 6th Louisiana Senate runoff election. Bill Cassidy is one of the most impressive candidates I've had the opportunity to support. He has had a strong conservative record in Congress and his experience in the medical field makes him a leading voice in the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare.

I'm urging you to step up and make a difference this year, and for this country, by showing your support for Bill Cassidy with a contribution.

This election matters. If we don't act, the partisan gridlock in Washington could continue. We must elect Bill Cassidy to send a strong, clear message to President Obama, Harry Reid, and Mary Landrieu that America is ready for a change.

Chip in $25 or more to stand with Bill Cassidy now.

Thank you,

Mitt Romney


Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate




eml_FB | November 21, 2014 |

Come Ye Thankful People!

By FRC Senior Fellow Bob Morrison
This year, especially, we give thanks for free government. We are thankful for our Constitution, the oldest in the world. We thank God for the system of checks and balances ingeniously embedded by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution as a safeguard for our liberty. We also thank God for regularly scheduled elections and the promise they give of pulling our nation back from the brink.
In this Year of Our Lord, 2014, we are thankful for our fellow citizens who made the effort to register their deepest concerns and who voted their values on November 4
th. These citizens shared our alarm at the dizzying pace of change -- change that brings not hope but the threat of a government untethered, unlimited, and unresponsive. Government is not persuasion, George Washington warned us, it is force. Like fire, it must be carefully tended and scrupulously applied.
For more than a hundred years, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Americans listened attentively to Election Sermons delivered by biblically inspired pastors and priests. These sermons were dedicated to awakening in a free people a lively sense of their responsibility to the Lord for the exercise of their franchise. Voting was common in colonial New England, as well as in other colonies. We Americans were a self-governing people
long before we were what Washington called “a Sacred Union.”
Our friend Matt Spalding tells the story of Capt. Levi Preston, one of the Minutemen who fought the British at Concord Bridge in 1775. In his wonderful book,
We Still Hold These Truths, Matt relates how an aged Levi Preston responded to a young interviewer decades after Independence was won and our Constitution was adopted.
Captain Preston: What prompted you to risk your life that April day? Was it the oppressive Stamp Act? “I never saw any stamps,” old Levi answered. Was it the tax on tea? “I never drank a drop of the stuff. The boys threw it all overboard.” Was it your reading of Harrington, Sydney, and Locke on the principles of liberty? “Never heard of `em,” Levi responded, “we read only the Bible, the catechism, Watt’s
Psalms and Hymns, and the Almanack.” Then what was it? Old Levi Preston looked his young questioner squarely in the eye and answered: “Young man, we had always governed ourselves and we always meant to. The British didn’t mean we should.”
We need that Spirit of `75 today. We need to know what Americans in the past have done to give inspiration and guidance for the tasks before us. President Reagan said it well in his Farewell Address: “If we forget what we have done, we will forget who we are.”
One of the most remarkable things we Americans have done is to produce a rich harvest of autumn bounty. Americans’ tables this Thanksgiving will be filled with a full and nourishing variety of food and drink. This is no accident. American farmers are the most capable and productive in the world. We are so used to this holiday cornucopia that we seldom stop to realize how rare it is.
Another thing we have done is to create a health care system that helps Americans live longer lives and gives us the promise of even greater medical advances. We must not give up the unique character of our health care system. Some advanced countries, long accustomed to socialized medicine, have not seen a new drug patented in decades. We are so used to media messages on the
inadequacies of our health care system that we risk overlooking the special benefits it affords to all Americans and to people from around the world. How many Ebola patients are flown to England for treatment under their socialized health scheme?
Perhaps the first prayer we should offer this Thanksgiving is a prayer for grateful hearts. We hope we have been rescued from a headlong rush toward despotism. We know as we gather for this Thanksgiving feast that much remains to be done. But at least freedom has a chance. So let us pray and sing as we share in the Lord’s gracious Provision:

Come, ye thankful people, come,

Raise the song of harvest home! All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin; God, our Maker, doth provide For our wants to be supplied; Come to God's own temple, come; Raise the song of harvest home!

** From everyone at FRC, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family and look for the Update to return on December 1.

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Despite the insubordination, submitting falsified documents for court.
These staff are in the most obvious and blatant crime by the agency. Forget
the court they are to be fired, period. So anyone connected to it, is done, and liable
to Hillside with what they damaged still in motion. Does not remove liability only gets
the crooks out of the agency.

The wages dispute isn’t i was already paid benefits during appeals by coverage. An irrelevant
reference case does not effect anything. But that was consistent with every other appeals,
and court action of Hillside, they have no gripe, it is the thief on video camera trying to distract the
court from the real offense. I think the court can see, rule of law. Still no settlement, stubborn
as a criminal determined to be prosecuted. Million$ of babies die because liberals interfere with
the law, I am dead serious about the crimes.



What it looks like is if each U.S. county could sponsor 2/3’s of 1 mile, we can dig a Mexico border trench as a country. That varies
some with barren counties, cities that could afford to dig 4-5 miles as a buffer to that. Alaska is so big but with few residents.
Still we can do this, those border Sheriffs need backup, something like armored Humvees with steel plate door and window

The trench I could see, the dirt piled on the near side as a barrier, so a patrol vehicle can stay behind it on a parallel road, and see over the top only.
On the far side the low volt fence away far out for when they send kids again. The high volt one closer to Stateside. You want
a shallower trench before the low volt, so you can’t ram the fence with a vehicle, even 5 feet deep is a real problem, 7-8 feet deep-better.
Video surveillance by county so Sheriffs can watch 24/7 in night vision, infrared, whatever.

They will tunnel , yeah eventually, and you triangulate sound to locate the tunnels, Afghanistan we had listening devices for tunnels.

We can do this.




Fortunate enough to see some of The 5, and a clip of guess who flat out lying again to cover up the amnesty scam, Osluma. Obama claims that amnesty is what is
occuring right now, with illegals being in America under no citizenship.

That is not correct liar in chief, amnesty would be if they were pardoned for their crime by you.

Obama says that it is a scare tactic and Conservatives it appears are speaking up about this for elections.

Again criminal illegal aliens have raped and murdered American
citizens, watch The Border States of America movie, interviews with real Sheriffs, who have seen even a smidgen of this mischief crime.

Obama refused to end illegal immigration pre election to sneak in more would be pawn voters, in his communist sabotage of America.

We know he did this to keep from acting and continue the bias of criminal democrat supporters, i know you think Americans are too stupid to figure this out why you keep lying so called President, but it is more of your scandal refusing to defend America chief nutso.

You are a victim of Obama’s crime with GOP Govs looking for lawsuits.

Grand summary; this is not even an adult conversation, Obama lies to you like a 7-8th grader in detention caught with cigarettes, blowing smoke, “ see staff I am not smoking”.

It is a disrespect to your intelligence level as a humanoid, to have Obama lie to you on behalf of his supporters in this way. He obviously is a pathological liar, trying to legalize criminals who all got here by committing a crime. That is a pardon, even at Harvard. But if it continues, because you are expected to be that dumb for him, as liberals are.

Yes we know this to be aiding terrorism, ISIS accomplice Obama. Proverbs say the prudent act from knowledge, known criminals are here, who should be treated as such.
The scumlaw of Obama is to say that is good enough for you Patriots, what is one more lie for an addict anyways?



The crimes are obvious; records falsification, fraud, forged instruments, deformation, perjury. Things of that nature,
but what I am getting at in Politicians increasing the punishment to a deviant labor culture club. Look how long criminal staff
stayed on payroll, forget the crimes against Plaintiff. President Richardson and Campus Director Davis knew right away their
staff were passing fake documents, and let it slide. I didn’t think Davis would get caught in evidence so I took up pursuing the
crime, but she did. Email shows she knew what happened and Staino her program director was allowed to retaliate still.

Who knows how long Halewski, Brown, Julie from HR, lower sups in the program got away with insubordination? They are the reason
OCFS was in, didn’t answer multiple complaints and should have been fired. This is all another crime of records falsification, and they
corrupted the agency for how many months, years, and man hours with criminal staff after me? NY paid for that, Client counties did, it is beyond
records falsification they created a criminal staff climate for NY to pay for.

The idea NY can come up with a Hillside manifesto legislation, when agencies are found to turn their workplace into an organized crime
place of worship, and reward criminals on the books who were turned in to HR and Admin, OCFS. Well then you earned the extra prize; fines,
inspections, turn over of Admin staff, board members, community service, restitution, agency will be limited to state funds in future years.
The addiction is too high, that corporate sovereign lair can do whatever they want, pencil pokers, turn on the taxpayers, and make work
their Moreland agenda. I am all for it, this went way beyond Plaintiff damages. Like I was the only one? Staff not paid crisis overtime. The
OCFS investigation corrupted. Clients left to verified (case evidence) criminal Admin. Take a bite out of crime already.






Patriots if you can stay in prayer for a border trench, and high volt fence at least.
Whatever happens in DC it can take months, while Obama exploits illegals that he is
going to abuse anyways by his style of tyranny. They should not be fooled, Obama
could give a damn about their safety allowing an open border, and compromising
healthcare. Pilgrims and Christians are the ones who make just societies.

You have to see we can do this, every county could sponsor a mile of border trench,
work with Surveyors and Sheriffs to draw it up right. And we run out of miles, too many

You have to be a son of the devil to be Obama, we could put 30-50,000 troops on it, who are
already being paid, with tanks to plow by the dozens. Nope, dumb dumb iscariot has America
all figured out in DC. We let criminals in the country, riiiiiiiiiight! Gotcha stupid, where did you
think that up, playing golf with Lenin’s ghost? And you ask me why i hate him?



November 20, 2014


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Dear Russell Friend ,
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Remember – the Obama administration and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have failed to provide you with transparency when it comes to abortion funding in Obamacare. In order to unearth this abortion coverage information, we had to search high and low, contacting insurance companies and state exchanges by phone, e-mail, and live chat. We expect more challenges, but the pursuit of truth is worth it.
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For Life,
Chuck Donovan
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So in response, I'm announcing an emergency "Stop Obama's Immigration Lawlessness" Action Bomb today.

With the House of Representatives set to return to session on December 1st, it's vital RANDPAC get as many Americans as possible on the record opposing President Obama's executive amnesty.

RANDPAC has a plan to generate a grassroots uprising through online and social media ads, fax petitions, phone calls and email.

But I'm counting on your support to make it happen by taking action before November 23rd.

Dear Russ,

History will not treat Barack Obama kindly if he thinks he can become a king.

Tonight he is expected to announce he will waive his royal pen and impose so-called "immigration reform" through fiat.

This unconstitutional power grab violates the separation of powers established by our founding document.

And I am 100% committed to stopping President Obama's unconstitutional immigration executive orders by any means necessary.

You see, the executive is forbidden from making law.

His constitutional duty is to uphold and enforce our nation's immigration laws.

That's why on 22 previous occasions Barack Obama declared he did not have the power to impose "immigration reform" through fiat.

President Obama's executive orders defy not only the will of Congress and the rule of law, but also the American people.


You see, regardless of a policy being good, bad or indifferent we must respect the Constitution and President Obama's immigration executive orders trash our separation of powers.

Also, immigration reform without first securing the border isn’t immigration reform at all.

Congress must employ every tool in its tool kit to halt unconstitutional immigration executive orders.

That includes opposing any omnibus funding bill that includes money for the Obama administration to carry out these unconstitutional executive orders.

You see, it was President Obama himself who bragged that all of his policies - especially his calls for "immigration reform" - were on the ballot November 4th.

And the voters rejected his "immigration reform" schemes lock, stock, and barrel.

Americans elected Republicans to STOP President Obama's disastrous agenda.

But to accomplish this, RANDPAC needs to kick up a grassroots tidal wave to force my colleagues to slam the brakes on President Obama's unconstitutional power grab.

Your support helped me defeat an attempt on Thursday to reauthorize the "Patriot Act," but I'm going to need to count on you again today.

I'm committed to pulling out all the stops to reverse President Obama's illegal immigration executive orders.

But I need your help to prove to my colleagues that the grassroots are engaged on this issue and demanding they stand strong.

That's why I'm counting on you to
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Your generous support will help RANDPAC fund a hard-hitting online and social media campaign to crank up the pressure on my colleagues to block President Obama's unconstitutional immigration executive orders by any means necessary.

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Chip in $10 immediately >>

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We have to use every tool at our disposal,



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Fellow Patriot,

You know me as the toughest sheriff in America.

You also know me as a straight talker - I tell it like it is.

My friend, America is in trouble.

I've spent my entire life fighting for the rule of law and what is right and just. I have fought against the Mexican Drug Cartels who have threatened my life and my family. I have fought against the corrupt Obama Department of Justice that is more interested in scoring political points than enforcing the law. I have fought against President Obama who doesn't have the first clue on how to secure our borders or protect our citizens.

Today, I'm ready to take on a new fight, and I need your help.

You see, I'm convinced that "the fix is in" and that without a huge effort starting right now - Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Her henchmen - James Carville and Harold Ickes - are busy greasing the skids, raising millions of dollars, buying off the competition... all designed to install her in the White House without a fight.

Well you know me... I'm always up for a good fight. And fighting for America is what I do best.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Stop Hillary PAC today. Will you please click on this link and sign your name to my Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign?

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So I'm asking you today — before you do anything else — to follow this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign.

I know I don't have to tell you the damage a Hillary Clinton presidency will do to the America we know and love. Building upon the dangerous Obama legacy, President Hillary Clinton will cement the disastrous policies of Obama into the fabric of America forever.

Open Borders and Permanent Amnesty: Hillary will finish what President Obama and Harry Reid have started - an immigration policy that rewards law breakers and leaves our citizens vulnerable to criminals and thugs.

A Bigger and more Overreaching Government: Hillary will continue Obama's assault on free markets and plot to gut conservative and Tea Party groups. Will the IRS start targeting all conservatives under President Clinton?

A Foreign Policy that leaves America Weak and Vulnerable: Does anyone really believe America is stronger in the world after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been in charge?

Obamacare expanded into Hillarycare: Hillary will be the ultimate implementer Obamacare - resulting in sky rocketing taxes, health-care costs and rationing of care.

Jimmy Carter style Joblessness and Unemployment: From the big banks to the taxpayer funded government takeover, a Hillary Clinton Administration will be a dangerous anti-capitalist government that will destroy our economy.

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That's why I'm asking you, before you read any further, please click on this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary campaign - and please make a generous gift to our campaign.

My friend, if there is one thing I've learned during my years in law enforcement... it's you can never start preparing too early for a fight.

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Then we will enact an all-out media blitz to expose Hillary's left-wing record of failure. Finally, we will target precinct-by-precinct with a coordinated hard-hitting TV, radio and digital effort in every county in America that Hillary needs to win the presidency.

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I'm going to fight back with - or without - your help. The only difference is: will I have the necessary resources to fight or will Hillary Clinton run over us with her mountains of support?

It's up to you.

Please send help if you can.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

Paid for by Stop Hillary PAC

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Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Pasted Graphic

Old pic from Sr. Year High School, after the spring powerlifting meet. Those are actually turf shoes from football, a rare find these days. The two toughest players
I went up against back then, Dan Davis from Binghamton had the highest rating all state DE/TE. Went to West Point after that. Conklin was a Fullback that went to Cortland in college. Some of the best players were on our team over the years.



From my end of things, Hillside can expect the full damages. When a Judge puts together the years and months of retaliation
against child abuse reporting. The continued manipulation in court, defense attorney trying to overwrite an on time summons
with a requested late one, covering up benefits. That late one is case evidence, the request by Plaintiff Atty to amend was copied.

This has already been to Gov. Cuomo a long time ago. Now should other NY politicians get involved? Tell Hillside well if you don’t
appropriate funds in a legal manner, then NY is going to discipline you. What this shows you is the hog nature of Admin in crime,
they don’t serve anybody, attack Clients by insubordination on complaints, blame the reporting staff for doing their job, take the
tax money and rob the state. They are fighting a war on three fronts. It is speculation right now, but these criminals have resisted 3-1/2 years
after they made this an outside the agency battle. COA, OCFS, OSHA, Sheriff, NY ATTY G, NYS Police also knew, FBI. It is about time the crime got met.

No settlement offer so far, the millions in damages ahead. Rule of NY law is not enough to prove employee status?
They can keep resisting and have crime their way, but I am not bluffing.
The supreme arrogance to go after the lives of innocent babies against
a pro life ministry. I believe damages like that will teach these fools some manners.

It is fair to say I don’t even want to hear it on their insolence. Any other staff doing what they do,
automatic termination. But sit there and look at me like you don’t know you’re in over your head 7 figures+.
A clear indication of discrimination by female staff, it is not policy. Maybe it is amnesia? Mentally incompetent
to perform job duties or supervise Teen programs?



Tea Party

  • Do you support Amnesty or Immigration Reform? Vote Here.
  • nessie_icon_tiamat_white

featured news
If there’s one thing that can be said for certain, Hollywood has an unrestrained affection for Obama.
Just weeks ago Gwyneth Paltrow hosted Obama at her home and gushed that she wished he could have more power so he could get his agenda passed.
Pretty disgusting.
But there seems to be a growing faction of Hollywood conservatives who are expressing their contempt for the President. Jon Voight is one of those conservatives. And in a letter he penned to the Washington Times he really let Obama have it.
His letter, written on Veteran’s Day, perfectly illustrates just how miserable Obama really is.
Writing about the unjust detainment of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi by the Mexican government, and Obama’s no-response he says:
Today is Veteran’s Day. We honor all our living and fallen heroes – thousands of young men who sacrificed their lives so we can live as free men.
One of our own young Marines, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, was just released from a Mexican prison after long tortuous months, and we just found out from his own words during a Greta Van Susteren interview that he tried to kill himself with a broken light bulb that he plunged into his neck hoping to die, as to not endure his torture any longer.
Needless to say, his incarceration was a total lie. He was totally innocent. President Obama has released known terrorist murderers in a trade for an American soldier who was believed to be a deserter.
Obama had nothing to say for Sgt. Tahmooressi, who endured this unthinkable torture. He made no attempt to free him. Not one word was said in his defense. Obama’s view of what is right and wrong is totally distorted.
Voight is rightfully upset. Obama looks to wheel and deal terrorists for political advantages (and for more subversive purposes), but won’t stick up for a lone Marine trapped in a disgusting prison cell.
And where Voight truly shines is by exposing Obama and his stance on immigration. He says:
He wants to legalize all the illegal Mexicans, and every other illegal immigrant from other countries as well. Why? For their vote, for the 2016 election, for the Democrats.
It will make no difference on the billions of dollars it will cost the American tax payers. It made no difference on the latest illegals he let come across the borders a few months ago. Children – unaccompanied by their parents, carrying all kind of illnesses – assimilating them into our society and our schools.
There should be total outrage for his policies he will put into action. He must be stopped. Every freedom loving American should voice their outrage against his executive privilege.
Jon Voight is right, every American should be outraged. And, if you take a look at what happened just a few weeks ago at the polls, they are.
With Obama sitting as lame duck, he might be the most dangerous lame duck of all time. He’s already overstepped his executive authority numerous times, and there’s no telling when this will end.
CLICK HERE to See How Obama’s New Benghazi Could Claim 251 Million Lives in the Next 12 Months




From the desk of
Congresswoman-Elect Mia Love


I'm grateful to everyone who's helped me win election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

And though Election Day has come and gone, the fight to transform Washington —
and America — goes on. My friend Martha McSally came within .84% of unseating incumbent Obama Democrat Ron Barber in 2012. This time, she's just 161 votes ahead — forcing an automatic recount — Arizona's first ever for a Congressional race.

But just as she has before, Martha is ready to make history —
and she needs your help. You know what recounts can mean — challenged ballots, legal action, and more.

Col. McSally was the first female U.S. Air Force pilot to fly in combat — and the first woman to command a combat aviation unit. She's the perfect ally in the battle to
reverse the disastrous Obama Agendawe need her in the Congress!

Russ, I'm personally asking you to do me a big favor and help this bold conservative leader survive the extra innings to join me on Capitol Hill. Please add
your generous support of $25, $50, or even $100 today to assist Martha's campaign until the last ballot's counted...


Mia Love

P.S. I lost my first attempt running for Congress, too — by only 768 votes — but was able to come out on top in 2014. So I know exactly what Martha's up against. Will you help her triumph this time around as well?
Please make your best contribution to Martha's campaign today!


What was it Michael Jordan said about Rodman? That he was a worm?
Obama is pro terrorist. Snot comments from the left that Obama is
happy he could keep his word. The word to sabotage America, not the
promise he made to uphold The Constitution, the document that will find him
impeached. Unless liberal senators put on their make up, pucker up, and kiss
Obama’s criminal agenda to allow illegals in the country. All of them, male
liberal senators too, trying to ferry in the gayest crime agenda ever. They don’t have
the courage God gives to a 12 year old. Let criminal amnesty happen, that is your crime
liberal senators, we will remember you next election.

I think God has had enough of scumlord Obama,letting killers in a country. Hell he
didn’t care if Assad murdered 100,000. If God Himself assassinates Obama let it be a lesson to you,
that crime doesn’t pay. If an investigation revealed that Obama was part of Al Qaeda, or
ISIS, do the pieces fit now?

Is them killers walkin’ across the border DC? Can’t be, more golf, lies, campaign trail,
when people get hurt from it their blood is on Obama. Impeach that Goddamn devil. Everyday that can be
happening like 9-11, and it is time to place nice nice? Felony charges accomplice to terrorism.



clicking here to send your emergency fax petition to your Senators and Congressmen,


By the most Conservative definition in the case, the Omnibuds letter which was corrupted by their very own Hillside staff, proves
that a paid appeal was criminalized. Wages are due for that by policy and rule of law. The last count on frivolous defense statements?
I demand a recount! It is going to be possible for Nixon Peabody to blame Hillside because they turned in a falsified fake write up summary together.
There is no way the Atty could know the fake was legitimate or not, and Hillside tried to fool him. On the other hand defense Atty took liberties with the case
and deformed the Plaintiff case. At the will of Hillside? At least part of it.


Please sign the National Petition ordering Congress to slash U.S. funding of this wasteful, bloated, anti-American bureaucracy. Washington's politicians need to hear from you right now.





Dear Russell,
Yesterday, we learned that President Obama is going to announce his plans for executive amnesty this evening in a live address to the nation from the White House.

After the American people soundly rejected his policies on November 4th, he has the audacity to address us in prime time fashion to announce his plans to defiantly enact executive amnesty.

This is the moment we anticipated happening.
The American people have chosen a new path - one in which Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have been trusted to lead. Today is their moment to step up to that task.

Call to Action:
Today we are asking Senate Majority Leader-Elect Mitch McConnell to come out publicly - before the President addresses the nation - to announce that if the President moves forward against the will of the American people the Senate will reject every single nomination or appointment that the President puts forward for the next two years - except for critical national security positions.

Likewise, we are asking Speaker John Boehner to come out publicly and commit to not funding any portion of the President's plan.
This is the moment the American people feared and this is the reason why Republicans were given control of Congress. Let's call today and encourage them to do the right thing!

(844) 397-2152
Send a Tweet
Send an Email


In Liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin & Tea Party Patriots National Support Team



Bike accident, fractures.

In Jesus’ Name



Nov 19, 2014


Hillside is in all the way on damages for my case, liability. Nixon Peabody
would not be there without Hillside, so the defense is always in. The Attorney
firm can’t claim anyone made them misrepresent the case. The easier summary is
that the criminal resistance of the defense firm forced this case to Appeals.
Damages the fault of Nixon Peabody. Did Hillside only feed them false info, that
may be where they will blame Hillside. One way to solve it is sue Hillside and let
them chase Nixon Peabody for any crime they think they can prove. Defense is still
guilty though. I doubt on several million anyone would want to shield a bad law firm.



How Hillside can testify against themselves, by submitting in policy that they owe staff an appeal when treated unfairly,
with full reimbursement, benefits, and then turn around in court and lie and say the Plaintiff was not an employee? OK they
would try to manipulate, but the procedure that was to be fully reimbursed had begun at Hillside, redress of grievances means
staff are treated fair. There is no further upgrade you could make to define a staff in appeals as one, ask them to complete some task
for wages, that was already there.

I hope when this is over that it has cleared out the criminals from the agency. Predatory staff who capitalized on unsuspecting Taxpayers,
Clients, and coworkers. If that is how they are going to do business it is ok for Hillside to go under, and other agencies can handle the youth
of America. Crime has become the expectation for Admin staff.

What other scandals compared to this? Rutgers? Sandusky? Benghazi? If you name Obama the list is too long of problems he made.
Must be some good denial they have going to think at Hillside Admin didn’t get caught. NY deserved better, that is what rings true on
behalf of Hillside.



Deadline SAEED


526 plows activated by NY for the Buffalo snow storm. How many Bulldozers could the border states put on
a trench?

Have I ever seen snow like that in Buffalo? No, heared a story about a parked car getting crushed by a tank in Buffalo
under snow in the 70’s. The tundra was north campus, dorm to Alumni arena, it looks like Alaska, wind, snow drifts.


If near 500,000 people illegally cross the border, and authorities only stop 30% of that.
Obamaregime is leaving security to Benghazi like negligence, 9-11accomplicehood, illegal aliens.
Obama is a proponent of crime then and should be prosecuted. He hopes you will stop noticing
what he is doing, jeopardizing your safety. It has reached a level of terrorism worse than any other
terrorist act since 9-11. If God kills Obama, let’s hope Joe does a better job. If a militia stops Obama someday,
the empirical information is it was defense of America, against terrorist activity, that is The Constitution.
I don’t care if the brat at Pennsylvania Ave does not like it, he is a vicious criminal, and the law reads as it
does. The first move is to secure the border, because any reckless liberal may do what Barack does as a
an élection scam. I don’t have any sympathy for the snake. At what point has Obama declared war on America?
No security guard could do what he does but here ISIS have your way. He has threatened the welfare of children and citizens everywhere by this.
What is the pile of legal charges Obama should face?

It is like Ferguson, blame a white cop for doing his job, and being assaulted? That is black on white racism,
and people of any color do it because they are cowards. Obama, or leaders who do not agree, big
whoop, you prosecute on evidence, because that is what the facts say, not their racist mouths. I am not intimidated by racists, even if
some wear the title Rev. If you want to act like a punk and a criminal then own up to it chickens. You will back
a suspect criminal who assaulted a cop because he is black. You don’t have the evidence.



Nov 18, 2014

Thanks Patriots for being out here, I appreciate it. -Russ

Do Nothing?

The contrast of ISIS, and Obama will not act on border. He really values the people he serves huh? So it leaves Patriots with nothing or citizens take matters into their own border project. The idea of cutting a trench across the border is to slow down traffic and give authorities an upper hand. It takes fences eventually, video surveillance, a deeper trench to win. The initial cut has to be wide enough so you are not going back to fix it with a 20 foot drop off over the edge. I would pile the dirt above on the near side as a barrier for patrol cars to stay behind, next to a road, so it conceals most of the vehicle if you want. Armored patrols? Or create ramps for tanks to rise up on, to aim over a security fence on the near side also. Later on put in concrete wall behind that as a high structure, good view, access to the trench by vehicle. You can cut off drug dealers here, border communities would appreciate the protection.


The appeals procedure was initiated in the courts. Sometimes there are abuse problems
between Client and Counsel and that may not be clear to Hillside, but the next court level was activated.
Liability is for what they lied about, misrepresented, scouring their evil ways for a way to escape justice
and clean up the crime scene they created. As if authorities have not already seen the version of just doing
their jobs.

Plaintiff has already proven that music is used in a national scope, defense tried to deform that role in court,
and went out of their way to change the subject from the case at hand, to add first amendment rights violation.
I see lots of problems at work, they get logged, restrictions assigned, temper tantrums are a part of that, disciplining
Attorneys or escalating corporate thieves, no big deal, business as usual.

At what point do you think NYS OCFS should have stepped in to remove staff who interfered with the investigation?
Right away? They failed their job duties at Hillside, all i did was follow company policy. The court has already seen that info
in evidence.

I can tell you this on this case, sometimes there is an on call shift supervisor, who is not there, but can handle problems. It rotates
for who the person is, but you can’t trust some of them. By experience i know when the baptist regime gets involved on that list, or
a staff who is not even there, will get lied to by offending child abuse staff. Maybe the problem is over with by the time you call them, so
it goes on end of shift for the program Sups who should be reviewing logs daily, and making changes. Every staff has to read and sign a
communication log every day pre shift, why not supervisors, what is this… ‘what difference does it make’?

The provocation these staff were trying to incite. One known client once on edge, is a problem for hours for staff, a neighboring one is listed
as flattening room furniture in seconds, so one will get you two after incited, and that could be a whole floor escalated. I was on that floor once I
think under Kidspeace, the hall was full of adults at the end of a shift, crisis mode. I was thinking to myself what the hell is wrong with
America? You had staff out there who were NFL strong, Christians, and the whole thing was ready to be a riot left unsupervised. If there was
10-12 adult staff holding it down I believe it. Another time on the same wing early on i saw a client take out a window with a chair, being unsafe,
I could have dropped him right there, but with glass on the floor? This is not a danger or a public health hazard? Your foolhardy Baptists at work,
criminal escalation of Hillside.



Hillside The Criminal Standard!
It is not like the days when Freeman Mc-
Neil ran the ball for the Jets. There
was rules to govern the game, and society
could expect justice. In other words Dear Judge: yep we falsified them documents, retaliated on child abuse reporting, in your
face honey, you ain’t gonna do nuthin’ ‘bout it. ‘Cause sovereign corporate nation is your daddy judge, us at Hillside don’t follow no NY child abuse laws, mmmmmmmnnnnn. Can be $11 million
in damages and we push the cleaning cart 90 hours a week to pay that bill. Oh yeah we’re caught, like the cookie jar is on The Sheriff’s desk and he is taking the lid off it
so we can steal from it. Dogs are smarter than this, career, bank account, prison, the 1,2,3, corporate shuffle. Clients were so bad because they were criminals?

Was it your duty Plaintiff to turn in these criminals? Yes. You were hired to that appeal under paid wage and due more wages? Correct again. Try that crime
on other staff and see what you get, like
it is only me, but actually the millions who would throw Hillside’s dirty work in the trash. For a very few, deviant sub culture




We need your immediate help.

November fourth was an incredible win for Republicans. We had victories across the board, but...

...there is still one important race that has yet to be decided, and that's why I'm emailing you today.

In Louisiana, Bill Cassidy is going into a one-month long runoff campaign against liberal Democrat Mary Landrieu, and Bill needs our help.

Russ, the Democrats are licking their wounds from election night and now are more determined than ever to win this last Senate race and hand President Obama a much needed win. We need your help to win this runoff and build our majority.

Make no mistake, Democrats will pour everything they've got into Louisiana trying to win.

We need to take action TODAY to ensure Bill has the funds needed to fight back - and that President Obama doesn't win this race.

This will be an extremely costly fight, and any amount you can afford to donate today will go immediately towards Bill's voter outreach programs.

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Please join in me supporting Bill Cassidy and click here to contribute at least $15 or more right now to his campaign today.

Let's continue the Republican wave and secure our victory in Louisiana.

For liberty,

Senator Ted Cruz

Bill Cassidy needs our support. The Democrats have gone from focusing on races across the nation to JUST this one in Louisiana. We have an uphill battle, but we can win if we act now. Please follow this link to make an instant donation to Bill Cassidy today.


Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate



I saw the last interview on FOX with G.W. Still have to go back and watch the 41 & 43 one. It is a good thing that there is a Conservative media. DC being so corrupt from
behind the desk politicians, and their accomplices. American Citizens are having to babysit Obama, to make sure he does his job in a non criminal manner.
If you haven’t figured out how much of an unlawful agenda he worships, the nature of illegal aliens is they are criminals, Obama is their partner. The safety of America is not his concern, it is see how much he can get away with, and still keep corruption in chief on the table. The hardest lie to discern being the one with the most truth in it.

On Putin, I don’t know if i look at him the same as other people. As an athlete I have alot of respect for him. I see others try to disrespect that but that is not what has made him bad. The freedom that allows him to play Hockey is not what communism reinforces. Oppression is the hatred of Communism. Why other countries like Ukraine would want to be forced into such a situation like a former USSR, is not what gives Russia its strength. Oppressive regimes normally fail in history. Who wants to be the slave? Capitalism does not work either when you have sinful devils in it, drunks, gluttons, sloths get punished by God. Liberals go legalize pot, this is your brain on politics, drugged up leadership? Russia does better to keep goods and services flowing between neighboring countries, build up allies, even as buffer zones. With the proposition of Russia being their defender, that is what people would want to join, not Master like the American arrogance trip of slavery.

Jeb, I know the least about between 41, and 43. I would pick him and Rubio over over Romney, with maybe the most two popular Conservatives not in that. Looking ahead, border and Obama being resolved by States, and impeachment given the unchanging course of DC corruption. Healthcare needs to be rescued where you keep your own Doctor, Carson’s idea on health savings accounts, and returning the uninsured to more of an HMO style plan, lower cost. Why because if you did not earn better healthcare, there is no incentive to work. Tell me it is not the same as give Valedictorian to a drop out, and Obama hates Exceptionalism in America? I think his mind is warped, he can’t stand the Colonial country, bitter hatred, sabotage his continuous correction point. Seems like he is always redirecting America, not pursuing Freedom, frowning on the red , white , and blue.

Another ideal that America has to resolve is to remove the middle man of abortion. Doctor kills baby, responder kills Doctor, state punishes responder. How about state kills doctor for first degree murder of a live American son or daughter you liberal snakes? Son or daughter, maybe it was billy, or suzy, joe, david, hillary, the baby who was killed and dumped in the trash. Son or daughter, Doctor Axmurderer. If you were so interested in killing why didn’t you go after terrorists instead like law enforcement?

What do i think helps move the right to a 2016 win? Exposure of the left in criminal public office. NY and Illinois have no shortage of crime from liberal politicians. Lazy Christians however will be twice the sons of hell in a bible. Jesus does it all for you, you don’t have to do anything, and leave murder of babies running the country. How many warnings are in red of scriptures?

Right now you are under the criminal oppression of liberals in America. And it has been left for the younger generation to be disrespected by. We need interviews like G.W. because there is no leadership from the last stronghold in DC, only eventual crime. Obama would not survive working for a business like he does, but it is ok for you to tolerate?


Nov 17, 2014













Liberal Logic: First Black Woman Republican Elected to Congress Benefited from “White Privilege”


This may be the most nonsensical bit of Liberal Logic that I’ve ever come across.

Mia Love, the first African-American woman elected to Congress as a Republican, also the first Haitian-American elected to Congress, has been accused by a blogger from the Huffington Post of benefiting from “white privilege.” Darron T. Smith (who has to let us know that he has a PhD because, maybe, we will accept that he speaks with the weight of authority despite how ludicrous his comments are) even uses the phrase “She looks black” and then says that her politics are not black.
Umm… Was her DNA in question? And are certain political views determined by that DNA?
Because that is really the question here. Liberals say out of one side of their mouth that African-Americans can be free-thinking and intelligent and think on their own, but then say out of the other side of their mouth that, unless that African-American person votes Democrat (liberal), then they aren’t voting “black” or voting in the interest of African-Americans.
So, let’s cut the crap, and remind race baiters like Charlie Rangel what the score really is:
Who campaigned to keep slavery in place? Answer: Democrats.
Who campaigned to keep racial segregation in place? Answer: Democrats.
Who wants you to keep thinking in racial terms by using words like “white crackers” as a “term of endearment?” Answer: Democrats like
Charlie Rangel.
here’s some perspective.
The fact of the matter is that Mia Love won because she supported Tea Party values of limited government, governmental accountability and responsibility, and blindness to a person’s gender and ethnicity.
Who’s racist? The one who ignores a person’s race or the person who focuses on it to the exclusion of anything else that is relevant about that person?
Hey, Charlie Rangel, I have no doubt that you have been treated horribly and been called horrible names because of your ethnicity. Does that mean that it’s a good idea to disregard Dr. King’s dream “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?” Because you are opposing Dr. King’s dream by addressing people that disagree with your politics only as an offensive racial epitaph.


Sign your petition now. Tell Barack Obama to get out of the way of progress and allow Keystone to move forward.


NY Gov Election

Results posted today show Astorino won in upstate NY by .1 Million, but the
usual NYC was too liberal in the overall.

That is a huge advertising area, one Hillside interfered with on Plaintiff music
and ministry. Liability is their corporate arrogance, insolent thugs did the crime, now they get to pay.




As you saw on this site, the Attorney for Hillside was warned ahead of time
to stop with the lies. Litigation was filled with so many malingering and false
statements, it seemed advisable to have their counsel end new and invented crimes
of deformation, the work of an Attorney not past Hillside acts.

The remaining child abuse slum that , baptists, corporate, and board have tried to foster
on behalf of NY Tax dollars is their outstanding crime. If we need to go to Supreme Court
the equivocal portion, who knows could run $ half a Million. That is before we get into
really arrogant crimes of lying in court, obstructing a pro life ministry. These staff have
no audience with me on their crimes.

I find it an escalating crime that Counsel was able to complete Law School, Plaintiff Attorney
seemed ok with summons and complaint, but Defense Atty comments as to the garbled nature of the complaint as if he
can no longer understand the English language, but miraculously authored litigation backs, with the same consistent
outcome, avoid the law, rules, try to blame the child abuse reporter. That is when you know you are an evil loser, not
worthy of any salary or damages but prosecution. As fas as i can tell you Hillside had no case on anything and corrupted
every last point to jolly the Judge.

Authorities that remain contacted, it may FBI to prosecute NY Atty G, OCFS, COA, early Law Enforcement who did not respond on
complaints, I am not sure. Hillside’s biggest early mistake is they promoted troublemaking campus staff to senior staff to supervise shifts,
because we were having trouble with those same individuals on shift. Ensuing problems were reported to Senior staff, and they sat on things for
weeks into months, Jeff & Skip, were problems. Complaints in evidence to supervisors about them. Wandering On Grounds, even a male Nurse was daring staff to turn him in literally and verbally.

Queer it is all very strange these staff who ferried problems into the agency didn’t get fired. Nobody is afraid of their princess routines
it is prosecution time against the accomplices. Do I foresee Nixon Peabody being filed against for crime, yeah. Unless it is left to Hillside to
prosecute. Now what was that crime in court against Plaintiff, deformation, delay of settlement.

You have to question if it was an act against
The Tea Party also? Paid criminals made that
all possible.


Nov 16, 2014


This is not the title of a new album from a NJ low life
rock band. Full of sexually inappropriate material as
usual. Closer to a worship song for the Obamaregime
communist revolution it may be.

You understand that the terrorist pilots on 9-11 the original,
looked to do less harm than Obama leaving the border unguarded.
He is worse than a terrorist pilot. As good a song as Civil War is by
Guns ’N’ Roses, the man who said peace could last forever, would not
stop the communist invasion in southeast asia. With the assassination of JFK,
it does less damage for God to kill one non responder President and save thousands of people,
than it does to preserve the Stalin statue that may be hiding in the Lincoln bedroom
these days.

If God killed Obama yesterday I would say it adds up in a bible as to why.
The military being ready at the border like armies often are, protecting
countries, because that is what they do. If they were they would tell ISIS come and get it.

There are bigger problems beyond this, Assad, Iran, and Obama liar can’t even solve the border.
His main objective is obstruction, spend like an idiot, double cross healthcare, an undefended hit in
football is a penalty on a receiver nowadays, but here rapists, criminals, ISIS walk right in to the
U.S. Obama should be tried for sedition, life sentence or execution is what he should be up against
as an accomplice to terrorism.

Some of you are
too stoopid to figure it out, and there will be headless citizens before you see
to get off your Benghazi like post at the border. You thought playing Hillary was a game, when she is a criminal
make no mistake, negligence charges are where?

We should have 30,000 troops on the border with tanks digging the trench, and setting electric fences. A concrete
barrier wall takes longer, and should include inland landscaping to prevent another Oklahoma City from
the backside. You stop drug dealers at the same time.

To me Obama is like a gang member, accomplice to ISIS. Jesus told you, the measure you use…Impeachment better stay after it,
get his insane carcass out of DC. In the system they call that setting someone up for failure, what the arrogant Senator
from Illinois has done.

The Constitutional right to a militia was to protect against someone exactly like him. The militia can defend the border yeah,
if Obama interfered with that right, i would say it is an act of war. Don’t get lulled by the election, OBAMA NEEDS TO BE
REMOVED AS A #1 PRIORITY. Any business would fire him of doing what he does but here America it is good enough for you
you Patriots, because that is what an Obama does to free people. He is a predator threatening the welfare of children and Americans
everywhere. If he goes to hell, oh well.


Make room in the jail...

Disgrace: That elected officials, corporate, has to be held accountable for their continuous standard of doing business. Not the job they were hired to do,
or the law, nor rules that govern. Like it was some political divide or debatable, no the left ( l word) only has to follow laws when held accountable. You
are still a criminal in scandals whether there are no Republicans, or 54 Senate seats worth. Pathetic, that the criminal nature of the l people, has become so arrogant
to resist in crime, to the point it suggests dementia. You can do whatever you want as a part of the obamascandal regime, Hillside leadership does not need to follow laws, while the rest of the profession is looking at them like a cult that should be banned from childcare and system work. Understanding that U of Maryland faculty would not
approve of Hillside crime. The disaster criminal staff made for themselves in NY, I am afraid these folks have gone looney tunes, Teens left to the criminal insanity of corporate greed and mischief. Parents want their teens under the care of lying HR staff? It is not a political debate, the law is your penal duty.

My prediction for Hillside is their criminal works pre and at court, will be demolished by NY Law. Common corporate thieves will be revealed in a 360 legal eval, and criminal Attorneys will have no excuse no sit and let those who made a hostile work environment terrorize society any longer.

November 15, 2014





Patriots at this point it is take power from Obama, corrupted healthcare, border sabotage, same with Hillside
white collar criminals. We did everything we could for the election, you can’t trust the left is going to change
their crime habits. Reality is we could have won 57 Senate seats overall, with NY, MN, on a chance for red in

So what do you want to do with the border? Keep trusting Obama to fix it? Krauthammer says amnesty is impeachable,
if we don’t follow through, then you left ISIS to supervise the border because Obama is their guy.

Petty criminals die for attempting lesser things.

Stay in prayer for the right at DC. We are the host to Obama’s hate trips, he is the parasite.
When you see dead kids from his supposed border patrol because terrorists killed them, you
will probably say worse.

Stay warm out there.




Obama could issue an amnesty order as soon as Friday.


We worked overtime to rally Tea Party conservatives and get out the vote on Election Day, and it's clear -- our efforts were tremendously successful!

There was a massive wave of victories for conservative candidates, and we couldn't have achieved any of it without you.

But now, a truly DESPERATE Obama is taking matters into his own hands.

Let me explain: in the wake of sweeping rejection, Obama has decided to go rogue and push through his radical-left agenda at any cost AND as quickly as he possibly can.

We just learned that he's set to unveil his unconstitutional executive amnesty plan that will legalize MILLIONS of illegal immigrants! Russ, we MUST stop Obama's abuse of power in this quest to grant blanket amnesty - I know you agree it would be a COMPLETE DISASTER for our country!

Will you stand with The Tea Party Leadership Fund at this critical moment with a $5 emergency contribution (or more if you can afford it)?

Certainly, Obama has waited until after the elections to unveil this plan, since he knows the American people don't agree with him.

For Obama and his allies, this is pure politics -- it's all about rebuilding their liberal voting base after a crushing defeat, NOT what's best for the country! With your help, we MUST move Congress to act and supersede any executive action Obama takes to move forward his radical, open borders immigration agenda.

Our plan to halt Illegal Amnesty:

Shut-down phones at the White House & in every last Democrat Senator's office, and

Rally the Conservative House Majority to a file federal lawsuit against Obama's Illegal Amnesty and his overreaching executive orders.

I know you're with me on this, and that willingness to support our effort is far more important than any overall amount.

Will you stand with The Tea Party Leadership Fund at this critical moment with an emergency contribution of $5, $25, or more?

Obama wants amnesty to be his legacy -- he will resort to any and all means to make it the Law-of-the-Land, and he has nothing to lose! The Republicans in Washington must take a bold stand to stop him, and if they fail to do so, we need to hold them accountable too.  

Together we can stop the rewarding of Illegal Aliens with U.S. citizenship.


Rusty Humphries



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Dear Neighbor,
We're back in Washington, working on the real issues facing the American people during the “lame duck” session of Congress. We'll begin our third full term in January representing the people of Western New York and the Finger Lakes.
People want change, and we hope that the President, and the House and Senate Democrats will be able to work together with the GOP Congress to find common ground on the issues we face. There’s an opportunity to do something historic here and we went to Washington to do big things, to solve America’s problems.
Our top priorities this session is getting the bipartisan Revitalization and Manufacturing Innovation Act (RAMI) signed into law by the President, ensuring the House passes a clean, bipartisan continuing resolution, and passing bipartisan immigration reform legislation.
What would you like to see accomplished before the New Year? Let us know by visiting our
website or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to continue the conversation.
Today we
voted in support of H.R 5682, a bill that will require the executive branch to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline through the central U.S. The House of Representatives took another step forward on a critical infrastructure project that will create over 42,000 fair jobs, that American consumers and workers will benefit from, lower energy costs and provide reliable and affordable North American energy.
We’re thrilled to see that our local communities will get the fair funding and resources they need to rebuild in the wake of devastating floods. New York State will minimize the financial impact on local taxpayers by alleviating local governments of their entire required share of FEMA Public Assistance Program for counties affected by floods earlier this year.
Directly following the flooding, Reed 
contacted Governor Cuomo’s office to encourage the Governor to apply for federal assistance if the state is unable to respond effectively on its own.  Reed visited the areas hit hardest by flooding including the Village of Penn Yan in Yates County and Camp Good Days in Branchport to see the damage firsthand.
P.S - we visited local Veterans Days events across throughout the district.
IMG_1872.JPG Speaking at a Veterans Day ceremony in Fredonia.
photo_2.JPG Speaking a Veterans ceremony in Corning.
Best, Tom


Sign Our Brief to Defeat ObamaCare.
The extent of the Obama Administration's deception is astounding, and liberals can't hide from the truth. Read our key ACLJ stories:
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The American People Aren't "Stupid," They Were Lied To.
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This week has been a disaster for the Obama Administration.
Its case for ObamaCare has collapsed.
Its chief architect has admitted that the Administration tried to deceive the American people, calling them "stupid."
And, yes, the Supreme Court is now reviewing a key part of the law. ObamaCare could implode.
But we need you. Stand with us in our last chance to stop ObamaCare at the Supreme Court:


Dear Russell:

The newest class of U.S. Senators include some of the most energetic, job oriented Republican leaders we've seen elected in the last decade.

These are men and women I campaigned with and am proud to know. They are public servants committed to conservative, free-market principles - the kind of principles I applied as Governor of Texas that led to more than one-third of all new private sector jobs being created in the state of Texas under my leadership.

In Louisiana, Dr. Bill Cassidy is ready to step up and take the lead, but he is in a close runoff.

On Election Day, Americans chose conservatives to usher in the next chapter for the nation. But it isn't over yet, a strong conservative still needs our help.

I endorsed Dr. Cassidy for the United States Senate because he will bring exemplary leadership skills to Washington and put Louisiana and our country's best interests first.

With your support, we can boost Dr. Cassidy's efforts and elect another great conservative to the U.S. Senate.

Please join me and support Dr. Bill Cassidy today.

Please make a contribution today.

Together, we can send an even stronger message to Washington, DC, and make the U.S. Senate an even greater force for conservative principles.


Governor Rick Perry


Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate


Like I said damages were going to be heavy if we went to court. Bodily harm that befell American babies because Hillside attacked my music
and at court, like they did all along. Without the specific detail, deformation, I see
8 figures in it.

We are free in this country even if liberals don’t like it. That includes Obama still letting you go to your own Doctor? Moreland ripping off NY like Mafia brats. Hillside staff who are crackers to commit crime.
Your election lies last time worst ever liberals?

Not even a question, if you stopped EMTs from doing their job and someone
died. The ball is in Hillside’s Court
they have multiple frivolous events in litigation. I have seen no settlement offers. Resist to that point, I must finish the case, then they cannot be trusted. Hillside has been shown too much leniency so far, and have already earned the full damages of the case.

COA said they would respond in 24 hours and did not on the Hillside complaint.

It is too bad baby, you do the crime you can do the time. The case will prove all defense points as misrepresentations, greedy and arrogant corporate directives against a NY childabuse reporting staff. The
Judge’s work ethic and understanding of the law are in question to the point of sabotage.

It will be Hillside’s liability up front,
restitution from the criminal staff to them is their problem. Pending another case does not file against criminal staff.

They wanted to fight then we are gonna have it legally. Bastard Obama won’t secure the border, NY ATTY G allows crime, Hillside brats think they own the world with a fiend
lawyer to boot. It is all evil to me.




Nov 14, 2014



Link shows history of the bell, involvement with Slavery, Womens rights, Civil rights.
This is like history class in High School the Teacher dims the lights, you get to watch a
movie, and wish you had some popcorn.


At the moment, Martha McSally is up 161 votes and has momentum, but now Democrats are contesting the validity of the election and fighting against the choice of Arizonans.

This race is headed straight for a recount - which is bad news.

We've got legal teams ready to fight for every last vote - but we don't have the resources to fund their efforts.


Nancy Pelosi and Martha McSally's opponent, Ron Barber, will stop at nothing to win this race.

We have to fully fund our recount efforts immediately to stop any potential illegal activity that could jeopardize the outcome of this race.

If we don't hit our goal of $200,000 for our recount fund, we could lose this race.

Don't stand idly by and let Democrats steal this victory from us - stand with us and fight back now.

Thank you,

AZ Recount HQ

Donations to the National Republican Congressional Committee recount fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

National Republican Congressional Committee
320 First St SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 479-7000

Privacy Policy


A Hint On Boarder Site

After the first cd released, it seemed like there was
an uncanny language among the left in the un ahem spoken
word or written of the media.

So what i witnessed was un doubled? And as a result mysteriously
the words on this site began to double too in sentence structure.
What this an act of God or were people looking for things undoubled?

You understand the reflective nature of edification.


On Hillside, I am about all scammed out, with trying to understand their crime.
I talk with adults in businesses, most people don’t act like that as Hillside crime, they do their jobs.
What i thought was insane others might have prosecuted from the git go. What i am
saying is other peoples tolerance is less than mine for this crime often. The
authorities need to finish it or we need new staff in charge of NY. I don’t understand the crime
as in accommodating it, and I am not going to.



NOV 13, 2014



We've won Alaska! Yet another race in which we made a huge investment is now a winner.

From day one I said our goal was to fight as hard as we can –
right up until the end – for a lasting conservative majority.

The problem is...
that fight is not over. There are still races with Guardian Fund endorsed candidates that remain undecided. And the Senate race in Louisiana is going to a runoff.

Russ, it's not enough to win the battles.
It was NEVER about winning. We are fighting for our beliefs and our very way of life. We need to win the war.

We're going to do everything we can to help candidates like Martha McSally who are in recounts and Bill Cassidy who are in runoffs. Can I count on your support all the way through to the end?

Will you make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right now to help me finish the fight?

The conservative cause doesn't end with Election Day. If anything, it's only the beginning.

So please, Russ, make a contribution today so that we can continue the fight.

The new Senate will have their hands full dismantling the destruction that Obama's caused to America and they are going to need all the help they can get.

It's not too late to make a difference. We need win these few remaining fights to set the tone going into 2015.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

Paid for by the Allen West Guardian Fund.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Contributions to the Allen West Guardian Fund are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Allen West Guardian Fund
PO Box 9383 | Coral Springs, FL 33075


This message was intended for:


You have to appreciate this past election, Conservatives, people who
who would not compromise their integrity were delivered from the worst
President since trench warfare. The right has to continue to take immoral slum
themes as a value out of mainstream media.

Thanks God for all these righteous Patriots we have. Obama does not
care if ISIS crosses the border to harm Americans. Can you remove the




A normal small theft, usually gets attention in a newspaper.
People don’t want to see crime, drug related muggings, that’s bad
we need more police. The magnitude of this case I have has reached into
thousands of dollars. What do you think the penalty should be for staff
who arranged this crime? I know the corruptos think it should be zero,
but that is not what law says.

Criminal Record reflects? If it was a heist against a bank for as much.
I believe these staff threatened the public safety at Hillside. This is not
nothing or less than petty theft, their peers are inmates in prisons by work
performance. Wicked, the up side is I caught as many as possible to remove them
from the agency even court liars.

That is what they were going to supervise Teens with?




Without your help I would not be the Senator-Elect from Colorado. Thank you.

But the election is not quite over --
we are now in overtime, and my friend Bill Cassidy is fighting for his political life in the race for the Senate in Louisiana.

You see, while most elections were decided last Tuesday night -- one vitally important election has not been decided and I'm confident that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the entire national Democrat machine are pulling out all the stops to re-elect Mary Landrieu back to the Senate.

And just like my opponent, Mary Landrieu is a rubber stamp for Barack Obama -- voting with him 97% percent of the time.

That's why I'm writing to ask you to make a special runoff contribution to Bill Cassidy's campaign.

His campaign has put together the links below to make an instant and secure donation:







Or donate another amount.

With your help, we can elect one more conservative to the U.S. Senate -- and force Barack Obama and Harry Reid to listen to the American people.

Please, I'm counting on you to make your most generous donation to Bill Cassidy's campaign.   


Cory Gardner

P.S. We're still not out of the woods yet,

will you chip in an help secure a final conservative victory?

Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate













Without your help I would not be the Senator-Elect from Colorado. Thank you.

But the election is not quite over --
we are now in overtime, and my friend Bill Cassidy is fighting for his political life in the race for the Senate in Louisiana.

You see, while most elections were decided last Tuesday night -- one vitally important election has not been decided and I'm confident that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the entire national Democrat machine are pulling out all the stops to re-elect Mary Landrieu back to the Senate.

And just like my opponent, Mary Landrieu is a rubber stamp for Barack Obama -- voting with him 97% percent of the time.

That's why I'm writing to ask you to make a special runoff contribution to Bill Cassidy's campaign.

His campaign has put together the links below to make an instant and secure donation:







Or donate another amount.

With your help, we can elect one more conservative to the U.S. Senate -- and force Barack Obama and Harry Reid to listen to the American people.

Please, I'm counting on you to make your most generous donation to Bill Cassidy's campaign.   


Cory Gardner

P.S. We're still not out of the woods yet,

will you chip in an help secure a final conservative victory?

Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate




Barack Obama is about to issue his illegal decree granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.   He’s going to ignore the results of the election and do it before the new Republican-controlled Congress takes over.   Now, more than ever, it’s up to “We the People” to stop him. You and I are the last line of defense!
Dear Patriot,
Will you please make a generous contribution of  $15, $25, $50, or whatever you possibly can afford right away?   It’s the end of the year, and our treasury is strained.  Our massive pre-election voter education drive, while very successful, practically wiped us out.   That’s terrible news. Barack Obama could drop this bomb on the American people any day now.   Please help us.   Our National Finance Director says we must raise $45,500 if we are going to have any chance at stopping this executive amnesty madness.   We need to pound Congress with petitions and emails.  We must pay for phone banks, as well as a social media blitz.   We need to help local Tea Party organizations across America peacefully swarm the offices of their Congressmen and Senators.   However, right now, we simply don’t have the funds to pull any of this off.  We invested all of our available funds in getting out the vote and educating voters!   Congress must be forced to stand up to Barack Obama if and when he attempts this insane maneuver.   Already, he has ordered the printing of millions of green cards. He practically dared Congress to try and stop him at a press conference last week.   Congress must be prepared to retaliate against the White House and defund any effort at executive amnesty.   Please give whatever you can right now.  This is the climactic battle of this year.   Obama was brash and defiant in his post-election press conference.  He proclaimed that he was going to grant this illegal executive amnesty before the new Congress was seated.   He said it was his job to represent all the people who didn’t vote in the election!   Unfortunately, last week’s election results have made Obama and his open-borders allies more determined than ever.   That’s why he is moving so fast.   Obama believes that this “lame duck” Congress full of defeated and retiring politicians won’t stand up to him.   Any day now he is going to issue this decree and then start handing out permanent legal resident green cards to millions and millions of illegals!   Please make the very best donation you can right now.   We must get into this fight as soon as possible. But we can’t do that without your help!   Just click here to help us stop Barack Obama.  Remember, the new Republican Congress won’t take office until next year.   It’s up to the Tea Party to stop Executive Amnesty.   Please give what you can.  The situation is desperate and we must move fast!



For Liberty,  Tea Party Patriots National Support Team


Gary asked me to make sure you saw his email below about Harry Reid's "lame duck" session.

If taxpayers like you don't act now, the Internet Sales Tax could pass in the next couple weeks...

With the lame duck starting earlier today, things are likely to move fast, and the National League of Taxpayers will need all the funds to fight the Internet Sales Tax this Friday at midnight to move forward.

It's vital you make your donation right away.

Please click here to chip in an emergency contribution of just $10 or $20.

To see just how much of a threat this is, please read below.


Kathleen S.

November 12, 2014


#1. Benghazi like Border security, if a Patriot was in The White House, U.S. Army would seize the border and build a security wall.
Obama has to go, impeach, criminal traitor to America.

#2. Russia, wants to fly the Gulf of Mexico with bombers. If they up the aggression, we will have to kill their military is what it comes down to.

#3. Will even 10% of China make it out of hell?



Thanks Patriots for the election victory, you make America worth it. LA is still coming up for Senate. 3 swing states of NH, Ill, NY, shift 5-6% of the vote and you have red
election victories. Do you get the idea next Presidential election could be like Reagan/Mondale? We are not that far along yet, then again Obama
is still in office, each passing day he becomes less popular. Hillary would have been fired under actual prosecution if she didn’t leave office first.

Ben Carson hit the nail on the head. Millions of bench Christians who didn’t vote; abortion, border, budget, 2016 should be an enormous victory for the right, given the competent ministry approaches. And still kids starve in Africa with people like Hillside Admin corrupting America.


*** BREAKING: The Election in Louisiana Is Not Over***


With no candidate winning a 50% majority last week in Louisiana,

we're now headed for an automatic runoff on December 6th -- and we're already at a disadvantage.

You see, with the incredible wave of Republican victories, the Democrats are now more determined than EVER before to win Louisiana next month. They are going to be pouring every single resource and dollar into defeating me, which is why I need your immediate support.

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But to beat back the Obama Democrats and their massive political cash advantage, we must immediately resupply our depleted campaign resources -- or face another month of savage Democrat attacks without the ability to answer back.

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Bill Cassidy


Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate




The highest contact to Hillside was to the board chair if she was still there.
Nothing is to say anybody above President actually knows about the case, because like
some agencies dirty Admin sneak around behind the board’s back.

Which leaves the question if law enforcement should contact the campus board to notify
they are in a court case, do you even know what these staff like President Richardson did?
Or the other boards should also be notified with the one deviant board involved having them in a court case;
threatening clients, staff, COA approval, OCFS rules as criminal staff they should not be there.

The President’s Secretary it was said was refusing to let calls through to him, back when this began, and
to hide the situation, Hillside may have even complained that crime was reported to him as an out of court
intervention. They thought they could just go to court and lie and cover everything up. A job duty is that
you take complaints about crime outside of or pre court. Insubordination at the highest level last contacted.

What law enforcement can be contacted so the Hillside board , or no board, a few renegade criminals can’t
crash the company standing with OCFS or COA? If they were being held accountable at Admin they would have been fired
by now at any level.



The evidence letterhead below on Hillside cites the
Council On Accreditation

Can they take away Hillside’s standing due to crimes pre court and
at court? You will have to look at the COA link. If you are not going
to discipline crime then what would they give restrictions for?

Same with Points Of Light, what incentive is there to help Hillside
if it is only criminal standards?








As I have talked with other people in the profession about the insane crimes that Hillside has tried to
pass off and to a court, submitted with verified lies. I get usual, normal, responses that are what do
they think they are doing? From the inside, you get that sense, that the staff don’t belong in the profession
anymore. Because at work you do’t even show up five minutes late, much less start scribbling on supervision
forms with deviant role model behaviors. This site confronts the crimes, but the majority of input I get, or
feedback from sane people is like anything else, all the liberal scandals in DC. Now some people at Hillside may not
realize this until they are in custody, because they know better. Liberals didn’t want child abuse reported at Hillside
that probably isn’t true, like everybody else they did. A few agency criminals got in the way of that, and are a very small
minority of staff who have been isolated for authorities, and should be recognized as any everyday criminal, resisting
the most patient Plaintiff allowed to fix the crime and avoid court. Tell me they are not deranged, lied to their lawyer,
Judge. NY Taxpayers are getting slapped in the face being expected to pay for such lunacy. You can’t put Teens in the care
of crazy people.



At the very best on their reference case, they are trying to use it for discrimination
and justify fraud to a Judge. Where the Plaintiff ignores the law, hides due appeals wages,
the procedure which was started, corrupted, and Plaintiff was robbed of the opportunity
and due pay by the omnibuds criminal, and then file for NYS unemployment? No law justifies fraud,
or can force an employee to break the law due to some supposed reference case. Any other staff
in NY, hired to complete a task, omnibuds appeals being a policy as a right with wages, would be considered
an employee. Due wages for that is a separate labor law when unpaid, as this case, however it shows that the staff was
owed back wages for the omnibuds portion of appeals, not just benefits wages covered that time. So what if omnibuds
corrupted it, you can’t legalize stealing and then tell the victim they didn’t owe you anything.


We have less than 36 hours to go and we're still 400,000 signers short.

America needs Congressman Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House. PRONTO!

We need a strong conservative leader to keep the pressure on Obama's lame-duck administration, and no one will do that better than the tenacious conservative Congressman Trey Gowdy.

If you haven't signed your Draft Trey Gowdy petition already, please do so immediately!

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If you've already signed,
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Rusty Humphries

Sent from my iPad

From: Rusty Humphries
To: russb

Russ --

Did you see my urgent message below?



Russell, I just received an update on the situation in the Louisiana Senate runoff. It isn't good. We spent everything we could to help conservatives win the Senate on November 4th. Thankfully, it paid off in a big way. But now our treasury is depleted, and we don't have the funds to wage another all-out grassroots campaign to win the last remaining Senate seat. In fact, we are $75,687.27 short of what we need to execute a campaign like we just did so successfully in Iowa.

Please donate now.

Russell, I know you are probably tired of campaigns and need a break. But we need this Senate seat in Louisiana.

We need to win this runoff so conservatives have the votes in the Senate to block Obama's radical nominees.

Remember, not every Senate "Republican" will go along with rest of the party. We still have "old guard" establishment types like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to worry about.

They'll vote for Obama's radical nominees in order to appear

That's why we need to win this seat!

We have to pad our conservative majority in the Senate as much as we possibly can.

Please donate $15, $30, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford right now. We have volunteers ready to go in Louisiana as soon as possible.

But we don't yet have the funding for the voter data, signs, canvassing software, and phone banks they will need to get the job done.

We went all-out to win the Senate last Tuesday. We spent every dime we could and it paid off.

Now, however, we need your help again. We must defeat liberal Mary Landrieu.

Senate conservatives are going to be fighting some huge battles in the coming months:
judicial appointees, amnesty, Obamacare, and the annual budget, just to name a few.

We'll need every vote we can get.

Please make the best donation you can right now. This Senate seat is absolutely critical.

We have the manpower ready to win this race, but we must raise these funds as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for your help.


Jenny Beth Martin



Contributions to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are not tax deductible
as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

While the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund does not earmark contributions
for individual candidates, your contribution will be used to support only those
Tea Party candidates who have met our exacting standards for endorsement.


That’s what the architect of ObamaCare called you, the American voter.
He said they wrote the law specifically to confuse voters, to conceal what the law was about.
But now ObamaCare is going to face a day of reckoning.
The Supreme Court shocked Washington when it decided to hear a critical challenge to ObamaCare, and we’ll be right there, filing a key amicus brief.
For years we’ve been challenging ObamaCare. We’ve won 7 cases against ObamaCare’s abortion-pill mandate, and helped stop it at the Supreme Court.
Now is the time to defeat pro-abortion ObamaCare once and for all.
But we need your support. Donors, who like you want to defend life and defeat ObamaCare, have agreed to match every online donation – of any size – this month.
A tax-deductible gift of $10 becomes $20; $50 becomes $100.
Defeat ObamaCare. Have Your Gift Doubled Today.
Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel



Abortion files under murder
not medicine.

(Some dogs are
actually smarter than this
usual liberal mistake.)


When a son or daughter is executed by liberals, who have a medical clipboard
to excuse the act of homicide as medicine. You have to admit that is a cowardly
way to kill a person. Why do Attorneys not represent the victim but the
homicidal parents? Maybe Hillary knows she was a lawyer. The baby would live
in an incubator left unstabbed, or if God killed the Doctors, then you have
one live innocent baby, and one dead stabber. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
you don’t know aborting a kid is taking a life that is why you have to kill them,
go to an abortion clinic, lie to cover your crime scene. Have we determined this was
a crime, or are you still trying to tell me a Woman has a right to do anything she wants
with the victim’s body? Hey you know some people have abortions and bury the kid
where nobody knows, shut up ain’t nobody been killed here, just having a medical
treatment, had to choke ‘em out the stabbing didn’t work, finish the job like
a mobster movie. What are you doing there liberal, executing your live baby?
Discrimination against younger humans? You’re an addict, so desperate for
a convenient life you kill. And the courts are so stupid they can’t even defend
the rule of law, smacked their hammers down to executions of the innocent,
live humans and called it medicine. Maybe they belonged to the Occult? Hitler would be proud,
i John 3:8 he that commits sin is of the devil( the devil is your father). Since you didn’t murder anybody
in abortion, then liberals can sign up for the free obamacare related procedure, get that in on
the off day from work, be aborted as their adult right to healthcare. No damages, stabbed by the Doctor
shook his hand after and went about their liberal agenda as usual?

You are that stupid you would let the Doctor murder you, not to mention Obama playing God/death panels?
No but you will kill your baby, if it was a baby doll or a puppy or a kitten, it would be a deranged murder. But
you get up there and try to shield the victim with your Womens rights, and change the subject. Hide the evidence
in medical terms. You need a body bag for that, any old potato chip bag will do, but don’t try to hide again in denial
you are a cold blooded murderer, people who do what you do sit behind bars, some go to the electric chair, high volt

Doctor can you kill my baby? Medicine, some dogs would bite you if you tried it, being smart enough to know what is happening.
A Police Dog won’t protect a Cop? It is a son or daughter you are killing, a person, and we let liberals run for office?


November 11, 2014


This was a lump sum letter I received less than 30 days before the fake write up. The Campus Director authored it,
staff who falsified documents were below her. There were no problems until i reported records and child abuse
crimes. Then nobody would help in the chain of command. Records show bosses to both Staino and Julie knew, etc…,
pre fake write up and post. They tried to lecture me for going over their heads.

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1


During his presidency, Mr. Hytche was appointed by President George Bush to serve on the president’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.





Pasted Graphic


This evidence with the fake write up shows request to see a corrupted file.
Write up disciplined specific requests higher on chain of command in the same subject because
the HR rep was trying to interfere with justice. That is not a belief that I was retaliated against
for requesting the file, it is proof. It was only work related info that was discussed in email with those
staff, specific to corruption. There is nothing else to point to as a subject by the Plaintiff. The law says the act of
retaliating after initiating an investigation, your belief either way on the act it does not address, actions are the legal qualifier,
such as this case. Fake discipline was specific to the complaint. It is still discrimination anyway you look at it.

* 1. No employer or his agent, or the officer or agent of any corporation, shall discharge, penalize, or in any other manner discriminate against any employee because such employee has made a complaint to his employer, or to the


Here was the first evidence an investigation had began at Hillside on my file.
Problems on child abuse were about a month before and after.
Both issues were addressed at 5/19 and 6/30 HR meetings in 2011.
Law says this happening, and the retal makes a violation.

Re: Meetng time
From: "Julie Phillips"
"Russ Boardman"
Sent: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 08:01:13 -0400
Russ. I will review the page in question on Thursday and get back to you with how we
can proceed. Thank you for your response. JPO
-----Original Message-----
From: Russ Boardman
To: Phillips, Julie <

Sent: 4/4/2011 10:56:28 PM
Subject: Re: Meetng time

The only info I need is from a notebook paper lined page in that file as far as I know,
it was written by Rachel Kingston, I don't know who was at the meeting she had with that
page. I would like to review with those people what really happened, if you can just
look that up for me instead. I really don't want to get into a meeting, another trip to
campus, all that just for this little info.


>>> Julie Phillips 4/4/2011 4:19 pm >>>
Russ - I understand you are interested in reviewing some material in your supervsiory
desk file . I would be able to meet with you from 1pm to 1:45 pm this Thursday April 7th
at my office in the Admin Building. I am able to bring your HR file at that time as well
should you want to look at it.

Please advise if this time works in your schedule .

I look forward to meeting with you .


Julie A.Phillips-Oriel
HR Partner
Hillside Family of Agencies
1 Mustard Street
Rochester, NY 14609
585-654-1316 (office)
585-281-5578 (cell)
585-654-1313 (fax)


CUFI on Campus invites you to an event at Roberts Wesleyan College

Roberts_Wesleyan_College_11-14-14 Click Here to RSVP Event is being held in the Rinker Community Service Center. Community Members can park in Lot F off of Chesbrough Drive.


 Event is free • Seating is limited • Pre-registration is required.



If you are unable to attend this event or you would like to do more to support Israel, then please sign the Israel pledge. Your name will be joined with thousands of others from across the country and presented to our elected officials in Washington DC to encourage them to continue to support Israel.




On the article below how it relates to child abuse.
I have been on a shift where other staff chose to get in a physical restraint with
a Client. I had to get involved, and the number of responders that showed up to
help, took staff from other floors. Even with them, had all clients been escalated
there is not enough staff to handle things period. As in the time they had 40 holds over 3 days.
So when Admin starts sweeping 18 end of shift emails under the carpet, no problems here OCFS,
or a board won’t discipline the ones who falsify records, lies in court to cover what they are doing,
accomplice to child abuse, trying to remove a reporter whether there is abuse or not, they are attempting
to hide accountability, biasing the environment against Clients with evil staff instead. Below shows you
what happens when dirty Admin get their criminal way.





A reminder for those who fought to defend, and the reckless who jeopardize Freedom everyday against 2nd Amendment rights, border abandonment, and spending
like you know who. Freedom wasn’t free, yeah that is true. Like actual Men and Women put their lives on the line, to protect. This was about actual people, not just
greedy political themes. Hopefully the election last week makes this a better Veterans Day for Vets.


That God puts an end to Obama’s circus approach to border.
The book of Ezekiel covers this, watchman on the wall.


God Bless


Nov 10, 2014



Will go to jail as accomplice to records falsification, refusing to
act on criminal complaints, allowing their staff to keep retaliating
against NY for instituting child abuse reporting? Not the rough 10 I mentioned
before, board members too? That is not including Baptist crime addicts, we’re doin’ it for Jesus
amen brother, do we have the holy power yet?

What if it was child abuse it gets prosecuted? Child Abuse reporting what do we need that for?
Can’t we just sit around like Benghazi staff and not report, or Obama’s border boomerang he threw at God,
it is only child abuse, not very important, can’t Hillside get a corrupt lawyer to falsify the court records for them,
sweep it under the carpet, it is only crime, no biggie. What do you Teens have to say about that? And your families, with Lawyers?
Why is it there is an OCFS? Or background checks on staff, we have criminal Admin instead, all better. It is like abortion, half
murdered babies crawling for the door, and this is medicine. Well if you are a vicious liberal you can do that, be the 50 states Hillside
criminal, exalted for America to see, and attack pro life morons who protect the innocent.

Has this turned into a can of worms or?

God willing NY Atty G doesn’t do his job, for feasance, he gets prosecuted.
Feds know about Moreland, keep pushing your luck.



Sign Our Brief: Fight ObamaCare at the Supreme Court.
Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel
P.S. We're deep in our November Matching Challenge. Double your impact and
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It was a development that stunned Washington.
Friday, the Supreme Court said it would review ObamaCare, again.
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President Obama would have to go back to the drawing board, this time dealing with a conservative majority in Congress.
At the ACLJ, we're filing a critical amicus brief at the Supreme Court.
Join this brief.
Join the ACLJ as we hold the Obama Administration and the IRS accountable, as we put ObamaCare to the test once again.

>>Obama's darkest secret exposed<<


Can you chip right now to help me reach our goal?



Did you miss my email?

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We came close, but we're still $4,272 short.

In case you forgot about Mary Landrieu's runoff ,
she has already launched her first false, misleading attack of the runoff campaign less than a week after Election Day.

Russ, Mary Landrieu and Barack Obama are going to do everything they can to win this runoff election. That's why Bill Cassidy needs our support, and he needs it right now.



Dear Russ,

On Tuesday, November 4th we had a banner night for our Republican Party and Conservative Values.

We've won a new majority in the United States Senate, elected the largest Republican House majority since the 1920s and made gains to win new state legislative majorities all across the country.

Russ, I can't THANK YOU enough for helping make these historic victories happen!

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in Arkansas, who defeated Democrat Senator Mark Pryor
Tom Cotton
  • in Colorado, who defeated Democrat Senator Mark Udall
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  • in Georgia, who won his open seat race outright, avoiding a runoff
    David Perdue
  • in Iowa, who will become the Hawkeye State's first female U.S. Senator
    Joni Ernst
  • in Kansas, who fended off a tough challenge from the liberal-left this year
    Republican Senator Pat Roberts
  • in Montana, who handily won his race to move this seat into the Republican column
    Steve Daines
  • We're in a position now to take on Obama and his radical allies in Washington and STOP their agenda, BUT OUR WORK IS NOT DONE!

    The U.S. Senate race in Louisiana is headed to a December 6th runoff election, with Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy taking on Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu. The liberal left has already resorted to desperate lies and race-baiting in this campaign, and we know they'll say and do ANYTHING to hold this seat. And funding to support Obama's Democrat incumbent is already massive!

    You've proven yourself to be one of MichelePAC's most dedicated supporters already, and we truly cannot thank you enough.
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    Thank you again for ALL of your support,
    and please help again today however you can!

    With gratitude, blessings, and love,

    Michele Bachmann




    Has allowed an Attorney to criminally misrepresent the case, falsify court proceedings.
    How does the agency remove all criminal staff from the case? Criminal records, liability
    is easy to follow through on.

    It is still a grey area how the court record was falsified, where either the defense speaking was
    labeled as plaintiff or words were inserted against the recorded message. Not just a typo error,
    as if it should change the meaning of the case. Still didn’t make sense because the irrelevant info
    that was inserted didn’t make the case for the defense in the first place and the Plaintiff continues to
    argue for the prosecution. FBI got that one, it was company procedures that was actually mentioned in
    court not reference to some school?

    The corrected record, is part of appeals. Really desperate though if the court intentionally did that.
    The Judge missed everything else in the case does he have access to the record?

    You trustworthy Hillside Admin hard at work, keeping the child abuse standard, supporting staff criminals,
    wasting agency money on escalating crimes. The psych diagnosis on the involved individuals should be one
    for these elite board members to reflect on.


    November 9, 2014


    We have to fight for 4 races that remain too close to call:
    Russ –

    It's not over. We have to continue the fight to preserve true conservative values for America.

    Yes — conservatives TRUMPED Democrats Tuesday night, but there are still battles to be won. We must help 4 of our veteran candidates.

    Paul Chabot, (CA-31)
  • Jeff Gorrell, (CA-26)
  • Martha MsSally, (AZ-2)
  • Dan Sullivan, (AK Senate)
  • We must be ready to join each of these endorsed and supported candidates as they look at the possibility of taking on an expensive recount.

    I know all too well the recount process...

    A recount means hiring lawyers, organizing volunteers and countless other expenses—
    And the Allen West Guardian Fund will be there to offer our full support.

    But we need your help.

    Will you send an immediate Post-Election Contribution to help our endorsed and supported candidates in this critical hour of need?

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    I appreciate all your hard work and dedication over the last 2 years, but we can't stop just yet. We can win this tough battle together.

    Donate now.

    Steadfast and Loyal,

    Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
    U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)


    Dear Fellow Conservative,

    After Tuesday's elections, we all want to take a deep breath, relax, and celebrate.

    But we have one last fight. The Louisiana Senate race has gone to a runoff, and we must win that seat.

    Please read the note below from Bill Cassidy, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Louisiana. He's got a tough battle ahead of him, and needs your help.

    Rob Maness ran a strong campaign and he's a good man. But now that the primary is behind us,
    I encourage you to unite around Bill Cassidy so we can defeat Mary Landrieu.

    It is essential that conservatives across the country like you stand with Bill to make sure President Obama does not have another far-left vote in the Senate.

    We're counting on you.

    For Liberty,
    Sen. Ted Cruz


    *** BREAKING: The Election in Louisiana Is Not Over***


    With no candidate winning a 50% majority last night in Louisiana,

    we're now headed for an automatic runoff on December 6th -- and we're already at a disadvantage.

    You see, with the incredible wave of Republican victories, the Democrats are now more determined than EVER before to win Louisiana next month. They are going to be pouring every single resource and dollar into defeating me, which is why I need your immediate support.

    That's why I'm announcing the
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    We can't let that happen! We can't -- America can't -- afford to lose this race.

    But to beat back the Obama Democrats and their massive political cash advantage, we must immediately resupply our depleted campaign resources -- or face another month of savage Democrat attacks without the ability to answer back.

    Russ, after all the hard work we've done, we simply can't let up now --
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    Bill Cassidy


    Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate



    If you used the most Conservative way of trying to define the defense’s criminal offenses with Hillside. Meaning the most liberal that they can’t accept the law as written and have to litigate by denial and deformation. There were two ways to beat Hillside on their crimes. By the child abuse reporting that was immediate to the case where OCFS scheduled on behalf of the Plaintiff. Or you can go back to 2007, a clandestine falsification was put in the employee’s file after turning in negligence concerns at work. The file not seen unitl after 2009, brought to the attention of HR in evidence Email, return HR Email verifies. The same HR staff serves the fake write up 6-30-11, shown by disciplining policy contacts, and cited on the write up as retaliation, to the plaintiff as such and signed for by in protest. Cited dates in the fake are also evidenced by email dates within, that were to other Hillside staff on the Kingston file lies. Those emails as evidence. In short, the retaliation is proven against a mandated staff, not suspected, actual. If you remove the mandated staff, problems like showing up to shift with 8 unsupervised sex offenders left to be in each others beds ,is a concern for society, AWOL, crisis, rapes, law enforcement involved on their shifts. A Judge is going to tell me again this is not a public health concern? Time for a reality check, bench. The evidence for the Plaintiff, the victim of staff lies was not even on shift when other staff incited a client and then blamed the off duty staff. Pure crime by some cocky individuals. There is no arguing Hillside did not retaliate.


    Another stall tactic by Obama to delay border negligence from being fixed, is his allegiance to working with
    Executive action to end this. He blames the House for not passing a bill, and Senate under Dem control did what Obama?
    Blame the House. Anyways the key right now is Obama is still talking and not acting.

    Gov. Perry got his guard up to help Texas. If Obama wanted to do something he would. ISIS has access to the border,
    It is more babble to keep from doing anything.

    Strikes one and two were when Obama said he didn’t want to make border an election issue. And then followed with more
    stall tactics after, trying to obstruct the process of working with Congress. It is all consistent, don’t do anything, that
    was your goal. It is like Amnon grooming his sister in scriptures, Obama is allowing criminals in a country fully knowing people
    get hurt from it.




    Definition of health care:
    Health: Health means any field related to Health Care, and would most likely target the nursing, emergency care, hospice and long term care industries.

    Required CPR, First Aid, responder duties, oversee med administration, AED, endless mental health team logging.
    A good fantasy, not health care?

    Case Detail

    Party to the reference case below, that there must be proof of the employer infraction.
    Caught by retaliation as part of any provision of the 215 whistleblower law. Another
    evidence is an On Grounds staff was removed by the dept for being a problem, one of The Baptist
    brothers. That was part of the noisy clique, insisting on making the floor their hangout.
    Any provision is only portion of that law, retal proven.


    This is relevant case info against the defense firm who represented Hillside. In a different case
    the issue was if the Plaintiff had to identify a specific law to be heard, or just a general complaint.
    The other case Plaintiff having worked for a social services outfit. The same in Boardman v. Hillside defense took issue with any health care
    role being fulfilled by the (Sociotherapist)/YCP/ATC. Even though Hillside provides same services at times as the reference case. If this was relevant in the below case then Boardman proceeds as unfairly disqualified in health care claims ( article 20-c), and qualified in NY LL 215.

    The act of deviant supervisors who did not act on Hillside harassment complaints, remedied by OCFS intervention, was not logged in any daily agency progress notes
    or acted upon, as continuing complaints to OCFS. Even though in case evidence end of shift emails.

    Defense tried to make the case into a run of false statements, saying there was no cause, when proven. I can’t find one thing they actually did right
    except lie to a Judge, who did not research very well definitions in the case, or squander agency funds by resisting.

    The same Labor Law is specific that a complaintant only need to make their grievance known, and be retaliated against. In other words burden of proof was met
    for Boardman.

    If I was a Sociotherapist for the same organization as the reference case, this would be healthcare but not at Hillside?



    On 2016 I don’t believe that people actually trust Hillary as a candidate, or think she deserves to be in The White House. If a School Principal did what she did and four people died, or a Police Chief, Doctor, Ice Cream Vendor, Army Sgt. Against Palin, there goes a percentage of the female vote to conservatives, riding four dirty coffins is not the way to make an entrance to leadership. The closer you get to the facts, you realize Hillary is about as corrupt as a gang member to do what she did, keep running, raise her voice at McCain which was a disgrace. She would have been fired if she stayed on, not deserving a promotion but charges. It was a disaster what happened. We don’t need anymore of it.

    What people want in the end is a leader who is going to make good decisions, and protect America from harm, stand up to crime and bullies, keep matriculating the ball down the field for Freedom. It would be like dragging anchor to have her in charge of our 50 states. It went to Clinton and Obama for the worst two presidents in the last century, more of that, it’s toxic to the country.


    November 8, 2014

    P R A Y E R

    #2. There is an election to be won, 2016. Christians voters can weigh in on this next one and dump liberal oppression. The left, how can you vote for baby murder,
    and negligent border patrol? That takes a criminal fiend.


    As kids did liberals root for Redcoats in history lessons?

    A few scraps

    How wide would i make the security trench at Mexico? 20-30 yards might be a good idea, wide as a football field is too much?


    Supervisors at Hillside below klepto Admin in the program I was in, it is a string of supervisors, that I communicate with directly on end of shift. There are others from different floors who i never really talk with that were not involved.


    Elections, NH, Illinois, VA, NY, these states were alot closer than maybe voters thought. For 2016 any of them could be won. Even with NY if you shifted 5% of the vote from Cuomo to the non Moreland scandal candidate it gets close? Maybe we gain Senate seats next time too and The White House? Actually force the courts to respect the constitution.


    Not much to say right now. Dems wasted million$, African kids died starving and from bad water in the meantime. The crook Obama continues, we should have stopped Iran by now, it is like Assad, he won’t be happy until other people get hurt, same with Obama. The reason I say nuke Iran, is because we may have to. Their weapons program may be in hard to reach places.

    Cassidy should win if everybody shows up.

    #1. Border Security: If you wait for Obama it will be another 9-11 because he is helping the criminals escape, from Gitmo, Mexico, ISIS. Anti American is what Obama is he wants to degrade everything down to his level.




    Case: I had said about the fake summary sheet at court that Staino authored. From the fake write up. It was an irrelevant point, that by itself was not enough to terminate any staff. When i went to complain about his handywork, that was the final move, even though policy allows it. Deviant subculture is the stigma President Richardson has left on Hillside, wouldn’t fix a thing once he found out his Admin was criminal. I thought these staff knew we had U.S. laws before working there?

    If Albany does not act this time on the case, Feds need to bust NY Atty G, and whoever else wants in. If it went to County DAs and did, but they did not act?



    What do you think of the border if someone like the Tea Party took donations by county, to dig 1 mile each?

    Begin a security trench all the way across the Mexico line. The States could not do it(?), forget Obama who has compromised

    The idea, start from the far side of the trench, keep digging deeper as you get more money, work the dirt towards the states side,
    you can use it as an embankment for patrol to stay behind. More of the trench, i would leave it empty, close the ends by 1-5 miles of
    dirt so this is not the Iranian Canal of Mexico, ships with uranium. A moat would work, empty is easier to see people in it.
    As time goes keep adding electric security fences, fortified concrete security wall. If you staff it with U.S. army, they are already on salary.
    American citizens could start this, the harder part is existing ranches along the border, would have to sell enough land to do it. National
    security, you can’t take no for an answer, a buy out.

    The other element of this border trouble may go back to Texas being acquired, The U.S. forced the Mexican army back into their own territory
    and to sign a deal. It was not their will to sell Texas. The U.S. could send electric over the border by reactor as a concession. So Mexicans
    can desalinize water and farm on their side. All those refugee immigrants could work their own land for pay. I took Christianity as another
    humanities course to American history. You see how we acquired Texas, that is not bible.


    Obama continues to make decisions that threaten the welfare of America. Like a parasite, it doesn’t matter if it is financial, defense,
    sabotage. He is like a bad drug for the country.




    Louisiana's dramatic Senate runoff gives us one last chance to pound the Obama Democrats this year!

    Despite being blasted by over
    $10 million in outside attack ads and being outspent by 3-term Democrat Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy fought her to a draw and earned himself one last chance to defeat her.

    Louisiana will again vote on December 6th -- less than one month from now! Bill needs -- and deserves -- all the help he can get.

    That's why the
    Conservative Action Fund has set up this Special Runoff Election conduit donation page - 100% of your contribution will go directly to Bill Cassidy's campaign.

    Express Donate $5 > > >

    Express Donate $15 > > >

    Express Donate $25 > > >

    Express Donate $50 > > >

    Express Donate Another Amount > > >

    Russ, this isn't 18-year Senate veteran Mary Landrieu's first runoff -- it's her third, and she's already come out on top twice. Barack Obama is desperate to preserve this liberal stalwart and her 97% record of support for his "fundamental transformation" of America.

    Let's help disappoint them -- stand up right now and lend your assistance to Bill Cassidy's overtime fight to bring this seat into the GOP column -- make a generous Special Runoff Election conduit contribution of $15 or more today!

    For Freedom,

    Shaun McCutcheon
    Chairman, Conservative Action Fund

    P.S. Russ, do you have $15 to help win a final, decisive victory against Barack Obama's Big Government reign today? Thanks, Shaun

    Paid for by the Conservative Action Fund



    You're Making A Difference!

    Pro-life Numbers Grow in State Senate and in Congress  

    Dear Ministry Friend,
    Your support for New Yorker's Family Research Foundation is making a difference.
    Earlier this year, I wrote that the upcoming election was critical to whether or not Governor Cuomo's Abortion Expansion Act would pass or fail during the 2015-2016 legislative session. As it stood then, pro-life advocates had the narrowest of margins needed to defeat the bill in the State Senate: 32 votes. If even one vote was lost in November, this pro-abortion bill had a real chance of becoming law in January 2015.
    I am pleased to report that following this November's election, the margin of votes opposed to expanding late-term abortion in New York has increased to 34! The pro-life community has picked up at least two votes in the State Senate.


    Do you find the leftist sexual predator in this article,

    compares to all Hillside staff and Admin who have obstructed NY, Constitutional Rights of a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter?
    With Teens left in their care?

    What type of abuse could have happened on my shift in the case, is any of the following; rioting, escaped sex offenders, law enforcement downloaded
    by the crisis. Unsupervised Clients, as rapes. A big joke no, crisis can occupy all available staff leaving would be sex offenders to AWOL. But precious
    Hillside Admin cares about you Clients and NY, they make records falsification against the NY Child Abuse Reporter. Did OCFS act against them yet?
    Will the agency immediately fire and sue all involved staff, the whole board?

    If the case goes to court, damages against Boardman music career will follow, it easily qualifies probably into 8 digits. A life saving rescue and you lied in court
    to have your selfish, criminal way against society, taxpayers, Teens, staff, aborted babies getting stabbed. You think i am playing around?

    Deranged criminals have done this. The other boards at Hillside need to re-evaluate the criminal behavior of the campus staff and board where I was, meet with the
    Attorney and recognize damages, terminations. As an integral part of the investigation I have witnessed six higher level staff of President, Campus Director, Head Of HR, Campus HR Rep, Program Director, Board Chair if Angela was still on, as guilty of crimes. Omnibuds is 7 in the NYS Taxpayer abridging scam, by corporate. The lower supervisors in the program below Stanio are all involved.

    Filing the secondary damages is no big deal, prove frivolous defense moves from court. That delayed court from January into Appeals, their arrogance.
    Best summary, appeals wages are employment, fraud is not going to fly with the supreme court, trying to convince them well I have to claim unemployment after appeals
    because i was not owed wages? That is records falsification. The other point is owed wages qualifies as the definition of hired for wage, whether they were paid or not.

    Discrimination, harassment, etc…

    Way more than enough evidence and legal avenues.


    The choice is simple.
    We can allow abortionists like Kermit Gosnell to prey on women and kill babies born alive, or we can institute commonsense regulations and save the lives of mothers and babies.
    Texas chose life, and we're standing with them in federal court.
    This weekend is the deadline for you to add your name to our critical amicus brief to defend life.
    Save Lives. Sign Our Pro-Life Brief Today.




    The work is not over.

    And I need you and the rest of the grassroots movement to Draft Congressmen Trey Gowdy to replace the liberal Republican John Boehner as Speaker of the House.


    The response has been overwhelmingly in favor of drafting Congressman Trey Gowdy for Speaker of the House,
    BUT I'm worried we might miss our window of opportunity if we don't get your signature in right away! Will you CLICK HERE to join the call to draft Trey Gowdy to be the next Speaker of the House?

    Nov 7, 2014


    I did some more reading in NY Labor Law on wages and employers being required to pay staff. Specific to the case, when you complete fair paperwork for omnibuds and they
    retaliate with fake reasoning on their own letterhead. It does not justify the lack of wages to staff. Actually my case with that could have filed from the second Atty and the other staff who were victims for no pay under unpaid crisis time. The criminal portion of labor law even shows a President being assigned prosecution under NY Atty G. There are so many ways to prosecute the case, it almost becomes more preference than is necessary. If you want to plea bargain against more staff you can. The ambulance staff who was caught nearby ended up with $160,000+ in damages was it? This is the same type of misconduct from Hillside, but worse. Escalated damages outweigh anything in the case. There is not one authority from policy to NY law, Federal that backs what happened by rule of law. It is a fantasy to think they got away or will, there was wiser ways to deal with this case.

    Hillside boards have to recognize the danger and say you are a criminal you leave the agency staff, we are not becoming part of your crime traitors. I think that was all a man could do. I am sure good law enforcement are happy this is out in the open. They arrest criminals so corporate can corrupt the last place these Teens might turn it around?

    If The FBI starts busting people by the record numbers, only because it was necessary. That is what i could do for society as was mandated. From Solomon ordering a live baby be cut in two, some of these staff don’t care, they see Unborn Nation, hate trip on me and babies, it could be newborn crawling out of Gosnell’s- scissors still in the cranium, trying to dial 9-11 through the blood, no sympathy for the devil, let the live American babies die from abortion, so what if Russ could rescue them. Childcare staff do this? Political rabies you see it with Obama and ISIS, crime from the left, no excuse, you stop killing those babies. Why don’t you get in a wrestling ring and kill them out in front of everyone so they can see, abortion is homicide, and you really aren’t that proud of it. Infact you lie to cover it up, nobody died, aboriton is not murder, and little kids can see through it?



    Does anti terrorism put 2 and 2 together on what just happened?

    Obama allowed Assad to kill 100,000 people.
    Obama allows ISIS over your border.

    This link to U.N. vote on arms control could have impacted Americans in such a dangerous time.

    No joke or exaggeration, Hitler did things like that, rounded up whatever opposed him.
    Obama is a criminally dangerous individual he has taken the side of ISIS over American border humanoids.
    If it was 9-11 at what point do you realize the terrorists are that? When they get up, go in the cockpit,
    take out the weapons, or crash the planes?

    Obama is an accomplice to direct terrorism against America.
    The Law needs to stop him!

    Rush talks about the analogy of cooking a frog, do you see the U.S.
    immigration policy, there isn’t any, it is like looters at the L.A. riots.
    So if Obama gives his stubborn attitude problem to Congress now, what
    happens is nothing on border which is what he wants, because it is sabotage.
    If you were watching the slick dealer in this one, wasn’t it well don’t
    want to make immigration an election issue? The first stall tactic to keep
    threatening America with terror foreign and domestic, not defending the
    Constitution at all, he is attacking the very people it represents.

    Listen, Obama has become like sick minded world leaders you usually
    see in other countries, where democracy isn’t. Tyrants do whatever
    they want to their subhuman race. Obama has done this to all of us,
    do you want ISIS in your state? Obama helped them get there, he is the terrorist.
    Thankful for the election, it sets up 2016 well, but the biggest threat
    today is the dangerous criminal at the helm in DC, he literally is destroying
    what military and law enforcement worked for, your safety. Those are his
    guests in your country, now you have to deal with it. He turned you over to terrorists.

    The states need to close the border.


    Hillside Case Evidence

    To prove benefits spanned Hillside omnibuds/appeals procedure as wage.
    That means Plaintiff is holding the aces in the case and Hillside has a pair of jokers and some other weak and low cards.

    I find in the case that the Plaintiff has the defense beat on two definitions of employee. The guaranteed
    right to a fair appeal by policy and Federal Law, which the process was begun and interfered with by a deviant omnibuds. And was to include full reimbursement as you can see in documents below
    on this site.

    The page immediately below was from benefits, dated 11 days after the final act of retaliation. Proving the plaintiff had a form of wage during appeals in benefits by NY Labor Law definition. The letter, makes an ambiguous statement that benefits coverage had ended or will end. The condition is not both an employee has benefits and the benefit expired. Verification from the provider made it clear the existing policy would be in place until the end of the month, 2 weeks past Omnibuds final retaliation at 7/14/11. The evidence in the benefits letter, is that 10 days from the letter date of 7/25/11 the Plaintiff would need to contact the provider to switch to another plan to maintain continuos coverage. This shows the Plaintiff still has coverage at 7/25 /11 and has defeated the defense scheme to time bar the case. Summons and complaint filed 2 days before the 2 year deadline of 7/14/13. It also is a consideration that the amended summons and complaint while spanned by benefits as wages, was not accompanied by any duties, filed 7/15/13 one day after two years from retaliation. Therefore the Judge is in error to have attempted to require the Plaintiff to file any document late and still serve it on time to defense. If it was filed late, it was disqualified. As evidence shows at the request of Counsel in summer 2013 summons amended, after assistance on the initial one. Even though defense tried to claim no counsel was involved (more frivolous), then the amended is not the active summons in the case as defense also tried to claim, and then dually time bar it as being one day late in filing.

    It is like saying you paid a bill one day late and that disqualifies an earlier on time payment? It makes no sense. Defense counsel knew the amended was too late, and is irrelevant, but still continued to make arguments to it, running up a legal bill for themselves to be paid by.

    This leaves the number of frivolous instances in the case now by defense, closer to not 3, but 5 or more with misclassifying job duties as not health care for a sociotherapist? (Renamed YCP). Defense may have tried to reference a COBRA coverage letter for court but misrepresented to the court the below letter.

    Pasted Graphic

    Nov 6, 2014


    What I want you to see here in policy, is that a staff can have another Hillside staff member from COPE committee
    assigned to them to represent in their hearing. That is considered work for the Hillside level III COPE member.
    If this is considered work and is reimbursable, then an employee in appeals is also performing work by going
    through the corrupted appeal hearing. That is equivocal definitions under the law. Under XVI B.

    Pasted Graphic 1


    Under E. Staff are to be compensated for appeals. This was a right under policy, Constitutional, redress of grievances. But with that Judge, he seemed content to say oh well you didn’t get your appeal did you? Actually under the procedure, I started the process which was work, covered by wage. It is like saying a guy robs a store, and the Judge says oh well store owner, you got robbed. Fortunately wages was there as benefits, and so pay was achieved. If Congress could fire him, i would make it a done deal.

    Pasted Graphic

    Save Lives. Sign Our New Brief to Defend the Unborn Today.
    Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel

    Contribute Now



    The world watched in horror.
    Abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murdering babies born alive after botched abortions.
    Women died in his clinic from dangerous conditions.
    The people of Texas reacted passing commonsense measures to restrict unregulated abortions and mandate basic safety standards on abortion clinics.
    The abortion industry responded with an angry mob that literally chanted, "Hail Satan."
    They tried to violently shut down the Texas legislature.
    Life prevailed and this critical pro-life legislation passed.
    Now the abortion industry is challenging this pro-life law that will save lives in federal court.
    The Supreme Court has already stepped in to temporarily block part of the law as the case continues on appeal.
    We're preparing a critical amicus brief to defend life in this landmark case.
    But you only have this week to sign our brief and have your voice heard for life.



    Last night YOU won!
    Harry Reid was fired – he will no longer be the Senate Majority Leader. Because of you, we were able to flip enough seats to take the Senate. And, we were able to fire at least three Democrats in Arkansas, Colorado, and North Carolina.
    And because of you, the Freedom Caucus grew in the House. Bruce Poliquin, Rod Blum, Mia Love, Ken Buck, and Alex Mooney will be joining Thomas Massie, Tom McClintock, and Justin Amash in Congress. We don’t have all the results yet, and we could still elect two more Freedom Fighters in Maryland and Washington.
    Russ, you made DC listen. Thank you so much for your hard work and support. My staff wants to make sure you know how crucial you were to this amazing victory. That’s why we put together this special card for you. Last night we won the first round. Today, the fight continues as we start pushing a positive agenda that will show every American why freedom works. Thank you so much.
    In Liberty,
    Matt Kibbe

    This link is nothing racial, the undiscriminating law. My case, more white criminals than any other
    ethnicity, one black, no asians, no latinos, as far as I know. To say what, I am not targeting other
    racial groups.



    BREAKING - Senate Majority is Pro-Life


    Russ, we won an incredible victory last night. Republicans gained control of the U.S. Senate, essentially firing Harry Reid. He will no longer be a roadblock to legislation that would save children from abortion.
    Sen. Mitch McConnell, the likely new Majority Leader, has pledged to bring the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act up for a Senate vote. This would save 18,000 unborn babies every year.
    Your SBA List and our partner Women Speak Out PAC were victorious in Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado, and Kansas. Our historic ground operation to turn out pro-life voters will keep expanding in Louisiana, where we expect to win in the run-off election on December 6.
    Last night’s overwhelming victory for pro-life candidates showed the abortion-centered ‘war on women’ strategy has completely failed. Your SBA List added a third pro-life woman to the Senate with Joni Ernst's victory in Iowa. We strengthened pro-life women's leadership in the House, electing women like Mia Love (UT-04) and Elise Stefanik (NY-21). Mia, the first black Republican congresswoman and Elise, the youngest woman ever elected to the House are both pro-life. Where is this so-called 'war on women'?
    Russ, I woke up this morning energized. Pro-life legislation can finally receive floor votes in the Senate.
    And if Barack Obama won't sign pro-life legislation, you can bet we'll work tirelessly to elect a president who will!
    Your SBA List has emptied our bank account defeating Planned Parenthood and EMILY's List in key election states with the biggest ground campaign the pro-life movement has ever had. Can you donate to refill our coffers so we can hit the ground running, putting this ground campaign experience right into passing pro-life legislation in the new Senate and electing a pro-life president?
    I can not thank you enough for faithfully standing with your SBA List all the way to victory. I hope you're feeling the tremendous joy I am - the victory we worked so hard for is here!
    Let us pray today in humble thanksgiving, and for the courage to push pro-life legislation through the new Senate. For Life, MJD_headshotmjd_signature Marjorie Dannenfelser President, Susan B. Anthony List

    Donations can also be mailed to SBA List, 1200 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20036

    Contributions or gifts to Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. All donations are made to the general treasury of the Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., and are not designated for any particular purpose. Donation will be used in the sole discretion of the Officers and/or Board of Directors in accordance with the mission and purposes of the SBA List.



    Russell, The Louisiana Senate race is going to a runoff. We are rushing Tea Party volunteers and resources there even as I type this email. We need to win this race to solidify our Tea Party principles in the minds of the new Senate majority. Barack Obama knows how important this race is. He will try to make a political comeback there and trip us as we cross the finish line. We can't let that happen.

    Please donate now.

    Whether it's $5, $15, $30, $50, $100, or whatever other amount you can afford, we need your help.

    We can't afford to let up for a second.

    Every door we can knock, every call we can make, and every pamphlet we can distribute could make the difference.

    We are poised to have volunteers on the ground in Louisiana within a matter of days. But we must be sure we have the resources on hand to keep them going right up until Election Day.

    We need to win this runoff election! We need every Senate vote we can get to stop the Obama agenda in its tracks.

    Please do what you can right now.


    Jenny Beth Martin



    Contributions to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are not tax deductible
    as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

    While the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund does not earmark contributions
    for individual candidates, your contribution will be used to support only those
    Tea Party candidates who have met our exacting standards for endorsement.


    Response Action Network Newsletter Here is your weekly update on the politics and policies affecting our liberties. Special Report - the 2014 Election We Won! Democrats were routed across the country, losing not only control of the U.S. Senate, but three governors' races. Democrats also lost 13 seats in the House of Representatives. We gave Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi a strong message. But that doesn't mean we're done. Far from it. We have to remain ready to respond to -- and fight - politicians who pose a threat to our freedom and liberty. And that means Republicans as well as Democrats. It's our job to make sure they follow the Constitution . . . honor their oaths of office . . . and spend their time and effort making the lives of every American better and more free. "Here are some election highlights . . ."  WSJ_USA_Map_2014_Election
    Republicans win seven Senate seats outright. Two more - Alaska, where the results are still unofficial, and Louisiana, which will hold a run-off election between Democrat Mary Landrieu and Republican Bill Cassidy next month - could push the total GOP gains to nine seats. Republican winners ran far better than the polls showed, calling into question whether pollsters need to go back to the drawing board before the 2016 presidential election. Republican governors had an outstanding night, as Wisconsin's Scott Walker overcame a nasty Democrat/Big Labor effort to beat him. This is Walker's third statewide win in two years. Republicans also won in Maryland, which is a blow to outgoing Democrat gov. Martin O'Malley's presidential aspirations, and Illinois, where Democrat Pat Quinn's corrupt regime was soundly beaten. In the House of Representatives, GOP pick-ups in Harry Reid's Nevada, Georgia, and Utah - where Mia Love cruised to victory - all point to a more conservative House GOP majority. Again, the numbers are good. The Democrats took it on the chin. But just because Mitch McConnell and john Boehner control Congress doesn't mean we can let up. Our liberty is too precious, and bought at too high a price, for us to rely on politicians to respect it. Enjoy this moment . . . but always be prepared to fight!
    Want to find out how you can fight back against our out of control government? Then visit any of these action pages:

    The Presidency and the Constitution
    Hillsdale's newest, no-cost online, on-demand course, "The Presidency and the Constitution," runs for ten weeks, and is available absolutely no-cost to all who wish to learn.

    Sign up for this no-cost Online, on-demand course!
    Response Action Network is an online activist resource for liberty oriented causes.
     9625 Surveyor Court, Suite 400 Manassas, Virginia 20110



    If every county in The U.S. sponsored one mile of border bulldozing?
    I don’t like Obama, we need to stop his terrorism. Immigration policy
    is not defined by no policy, and then crime as a substitute, with illegal
    citizenship to reward the crime.

    Sheriffs could regulate militia spotters for the bulldozers.

    Stop Obama or he will continue the crime seen in The Border States Of America movie.


    From Dr. Ben Carson Email

    • sbr110414dapr_s300x229
      I Voted
      Illustration by Steve Breen for Creators Syndicate


    Phoning it in on Election Day
    With so much at stake, millions of Americans still did not participate in the midterm elections this week. ... Read More
    A 'We the People' moment for a 'can-do' nation
    It should come as no surprise to most thinking people that Wal-Mart, like many other large employers, recently announced that it would be suspending health care benefits for part-time workers. ... Read More
    Overcoming hardship to survive and thrive
    We have heard much about the tragic events in Ferguson, Mo., during which a young man lost his life, a community became enraged, and many differing definitions of justice emerged. All human life is precious, and we should be concerned when any life is prematurely terminated, regardless of the circumstances. ... Read More
    A plea for constitutional literacy on Constitution Day
    Earlier this summer, I managed to perplex, perhaps even offend, a famous TV interviewer when I declared I wanted a federal government that followed the U.S. Constitution. ... Read More




    i would like to see border states start digging a security trench on our side of the border far enough back, you can put a no mans land beyond it in U.S. territory. With room for other high and low volt fences. Evel Knivevel might want to jump the trench? Ground radar, fortified concrete wall on our side with an excess of technology and weapons. Give the guards a secure setting.

    I would not wait for Obama and prosecute when he tries to stop it.

    It is a federal responsibility but
    everybody knows Obama is the
    sleeper cell nobody ordered.

    ISIS, EBOLA, drug dealers, human traffic,
    end it.




    So the public knows what Hillside Admin is doing with their funds. Frivolous in court can be a $10,000 charge for each instance. I count at least two in my case, defense sweeping under the carpet the known policy manual right to wages in appeal, and lies on benefits. Comments toward Plaintiff exposing the case makes three, and with a state fine for retaliation from NY they can be held liable for $40k, not including any equivocal damages or escalating slander.

    Would you like to do your job now prosecutors and stop these child abuse supporting individuals? You do have a job duty to prosecute. OCFS has one to keep criminals out of these agencies. How can they keep staff from working at Hillside with a criminal history but allow proven criminals to keep going? OCFS is in a scandal? Now who is the director? The FBI knows this is going on?


    Today's Featured Story:

    A Night of Historic Firsts for the Republican Party and America Capture1

    Trending Today:

    (VIDEO) Krauthhammer Summarizes Last Night's Historic GOP Victory Better than Anyone! Obama Will HATE This


    *** BREAKING: The Election in Louisiana Is Not Over***


    With no candidate winning a 50% majority last night in Louisiana,

    we're now headed for an automatic runoff on December 6th -- and we're already at a disadvantage.

    You see, with the incredible wave of Republican victories, the Democrats are now more determined than EVER before to win Louisiana next month. They are going to be pouring every single resource and dollar into defeating me, which is why I need your immediate support.

    That's why I'm announcing the
    Rally For Victory Fund -- we must raise $150,000 by next Wednesday, just a week from today. Russ, can I count on your help today?

    Contribute $5 to the Rally For Victory Fund instantly >>>

    Contribute $25 to the Rally For Victory Fund instantly >>>

    Contribute $50 to the Rally For Victory Fund instantly >>>

    Contribute $100 to the Rally For Victory Fund instantly >>>

    Or donate another amount >>>

    Mary Landrieu is no stranger to run-offs -- that's how she pulled off a shocking victory to win re-election in 2002. Once again, she has a second chance to maintain her grip on this pivotal Senate seat and put another vote into Harry Reid and Barack Obama's hands.

    We can't let that happen! We can't -- America can't -- afford to lose this race.

    But to beat back the Obama Democrats and their massive political cash advantage, we must immediately resupply our depleted campaign resources -- or face another month of savage Democrat attacks without the ability to answer back.

    Russ, after all the hard work we've done, we simply can't let up now --
    and I can promise you, we won't. But without your indispensable, campaign-saving support we won't have the funds we need to outlast Mary Landrieu and the Obama Democrats.

    Please stand with us today -- make your best contribution to the Rally For Victory Fund now, before it's too late.


    Bill Cassidy


    Paid for By Bill Cassidy for Senate


    A question on these staff, do they usually go into businesses and criminally falsify records. If this was
    A. KMART
    C. AT&T
    D. A BANK

    They can do whatever they want? No that would be jail criminals.

    Cuomo and NY Atty G won their elections, Gov. was closer this time. NY is moving right in voting.
    The way I see it they can do their jobs this on Hillside or face prosecution, anymore Moreland
    scandal, it is a federal case. It is not an option it is your required job duty. Gov. and NY Atty G insulating child abuse scandal, done.

    Nov 4, 2014


    This battle was long sought after to get the maniacal ‘leaders’ out of Washington. There were so many fundraising emails fortunately God put me in a good place to process them all. People who went door to door, yeah it was worth it. Conservative Media you can expect was the anchor for countering the criminal negligence Obama suffers The USA with.

    All you newly elected Congress, WELCOME. Fireworks are due, do you know how many prayers went up on your behalf? I think the Angels would say Amen.

    The big changes we need; border security, drop Obamacare, budget. End corruption
    even in a humdrum political scene.

    This was strike two, 2016 we make the Conservative/Tea Party Revolution complete, given a wise approach. And chalk up a K for liberal evil and crime, baby murder, terrorism.

    Tonight was huge, God Bless You. Thanks.

    Good Night.



    Sorry about the case info there below, if it was Football these child abuse supporting jokers won’t let go of my facemask. See Judge.

    Hillside Sideshow:

    More Case: Next a settled record which is the evidence goes to Appellate Division to file. That sets the case, with compounding damages, from court harassment, and Corporate also refusing to repair a deformed court case all this time, discrimination. Labor Law definition is what was to be used, not irrelevant reference cases. I don’t see a Judge qualifying paid appeals wages as not money, and fraud if such an individual filed unemployment with NY after being paid it. You are either employed or not employed. Law definition does not make you both. There was no right for Omnibuds to obstruct that, even though a reimbursed time period by labor law definition and benefits. That means the case is on.

    It is possible the reference case was on an unpaid appeal, where the petitioner, went to the company for appeals but was not guaranteed pay for it, only a job back. And had no benefits either possibly. The duties I had to go through for Omnibuds, and what full appeals requires. I had hundreds of Emails to review, it definitely was work. A wise staff who was called the B word by one of Hillside’s most evil stalkers, told me to keep everything. So evidence was in abundance. Settled record includes Hillside policy to owe appeals staff wages and a fair hearing. Also the benefits letter which postdates Omnibuds letter, and provided for further continuous coverage into the next month, it defeats the defense flopsy act from court.


    Hillside Case: I did find the defense may be charged with frivolous conduct for intentionally having lied and
    tried to deceive the court, intent to damage the Plaintiff’s case. As is stated in that portion of law,


    Emergency Link:


    The last word on criminals I worked with who were staff is going to be jail, damages, oh well.
    You can’t even follow policy or stop lying in court. The only staff who should be there are the
    ones who would correct the crimes. The others sue ‘em.






    Pasted Graphic



    As elections close in, still a human interest story with the criminal Admin from that agency. How the left has attacked society and tried to victimize free Americans. It goes hand in hand with election issues, because corruption has bronzed the liberal politicians in the last term. From ISIS to Moreland, terrorist permissive Senators and media, to Pelosi, Hillary, Reid, and the IRS scandal.

    Stab a baby to death and you don’t see anything wrong?

    A few main points of disgust and sabotage of the profession i work in with Teens. It started with OSHA and Sheriff reporting on injuries to staff. It went to criminal harassment by the satanic baptists, and by staff caught changing the rules. Child Abuse reporting of all things is not good enough for the so called leadership. These are not adult staff to me. They are like bad kids with a functional level below high school. You have robbed the taxpayers, offended Teenagers criminally, falsified records on one of the most dedicated staff you will probably ever find. And just sit there…what? Like you didn’t do a thing. Pout, lie, hide behind an agency lawyer like you didn’t get treated fair. I recognize the Judge was a devil, if he was in the same church I would have to have him removed for corruption against me by Jesus preaching on 2-3 witnesses. These so called adults disgraced NY State, they took your money, and abused Teens from what I saw. Will you look at the Hillside leadership, proud vultures, caught in evidence, it is not legal for them to work there by policy or law involved in those crimes. It has been the lowest class operation I have worked at between the lines, not what Admin tells the public, when my coworkers stay to help with crisis after shift which is like cops in a riot sometimes. And you can’t even pay them? It isn’t like desk staff are waiting to jump up and help. You can’t even sit at your desk and put factual statements on paper Admin, while heroes go work with America’s gang members.

    I appreciate the good staff who I worked with, they know who they are. I don’t have to name names. That is why i work with that population, it is the same with Church groups, to U.S. military staff at work who were standouts, or staff in detention. Kidspeace had a slogan that America was a nation in crisis. That is why i am not playing around with the case. Those staff tried to make a welcome mat out of Teens and career staff. Parents should not trust that Admin they were proved criminal in court.
    It is a bad situation to even have a society with placements, it is where Jesus leaves the 99 and goes after the 1.

    If you are a prayer warrior Hillside needs a draw of good staff. Also Freedom Village could use some rental property donations so they have a money maker God Willing.

    No regrets for Hillside.


    November 3, 2014


    Theme of the case: Open and shut by labor law, prison doors stay shut for perpetrators.



    This is the day to stop Obama at the polls.
    His crime has gone way too far. If you don’t
    vote then you are helping the enemy destroy
    America. Take responsibility for it. Scriptures
    say to act when you have the power to or God may
    take it away and leave you like slaves.





    Which of the following parties/actions should be involved against Hillside?

    A. Gov, Cuomo.
    B. NYS Atyy G
    C. FBI in their continued absence.
    E. Corporate sponsor Wegmans.
    F. 1000 Points Of Light.
    G. Client parents and families.
    H. Compensatory damages for lying in court.
    I. 6 Fraud statute from court as laws are a legal bending contract between Plaintiff and defense.
    J. Accruing damages daily.
    K. Removal of all criminal staff including board members who can be removed as low life criminals.
    L. $10k state fine.
    M. Lawsuit by Hillside to assess damages to criminal board members.
    N. Case study by University Psych Depts on criminal escape tactics.
    O. Jail time for perpetrators.
    P. Dangerous classification for offending staff, insulating child abuse, lying in court, resisting all legal interventions.
    Q. Loss of licensure for involved clinical staff.
    R. Community service hours assigned.
    S. Prosecution of state authorities who interfered with the case.
    T. Mental health eval of involved perpetrators.
    U. Do you recognize any criminals yet who were not smart enough to have settled the case or down their jobs under feasance?
    V. How many Hillside hands are in the state/jail’s cookie jar now?
    W. The Clients needed you criminals removed. Anticipating more lies next court date, open and shut by labor law, jail doors though they stay shut.
    X. The million dollar question did you do your job?


    The reason we have an American flag is because Christians before us didn’t sow the wind,
    who were endowed by their creator. God is not going to do the voting for you tomorrow,
    if Israel did not cross the Jordan scriptures don’t say a tornado would carry them there.

    Git ‘R Done



    NOV 2, 2014

    Which world leader would stop ISIS at their border?

    A. Hitler
    B. Romans
    C. Putin
    D. Robert E. Lee
    E. U.N. Forces
    F. The Easter Bunny
    G. Sandy Hook Kids
    H. U.S. Army
    I. Ben Franklin
    J. 9-11 Part Two Crew
    K. Obama sleeper cell with golf clubs, hey send us Ebola patients also.
    L. Benedict Arnold
    M. Judas
    N. Liberals pot heads
    O. Benghazi security staff
    P. Four dead and trying for more, Hillary President 2016.
    Q. Secret Service protects a terrorist.
    R. Define a terrorist media.
    S. Patriot Militia
    T. Good Cops
    U. When is Obama no longer defending America but has joined terrorists to attack it?
    V. Impeach him or you may be picking up kids heads off of streets because of ISIS.
    W. When that happens are Patriots going to stand up by the millions and remove Obama
    as a terrorist?
    X. If it happens are adults right now innocent for letting Obama do that?
    Y. The guy is in homicidal crime to do what he does, the law shows he is a criminal.
    Z. The authorities should have removed him.

    In this escalating case which will include damages from court for Appeals.
    This posts because if there is any hiding place left for previous agency criminals to have fooled the board of directors. Then this was it. Mike Staino having authored a fake write up which was submitted to a Judge by the Plaintiff, violated company policy at Hillside. He attempted to discipline going above level I of Hillside Policy Manual, because he was being reported for apathy, and as the subject of OCFS reporting. He falsified a write up to retaliate. That day of 6-30-11 was the 2nd of two meetings OCFS scheduled on child abuse concerns as evidence showed for court. Copies of the OCFS email are evidence, with his fake.
    At court Hillside of all the foolish maneuvers attempted submits a summary sheet to the fake write up as if it was real. It scored different categories as not sufficient as a staff. One month before this Plaintiff was given a lump sum bonus for job performance with no complaints except those made by the plaintiff against Hillside supervisors who had falsified a file years beforehand. And to HR, OCFS about child abuse in recent weeks to 6-30-11
    There was no factual information on Mike Staino’s fake write up of 6-30-11 which caught him in records falsification. Nor his summary sheet he authored the same day. Plaintiff was to shifts, only used 1 day per year of off time, thousands of dollars of unused vacation went back to Hillside as a result. Plaintiff worked as shift leader 3-4 days a week on the top campus floor, and helping On Grounds in years closer to this case. The reason for any meeting with HR had to do with crimes by Hillside supervisors that was reported. If The Plaintiff had never complained or contacted OCFS, there would never have been any meetings, or fake write ups. This shows the switcheroo nature of Hillside supervisors. In the past it happened with HR staff closer to 2009 where meetings were arranged and the HR could not shut up with irrelevant complaints to staff, not policy, personal retaliation. What it feels like is if you go make them do their jobs by complaining to HR, they try to get even with made up policies.
    There is not one thing defense had to say in court that was relevant to the case. They should have stopped lying but escalated instead, and fixed by policy what they stole as genuine corporate criminals, leading America’s youth and industry straight to the child abuse standard, and corporate jails to rot with derangement.
    The damages for a Hillside who escalated deformation at court goes far beyond the original case. Their job was to settle the matter, and have not been able to do that, it is their liability, personally. Also in insubordination they have resisted, so Hillside as an agency may sue the perpetrators. If I would settle is fading, to go to court again and see they could not be trusted still, shows me to refuse out of court settlement, and make sure the crooks go down with the ship. Slammer time, the redeeming quality on corporate resumes!
    It is your crime Hillside. Clients I am sorry these fools could not behave better than this for you. I went to The Sheriff and did everything i could. -Russ


    Glenn Beck Election Preview with Adam Brandon
    FreedomWorks Executive Vice President Adam Brandon reviews the midterms on Glenn Beck radio. Check out the best candidates this election cycle.
    Watch here...



    One main point going into Elections.
    Obama has subjected all of us to terrorism, because that is his
    personal value system and thinks this is what everybody deserves with ISIS.
    It is a pure act of terrorism, his Senators every last one of them should be
    voted out. Even Illinois, 7% of voters switching in Chicago, and The State gets
    rid of satan Obama. Bears fans should realize, this guy does not give a God
    Damn about our security, Obama is a terrorist and a traitor, get him out of there
    now. NFL had man of the year award from Walter Payton, that is nothing like Obama.
    Crook of the decade might be closer to the President. You have to ask if people worship

    The Constitutional right to a militia all Patriots should review. Remember Benghazi, requests for help,
    nothing, now the guilty devil who got four people killed is trying to campaign for the baby murderers
    party, it fits doesn’t it, people like Assad can’t get enough. Now you have how many people knowing that
    ISIS crosses the border, and nothing, Obama buses criminals in the country. It is an open act of war on America.
    Impeach, but if you vote for a liberal Senator who supports Obama in border policy, then when a 9-11 happens,
    i blame you devil.

    The Obama terror plot against innocent children, he needs to leave.





    What is the list of staff who should be placed in jail for records falsification.

    Mike Staino: Authored fake write up.
    Julie HR: Meeting held in her office at Admin.
    Helen HR: Did not act on complaints let Staino retaliate.
    Pres: Let Staino retaliate.
    Omnibuds: Faked an appeal letter.
    Board Chair Angela:?
    Campus Director: Is accomplice by evidence.

    Resubmission of evidence to NY Atty G still finds staff guilty. They refused to fix what they did. With FBI in, he wants to do his job real good.
    Any lower staff in the dept who were sources of complaints due to their mischief being reported by me, should be removed. Which is anyone below Staino as a supervisor, except one stand out On Grounds staff. The list of reliable staff is shorter.

    It remains deformation from court, fake summary page, deformation to Plaintiff’s ministry site, damages are libel running against pro life influence, music ministry.

    The board had a duty to follow policy and labor law, but would rather go to jail, have criminal charges, be liable? And they supervise NY Teens? How many victims do they have?

    Obvious to me the Judge didn’t try very hard not identifying required health care duties as such. The reference case also his error, Hillside appeals is paid wages, NY claims fraud if you ignore that. No different than if a work shift was deformed and not paid.


    ( Joni Ernst sent an email about America being at a crossroads. The most dangerous point in the last century, only
    close to the WW II era. Budget, terrorism, madman in charge with Obama. It has been a chronic condition that can’t
    go much longer. The 50s era, didn’t have Roe v. Wade so maybe now is worse.) -RB


    NOV 1, 2014

    Hey i got a call from a Conservative organization, reminding people to vote, at least they are doing their jobs.
    It said 37% of people are expected to vote? Then again what is the % of ministries trying to get voters up?
    Obama campaigns at detroit, looking for a better golf cart that can go in stealth mode and hide from
    White House bosses that are looking for him.

    He sold you to terrorism. I have seen all i want to.



    An arrogant taxi driver is in a 30 MPH speed zone when he decides to hit 40 as the usual game with the cops.
    The oncoming texter crosses the center line and hits the taxi head on killing him instantly. When the devil asks
    the taxi why he insists on speeding like that, the taxi replies, well it is like a game of poker the cops can’t see my hand.
    So when i get to this one street sign it reminds me of football days, I think i am running the 40 again, so i hit 40 MPH
    on the speedometer. My Pokerwinski 40, why does it happen because i drive like a taxi and not a celebrity chauffeur.


    On the election, the potential is there for Conservatives to
    take the majority back. This is not where you get complacent.
    Finish the fight, we need 2/3s to stop Obama in some areas, every seat
    counts. Then turn around and seal the border, if criminals want to fight
    the border states then let’s give them a fight.

    God Bless you i did everything i could to this point. And for the executed babies,
    victims of America.




    We’re 72 hours away from Election Day and we need to turnout hundreds of thousands of Conservative voters in Iowa, Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Colorado. Russ, if we’re going to do that, we need your support. 
    Will you give up your cup of coffee on Election Day and donate $5 right now.
    We need to turnout 260k key Conservative voters. If they don’t vote we can’t win this election. And for the cost of a cup of coffee on Election Day, you can help us reach 2k Conservatives that have to vote. 
    So please donate $5 right now. We can’t win this election without you.
    In Liberty,
    Noah Wall


    National Pro Life Alliance

    If you haven't already seen it, please click here to view the roster with your candidates responses.




    I hope to God that what I’m about to show you isn’t true…
    …because it could honestly mean the end of America as we know it.
    This is what I saw when I opened up the news this morning:
    Please find below a message from our advertising sponsor, Crisis Education. Our email report is a free service to you with the help of our sponsors. The products, views, and offerings made by advertisers are not necessarily endorsed by



    rdd_header shim

    REMINDER: Watch 'I Stand Sunday' & Take a Stand with Us for Freedom November 01, 2014 | eml_FB
    Dear Russ,
    In a self-protective move, Houston Mayor Annise Parker on Thursday announced that she was dropping the subpoenas for the internal church communications for 5 local pastors. Aside from the fact that the subpoenas had little chance of being upheld in court, Mayor Parker sidestepped the real issue at hand in Houston. In her statement, she said, "I don't want to have a national debate about freedom of religion when my whole purpose is to defend a strong and wonderful and appropriate city ordinance against local attack."
    The mayor may not want to discuss the freedom of religion, but we at
    Family Research Council think that our First Freedom is more than worthy of discussion. Intimidating pastors and churches stifles freedom, and Americans should be free to petition their local officials without fear of heavy-handed retaliation from government.
    Please plan to watch with us
    I Stand Sunday – a nationwide simulcast this Sunday, November 2nd at 6:00 p.m. CT/7:00 p.m. ET. Live from Grace Community Church in Houston -- one of the affected churches -- "I Stand Sunday" will focus on what's happening there and discuss how Houston is a bellwether for the rest of America. The event’s purpose is to show how Christians nationwide can stand together in love and unity for America's First Freedom of religious liberty.


    Liberal media has kept you too far from reality with the criminal in chief.

    From actual case evidence, Lump Sum payment, one month pre retal, no problems before that. From the boss of the staff who authored
    the fake write up.

    Pasted Graphic 2Pasted Graphic 1


    About 100+ Emails in the last 24.


    Pasted Graphic


    Helping elect ISIS for you. Made in the image of Obama,
    that faithful watchman on the wall from Ezekiel. Amen,
    amen, amen brother, glory, hallelujah, getting it done for Jesus.
    Can they get my port couch to the voting booth, if gluteus relaximus
    would just activate i could get up and help American kids by voting, nah
    another bag of chips instead. Housecats could probably figure out to
    vote more readily than this out of political agenda. Jesus can you help us,
    stuck with Obama and terrorists, “ Yeah I’d like to see what i could do, but
    there is a movie marathon at heavens gate, I’m digging in for that. The sign
    of the great fireman in the sky, just a put on, we’re not about to help responders
    that lazy as you. Invest in terrorism see what you get as a return Sunday prayer
    group. If it smells like manure then you probably stepped in it. Looks like Obama
    is doing a number on your freedom, sloth the way the truth, should solve everything,
    don’t vote maybe you get more ISIS and Hillary too. I’d love to keep going but these delicious chips
    and the pizza guy is almost here, vote what, care if i even answer another prayer? Not right now
    man, what do we need elections for, sloth a 7 deadly sin, how about more Ebola instead. I knew
    Obama wouldn’t help you on that, it is like asking a crook to watch money.”







    If it puts things in perspective, I knew a guy who had 11 unfounded child abuse complaints on him
    in the system as a staff. You get someone who can do their job and criminal Clients can’t take over, so
    they start to lie. You might figure as much with 20” arms. Hillside same game, the bad guys got caught at every level,
    even in court, criminal staff had to come up with something to claim they were actually doing work while being paid.
    So falsify documents, there, did I do my job right they ask?

    Appeals could have required me to travel, like a workshop to the meeting. Yeah it is work, just like a Lawyer in a hearing.
    You could say all policy rights are included in a job description, as they are assigned to you, therefore the company should
    be thankful I caught all this crime for them. Anyone who does not feel that way, is because they are ripping off Hillside. As
    well as could care less about Clients or NYS Taxpayers and communities. It separates the men from the boys? Cains from
    Abels. How far can the infection go into Hillside boards, supporting crime? Hard to say, who would stand up to agency crime
    is the dividing line. Maybe they lose the whole campus board or worse.

    I look at The Clients, and then the perpetrators, you let them down, refused to stop crime in a child care facility. Own up to that,
    quit trying to hide behind me, that is who you attacked first, Clients, OCFS should be in this. I know how to obtain 6-7 figures, because
    you insist on crime, face yourself you are the problem Admin. Behind those Clients backs, that is a formal definition of disgrace. We make
    great strides sometimes in the system, not with that Baptist sabotage though.




    Wade was one of The Hubba Bubbas Kiwanis League Baseball Team Players growing up. Also worked at Cornell Barbershop with Jason Graves. I had been to Wade’s house
    when we were kids. He also was on The Freshman Football Team I was on.


    ( W/EDITS)




    DA doing their job?

    From: "Russ B
    Sent: Mon, Jul 14, 2014
    FBI:  An attachment in this email.
    The situation began with reporting swimmers in Ithaca,
    whom Sgt. at Tompkins County Sheriff told me on the phone were not being 
    arrested because the Mayor will not let IPD to do it.  IPD protocol has been to dispatch  a Ranger
    to warn swimmers I do not understand any Ranger authority to be able to arrest, or what kind of Ranger it is.
    The first time I reported to Tompkins County DA, the email came back to this email account from some city office,
    correcting me for having done so, and that I should have went to them instead?  If the Mayor is overwriting laws I do not find this to be true.
    The attachment is a letter from The NYS ATTY General to Tompkins County DA.  So if the Tompkins DA was passing the buck to a city office, this was
    the second prompt to address the complaint.
    Like last week, I called in 35 people, alcohol, swimmers on the tower roof, trash left behind on the east side.  Majority white people, 2/3s male probably, older teens to young 20s if I had to guess.
    Bottom line IPD sits on their hands, Sheriff is out of their jurisdiction in a way, not considered the primary  responder.  NYS Police will not handle it.   
    I did talk with a NYS Park Police Ranger about it, is not a Park.  Which left me wondering which Ranger then helps IPD?
    Anyways,  that was all I could do with the County DA, if this does not work.  A cliff fall is going to be a serious injury/fatality.


    Thank you for sending your comment to the New York State Attorney General .

    This is an automatic confirmation of your e-mail to us. Please do not respond to this

    Submitted on Friday, June 27, 2014 -

    Submitted values are:

    --Personal Information--
    Salutation: Mr.
    First Name: Russ
    Last Name: Boardman

    The ongoing problem of swimmers in a posted area , in Ithaca.
    This week Sgt (spelling?) from Tompkins County Sheriff claimed that the Ithaca Mayor
    was not allowing IPD to arrest the swimmers. Protocol was to send a Ranger and warn
    swimmers. It has become a joke to the swimmers from what I saw on line at google.

    Swimmers age 15-25, alcohol, cliff jumping, floating out to the high with a full
    water level, 40-50 foot fall over the edge.

    A Mayor can stop IPD from enforcing the law?

    New York State Attorney General Web Team


    Re: Inquiry from Tompkins County website

    From: "ctyadmin"  

    Sent: Mon, Jun 30, 2014 11:45 AM
    >>> "Contact Form" 6/27/2014 7:36 PM >>>
    Submitted on Fri, 2014-06-27
    Submitted by anonymous user: []
    Submitted values are:

    Email Address: Russb
    Maybe a repeat I had trouble with the first form on swimmers.

    Concern on swimmers at in the city of Ithaca.  This
    summer multiple complaints have gone in to IPD on , swimmers ages 15-25 in
    groups of 10-30, alcohol involved, cliff jumping.  Floating out to the high
    and using it like a backrest with the water level all the way up.

    TC Sheriff Sgt (spelling) says IPD will not arrest trespassing because
    of the Ithaca Mayor(?)

    Prior protocol has been to dispatch a Ranger, who warns swimmers then calls
    IPD if they do not comply.  Can The Mayor actually have IPD not do their job
    like that?

    My concern as an Athletic Trainer, is for severe injuries in a cliff fall,
    Google had alot on , even a newscast.

    Dear ,
    Your inquiry should be directed to the City of Ithaca. The website address is:


    Tompkins County NY
    125 East Court Street
    Ithaca, NY 14850


    The problem was reported to County DA, which was referred to a city Admin office. City Admin tried to correct DA reporting.
    I thought DAs prosecute crime
    not give it to City Admin to interfere with? NYS Atty G also knows.


    I do know for a fact that several trespassing complaints in the City went in to IPD dispatch. Those calls were redirected by dispatch to The Sheriff, and the Sheriff Sgt. made it his place to not have trespassing complaints reported anymore within the city. His explanation was The Mayor will not let IPD do their jobs, that is why they do not
    respond to the calls. FBI was involved months ago, knows of the situation, and individuals who are trying to override the law. The Mayor is a very liberal individual it is known. In the past similar complaints on other areas to NYS Police have been redirected as not their jurisdiction, even though the local authority would not do anything.
    Fox News knew of the situation weeks ago. How is it the law is not enforced?


    CLASS ACT: Laura Bush Responds to Michelle Obama's Complaints About Not Being Paid (WATCH)

    OCTOBER 30, 2014

    ADDENDUM: This went by before, on the benefits provider letter at Hillside. The letter and coverage date in it are after the omnibuds letter which was corrupted.
    So benefits (wage) spanned, appeals. I did notice the Judge making light of well you were not granted your appeal, no they botched that too. Which being an assigned
    employee right from the manual makes it protected from retaliation, otherwise what was the point in assigning hired staff a right to appeal under full Hillside reimbursement? Where omnibuds would be canned for violating it as insubordination, class 3 misconduct?

    Not a joke we need Congress to discipline The Courts. The present system is corrupt, biased by Judges placed by politicians, laws should not be that flexible, where
    liberals can change their meaning, because Judge’s constipation went to his head, with his wife’s aggravation you soon end up dead, it’s the same old story same old song
    and dance my friend.


    As used in this article: 1. "Wages" means the earnings of an employee for labor or services rendered, regardless of whether the amount of earnings is determined on a time, piece, commission or other basis. The term "wages" also includes benefits or wage supplements as defined in section one hundred ninety-eight-c of this article, except for the purposes of sections one hundred ninety-one and one hundred ninety-two of this article. 2. "Employee" means any person employed for hire by an employer in any employment. - See more at:

    Meaning you guessed it, Plaintiff overturns Hillside lie from court, full reimbursement for labor damages on that portion.


    CANCER CURE $1.08/DAY.


    P A T R I O T S


    Swing states.

    IJN Amen



    Not now, election first, but in the future. I do question if Patriot organizations, want to start an account together, not with me, but for Conservatives who are being deformed by liberal so called employees in industry. Just to say hey, you want to commit a crime, we are going to jump on it, bring ACLJ or whoever is needed and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Come and get in other words, you need crime, then jail would love to have you. Now the criminals in my case are looking to get that anyways, or there is no law. Liberals have become pro child abuse, we knew it all along. But I don’t accept, the law is not a liberal possession, it possesses them. The legal definition of freedom to a Constitutional militia, is very different than terrorist supporting liberals.




    OCTOBER 29, 2014

    Around 90 Emails today.









    GIT ‘R DONE.


    If an employer retaliated against you by not paying you for shifts, you could prosecute under labor law, yeah.
    Hillside appeal is the same, they can’t withold a fair appeal with wages or violate employee status. That’s it
    defense is cornered by their own stuck up criminal arrogance.

    Wouldn’t handle child abuse complaints? What if it was reported as cruelty to animals instead
    they would have done anything? Other lawsuits from Client parents? Usually Attorneys send out
    those letters for class action lawsuits.


    Do other people get this? I read another Right To Bear self defense shooting, no brainer. Hillside, Admin is caught, documented, already has seen the light of a courtroom. Most people still being able to recall the year, their gender, voting state, would be able to tell you white collar devils are in deep trouble with The FBI
    viewing their documents also. If you sniff glue at a desk job, maybe people do start walking on window ledges, faking paperwork, handing off documents to a lawyer with lies. But they are actually Admin or relevant staff, who would have been fired at the first sign of crime. To themselves, I think they are the elite. To me they are the criminal element. Lower than the oh so bad Clients, can you believe what these Teens did? UUUHHHHHHHH? You are worse Admin criminals. You went after babies lives,
    still voting Hillary? “Shut up that was just a drunk idea, everybody knows Hillary belongs in jail for manslaughter, I’m not voting for her maybe you are Christian.”

    On the fake paperwork at court where Theresa shows up with her falsified write up, where did she get that. Staino authored it, but it was with Julie from HR when it started. Helen from HR and Richardson were notified right away, they might have given it to her as fact when it was pure slander. Even if Theresa falsely vouches for it, somebody else knew it was a fake and handed it off, maybe all 4 henchpersons; Julie, Helen, Dennis, Staino.



    My honest opinion is the case existing goes open and shut on retaliation, and meets statute. Since so much deformation occurred against my career, ministry,
    and it was reset by court documents, Hillside is wide open to severe damages, for a long time to come. If i made videos for MTV, the number of babies that would have been helped, pro life ministries, don’t even try it Hillside, it goes 7 figures. I was or wasn’t already hired to an appeal with full wages
    by policy? Since i caught them in the lie on benefits, what do they think they are doing? Wages is employment in NY, maybe not for sovereign corporate nation, or future
    inmates, but the law we have between NYC and Buffalo says otherwise.

    The sorriest bunch of Admin I have ever seen, they are an embarrassment to other board members, agencies in the profession, Clients. Obviously addicted to crime, and trying to escalate damages to themselves. The agency should sue them for my damages. Now the taxpayers don’t take the bite. What is it like for them to be that exalted and famous as staff and still be the worst criminals in the agency? All 50 states watching, it was their choice, mentally incompetent to do the right thing.

    So far I have not seen NYS handle the criminal situation, Cuomo, NY Atty G, OCFS have let it go, and could have stepped in.



    Something to make you smile!
        Dear Partner in Miracles,
    God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Maybe you need a little "pick me up" today! So I share this story from yesterday.
        I have a group of "boys without dads" who help me out at my house and get to do and learn quite a bit of outdoor, manly kind of stuff. Yesterday one of them came riding over to me on a 4 wheeler just grinning from ear to ear. He had never ridden one before and the supervisor had just signed him off to do so. He was heading out to weed eat on one of the fence lines and stopped by me just to puff out his chest a little but the smile was as if his face had split.
        "This is the coolest thing I think I've ever done and Mr. Don says if I do good with this he is going to teach me to drive a snowmobile this winter. That's way cool! And Mr. Chris taught us how to fix a leaky pipe last night. Thanks Pastor for letting me be part of this thing. I promise to be real careful and take care of this. Well bye."
        Off he went and maybe on the surface to most it would be no big deal but here's the "rest of the story..." That boy tried to kill himself several times. He was sexually abused and beaten by his biological father, taken away by SS and his foster care father sexually abused both he and his sisters and then finally adopted at 11 and his adopted father sexually and physically abused him. One is dead and two are locked up---but this kid came here over 2 years ago severely damaged and with no hope. Wouldn't clean his room---in fact, wouldn't even take a shower. Totally unmotivated in school and in life for that matter. A kid waiting to be another statistic!
        Probably 5 times a month he wins the cleanest room award for the day and is so "alive!" BTW the "Mr. Chris" he refers to is Chris Coons, former $800 a day heroin addict and criminal from Buffalo who today heads up part of our maintenance department, married to an alumni and has the most beautiful baby boy and what a great dad!
        Just thought you might need a little "pick me up" and to know what you get for your donations to save these kids' lives! No doubt there is a lot of bad news and heartache in the world---but miracles have happened for 42 years and ARE happening today thanks to you and your prayers!
    For the children,


    Pastor Brothers
    Freedom Village














    An Obama Amnesty Decree Is Imminent... Obama Caught Covertly Planning To 'Legalize' Up To 34 Million Illegal Aliens!


    Send My Blast Faxes



    Pasted Graphic

    The slammer notes on the info right below:

    Hired for wage in NY: Wages, benefits, appeals
    with wages even if they don’t like it.
    You don’t have to be hired again to be given that, that would be a second appeal
    with wages. An obstructed right is more retaliation, criminal prosecutors need
    to take responsibility for that, or join the patty wagon passengers.
    Hillside testifies they owe a staff wage in policy, for appeals. If the staff is not hired
    during appeals, then what are they doing, giving away free money to someone who does
    not deserve it? Isn’t that squandering company funds? How do you explain to NY State
    that you don’t qualify as an employee for the appeals time period, but you took the money
    anyways, and they expect you to pay taxes on it, not fair NY, how can you do that? I was only
    filing like a lawyer covering documents and policies, mailings, attending a hearing, taking
    my time, verified damages in a court of law.

    Sincere thanks to the three Attorney firms who helped me, all seemed able had sensible input,
    and found Hillside guilty in their view, on objective data. The defense however, it doesn’t even
    take a lawyer to see their theft and harassment.

    Christian college students we need you in leadership positions. Even Muslims are not supposed to like crime.
    Liberals however, Nixon was a respectable politician by their today standards.



    OCTOBER 28, 2014

    1st piece of evidence against Hillside. Video claims they promote emotional and physical health,
    so hired an Athleitc Trainer/Counselor to supervise these activities, as documentation shows.

    Why Judge and defense do you insist on crime, you don’t work in health care Plaintiff? No not at all like
    telling a teacher they don’t work in education.


    2nd Evidence

    You be the Judge!

    Which NYS Law summary do you think is more accurate?

    A. A staff deformed by criminal Admin, given retaliation for child abuse reporting, files for company appeals. This is after the employee has left the agency even though appeal is in staff policy assigned on hire as a right. So the employee must be rehired #1 to file with the omnibuds staff. This is through a rehire interview, which never happens. Second the employee must be rehired again, a second time, via interview, to go through the actual appeal. Then once the appeal is complete the employee is rehired a third special and verified time, to be given back what agency losers stole. Therefore you are employed with the agency a fourth official time by when appeals is over with, records should reflect this in hire dates, letters, cessation of benefits each time the employee is no longer with the agency after each hire, due wages which are swept under the carpet for court are only to be recognized as buddy bucks, funny money, redeemable at trash cans everywhere. See judge we ain’t done stole nuthin’
    from this here fella, just some corporate crooks having some crime for you, defense messed up so bad his legal license should be revoked for corruption he authored himself, like yours you devil, how do you arrive at due wages and redress of grievances don’t count as employee status. Good thing the Appeals Judges are smarter than you, they like to follow NY Law Definitions, like FBI staff who can’t stand public corruption. What do they say, dirtbags of a feather flock together? No that wasn’t it,
    child abuse is our guiding light at Hillside come join the crime, that must have been it! See taxpayers everything is fine here.

    B. You were hired once, given an employee staff manual, which assigned appeals as a staff right of that first hire, uncorruptable by NYS Labor Law, which is given fairly and professionally by agency staff, next you are paid for that appeal, according to staff legal rights. By definition of law you never left the company Judge, having benefits also a wage for the benefits provider to verify. Copies already went to the media! If you had actually left the company you would not have qualified as an employee by labor law! Being given guaranteed wages by rights assigned to you on first hire, by the company, separate from labor law having to enforce that standard. Oh I get it, somebody lied at Admin, they were caught in child abuse reporting like the NY Attorney General should prosecute this case or go to jail for being Gov. Cuomo’s high henchman, prosecutable under feasance definitions, public records falsification, accomplice to child abuse related crimes, contributory negligence, fraud, want job with Hillary? That would be as negligent as Benghazi, just Obama’s type.

    C. OCFS should have investigated, removed criminal staff after verified contacts and receipt letters went to campus OCFS rep, OCFS director, or be prosecuted under enjoyable State and Federal Laws for corruption. Endangering the welfare of a child, refusing to investigate, remove and address crimes related to liberal buddies at the agency. We didn’t break no laws either Judge.

    D. B&C.


    A Doctor finishes a shift at the Clinic to tell a coworker that
    he found another live one today. The
    coworker asks what he did with the baby. “Dumpster,
    took care of it.” No I mean how did you abort the baby?
    “Abort? I said dumpster, it still worked.” You didn’t do
    anything except deliver the baby and put it in the trash
    you are saying? “Like it matters in the end what I did the
    kid still dies.” That explains the newborn next door knocking
    on the door for help.


    OCTOBER 27, 2014







    The two maybe grey areas of the case, not that they are, a lock to me, but not to manipulators. The Omnibuds letter, clear policy violation, staff gets a fake write up at level I and goes to Level II with it, you don’t correct them saying go to level III instead. Also any contact to President Richardson was policy as evidence shows, if you are
    having trouble with a staff you are to go to them direct in grievance. He left us with an invitation on financial concerns, like heaters in the past, and untrustworthy intermediate staff below him in a chain of command who falsified paperwork. You are to go to him direct and ask what do you want to do with it? That was my insubordination? Employment, normally you have agreed ahead of time, staff will complete a task for pay, like the assigned appeal, in policy, full reimbursed
    without crime, the same as doing a job you get paid. Instead they reversed the outcome, confiscated $9k in unused accrued time, and disciplined policy and correct filing. I don’t see anywhere where Hillside has a case. When it is said and done I want my file cleaned up too.


    Right now everything is lined up right with the case. Evidence proves law violation, involved staff have made sure they destroyed their careers and are liable. Best guess is the Atty tried to smear over benefits as wage, to disqualify what he
    suspected was coverage and employee status. I can do my part, the authorities need to pick up from there and prosecute crime. Not one board member involved who insists on apathy should get away. Refusal of any settlement forces them into court and criminal liability?
    I have had enough of the attitude. If mangers at the mall got together to rob their stores, that is Hillside Admin at work in the agency. Taxpayers are the final victim, what they paid to address Teen needs. If a settlement was not even at equivocal I would not consider it. Babies are getting stabbed to death by bastard Doctors, and they want to test my patience on suit over deformation against my ministry? Blame me 100% i did my job, reported what our good 10th Mountain staff would have wanted. If it is deformation it will be big in damages, remember that case with a bridge being blocked for an ambulance?

    I don’t have any apologies.




    I don’t mean anything weak by the type of brotherly love Philadelphia identifies with. To me, that is the type of teamwork, where terrorists are crossing the border to do harm via nutso. And somebody steps in with handcuffs, flops the criminal face down on the ground, and saves America from liberal/communist ideology. The understanding of these shootings in America, radical Islam, God. Murder is bad, fortunately we have laws that do not allow people to murder children old enough to walk and up. The Muslims to a point are more godly than liberals, the left actively is committing original sin by up and executing babies. So God retaliates. Not that every shooting is of abortion, but enough evil and it sickens society. Of course the children who can only crawl at best, as newborns, may be permitted to be murdered, so long as we keep lying and saying Roe v. Baby is medicine to your health little murder victim. Now wouldn’t you like to elect Hillary? Not Hitlery? Who took more lives Nazis or abortion? Can we actually tell?

    I agree it is a bad situation to have murder going on, ask the babies.


    If you missed it months ago at this site, the revelation of God, that the bible, creation, the logic of so called divine justification for suffering, doesn’t mesh. God created man an empty computer, programmed him with bad ideas, then turned around to discipline His own Godly lies. The outlay of planets suggest, we are not alone in this universe. It is much more advantageous to have a closed planet as armor if surface beings are subject to electromagnetic energy. What you could suspect by planets and religions is that each may control a different main religion. Stir up Muslims against Christians and visa versa, to remove unwanted trouble. But overall closed planets harvest populations of workers to keep building. The big bang is a terrible flop, even had it happened, there are no burn marks on the Earth that support the forensics
    of the story. Planets by different color and material miraculously all ended up as balanced spheres? They are not burned either. Mars is like Volcanic rock? No when you drop a nuke sand turns to glass, Mars does not resemble a fire damaged surface. The Moon does one rotation in an orbit around The Earth. Keeping the dark side hidden from us. Like something is behind its back as it circles. It was the exhaust port in Star Wars wasn’t it where Luke destroys the death star?

    So why still follow Christian principles? Because it is right, liberals like Obama would hand out A’s to all students it looks like even if not deserving, and that is not Harvard. But the grades I mean are better health care, citizenship, stomping patriot rights. God does not promise prosperity to drunks, fatsos, or sloths. Why would He, you end up with devils at the harvest of souls, that is not good for anything. Rewarding the negative, because Obama sides with abuse towards fair, righteous, balanced people.

    If you realized that though, that God rapes babies, and is unfair. Why should Muslim or Christian fight for other than basic boundaries by country? If you are not serving a fair Admin. My hope is the Pilgrims up and leave behind an obviously deluded Heavenly realm, do not negotiate with terrorists, it is only feeding the abuse. Any authority too lazy to handle their own work, and ride believers like slaves, liberty or death I ain’t in your game.



    If the spirit of God moves and what scripture addresses this upcoming election? The rebuilding of the wall at Jerusalem, working and keeping a weapon at the same time.
    Obama has made the country so unsafe now, it is similar that he has cowed down to terrorism. The national debt soaring like the days of Solomon and idols in Israel. The main theme of idols being murder, adultery, false witness, corruption, for example if Baptists thought they could do that for God, and call it Jesus. If Obama is compared to a bible leader, it is a bad guy. Part Herod, some Roman, Judas, tree snake, liberal Senators are like the Pharisees Mt 23.

    The people don’t get it though, you execute living children, and are still wagging your tongues about pro choice murders. If you aren’t doing anything wrong then we do it back to you. If brains was gun powder would liberals have enough to blow their noses? What country has been this evil? ISIS is bad liberals are worse, you kill innocent babies. Should homeland abort terrorists?

    It is the worst I have ever seen this country, and that is not the greatest generation that hides its abuses and loses more soldiers than any generation since Lincoln. Things were vicious in the late 1980s if you ask me. Now, double yellow line on a road is only a dare to pass. The idea other people in society are Patriots and are not targets for abuse? Look at Hillside so called leadership, the biggest thieves retaliating on child abuse reporting, a Gov. and Atty G don’t bring them in. No you can’t have my American flag and rights.

    The flash point of the election, militia is becoming the Constitutional right to defend America. Obama is attacking your country busing criminals inside the lower 48. The Patriots knew the danger of twisted, psychopath, fiend, Caesarean minds in office. The idea was they get out of control, you kill them, before they kill you. That is the written law of The United States. That is why you better vote, don’t you think we should be using the Apaches on border patrol instead of fighting them?

    Make no mistake, Obama is mentally ill. He has refused to protect the border from beheaders. His duty by rule of law was to protect, feasance, instead he is jeopardizing the welfare of every community. He has lost it! I think George Washington would kill Obama. His presidency has been a disaster, national debt and welfare worst ever. Did you get Ebola yet? Not a problem we can cover the burial under Obamacare. Part of the plan that every American, should not go without a full shovel of dirt on each of their graves, your liberal government appreciates you.


    Elite Driver

    An extra sneaky taxi driver has saved up his speeding time. Waits for that stretch of road where GPS isn’t tracking, and hits the extra 15 MPH to double speed limit standard. When he remembers that sometimes tires blow out, he slows down. Next an oncoming vehicle leaves oil slick on the road, and the taxi overturns, rolling several times, decapitating a victim and leaving the driver paraplegic. When the taxi reaches consciousness in the hospital he sees a lead foot on the dresser next to him. When asking what it was for, the surgeon tells him “we had to remove one of your feet, so that is your replacement, the lead foot award. Your victim’s skull we did not leave with you however, and yours seemed thick enough you didn’t need a lead one too.”


    ( As the thunder rolls)


    Wikipedia pic taken facing north from Buffalo St.

    That historic site is across DeWitt Park from The Church of The Oregon Mission (where Roy Park ushered).
    The organ shakes the air around you it is so powerful in that Church,they should call it the fear of God organ as a nickname.
    At the SW corner ( kitty corner) of DeWitt Park, a former Unitarian Church where 41, and 43’s ancestor
    attended. Also DeWitt Mall (SE corner) the former Ithaca High School, and home of The Ithaca Guitar Works. I do recommend the
    store, I sold them my Peavey 1/2 stack a long time ago. It would not fit in the cougar. A stone in the park, marks the city’s first settlers as Revolutionary
    Soldiers. Four blocks south i recorded Unborn Nation on Clinton St. East up Buffalo St. approaches Cornell.

    Let It Ring must Rock.


    OCTOBER 25, 2014

    P R A Y E R

    I know it is late in the races


    All those Hollywood video cameras. Terrorists at the border.
    Come on 1 bulldozer per border state, we could dig a security wall.
    Eventually it would get done.




    (Did you know Ithaca was an early Hollywood?)











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    Other than meeting the necessary state law definition of employee. The appeals process is like work or is work actually? When a Lawyer sits down to meat out a case like that, and bring up evidence and policy, case citation, it can run $200 an hour from what I have seen. If a Hillside staff does it why is that any different? It is still legitimate work, in a real, physical, sense, left uncorrupted by Moreland types. The process should only last days, benefits do not expire as wage in that time, you don’t even miss a paycheck depending on the timing of things. Hired to an appeal with wages. It was crime to Hillside, but to liberals they call it politics, slow lerner tactics, public records falsification. The criminals must leave the agency, that is policy. Maybe nonfeasance is more attractive to be prosecuted under?




    Thank you and God bless,
    Steve King
    P.S. We just launched a new site to respond to my opponent's dishonest attacks. Get the facts at

    Dear Russ,
    I just got off the stage in Storm Lake after tonight's big debate. Hopefully you had a chance to watch and hear more about my conservative vision for America's future.

    The issues in this election are too important to ignore. Barack Obama has said himself that his policies are on the ballot -- "every single one of them!" If you support amnesty, Obamacare, and runaway government spending, you have every right to vote for my opponent.
    But if you agree that America's constitutional values are worth fighting for, I ask for your support. There are 12 days left to show Iowa voters that I'm the only candidate who will stand up to the Obama/Pelosi agenda. That's why it's absolutely critical for my campaign to have an adequate Conservative Voter Outreach Fund.
    Your contribution of $250, $100, $50, or even $25 will go a long way toward spreading my conservative message. Please chip in what you can at this link:

    October 23, 2014


    CASE (SHORT OUT): Plaintiff had you been given a fair appeal with wages by Hillside, would the accruing retirement wages increase by this?

    : Yes it would.

    And Taxes?


    Do you find this meets employment standards, where they are taking benefits deductions from that appeal paycheck, and are claiming you as an employed member of the agency?

    : If you asked the Hilary camp, or Pelosi, Obama, Senators who should be sued for National Defense negligence, then probably not. But by actual men who put up a red, white, and blue, flag…in some places if these staff tried that nonsense at Poker games, remember Doc Holiday, he will teach you some manners in a situation like that.


    I went over some more of the maneuvers defense put on to deceive the Judge. The first thing I would tell you is I was in a flag football game once where the other team, instead of going out and playing the game, on defense, would protest every play of the offense. Complete a pass, they go running to the ref, complain, lies, all nonsense, play after play. I won’t mention ethnicity although the other team only had one main color. I heard a player say all they know how to do is protest (in life, and not work).

    As I read through the litigation backs from defense it is evident they try to do this, and misqualify any legitimate legal point of The Plaintiff.

    I remember from Court the comment of a Cornell case by defense. The argument centering on when is the statute of limitations tolled. It looks like the defense twisted the Judge’s arm too hard, and oh well, just had to go along with the crime.

    Specifics, assuming this came from pattern jury instructions, it is possible to apply the wrong case or standard to mine. Defense tried to center the argument on well, the initial act of retaliation was what tolled statute of limitations, and not the appeals retaliation. After further review what I find is the reference case attempts to cite the directive of an employee not being able to return to work, or told not to as the starting line as to when statute begins.
    However, as I read the hillside policy manual the staff is instructed to go to appeals, as a staff manual right, asked to submit paperwork, review the case, is to be treated fairly by Admin, and the agency themselves author full wages is due back to the staff. That is not you don’t go to work, that is you go to work on this case and we pay you everything back by company policy. The same as a staff who is taken out of their way by a meeting as an employee, from a shift, the company owes you that back in policy. Therefore the reference case is an illegitimate comparison. It is attempting to separate a staff from assigned company directives, fully reimbursable, as labor, helping the company remove criminal staff, behavior, documentation. The company confesses they owe you wages by policy for it. It is not just another alternative method to seek compensation along with legal means. It is a company sponsored, assigned, right. It also qualifies as employment by labor law, fraud if you collect that appeal wage and claimed NY unemployment. Supreme Strength is what I said. You can’t force a staff to fraud, and dropping appeal rights to go collect unemployment so Hillside liberals can rob everyone of their staff rights.

    With legal pursuit you pay a Lawyer and are 100% outside the company. With appeals you are guaranteed the reimbursable employment wage when treated fair. They are not the same thing at all, not by labor law definition.

    Another gripe was statute being tolled from cause of action. That is correct until the agency fumbles, appeals, in an illegal manner. Then there is no reason to go to a lawyer, it is still in the company covered by appeals wages. The alternative, would be to say they obstructed appeals isolated, and sue for civil damages, you dirty thieves.

    Pasted Graphic


    I’ll tell you this by normal street level summary, The GRE my highest section was analytical/logic. Which wasn’t saying too much in a semester where i could not review, probably 21 credits then, classes that did not relate to the test. I understand I have Hillside beat by Labor Law. A Judge tells me you have to commit fraud to appease the company, time to get the nice men in white coats with the dog catchers net to haul he/she in.



    Promise Keepers Conference Chairman 2015.


    The simple idea that the case filed under NY Labor Law
    then you use NY Law definitions.

    Employee: Has wages, as policy appeals states staff are due wages.

    Escalation: False statements from court, via Staino, Theresa, Counsel.

    Corruption: Why are criminal staff not removed from Hillside.
    The board is siding with corruption?

    This could be big, if Feds clear out more staff than you knew of because the
    board is crime addicted. A whole new outlook for the agency, crime free leadership!

    Could the damages run several million dollars for the at court attacking my
    ministry directly, and effect the rescuing unborn babies? hhhhhhmmmmmm
    now think again corporate did your staff commit crimes, and are they still
    involved in numerous ones with you?


    Around 90 emails today. -RB

    U.S. Senate




    Have shown me no evidence yet they have
    prosecuted public records falsification
    against Hillside. Over 3 years now of crime
    against Conservative staff. I see other criminals
    going to jail for similar crimes, but Hillside is getting
    away with numerous and escalating crimes. The NY
    Atty G was contacted on the case as a required filing.
    I don’t want campaign promises, i want the criminals out
    of the agency.

    NY is supposed to elect more corruption? We already saw Moreland.



    Paper Received

    From: "Russ Boardman"
     I have received the paperwork, Nixon Peabody as representing Hillside, thank you very much.  My understanding of any damages to the Boardman vs. Hillside case  at the misrepresentation of Hillside about me, to swindle a Judge, can be met with a deformation of character lawsuit in response.  Liable to the involved parties of the continued slander, retroactive to include all Hillside damages and accruing.  Criminal charges I am not sure.  Since my case is easy to prove, I do not see what Nixon Peabody hopes to do except further implicate the agency staff in crime?   I still expect the full settlement including lost… in monetary payment as part of wages.  Hillside crime is now snowballing with more people watching, the escalation phase. 
    (edit) represents me at this time.  I will direct any further legal communications to Nixon-Peabody not Snyder.


    Papers Received

    From: "Russ Boardman"
    Sent: Tue, Nov 26, 2013
    Todd R. Shinaman Counsel:
    Thank you for the mailing party to my case against Hillside.
    I found the Hillside position to be wholly corrupt and in violation of NYS Labor Law article 20-C, by publication and to a third party.  The fact of trainings I was required to attend at Hillside, in support of job duties pertaining to a mental health care team member role, including my job title of Sociotherapist which equated to Youth Care Professional,  the staff position name changed but job duties did not.  As well as medical trainings I attended, CPR, First Aid required, my Supervising Rec as an Allied Health Professional. Medical duties I dispensed as a staff and was required to by Hillside for Clients, I could go on.  The Nixon Peabody filing definitely misrepresented my required role and performance at Hillside.  
    The document evaluating my job history, authored of Mike Staino, the criminal who falsified a write up on me.  More proof of his retaliation.  Funny how I was given a lump sum bonus one month prior to his retaliation, a reward for solid job performance from Hillside to me, a case evidence letter.  With no changes until OCFS made him meet with me to cover his negligence problem.  The state forced him to sit down and do his job, so he got cocky with me and lied on paper about Russ Boardman, easy to prove.  Filing date of summons and complaint within two years of the Omnibuds retaliation letter, for a health care provider.  Joe Brown refused to let me exercise my rights as a Hillside staff, and appeal a falsified write up and termination letter by Mike Staino.  The evidence puts it to rest, his letter and Staino's are key pieces of evidence against them.  Especially with OCFS' email arranging the meeting with Staino, that he falsified documentation about me at, all in case evidence.       
    I understand any damage to my case at the fault of Nixon Peabody on behalf of criminal staff in Hillside who are lying, is the liability of the involved parties, by deformation of character, retroactive to include all lost and accruing wages from Hillside, to remedy this illegal behavior.
    The defense filing was so pathetic the media knows about it. That seems to boggle the mind of the defense? Blatant slander against this child abuse reporting staff, great for a deformation trial.  I expect the due settlement as previously stated.   
    ( edit) is still Counsel representing me.
    Have a great one.







    What evidence shows pre court is that Angela board chair was contacted, advised that Hillside was acting in a criminal manner,
    and had continued to resist with an Atty, the one who represented at court. That accountability was in store for further crime. They didn’t listen, crime escalated in court,trying to fool a Judge into blaming me, when they were caught in the open. I question if they paid the Judge off. Anyway that is the infection Hillside has, set aside
    company policy, law, lie, charge taxpayers for their dirty deeds. The other boards from other campuses should be able to fire the board where I was and sue for damages.
    Even the 6 year fraud statute may apply to supervisors who filled out fake contractual papers, a Hillside form is a contract between staff and Admin, that was to be honored under policy.

    President Dennis Richardson is a criminal who let his staff retaliate and and then again, even stay in good standing with the agency, he robbed you Hillside! He oversees
    more than one state so that is FBI. Too bad, you wanted to trash other peoples careers, you can go sit in jail with the other supervisors. That is why I think of you as staff
    you are lower than the lowest person you thought we had. Admin, whatever, convicts is what you are about to...








    This is the annual I.C. vs. S.U.N.Y Cortland Football game.
    It is usually sold out, things also can get out of hand with
    fan violence. It has been called the biggest little game in the country.

    I went to Football Camp at Cortland in high school, where The Jets now practice.
    But graduated I.C. one of the top AT programs in the country.









    Sign Our Urgent Petition: Stop Her Execution; Free Asia Bibi.
    Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel

    Contribute Now

    “I’ve been locked up, handcuffed and chained, banished from the world and waiting to die. I don’t know how long I’ve got left to live. . . . My life is in God’s hands . . . .”
    Those are the words of Asia Bibi, mother of five.
    She’s on death row in Pakistan for her Christian faith.
    If we are silent, this Christian mom will hang under Pakistan’s Shariah blasphemy law.
    At the ACLJ, we’ve mobilized our international resources. We’re on the ground in Pakistan, raising the alarm at the United Nations, and equipping Members of Congress.
    Public pressure may be her only hope. It freed Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran. It freed Christian mom Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan.
    Asia Bibi has already suffered in prison for five years. We don’t have a moment left to lose.
    Take action with us. Be heard. Demand her freedom today.


    More summary on the below condemning evidence. Where Hillside has to offer an appeal by policy, in a fair manner, with wages to a deserving employee, there is no dissecting that. It is all protected rights under NYS Labor Law. Which specifically states the employee is to retain seniority in such a retaliation case. A staff is hired to that status of appeal which includes wage. If you want to argue, a staff going through appeal, expected to not be given wages is crime, it is a guaranteed staff right.

    The rest of the case is a lock, fake write up disproven already in court. Summary sheet total garbage, authored the same day, same guy, at an OCFS arranged meeting as more retaliation. So arrogant, the meeting because of child abuse reporting, the paperwork 100% slander, forms that should never have been taken out.

    You are to shifts, cover all duties, and report extra problems because of criminal staff. That is why NY has LL article 20-C, 215, it is nothing new under the sun to have Judas sit behind a desk. I was doing my job so well I was refusing going for promotions.

    More condemning is that the fake summary sheet, has no precedent. Everything to that point in the agency that was meeting related, revolved around Hillside staff being reported for child abuse, OCFS arranging meetings, and former Sups defiling agency paperwork. It had nothing to do with me, there was no warnings, no reason I was being called into meetings other than what I reported. Take the money and run huh corporate? My Clients didn’t appreciate that mess.

    Fortunately I have witnesses, and the criminals signed fake paperwork. I get tired of Supervisors being crime addicts.



    Below a document from Hillside policy manual, you will see in the underlined portion at the bottom
    that staff are to receive
    as in wages, meaning employment during appeals,
    and the case did file on time Judge!
    Benefits never departed, a wage too, time barred is because they don’t follow rules in court, maybe it was a Moreland hustle?

    What this says is the deviant Omnibuds letter, was a period of time covered by Hillside
    pay, the very act of retaliation cited in the case 7-14-11, which summons and complaint filed two days ahead of being ruled out 7-12-13. This was independent of confiscated wages accruing to $9K+, which would be restored by appeals.

    Any more slander i am going to rectify legally. Criminal staff thought they were above the rules, they better sober up, I am not playing with this.

    All Hillside case documentation shows I went to approved staff, with no corrupt middle men, who proved they had falsified documents and served them to me, so obviously you can’t trust them, and staff have to go back to the source of the higher permission email. Since no other company directives were given, that is the only reasonable, redress of grievances.

    Pasted Graphic 2__________________________________



    ( 16 days to take The Senate and dominate The House,
    Ben Carson told you how many million Christians didn’t vote last
    time, get them up! Pat Robertson, Swindoll, LIFE, The Pope, all should be
    getting Patriot America to stop liberal crime. Busing illegal aliens
    into America instead of making them enter the country safely? Codependent to
    terrorism, the left should be in jails not
    public office. )







    Order book on Ebola 1.5 Million cases projected by 2015.


    Koko the Gorilla Cries Over the Loss of a Kitten

    October 18, 2014


    October 17, 2014


    Do you think that Obama’s Ebola response to involve U.S. Service Personnel, was a misdirection, razzle dazzle, squander the U.S. border response capabilities, so he could sneak illegals in to America? After allowing ISIS in the country, you could say I am really starting to hate the guy. The impeachment paperwork says for high crimes. Obama is a swine and a criminal.




    Rock video, in the theme of public corruption, Obama
    and border negligence, scandals in DC, don’t forget


    October 14, 2014


    Do you think it is unfair, unreasonable, and making liberals flustered, to have to defend
    DC scandal politicians? If you had Benedict Arnold as the representative, and another debate today on him. How do you think he did his job there for The Patriots? Some liberals would; yeah,um, I mean, ok, actually defend that, he was only following in the Obama/Hillary leadership! How do you feel about that CIA Director? Well can you actually say that Benedict knew he was carrying out President’s orders to be a traitor, or maybe it was just a weekend golf game/workplace violence/terrorist activity instead? This is the quintessential question, not if we do right or wrong, but hey can anybody prove it? What are you going to blame Benedict for, what difference does it make? As long as the cronies keep the border open for ISIS.

    This race 2014 is like a room with two adults in it, one is a taxpayer, the other a pathological liar. And liberals would rather have Benghazigate II guarding the border, 911 years ago terrorists brought forth to this nation a new tribal custom. Like God was going to spare the abortion hatchet men now.

    Is this why George Washington had Minutemen? Liberal voters suckered by Obama, look what he did to you, and everyone? His Senators don’t care, ask Ted Cruz.






    Latest, I want to make sure the criminal staff are removed. Court documentation and case evidence showed staff who falsified records. Mike, Julie, Joe, Helen, Dennis, if you ask me have all been implicated on that.

    Second level is why is the board not correcting crime all the way through this, by resisting they are in it too. The way things run you have to question if President isolated the case between themself and Counsel, the board is not even involved, with a verified contact attempt that went to board chair, not by snail mail. One place I worked the board was a far off group of corporate leaders who knew little about the campus it was said. Hillside ones though have banquets it looks like, so maybe they are being lied to. Other mail to the board came back crumpled up.

    What I don’t want to see is the case goes through, and criminal staff slipped by the agency procedures, so nothing changed. The newer crimes from court, also the responsibility of individual Hillside staff, feasance liability to have corrected that.

    It is basics, policy, law, it should be automatic compliance, but not if you are on a caper. I am sure Client parents really appreciate the corruption, the actual Clients too like these staff could give a …

    It is a crime scene, there is no other way to observe Hillside right now.


    October 13, 2014

    Help yourself if you want the B-ball pics, originals.

    The Beginning And The End.

    Two Basketball pics.

    Out of focus, and L/R inversion.

    1. Van from Springfield College “ Birthplace of Basketball” logo on the side.
    2. Harlem Globetrotters bus.

    Pasted Graphic 1

    Pasted Graphic
    I took both of those, technical difficulties with editing, they look ok as originals.
    As Kim Jong Un returns, the violence problem from Communist aggressors, same
    as Ukraine, where is the respect for the other team, country? Hate freedom why, all countries would like to get to Olympic competition. War is better?


    Hi Russ

    From: "Dick Cheney"  

    To:Russ Boardman
    Sent: Sat, Oct 11, 2014


    Russ, I don't send these emails often, but this is important.

    Thank you.

    Dick Cheney

    Russ, can I count on you to join me in protecting the conservative House Majority by chipping in BEFORE November 4th?



    October 8, 2014


    If The US built an Earth wall trenched out with bulldozers at The Mexican border. Just keep digging, make the thing 15-20 feet high. Have you ever seen when our US military turned volcanic landscapes at Iwo Jima into runways for B-29 runs on Japan? It might be a cheapest start to a physical boundary. You would have to climb down into and out of it.



    Today's Featured Story:

    Carrie Underwood's Brand New Song Is Making Atheists MAD AS HELL!






    Will you sign the Republican Party of Texas' petition to "Stand with Governor Perry," by following this link?

    October 4, 2014


    Where the records falsification should shipwreck at Hillside. Policy shows appeals was due, pay stub reveals 600 hours that were confiscated because employee was being disciplined instead of those being paid out. The fair appeal would restore what was stolen, as wages, hired to that point. That was a magic word in the garden of eden scene, now a corporate sovereign nation logo, stolen, what did you steal? Lets see there is Mike and Julie, Joe and Dennis, Theresa, and Counsel. Not perjury? Deceived the court to throw the Judge off their trail. Ain’t nobody in here but us chickens! You didn’t steal? You got paid for not doing your job and criminalizing other staff files. NYS Law does not agree with that. The common thief could define steal for you,
    it tells me if such staff are not capable of qualifying their crimes as such, then they don’t have the mental capacity to understand American laws and should not be supervisors. You keep presenting crime as only doing your job. Maybe there is an IQ deficiency? One such malfunction is when the liberal Donkey snout angles upwards too much, and the ego is sailing through so many deviance themes, that it would make Eminem jealous. Watergate what? If we don’t have happy crime time, the leadership will not be glorified! Is that the real deal? I think even he would be upset on child abuse.

    Mind you that these individuals presented themselves once upon a time as adults and competent to fulfill job duties, but now they don’t see any crimes on records falsification, that is why they lie in court? You have to ask yourself if they were smarter than The Judge? He couldn’t figure it out. When is it dementia for the defense to not be able to separate fantasy from Law? Hide the office pens they are at it again. Well we lied Mr. Boardman because we are extra sneaky liberals. You lied? So which is it, evil criminal or lost your minds altogether?

    Of course to counter corporate terrorism, the plot and evidence had to be exposed. Send your Teen into protective custody at slumside, hey its better than the gutter? It is like you gave office staff enough art supplies and they turned it into a nazi work.

    The resolution of the matter is a legal reckoning. If NY can’t prosecute that, they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a snowshovel, you will hear in NY cow country.


    October 3, 2014


    Once you get to the bottom of the criminal offenses, what you should find is a Prosecutor looking at ‘ Do you normally falsify documents like that in society, steal from your company, and criminalize everything in your path defense? Because if you do this explains the evidence submitted by prosecution, because you could not attack child abuse reporting, but were confronted. You just had to have that crime for your possession defense, nothing could stop you from the obsession. You were expecting Teens facing abuse, NY Lawmakers and Taxpayers to accept your organized crime ring at Hillside, because a staff did their job and turned you in. Blame the messenger but what we have found is you are guilty of many crimes against more than just Teens. You have corrupted every facet of the occupational and legal systems you have come in contact with. And you think you are going to blame Russ? Charges are as follows against the perpetrators...’

    Fraud Case

    October 2, 2014

    Corruption Is Getting Hammered



    A Special Message from Sean Hannity**

    Dear Fellow Patriot,

    No matter how many times the Obama administration tries to say it, the crisis on our southern border is far from over.




    September 22, 2014



    Cast of trouble in the Hillside case:

    Mike Staino: Program Manager authored fake write up, court evidence.

    Juile Philips-Oriel: HR Rep accompanied Staino on the write up.

    Joe Brown: Omnibuds, case evidence letter.

    Helen Halewski: Head OF HR, contacted on the problems, her dept retaliates.

    Joanne Davis: Campus Director, if she let Staino stay on after I notified her as regional leadership in the few days following the incident, she is letting crime go on. Staino did retaliate after I went to her on an earlier problem with the file. Juile and Mike complained, yeah, (waaaah), you went to Joanne.

    Sue Buchel &
    Aaron Capozzi: Floor supervisors knew about problems for weeks on end of shift emails.

    Karen Dellonte: Center Supervisor also knew like Sue and Aaron.

    Theresa Kane-Gringer from HR: Falsified paperwork for court.

    Amy from HR: Would not help with a harassing Omnibuds, to get a trustworthy staff in.

    President Richardson: Is involved in supporting child abuse.

    Board Contact: Angela Pichicherro, if correct, has done nothing.

    Counsel: Misrepresented benefits to the court to deform the Plaintiff.

    Baptist Clique Trouble: Glen and Bruce (brothers), Rob and Chuck ( brothers) Sandy ( delinquent neighboring staff), Jeff ( wanderer, insubordinate sup), Liz (tantrum, harassment problem), Bill, Jackie (attitude problems in illegal harassment). Doris and Tina are borderline attitude/won’t help. Skip left or was removed as supervisor, needed to be disciplined also.

    Also one Clinician was reported for grooming, and was involved viewing end of shift emails. That goes back years before hand.

    What am I a baby getting aborted here, these people need to do their jobs right!




    Pasted Graphic 1
    Pasted Graphic 3

    I had written to The President about closing down abortion clinics with The National Guard, is what I remember. It would have worked may have been another thing, because I suspect liberals could attempt to impeach Bush over it, and Cheney following in the directive. The issue displacing our best Politicians from DC. A difficult subject because schizo liberals are executing their babies and are calling it medicine. To the point where they lie through their teeth about it, oh that is a therapeutic way to treat babies, not if you were the victim Einstein. Crazier things have happened, Jackson going against The Supreme Court over Cherokee rights, which I don’t support.

    When 9-11 happened I was not thinking about what I had written to Mr. Bush on. Where the heck is our leadership now, someone like G.W. is not even in the same allegiance as Obama, the guy is attacking communities everywhere with recent border negligence. After other Christian known theologians said something about abortion being a part of God attacking America at 9-11, my personal conviction was they were right, not by self decided means, God was involved, that they were right. You can see the letter date only weeks before the attacks.

    Some Americans are not that in tune with the scriptures, and entertain conversations about God is dead. They really could not tell you what the retaliation from Heaven would be against people who kill their own kids. What I find more insane, is the idea of people who believe in God, and this is supposed to be a good character, but He would just sit there and let Americans do whatever they wanted, whenever, and not lift a finger to discipline crime. If there is a God, that is all he does?

    So much happened after Unborn Nation recorded, I had to think about it, to make sure that was The White House letter, then in 2001. Yeah it was. In the past I have had times of working so hard academically, I can finish the task, take 21 credits a semester, or grades above 3.5 GPA, but when we get to break, it is like I crossed the finish line, don’t ask me to pick up more new info right away. It’ll be next semester at least after that.

    Liberals still don’t get it, you execute innocent babies, but think ISIS is bad. If ISIS was killing the babies, then would we defend innocent Americans. Baby, baby, baby, no use in trying to save me, Angels with knives, devils in voting booths? Two of the most arrogant groups on the planet, force your religion or weapon on Patriots.

    That also was the first song title given to me spoken in tongues, God named it I didn’t. And Let It Ring followed the same way. Star Spangled origin of 9-14 I did not know was my birthday until working on Let It Ring. The Attica Prison Riots happened when I was born, that I knew. My housemate at UB was from Attica and made the Michigan St. Football Team.

    2016, it was the 1 Million Man March at DC that preceded, G.W. in office. God answers prayer, sometimes. We need that tuning in all 50 States, people who are committed to righteousness. I would not dare you to build a wicked empire in front of God, read about history. Christians talk about revival, not for five minutes, the spiritual roots and war cry of America is against babies. Men die on battlefields for your freedom, and we try to put up idols in their shadow, to our shame defending evil. God will have his day if 66 books of King James says anything.

    If we could get another G.W. in office, a large sum of cash money would be worth it. If Rand Paul, Cruz, Bachmann, Reed, Rubio had a go to person now in DC? Things would get done, the machine would actually work to protect freedom.

    For what should be Let It Ring, I had other albums I was working on, writing the ‘Good Friday’ CD is what Unborn Nation came off of. Let It Ring was new after that, but for the CD, I found some songs from other works, to go with it. It seemed like it fit, end times too, so it was not really the anticipated approach. One song I wrote in a Church Parish back at UMES. If the CD does not shake your SUV though, I will have missed the point, by the time we are done recording.

    God Bless


    Fortunately God let me wait for Goth caliber Rock to produce some of this next CD. Hearts Full Of War is newer also to be on it. Love songs(?) , wait and see.


    Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1

    August 23, 2014


    Dear Russ,

    It's time to stack the Senate with true conservatives.

    True conservatives like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin.

    And while Sarah Palin isn't running for Senate, her hand-picked candidate State Senator Joni Ernst is.

    August 15, 2014


    August 8, 2014


    Today's Featured Story:

    Ted Nugent's Amazing Answer About Why He Supports Gun Rights


    Today's Top Story:

    Finally! A Conservative Congressman Files Resolution to Arrest Lois Lerner


    Happy July 4th, 2014

    Pasted Graphic

    Photo op from Kindergarten, the year of The Bicentennial. Colleagues from right to left; Mary, (Russ), Zoe,Stacey. The school building behind us had a fair, I picked up a Patriot pin there with 1776 on it. A block away, Donna’s Deli, they sold popsicles for would you believe 5 cents? The whole class would walk there on a field trip
    (back in my day). Also the rocket or bomb popsicle was sold there; red, white, and blue, a good invention. Aldis still sells those.

    God left us with the rebel character of The Eagle as a nation. It shows the abusive nature of society to attack that. The beauty of Freedom is not good enough for the corrupt.

    God Bless




    Nov 10, 1975- SS Edmund Fitzgerald was an Iron Ore hauling Great Lakes freighter that sank on Lake Superior, in a storm. A record setting ship for this task. Below are the Wikipedia and Music from Gordon Lightfoot’s song on the wreck of the ship. The whole crew was lost in the disaster.

    My Grandparents lived next-door to a Cook for The Fitzgerald. In the last year or so I saw a book on the incident, with a note in my Grandmother’s handwriting that Dick Bishop, who had not went to work, ill that day, avoided the last trip of Fitzgerald. I do remember visiting the Bishops as a kid, they had candy, and a dog named Shadow, Black Lab I think, a nice character. I have been to an iron ore mine also, taconite pellets, are about gum ball sized/like a dime or nickel in diameter.

    Pasted Graphic

    That was a pic from 1977 maybe, or earlier, not sure, visiting in Minnesota, near Duluth. My first baseball glove also came from a Holiday gas station out there, and served at the start of Kiwanis League baseball in NY.


    "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

    The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
    The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
    When the skies of November turn gloomy
    With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
    Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty
    That good ship and true was a bone to be chewed
    When the gales of November came early

    The ship was the pride of the American side
    Coming back from some mill in Wisconsin
    As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most
    With a crew and good captain well seasoned
    Concluding some terms with a couple of steel firms
    When they left fully loaded for Cleveland
    Then later that night when the ship's bell rang
    Could it be the north wind they'd been feelin'?

    The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
    When the wave broke over the railing
    And every man knew, as the captain did too
    'Twas the witch of November come stealin'
    The dawn came late and the breakfast had to wait
    When the gales of November came slashin'
    When afternoon came it was freezing rain
    In the face of a hurricane west wind

    When suppertime came, the old cook came on deck
    Sayin' "Fellas, it's too rough to feed ya"
    At seven PM a main hatchway caved in
    He said, "Fellas, it's been good to know ya"
    The captain wired in he had water comin' in
    And the good ship and crew was in peril
    And later that night when his lights went out of sight
    Came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

    Does anyone know where the love of God goes
    When the waves turn the minutes to hours?
    The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay
    If they'd put fifteen more miles behind her
    They might have split up or they might have capsized
    They may have broke deep and took water
    And all that remains is the faces and the names
    Of the wives and the sons and the daughters

    Lake Huron rolls, Superior sings
    In the rooms of her ice-water mansion
    Old Michigan steams like a young man's dreams
    The islands and bays are for sportsmen
    And farther below, Lake Ontario
    Takes in what Lake Erie can send her
    And the iron boats go as the mariners all know
    With the gales of November remembered

    In a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed
    In the Maritime Sailors' Cathedral
    The church bell chimed 'til it rang twenty-nine times
    For each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald
    The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
    Superior, they said, never gives up her dead
    When the gales of November come early

    The song is one I have not played out anywhere, between Let It Ring, Good Friday, my plate has been full. The ship went down on Superior, Eerie though is my summary of the event.

    Pasted Graphic

    (Church Neck Tie above)

    May 17, 2014


    Pasted Graphic

    Pasted Graphic 2
    Pasted Graphic 1

    March 4, 2014


    1. Desert Storm out of Moscow
    Russian Soldier boards a train
    As the sun beats down on this battlefield
    His eyes fill with the pain
    Used to be his golden homeland
    Now blood falls with the rains
    Light cracks the eastern sky
    And we’ve finally reached the end.


    Until the last day is remembered
    Until the last day has been seen
    Stand fast as an anchor, in this ragin’ sea
    God’s anger, turn to lightning
    Don’t you die unsaved
    Remember what I’m sayin’
    Cause tomorrow is forever.

    3. Storm winds blow tonight
    Like the dusk before the dawn
    Things get worse b’fore they’re getting better
    This revelation rages on
    I know you know the meaning,
    This redemption it’s still free
    There’s a smokescreen left behind
    Eclipse into eternity.

    Part of the song above, written in, way back 1990s, from The Bible EZ 38. Should be recorded heavy, (drummer brings lunch). I used a borrowed guitar from Anthony in Mr. Downstairs when I wrote it. -RB

    Pasted Graphic


    Pasted Graphic

    January 26, 2014

    SFLA made headline of The Drudge Report and
    style section of The Washington Post.

    Also a new PRO LIFE Movie
    with one James Earl Jones (AMEN).

    January 26, 2014

    Pasted Graphic You liberals like killing babies.

    January 22, 2014


    For Valentine’s Day USPS is selling love stamps,
    which were designed by an artist from Trumansburg, NY.
    That town is about 9 miles from the hospital I was born in.
    Formerly known as Tompkins County Hospital, then Tompkins Community
    Hospital, and now is Cayuga Medical Center, a Cornell teaching Hospital,
    at 1 Dates Drive, Ithaca. I also worked there for a while.

    The meaning of Valentine’s Day is that a Saint wanted a moral society,
    and so performed Christian Marriages against the will of Rome. Executed for
    his faith in this, the day does not hold any meaning for promiscuous relationships
    that are outside of marriage. The greater meaning still is the do unto others philosophy
    of Christianity, which is not confined by Marriages. That all of society was to be redeemed by Valentine, not just married persons. Not that everyone will inherit
    eternal life, but at least don’t fumble the lifesaver for eternity, out on the rock
    and roll tours. There are lives here at stake, not just worthless social diseases
    of existence waiting to be burned to illuminate the universe, for all to see.

    I take it that people at Cornell Med School know that abortion is a murder. Even if
    it is in NYC. So what is wrong with the liberals, trying to get away with this? I think
    God is sick of the killings. Anyways Valentine’s Day is for everyone when you look at
    it as a day for Christians to be saved from hell. Not that you would take over a Church service, trying to perform weddings over a normal service for everyone. It is a day of
    salvation for a man who would not surrender his righteousness. And that is what
    all Christians can celebrate. The teaching of do not murder against abortion, one
    of Valentine’s principles against slaughter. It is not a debate, that is sacred territory.
    Valentine’s Day is for the babies too.


    November 22, 2013

    Students for Life of America’s President, Kristan Hawkins, will be joining a special panel of Millennials featured tonight on Fox News Channel’s Hannity! As the only Millennial on the panel whose focus is the Life issue, Kristan will infuse the conversation on politics and the future of the United States with a strong stand in defense of the pre-born. Tune in to see this important conversation led by Sean Hannity as the panel discusses the issues facing today’s young people from politics, to healthcare reform, to what scares them the most about their future in an uncertain economy.


    Hannity TONIGHT at 10:00pm EST on Fox News!

    God Bless,

    Please tune in to
    tina signature

    Tina Whittington, Executive Vice President
    Students for Life of America

    November 5, 2013

    Pasted Graphic 2



    We weren’t playing by other rules.



    What was paid for in blood is not the liberals to corrupt. -RB


    1 Million Man Promise Keepers March
     PK 1 Million Man March, late 1990s.




    Soldiers See these stripes in my back Cut to pieces like a blood lined road map Each Roman road, a deadly crack of the whip Don't recognize me, as I pass on the road before you If I lived tomorrow, my face would shine like a blackened bruise I took a beating like no Junkyard dog Has ever seen So up this road I bear the cross I've come to save and seek the lost Ihsous means Jesus I love you Daughters in this city, don't weep as I bleed at your feet If this is justice as the Son of God walks and is seen What will be? When all the leaves fall from the tree? Co creator(?), not equal to God I'm at peace Humbled, exalted, my grace is sufficient for thee This crown of thorns was a gift from a blind pharisee So up this road, I've dropped the cross I've come to save and seek the lost Although I stumble I'll save you Why do they call it Good Friday? Why do they call it Good? Why do they call it Good Friday? When he's been nailed to the wood? Face beyond recognition Body nailed to a : cross in The Son What God required, you would not do So this I have done When Judgment comes into my eyes you'll stare I'm the one. Darkened hearts have circled this place To pour gall in the wound (Jesus) made for you God's sheep have been called Fear not my brothers At last your souls have been bought Hands and feet nailed to the cross A thief is saved from the lost My brother: Paradise awaits you Why do they call it Good Friday? Why don't they count it as loss? Why do they call it Good Friday? When he's been nailed to the cross? Why do they call it Good Friday? Look at my back Ihsous means Jesus The sky has turned black.

    (Written in the late 90's, Song copyright 2002...Ihsous is Latin for Jesus, you will see IHS(ous) written on some representations of the cross).  

    America executed a nation
    When Roe v. Wade painted the crucifix on a child's skull
    And our hammers followed through.
    A Woman's right to choose murder never was a right in God's sight
    and ye shall not murder it reads, what rhetoric.
    Only a warning to the blind or common decency and respect to another
    human being?
    Mr. Bush lead the way, and the proletariat did not rise.  McCain was knocking
    and Sarah stood ready, but it was not to be in our time.
    I thought that was a piano on my back at the altar,
    no it was the weight of bloodguilt in the church, maybe three pianos worth, as the spirit is a fiery Grinch
    at the Judgment Day.   Child graves and no one sees?
    Could have been six  full stacks of guitar amps crushing my lungs, it was so hard to breath down there.
    Good thing I was not in the hot coals, pro life what a joke.
    Does anyone cry for the innocent dying babies anymore?  Even the dog barks at their earthen graves.
    You killed that kid the Angel mutters to the Doctor in chains, as he drops the knife.
    It is alright to kill... and fortunately it wasn't you under that blade. 
    Look what's going on inside of you American, ghosttown  desolation, and steely echoes
    of funeral trains layin' to rest the kids.
    I am ashamed of this people, when children are named procedures,
    and murders go off like party favorites.  The smell of pools of blood, this is an evil people.
    The rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, all proved through the night
    that medicine, and a Doctor's leather bag, could really care.
    This is the God you believe in,
     and unequal rights. 
    You are evil and you know it.   Movie stars
    and nowhere to bury the dead citizens.
    How can abortion go on,
    people rationalize like drunk monkeys
    and tell you that a lie,  was worthy to kill you, oh yes it was.  The wrath of God is rolling up its sleeves.
    This is not free souled America,
    that is obsession with idols.
     The Devil could actually talk you into a murder?  I think he did, and you still voted for blood.
    While fat nancy would like to hush up the witness, and target the spotlight of truth.
    Who knew better?
    America executed a nation,
    an innocent one.
    Flatline, time of death, yes, She's dead.
    If the angel could sing
    America should bury her dead
    The day of God is ahead,
    America executed a nation!
    No more,
    she's dead,
    a whole undiscriminated against nation, and
    her blood runs cold.
    MT 19:16
    16...but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.


    Fort Ticonderoga Pic Aug ’77.
    Liberals are taking their places as tyrants and criminals, all over again.
    Pilgrims and The American Revolution were Christian victories from God.
    High School Defensive Football huddle at Cornell.


    Russ at nearside Defensive End.
    Pic by Russ’ Dad. 
    Thanks C.U. for field use.

    Pasted Graphic 3

    Patriots and Christians who were a part of history, November 4, 2014. Below the site prayer which posted weeks ahead of time,
    please copy as you like for your own records. My pleasure to have been a part of this tremendous Patriot victory. A true story as Hillside case postings
    were involved in the election landscape. The day I was served a fake write up at the Administration building, I was reading from a framed
    proclamation on the wall, from President G.W. Bush on The National Day Of Prayer at Hillside. While waiting to defend freedom ,confronting
    child abuse in the derogatory statements of criminal staff who were caught covering their tracks by this Patriot witness.

    Site photos from, as right wingers, if you would like to download any help yourself, no intended copyright was going to be involved. I only ask that they not be used for defamatory
    or crude purpose, as liberals are addicted.

    Thanks For All Your Help America


    Prayer and Spirit O f Wisdom
    That they The Patriots show up next Election Day November 2014. Harriet Tubman by The King James Bible next to her bed ,would be with you. 36 Seats for The United States Senate. And for The House of Representatives to repel the enemy from our borders. All states are threatened by tyranny from The White House. Crime is secured by liberal races and that wicked standard. In the course of human events how can any state be safe with this evil, and for your childrens children. The TeaParty moves forward to win this election for America.
    Jesus take The Senate back from liberal oppression.
    Russell Lee Boardman
    (Electric Patriot Guitarsman)

    Pasted Graphic

    Material expressed on this site may be solely the product of a parody and not fictitious minded liberals who were only lawmakers