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UNBORN BABY USED TO BE YOU- IF THE DOCTOR THERE WAS ME?                                    redwhiteblue



Ongoing Prayer:


Virginia and Illinois could be Red states too.








JUNE 28, 2016



1.   Istanbul




2.  Hillary, I want her to dismiss border security as an unnecessary evil, Jesus does not build walls,  Ezekiel does, and show us how crackers she can really be.



If I go back to UMES graduation, I was 23. So tired from the academic chase, closing on 200 college credits by that point.

Looking for work that first year is where I had two jobs, between Physical Therapy based Nova Care then HealthSouth buys out the facility, and Teen system. I also looked at a Pastoral degree in Delaware that year, and chicken farming is big on Eastern Shore or Delmarva.

How is this supposed to work in Albany with corruption from Cuomo and Schneiderman? The two of these addicts, have allowed crime to harm the political right. I don’t care what government they think it is they are instituting in America, these two belong under a mental health diagnosis, and imprisonment with fines. So if I had chosen another profession, and old McRussell had a farm, or was a Minister. And this was NY, then libs can keep doing whatever they want? This is not America, communist Cuomo has taken over your freedom FBI, don’t you hear their allegiance Comey, ‘not giving up to authorities without out without a fight’, “ain’t nobody in here but us chickens.”

I got two cracks in the Cougar windshield, both times following a dump truck, and pebble that falls off of them. Once was at Vienna bridge on US 50, between Ocean City and where I worked in MD, the other time was in NY. Who can complain when you can take your Client to the beach for rec?

These jokers are unfit to be in public office FBI. Felony staff, Benghazi and still complaining, Albany, and they have arrested, Cuomo? Not yet, call a Cop already.  This is news GOP, even if you are corrupt on the right.




JUNE 27, 2016


$7500 short this quarter.



As you probably know, this Thursday is the end of the fiscal quarter. What you may not know is this is a major deadline for political organizations like MichelePac.

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Michele Bachmann




$70,000 short this quarter.


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Hillary Clinton just got involved in my race and launched an all-out attack on me.

This attack is coming at an especially terrible time because we are $70,000 short of our End of Quarter goal and only have a few days to raise the money we need, and now we have to fend off an attack from the most powerful Democrat in America.

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I appologize for the abruptness of this email, and I thank you for your trust and support during this time. I hope you’ll stand with me with a donation of any amount right now.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona



Yeah we got some rain today upstate NY, but not much.

Thunderstorm tomorrow maybe, on 80%+ humidity.

I watched the last storm, flashes of lightning, cracks in the sky, wind, and hardly any water.  It is like being a kid in Africa.







I am going to tell you one libs about executing babies.  There was a Football Team I worked with where one of the players got hurt.  Aforementioned was a Fullback/Outside Linebacker.  He used to wear a bandana under the helmet, having longer hair also.  Once he started to sweat his helmet would shift around.  Mechanism of injury, the face mask moved too far down in a collision and helmet hits his nose.

The play where I pick up the injury from the sideline, is where everybody gets up, walks away, and he is coming over to me.  When his hands open a little from his face, blood pours through is fingers like they were over a faucet that was on.  Ounces of blood hit the ground, his uniform.

Once he was seated, you want the patient leaning forward to stop the bleed, a pinched off nose, and the blood does not roll down their throat.  You can ice that side of the nose and or ipsilateral (same side) carotid artery in the neck which runs with the jugular.

Say I stand there and refuse to help the patient?  Poor baby, I guess you want help?  Not that this is anything but mocking libs who are serial baby killers.  My role is as Samaritan.

But you libs have your heads so far up your goddamned ass mascot (costume), that you think stabbing live sons and daughters as babies is medicine.  Hillary you are the antichrist this side of Assad.  Who cares if you kill the baby Black Community?  You need to get right with Jesus.  Hillary is not your friend.  Rubio, Hispanics represented by libs is a disgrace.  This is not a murder Pelosi, just a bad dream.

Mr. Boardman do you see a murder in the abortion chamber?  Yes I do, arrest the Doctor, The Supreme Injustice Court for allowing this.  You execute your kid you go to jail.  Lib I don’t give  a damn if you disagree.  You can poop the diaper and stew in it as a lib temper tantrum,  you are not going to sneak past public opinion, that abortion is anything but murder.  Am I being clear Mr. Bill Clinton?

Here bleed like this player baby, nobody cares, you can take it.


I hope people understand my take on alcohol.  That is the constructive angle for me.  I know it is so American that many people don’t even see it as a drug in the bottle.  Not I don’t understand, I do, there are better ways to deal with stress is my two cents.

But alcohol is romantic.  Health my friend is romantic.  You can save babies as a pro life athlete.  Then the Females notice you for your heroism, you were sticking up for the little ones Christian, very attractive.  I told you I knew what I was talking about.



JUNE 6, 2016


Here is an old one.  Summer pre UMES, right after two mile swim.  The reason I brought it up, I had said about the fatigue recording in ’04.  That level of being tired, hour of sleep before speaking an unknown course on abortion.  It would have been different if I had prep time, church input.

Notre Dame?  Football of course, they are a known power.  Not you take the Notre, I take the Dame was it?  The Fightun’ Irish, you know not a bed of roses for the opponent.

I had to quick go get to breakfast after this pic before they stopped serving it.  I have been through some hard workouts in my life, if there is anything like the hunger after swimming, not by me there isn’t.  I was lighter here, trained abs hard that summer.  Also the summer Poison-Stand For What You Believe was on TV, same type of training.  Trump and Bret Michaels?  If you don’t know that one.

Prayer request did go up for Bret from boarder when he had CVA.

End of first year at Maryland 202 lbs, with NCAA eligibility still left.  I was young when I was done with Football, 20 years old by only two weeks?  When semi pro asked me to play  being at NFL strength level  later, technically I could still do it, yeah.  I made better decisions for academics instead.  Used to look at it like even if you were Thurman Thomas and able, healthy, you get in there and is it worth it?  God be with you in NFL, the injuries.  Bodybuilding and Rock Star, are the anabolic.

Alright those pants mighta been a Minnesota Vikings carry, who knew?


2 mile swim




That I showed you in recent days.  The correct order of events of how that started, and Unborn Nation recorded.

GW takes office 2001, I finish my degree in Athletic Training in 2002.  Recording, God did not give me the idea for studio until, I will say 2004 even though I used to play this on a synth at I.C. (Ithaca College) with headphones while in school.

9-11 hits, I was in Exercise Phys lab that day.  After graduation I worked for awhile full time in a detention, some of the time I would spend at the school there. This is near Judge Jeanine’s town, at Elmira.

I had watched 700 Club and seen Pat Robertson and Falwell talk about abortion and 9-11 before this, when I was at another location.

Pat Robertson makes a prediction in the same year Unborn Nation records of 2004 on GW winning DC.  As plain as I can tell you, the spirit of God was upon Newfield, NY.  I felt the same message from above, not from Pat blindly, that Bush would win, and that abortion was a part of 9-11.

By then in 2004 I had forgotten the letter from GW, and found it one day.  Oh yeah, this, it all lines up.  I wrote to 43, days before the attack, Falwell and Robertson discuss abortion in God’s wrath after 9-11 independent of me.  I was no one to them or in music right then.

I go back and find the letter.  I was glad 43 wrote, I knew we didn’t get too far at stopping abortion, but I held on to it out of respect, knick knack not being the cheap definition.

It tells you three Christians agreed on this.  God gave me that title in a church service for the song, I did not struggle with it for two seconds.  It was not even on my mind to write on abortion in music.

I was very committed to Church, evening service on Super Bowl Sunday, Church is first if I am late to the game, that was usual even for Super Bowl.  Sports didn’t seem that important anymore.


These lib devils are killing kids, not torture and release.






Is what I had written about to close abortion clinics back in 2001 to 43.  The perception GW could stop the murders with it.  Maybe it works or him and Cheney are impeached as it starts to bleed the GOP leaders from power.  I am not saying it would have worked or held, worth mentioning.

Some libs are so dumb they think an aggressive 400 lbs gorilla being killed who is dragging a human kid around is bad.  Even better, if we don’t let you massacre your children, you are deprived of horror time.  Like the early Indians who had sacrificial burial mounds in America.  Harvard, you are so much more civilized in your murders!  Those heathen with the snake mound in Ohio, enlighten us friends, we must know why you are so sophisticated beyond cave dwellers.  Why is it Ivy League can’t follow basic logic?

A murder is defined as the following on baby who can be delivered to an incubator, or rat trap just for kicks.  It is a learning disability you are so stupid at Harvard.  This is not a murder? ‘Shut up Russ, sweeping that under the carpet with the extra large broom Roe v. Wade, which Hillary tries to get us sex addicts who can’t stop having kids, telling lies, pretending nobody else sees the killing 50 million strong.’  I see  and so if you aborted a toaster you would in effect be killing the machinery?  Or if a housepet was the victim of planned parenthood this would be medicine.

‘What do you do with a drunken sailor? Keel ’em to the hull until he’s sober, er-lie in the morning.  Hoo-ray up she rises, hoo-ray…, (an old sailing song).’

Pathology libs, genocide, you are worse than some dictators, well past buddy Assad by now.  Tree Hugger you gettin’ this?

National Guard, you can’t kill anymore babies, too bad, cry me a river and drown the whole world.  Tell it to the Judge.

God Freaking Dammit Are You Evil Dems!



This letter was right before 9-11, check the date.  I had written to 43, looking for an Executive Order to close abortion clinics.  I knew that Jackson had done this in effect to The Cherokee on The Trail Of Tears against a Supreme Court decision.

The reply letter came back and went in a folder cover of Church Chorus songs. Because I didn’t have a file for knick knacks of, how many Presidential letters do you have.  Although I still have a Pentagon brochure from High School and a trip to DC.

When 9-11 happened, my personal take on it was not surprised arrogant America was attacked.  Read enough bible and you appreciate the attitude problem better.  People are so divided and hate eachother, look at road rage just as a symptom.

Conviction from God that I spoke on CD and abortion and God’s wrath, not contrived.  Like the prophecy 43 would win 2004, I backed Pat Robertson on it by my own walk with God, on line here at boarder.  This was after he released his Unitarian 10 Offenses?

To be that baby, dying at the hands of a homicidal freak you call an abortion Doctor.  Strangulation instead would get the point across better Oprah as a treatment on infants?  Or no- ‘so I married an ax murderer liberal’- abortion really is a murder should be on marriage licenses?

We watched in Church from Ray Vanderlaan a video on the Valley Of Slaughter, who taught at my cousins High School.

Years passed from 2001, and I had no intent to record Unborn Nation independent of a band, record contract, or the whole Good Friday album.  God had me work on it in studio, go see what recoding is about, I had only used a four track before this.

So that first studio experience became the Unborn Nation CD.


The archived letter began to turn color some.  Nothing else really did, maybe it is the genuine parchment effect setting in.  I did buy a dehumidifier from Casey Roskelly’s Dad back in that time to keep guitar eq dry. His Dad told me he went to play Linebacker at St. John Fisher after I went to UB.  I would run pass patterns in practice from TE in High School, and he would try to fence post me.  Newspaper article more recent showed Casey in charge of a US Navy ship at Florida.  Hard nosed character, he would defend America, I would not even question it.



Unless notified otherwise copying pics and scans from this site is strictly permitted for righteous Patriots. -RB.




That was a pic I took in a sanctuary.  Piano which I didn’t try out, sits at the bottom of the photo, not really seen here.  You can view water through the windows just behind it.

More of a quality envroniment.











Scan 541Scan 542




There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse