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If you reach the Judgment Day before this is finished, and have not

atoned your sins beforehand, yeah well, there will probably be lots of other liberals

roasting in hell with you, that is what scriptures say.


MARCH 5, 2015



Detroit, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars help save The US economy if Uncle Sam sells the fuel.

Superior vehicles, no pollution, around 2x fuel economy of gas cars, and can be built safer than ones like Dodge’s Hellcat which is a crash test nightmare at 200 MPH.







I say we should ban the golf club, it is keeping the absent commander in chief from doing his job in America.  A game to him, but innocent victims under piles of rubble, bleeding, are the laughable scenery of terrorism.  Not a problem, had to get golf in, ISIS on the border, 18 holes, nukes falling on Iran, sand pit again.  This man does not care for you, your well being, safety, or freedom.  Obama should be put on restrictions, no more golf, crime, play office time.  Would it be the same if he was arming Saddam with nukes?

What Obama may be up to on .223 ammo.  FEMA as you may know is always looking for Federal ways into your home.  They want access to supplies they think belong to them.  A few weeks ago I was listening to a radio program, on WW II, and Japan having .31 caliber rifles, where our .30 caliber rifles would not fire their ammo, being too big was it?  If you capture Japanese bullets it is not good for anything.  If Obama makes .223 go out of trade, maybe people give up those guns eventually, so .223 caliber M-16 armed FEMA can go do whatever they want to you, and you won’t take their guns and use it with your .223 ammo.  Too complicated maybe, but being the most popular rifle, Obama has something up his sleeve, you don’t take guns from Patriots.

If I told you I was not going to do anything to stop Iran from building a nuke, or to defend America from the invasion of 1000+ illegals a day, you wouldn’t second guess that?  That day right after the 10th on the Sept calendar, not a paid Holiday so people forget.





Assuming that Weasel II- Obama continues to refuse his duty to defend America, from terror foreign and domestic.  Are Patriots ready to dig a border trench and give Sheriffs outposts where they can survey the whole border from base?  Maybe it takes million$ but there are how many states for each border county?  If this reaches continued terrorist activity at the border, and you just keep sitting there like a deer in headlights, not acceptable.  There has to be a Patriot response to the crime, you have the God given right to a well regulated militia, Sheriffs would not appreciate this to stop crime?

Now go back over the crime, drug dealers who shoot at Law Enforcement, human trafficking by people who should be hung, terrorists who are Obama’s liability, and you want to sit for 20 more months to see if 1000+ illegals a day brings trouble?

I don’t think it is that hard, watch some Youtube of a bulldozer cutting Earth, we have millions of Conservatives who could back this if DC remains in Obama’s criminal grip.  Make no mistake Obama is pro crime, prosecuted on that is shoulda been.


Hillside Crime

In the grey area of the scandal, not knowing what agencies are actually going to do their jobs.  All were contacted on the way up from State Police to Sheriff, FBI, Prosecutors as DAs,  in involved counties, NY AG, NY Governor, US Attorney.  Which ones in Government are trying to keep the scam going by not doing their jobs, for the sake of liberal accomplices in the original agency crime?  They are on the radar at the  highest level now.  Resist and they meet accomplice status if not already.  Saying they did not know, will not hold up in court.

I was able to reach a count of 20 staff who are offenders in the case, from original complaints on child abuse to Admin.  The Admin ones are caught better in documentation, Dept supervisors, all HR involved, President, campus directors, it is only policy criminals leave Hillside.  What were you trying to do leave Teens under care of criminal Admin and Staff?

NYS Police has been notified on continued response problems when reporting Hillside crime at other law enforcement details.  Why is that?  Buddy buddy to crime?  That was a long running problem early in the case 2011 for weeks as a staff.  NYS Police is backed by other authorities in this latest, informed.




MARCH 4, 2015


As he waits for his deal with Iran to arm the #1 sponsor of world terrorism, with nuclear toys.  This must be like Christmas morning, for Obama, ‘oh goody gum drops, the most evil people on Earth as previously said in my debate with Romney, will now have extra criminal weapons.’  Saddam, Libya, Bin Laden, 9-11, none of those will compare to nuclear Iran, “ah-ha-ha”, (only three laughs had to save my energy for golf!) you could hear Obama thinking.  He should be declared a world terrorist and put at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list.  Should he be assassinated, it is still a question if the burial will be in Kenya?  This is where liberals get to kick themselves, ok park the abortion broom first, get off it, then kick self, did we vote for a terrorist in 2012?  Israel may do what criminal DC will not, that does not stop Mexico border crime.  I would not let liberals change any laws to remove ammo from Patriots.  Such is the Obama plan, didn’t want people to get lazy, go shoot the terrorists yourself!

If you want to keep playing with a rattlesnake, don’t pay any attention.  Obama is helping terrorists attack the world by his plans.  His so called deal is like saying to a drug free person that you are helping them stay clean as you pour them a drink of liquor and make a toast to the devil.  The glorification I don’t get, an average thug would be shot to death in crimes waving a weapon around.  Obama can wave around nukes, that is just policy to you liberals, because what is a Hiroshima or 20?

We need to stop him to seal the border, if Biden won’t do it then he is a traitor also promoting terrorism foreign and domestic.  They could make a wax museum model of Joe for history in that case, but get rid of him too from office then.

If something bad happens to Obama, it will be like overdue removal of nuclear waste from a  city.  Ho, hum, no big deal, but it was time.  How else would Obama get a shot at the title of devil, to take it from Satan?  World Terrorism! How that be?  I have never seen a so called President this evil in America.



Law enforcement is in on the service of papers to the agency for summons and complaint being accepted by the right party or not.  Law says that should Hillside fail to make an appropriate response under the deadline (April 1 about), damages will be their liability as requested.  This goes several times the class action settlement amount.  One year at the agency around $3 million was the annual surplus, that was a good year.  Something on that order really does not scratch the surface of my case damages.  It is time for the crime to end.  I guess they thought I was joking about child  abuse reporting, careers, helping innocent victims of starvation and liberal murder which you know as Roe v. Child.

Stopping the bad guys, that is Patriotic isn’t it?  I didn’t want to clash with the whole red, white, blue theme, you know what I am saying?

FBI is watching this, from Mustard St. in Rochester  to Gov. Cuomo and NY AG.  The crime needs to end, said it again, this is not a liberal stomping ground to show their most highly exalted incompetence, and trample child abuse reporting.  It seems like I end up having to bust the crime because authorities could not do the job, any reporting did not stop agency criminals.  What a joke,  explain that next election.




MARCH 3, 2015


When does it sink in that Hillside Admin made life threatening

decisions by breaking the law, against this ministry that helps starving villages and kids in


When they see?

A.  Piles of dirt with kids bodies mixed into it, of a helter skelter artistry, a landscape of liberal love.

B.  Dogs tearing dead kids bodies to pieces?

C.  Skulls everywhere.

D.  Dying kids, that is a good one for the conscience, nobody especially cares about that.  About as interesting as listening to the weather.

E.  Be the shovel man, you bury ‘em you killed ‘em.  No wait that one is still moving, don’t cover the kid with dirt it would be like abortion.

F.  You won’t drown it in alcohol when you find what you did is real.

G.  Will it end Cuomo’s career to sit idle and not prosecute criminal staff?

H.  Follow policy and OCFS reporting, you are sure, actually go do this, and that is my job?

I.  You mean they are dead like not coming back to life?

J.  The worst scourge in the bible on evil people was?

K.  4 part medley of dead Benghazi zombies in time for 2016 elections should accompany

Hillary, what is a few dead coworkers?

L.  Righteous Conservatives thanks for being out there, you are the heart and soul of America.


This was an excellent day with Netanyahu in DC, actual leadership.  I would put him on The GOP ticket.




I saw The Fox News coverage of the speech.  The best speaking arrangement I have seen in a long time.  The setting of it being in defiance to President Obama’s arrogant ways and refusal to support Israel now, that much sweeter for Patriots, like Dr. Carson’s words at an infamous Prayer Breakfast.

There were many familiar faces in the crowd, and I know Congress felt the weight of that presentation by The Prime Minister.  Under the gun is where is Obama’s stalled policies and tactics have left Israel.  Obama understands, he does not care.  If this was fear mongering by Netanyahu, maybe the representative from Kentucky  who has so commented has forgotten Tehran.  I didn’t, I used to have a paper route when I was a kid, the faces of the hostages were on those papers I delivered.

Main points that I picked up from Netanyahu as irrefutable:

1.  The Obama plan paves the way for terrorists to devastate the world.

2.  That plan escalates a fight, which is more than a battle, it is nuclear war.  Once that is out of the bag, there is no putting it back in time to prevent a nuclear exchange, in the hands of terrorists.

3.  Restrictions should not be lifted on Iran short of changes.

4.  Israel will stand alone if necessary.  Samson was the relevant scripture from history for that , along with the image of Moses in the U.S. Chambers there.

The American public understands the arrogant brat nature of Obama.  He has tried to fundamentally transform freedom and safety to terrorism and socialism.  Netanyahu shamed Obama’s agenda by Patriot values.  The same as any other Minuteman would have.  The Prime Minister has showed you liberals, that Obama is not interested in peace or safety, but arming terrorists.  He stands for crime and war as a delinquent who should have been impeached on several scandals.  The disaster of our legislative procedure to remove a criminal US President, like death and taxes, slow like criminals want it.

Iran the #1 sponsor of world terrorism by Obama.  Mastermind Putin supplying uranium to them as # 1 sponsor by Romney.  And we are going to play kick the can down the road with this?  9-11 hit you because you thought you knew better.

The speech reminded me alot of when I saw President Ford speak at Cornell.  I was thinking as a kid that the Secret Service Man on stage had an Uzi under his jacket at that exchange of ideas .  That is an Israeli machine gun if you don’t know.   Liberals who disagree with the warnings really should go live in Jerusalem for a year, and see how they feel about it, that Israel needs backup, and the world is not safe with murderous ideologies holding nuclear weapons.  If you keep assisting and waiting for the reaper sinful liberals, he just might show up, with an atomic weapon.

I have to question also if America will have to turn two as in baseball, with Iran and North Korea.  If Kim Jong wants to fight bad enough we just may give it to him.








A moment of silence for Children who died in Africa from starvation and abortion around the

world, while Hillside admin sat in their office crimes to obstruct basic staff rights

for having reported child abuse in NY.  Their humanitarian act to harass rescue of children

and this ministry.

God Rest Their Souls





Yesterday, I filed with the Federal Election Commission the necessary paperwork to formally consider a run for President of the United States in 2016.

Let me tell you why I’m taking this step today, and how you can help.

For many years, I have traveled the country closely studying our politics. I believe we are on the verge of robbing our children of the American Dream.

We are racking up a virtually insurmountable debt, stifling our economic potential and placing our children’s future at risk.

At home and abroad, we are silencing honest debate about our challenges, our differences and our culture, all in the name of political correctness.

We are ceding more and more power to Washington bureaucrats at the expense of our personal liberty, ignoring the wisdom of our founders who risked their lives to form “a more perfect union.”

Too many of our children are trapped in failing schools and find themselves thrust into a deadly cycle of crime, dependence and despair.

Over the course of thousands of operations as the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, I have spent most of my adult life caring for very ill children. As co-founder of the non-profit Carson Scholars Fund, my wife Candy and I have spent years helping children find their own inspiration to reach their full, God-given potential.

In many ways, that is the duty of my generation – to do everything in our power to give the next generation the opportunity to achieve greatness.

I believe that with hard work and determined leadership, greatness is within our grasp. America was founded on the self-evident truth that we as a nation have the right to think big and pursue happiness.

It is this core principle that allowed me, a young boy, raised in Detroit by a single, illiterate but determined mother, to overcome poverty, bad grades, and low self-esteem to become one of the world’s leading physicians.

I’ve decided to explore a potential run for the office of President because I believe my values, life experience, and willingness to speak the truth and seek solutions, prepares me well to lead our nation toward more prosperity, security, and freedom for every American.

As I travel around the country to listen, learn and determine whether or not this is a race I can win, your financial support during the next two months will be extremely helpful.

To make a secure contribution to my exploratory committee now, please go here.

I look forward to working with you, and the rest of our fellow citizens to restore the promise of America.

Thank you, and God Bless America.


Ben Carson


MARCH 2, 2015


A Question on Netanyahu Speaking at Congress:

What is the position of NATO against Iranian nuclear as an extension of Russian

aggression?  As in coalition, solve this before it is too late.


Hillside Crime

Receipt now confirms that the agency has been served papers for all three cases.  This puts Hillside under the 30 day deadline to even up or a court does it for them.  Exact quotes from defense  are in the court transcript, as for the Plaintiff and  evidence against Hillside.  There is no two ways about this crime finally being brought down.

The date for the class action lawsuit which was a different case, is in May.

Even today there was more communication with Law Enforcement to deal with Hillside crime.

Unless they are going to make slaves out of taxpayers, with state sponsored child abuse? Prosecutors better get on this.




As Netanyahu speaks tomorrow, what will happen from this visit?

Obama making his last ditch effort to preserve Iranian terrorist efforts

has drawn in Biden.  For 2016 any Senator who is not supporting Israel against

psychotic terrorists with nukes, may the Conservative voting crush your place in office like

last election.  Go play office somewhere else devils.


We are on the edge of WW III, you might say that.  No need to close the border, or send back

criminals who may be here as fugitives.  May I see your resume?  It says here you were wanted

in Mexico for felonies, broke the law to enter America,  we would much rather have you on the

job than that American graduate who applied.   After all fair is fair.  If you are a terrorist then

that means a raise, and if you hate Israel it looks like an Obama conspiracy is in full swing.


As it should be, Netanyahu is well respected among Conservatives and those who retained

their sanity.  Liberals are about as smart as drunks on a battlefield when it comes to closing a

war on terrorism, when short tempered North Korea and Iranian Uranium go together in

missiles.  I would force Iran to surrender or be destroyed.






MARCH 1, 2015














It is a twisted way to solve jealously over The United States being better at Basketball than

N. Korea, if that is his motive for threatening 300 million people.  It still does not fix the

original problem, or two problems out of one as temper tantrums usually produce that.

Obama the hypocrite that he is, now has to answer for telling Kim Jong last time, that we were

prepared to deal with that tyrant criminal, but won’t act on Iran.  So why is it ok for Iran to

threaten world peace, but not Kim Jong, it seems like discrimination, based


Obama is a sleeper cell.  Forget commentaries, by what he does, that is the facts.





Tune Ups

Political account keeping aside, if basics in society were under control, there would not be the poverty there is.  Things like do not murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness, covet.  Instead we are trying to budget damage control in DC, for example murderers will not stop their abortion habit so what % of national debt or crisis is due to that.  If you think there is a God then liberal politics are the fruit on the tree at Eden.  Missed the point, is where it is all going if you think bean counters are going to fix God’s wrath with a sinaholic society.  Is God sitting back saying ,well yeah you don’t prosper because of your politicians 100%, they are not that smart and can’t figure out how to fix things?  Or is it because of millions of evil people going to live like Cain, Jezebel, Rome?  You have authored yourself to kill babies, don’t see anything wrong with that, no moral justification is needed, a little homicide never hurt anybody?  Why would God let people like that even live much less prosper?



You have to take with a grain of salt what happened when you look at minor details like laws, and agency policy.  Some staff are too much of cowards to have reported child abuse that way, others think they are the in crowd because rooting for evil is their way of life.  It is hard to have any regrets for stopping crime, and critics can’t even stand on their own two feet as a staff or Administrator.  It is where both I and dirty staff know that they are the punks as employees.  The arrest count could go how high in the case?  At least 5 staff are in deep, I wouldn’t tell you it has to stop at over a dozen staff.  Inmates are their functional peer group by evidence based behaviors and equally matched crimes to Admin.  Most people in this profession look at this case like people at Hillside lost their minds, corruption for years, and that is their high horse?  Go tell The Judge all about it then, the definition of a perpetrator is…and a jail is a building where…criminal records is for keeping track of…the most evil staff of the year award goes to?


This is a big week with Israel in town at DC.

FEBRUARY 28, 2015

No prayer tonight,

I leave for you to remember 9-11.  It seemed so safe, up to that day, we fought wars against terrorism.  Only to leave the border open to Obama’s terrorist buddies at Mexico.  This is not about amnesia for the American people, you have been handed over to the enemy by Obama. Like when Booth shot Lincoln, Obama has assassinated the office of President to take up the cross of terrorism, arm Iran.  Why he has not been prosecuted is not acceptable.  If 9-11 happens again, are people then going to get up and dig a border trench?  Time to take care of business, end that Obamaism-terror cell he runs. His intent is to fundamentally transform freedom which was fought for in blood, to his communist agenda.  If you don’t trust Putin, Obama is the passive traitor version, very similar.

I don’t understand that any man’s life is worthy to interfere with the defense of Israel.  Arming the #1 terrorist enemy with nukes, you evil loving liberal maniac Obama.  It is more a sleeper cell than anything else Obama has been.

For the sake of Israel, they may have to nuke Iran to incapacitate the aggressor.  While The US is voting criminals out of office, who could not cut the mustard of  following laws.  It seems too dangerous to wait for Obama or hope liberals are going to ever do anything about Iran.  Like neighbors to Hitler, it will never come back to them or anyone else?  Israel then has to hang on for backup from US Patriots who may take until 2016 to secure freedom and the 1776 education plan for greedy devils who try to become dictators.

My honest opinion is God will kill Obama to protect Israel if necessary.  What world terrorist, Chavez, Saddam, Bin Laden, etc is as bad as Obama?  None if he is arming Iran by nuclear negligence.


I saw the results, nothing so far is that significant.  This many months out on primaries, a small group of voters, who are not a great cross section of the actual election night voters for 2016.  I don’t have anything bad to say about Rand Paul or Cruz, but the worst thing that can happen, is we go into Nov 2016, with our unpopular candidates in the swing states, and people who win in choir loft elections don’t have a chance with streetwise liberal competition.  The election is in more than just Conservative hands.

Who do I like?  We have two strong candidates from Florida, Carson and Palin come up big in polls, and against Hillary either of them helps a ticket.  Not that others are not able, but it is a team effort, when you pitch the world series your game #1 pitcher better have it.  The GOP has to look at this and say who can win, not get moody on failing choices.

Issues, common core I am not against a minimal standard, but one that does not interfere with    accelerated classes.  Immigration, close the border is #1 it is unsafe enough, that is now.  What to do with illegals here already?  It was reckless to let them in, not prudent by a bible, if you snuck into France they should not kick you out?  Where did illegal alien become legal crime for politicians to support?  That has to be stopped, laws don’t matter, here ISIS immigrate because of Lenin’s favorite golfer in DC?  Not all of them are safe to keep here, none of them deserve illegal freedom.  Who are we to complain about jobs if you let illegals take that from citizens?










The civil part of cases against Hillside is not a question.  I am sure that even the dumbest of court room spectators could figure out that corruption has taken over the agency.  Jail is due to those who falsified records, interfered with child abuse reporting, and have decided on evil as their way of damaging the agency.

Still a mystery why other boards at Hillside have not fired and filed against the board involved with my case for crime?  Do they even know?  No staff was to be involved in criminal behavior and remain  at the agency.  So it will be discrimination if they attempt it.

Where are the authorities on this, well informed if nothing else up to U.S. Attorney and FBI.  It is reaching the point on crimes where any Admin that are robbing Hillside by their evil, and keep resisting to get caught, are convicting themselves, it is only getting worse.  Like the thief on video tape or DVD, the more crimes as evidence it makes the court’s job easier, harder for jails, but it adds flavor to the media work.  I don’t know which Prosecutors have decided to act on the case yet, or are they in a sting operation waiting to take down the whole crime ring at Hillside?  If you got caught holding a broom trying to sweep the crime under the carpet, then you are eligible for the free housing arrangement behind bars.

I see Citizens of NY saying, get the devils out of there, we need actual law abiding staff to run that place like any other business, drug den, illegal gambling ring, child care outfit.  There are better people who work in gas stations, and are Janitors than these thieves.  Like the NY Assembly, having million dollar crimes from the left as of late.  Rest assured crime has taken over the agency, you would not tolerate it at Wal Mart, but only in a human service field, not like these Clients are even at the level of pets that staff were going to  take care of.  Or staff have any rights, don’t they know it is a master/slave relationship with workers.  See you can trust corporate!


FEBRUARY 27, 2015


God close our borders, the devil is in The White House, and we can’t

have it no more.

In Jesus’ Name




Latest Hillside Update

This is new info, party to any other postings on the situation of 3 court cases where I am Plaintiff.

The case #2 for fraud, reservice of papers to the present legal representation for Hillside has been handled.  In the past interference with mailings was a problem, restricted delivery was even corrupted.  That was brought to the attention of FBI in the past.  Anymore trouble, prosecute it, the situation needs to end.  It leaves Hillside 30 days to settle from this, or pay damages so big they will go out of business.  Further crime on their behalf like last time with lies in litigation is not going to stop a fraud case.  The record has already been approved by the court for evidence in case #1 for retal.

Also I have been in contact with Law Enforcement again, overturning bad info where NYS Police had mislead me years ago it appears.  Proper reporting of Hillside trouble to the authority in the jurisdiction of their business.  This time DAs are watching, because so many reports went to law enforcement on Hillside and nothing was ever said back from them on child abuse.   Authorities contacted again, with confirmation that I want Hillside Admin put on notice for their stalking type of behaviors where they have targeted career, and lied in court, so to not violate any further boundaries where they may be arrested for unwelcome continued harassment and boundary issues.  It follows an escalation pattern that you can’t trust those staff, so why leave them unchecked when they are making frivolous complaints to the law?

As I have advised the Hillside Legal Office, I have put up with all I am going to take, should they resist further and damage$ sink the agency, then oh well.  They will get out of my Patriot way.

God Bless



Stealth Angel and The Deviant Subculture:

Angel:  I see you office hypocrite falsifying records on the hard working staff at planet humanoid.

Liberal:  Shut up I had my coffee, now I go do whatever I like.

Angel:  You know I can send you to hell, your eyeballs will pop out like roman candle shots after your blood is boiling.

Liberal:  I’m an atheist I don’t believe in actual scientific method, the electromagnetic spectrum,  accountability, rules, laws, Patriots, hydrogen cars, freedom, or the Energizer Bunny!

Angel:  What age were you when you decided that breaking laws was good, you never grew up?    Was it Hillary arrogance trips from the graveyard of Benghazi victims to the cocaine binge to drown it out?

Liberal:  Who am I?  I seem to have lost my Superman cape and Captain America get ups.  I live in the fantasy realm, it keeps me from facing my crime, you get that angel?

Angel:  Nicht, you are a menace to free people, how is this supposed to work you just keep riding the backs of slaves, sending your liars to the media to embarrass themselves?

Liberal:  Not true, we don’t lie.

Angel:  I can see the force is strong in this one, like an ostrich stalking a golf course looking for holes to hide its skull in.  You will gain nothing but fahrenheits liberal from your lunacy.  Think about it, Judge Jeanine and Hannity, Bill O’Reilly at Fox News, they are not exposing sorry scams daily?  Like Americans are not enough to figure out your lying kind?

Liberal:  “I’m a cowboy on a steel horse I ride.”

Angel:  Um no, that was just a vicious rumor.

Liberal:   We will meet again Angel after more coffee, then I will be in barbaric mode, the raging idiot of the left wing, pencil neck when I come down from it.  If I have to recede to the 6th grade in functional age to avoid being fair to people, what will be will be.  Now shouldn’t I be elected to President or a level even with future white collar inmates?  See, they could not teach me in school when I was young, detention, they can’t break me, crime is my oath.


Board of Directors

Over the winter I was contacted and given the chance to apply for a Board of Directors position at one of the schools I went to for college.  To be honest I was humbled to see that.  For now I had other works I have to stay committed to.  Unless I can serve well, somebody else should be in there.  The main scenery it seems like, is go to school you have hopes and dreams, trying to use your talents to help society.  The outline of what should happen by a U.S. Constitution or Declaration of 1776, it looks great.  Once you get out in to the workforce, crime has been a problem since the beginning.  You will have to excuse me  if I find the education world alot more inspiring than corporate crime.




( Case #1 was original retaliation, #3 is class action with other staff).

Conflicting data posted on the deadline to serve  papers to defense, they are still within the time period to be served for a few more months after all.  This is the case that remedies court lies, the biggest of all of them by damages.  It is where Nixon Peabody backed out of representing the defense case.  I had offered Nixon Peabody to settle out of court, that now passed.

The liability is still in the 7+figures range.  What should grown adults expect, trash somebody’s job, slander them in court, interfere with live human babies from being saved of murder.  I understand less when I see this from so called Childcare staff, and ones who work in a disciplinary field.  You can’t appreciate murdering babies, or following rules, not bad ones, but good ones?  It sounds like a conspiracy.

Meaning what, we are still under the shortest road to solve the case, because it  does not have to refile.  Maybe they try to settle, or continue to harass the Plaintiff as I told authorities this past week.  Either way if we are back at court on this one, no settlement, too late devils.




FEBRUARY 25, 2015


Don’t forget Freedom Village, helping the youth survive.





Patriot Haters:

(Ahem) The Conservative Candidate for President will base their election on a love for righteous leadership.  Not hate for Obama, which is liberals demonizing the right again.  My hate for him as a leader, well justified, he has left the border defenseless, so events like 9-11, Sandy Hook, to be the responsibility of everyday citizens to stop.  That was his knife in the back of sane security measures and innocent people.  Somehow when the neurons of the liberal brain do not connect this message, with get up and defend the border reasoning.  Then it takes 9-11 all over again, or beheadings, and then yeah, fix the border idea must have gotten stuck in bong resin.  Right, stop terrorists, got it, ok anyways.

Obama is not that innocent, he will sacrifice people, pig headed as he is to have his manifesto.  His secret Muslim army are illegal immigrants? That is the heart of a killer, don’t be fooled.  If ISIS to you is sounding too familiar, a comfortable word, did you forget what they are about?  It is scripture that the wicked hate the righteous and visa versa.  Manson would get less people killed than Obama, and there are those God would send to hell.  God we need a border patrol of well regulated militia.

Thanks Conservatives.






URL below is for the last flying B-29.  I was on this exact plane, yeah I think so.  As a kid I went to a B-29 that flew in at an airport.  I was told it was FIFI later I didn’t remember the name on it.  It was a plane for nuclear war over Japan.  I remember the metal along the isle inside the plane how everything seemed to be made out of hard surfaces like that.  Nothing like passenger planes.  Sometimes we use weapons like this to stop terrorism is reality.  -RB




Patriots you need to be more concerned with the border at Mexico.  Illegal immigrants in the country as a crime problem, a national defense omission.  Obama a long time ago decided he was going to attack elections with this, which is public corruption and prosecutable.  It is an act of war that he allows Mexicans to illegally enter knowing they are criminals who will harm the country.  He should be removed as such, I know another one of those above the law liberals like the western districts in cowboy movies.

Mexico also needs to start taking responsibility for their own citizens.

Why is it any different than if Putin was doing this, or some terrorist leader where elections in Europe were being taken over by convicts?  See Obama as a criminal, if any other citizen did this, it would be crime, but since for so long it was neglected,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, excuse me are we in the middle of an invasion from Mexico?  No, that is just policy!  Nothing to worry about, human traffickers who should be executed, drug dealers, ISIS (not ISIS), ok they can be there but Obama can’t even face the reality otherwise his coup is over.  It is called silent but violent.  You sir did this to our country? To steal elections for which you should go to jail, becoming terrorist abiding?  Send him to Gitmo and leave him there.  An example for other liberals to see what happens to criminals.

Policy is the word which is blinders for war on America.  Why was that not part of the campaign platform?  Think I will release murderers and rapists into the streets!  Obama is a snake, the only thing left to do is remove him.








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#1.  First prayer of the new site, take the kick me sign off your back Patriots,

let’s close the border, via God.  Obama is not your master like in a bible.

#2.  Iran and world terrorism, a nuclear power to be, not.  The righteous better go after this unless you want destruction like only Revelation could show.

In Jesus’ Name (IJN)





Luke 10:19 “…but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

John 3:3
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Luke 9:25 And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forfeit your own soul?

LK 11:34 Therefore be careful that the light (fire) in you isn’t darkness.
John 3:16

16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillments.
1. Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem Micah 5:2/ Mt:2:1-6, Luke 2:1-20

2. Messiah was to be born of a virgin. Isaiah 7:14/ Mt 1:18-25, Luke1:26-38

3. Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses; 
Deut 18:15/ John 7:40

4. Messiah was to enter Jerusalem in triumph:
Zech 9:9/ Mt 21:1-9, John 12:12-16

5. Messiah was to be rejected by his own people:
Isaiah 53:1-3/ Matthew 26:3-4 
Psalm 118:22/ John 12:37-43, Acts4:1-12

6. Messiah was to be betrayed by one of his followers:
Psalm 41:9/ Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50

7. Messiah was to be tried and condemned:
Isaiah 53:8 / Luke 23:1-25, Mt 27:1-2

8. Messiah was to be silent before his accusers:
Isaiah 53:7 / Matthew 27:12-14

9. Messiah was to be struck and spat on by his enemies:
Isaiah 50:6/ Matthew 26:67
10. Messiah was to be mocked and insulted:
Psalm 22:7-8/ Matthew 27:39-44

11. Messiah was to die by crucifixion. Psalm 22:14,/ MT 27:31, Mark 15:20,25
16,17 / 
12. Messiah was to suffer with criminals and pray
for his enemies: Isaiah 53:12/ Matthew 27:38

13. Messiah was to be given vinegar and gall:
Psalm 69:21/ Matthew 27:34

14. Others were to cast lots for Messiah’s
garments: Psalm 22:18/ Matthew 27:35

15. Messiah’s bones were not to be broken:
Exodus 12:46/ John 19:31-36

16. Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin:
Isaiah 53:5,6,8/ John 1:29, 11:49-52 

17. Messiah was to be raised from the dead:
Psalm 16:10/ Matthew 28:1-10 

18. Messiah is now at God’s right hand:
Psalm 110:1/ Mark 16:19
Luke 24:50-51


Miraculous birth, death, resurrection
Jesus’ Parable teachings
Jesus’ Non parable teachings
Other miracles
MT 19:16
16…but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

The Greatest Commandment: 

”Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”(Mt 22:37)

The Second Greatest Commandment:

” To love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mt 22:39) ” All the law and the prophets hang on these two commands.”(v 40)
Is giving 10% of what you earn to God through the needy often and not necessarily a church, maybe a charity.  The scripture under ” Robbing God” is in the end of the book of Malachi on this.  The promise listed there is that if a person does this that God will pour our such a blessing to you that you will not be able to hold it.  It is God’s promise not man’s, and God goes as far as to challenge believers saying test me in this.  There are multitudes of Christians who testify what this has done for them.
The Golden Rule
The Ten Commandments
1.  I am The Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me.
2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down or worship them; for I The Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name
4. Observe the sabbath day keeping it holy.
5. Honor your father and mother, as The Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor’s house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. 

Jesus expands on adultery in Matthew 5 saying that if a man even looks lustfully at a woman he has committed adultery with her in his heart. And with the sabbath he teaches it is ok to do work as long as you are helping someone, as he healed others on the sabbath. This showing Jesus’ authority to change the Jewish law and he expanded on other commandments.

The most prosperous time in Israel’s history was under the author of the Proverbs as King. 666 Talents was the annual duty of gold brought into THE LORD’S Temple, and even the poor had money.  The 666 a hint to what happened to that generation after they fell away to idols and met slavery in Iraq.
PRO 1:2
“The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand
wise sayings.”

MT 11:19 “…wisdom is shown to be right
by what results from it.”


Accept God’s words, accurate weights, actions, advice, a man’s understanding, aptly spoken, avoid strife, a woman who  
fears The Lord, blameless, blessing(s), boundary stone, cheerful heart, cold water to a weary soul, committing plans to The  Lord brings success, confesses and renounces sins, convict the guilty, correction, dignity, diligent, directed, discipline ,discretion, earnest council, fair, fairness, faithful, faithful instruction, family, fear of The Lord, friends, generous, gentle answer, gift, give to the poor, good name, good news, good will, guard your heart, guards his(/her) soul, heart at peace, hard work, hates ill gotten gain, heed instruction, hold your tongue, honesty, honor mother & father, honest lips, hope, humble, humor, innocence (innocent), insight, integrity, instruction, joy, just, justice, kind, kindhearted, kind to the poor, knowledge, lips, listen, looks after master, love, lowly spirit, mercy, name of The Lord, neighbor’s house, noble character, obeys, open rebuke, patient, pay back evil with good (25:21), peace, perfume and incense, plans, pleasant, pleasant words, prayer, prompt rewards, prudent (prudence), praise, pure, pure heart, rebuke, reliable words, repentance, revelation, righteous, self control, seldom set foot in neighbor’s house, skilled in your work, sound answers, sound judgment, speak up ( for the poor), spirit, store up God’s commands within you, strength, tongue, timely word, train a child, trust in The Lord, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unfailing love, upbringing, upright, wait for The Lord, watches over affairs of her household, wealth, wife of noble character, winnows, wisdom, wise, wise man’s rebuke, wise servant, word of God (is flawless), works his/her land.


Adulteress, alcohol, anger (excessive), answers before listening, arrogant, bad reputation, (earning)beatings, betray a confidence, beauty is fleeting, bent on rebellion, bloodthirsty, boasting, boast about tomorrow,  bread of idleness, bribe, charm is deceptive, chases fantasies, chattering, child left to himself, companion of prostitutes, conceals his sins, contempt(uous), corrupt, crafty, craves evil, deceives neighbor and says they were  only joking, deception, defiant, devious, dishonest money, differing, double minded, empty promise, envy, envy sinners, evil, eyes of (carnal) man, exploit the poor, false(accusations) witness, fear of man, flattering tongue, flatters, folly, fool, fool repeats his folly, foolish, forsake your friend, fraud, friends with a hot tempered man, gives way to the wicked, gloat, glutton, godless, gossip, greedy, guilty, haste, hate, hates correction,  hardens his heart, hatred, haughty, haughty eyes, hidden love, hires a fool, honor is not fitting for a fool, hot tempered,  jealousy, laziness, lies, listens to lies, loud to neighbor early in the day, loves ( too much) pleasure, lying tongue, malicious, meddles in quarrel not his own, mere talk, mocker, mocks the poor, pampering a servant, partiality, path of the wicked, planned evil, praising self, oppress the poor for profit, pay back evil with evil, perverse, perversity, played the fool, provocation by a fool, pursues evil, pride, proud, proud heart, quarrelsome wife (quarrel), quick tempered, reckless words, schemes of folly, scorns instruction, shiftless, sin, slack, sluggard, sly tongue, sows wickedness, spares the rod, spurns discipline, stiff necked, stingy, stirs up dissension, strays, strife, tongue, trusts in himself, trusts in riches, unfriendly, undeserved curse, violence, wayward, wayward wife, wealth with turmoil, wrongdoing, zeal without knowledge.

1.When you bear fruit that lasts eternal (according to Jesus).
2.When you ask for things in Jesus’ name.
3.Where two or more come together to pray for something.
4.When you have the faith the size of at least a mustard
seed. When you do these things what you ask for in 
prayer will be given, according to the will of The 
5.Persistence in prayer is mentioned but may be the 
least efficient avenue, as in the Old Testament The 
Lord saying the people were so wicked, that even if 
they came into the temple to pray, that He would not 
listen. Jesus lends the example of Jonah to this 
Proverbs 10:24: What the wicked dreads will overtake 
him, what the righteous desire will be granted.
Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked but He 
hears the prayer of the righteous.
James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful 
Jeremiah 29:12-13 Then you will call upon me and come 
pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will find me 
when you seek me with all your heart. 

Wise and foolish builders Mt 7:24-27                                                      New wine in old wineskins Mt 9:16-17
Sower and the seed        Mt 13:1-8, 18-23                                              Weeds                              Mt 13:24-30
Mustard Seed                Mt 13:31-32                                                        Yeast                             Mt 13:33
Hidden Treasure            Mt 13:44                                                             Pearl of great price             Mt 13:45-46
Dragnet                         Mt 13:47-50                                                         Householder                      Mt 13:52
The lost sheep               Mt 18:12-14                                                        Unmerciful servant            Mt 18:23-25
Workers in the vineyard Mt 20:1-6                                                           Two sons                          Mt 21:28-32
Tenants (wicked husbandman) Mt 21:33-46                                           Wedding banquet              Mt 22:1-4
Fig Tree                        Mt 24:32-35                                                          Wise & wicked servants    Mt 24:45-51
Ten Virgins                   Mt 25:1-13                                                            Talents                             Mt 25:14-30
Sheep & goats             Mt 25:31-46                                                          Growing seed                   Mk 4:26-29
Watchful porter            Mk 13:34-37                                                          Two debtors                     Lk 7:41-43
Good Samaritan           Lk 10:30-37                                                         Friend at midnight              Lk 11:5-8
The rich fool                Lk 12: 16-21                                                          Watchful servants              Lk 12:35-48
Barren fig tree             Lk 13:6-9                                                               Lowest seat at the feast     Lk 14:7-11
The great supper         Lk 14: 15-24                                                        The lost coin                     Lk 15: 8-10
The lost son (prodigal) Lk 15: 11-32                                                       Shrewd manager              Lk 16:1-10
Rich man and lazarus   Lk 16:19-32                                                       Unworthy servants           Lk 17: 7-10
Persistent widow         Lk 18:1-8                                                             Pharisee & Tax collector  Lk 18: 9-14
Ten minnas                 Lk 19:11-27                                                          Traveling owner of house  Mk 13:34-37
The vine & branches   Jn 15:1


3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 6Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

” You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother ( A Christian) but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler.  With such a man do not even eat.” ( I Cor 5:11)

(The Rationale Behind This)
I Cor 6:9:  Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor the drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  Heb 10:29 : ” How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him.”  Not associating, expelling, is a disciplinary measure to keep the person from going further into wrath’s way.  Hopefully the entertainment of folly wears off and the person comes back to rational decision making while expelled from the body.

Avoid 7 Deadly Sins

Lust, anger, greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride.

The Unitarian truth about The Bible:

The shortcut is to read the Ten Commandments and see that Yahweh (THE FATHER) ( the original true and correct Hebrew translation of the name “The Lord”) claimed to be the only God.  Many a manipulating preacher will try to tell you otherwise, but those claims are not backed by King James’ text.  Why site King James? Because it is the oldest Protestant Bible ( this comes from a different Latin text root than The Catholic Bible), backed by the hearty Dead Sea Scrolls.  The phrases God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, and God The Holy Ghost are not in The King James, only the phrase “God The Father” appears.  There are many intersections in a Bible where Jesus’ actions or words are given over to man’s translation of what is happening, but it is that, man’s addition of words which conjure up the God Christ, not the actual text, and not God The Father’s  literal verification.
Even with Jesus  falsely accused and about to be stoned for claiming to be God, upon examination those words never came out of Jesus’ mouth.  Is he being framed? The instruction by Psalm and Proverb are to not add words to God’s flawless word. The principle of being one with God is shared by many in The Bible, not just Jesus. When Jesus speaks “figuratively” in The Bible he reveals not every word is to be taken by one definition.  Such are the trinity manipulations, the translations which try to claim Jesus is The Lord God Almighty, they are not backed by God The Father’s literal word.  John chapter 1 for example pits Jesus as the creator of the universe, or only creator of everything that is born again?  Isaiah, the Dead Sea Scrolls that is, show that God The Father created the universe, not Jesus.   The Lord translates as Yahweh, not Jesus.  Jesus says yes there are many “lords”, but Psalm 110 shows him to be a different lord than The Father, in the order of Melchizedek, Abraham’s priest, who is also found in Revelation.
This is in the King James, newer Bibles changed verses to make things say Jesus is God outright. Go research the verses in the KJ and you will see the manipulations. There are basic definitions of I, Me, and You, which God The Father uses to describe Himself, and Jesus the exterior  Son to Him.  For a trinitarian to claim Jesus is literally one with God goes beyond anything God The Father ever said Himself.  Look at the entire Old Testament, no one worshipped a Holy Spirit or Jesus as God.  Even the wise men are only mentioned to have worshipped Jesus, but it does not say as God.  Like the disciples worshipping Jesus as “the Son of God” in a boat.  It says no more than that? No verse exists that equates being the Son of God, or one with God, or about your work, to being God. The New Testament holds the same all the way through, no one clearly worships Jesus or The Holy Spirit as God, and definitely God The Father never verifies in His own words there are three Gods in Christianity.  Even when Jesus is claimed to be Almighty, The KJ does not say Lord God Almighty.  So maybe it means almighty among men, but I would not sign Jesus up to be his Father without permission.
There is never mention ever once in The Bible of punishment or example thereof for a person being Unitarian.   Being Unitarian actually was the instructions to all of Israel and Jesus’ disciples, no God before The Father!  Moses was never punished for KEEPING this and neither was Matthew.  These guys never worshipped a trinity, so who labeled them as such?  Don’t expect any major or minor prophets or disciples or apostles either to give you evidence, it is not there in KJ.  No not as a direct claim, that Jesus is God.    Show me all the so called verses that claim Jesus to be God, and I will show you each one of them to not be  sound proof to overturn the First Commandment.  They are only ambiguities, which man building upon is not enough   to not add words to God’s “flawless” word. Those were His instructions, not mine.

47And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,
neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.