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        Freedom Village has already been hit by terrorism! The stark reality is: two days after James Foley was beheaded our mail dropped drastically then came the second, the third and a daily barrage of ISIS threats and promises to attack the homeland. They have hit us hard!
      IT COULDN'T HAVE HIT AT A WORSE TIME. Just as we were coming out of summer and ready to try and catch up the effects of the traditional summer slump---it was like someone shut the value off! It's been a hard financial "punch in the gut."
      We need your immediate help! Caring for these children and our orphans in Ukraine goes on 24/7/365. We need everyone to pray and help with the best gift possible.
      My friend in all honesty, if there ever was a time we all need to be "drawing nearer" and sowing "good seed" it is now. As much as the threats are real---the promises of Almighty God are greater. These are the days He said would come and ISIS is using terms like "end of days", "Armageddon" --- "Apocalypse" and vowing wickedness (and demonstrating they are more than just threats) the likes of which we have never seen. Contrary to some of our highest officials who choose to not call this war---partner, it is war! It is a war being waged on our lands yes---but mostly on the present and future of our children and grandchildren.
      Please! Go to either www.freedomvillageusa.com or www.freedomvillagecanada.com and help us today. You can use your credit card or PayPal and give an emergency miracle gift!
      You may also call toll free 1-800-842-8679 and give your gift.
Nothing is happening in this whole world today that is not exactly what God said would be happening in what He describes as "the last days" and Franklin and Billy Graham labeled the "last hours" recently.        But here is the great news: "Whosoever harkeneth shall dwell safely." Prov. 1:33 Please stand with us. Society has already leveled its guns on these kids---that's why they are here. Please don't abandon them again and let these terrorists get this victory!
      Please go to one of the websites or call now and may God bless you richly!

Pastor Brothers
Freedom Village




To Help : Starving Children & Provide Them With Safe Drinking Water


To Help : Rescue From Human Trafficking See :




To Help: Starving Children Visit At:

Prayer and
Spirit O f Wisdom

That they
The Patriots show up next Election Day November 2014.
Harriet Tubman by The King James Bible
next to her bed ,would be with you. 36 Seats for
The United States Senate. And for The House of Representatives to repel the enemy from our borders. All states are
threatened by tyranny from The White House.
Crime is secured by liberal races and that wicked standard.
In the course of human events how can any state be safe
with this evil, and for your childrens children.
The TeaParty
moves forward to win this election for

Jesus take The Senate
back from liberal oppression.


Russell Lee Boardman
Electric Patriot Guitarsman

We’d like to pause and take a moment, to recall the events of September 11
th.  To the all of the lives lost on September 11, we will never forget. To the emergency first responders, and those in uniform, who fell the day of those attacks, we will never forget.  We will never forget the bravery and selfless sacrifice on that day and in the days that immediately followed. And as we pause, we remind ourselves that America does not bend to those who rule by repression, violence and fear, and that will never change.


- Tom Reed

Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo.





The tide is turning; we will abolish abortion in our lifetime! Watch this video for encouragement as we start the new school year.





The reason that aborted kids who are buried in cemeteries don’t grow well, is because you have to use the better dirt and water them plenty!
Miracle Grow your choice.






Russell -- Obama is watching my campaign like a hawk. He should be focused on the border crisis but instead he is more intent on seeing my campaign be defeated.

But don't even get me started on the lack of leadership of this White House...

Will you follow this link to ensure I have the funds necessary to run a strong and winning campaign?

- Sheriff Joe

starspangledsunday_eml shim


Russ --

It wasn't Barack Obama.

Obama didn't kill Osama bin Laden...Navy SEALs did.

There. I said it.

I spent 23 years as a Navy SEAL and served as a Team Leader on SEAL Team 6 -- the team responsible for the mission to get Osama bin Laden.

And I know, it takes more than a teleprompter and a slick talker in a suit to lead.

Leadership takes guts, internal fortitude, and honor.

I am former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, a former Team Leader of SEAL Team 6, and I'm running for Congress. If you want a hard charging Navy SEAL to shake up Washington, then I'm your man, BUT I cannot win without you.

Today I'm asking you to join my team.
Please, will you click here to make a $25 or even $50 contribution to my campaign?

Playing Chicago-style politics is easy. Real leadership is hard.

Retaking Washington D.C. from the deep-seated liberal establishment will require tenacity.
AND I'm committed to doing whatever it takes, because if we take no action in the absence of leadership, our American way of life will disappear...

I know the operation to take back our country extends far past any individual role I might play in recapturing Washington D.C., and I also know...WITHOUT YOUR HELP, WE WILL NEVER HAVE LEADERSHIP.

If you're ready to send a hard charging Navy SEAL to Washington D.C. to shake up Congress,
please join my team today by making a donation of $25 or $50.

For God and Country,

Ryan Zinke
U.S. Navy SEAL - Retired

P.S. Will you stand with me NOW -- before it's too late for our country? Will you join my team and help send a Navy SEAL to Congress?
Follow this link or click the button below to donate at least $5 to my campaign.


Paid for by Zinke for Congress




OH I DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Rick Perry is under attack, and he needs our immediate help.

You see, a handful of extreme liberal Democrats in Texas have decided to take the law into their own hands and prosecute Rick Perry simply because he exercised his perfectly legal veto powers to block funding for a disgraced local prosecutor's office.

That's why today I'm making a substantial contribution to Rick Perry's political action committee to show Governor Perry that conservatives from around the country support him.

That's where you come in.
Will you sign the "Stand with Rick Perry" petition today so that Governor Perry knows you and I have his back?

You don't have to be from

For Freedom,

Shaun McCutcheon
Chairman, Conservative Action Fund


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 Email singer Russ Boardman at : souls@boarderofeternity.com

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Boardman: Unborn Nation CD

Recorded 2004 Pyramid Sound Ithaca NY.   CD plays best in headphones and car systems, not well in some stereos.   Sorry aborted kids maybe next time.
Written by divine intervention and making Christian radio rotation ,more Pro Life music looks to be recorded.


Bound 4 Life Prayer Siege THIS copy
(Listen carefully can you actually hear the Doctor cutting the kid?)





HuckabeeWith Kristan FromSFLA


All Men Are Created Equal

Welcome Tea Party Patriots Freedom is proving popular Since1776!




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Human Life Rescue



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1 7 7 6
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.




Polls show Tom Cotton is tied in his race against a disturbingly liberal Democrat so please make an urgent contribution of whatever you can afford right away.

I promise you – and my promises mean something – that I will protect Tom. I'm a man of my word.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)



The battle over Benghazi is about to begin



A Message from Michele Bachmann

Boom! Michele Bachmann Calls for "Handcuffs" for Barack Obama (WATCH)
Today's Featured Story:


Are you able to make a generous donation of $25 or whatever you can afford to Andrew's liberty fund?


Jill Tahmooressi
Andrew's Mother




Rand Paul,
United States Senator



The case Boardman vs Hillside began in Spring 2011. At a facility designed for supervision of

NYS Youth up to the age of 21+.

On site coworkers began to harass a floor supervised by the Plaintiff. Reckless behavior
campus wide had been discussed by the Plaintiff and Campus Director a year prior, so it was nothing new to report trouble, OCFS was involved then.

As required the harassing staff were reported daily on end of shift email reports to at least five different supervisors including the program director, and other Clinical staff. Disturbing the peace brought symptomatic abuse of Clients, likely this was the desired outcome to incite the unit. By staff who were reported to Supervisors for not having done their jobs at their own floors. Said staff were too far outside of a designated supervision area to be placed in a citizens arrest.

Required as a
Mandated NYS Child Abuse Reporter, OCFS was notified of the situation
when it was initiating by the Plaintiff. Local authorities remained updated on the scenario, which was being pursued through agency grievance procedures. As usual The HR Dept proved to be unworthy at solving the staffing issue and retaliation towards the reporting staff. This can be a usual system game to cover up, that problems even exist at all in the
administrative scriber’s part of the company.

OCFS arranged meetings at the site with the program director and HR rep, Hillside retaliated with a falsified write up against the Plaintiff at the meeting.

The case was heard at NYS Supreme Court under the deceptive work of the defense, misrepresenting a benefits coverage date to make it appear the Plaintiff was not employed during Hillside appeals, and hence the case was time barred. The Judge had no excuse being told that the appeals time of the case was the exacting date to draw the
deadline from, with appeals being reimbursable the Plaintiff was hired to that
status, given a fair uncorrupted appeal. This meets NYS Law definition of employee, the two year deadline was to file from the retaliatory act, a falsified Omnibuds letter less than two years Summons and Complaint.

Similar the Judge could not seem to qualify
relentless supervision and counseling duties as mental health work, or supervising rec activities with dozens of athletes as first responder as physical health, although as an Athletic Trainer this is a knowledge domain for such an Allied Health Professional, the plaintiff. Corruption within the court is a serious concern.

New York State, this is what Hillside Family of Agencies has done with your tax dollars. Monies for Clients coming from NY State and Counties, was used to protect child abusing staff, crony Admin who protected their friends-caught in records falsification, and begin a court defense to cover up they don’t have to follow NYS Law or Federal, as is
noted in the Hillside annual update training.

The case continues for NYS Court of Appeals,
with a very direct summary for the Judge of evidence based crimes by Hillside, and deception in court. As required NYS Attorney General (and FBI Offices) have seen the case.
You have no right to trust the presenting Admin at Hillside, involved in a crime the Board of Directors should have removed them or be party to their taxpayer funded crime.

God caught them good. And they can be prosecuted on the evidence submitted, stay the course. Prosecutors need to see this through to protect the Clients of NY, Staff, Taxpayers, and the legal procedure of NY.

N.Y. LAB. LAW § 215 : NY Code - Section 215:

Penalties and civil action; employer who penalizes employees because of complaints of employer violations

* 1. No employer or his agent, or the officer or agent of any corporation, shall discharge, penalize, or in any other manner discriminate against any employee because such employee has made a complaint to his employer, or to the commissioner or his authorized representative, that the employer has violated any provision of this chapter, or because such employee has caused to be instituted a proceeding under or related to this chapter, or because such employee has testified or is about to testify in an investigation or proceeding under this chapter. If after investigation the commissioner finds that an employer has violated any provision of this section, the commissioner may, by an order which shall describe particularly the nature of the violation, assess the employer a civil penalty of not less than two hundred nor more than two thousand dollars. Notwithstanding the provisions of section two hundred thirteen of this chapter, the penalties set forth in this section shall be the exclusive remedies available for violations of this section. * NB Effective until November 24, 2009 * 1. (a) No employer or his or her agent, or the officer or agent of any corporation, partnership, or limited liability company shall discharge, penalize, or in any other manner discriminate or retaliate against any employee (i) because such employee has made a complaint to his or her employer, or to the commissioner or his or her authorized representative, that the employer has violated any provision of this chapter, or (ii) because such employee has caused to be instituted a proceeding under or related to this chapter, or (iii) because such employee has provided information to the commissioner or his or her authorized representative, or (iv) because such employee has testified or is about to testify in an investigation or proceeding under this chapter, or (v) because such employee has otherwise exercised rights protected under this chapter, or (vi) because the employer has received an adverse determination from the commissioner involving the employee. (b) If after investigation the commissioner finds that an employer has violated any provision of this section, the commissioner may, by an order which shall describe particularly the nature of the violation, assess the employer a civil penalty of not less than one thousand nor more than ten thousand dollars, and order the employer to pay lost compensation to the employee. (c) Notwithstanding the
provisions of section two hundred thirteen of this article, the penalties set forth in this section shall be the exclusive remedies available for violations of this section. (d) This section shall not apply to employees of the state or any municipal subdivisions or departments thereof. * NB Effective November 24, 2009 2. An employee may bring a civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction against any employer or persons alleged to have violated the provisions of this section.
The court shall have jurisdiction to restrain violations of this section, within two years after such violation, and to order all appropriate relief, including rehiring or reinstatement of the employee to his former position with restoration of seniority, payment of lost compensation, damages, and reasonable attorneys' fees. At or before the commencement of any action under this section, notice thereof shall be served upon the attorney general by the employee.

= How do you like them apples?

thanks motley crue for the anti drug dr. feelgood.


Luke 10:19 "...but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven."
John 3:3
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
Luke 9:25 And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forfeit your own soul?
LK 11:34 Therefore be careful that the light (fire) in you isn’t darkness.
John 3:16
16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
 Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillments.
1. Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem Micah 5:2/ Mt:2:1-6, Luke 2:1-20 2. Messiah was to be born of a virgin. Isaiah 7:14/ Mt 1:18-25, Luke1:26-38 3. Messiah was to be a prophet like Moses; Deut 18:15/ John 7:40 4. Messiah was to enter Jerusalem in triumph: Zech 9:9/ Mt 21:1-9, John 12:12-16 5. Messiah was to be rejected by his own people: Isaiah 53:1-3/ Matthew 26:3-4 Psalm 118:22/ John 12:37-43, Acts4:1-12 6. Messiah was to be betrayed by one of his followers: Psalm 41:9/ Matthew 26:14-16, 47-50 7. Messiah was to be tried and condemned: Isaiah 53:8 / Luke 23:1-25, Mt 27:1-2 8. Messiah was to be silent before his accusers: Isaiah 53:7 / Matthew 27:12-14
9. Messiah was to be struck and spat on by his enemies: Isaiah 50:6/ Matthew 26:67
10. Messiah was to be mocked and insulted: Psalm 22:7-8/ Matthew 27:39-44 11. Messiah was to die by crucifixion. Psalm 22:14,/ MT 27:31, Mark 15:20,25 16,17 / 12. Messiah was to suffer with criminals and pray for his enemies: Isaiah 53:12/ Matthew 27:38 13. Messiah was to be given vinegar and gall: Psalm 69:21/ Matthew 27:34 14. Others were to cast lots for Messiah's garments: Psalm 22:18/ Matthew 27:35 15. Messiah's bones were not to be broken: Exodus 12:46/ John 19:31-36 16. Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin: Isaiah 53:5,6,8/ John 1:29, 11:49-52 17. Messiah was to be raised from the dead: Psalm 16:10/ Matthew 28:1-10 18. Messiah is now at God's right hand: Psalm 110:1/ Mark 16:19 Luke 24:50-51



Miraculous birth, death, resurrection
Jesus' Parable teachings
       Jesus' Non parable teachings
Other miracles
MT 19:16
16...but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

The Greatest Commandment:
"Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."(Mt 22:37) The Second Greatest Commandment: " To love your neighbor as yourself." (Mt 22:39) " All the law and the prophets hang on these two commands."(v 40)
Is giving 10% of what you earn to God through the needy often and not necessarily a church, maybe a charity.  The scripture under " Robbing God" is in the end of the book of Malachi on this.  The promise listed there is that if a person does this that God will pour our such a blessing to you that you will not be able to hold it.  It is God's promise not man's, and God goes as far as to challenge believers saying test me in this.  There are multitudes of Christians who testify what this has done for them.  
The Golden Rule
The Ten Commandments
1I am The Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me. 
2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down or worship them; for I The Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. 3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name 4. Observe the sabbath day keeping it holy. 5. Honor your father and mother, as The Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you. 6. You shall not murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor's house or land, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. Jesus expands on adultery in Matthew 5 saying that if a man even looks lustfully at a woman he has committed adultery with her in his heart. And with the sabbath he teaches it is ok to do work as long as you are helping someone, as he healed others on the sabbath. This showing Jesus' authority to change the Jewish law and he expanded on other commandments.

The most prosperous time in Israel's history was under the author of the Proverbs as King. 666 Talents was the annual duty of gold brought into THE LORD'S Temple, and even the poor had money.  The 666 a hint to what happened to that generation after they fell away to idols and met slavery in Iraq.
PRO 1:2  
"The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand
wise sayings."
MT 11:19 "...wisdom is shown to be right
by what results from it."
Accept God's words, accurate weights, actions, advice, a man's understanding, aptly spoken, avoid strife, a woman who  fears The Lord, blameless, blessing(s), boundary stone, cheerful heart, cold water to a weary soul, committing plans to The  Lord brings success, confesses and renounces sins, convict the guilty, correction, dignity, diligent, directed, discipline ,discretion, earnest council, fair, fairness, faithful, faithful instruction, family, fear of The Lord, friends, generous, gentle answer, gift, give to the poor, good name, good news, good will, guard your heart, guards his(/her) soul, heart at peace, hard work, hates ill gotten gain, heed instruction, hold your tongue, honesty, honor mother & father, honest lips, hope, humble, humor, innocence (innocent), insight, integrity, instruction, joy, just, justice, kind, kindhearted, kind to the poor, knowledge, lips, listen, looks after master, love, lowly spirit, mercy, name of The Lord, neighbor's house, noble character, obeys, open rebuke, patient, pay back evil with good (25:21), peace, perfume and incense, plans, pleasant, pleasant words, prayer, prompt rewards, prudent (prudence), praise, pure, pure heart, rebuke, reliable words, repentance, revelation, righteous, self control, seldom set foot in neighbor's house, skilled in your work, sound answers, sound judgment, speak up ( for the poor), spirit, store up God's commands within you, strength, tongue, timely word, train a child, trust in The Lord, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unfailing love, upbringing, upright, wait for The Lord, watches over affairs of her household, wealth, wife of noble character, winnows, wisdom, wise, wise man's rebuke, wise servant, word of God (is flawless), works his/her land.
Adulteress, alcohol, anger (excessive), answers before listening, arrogant, bad reputation, (earning)beatings, betray a confidence, beauty is fleeting, bent on rebellion, bloodthirsty, boasting, boast about tomorrow,  bread of idleness, bribe, charm is deceptive, chases fantasies, chattering, child left to himself, companion of prostitutes, conceals his sins, contempt(uous), corrupt, crafty, craves evil, deceives neighbor and says they were  only joking, deception, defiant, devious, dishonest money, differing, double minded, empty promise, envy, envy sinners, evil, eyes of (carnal) man, exploit the poor, false(accusations) witness, fear of man, flattering tongue, flatters, folly, fool, fool repeats his folly, foolish, forsake your friend, fraud, friends with a hot tempered man, gives way to the wicked, gloat, glutton, godless, gossip, greedy, guilty, haste, hate, hates correction,  hardens his heart, hatred, haughty, haughty eyes, hidden love, hires a fool, honor is not fitting for a fool, hot tempered,  jealousy, laziness, lies, listens to lies, loud to neighbor early in the day, loves ( too much) pleasure, lying tongue, malicious, meddles in quarrel not his own, mere talk, mocker, mocks the poor, pampering a servant, partiality, path of the wicked, planned evil, praising self, oppress the poor for profit, pay back evil with evil, perverse, perversity, played the fool, provocation by a fool, pursues evil, pride, proud, proud heart, quarrelsome wife (quarrel), quick tempered, reckless words, schemes of folly, scorns instruction, shiftless, sin, slack, sluggard, sly tongue, sows wickedness, spares the rod, spurns discipline, stiff necked, stingy, stirs up dissension, strays, strife, tongue, trusts in himself, trusts in riches, unfriendly, undeserved curse, violence, wayward, wayward wife, wealth with turmoil, wrongdoing, zeal without knowledge.
PROMISES : 1.When you bear fruit that lasts eternal (according to Jesus). 2.When you ask for things in Jesus' name. 3.Where two or more come together to pray for something. 4.When you have the faith the size of at least a mustard seed. When you do these things what you ask for in prayer will be given, according to the will of The Father. 5.Persistence in prayer is mentioned but may be the least efficient avenue, as in the Old Testament The Lord saying the people were so wicked, that even if they came into the temple to pray, that He would not listen. Jesus lends the example of Jonah to this generation. Proverbs 10:24: What the wicked dreads will overtake him, what the righteous desire will be granted. Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked but He hears the prayer of the righteous. James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and EFFECTIVE. Jeremiah 29:12-13 Then you will call upon me and come pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will find me when you seek me with all your heart. ____________________


Wise and foolish builders Mt 7:24-27                                                      New wine in old wineskins Mt 9:16-17
Sower and the seed        Mt 13:1-8, 18-23                                              Weeds                              Mt 13:24-30
Mustard Seed                Mt 13:31-32                                                        Yeast                             Mt 13:33
Hidden Treasure            Mt 13:44                                                             Pearl of great price             Mt 13:45-46
Dragnet                         Mt 13:47-50                                                         Householder                      Mt 13:52
The lost sheep               Mt 18:12-14                                                        Unmerciful servant            Mt 18:23-25
Workers in the vineyard Mt 20:1-6                                                           Two sons                          Mt 21:28-32
Tenants (wicked husbandman) Mt 21:33-46                                           Wedding banquet              Mt 22:1-4
Fig Tree                        Mt 24:32-35                                                          Wise & wicked servants    Mt 24:45-51
Ten Virgins                   Mt 25:1-13                                                            Talents                             Mt 25:14-30
Sheep & goats             Mt 25:31-46                                                          Growing seed                   Mk 4:26-29
Watchful porter            Mk 13:34-37                                                          Two debtors                     Lk 7:41-43
Good Samaritan           Lk 10:30-37                                                         Friend at midnight              Lk 11:5-8
The rich fool                Lk 12: 16-21                                                          Watchful servants              Lk 12:35-48
Barren fig tree             Lk 13:6-9                                                               Lowest seat at the feast     Lk 14:7-11
The great supper         Lk 14: 15-24                                                        The lost coin                     Lk 15: 8-10
The lost son (prodigal) Lk 15: 11-32                                                       Shrewd manager              Lk 16:1-10
Rich man and lazarus   Lk 16:19-32                                                       Unworthy servants           Lk 17: 7-10
Persistent widow         Lk 18:1-8                                                             Pharisee & Tax collector  Lk 18: 9-14
Ten minnas                 Lk 19:11-27                                                          Traveling owner of house  Mk 13:34-37
The vine & branches   Jn 15:1
3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. 6Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.


" You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother ( A Christian) but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler.  With such a man do not even eat." ( I Cor 5:11)
(The Rationale Behind This)
I Cor 6:9:  Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor the drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  Heb 10:29 : " How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him."  Not associating, expelling, is a disciplinary measure to keep the person from going further into wrath's way.  Hopefully the entertainment of folly wears off and the person comes back to rational decision making while expelled from the body.    
Avoid 7 Deadly Sins
Lust, anger, greed, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride.
The Unitarian truth about The Bible: 

The shortcut is to read the Ten Commandments and see that Yahweh (THE FATHER) ( the original true and correct Hebrew translation of the name "The Lord") claimed to be the only God.  Many a manipulating preacher will try to tell you otherwise, but those claims are not backed by King James' text.  Why site King James? Because it is the oldest Protestant Bible ( this comes from a different Latin text root than The Catholic Bible), backed by the hearty Dead Sea Scrolls.  The phrases God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, and God The Holy Ghost are not in The King James, only the phrase "God The Father" appears.  There are many intersections in a Bible where Jesus' actions or words are given over to man's translation of what is happening, but it is that, man's addition of words which conjure up the God Christ, not the actual text, and not God The Father's  literal verification.
 Even with Jesus  falsely accused and about to be stoned for claiming to be God, upon examination those words never came out of Jesus' mouth.  Is he being framed? The instruction by Psalm and Proverb are to not add words to God's flawless word. The principle of being one with God is shared by many in The Bible, not just Jesus. When Jesus speaks "figuratively" in The Bible he reveals not every word is to be taken by one definition.  Such are the trinity manipulations, the translations which try to claim Jesus is The Lord God Almighty, they are not backed by God The Father's literal word.  John chapter 1 for example pits Jesus as the creator of the universe, or only creator of everything that is born again?  Isaiah, the Dead Sea Scrolls that is, show that God The Father created the universe, not Jesus.   The Lord translates as Yahweh, not Jesus.  Jesus says yes there are many "lords", but Psalm 110 shows him to be a different lord than The Father, in the order of Melchizedek, Abraham's priest, who is also found in Revelation. 
   This is in the King James, newer Bibles changed verses to make things say Jesus is God outright. Go research the verses in the KJ and you will see the manipulations. There are basic definitions of I, Me, and You, which God The Father uses to describe Himself, and Jesus the exterior  Son to Him.  For a trinitarian to claim Jesus is literally one with God goes beyond anything God The Father ever said Himself.  Look at the entire Old Testament, no one worshipped a Holy Spirit or Jesus as God.  Even the wise men are only mentioned to have worshipped Jesus, but it does not say as God.  Like the disciples worshipping Jesus as "the Son of God" in a boat.  It says no more than that? No verse exists that equates being the Son of God, or one with God, or about your work, to being God. The New Testament holds the same all the way through, no one clearly worships Jesus or The Holy Spirit as God, and definitely God The Father never verifies in His own words there are three Gods in Christianity.  Even when Jesus is claimed to be Almighty, The KJ does not say Lord God Almighty.  So maybe it means almighty among men, but I would not sign Jesus up to be his Father without permission.     
 There is never mention ever once in The Bible of punishment or example thereof for a person being Unitarian.   Being Unitarian actually was the instructions to all of Israel and Jesus' disciples, no God before The Father!  Moses was never punished for KEEPING this and neither was Matthew.  These guys never worshipped a trinity, so who labeled them as such?  Don't expect any major or minor prophets or disciples or apostles either to give you evidence, it is not there in KJ.  No not as a direct claim, that Jesus is God.    Show me all the so called verses that claim Jesus to be God, and I will show you each one of them to not be  sound proof to overturn the First Commandment.  They are only ambiguities, which man building upon is not enough   to not add words to God's "flawless" word. Those were His instructions, not mine.
47And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself,
 neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.




9-14 Russ’ Birthday, the same Calendar day as The National Anthem origin.

LEV 25:10
"...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof:"

(words & music: God & Russ)

1.  Tell the story of The Liberty Bell
Lives were freed when they let it yell
Its screams across the plains of America.

The Unborn Lady could be King
Like you on your best day, thought I heard you sing.
In the name of love
be free.

Let it ring, let them be free 'cause the unborn baby used to be you an' if the Doctor there was me You'd wanna let it Ring.
2. Freedom save the babies lives, love has stopped the Doctors knives, these aren't the hands of a medicine man.
An' Mama's blues ain't washed away, by the life they took In hopes that day, that peace would go on to no end.
(Righteous Flow)
As (Mr.) Washington's armies fought to be free His slaves were the page that cause me this grief Just the same with Uncle Sam, lets us kill the children of The Great "I Am". Sainthood saved the founders lives, Hollywood loves like suicide, can I ever find a Heavenly hero on a T.V. screen? That Liberty Bell cracked not by design, on Washington's Birthday, God's little sign, that freedom (sir)...is what you took from me. Its ringing true like .45s,

image007 image008 image009image010
Mamas takin' childrens lives, in a country so proud to be free, O freedom sing.
3. Sunday morning church bell rings The word preached is love, with g'i-tar strings And it's savin' lives (our lives), I just wanna be there. The Eagle surely lost his way, on the road to Judgment Day God's fire still burns in the hearts of men.
Don't tell me its freedom when the baby dies.

Fund Raiser

Conference Center of The Adirondacks

is raising funds for renovations. It is a big project,
achievable with more people helping. Look them up on line.


Text on this site typed as organized paragraphs will take
on the appearance of disheveled gibberish, of its own doing.
Even though it may seem a fitting posting in the air of emails
and blogs, the helter skelter nature of text in the computer geek
world. This was not the intended display, literary work has
been hampered by the glitch. I’m givin’ her all she’s got Captain!
Maybe Apple can fix it?


Pasted Graphic 5


October 2, 2014

Corruption Is Getting Hammered

Secret Service Head- Resigned
Lerner/IRS- Facing prosecution.
Hillary- “ ”
Moreland- Confronted by investigators as NY elections are soon.
Hillside- Over 20 staff in scam.

Obama- Impeachable.


= Crime is being rundown as November Elections are closer. Conservatives may take both houses.
Don’t forget your liberal Senator/Obama Accomplice next election who compromised your safety and set up the next 9-11 by border negligence with ISIS, very thoughtful of them. Oh they still didn’t fix it?

But if you pretend there is no border problem like Obama, the country can run into another 9-11. Hasn’t Obama shown you by now how much of a liar he is? Benedict Arnold would have done the same?

Liberals can still sing though, that babies get executed in abortion, Why? “Because We Can”, stab them babies like devils, and thrown ‘em in the can, because they scam. It is like an Army of demons, the blade is in your hand. Kill the babies, Roe v. Wade their rights of passage on murder, a reason to party, woooohoooo wasted that kid, got ‘em dead just in time for shopping on black friday, Hillary run for President lead us to the bigger graveyards, we want to see the piles of dead babies heaped so high that people need fire truck ladders to see over them. It could even be viewed as a satellite photo a donkey made of dead babies 3 miles wide, look at your freedom kids- abortion is liberal love an’ understanding of how valuable a creation you are. That is what happens when you are a godamned idiot in charge of government, innocent babies die like some divine right to murder. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary or the liberals for all the gold in Fort Knox. You took more lives than Stalin liberals? Ever read about that boomerang in the bible, reap and sow? “Pale horse death and hades not much longer to go” (Boardman-God Is the Source).

A farmer with a shotgun is your national security. At least send them golf clubs at the border maybe they will stop even that level of border patrol for some vacation time. Maybe they could even pay ISIS to abort American babies, the great satans, we must stop them before they multiply.

9-11 Part II is the liberal campaign slogan for November, by what they do. If Obama sprouted wings turned red and flew off to the abyss of hell I would not be surprised. We can’t find him? Don’t worry intelligence has a good idea where he went. Biden you better take the wheel.


October 1, 2014

Make John Hancock proud.




From the lower level, of harassment on shift by Baptists. If you worked a library desk
and someone walked in every shift and dropped their fat Webster’s dictionary from chest high on the floor to disrupt the place, and then “ooooopsy, dooopsy am I being a disturbance”? They know what they are doing is wrong. Plaintiff also claims one Client will show signs of agitation for hours after this (a comparable act), logged on end of shifts 18+ times. That was the goal I take it, they were caught on their floors for crime, try to make Russ look bad as retaliation.

It went so long because what are you going to do, knock someone out when they walk in the door for yesterday’s shift? Complaints were timely to Supervisors, and Sheriff. You can’t tell who got disciplined. It also was out of reach, I could not stop them after the fact for what they did on shift, by OCFS assigned zone coverage. If that had happened for years, Authorities would have been in faster, but this was newer, with the criminal escalation on shift, you expect it to end with each report to supervisors. So why jump right to Citizens arrest?
The involved staff i knew to argue with being prompted or just basic directions. You don’t know when you are being baited into an argument to disrupt the floor. So why say too much when Supervisor is an approved policy intervention instead, but don’t be fooled, dropping a dictionary type of staff don’t need prompts, you are only falling into the trap to discuss it with them.

Another problem, On Grounds was buddy ol’ pal with the offender staff. We went through this before where a staff refused to do their job and tried to get me to, instead of send insubordinate delusional staff home. The on shift Guitar Heroes?

The upper level, I think Hillside understands their case is a liability problem and outright bluff. You don’t follow laws, higher court disciplines you personally. It is no longer the company shield embarking on forgery.

What do you think? If I had let the case go, ignoring I would be in a crime for arguments sake. How would the company run then, staff so sick they corrupt a child care agency against the Clients and staff, get paid for crime, target a pro life ministry’s free speech even by court, and they won’t go back to the keg for another round after that cup of occupational embezzlement? Court was a pretty good dose of harassment by my count.


NY must win this case, the crime goes.





I'm going to make this quick and to the point.

Congressman Trey Gowdy has started the Benghazi Select Committee and is actively taking testimony on the Benghazi tragedy!

Here is what we know for sure: Trey Gowdy is under tremendous attack from Hillary Clinton's campaign apparatus and the pro-Hillary media.

Gowdy and the Committee are moving forward with their investigation, despite tremendous opposition from the White House, Hillary Clinton, and the media.

But here's what we don't know: will Hillary be forced testify under oath?

AND THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN...no subpoena has been issued for Hillary Clinton yet -- meaning Hillary is still off the hook.

You and I must bring the full force of the American people behind Trey Gowdy's Benghazi Select Committee AND ensure Gowdy knows that he has the moral authority of the American people behind him.

We need to collect an additional 200,000 signatures for this emergency Citizens Subpoena.

If Hillary escapes a Subpoena from the Benghazi Select Committee, she will have gotten away, AGAIN!

After months of silence from the Committee, Hillary's allies, and the media have had the time to apply immense political pressure to Chairman Trey Gowdy.

You and I must show Trey Gowdy that he has our support, and the support of the American people.

I know Congressman Gowdy is committed to the truth, but if we cannot protect him from Hillary's political assassins, another American will fall victim to the Clinton political machine.

But if we gather an additional 200,000 signatures on this Subpoena, we can show Trey and the media -- Hillary will not escape the court of public opinion AND SHE WILL NOT ESCAPE HER RESPONSIBILITY FOR BENGHAZI.

Please, stop what you are doing and immediately sign your Citizens Subpoena for Hillary right away.

And if you can, chip in $5 to help us fight to ensure Hillary is held accountable.

Join me in demanding answers!

For the truth,

Ted Harvey
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC

P.S. Please sign the Subpoena by clicking the button below -- after signing, chip in $5 to show your support for Gowdy and make sure we've got the resources we need to support his mission.



The recent debate over is the NFL team name a racial slur? I doubt The NFL had anything derogatory in mind when they named the team that, the artwork on The Redskins helmets is very respectable.

However it is an ambiguous statement, that you name a team that…I don’t see the Whiteskins and Blackskins protesting because they were left out, and don’t have NFL franchises. Something like the Cleveland Indians old hat emblems with the smiling Indian on them. Were they trying to honor the Indians, or is the Indian on that hat smiling a little too much, to be cheesy, like a Cochise comment you might hear in a racial slur? Like an incompetent native in a white mans society?

Indians are probably the best Judge of if it is an offensive name, with Redskins. They could use some other Indian title also, The Washington Tribe, or Comanches. I would pick some positive role model though for the source. It is not like all Indians were Saints.



Nice Shirt




Win every seat you can, America is broke because we are evil. That is why we can’t help starving people or squash more terrorism. This is about more than two parties who do not like each other. One is responsible and has priorities in order to defend America,
the other is like a party animal who won’t be happy until they are like a junky out in the street? No, not at all, won’t be happy until live American babies are executed, terrorists
are sneaking into the country at their discretion, and we spend the military into surrender. These are not good people, liberals, they are not responsible adults, they think life is like riding a roller coaster with no seatbelt, weeeeeee this is fun. Evil, they
have no real place in charge supporting crime like they do.

If you want to help the next Pres, every seat counts, this is DC becoming a well oiled righteous machine. The Senate same thing, keep praying for deserters to come back to
sound judgment, swing states. We have a good shot at 2016 with the right people on the
ticket, help them now defend The Consitution and tear down corruption like Roe v. Wade
and prayer banned in school. F that is what those judges get for those decisions, failed the class, go back to school stupid. It should be after prison though.

God Bless You



Please join in-

Benghazi; coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Border; marathon negligence, where do we bury the dead from it?

God we need Obama outta here, conspirator against The States.



Some people hang on to their damnation.

September 30, 2014


Sent: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 10:58 PM


We have less than 24 hours to ensure victory!

With your help we can Retire Pryor and ensure he can no longer rubber-stamp Obama's extreme liberal agenda - BUT you have to act now!

Our URGENT fundraising deadline is at MIDNIGHT tonight, and we only need to raise
$5,000 to reach our goal of $30,000!

Act now and help us reach our goal, so we can Retire Pryor and take back the Senate from Harry Reid! You must hurry, though.


Your donation will make the difference,




Sent: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 10:38 PM


My opponent hopes you'll stay on the sideline this election.
Harry Reid and Barack Obama do too.

If I don't have your
urgent financial support right now, Reid will keep the Senate and Big Government Democrats are going to win.

As polling pundit Nate Silver puts it, the fundraising winner will win the election -- and we're still
$23K short of meeting our 3rd Quarter FEC filing date total by midnight.



Let's finish strong!


Thank you, Russ. You've endured so many emails about tonight's deadline -- I want you to know the end is in sight!

We are only $3,037 away from hitting our FEC deadline goal. Will you be the one who puts us over the top?



Did you get this...?

We're only $3,425 from meeting the FEC goal...hope it's not too late.

Follow this link and make an instant donation of $5?


Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:
From: Katrina
Subject: Whoops.
To: russb



Redcoats thought they would fight us for our Freedom?


Critical fund raising deadlines tonight for Conservatives (below).

I didn’t want to delay Tom Reed’s email any longer, up first. The good people of NY are tired of the corruption, Thank God we have





facebook_32 twitter_32youtube_32 rss_32
Dear Neighbor,
Today the U.S. postal facility located at 198 Baker Street in Corning was formally dedicated the “
Specialist Ryan P. Jayne Post Office.”  While serving his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Specialist Jayne was tragically killed by an IED alongside two fellow New York soldiers on November 3rd, 2012.
For Specialist Jayne’s family, friends and everyone who knew him, naming the Corning Post Office in his honor is one small way we can recognize his bravery and sacrifice in protection of all of us. It is only right we honor Specialist Jayne in a way that preserves his legacy as one of our country’s heroes and help ensure we never forget his great sacrifice for us all.
For any family who has had a personal experience with the care that hospice provides as my family has, they know that it is truly irreplaceable. That’s why we’re so pleased to see our bipartisan
Hospice Opportunities for Supporting Patients with Integrity and Care Evaluations Act (HOSPICE) pass in the House. We depend on hospice providers for more than helping our loved ones, we also depend on them to bring peace of mind and comfort to our families.
We need to make sure families in rural areas like ours have access to all levels of care, including hospice and palliative care. I always want to be working to make sure hospice providers have the support they need and their care remains a choice for patients and their families.
DSCN5108cropWith Dr. Hesson, Catherine Lama (facility administrator), Mike Sigler, Sue Jessen, Jennifer Tavares
This week we met with staff and patients at the DaVita Dialysis Center in Ithaca, a leading provider of dialysis services that treats patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease. Among the topics discussed was the Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2014, which would include dialysis as a service provided by the National Health Service Corps in shortage areas and revise Medicare payments for dialysis services for patients with end stage renal disease and acute kidney injury.
With Congressman Joe Kennedy, US Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, and America Makes Director and NCDMM Vice President Ed Morris
We joined U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker at a briefing highlighting the importance of our
Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act, or “RAMI,” passed the House, with a strong showing of support from Members on both sides of the aisle. With my colleagues Congressman Kennedy in the House and Senators Blunt and Brown in the Senate we have come a long way to promote this legislation and we just have a couple more steps to get this bill across the finish line. It is encouraging to know the great things we can accomplish for our nation by working together, Republicans and Democrats.
Diabetes_Champion_Award.JPG With Curtis Oltmans, Corporate Vice President and General Counsel for Novo Nordisk (left) and Christopher Porter, Chief Government Affairs Officer of Novo Nordisk (right) presenting the 2014 “Champion of Diabetes” Award.
As my son lives each day with the disease, diabetes is very personal to our family and I understand firsthand what families living with diabetes experience on a daily basis. We need to do everything we can at the local, state and national level to care for these families and find a cure for this costly disease. We’re proud to partner with the diabetes community to increase awareness. It was an honor to be awarded the 2014 “Diabetes Champion” Award by Novonordisk.
Last week, we were honored as a “Guardian of Small Business” this week by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for our support of pro-growth, pro-jobs legislation throughout the 113th Congress. Standing with small businesses – their products, employees and owners – is a daily priority. The small businesses in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes are our primary job creators and it’s important we’re caring for them when we consider legislation that will impact their business. As representatives, we need to give small businesses a voice down in Washington so they are heard. We’re proud of the votes we’ve taken to give small businesses the support they fairly deserve.
Today we will be attending a luncheon with the Elmira-Corning Regional Association of Realtors and touring the Rushville Community Health Center.
P.S – Tuesday we
addressed the crowd at the ACEC New York’s Fall convention.
P.P.S -- Sixty-five years later, the reconstructed version of War Memorial Stadium was rededicated at a ceremony we attended over the weekend.

Best, Tom



Liberals at groups like the DCCC and NARAL Pro-Choice America are dumping over 2 MILLION dollars in attack ads targeting Congressman King.

NOW is the time to step up before we file our LAST fundraising report of the election at midnight.

Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies need to beat Congressman King if they expect her to be Speaker again. Let's embarrass her by putting up a historic fundraising total to close out the campaign.

Contribute now to Steve King's Rapid Response Fund.
Thank you,
Steve King Rapid Response Team



Russ -


Russ, can you make an emergency donation of $25 before our last FEC deadline passes so we can show the socialist liberals that they don't have what it takes to defeat us?

It's our duty to fight like hell to defend this country from destruction at the hands of incompetent liberal 'leadership.'

It's simple — the leftists must be defeated and it's up to us to strike the deciding blow.
Please join me before it's too late.


Russ – Forget that there are just over 800 hours left until America votes...we've got less than 24 hours left to a fundraising deadline that may decide if conservatives will gain control of U.S. Senate.



Dear Russ,

This is incredible. The groundswell of support for the Save Our Healthcare Project continues to build.

Three more of this year's key U.S. Senate candidates - all of whom are running against incumbent Senators who voted for Obamacare - just sent us their signed
Save Our Healthcare Candidate Petitions. They are:


, a businessman who in 2010 helped to lead a conservative revolution, and became House Speaker and leader of the first true Republican governing majority in a generation.
Thom Tillis of North Carolina

  • , a champion for American energy, free-market health reform, and a smaller, more accountable government who has served in the U.S. House since 2011.
    Cory Gardner of Colorado

  • , a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves who previously served as Alaska's Attorney General and Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources.
    Dan Sullivan of Alaska
Control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance this year. If we are to elect a new majority dedicated to replacing Obamacare, we need these 3 candidates to win.

Please go here to securely donate to all 3 candidates. Your donation will go directly to their campaigns.


Electing a new, Senate majority this year that will begin the hard work of replacing Obamacare is vital. Large-scale change will not just happen because we want it to. It’s up to us as citizens to get involved and shape our future.

We have it in our power today to help these 3 candidates win. Please join me now and make a secure donation directly to these committed reformers.

Thank you for your help.

Dr. Ben Carson
Save Our Healthcare
American Legacy PAC


Today's Featured Story:

Illegals Flooding Over the Border... But This AZ Farmer Was Prepared




Russell, I don't mind being a target of national liberal special interest and media wrath -- it means I'm doing my job.

But with just weeks until voters go to the polls, Barack Obama and America's liberals are desperate to shine a light on anyone other than themselves and their failures, and when they attack me, I need to be ready to answer back.

Just hours remain before the 3rd quarter fundraising period ends, and we're still $6,563 short of our fundraising goal. Russell, I need your urgent help to get us over the top today.

Will you please chip in today to ensure we meet our goals?

- Sheriff Joe

P.S. Russell, every bit counts -- even a $5 contribution gets us closer to our goal! Thanks, Joe


Paid for by Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio




My opponent hopes you'll stay on the sideline this election.
Harry Reid and Barack Obama do too.

If I don't have your
urgent financial support right now, Reid will keep the Senate and Big Government Democrats are going to win.

As polling pundit Nate Silver puts it, the fundraising winner will win the election -- and we're still
$23K short of meeting our 3rd Quarter FEC filing date total by midnight.

Whatever you can manage to contribute helps -- every dollar gets us closer.
Please make a donation of at least $25 to help us stay in the fight today.

We can still beat Kay Hagan and the Obama Democrats -- but we need your help to do it.

- Thom Tillis


Russ --

We are so close.
Please, don't concede this race to Mark Udall and Harry Reid!

Earlier today, I asked for your support, but we're still short by a little more than $6K
-- short of our FEC end-of-quarter fundraising deadline in a race that is literally too close to call.

Don't let Mark Udall (Obama's lock-step Democrat) push me out of this race with a fundraising lead.

Time is runnning short, and I'm reaching out because we only have until midnight to stay in this race.
Can I count on your gift of $25 or more while time still remains?

Thank you,
- Cory


Sent from my iPhone





The Obama Administration is maxed out, worn down, and devoid of ideas.

We face serious threats abroad and at home and our economic stability is threatened thanks to this Administration's lackluster leadership.

Where is Jeanne Shaheen in all of this?

Right with President Obama, 99% of the time.

Our campaign to unseat one of the United States Senate's most partisan Democrats is going strong but with an important financial deadline looming,

I need your help.

Help us reach our $101,575 goal with an immediate contribution of $10, $35, $50, $100, or even $250 today.

I have always said this race is about more than New Hampshire ... more than Jeanne Shaheen ... and more than which party controls the upper chamber.
This race is about the future and security of America.

We need leaders with the courage to act, experience to lead, and commitment to get the job done. Jeanne Shaheen is perfectly willing to wait and let the President tell her what to do.
I won't.

Russ, we close the books on the third quarter of fundraising tonight and with your
strong continued support, we can close the books on Jeanne Shaheen's tenure in the Senate on November 4th.

We've raised $95,574 of our $101,575 goal.

We are

so closeplease help right now.

Thank you,

Scott Brown


Paid for by New Hampshire for Scott Brown



Russ -- I hate to bother you this late, but at midnight tonight the Federal Election Commission's 3rd Quarter filing period ends, and with just a few hours to go, I'm told we're still more than $13,500 short of our target. We're planning to do a lot of good with these critical funds in the last month of the campaign -- could you please make an urgent contribution of at least $5 or as much as $25 or $50 to help us reach our goal at this late hour? Sorry for the late email, but it really is that important. Regards, Sal Russo Chief Strategist, Tea Party Express P.S. Russ, your immediate gift of even $5 or $10 would be a huge help. Thanks and have a good night! -- Sal


Russ, don't let the Reid-Obama Democrats bury fantastic conservative candidates in an avalanche of campaign cash — help us help them with your generous contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to Stop Harry Reid today!

We are still over $11K short — please stand with us at this late hour. Thank you.


Elicia Huffaker
Political Director, Stop REID PAC

PS - Russ, we have just hours to raise the desperately-needed funds that will get courageous candidates like Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, Joni Ernst, and Thom Tillis over the top on Election Day. Any amount gets us closer to our goal —
even just $5 or $10 will make a difference. Thanks again, Elicia


That's why I'm personally asking you to join me in supporting House Republicans as they continue to fight for the principles that you and I share.

Nancy Pelosi has declared all-out war on us conservatives, and if we don't fight back, they will be in a strong position to win the 17 seats needed to send Pelosi back to the Speaker's Chair.

With tonight marking the critical end of the quarter FEC deadline, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Will you join me in standing to protect our House majority and defeat Obama's out of control policies?

Russ, your support is so important at this critical hour, that the National Republican Congressional Committee will
TRIPLE MATCH every contribution made before the deadline.

We need strong conservatives elected nationwide-
and we can only get there with help from patriots like you.

For Liberty,

Ted Cruz

It's crunch time in the midterm elections and control of Congress is hanging in the balance, Russ.



Russ, BREAKING: The Hill is now reporting that we've just taken the lead in the latest poll! Thanks entirely to your financial support, we've just opened up a 6 POINT LEAD over liberal Mark Begich in Alaska! Russ, this is the strategic break we've been waiting for! It's our one-shot opportunity to flip the Senate back into Republican hands, hold the line against Obama, and kick Harry Reid to the curb! Bottom line: we may be stuck with Obama but we don't have to be stuck with Harry Reid any longer! Please follow this link to make an emergency contribution of $20 or more to reclaim the Senate from Harry Reid before tonight's FEC deadline.

Dan Sullivan
Conservative for Senate


Russ - Time is short... less than 15 hours remain to the last end-of-quarter fundraising deadline, and I'm still $8,257 short of our critical fundraising goal.

I'll just give it to you straight: There are only 35 days left in this election, and we are fighting with every ounce of our strength to defeat Barack Obama's radical political agenda.

Can you make an
emergency contribution before the deadline passes so we don't fall short of our goal?

Russ, will you make an urgent contribution of $25 or more right away to stand behind some tremendous conservative candidates who will ensure America is ready to meet every challenge with strength?

We can't let down candidates like Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Thom Tillis (NC), all running for the U.S. Senate, and a number of candidates running for election to the U.S. House whom
we know will stand for conservative values and a stronger America when they're in Washington.

The clock is ticking... Let's not let these amazing candidates down.




Can I count on you to help me deny Barack Obama and Harry Reid the ability to spend the next two years filling the federal judiciary with left-wing judges, with no one to stop them?
Dear Patriot,
Because that’s what is at stake in the battle for control of the U.S. Senate in the November elections.
A brand new platoon of Tea Party volunteers will be rushing to Iowa shortly to do battle with Tea Party-hating liberal Bruce Braley.
Bruce Braley is one of the politicians who wrote to the IRS in 2012 and demanded that they “investigate” the Tea Party. We
MUST beat this man. He cannot be allowed to become a U.S. Senator.
Will you please make a generous contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $200, or more to help us pay for the campaign literature and phone banks our grassroots Iowa volunteers need this fall?



If Moreland corrupted my case with NY prosecuting, it is not over. The case is still live here, this was a return email from NY Atty G, they know about it and did before court as evidence shows before this. So Moreland or less land prosecution is due to offenders. It is obstruction of justice if they are not prosecuted.

Form submission from: Questions & Comments to Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

From: "Eric T. Schneiderman"  

Sent: Tue, Jan 21, 2014 12:22 PM
Thank you for sending your comment to the New York State Attorney General .

This is an automatic confirmation of your e-mail to us. Please do not respond to this

Submitted on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 12:22

Submitted values are:

--Personal Information--
Salutation: Mr.
First Name: Russ
Last Name: Boardman

Mail was delivered today to NYS Attorney General, verified by tracking. An update on
Boardman vs Hillside..., time barred filed within two years of policy
appeals, Plaintiff still had benefits and was promised the appeal by policy ( a part of
wages ) which was corrupted.
The staff of Hillside are trapped by the Admin who fraudulently falsified documents in my
Boardman case. I intent to file again for fraud on the 6 six year statute of
limitations. CVP 213.

However the door is open right now to remove criminals from Hillside by criminal
Mike Staino, Julie Philips Oriel, Helen Halewski, Dennis Richardson, Joe Brown, Theresa
Kane Gringer are all involved. Brown and Staino signed fake paperwork to override policy
and discipline a mandated child abuse reporter to the Plaintiff, that turned in Hillside
to OCFS. Gringer submitted a falsified write up for court at... The other staff
when notified refused to act, nonfeasance.
The root problem of child abuse complaints went weeks in to months, that is what they
retaliated against. Some of the laziest staff I have ever known were Hillside
supervisors, I worked 9-1/2 years in 7 years at that location.

The catch on Richardson, he had emailed the company asking for input and i took him up on it, a court document. There were no other instructions who to go to if he wanted to change that directive. Instead of handling the problem at hand, an HR usual, make another problem to bother the reporter, change the subject, scapegoat crime reports. i am not being part of the crime as they have tried to coerce.




disastrous Barack Obama's presidency has been.

...I don't have to tell you how

wrong for America.
Right now, I want to focus on the conservative policies we need to put our nation back on track. Watch
my video
below to learn about my conservative vision:

You don't need to be reminded that out-of-touch liberal policies are

There you have it, Russ. Can you imagine a world with no Obamacare, no federal debt, no IRS, no amnesty, and job opportunities for everyone? That's what conservatives like me hope to achieve.
The end of the month is Tuesday, and it is also the final FEC filing deadline before the election. This is an opportunity to
send a message to the Washington liberals who want to keep me out of Congress. I need grassroots supporters to step up to help make my conservative vision a reality.
Click here to donate before Tuesday night's critical deadline.
Thank you for your support,


kingfbbutton  kingcontributebutton  kingvisitsitebutton



You and I must stop the ObamaCare Bailout now – it will cost taxpayers like you $1 billion!
The Democrats knew ObamaCare wouldn’t work.
That’s why they wrote a
bailout into it. The "risk-corridors" they’ve talked about are just a way to force taxpayers like you to bail out those who lobbied for ObamaCare!
We CANNOT let that happen.
Send the message: Taxpayers shouldn't bear the cost of Washington's failures. Stop the ObamaCare Bailout.
We can't let the Democrats use YOUR money for their ObamaCare Bailout.
ObamaCare is bad enough. Being forced to bail out unprofitable insurance companies, who lobbied for ObamaCare, is the last straw. And we know Democrats will use the bailout as another phony ObamaCare "success story.”
We can’t let that happen.
Tell your senators to stop the ObamaCare Bailout!
In Liberty,
Noah Wall Director of Grassroots, FreedomWorks


There was so much paper at court. The point I had made about the defense trying to cover up the case in shameful piles of litigation backs. if you were asking well the agency owed you an appeal with wages given fairly, and that was only your employee rights from the manual, so nothing out of the ordinary. Can’t they steal that from you as a staff and hence, you are disqualified of being an employee? The court enforcing employee rights, restores any question there, secondary to benefits definition of a staff hired for wage, or employed for hire. When you have not broken a hired status, it is stupid, no you are not employed, well think otherwise. I can’t change the physics of the case. In a fair court hillside just ran out of gas, with a deputy in tow. This is where it should turn to criminal charges.

As a Christian though, the criminals must leave, even if I went on to bigger and better things. If that is what you think promotions are about. “Only A Fool” by Geoff Moore is closer to where I was. The Teens matter, the case is good at dividing staff from criminal adults, there is no middle ground.


September 29, 2014


Fox article on a Woman sentenced to die for defending herself against a would be rapist.


The world leaves nuclear material in the hands of such a government? Especially nice when our hostages were taken by them decades ago, or a Pastor sits in prison? So what is rape every Iranian should tolerate that? A very wicked ideal runs Iran to do all that, even if Russia gave them the good Uranium.



Is it true that The White House intruder was dressed up like Lenin and was trying to make his way to the Lincoln Bedroom to begin a new term? Seeing a general trend in Obama’s policies for that style of government it would have been supported by Pelosi and the liberal media? Or was Secret Service in border patrol mode? Their fairness act on DC streets immigration reform? 25 years in prison but Hillary gets four people killed just doing her job, and Obama claims responsibility for it?

So the difference between a Colonial era Redcoat, and Obama/Hillary is? If there was some character difference, a defining mark, some principle of Patriot and not criminal which separated the two classes of cronies past and present. Just a shred of evidence, but how does Obama claim it was his responsibility when she didn’t do her job? He is lying for her, it was Hillary’s fault, and he tried to cover it up. So it is worse than the Watergate scandal. Obama is involved in Benghazi as bad as anyone. Liberals aren’t prosecuting Hillary they think comrade is doing just fine. That is starting to smell very strong of downwind the yonder farm. Liberals don’t follow laws boys and girls, they run your government like criminals for you, more apple pie?

Four deaths past Watergate. And opening the border for you to let in more terrorists. To win an election. Somebody better stop Obama.


Another 88 emails today, it is ok, if you have info to send bring it. This is like Church to me,
America has had enough illness from liberal swineheart politics. Thank God for all the good people we have in States coast to coast. This is maybe the worst time America has ever seen in ISIS and border negligence. Obama is so bad, I would not trust him as a used car salesman. NY has lemon laws.

While we defend America from evil, Africans starve because terrorists and liberals will not back off. All of Hillary’s money from S.F. could have went to starving kids instead.









Reports are now coming in on a near daily basis showing that Islamic radicals could very well be entering our country through our southern border as we speak.
This is only the latest in a miles-long list of reasons why President Obama’s willful failure to secure our southern border is endangering American lives on a daily basis.
If we can’t stop it, we may witness another tragic attack on our own soil. We must not let that happen!
Please make your most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more to Minuteman PAC right away, and help us continue pressuring Congress to secure our borders before the Obama administration’s recklessness leads to a tragic loss of life.
Here’s the latest from the border:
According to former Bush administration Defense Department analyst Michael Maloof, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could easily infiltrate the United States via our southern border, simply by cooperating with Mexican drug cartels.
And in a recent report by the Texas Department of Public Safety, state law enforcement officials agree, saying, “A review of ISIS social media messaging... shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack.”
The bottom line?
With every day that Barack Obama refuses to secure our border, our lives are in more and more danger. We can’t wait a moment longer!
Please, make your very best gift right now to help us force Congress to secure our border and save America.

Minuteman PAC has identified vulnerable Democratic Senate candidates in Iowa, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Colorado who are on the brink of losing their elections.
They can’t afford not to secure our border. They’ll have no choice but to push for it in a last-ditch effort to save their campaigns - if we can run the sufficient ads, phone banks, and voter mail in their states to alert their constituents.




With just
2 days until we must report our 3rd Quarter fundraising total to the FEC, we're still well behind our critical target -- more than $48K behind.

Nobody said it would be easy to unseat entrenched liberal
Kay Hagan and bring an end to Harry Reid's Obama Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate. But, if we miss our funding target -- it may be impossible.

We have less than 2 days to close the gap -- and we need your help to do it.
That's why I'm asking you to make an urgent contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to keep us in the race right away.

The Democrats are desperate to hang on to power -- they're throwing everything they have into this race. We must be even more determined than them.

In fact, just this week Harry Reid's Super Pac announced a $1.1 million dollar negative advertising blitz designed to destroy our hope of winning this race.

$1.1 million is a lot of money.

Please help me meet the costs of countering their attack ads and exposing their failures --
make an immediate donation to help us meet our end-of-quarter target. Thank you.

- Thom Tillis
North Carolina Republican Candidate for Senate

P.S. --
Russ, if you can make even a $5 or $10 contribution, it would be a great help! Thanks again, Thom.


School Tells Football Team to STOP PRAYING... But the Coach Refuses to Comply

AUDIO: You Will Like Trey Gowdy EVEN MORE After Hearing What He Just Said








Almost all of the most recent polls in the Iowa Senate race show liberal Bruce Braley now has the lead over conservative rising star Joni Ernst.

Dear Patriot,
Barack Obama and his army of community organizers are pounding Joni Ernst day and night with negative ads. And their strategy is working!
Please make an urgent and generous contribution of $15, $25, $30, $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can afford to Conservative StrikeForce to help us stand up for Joni Ernst.
This is the single most important Senate race in the country.
If Joni doesn't win this race, the Republicans won't retake the Senate. It's as simple as that.
That's why Conservative StrikeForce PAC needs to redouble its efforts in support of Joni Ernst right away. We can't afford to let this conservative champion fall behind.
Joni's primary campaign left her nearly penniless. Amazingly, she managed to take a small lead over Bruce Braley anyway. But then every liberal special interest group in the nation began unloading on her.
Michelle Obama is even heading to Iowa shortly to campaign against this great conservative lady.
Please make the very best gift you can to StrikeForce right now.


Please take a moment to sign Tea Party Patriots' National Seal the Border Petition right now, simply by clicking here. We must overwhelm Congress and force them to tackle this national security crisis immediately!



Russ — If you care as much about winning in 2014 as I do...you can't sit these next few days out.

There are just over 800 hours before this election is over.

So RIGHT NOW is the hour for conservatives everywhere to strike a crippling blow to Obama's socialist agenda that has left America weak and embarrassed.

We have a
critical fundraising deadline rapidly approaching — in fact it's our very last Federal Elections Commission deadline before the Election.

I need you with me in this fight.

So, Russ, will you make an emergency donation of $25 or more right this second to the Allen West Guardian Fund before this critical deadline passes?

I need your unwavering support at this critical hour to maintain our game-changing advertising campaigns that are helping our slate of rock-solid conservative candidates win this November.

We need to show a huge amount of strength. WHY? So that leftists everywhere are on notice that a conservative wave is about to wash away the damage liberals have caused to America.

I am confident that we will succeed in changing Washington if we stand together.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)


Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt and vile politicians in American history. And now we have finally caught her red-handed!

A U.S diplomat has officially admitted that Administration officials purged the State Department of files implicating Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi scandal.

Please sign Citizens United's National Petition to Investigate Hillary Clinton right now. This is our best chance to hold Hillary accountable for her many, many transgressions against the people of the United States, and we must act quickly!
My name is
David Bossie, and I am the President of Citizens United, one of the nation's most powerful grassroots groups.
I've been battling Hillary Clinton and her cronies for decades. I served as an investigator on Capitol Hill during her husband's reign of terror.
I went to the Supreme Court in 2008 and fought for the right to air a film on national television exposing her rampant corruption.
And now, more than ever, I am bound and determined to bring Hillary to justice.
But I need your help to do that, which is why I'm asking you to sign this urgent petition right away.
We now have concrete evidence that Hillary deliberately ignored terrorist threats to our people in Libya.
She deliberately refused to send aid when our consulate came under attack.
LIED to the relatives of the four heroes who died in Benghazi. She worked overtime to blame this coordinated attack on an online video.
And, to top it all off, her closest aides at the State Department tried to cover everything up and even destroy documents in order to protect her political career!
This new evidence is damning. And it should certainly disqualify her from becoming our next president!
But right now, there isn't even a murmur in Washington about investigating Hillary.
That needs to change. Please, sign your petition now.

David Bossie President Citizens United

For America,


Russ --

It may still be September, but the chance to make a huge difference on
Election Day is slipping away.

And making a difference is why the
Tea Party Express exists. Propelled by millions of Tea Party supporters across the country, we have become the most aggressive and influential national Tea Party group in the political arena.

We cut our teeth helping elect staunch Tea Party Champions like
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We're committed to identifying and supporting conservative candidates and causes that will champion Tea Party values and return our country to the Constitutional principles that made America great -- candidates like
Steve Daines in Montana, Joni Ernst in Iowa, and Rob Maness in Louisiana.

But with less than 2 days to go before the 3rd Quarter FEC filing deadline, we are more than $23,000 short of our goal.


We have LESS THAN 30 hours until our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline, at midnight on Tuesday, and we're only $10,210 away from our goal.

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By supporting John Bolton PAC you too can again stand with candidates like Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Tom Tillis (NC), all running for the U.S. Senate, and a number of candidates running for election to the U.S. House to strengthen our conservative majority.



Tomorrow night is my FEC deadline, and my team tells me we're still $18,865 short of where I need to be.

Join me in the fight to reclaim Washington from the liberal elite.
Follow this link and donate just $5 (or more).

Ryan Zinke
U.S. Navy SEAL - Retired

Sent from my iPhone


Thank you,

Please donate $50 TODAY to help take back Senate.

Dr. Ben Carson



I won't be able to survive, and win this key swing state, without your support.


Your continued support now will make a real difference as we rush additional resources into key U.S. Senate and House races that are coming down to the wire. You can help FIRE Harry Reid from Senate leadership, and hold President Obama and his liberal hired hands accountable for the damage they've done to our country!

Will you stand with MichelePAC and our endorsed conservative candidates again at this critical time with a $100, $50 or $25 emergency contribution, by following this secure link?


I asked Congressional Republicans how I could help.

They asked me to reach back out to you directly and ask for a contribution of $50, or whatever you can afford today.

Month after month, the Democrats have posted record-breaking fundraising numbers. This is our opportunity to eliminate their cash advantage.

Fellow conservative, we simply can’t afford to let President Obama win control of the House for the final two years of his presidency. The results would be disastrous.

Please chip in today and help protect our House majority.

The NRCC is the official campaign committee in charge of defeating Pelosi and her allies. They must have the resources they need to win.

Thank you and God Bless!




Whether it's $2,600, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $70, or $35, your immediate gift will ensure Steve has the resources he needs to defeat the Reid-Obama-Democrats' handpicked opponent and join me fighting for limited government in the U.S. Senate in 2014.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

There's no two ways about it...

...Montana's nationally-watched U.S. Senate race is central to the GOP's efforts to remove Harry Reid from power and stop President Obama's liberal agenda dead in its tracks.

That's why I'm writing to you today on behalf of Montana's Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Congressman Steve Daines.

I want to encourage you to join with me in whole-heartedly supporting his Senate campaign today.

I look forward to seeing your name on his list of top supporters very soon!

For Liberty,

United States Senator Rand Paul
Republican, Kentucky




Mark Pryor may try to avoid Barack Obama on the campaign trail, but he can't run from his record.

What's the matter, Mark? It's not like you haven't rubberstamp-approved over 90% of Barack Obama's radical agenda with your votes in the U.S. Senate. The President just wants to show you his appreciation for your huge part in advancing his "fundamental transformation" of America.

I'm just joking, of course. Everybody knows why Mark Pryor is ducking the President, even if he does take the cash Obama raises for him --
Obama-Pryor Big Government just doesn't play well with Arkansas voters!

But the Democrats are desperate to keep Mark Pryor in Washington, whether it's good for Arkansas or not.
That's why I'm asking for your urgent help today.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has pumped almost $4 million into a massive media campaign of attacks against me - and Real Clear Politics says the race is a toss-up.

Please, help me cut through the Obama Democrats' spin and hype by funding our media operations with your urgent contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to my campaign today.

We can do this -- we can unseat one of Barack Obama's biggest enablers -- and end Harry Reid's reign over the Senate, too. I hope you'll stand with me today.

Thanks and Regards,

Tom Cotton
Arkansas Republican Candidate for Senate

P.S. Russ, don't Americans deserve better than Mark Pryor's radical rubberstamping? Help me out --
make a contribution of at least $25 to help us win on November 4th. Thanks again, Tom



Paid for by Tom Cotton for Senate

Hillside Crimes

Redundant, but they took issue at court with my employment status, when I was owed a fair appeal which included wages. How any court could try to redefine that as not being an employee? I don’t get it, neither did Plaintiff’s Counsel. Probably why defense tried to lie about benefits to disqualify a NY employee from meeting definitions. They could try to have it their way, if I had filed a fraudulent claim with NY being given a fair appeal at Hillside at the same time with wages, and end up in legal trouble because i listened to the defense ? You are an expendable slave to that Admin as a staff.

Retrospect, will the case become a study in the Psych realm of corporate criminals, by length, number of individuals involved, crimes, levels of Prosecution breached. UB Psych texts had info like that, studies, it fits that education dept too, Clinically diagnosed Teens with criminal staff in charge of them. Look how bad society wanted to help?


Wounded Warriors NY

Were havin’ a (barbe)cue, fundraiser, full meal, it was worthy.



American citizens you better wake up now to the conspiracy after your country. Obama being deserving of one outcome, impeachment. Has been assisted by members of The US Senate and House in allowing him to stay on with border negligence. This is with ISIS at large. Big heroes fighting the air war overseas, but ssshhhhhhhh, don’t tell America criminals migrate daily into the states and terrorists can too.

Do you see liberal House and Senate members stunned that Obama is doing this? No they are helping him. They should be calling for his resignation on compromising the security of America in the face of terrorism.

Fire the liberals, next election you have been given one undeniable reason to get rid of the criminals. They are letting a whole nation’s security go into question to steal an election. Or are you going to say you were partly responsible when the next terrorist attack happens on US soil, because you let liberals run DC? Head out of backside liberals, terrorists will kill you too.

9-11 all over again? Maybe the future victims can sue the left for security negligence. Accomplices to terrorism plots, sedition.






Abortion not being cruel enough for babies in America, liberal demons upgraded medicine
with some more procedures.

1. Nailing the live baby delivered prematurely to the office door, just for laughs.
2. Trying to see if Hillary can shake hands with such an infant to pose as a Roman moron.
3. The kid would probably fit in the paper shredder with a few modifications, if you just
step hard enough while they are on it.
4. OCFS can visit to ensure child abuse is not happening, Sheriff can ignore any pesky murder complaints, and Atty G can pat himself on the back, that they viewed the execution, ruled it a killing, but are certain no crime occurred, and the public can rest assured society is still safe as a superman comic.

5. Office Pass, Punt, and Kick Football Camp was never more fun with live newborns as footballs.
6. How many live babies does it take to entirely fill the dome of The Capitol building? Who cares, with aborted ones who were murdered, they don’t make as much noise when you stack them a million at a time.
7. We ran out of sharps so the last premature baby at the abortion clinic had to be poisoned with white out.
8. The campaign trail heats up, fund raiser, throw ten live babies from a roof top, for a small fee. If you reach the quarter city block mark, earn two more free throws.
9. Supreme Court pistol and shotgun shooting range. Full with a mock frontier town set up, kill the invaders before they take over. Every baby you kill, another point on your membership card for reloads.
10. Back to the crucifixion victim, liberal voting card used for paper cuts to accelerate the bleeding, way to treat the little devil.
11. Choking the newborn with your liberal Congressional Rep’s brief case is a real trial for some, requires determination, or fat oaf bodyweight.
12. OK back to normal executions who can put up with all this murder, we like our killing sugar coated, abortion is medicine, equal rights for a Woman and what she does with her body. It is your kid’s body genius. It is not a murder that is why you need weapons, and Obamclawed insurance, body bags, burials.
13. God takes aim at weeding out the evil babies at execution time, fortunately liberals know which ones are good and the ones who will be liberals.
14. Bare knuckles center of the ring, the perpetrator does not walk away.
15. If terrorists were so concerned with a better world why are they not trying to kill adult abortion devils?
16. We found you psycho liberals killing live babies, again, what are you going to do this time blame the victim, you do that with everything else you criminalize.


September 27, 2014

Natural Christian Athlete

Bench Press estimates this week are a rough guess, because you don’t know what you can do until you train at the heavier end of things, over weeks, not the early high rep counts. It looks like over 500 pounds, and maybe closer to 525 for me right now. It seems like it, reps were there, better than anything ever before.

And The US should give up eternal uniqueness judging bad and evil? It is a moral imperative that America remain a God Blessed Star Spangled land. That is what Jesus taught me.

Alcohol is a foul word, personally, i have not touched it in over 19 years.

God Bless



Tonight election swing states, they didn’t invite ISIS. But Obama and his devilry allowed it to be a real threat.



I know we have been heavy on prayer. Of course as a Conservative you have the right to be lied to and about by liberal media, one because you are not smart enough to figure out how to stop them, two because they are daring you to sue them for deformation. i don’t think it is a matter of money alone for November, expose the liars and they look worse than before their campaigns. Obama traded border security away, not sure when it will be recaptured. You didn’t need it, satan running your government was a better election result, fortunately liberals have Obama to fulfill that role. It is crisis so bad, dems hope you accommodate it and keep going without changes or noticing.

Day Of Rest


Dems spending all that money to get America to buy swine, crime,
not by God’s design.


I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about the Senate elections in recent weeks. In fact, that might be quite the understatement.

If you're like millions of Americans, you're probably
overwhelmed by the barrage of political attack ads flooding your television and computer screens - you've probably gotten more than a few emails. That's because we've got to rally the troops.

Right now, Democrats are overwhelming us with a flood of money from liberal millionaires.

I want you to know that Republicans are doing everything we can out on the campaign trail. I'm facing a competitive race myself -- Democrats are throwing everything they can into this race and they're absolutely desperate to maintain control of the Senate.

Democrats are outraising us...by MILLIONS of dollars. I know it's not always easy to donate, but if you could spare just a few dollars this election cycle, it would have a huge impact in our efforts to elect a Senate majority.

You've seen the headlines of challenges mounting both at home and abroad - our country simply cannot afford even another year of Harry Reid running the Senate.

Will you stand with us to elect a Republican Senate majority this year?

Contribute $25, $50, $100, or anything you're able to give to stand with myself and Senate Republicans this year-- with your support, we can win a Republican Senate this year.

Donate today and every dollar you give will be TRIPLE-MATCHED.

Onward to Victory,

Senator Mitch McConnell

Contributions to NRSC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by NRSC.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

NRSC, 425 2nd Street NE, Washington D.C. 20002




Dear Russ,


This is clearly the most important mid-term election in our lifetime, and at John Bolton PAC, we're doing our part to win on Election Day and get to work restoring America's promise and prominence.

We're making significant endorsements and contributions in key races and putting up compelling ads that speak directly to the most critical issues of our time.

There are now 38 days left until Election Day and the future of Barack Obama's radical political agenda is on the line - this is our opportunity to stop him!

We can't afford to let up now.

We have JUST 82 HOURS until our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline, at midnight on Tuesday, and we're only $21,145 away from our goal.

Will you stand with John Bolton PAC today with a $100, $50, $25 or $10 emergency contribution today, by following this secure link?

The Democrats and their allies know what's at stake, and they're going all out to win despite having an unpopular president and responsibility for a litany of domestic and international failures.

Of course that means to sway voters they're once again resorting to misleading and dishonest attacks against our conservative candidates, and a compliant liberal media that is eager to play along. They very well may succeed, but not if we don't let them.

We need to rush additional resources into key races IMMEDIATELY - please help today with an emergency contribution, at any level. Every bit of support makes a difference!

We're standing behind tremendous conservative candidates, who are fighting hard to ensure our nation is ready to meet every challenge put in front of us.

By supporting John Bolton PAC you too can again stand with candidates like Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Tom Tillis (NC), all running for the U.S. Senate, and a number of candidates running for election to the U.S. House to strengthen our conservative majority.

Many of our endorsed candidates are decorated military veterans, and all are fully dedicated to restoring and protecting our American ideals. Every one of them is absolutely determined to right our nation's current course.

It's far past time for real leadership in Washington. We MUST fight to elect more true patriots to serve in Congress and hold this administration accountable.

With just 38 days until Election Day - and just 82 hours until our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline - please follow this secure link to make a donation today.

Thank you!

For America,

John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations




Hillside Case/Caught out in the open.

Where we went into court it was about Child Abuse and corporate corruption.
When we left, it was about infringement of Constitutional Rights on Freedom of Speech also. The defense deliberately targeted exposing their crimes.

Who gets to the criminals first, the rest of the board of directors so they can hold such staff accountable for damages and be part of it. NY Atty G actually collapses the crime ring? FBI might be able to. They are running out of ways to keep the crime going for NY taxpayers at Hillside.

A summary, blame the messengers their tactic, all I did was turn in corruption. NY on the other hand has found a big catch of criminals in the company.

Do you see what I mean though by criminal ego, willing to lie in court, I don’t think I would trust them to work with dogs much less Teens.




•   Here is yet another Obamacare issue we need to stress this campaign season. Hundreds of thousands of Americans on Obamacare will see their tax refunds cut this year. It’s all part of the bait-and-switch nature of how this fundamentally corrupt program is funded. Read more here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/columnist/tompor/2014/09/21/susan-tompor-tax-refunds-will-be-cut-for-some-who-get-health-credits/15958211/




You did it.
You put our new book, “Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore,” on the New York Times bestseller list.
It will debut on October 3rd at number 3.
And now we’re getting inquiries around the nation. People want to know: “Who is ISIS?” “What do they want?” “What can we do?”
Now we’re driving to keep the momentum alive. Help us get to number 1 by pre-ordering the paperback and sharing it with your friends. Keep sounding the alarm.
Pre-order “Rise of ISIS” on paperback on Amazon.
Pre-order “Rise of ISIS” on paperback on Barnes & Noble.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for making our work possible. Please consider giving to the ACLJ today.
Support the ACLJ with Your Tax-Deductible Gift.
The ACLJ Team




The Democrats have a huge money advantage. Last month alone, Democrats outraised Republicans by $1.6 million dollars.

They intend to outspend Republicans between Labor Day and Election Day, having bought
$109 MILLION in television ads already, compared to $85 million for GOP candidates and their allies so far. Democrats, Harry Reid's PAC, and liberal interest groups are launching hundreds of attack ads in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, and North Carolina - key states in the fight for the Senate.

Republicans must cut this Democratic money advantage or lose.

The GOP doesn't need to outspend the Democrats to win. But Republicans must be competitive. Every dollar is crucial to a GOP victory.

Can you chip in $25 - or more if you can - to elect a
Republican Senate majority?

Every dollar you donate today will be triple-matched.

This can still be a big Republican year. Democrats have a cash advantage, but polls show we have an enthusiasm advantage and lead or are tied in enough races to take the Senate. Republicans must reduce the Democratic cash advantage to tip the scale in our favor. Please, donate NOW to elect a Republican Senate majority. Our country's future depends upon it.


Karl Rove



President Obama's approval ratings keep dropping, no reliable poll shows battleground Senate Democrats with over 50% support, and GOP voters are excited to cast their ballots in 38 days. The midterm environment is toxic for Democrats, yet there's a chance Republicans may not take the Senate. Why?


Russ — If you care as much about winning in 2014 as I do...you can't sit these next few days out.

There are less than 1,000 hours before this election is over.

So RIGHT NOW is the hour for conservatives everywhere to strike a crippling blow to Obama's socialist agenda that has left America weak and embarrassed.

We have a
critical fundraising deadline rapidly approaching — in fact it's our very last Federal Elections Commission deadline before the Election.

I need you with me in this fight.

So, Russ, will you make an emergency donation of $25 or more right this second to the Allen West Guardian Fund before this critical deadline passes?

I need your unwavering support at this critical hour to maintain our game-changing advertising campaigns that are helping our slate of rock-solid conservative candidates win this November.

We need to show a huge amount of strength. WHY? So that leftists everywhere are on notice that a conservative wave is about to wash away the damage liberals have caused to America.

I am confident that we will succeed in changing Washington if we stand together.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)


I was just at a meeting with our national campaign team and wanted to loop you in to the discussion.

Here's the latest with only 38 days to go before the Election:

MILLIONS to smear conservatives in the 50 most critical races across the nation.
President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are spending
  • $27 MILLION ahead of us this cycle.
    Powered by the President's massive fundraising network, the liberals are now more than
  • end of quarter deadline to meet our goal.
    We need 812 more members before the major

  • This means we are in a challenging spot if we want to protect the House Majority and win back the Senate—
    but we still have time to turn things around.

    But to do that, we need you to step up and contribute $100, $50, or $25 before the end of the month.

    If we reach our goal by the end of quarter deadline, it will send shock waves across the nation and show everyone how strong our grassroots support is.

    With 3 days until the FINAL FEC end of quarter deadline, please don't wait any longer—
    contribute right now.

    Thank you for your support.

    Paul Ryan

    P.S. Because this request is so critical, the NRCC will
    TRIPLE any contribution that is received before the deadline—that increases your gift three fold. Make your triple matched donation right now.





    Under Obama, Border Patrol Can't Do Its Job
    By Michael Reagan
    Many Americans have been laboring under a false impression.
    If you thought magic words were a plot device in Harry Potter books and other semi-supernatural stories, you’ve got another think coming. As far as the Obama administration is concerned magic words do exist and invoking them forces powerful institutions to bend to one’s will.
    Take, for example, illegal aliens. Let’s say you’re a tattooed MS-13 gang-banger who wants to come to the U.S. to enjoy the fruits of El Norte and a larger customer base for your activities. The chance of you getting a green card is nonexistent and with your criminal record, the same goes for citizenship.


    4 year old, tumor.







    Dear Russell,
    How concerned are you for the future of our country? Day in and day out we watch as Washington politicians and bureaucrats encroach on our rights and our pocketbooks. How many times have you had conversations with your friends or loved ones trying to sound the alarm and put some urgency in their minds about the challenges we face as a nation? If you're like us, probably more times than you can count.

    What are you willing to do about it?

    We want to present you with the
    American Dream Challenge. For years we have been talking about the need to balance the budget, pay down the mountain of national debt, relieve the tax burden on millions of Americans, respect the Constitution, and uphold the rule of law. Now it's time to challenge our friends and family to understand why these things are important and to actually do something about it.

    How does this work? Here are the steps:

    www.AmericandDreamChallenge.com and sign up for your free starter kit.
    Go to
  • Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or anyone you decide to your house on the evening of October 2, 2014.
  • Provide some refreshments (recommended)
  • www.AmericanDreamChallenge.com starting at 8pm EDT (other times available for all time zones) where we will host a Livestream to kick off the meeting.
    Tune into
  • We'll talk about the challenges we face as a nation and the need to get engaged. Then we'll introduce the American Dream Challenge.
  • Encourage your friends to participate in the challenge with you.
  • Spread the message so that our values will have a big impact in November.
  • Q: What is the American Dream Challenge?
    A: A series of tasks for the 30 days leading up to the general election that will help promote our values and vision for America.



    Solid goals above by The Tea Party, i don’t think it will happen until abortion ends. God will continue to rock America. The idea you can make an ungodly American idol also has reaped biblical wrath.

    In the event we get control of things here, The Justice System needs accountability like they were citizens on the street. Court cases have three levels, but The Plaintiff is running down crime while incompetent Judges ignore the law and don’t solve cases right the first time. When it is aiding a criminal, The Judge is now an offender. Judges legislating from the bench because they don’t follow written rules, that is crime. The system of checks and balances, has to prosecute these court clowns. There are the right prosecutors around but maybe not enough of them working for States and The Feds. This needs to be action reaction, you break the law, you go to jail. Bipartisan supervision of Prosecutors, if it takes more Government Offices to be created, a few million dollars per state is worth making the Justice System a well oiled machine. Dirty Cops don’t get away when caught but Judges do. Politicians trying to stock courts with dirty Judges? The law is by definitions not Judges opinions. How can the same law come out two different ways?

    Rand Paul nailed this on abortion with the life at conception act. With that definition, America has to defend the innocent unborn perpetrators.



    Today's Featured Story:

    George W. Bush Tears Up Honoring Our Troops... Puts Obama's 'Salute' to Shame!

    Lt. Col. Oliver North Piledrives Obama: The President 'Doesn't Give a Damn!'




    Americans better stay on top of this subject. Four security advisors warned about terrorist threats. Since 9/11 has there been any bigger danger? Obama crossings are daily in The USA, known criminals and terrorists can enter freely because Obama traded your security for elections. If God kills Obama, you can say it was poetic justice then? Don’t be distracted by Syria or elections, this is now. And Lynyrd Skynyrd was singing “ Gimme Back My Bullets?”

    September 26, 2014



    Bass Guitar

    To record Unborn Nation I had brought a Slammer brand
    bass to play. Maybe that rings a bell, with criminals in
    abortion, killing babies- jails, in the slammer?

    Rhythm Gibson
    Lead Fender

    I could say on Let It Ring, I am inspired by the music. Certain themes and
    messages are worth listening to. The hardest turn in it, comes down to
    Production, it can’t hit the airwaves unless it is ready.


    Also alot of email today, 128 new messages, postings below. Look how much energy it takes to get Government running right, because liberals corrupted their jobs? Entitled
    themselves to your freedom, on your tax dollars. Talk about begging for a revolution.
    God put us here to approve of their baby murders, corruption, liberals are fiends no doubt. You are Obama’s victim, he let border security slide in the presence of ISIS, this
    is far worse than Banghazi. God go with us, this is not a game what we are in.


    In 40 days Congress will reconvene after the November elections in a “lame duck session.”   That is when Barack Obama will launch his final all-out campaign to grant amnesty to millions and millions of illegal aliens.
    Dear Patriot,

    Please make a special urgent contribution of $15, $25, $35, $50, or whatever you can afford right away.   We have only 40 days left to stop this amnesty madness, and we need your help.   President Obama just announced that he was “postponing” his decision to grant an illegal executive amnesty until immediately after the election.   His Homeland Security Secretary just tipped his hand as well, saying that amnesty “should not be introduced...in a run up to an election.”   That means the stage is set for a last-ditch push for amnesty during the lame duck Congress.   Over the next 40 days we need to buy ads, hold rallies, and make sure every single American sees our hard-hitting border crisis documentary, The Border States of America.   We must sound the alarm and build the national movement against amnesty before it’s too late. And we need your help to do it.   Please, make your very best gift right now.  



    Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt and vile politicians in American history. And now we may have caught her red-handed!
    Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $25, $30, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to Citizens United's national "Make Hillary Pay for Her Crimes" campaign.
    Our goal is twofold.
    First, we must complete and release our next hard-hitting Citizens United film, which will document Hillary Clinton's heinous cover-up of the Benghazi tragedy.
    Then, we must go state to state exposing her role in the deaths of our four heroes in Libya.
    We need to make sure every American understands that Hillary has blood on her hands!
    I've been battling Hillary Clinton and her cronies for decades. I served as an investigator on Capitol Hill during her husband's presidency.
    I went to the Supreme Court in 2008 and fought for the right to air a film on national television exposing her rampant corruption.
    And now, more than ever, I am bound and determined to bring Hillary to justice.
    Please help me do just that.For America,

    David Bossie President Citizens United



    Dear Friend, How can we stop Barack Obama from inflicting more damage on our economy?  It's simple: kick his best friends out of office in November.
    I'm talking about Cory Booker. The liberal Senator from New Jersey wholeheartedly supports Obama's big-spending, low-growth economic policies. And if he gets six more years in Washington he'll be able to sell these terrible ideas long after Obama's left the scene. Please follow this link to help me take the fight to Cory Booker with an urgently needed contribution of $25 or as much as you can afford. For over 40 years I've been fighting to defend our shared conservative values from liberals like Booker and Obama. Back in 1976, I helped develop Ronald Reagan's historic proposal for federal tax and spending reform when he first ran for president. Four years later, I produced the television campaign that compelled a liberal Congress to implement what would become the most effective tax relief package in American history. Even Ted Kennedy voted for our tax cut bill! You see, Reagan and I couldn't sit on our hands while our fellow Americans suffered horribly under Jimmy Carter's no-win, no-growth economy. So we literally wrote the playbook that reduced the federal tax burden from a suffocating 70% to a reasonable 28%. Consequently our nation enjoyed an unprecedented two decades of prosperity thanks to these commonsense reforms. Now I want to fundamentally change monetary policy just like we changed tax policy under President Reagan. This means ending the Federal Reserve's micromanagement of the economy and securing the dollar's value in gold so you can keep what you earn. It's something Reagan himself wanted to do too, and I look at it as the unfinished business of President Reagan.
    But to get this done, I urgently need your financial contribution within the next 24 hours to meet our critical campaign budget targets. And that's why I'm writing today. So please follow this link to help me take the fight to Cory Booker with an urgently needed contribution of $25 or as much as you can afford. I believe, just as we did in 1980, that I can help turn this country around. I'm counting on your immediate response to complete Ronald Reagan's unfinished mission. . Sincerely, Jeff Bell Conservative for Senate P.S. New Jersey deserves a better Senator than Cory Booker. And the latest polling shows I'm doing better than Republican Senate candidates running in other “blue” Obama state like Minnesota and Virginia. And with your immediate contribution of $25 or more, we'll have the resources to close the gap with Booker and take the fight to Obama in Washington. Thanks - Jeff.

    Paid for by Bell for NJ


    Attacking a good man

    From: "Lt Col Allen West

    To:Russ Boardman


    Maybe you haven't heard what HBO "funny" man
    Bill Maher does for "laughs."

    The far-left
    "Real Time" political host aired a mock game show called "Flip a District" — and conservative Republican and fellow military veteran John Kline is the "winner."

    Bill Maher and his far-left followers are now going all out to smear a good man — who like me — served his country with honor.

    You remember Bill Maher — the Hollywood liberal who gave one million dollars to elect Barack Obama last election. Now he has his sights set on my friend, Minnesota Congressman John Kline.

    One thing I learned in the military is you never leave a man behind — especially when he is under attack.

    That's why I'm asking you to join me in fighting back.

    Will you stand with me to defend John Kline right now and help provide him with the funds he needs to push back against the relentless liberal hype by making a contribution to his re-lection effort today?

    It's shameless that our liberal opponents are so unserious about the real problems and struggles facing
    real Americans that they turn to Hollywood talking heads who believe that public service — and military service — is one big joke.

    Russ, I'm deadly serious about rescuing America from Obama's socialist policies — and so is my good friend John Kline.

    Here is the bottom line:

    While Bill Maher was honing his "entertainment" skills starring in such cinematic classics as
    "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death," my friend John Kline was serving his country as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

    He's carried the nuclear "football" and flown
    Marine One for Ronald Reagan — and he's a tireless voice for commonsense conservative principles. Talk about real time!

    We need John's courageous and principled leadership in Congress — not Bill Maher's cynical jokes. Will you help me keep Congressman John Kline on duty
    by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to his campaign today? Thank you.

    Steadfast and loyal,


    Allen West

    PS -- Make sure Bill Maher's attacks on our Military Veterans and public servants backfire on Election Day --
    help John Kline stay on the job in Congress with your contribution of at least $25 right away. Thanks again, Allen.\



    Russ —

    In 7 days, we will face our most critical deadline of 2014 -- the final quarter-end FEC filing deadline before Election Day!

    More importantly, we must raise $102,347 in the next 6 days to offset the personal wealth and insider PAC money John Delaney has already pumped into his coffers.

    Can I count on your immediate help before it's too late?
    Send $25, $50, $100 or more to help us take on the "inside-the-D.C.-beltway" political games.

    Thanks for your support!

    Thank you,
    Dan Bongino



    Federal Election Commission requires us to report our end-of-quarter fundraising total by the end of September – and we're more than $12,427 short of our goal.

    That's why it's so important I meet my fundraising goal and raise an additional $12,427 before midnight on September 30th.

    Can I count on your to chip in at least $10... or even $50 or $100 to help me reach my goal?


    A critical date on our campaign calendar is just days away.

    If a Prison was built for all the abortion Doctors who execute live American
    babies, how big would it be?




    It's gone too far...

    Democrats have spent more than $8.9 million on baseless attack ads against Joni Ernst, and approaching the biggest FEC deadline -- we're behind.

    Billionaire and longtime liberal money-man George Soros through MoveOn.org, his activist front, is attacking Joni Ernst saying, "Listen to Joni Ernst thank a group of billionaires."

    I'm going to keep this short -- Senate candidate Joni Ernst, Congressman Steve King, and the rest of the conservative slate are under heavy attack.


    Through the Tea Party Leadership Fund's special conduit program,
    100% of your donation will go to the candidates -- split five ways between five, hard charging conservative candidates - each getting 20%.

    There will not be one nickel in fees, thanks to the Tea Party Leadership Fund!

    By donating through this special link - the candidates don't even have to pay to process the credit card. It is quite frankly the best investment you can make.

    Will you make an instant conduit donation to be split amongst the lineup of conservative champions and transferred directly to their campaigns?

    These are our candidates:

    Conservative Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst is a mother, a soldier, and a leader -- these are the things that have prepared Joni to campaign for the principles that have made our nation great, and guide her fight to restore the Constitution and reverse the damage that's been done at the hands of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

    Steve King the man who founded King Construction in 1975 with one bulldozer and built it into a family company now run by his oldest son, clearly he's working to leave this country better than he found it for his children and grandchildren.

    Rod Blum is a small businessman who balanced a budget for 24 years and was named Iowa Entrepreneur of the Year...in such a time as this, I can think of no one better to lead Iowa's charge in the house to pass an actual balanced budget (one that I'd be proud to vote for in the Senate);

    Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks has served three years as the Director of the Iowa Department of Public Health after retiring honorably from the army reserves as a Lt. Colonel -- she's both a woman who knows how to lead and how to undo the damage from Obamacare; and

    David Young is driven by hard work, honesty, family, and faith -- all things he fought for Iowans as Chief of Staff for Senator Grassley.

    Joni Ernst is tied with her liberal opponent at 43%...and we MUST back her up!

    That's why I need you to follow this SPECIAL CONDUIT LINK and donate $25 or more.

    To be clear, your donation (by following the link above) will be split 5 ways: 20% to Joni's campaign, 20% to Steve King's campaign, 20% to Rod's campaign, 20% to Mariannette's campaign, and 20% to David's campaign.

    It's FASTER than if you stuck a check in the mail.

    In Freedom,

    Katrina Pierson


    The most up-to-date polling puts me within 1% of Mark Udall. This is the race that will decide if Barack Obama and Harry Reid control the U.S. Senate -- or if common sense conservatives will take over.

    Let me be clear: our most important fundraising deadline of the campaign is 5 days away -- and as of this morning we're still $27k short of our goal.

    What you decide to do here, with this email, could determine the outcome.

    Will you make an urgent donation of at least $5 or as much as $35 or even $75 today to help us reach our goal?

    If we get our commonsense conservative message through the blocks of liberal attack ads and media spin to the voters of Colorado, we will win.

    Are you in?



    P.S. The most important fundraising deadline of the campaign is 5 days away - and as of this morning we're still $32k short of our goal.
    Will you make an urgent donation of at least $5 or as much as $35 or even $75 today to help us reach our goal?

    From: Cory Gardner
    Subject: Dead Heat: Big deadline
    Date: September 23, 2014 at 9:26 AM
    To: russ


    There are only 40 days left in this race, and we cannot afford to miss any opportunity.




    We just received official notice - the Conservative Action Fund will be arguing in front of the Supreme Court on behalf of Chris McDaniel.

    This is almost unprecedented that an outside citizens group like Conservative Action Fund is allowed to present arguments directly to the Court. This is also a sure sign the Court is not putting up with Cochran's shenanigans that stole the runoff election.

    Now, the Conservative Action Fund will be standing right beside Chris McDaniel as he has his day in court in just 8 short days, and our legal team is working overtime to make the winning argument - the argument the Court now wants to hear!

    You too can stand with the Conservative Action Fund in the courtroom with your donation of $17.76, $25, or whatever you can afford today. We need to raise $15,000 in the next week in order to cover the costs of this important legal challenge.

    Thank you in advance for your support at this critical time.

    For Freedom,
    Shaun McCutcheon
    Chairman, Conservative Action Fund


    Things are so desperate, in fact, that Joni’s supporters on the ground have issued a “National Alert” asking conservatives nationwide to get involved in this race right away.
    I hope you’ll join me in answering the call by making a much-needed, generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more to One Nation PAC right now to help us push Joni Ernst to victory.
    Joni must win this race in order for the Republicans to take back the Senate majority. And that’s why the left has committed to destroying her image by any means necessary.
    Billionaire environmentalist liberal
    Tom Steyer has invested nearly $1 million in attack ads against Joni Ernst.
    Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has spent another $500,000 attacking Joni for her pro-life record.

    For America,
    Kelly S. Eustis
    Executive Director, One Nation PAC

    The latest numbers from Iowa show conservative Joni Ernst tied with her liberal opponent in the race for the U.S. Senate.




    Life is under attack.
    Those who are committed to saving the lives of the unborn could be silenced.
    We’re just days away from a critical deadline for life at the Supreme Court.
    We’re challenging a pro-abortion law that could shut down pro-life pregnancy centers.
    We represent half of the pro-life centers in New York City, the abortion capital of America.
    We must defeat this anti-life law at the Supreme Court before it spreads across America.
    We’ve filed and are preparing to file numerous briefs at the Supreme Court this week to protect free speech.
    None are as important as this case defending the free speech rights of those who are saving countless lives.
    We need your support to defend life. Join us at the Supreme Court with your tax-deductible donation.
    Fight for Life at the Supreme Court with Your Gift Today.
    Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel





    Mitt Romney

    We're down to crunch time, Russ.

    This is serious. With a crucial fundraising deadline only 4 days away, the NRCC needs your help to reach this month's goal.

    These goals aren't just arbitrary numbers, they are important mile markers, indicating whether or not our conservative candidates will have the resources needed to defeat their liberal opponents.

    I asked Congressional Republicans how I could help.

    They asked me to reach back out to you directly and ask for a contribution of $50, or whatever you can afford today.

    Month after month, the Democrats have posted record-breaking fundraising numbers. This is our opportunity to eliminate their cash advantage.

    Russ, we simply can't afford to let President Obama win control of the House for the final two years of his presidency. The results would be disastrous.

    Please chip in today and help protect our House majority.

    The NRCC is the official campaign committee in charge of defeating Pelosi and her allies. They must have the resources they need to win.

    Thank you and God Bless!



    Encouraging News: Sheriffs Across USA Rally to Defend 2nd Amendment

    Earlier this year, 54 Colorado Sheriffs attempted to sue the state of Colorado when Colorado joined states like NY, NJ, and CA by introducing some extremely restrictive gun laws.
    Though the sheriffs were stopped by a federal judge who said sheriffs can’t sue elected officials, it hasn’t stopped these sheriffs, and many like them, from taking matters into their own hands to defend the second amendment.
    Sheriffs across the U.S. have been making steady and consistent moves to work to protect the second amendment.
    In the United States, sheriffs are elected officials who receive their appointment from the people. Close to 3,080 sheriffs nationwide are elected to their positions, whereas many other law enforcement agencies see their leaders coming to power through appointments,
    often times the result of connections and persuasion.
    A large number of these sheriffs are looking at how they can best help those who put them in office and many are making moves to help protect their constituents’ gun rights, either through legislation, or non-enforcement.
    For instance, Mike Lewis, the sheriff in Wicomico County, Maryland is one such individual.
    As Guns N Freedom notes:
    This Wicomico County Sheriff in Maryland sees his job as a defender of the people and a defender of the Constitution and takes it seriously. Sheriff Lewis is standing up against the increasingly restrictive gun laws in Maryland.
    He said, ‘ State police and highway patrol get their orders from the governor; I get my orders from the citizens in this county.’
    According to Lewis and the people that elected him, this puts him in the best place to defend their rights protected by the second amendment.
    He was one of many sheriffs that testified at the the state’s Firearms Safety Act in 2013. It banned over 40 types of firearms and limited magazines to 10 rounds only. When Sheriff Lewis openly opposed the bill he was showered with letters, calls, and face to face visits by people thanking him for standing up for their rights.
    ‘I knew this was a local issue, but I also knew it had serious ramifications on the U.S. Constitution, specifically for our Second Amendment right,’ said Lewis, one of 24 sheriffs in the state. ‘It ignited fire among sheriffs throughout the state. Those in the rural areas all felt the way I did.’
    And many sheriffs across the nation are acting much like Lewis.
    For instance, in New York
    the state’s sheriff’s association has taken issue with the state’s SAFE ACT.
    The SAFE ACT is an egregious example of draconian meddling. It limits magazine size to only 10 rounds and bans “assault weapons,” among other provisions. And some sheriffs who have objected to the SAFE ACT have even gone so far as to say they won’t enforce the SAFE ACT’s requirements.
    Sheriff Tony Desmond said the following, “If you have an (assault) weapon, which under the SAFE Act is considered illegal, I don’t look at it as being illegal just because someone said it was.”
    And that’s exactly how it should be.
    Sheriffs should protect those who elect them.
    The constitution was written for that sole purpose, for the protection of individual rights, and it’s nice to see that certain segments of law enforcement get that.





    Dear Russell,
    This week Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin released a statement about the Holder resignation saying "he will go down in history as the nation’s most corrupt attorney general," she also appeared on C-SPAN to talk about her book, Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution


    This episode Obama would like to allow illegals to enlist in our military.
    Sleeper cell coordinator you know the way. Didn’t we just lose a General to
    an attack by divided allegiance? When somebody gets killed from careless
    leadership again, then we are looking back at Obama or blame ourselves because
    it slipped through? Impeach, we needed DC to defend America, instead it has been like
    sitting around dirtying diapers and not making the decisions that would have saved lives. ‘Exceptionalism is bad’, next, the anti performance major from Harvard an elitist
    school. If one word summarizes Obama in office, conspiracy may be it.


    You didn’t answer your email, four meatheads get killed, I meant Patriots,
    like anyone was watching their backs. How convenient a fake video tape scandal
    will cover everything, no problems here, did my job, negligence not an issue, can
    be trusted at this level? So run for a higher office.

    If this was the 1950s, America needs some time off I think, sober up, you would put
    a known security liability and scam artist in charge? It is sad to say that, but this is not
    where we play games with peoples lives. If there are kids in schools you can put in charge of activities, and others who get caught smoking whom you can’t. Character is what America was built on.

    I can’t think of any organization that would promote such an idea with their staff. Support an employee like Benghazigate? Like anybody else could get away with that crime? Americas kids are in a bad place under leadership such as corruption.

    I still like Palin anyways, Christian, no compromise, deep down Americans are smarter
    than DNC evil. You would not vote for Hillary for Mayor after Benghazi, if you really
    thought hard enough to choose a responsible leader.

    Keep Praying Nov Is Close.



    The Captain wins it for NY, in his final game at the stadium.




    On the same point of Mid East, Obama blames Bush for problems. You have to be smarter than the devil on this. Fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, help Israel, secure the region, transition power to Iraq as Obama takes office so he can’t claim credit for the victory. Obama helps Egypt of all the evils, lets comrade Assad kill 1/10th of a million people, sneers at Israel our ally by policy. As you can see problems are definitely Bush’s fault! If Obama didn’t have anyone else to hide behind after that atrocity, well you better blame Bush, because no one else is close enough to be within reach of scapegoat status. Take away G.W. and you end up with negligence, or aiding terrorists which has become common,
    ISIS at the border there Barack? And people are surprised a White House stalker wants
    to visit so bad he used the front door? You would think Obama could handle history or political science to work in DC, and blame Bush? Impeachment is being initiated, sweeping
    changes is what The Constitution requires to be defended.

    God Bless



    As the abortion witch is flying the friendly skies on usual patrol a particular day, she picks out a baby on a roof top. As she accelerates to attack speed, on an inclined bank roll maneuver, the jet wash goes over the building and lofts baby crystal into the airborne recruit category. Spiraling and falling dozens of stories to the cement below, crystal shatters into a thousand pieces. “ Boom, got you, take that redneck, never wanted womens rights anyways, nyyyyyaaaaahahahaha, that’s what happens when I get tailgated by your ax handler. They won’t catch me now.”

    “ Witch this is Hillary watchtower, you have been picked up on radar. Raptors out of Edwards, run for the California coastline, do the best you can to lose them. Camp Pelosi has arranged an inflight refueling with Vulture 1, you are to rendezvous and go directly for Hawaii from there.

    “ Roger that Hillary, I still have smokescreen left and can hit Mach 4 on a dive.”

    “ Is that wait a minute, screen resolution… come on d*mmit, David Lee Roth? No can’t be. Witch I don’t know how to tell you this, but you have picked up by Airbanshee1, a complete surfboard and delta wing, turbines, with a full load of Phoenix missiles. You better floor it or you are toast.”

    Copy that.”

    As the witch takes evasive maneuvers to throw off the tracking systems, and dropping cluster bombs on nurseries along the way, The Lord Jesus Christ is seen in the distance
    zeroing a death beam. “ Witch you are gonna reap this one for all eternity, you can run but you can’t hide.”



    His last game in NY tomorrow. Easily he is one of the best sports role models
    of this era. As a Yankee fan, thanks Derek.



    Pasted Graphic

    Is that what I think it is? One of the very nails used to crucify Jesus?
    Or was it a kid ISIS didn’t like they used it on? An abortion nail set? Maybe you were thinking it belonged to Obama?

    What a toy it must be to work in The White House, people are getting killed,
    terrorists can cross your border, go play golf. How did i end up with a golf
    tee? I don’t golf, when i first started playing football in college, I thought
    when the day came that I was down to golf, I would have lost my intensity. The APTA
    by radio broadcasted at one time that the sport was the #1 cause of lower back injuries
    in men over 30? I can drive the golf carts though, that is a special talent for Athletic Trainers. You think they carry all that gear on sports sidelines out to the fields? I have tried out the driving range, I guess it is like hitting homers. Actually i was working on an older car, pre owned, jack and spare needed work, low and behold a Conservative souvenir, red golf tee in the trunk. That was from Good Friday for those who know
    the vehicle of a story.

    It takes a Sheriff to hold The President accountable on national security. The House
    to stop Hillary from walking all over safety standards, but she is trying to run a campaign? We could always vote for satan, how that be?

    God Bless



    Russ —

    In 7 days, we will face our most critical deadline of 2014 -- the final quarter-end FEC filing deadline before Election Day!

    More importantly, we must raise $102,347 in the next 6 days to offset the personal wealth and insider PAC money John Delaney has already pumped into his coffers.

    Can I count on your immediate help before it's too late?
    Send $25, $50, $100 or more to help us take on the "inside-the-D.C.-beltway" political games.

    I'm a true conservative renegade. I am not running for Congress to attend fancy dinners and rub elbows with DC elite. I am running because I see our nation moving down a dangerous path -- one of large government, out-of-control spending, and less individual freedoms.

    I haven't taken the typical path to get here. I've been in Washington before – but as a secret service agent on the President's detail. I've seen first-hand what goes on behind closed doors
    and that's what inspired me to run for Congress.

    I don't expect to coast to an easy victory in the next 41 days, but that's where you can help.
    Follow this secure link to donate $25, $50, $100 or more before our most important fundraising deadline of 2014 -- in just 7 days!

    Russ, I know you believe in a better tomorrow. I know you are looking for a new type of leader in Washington.
    I'm your guy.

    You will be able to count on me to always vote for the best interest of not only the people from Maryland's Sixth Congressional District, but also the rest of our nation.

    This is a fight I will not back down from; there's too much at stake. But I need to know right now if you are in my corner.

    Contribute today before it's too late.

    Thanks for your support!

    Thank you,

    Dan Bongino

    P.S. There are only 6 days left before the end of the most important FEC fundraising deadline of 2014. We must raise $102,347 before MIDNIGHT on September 30th. It will be a tough fight, but I am ready. Follow this link to donate $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can.



    A Special Message from Sean Hannity**

    Dear Fellow Patriot,

    No matter how many times the Obama administration tries to say it, the crisis on our southern border is far from over.


    Today's Featured Story:

    Rush Limbaugh's Call Screener: Liberalism Has DESTROYED Black Communities







    Democrats claim that border fences don't work - so why did the Secret Service install a second fence around the White House last night?

    Can't make this stuff up!

    -Sheriff Joe




    We just received official notice - the Conservative Action Fund will be arguing in front of the Supreme Court on behalf of Chris McDaniel.

    This is almost unprecedented that an outside citizens group like Conservative Action Fund is allowed to present arguments directly to the Court. This is also a sure sign the Court is not putting up with Cochran's shenanigans that stole the runoff election.

    Now, the Conservative Action Fund will be standing right beside Chris McDaniel as he has his day in court in just 8 short days, and our legal team is working overtime to make the winning argument - the argument the Court now wants to hear!

    You too can stand with the Conservative Action Fund in the courtroom with your donation of $17.76, $25, or whatever you can afford today. We need to raise $15,000 in the next week in order to cover the costs of this important legal challenge.

    Despite their best efforts to steal a victory for Thad Cochran, the Conservative Action Fund has been working tirelessly to throw out the results of the runoff - including our still-pending complaint before the MS Secretary of State and Attorney General!

    Our goal is to force a new election that doesn't include the ineligible voters that handed the runoff victory to Cochran.

    Make no mistake, this is likely our last chance to stop Thad before it's too late, but it is also our best chance.

    And that's why your donation today of $17.76, $25, or more is now more critical than ever. Please help us raise the $15,000 needed to help us cover the cost of Chris McDaniel's legal challenge.

    Thank you in advance for your support at this critical time.

    For Freedom,

    Shaun McCutcheon
    Chairman, Conservative Action Fund


    Click here to sign your petition to draft Trey Gowdy as the next Speaker of the House.




    21,861 miles, 26 universities, 14 states in eight weeks.

    I'm so excited to announce to you today that Students for Life's fall
    Planned Parenthood Project Tour has just launched!

    In the next eight weeks, our team at Students for Life will be criss-crossing the nation hosting our ground-breaking
    Planned Parenthood Project on 26 university campuses, starting this week in Michigan and Ohio!

    And I need your support today, to sponsor a mile, for just $15, on our tour.

    Dear Russ,

    I can't wait to share with you all of the pictures and updates from our Tour! Thank you for all of your support!

    For Life,

    Kristan Hawkins
    President, Students for Life of America

    Planned Parenthood Project Fall 2014 Tour

    ~ Central Michigan University, MI ~
    ~ Eastern Michigan University, MI ~
    ~ Grand Valley State University, MI ~
    ~ Ohio State University, OH ~
    ~ University of St. Thomas, MN~
    ~ Ball State University, IN ~
    ~ University of Wisconsin, Plattville, WI ~
    ~ Aquinas College, MI ~
    ~ Fairfield University, CT ~
    ~ University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, WI ~
    ~ TBA - New York City, NY ~
    ~ TBA - Boston, MA ~
    ~ Iowa State University, IA ~
    ~ TBA - CT ~
    ~ Portland State, OR ~
    ~ TBA - Iowa ~
    ~ University of Northern Colorado, CO~
    ~ University of Idaho, ID~
    ~ University of New Mexico, NM~
    ~ University of Portland, OR ~
    ~ Western Washington University, WA ~
    ~ Fort Lewis College, CO ~
    ~ Colorado Mesa University, CO ~
    ~ Corbin University, OR ~
    ~ University of Washington, WA ~
    ~ Pacific Lutheran University, WA ~


    9900 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553 Office: (571) 379-7261 Fax: (866) 582-6420

    Students for Life of America


    Pasted Graphic


    Pasted Graphic 1





    September 22, 2014


    P R A Y E R


    You have to be a real snake to support some of the liberal policies.
    And I think democrats understand that 100%.


    & Amen



    Pasted Graphic

    Do you feel it is giving a bad name to animals to call Terrorists- wolves?



    In lieu of the criminal Administration at the agency, it has left the future of NY and Maryland up to illegal adults in charge. More like captors to Clients if you will, because they will not let the agency run right according to child abuse laws.






    Cast of trouble in the Hillside case:

    Mike Staino: Program Manager authored fake write up, court evidence.

    Juile Philips-Oriel: HR Rep accompanied Staino on the write up.

    Joe Brown: Omnibuds, case evidence letter.

    Helen Halewski: Head OF HR, contacted on the problems, her dept retaliates.

    Joanne Davis: Campus Director, if she let Staino stay on after I notified her as regional leadership in the few days following the incident, she is letting crime go on. Staino did retaliate after I went to her on an earlier problem with the file. Juile and Mike complained, yeah, (waaaah), you went to Joanne.

    Sue Buchel &
    Aaron Capozzi: Floor supervisors knew about problems for weeks on end of shift emails.

    Karen Dellonte: Center Supervisor also knew like Sue and Aaron.

    Theresa Kane-Gringer from HR: Falsified paperwork for court.

    Amy from HR: Would not help with a harassing Omnibuds, to get a trustworthy staff in.

    President Richardson: Is involved in supporting child abuse.

    Board Contact: Angela Pichicherro, if correct, has done nothing.

    Counsel: Misrepresented benefits to the court to deform the Plaintiff.

    Baptist Clique Trouble: Glen and Bruce (brothers), Rob and Chuck ( brothers) Sandy ( delinquent neighboring staff), Jeff ( wanderer, insubordinate sup), Liz (tantrum, harassment problem), Bill, Jackie (attitude problems in illegal harassment). Doris and Tina are borderline attitude/won’t help. Skip left or was removed as supervisor, needed to be disciplined also.

    Also one Clinician was reported for grooming, and was involved viewing end of shift emails. That goes back years before hand.

    What am I a baby getting aborted here, these people need to do their jobs right!




    My friend, I have just one very important question to ask you today.

    Do you believe we need to stand up and fight to restore law and order in our country, to protect our nation's border and our very sovereignty?

    If you answered "yes" to this question, then I hope you will join me RIGHT NOW in supporting "America's Toughest Sheriff", Maricopa County Joe Arpaio of Arizona!


    starspangledsunday_eml shim

    Today's Featured Story:

    YES! Trey Gowdy Vows to Get Benghazi Answers & Expose Barack Obama





    Dear Russell,

    Yesterday, the
    US Senate voted to advance a bill that would alter the Bill of Rights and limit our first amendment right to free speech.
    S.J. Res. 19 is co-sponsored by 48 Democrats.  That’s right – 48 United States Senators would
    AMEND the First Amendment to give themselves the power to control what citizens and citizens groups can say about CONGRESS and other elected officials and candidates. That is CORE political speech that our Founding Fathers knew the government should NOT control!! If this were the law, Tea Party Patriots would NOT be allowed to tell you what your government officials and candidates are doing!!
    Call your Senators today and tell them to STOP the Democrats from repealing our rights to free speech!
    This isn't the first time the Democrats have tried to gut the first amendment this year and it's beginning to look like they are more serious than ever to silence us!
    This is the same old song and dance that we've seen throughout the last year. When the Democrats collaborated with the IRS to target conservative groups, they were trying to silence our speech. When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed for the debate in the Judiciary Committee to repeal the first amendment, they were trying to silence our speech. And now bringing this bill to the Senate floor for debate in an effort to jam it through is an effort to silence our speech.
    We must speak up now before it is too late! Call your Senators today!  See the list of the Democrats in the United States Senate who have signed on to silence YOU!

    (202) 224-5852
    (202) 224-3254
    (202) 224-6542
    (202) 224-2841
    (202) 224-2921
    (202) 224-2644
    (202) 224-3553
    (202) 224-5042
    (202) 224-5344
    (202) 224-4041
    (202) 224-5244
    (202) 224-5641
    (202) 224-3244
    (202) 224-5941
    (202) 224-5842
    (202) 224-4744
    (202) 224-4642
    (202) 224-2823
    (202) 224-5521
    (202) 224-3753
    (202) 224-3841
    (202) 224-3004
    (202) 224-4524
    (202) 224-4451
    (202) 224-6342
    (202) 224-4654
    (202) 224-5653
    (202) 224-2742
    (202) 224-4543
    (202) 224-2315
    (202) 224-2651
    (202) 224-2152
    (202) 224-3542
    (202) 224-6361
    (202) 224-2441
    (202) 224-2621
    (202) 224-3934
    (202) 224-5141
    (202) 224-6472
    (202) 224-4822
    (202) 224-3224
    (202) 224-2043
    (202) 224-3954
    (202) 224-6154
    (202) 224-3441
    (202) 224-5274
    (202) 224-6324
    (202) 224-6221

    In Liberty,
    Tea Party Patriots National Support Team


    Pasted Graphic 1
    Pasted Graphic 3

    I had written to The President about closing down abortion clinics with The National Guard, is what I remember. It would have worked may have been another thing, because I suspect liberals could attempt to impeach Bush over it, and Cheney following in the directive. The issue displacing our best Politicians from DC. A difficult subject because schizo liberals are executing their babies and are calling it medicine. To the point where they lie through their teeth about it, oh that is a therapeutic way to treat babies, not if you were the victim Einstein. Crazier things have happened, Jackson going against The Supreme Court over Cherokee rights, which I don’t support.

    When 9-11 happened I was not thinking about what I had written to Mr. Bush on. Where the heck is our leadership now, someone like G.W. is not even in the same allegiance as Obama, the guy is attacking communities everywhere with recent border negligence. After other Christian known theologians said something about abortion being a part of God attacking America at 9-11, my personal conviction was they were right, not by self decided means, God was involved, that they were right. You can see the letter date only weeks before the attacks.

    Some Americans are not that in tune with the scriptures, and entertain conversations about God is dead. They really could not tell you what the retaliation from Heaven would be against people who kill their own kids. What I find more insane, is the idea of people who believe in God, and this is supposed to be a good character, but He would just sit there and let Americans do whatever they wanted, whenever, and not lift a finger to discipline crime. If there is a God, that is all he does?

    So much happened after Unborn Nation recorded, I had to think about it, to make sure that was The White House letter, then in 2001. Yeah it was. In the past I have had times of working so hard academically, I can finish the task, take 21 credits a semester, or grades above 3.5 GPA, but when we get to break, it is like I crossed the finish line, don’t ask me to pick up more new info right away. It’ll be next semester at least after that.

    Liberals still don’t get it, you execute innocent babies, but think ISIS is bad. If ISIS was killing the babies, then would we defend innocent Americans. Baby, baby, baby, no use in trying to save me, Angels with knives, devils in voting booths? Two of the most arrogant groups on the planet, force your religion or weapon on Patriots.

    That also was the first song title given to me spoken in tongues, God named it I didn’t. And Let It Ring followed the same way. Star Spangled origin of 9-14 I did not know was my birthday until working on Let It Ring. The Attica Prison Riots happened when I was born, that I knew. My housemate at UB was from Attica and made the Michigan St. Football Team.

    2016, it was the 1 Million Man March at DC that preceded, G.W. in office. God answers prayer, sometimes. We need that tuning in all 50 States, people who are committed to righteousness. I would not dare you to build a wicked empire in front of God, read about history. Christians talk about revival, not for five minutes, the spiritual roots and war cry of America is against babies. Men die on battlefields for your freedom, and we try to put up idols in their shadow, to our shame defending evil. God will have his day if 66 books of King James says anything.

    If we could get another G.W. in office, a large sum of cash money would be worth it. If Rand Paul, Cruz, Bachmann, Reed, Rubio had a go to person now in DC? Things would get done, the machine would actually work to protect freedom.

    For what should be Let It Ring, I had other albums I was working on, writing the ‘Good Friday’ CD is what Unborn Nation came off of. Let It Ring was new after that, but for the CD, I found some songs from other works, to go with it. It seemed like it fit, end times too, so it was not really the anticipated approach. One song I wrote in a Church Parish back at UMES. If the CD does not shake your SUV though, I will have missed the point, by the time we are done recording.

    God Bless


    Fortunately God let me wait for Goth caliber Rock to produce some of this next CD. Hearts Full Of War is newer also to be on it. Love songs(?) , wait and see.


    Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1

    August 23, 2014

    Pasted Graphic


    Dear Russ,

    It's time to stack the Senate with true conservatives.

    True conservatives like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin.

    And while Sarah Palin isn't running for Senate, her hand-picked candidate State Senator Joni Ernst is.

    August 15, 2014



    August 8, 2014


    Today's Featured Story:

    Ted Nugent's Amazing Answer About Why He Supports Gun Rights


    Today's Top Story:

    Finally! A Conservative Congressman Files Resolution to Arrest Lois Lerner


    Happy July 4th, 2014

    Pasted Graphic

    Photo op from Kindergarten, the year of The Bicentennial. Colleagues from right to left; Mary, (Russ), Zoe,Stacey. The school building behind us had a fair, I picked up a Patriot pin there with 1776 on it. A block away, Donna’s Deli, they sold popsicles for would you believe 5 cents? The whole class would walk there on a field trip
    (back in my day). Also the rocket or bomb popsicle was sold there; red, white, and blue, a good invention. Aldis still sells those.

    God left us with the rebel character of The Eagle as a nation. It shows the abusive nature of society to attack that. The beauty of Freedom is not good enough for the corrupt.

    God Bless




    Nov 10, 1975- SS Edmund Fitzgerald was an Iron Ore hauling Great Lakes freighter that sank on Lake Superior, in a storm. A record setting ship for this task. Below are the Wikipedia and Music from Gordon Lightfoot’s song on the wreck of the ship. The whole crew was lost in the disaster.

    My Grandparents lived next-door to a Cook for The Fitzgerald. In the last year or so I saw a book on the incident, with a note in my Grandmother’s handwriting that Dick Bishop, who had not went to work, ill that day, avoided the last trip of Fitzgerald. I do remember visiting the Bishops as a kid, they had candy, and a dog named Shadow, Black Lab I think, a nice character. I have been to an iron ore mine also, taconite pellets, are about gum ball sized/like a dime or nickel in diameter.

    Pasted Graphic

    That was a pic from 1977 maybe, or earlier, not sure, visiting in Minnesota, near Duluth. My first baseball glove also came from a Holiday gas station out there, and served at the start of Kiwanis League baseball in NY.




    "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

    The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
    The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
    When the skies of November turn gloomy
    With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
    Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty
    That good ship and true was a bone to be chewed
    When the gales of November came early

    The ship was the pride of the American side
    Coming back from some mill in Wisconsin
    As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most
    With a crew and good captain well seasoned
    Concluding some terms with a couple of steel firms
    When they left fully loaded for Cleveland
    Then later that night when the ship's bell rang
    Could it be the north wind they'd been feelin'?

    The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
    When the wave broke over the railing
    And every man knew, as the captain did too
    'Twas the witch of November come stealin'
    The dawn came late and the breakfast had to wait
    When the gales of November came slashin'
    When afternoon came it was freezing rain
    In the face of a hurricane west wind

    When suppertime came, the old cook came on deck
    Sayin' "Fellas, it's too rough to feed ya"
    At seven PM a main hatchway caved in
    He said, "Fellas, it's been good to know ya"
    The captain wired in he had water comin' in
    And the good ship and crew was in peril
    And later that night when his lights went out of sight
    Came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

    Does anyone know where the love of God goes
    When the waves turn the minutes to hours?
    The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay
    If they'd put fifteen more miles behind her
    They might have split up or they might have capsized
    They may have broke deep and took water
    And all that remains is the faces and the names
    Of the wives and the sons and the daughters

    Lake Huron rolls, Superior sings
    In the rooms of her ice-water mansion
    Old Michigan steams like a young man's dreams
    The islands and bays are for sportsmen
    And farther below, Lake Ontario
    Takes in what Lake Erie can send her
    And the iron boats go as the mariners all know
    With the gales of November remembered

    In a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed
    In the Maritime Sailors' Cathedral
    The church bell chimed 'til it rang twenty-nine times
    For each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald
    The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
    Superior, they said, never gives up her dead
    When the gales of November come early

    The song is one I have not played out anywhere, between Let It Ring, Good Friday, my plate has been full. The ship went down on Superior, Eerie though is my summary of the event.

    Pasted Graphic

    (Church Neck Tie above)

    May 17, 2014


    Pasted Graphic

    Pasted Graphic 2
    Pasted Graphic 1

    March 4, 2014


    1. Desert Storm out of Moscow
    Russian Soldier boards a train
    As the sun beats down on this battlefield
    His eyes fill with the pain
    Used to be his golden homeland
    Now blood falls with the rains
    Light cracks the eastern sky
    And we’ve finally reached the end.


    Until the last day is remembered
    Until the last day has been seen
    Stand fast as an anchor, in this ragin’ sea
    God’s anger, turn to lightning
    Don’t you die unsaved
    Remember what I’m sayin’
    Cause tomorrow is forever.

    3. Storm winds blow tonight
    Like the dusk before the dawn
    Things get worse b’fore they’re getting better
    This revelation rages on
    I know you know the meaning,
    This redemption it’s still free
    There’s a smokescreen left behind
    Eclipse into eternity.

    Part of the song above, written in, way back 1990s, from The Bible EZ 38. Should be recorded heavy, (drummer brings lunch). I used a borrowed guitar from Anthony in Mr. Downstairs when I wrote it. -RB

    Pasted Graphic


    Pasted Graphic

    January 26, 2014

    SFLA made headline of The Drudge Report and
    style section of The Washington Post.

    Also a new PRO LIFE Movie
    with one James Earl Jones (AMEN).

    January 26, 2014


    Pasted Graphic You liberals like killing babies.

    January 22, 2014


    For Valentine’s Day USPS is selling love stamps,
    which were designed by an artist from Trumansburg, NY.
    That town is about 9 miles from the hospital I was born in.
    Formerly known as Tompkins County Hospital, then Tompkins Community
    Hospital, and now is Cayuga Medical Center, a Cornell teaching Hospital,
    at 1 Dates Drive, Ithaca. I also worked there for a while.

    The meaning of Valentine’s Day is that a Saint wanted a moral society,
    and so performed Christian Marriages against the will of Rome. Executed for
    his faith in this, the day does not hold any meaning for promiscuous relationships
    that are outside of marriage. The greater meaning still is the do unto others philosophy
    of Christianity, which is not confined by Marriages. That all of society was to be redeemed by Valentine, not just married persons. Not that everyone will inherit
    eternal life, but at least don’t fumble the lifesaver for eternity, out on the rock
    and roll tours. There are lives here at stake, not just worthless social diseases
    of existence waiting to be burned to illuminate the universe, for all to see.

    I take it that people at Cornell Med School know that abortion is a murder. Even if
    it is in NYC. So what is wrong with the liberals, trying to get away with this? I think
    God is sick of the killings. Anyways Valentine’s Day is for everyone when you look at
    it as a day for Christians to be saved from hell. Not that you would take over a Church service, trying to perform weddings over a normal service for everyone. It is a day of
    salvation for a man who would not surrender his righteousness. And that is what
    all Christians can celebrate. The teaching of do not murder against abortion, one
    of Valentine’s principles against slaughter. It is not a debate, that is sacred territory.
    Valentine’s Day is for the babies too.



    November 22, 2013

    Students for Life of America’s President, Kristan Hawkins, will be joining a special panel of Millennials featured tonight on Fox News Channel’s Hannity! As the only Millennial on the panel whose focus is the Life issue, Kristan will infuse the conversation on politics and the future of the United States with a strong stand in defense of the pre-born. Tune in to see this important conversation led by Sean Hannity as the panel discusses the issues facing today’s young people from politics, to healthcare reform, to what scares them the most about their future in an uncertain economy.


    Hannity TONIGHT at 10:00pm EST on Fox News!

    God Bless,

    Please tune in to
    tina signature

    Tina Whittington, Executive Vice President
    Students for Life of America


    What was paid for in blood is not the liberals to corrupt. -RB

    November 5, 2013

    Pasted Graphic 2



    We weren’t playing by other rules.

    1 Million Man Promise Keepers March
     PK 1 Million Man March, late 1990s.




    Soldiers See these stripes in my back Cut to pieces like a blood lined road map Each Roman road, a deadly crack of the whip Don't recognize me, as I pass on the road before you If I lived tomorrow, my face would shine like a blackened bruise I took a beating like no Junkyard dog Has ever seen So up this road I bear the cross I've come to save and seek the lost Ihsous means Jesus I love you Daughters in this city, don't weep as I bleed at your feet If this is justice as the Son of God walks and is seen What will be? When all the leaves fall from the tree? Co creator(?), not equal to God I'm at peace Humbled, exalted, my grace is sufficient for thee This crown of thorns was a gift from a blind pharisee So up this road, I've dropped the cross I've come to save and seek the lost Although I stumble I'll save you Why do they call it Good Friday? Why do they call it Good? Why do they call it Good Friday? When he's been nailed to the wood? Face beyond recognition Body nailed to a : cross in The Son What God required, you would not do So this I have done When Judgment comes into my eyes you'll stare I'm the one. Darkened hearts have circled this place To pour gall in the wound (Jesus) made for you God's sheep have been called Fear not my brothers At last your souls have been bought Hands and feet nailed to the cross A thief is saved from the lost My brother: Paradise awaits you Why do they call it Good Friday? Why don't they count it as loss? Why do they call it Good Friday? When he's been nailed to the cross? Why do they call it Good Friday? Look at my back Ihsous means Jesus The sky has turned black.

    (Written in the late 90's, Song copyright 2002...Ihsous is Latin for Jesus, you will see IHS(ous) written on some representations of the cross).  

    America executed a nation
    When Roe v. Wade painted the crucifix on a child's skull
    And our hammers followed through.
    A Woman's right to choose murder never was a right in God's sight
    and ye shall not murder it reads, what rhetoric.
    Only a warning to the blind or common decency and respect to another
    human being?
    Mr. Bush lead the way, and the proletariat did not rise.  McCain was knocking
    and Sarah stood ready, but it was not to be in our time.
    I thought that was a piano on my back at the altar,
    no it was the weight of bloodguilt in the church, maybe three pianos worth, as the spirit is a fiery Grinch
    at the Judgment Day.   Child graves and no one sees?
    Could have been six  full stacks of guitar amps crushing my lungs, it was so hard to breath down there.
    Good thing I was not in the hot coals, pro life what a joke.
    Does anyone cry for the innocent dying babies anymore?  Even the dog barks at their earthen graves.
    You killed that kid the Angel mutters to the Doctor in chains, as he drops the knife.
    It is alright to kill... and fortunately it wasn't you under that blade. 
    Look what's going on inside of you American, ghosttown  desolation, and steely echoes
    of funeral trains layin' to rest the kids.
    I am ashamed of this people, when children are named procedures,
    and murders go off like party favorites.  The smell of pools of blood, this is an evil people.
    The rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, all proved through the night
    that medicine, and a Doctor's leather bag, could really care.
    This is the God you believe in,
     and unequal rights. 
    You are evil and you know it.   Movie stars
    and nowhere to bury the dead citizens.
    How can abortion go on,
    people rationalize like drunk monkeys
    and tell you that a lie,  was worthy to kill you, oh yes it was.  The wrath of God is rolling up its sleeves.
    This is not free souled America,
    that is obsession with idols.
     The Devil could actually talk you into a murder?  I think he did, and you still voted for blood.
    While fat nancy would like to hush up the witness, and target the spotlight of truth.
    Who knew better?
    America executed a nation,
    an innocent one.
    Flatline, time of death, yes, She's dead.
    If the angel could sing
    America should bury her dead
    The day of God is ahead,
    America executed a nation!
    No more,
    she's dead,
    a whole undiscriminated against nation, and
    her blood runs cold.
    MT 19:16
    16...but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.


    Fort Ticonderoga Pic Aug ’77.
    Liberals are taking their places as tyrants and criminals, all over again.
    Pilgrims and The American Revolution were Christian victories from God.
    High School Defensive Football huddle at Cornell.


    Russ at nearside Defensive End.
    Pic by Russ’ Dad. 
    Thanks C.U. for field use.


    Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1
    Material expressed on this site may be solely the product of a parody and not fictitious minded liberals who were only lawmakers